Two Rules

by Rosie Pavement

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© Copyright 2020 - Rosie Pavement - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; public; toys; buttplug; hum; spank; punish; gag; bond; mittens; straps; cuffs; hogtie; strip; reluct; XX

She had been given two rules for their first meeting. Firstly he had told her that she was, in no uncertain terms, allowed to touch her pussy from when she left her house to when she met him. He knew how horny she was, and he also knew how desperate she would get when she was horny, she would have no hesitations about sneaking into a public restroom and pleasuring herself. She would hate this rule enough if it was on its own, but when combined with the second rule it was unbearable. He told her that she had to be plugged for her entire journey, that was nearly two hours sat on a train, and he hadn't even sprung for first class. He had booked her a standard ticket and made sure that she was sat at a table with three other other people, so that they could see her face, full of need and frustration. He knew her so well, and even how much she hated this situation, mostly because of how wet it would make her.

It was about halfway through the journey when she had decided that she had had enough and couldn't take it anymore. The plug was uncomfortable and was driving her crazy, she thought it was a blessing when he had sent it to her, now it had turned out to be a curse that he would use against her. The petite brunette excused herself and passed the gentleman that was sitting next to her. She felt like her panties were absolutely soaked, so she tried to casually see if she had left a wet patch on the seat. She would hate for that to happen again, especially since it wouldn't have been from drinking this time.

She made her way down the carriage and into the large toilet in between the two train cars. She opened the door and quickly went inside, after a minute or two of trying to figure out how the locked work she managed to close the door. As soon as the door locked she lifted up her skirt and pulled down her tights and bright red panties. They were thoroughly soaked through and she had to dry them off with some paper towels. She squatted down, reached back between her legs, and pulled out the large black plug. She couldn't wear this for the rest of the journey, she just couldn't. She surmised that she could just run into the bathroom at the train station and put it back in before he even noticed.

Pulling out the plug was torturous, not just because she hated wearing it but because it made her hotter than she was before. She couldn't wait any longer, she rolled up her panties and bit down on them so she wouldn't make too much noise and then used her very skilled fingers to bring her crashing over the edge. Just as she was finishing up she saw the handle on the bathroom shake up and down as someone was trying to get in. At first she thought that she was moaning so loudly through her panties that she had worried someone, but then realised she'd been in the bathroom on a crowded train for more than 10 minutes.

She quickly stashed the plug in her bag, dressed herself again and headed back to her seat. She kept her head down the whole way and tried not to make eye contact with anyone. Overall she was quite pleased with herself, Master would never be the wiser, although if she'd thought of this before she had left, then she wouldn't now have a dirty butt plug rolling around in her bag.

She returned to her seat and was visibly less frustrated now; she was sure that she could work herself back up in the train station before he came to get her. He would have no idea about her transgressions. The rest of the journey was fairly uneventful, apart from when she dropped her bag on the floor. She was convinced that the man next to her had seen the plug roll out just before she managed to scoop it back in, but he didn't say anything and she only had five minutes left so she wasn't too bothered.

The train pulled into the station, she and two other people at her table stood up and made their way to the exit. She could glimpse the car park and she recognised Sir's big pick-up truck from the pictures he had sent her; he had told her what he would do to her in it and the thought of it was helping her get wet again. Just as she was reaching the exit of the train station, the man that had sat next to her in the train grabbed her wrist. He spun her round and for the first time she got a proper look at his face. "Hello Princess," he said to her. It was Sir, and he did not look happy.

"H... Hi... Sir..." she desperately looked around, he was supposed to meet her outside, she needed to find the bathroom and quickly. "Sir I need to go to the bathroom, I'm desperate."

"You only went a little while ago on the train sweetheart, you can wait until we get home. Unless... You didn't use the toilet when you went to the bathroom?" he questioned.

She was stuck now, but it's not like he's going to instantly check for the plug, and there's no way he could know what she did in the bathroom. She could wait and find a better opportunity later.

"I just wanted to freshen my makeup for you Sir, I wanted to look special for you."

"There's no need for that princess, you look amazing, now come on."

He was done talking, he kept a hold of her wrist and almost dragged her out to his pickup. The truck was parked over the far side of the car park, and there weren't too many other people around. He opened the door for her and she had to use the step to climb in because it was so tall. When she turned her back to him to get in he pushed her in so that her chest was on the bottom of the seat and her legs were dangling down. He lifted her skirt up and pulled her panties down, within a second he ran his hand up her slit and then pressed it into her bum.

