Tying the Knot

by XVX

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; toys; cons; X



“Will you do something for me?”

“If a can.”

“First I need to know if you trust me. I need to know I trust you.”

He looked worried. And well he should be. This was a very awkward moment.

“Wedding jitters?” he asked.

“Not quite. I want you to tie me up.”


It all started last night.

They where two week away from their wedding and she was back from last nights party bridal shower. It was tame. A just her and seven friends chatting. No strip club or anything but hanging out in the bar on the upper north side of town. Seven girls and she was the last to get hitched.

Her cousin Helen had bit too much to drink. She never could hold her alcohol. She was blabbing about getting her jollies while tied up. Hank would tie her up and he would ravage her.

What ever ravage meant.

Something about how liberating it was to submit yourself to some one and unable to stop them. The loss of control. Level of trust.


Helen was so out of it she even told them she had a bondage kit in her car. Just in case she and Hank wanted to run to some motel. Play a scene.

It sounded very far fetched and extreme

Later Julie drove Helen home in her car. She spied the red bag that screamed bondage kit.

Hank was working the late shift and she managed to get her into the house and dump on the bed.

She called a Uber and while she waited. She did a little poking around.

In the back of the closet she found some pretty risqué outfits. Helen was always a bit ‘out there’.

An impulse hit her and she wrote a note.

Helen: borrowed you bondage kit from the car. I will get it back as soon as possible.

Outside with the red bag over her shoulder. She took the Uber home.

That night she surfed the web.

Oh My. How naive was she. But this….

She got aroused. Why? What was wrong with her. A nice girl. Raised in a good home. How could she not know this?

She even looked up what ravished meant.

What really got her interest was Japanese rope bondage. Shabari. How the knots of rope frame and formed around the body. It was art of its own.

Julie was always knitting or sewing. This had an appeal to her.

Checking out Helen’s bondage kit. There was black rope. Various lengths. Black Collars. Black Gauze.

Black Handcuffs. Black elbow gloves. Black stockings. Black ball gag. Black sleep mask. Black push up bra. Black panties. A vibrator that looked like a spike. In black. And a black corset.

Helen obviously liked black.

Her wedding dress incorporated a corset and she liked how it made her look.

She could not tie herself up. At least the way she wanted to be. Plus it meant she could get out. What was the fun in that? She still would be in control.

With bits of Helen drunken conversation wandering around her head. She even had a snippet of a dream of being tied up and ravished by a samurai. David was one quarter Japanese. You could never tell by looking at him. The samurai had David’s face.

Saturday morning she threw the bag in her car. She had mostly moved out and had few thing left in her apartment. David house was a classic old two bedroom.

He was a real estate broker. She was a stock clerk for Star-Mart. Not the most exciting job and she was thinking of quitting after the honeymoon.

She drove to David house where she was moving into.

Took the bag out and deep breath. How was she going to explain this?

The door unlocked. She walked in.

They where supposed to go over a list and check everything was ready to go. Then maybe catch a movie and light lunch.

David had just hung up on his phone sitting on the couch with a stack of papers on the coffee table. Julie still had Helen kit over her shoulder grasping the strap tightly.



“Will you do something for me?”

“If a can.”

“First I need to know if you trust me. I need to know I trust you.”

He looked worried. And well he should be. This was a very awkward moment.

“Wedding jitters?” he asked.

“Not quite. I want you to tie me up.”

“What was that?”

The words spilled out her. “Helen got talking about bondage and I want to marry you. I really do. I want you all to myself. I want you to ravage me.”

David just looked at her funny.

“So to prove I love you. You want me to tie you up?”

Julie faced scrunch up in embarrassment. ”Yes”

“Then I am supposed to ravage you.”


“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I know. But it sounds like fun.”

“Fun for who?”

“Well I don’t know. It sounded pretty good the way Helen said it.”

“How many drinks did she have.”

“Four or five.”

David pointed at the bag on her shoulder. “What’s that.”

“Helen's bondage kit.”

“Your kidding.”


“Am I crazy or Helen keeps a bondage kit and you borrowed it?”

“I wrote a note.”

“Well if marriage is an institution, I am going to be a future inmate. I better know the inmates.”

He began tapping on his phone.

“What are you doing.?”

“If I am to ravage you. I better know what it means.”

“I looked it up already.”

“Really. So what did it say?”

“The part I want you to do is what the urban dictionary says.“

David thumbed the screen.

“It says… and I quote… ‘leave her (after sex) breathless and shaking, all in disarray but with a secret smile upon her face‘.”

“That’s it.”

“So that weekend in the grand canyon and the two days in Niagara Falls did nothing to you.”

“It did. It really did. I know you travel sometimes for your company and I appreciated you taking me along.”

But this something not every one can do. Or is willing to do.”

“Are you sure about this?”


“No chains or whips.”

