UFO's & all that Jazz

by S M Ackerman

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© Copyright 2010 - S M Ackerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; abduction; bond; MM/f; probe; anal; oral; climax; reluct/nc; X



The craft hovered exactly twenty-two feet above the four wheeled drive vehicle, the driver of the vehicle apparently unaware of its presence!

“Now,” Spoke the cool collected and experienced hunter. At his command a blue light beneath the disk shape lit up, and the car below stuttered and jerked to a halt beneath it, the light switched off leaving only the inky blackness of night.

Me & My Experience

My work-load had kept me late, which is as I say quite usual; the drive through the lanes to my father’s farm was pitch black, also usual. Luckily I had spotlights fitted to the front of my LandRover, my bright pink, four wheel drive, LandRover. Which should tell you something about me, yes I am a girl, well woman of thirty actually!

Yes I live at my parent’s farm, yes I am single, and yes I bloody well know how it looks, but you would be wrong. I am not one of those stay at home children who needs to get a life! I am a junior partner in a Dental Practice, and doing very well thank you. I drive a LandRover because I like them, and it is perfect for the track up to the farm, which is not that well maintained and muddy as shit in the winter. So as you can tell nothing extraordinary has happened so far, nor was I expecting it to, which was my mistake!

The LandRover’s Engine stuttered and then stopped, stranding me in the middle of nowhere! Next I get out of the vehicle hoping that the fault is something simple that I can fix, so I go around to the bonnet and lift it. There is a perfectly normal looking LandRover engine, the torch I have removed from beneath my seat showed me everything I needed to see, and told me absolutely bugger all about what was wrong!

This is the point that my normal, quite relaxing drive home, took a turn for the surreal! My torch, which had fairly new batteries in it, cut out, plunging me into darkness. Then a faintly heard whooshing sound reached my ears and I felt a pain in my butt and then I fainted, my legs collapsed beneath me and I crumpled into a heap on the floor, I believe.

I woke up in a brightly lit room, strapped naked to a bench, and for some reason, face down! Normally I do not object to being bound up tight, and sometimes even naked, because I quite like it, the feeling I mean, but usually I have been horny for days, and I have done it to myself. This is the first difference, I have not done it to myself, and I am not horny, only scared out of my wits!

Two males entered the room (I turn my head to look, feeling panicked), both dressed in silver suits, with something that looked much like a bucket covering their heads. As they walked all around me in silence I noticed that their suits had four! Yes you read it right, four arms, not the more acceptable two. Both males had two of those arms clasped together behind their backs, much like my history teacher used to when he paraded around the class. As for the other arms, one of each pair was holding a suitcase! A silver, ridged, solid looking suitcase, in what was god knows? Which when you are in the position I was, the content of those cases becomes very important to you! Believe me; the presence of those cases scared me silly!

Number one approached me, placing his case on nothing (or so it looked to me) and level with my butt and without any obvious means of support, and that scared me even more than his four arms! He opened the case, I could not see into it but I felt certain that I did not want to. This is the point I started struggling against my bonds, but all my effort was to no point, I could not move and certainly could not escape.

He extracted something that looked like the speculum! I have seen these when visiting the doctor’s for a smear test. Now I realise that my legs are parting somehow and he is soon standing between them, holding that instrument, I know this, sense it, but can’t see it happen. Where he intends to put it or what he intends for it to do with it, I do not know, nor do I want to ever find out.

Now I know that you people out there reading this internet blog will probably be ready to confine me to a loony hospital, but I swear this is all true, I really do, and I am only writing this in the hope that others like me that have been kidnapped from Earth, and have suffered through medically investigations will come forward, if only to show we are not loonies!

I read an article once about aliens and there interest in ‘anal probing,’ and thought at the time it was all hokum, but now, strapped down as I am, held captive in what is obviously a space ship, perhaps millions of miles from my home world, I am not so sure.

The probe entered my rectum, then there was a strange crackling sound, and then wow! Whatever it did it sure made me horny, as it felt so very nice! I wish I could get hold of one of those probes, just for my own pleasure, any ideas anyone?

The next thing that happened was that the other male approached my face and looked down at me through his darkly tinted helmet or bucket, whichever!

For those that always wanted to know? Yes they do have cocks, and yes they know how and where to place them. I’ve heard of safe sex, but this male had his cock erect but still inside of his suit, but that did not stop him from pushing it into my mouth, and nor did it stop me from sucking for all I was worth, in the hope of being released. Whether he ejaculated sperm I can’t say, but judging by the way he grabbed my hair and thrust his cock in and out of my mouth he enjoyed using me. He came in much the same way other, more human men (I have known) come.

With inarticulate grunts and a deep penetration, and a feeling of pulsing in my mouth and then it was over. Behind me the butt plug was still driving my arse mad with delight, and then he, the male behind me inserted his cock into my now dripping pipe and fucked me hard. He too came, but like his companion, he shot his load or ‘whatever,’ into his suit.

I woke up, again lying next to my LandRover, feeling physical exhausted, and very well probed and fucked in everyway!

My torch was lying next to me, annoyingly it was working!

The sound from my LandRover’s engine stirred me to get up and so continue my journey home.

I believe it all happened just as I have said, but I can’t prove it! I am confused, I feel used and violated in a strange inexplicable kind of way. Now after thinking about it for a while (nearly a year has passed since that night). I decide that if I am to expel my demons I must write my story down, and hence you are reading it.

Please be nice about me and my tale of kidnap and invasion. I genuinely believe everything happened as I have detailed it, but of course I can’t prove it any more now, than I could then.

* * * * *

The lap-top shut with a resounding click, Major John Hopeman, U.S.A.F covert Opp’s, looked up and across at his companion.

“Paul do you remember that ghosting about a year ago, the one with the Landrover and the hot girl, well she has finally gone public, and her story is all over the net now. That should strengthen our case for continuation of the fake E.T. program. I must tell the colonel that we have another alien abduction story out there, perhaps he will use it.”

Project Blue Book was scrapped by the U.S.A.F and government as being unable to support or deny alien life! The project to reinforce the idea of abductions from space was dreamed up, but never! According to all documents instigated!

So that is the truth behind alien abduction, anal probing, and all that jazz. Or is it disinformation designed to confuse the interested? You decide. (V), Live long and prosper.

The End