“No. None of that.”

“Alright if I do this, you're not going to ask me again are you?”

“I do not know. I might tie you up.”

“Oh. It's going to be like that.”

“It seems only fair.” Julie grinned.

David inhaled and exhaled slowly letting his cheeks out showing off that cute little dimpled chin.

He put his phone down.

“I love you like life itself and it is my role to love honor and OBEY. I best start obeying my ‘mistress‘. So how do we do this?”

She dressed in Helen's black bra. Panties. Gloves and stockings. Collar Then with help from David, cinched up the corset as tight as it could be.

She had a pretty good idea of what Helen did and some online photos had nailed the image into her brain.

She wanted to be hogtied. Bound at wrist and ankle.

She figured out what the black gauze was for. It wrapped around ankle and wrists. To reduce any injury.

There was a fur rug in the bedroom and she put it on top of the bed. She laid down and David began to tie up the lady in black as commanded.

David did as he was told. Always questioning her if it was too tight. He did not want to cut off circulation.

The hog tie itself was not too tight and did not put any strain on her. She looked at him as he looked at her.

She could see it. He liked her this way.

That rush of power. The utter and complete command he had over her. She was helpless. A feeling she never had before.

It got her aroused. It had the same effect on David.

“Wow… You… Okay. Yeah right. Okay. So what is next?” David said a little flushed.

“Blindfold me and gag me. Then you get to ravish me.”

“I'll do my best.”

The blindfold sleep mask was first. Darkness was her world. Not able to see a thing. David wrapped the gauze around her head to make sure the mask stayed on. Not a trickle of light could be seen. She was blind and helpless. Her state of arousal increased. What a rush.

“Any last words?”

“I love you.”

In went the gag.

Buckled in tightly. She could feel the ball pressing down her tongue. Distorting words. Muzzling any sound.

Julie settled in. Squirming and wiggling, Waiting for David to ravish her.

There was an odd moment of silence. Nothing was happening.

Five seconds or five minute. Time was an illusion.

Then she heard a buzzing. It circled her head several times. She turned her head trying to lock onto to it.

Oh cruel fate. Where is thy sting?

She knew what it was. The vibrator. He was teasing her with it.

He used it like bee circling trying to find her flower. Drink in her nectar.

Oh that was clever. Maybe he did not mean it to be so. But she liked the idea.

He did not say a word. She rolled to her side. More wiggling and struggling. She thrust her hips out grunting and humming.

“Here little bee. Here I am.” she said in her gag. Came more out like “mere muttle mee. Mere ahh yam.”

Around and around the ‘bee’ went.

Then it landed and began to wiggling past her panties. Struggling to reach it goal.

Just some more. Just a little more.

If she moved she might frighten the bee away.

Then it found it digging deeper and wiggled more. It was going deeper into trying to find the sweetest nectar.

Oh David. You poor fool. You do not know what you have done. Her mind was exploding with images what she looked like and how would she be able to do this again.

The ’bee’ was thrusting in and out vibration rising and falling. She thought she heard music softly in background.

Flight of the bumblebee?

Oh you evil, evil, evil man. Thy poisonous sting has ruined me.

Moaning an groaning with each high. Whimpering with each low. Julie submitted to him.

Her body was focus on that one act of unspeakable pleasure, Her mind as well.

Oh please stop teasing me and end it.

Stupidly she remember reading some sort of safe word should be used.

Well in her excitement. She forgot. Now she wonder if she should. How? Her screams could be mistaken for pleasure. Not stopping. She was. Pardon the vernacular. A screamer in bed.

David even wore ear plug once as a joke.

The bee made a final thrust and stayed home. Oh Ohh Ohhh. OHHHH.

She crunched her body. The hog tie pulled on her hands and feet. She rolled onto her belly. Humping. The vibrator was still going.

Julie felt a bomb go off in her head followed by a same feeling below. A rocket of emotions swirled inside her and she felt limp.

Defeated and oddly even with the gag. Had the little smile on her face.

Julia had been ravaged.

She felt the bee die and pull out

The gag removed and all she could do a whimper a little and pant. Then blindfold came off.

David offered a glass with a straw.

Still hog tied and feeling drained. She sipped it.

“I see you have that smile.”

“Yes. I want to be your flower every day. A Ravaging flower”

“Well Hank gave me the idea.”


“That was who I was talking with when you came in.”

“You set me up.”

“Oh no.” David brushing away her hair. “If you did not ask to be tied up. I would happy to not say anything. I figured if you wanted to be tied up. It be on your terms. Hank just gave me some tips and said we could keep it. The bag I mean. Wedding present. He joked we can use it to tie the knot.”

He started to reach behind her to untie her.



“Will you do something for me.”

“If a can.”

“Just undo the hog tie but leave me tied up. Just for awhile. We can spoon if you like.”



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