"I knew that I saw it on the floor. What a stupid little slut you are, for taking that out without permission."

He started smacking her bottom, right out in the open! She was bright red in the face and could hardly believe what was happening. He stopped for a moment and grabbed her hand, he took it up to his nose and gave it a cursory sniff. In her haste to get back to her seat she hadn't washed her hands, she was screwed now!

"You had two simple rules to follow, and you broke them both. What was wrong slut, did you not understand them?"

"I... I... I did understand them, I j-just couldn't help myself"

He smacked her bottom a final time, and hard. He told her to get into the seat and put her belt on. He went around to his side of the car and got in, before he started it he went into her bag, pulled out the plug and shoved it in her mouth.

She grimaced and went to take it out.

"if you dare touch that plug again without my permission, so help me god, you will regret it. I don't care that you don't like it, you're acting like a little shit so you can eat a little as well. That better be clean by the time we get home!" He started driving and said nothing more to her all the way home.

He pulled up to the gates and pushed the button for them to open, he stared at her, time almost seemed to stand still as the gates slowly creaked their way open. He still didn't say anything, but she sensed that she was in serious trouble now. She had broken the two rules that had been set for her, and he'd warned her that there would be dire consequences for her if she chose to disobey him. The gates finally opened and he pulled into his space, he climbed out, walked around to her side, and opened her door.

"Out, you filthy little slut."

She diligently followed his orders, but he didn't immediately close the door behind her. She saw him looking at the leather seats, just then she noticed that there was a slight shiny patch where she had been sitting. He turned around and gripped a fistful of her hair, he yanked the plug out of her mouth and shoved her face into the seat.

"You horny little bitch, you can't even stop yourself from leaking all over my seats. Use that pathetic tongue of yours and clean that seat."

She quickly worked and feverently tried to lick her juices from the seat of his truck. She'd obviously been quite horny because the seat was well covered. Once she had licked the whole seat he wasted no time and used her beautiful brunette hair to dry it off. Before letting her up he lifted up her skirt, pulled her tights and panties down and gave her the second bare bottom spanking of the morning.

"I'm glad to see you did a better job on that seat than you did cleaning this plug, you need to try a lot harder to get this clean." He punctuated his statement by dragging her back off of the seat and shoving the plug back into her mouth. "Inside. Now."

She reached down to pull her tights and panties from around her ankles back up but he slapped her hands away, and gave her another hard painful smack on her shining arse.

"I've had just about enough of you doing things without permission. Leave them where they are and get inside now, I'm on the top floor."

He enjoyed the view as he walked behind her, ever since they had first started talking he implemented a daily routine of doing squats. It had worked wonders on her arse, and it looked especially peachy when it was covered with his handprints. She couldn't move too fast with her tights essentially hobbling her movements, but he was too busy enjoying the view to push her to go much faster.

They made it to his door and he stepped in front of her and opened it, he gestured for her to go on inside infront of him. He followed her into the apartment, closing and locking the door behind them. She didn't see him pocket the key, instead of leaving it in the door as he normally would.

Once inside she was too busy looking around to notice him swiftly come up behind her. He put his foot between her ankles, stepping on the hobble that was created by her tights. He pushed her onto the ground and he was quickly on top of her pinning her with a knee in her back. Her arms were underneath her, this made things slightly easier for him as he reached onto a nearby shelf and picked up the inflatable butterfly gag. It had all happened so fast, and just as she started to scream, he rammed the gag into her mouth and started to inflate it.

Finally she was quiet, not to mention clearly in pain from how much the gag was inflated and being pinned into the carpet, he gave it two last pumps just for good measure. She moaned through the gag, still struggling wildly to try and get her hands free so she could release some of the pressure from the gag. He simply sat there, and then pinched her nose. This caused her to struggle wildly and buck like a wild horse.

"The more you struggle, the worse this will get for you princess. I'm in no rush, and if you passing out is what it takes, then that's what it will be." She seemed to heed his warning, and the struggling mostly subsided, she was still softly moaning into the gag. After a couple of tense seconds, he let her breath again. "I'm going to bind your arms now, and you are not to struggle. I will win and you will end up in a worse position again, you've already broken two rules you don't want to know what happens if you keep going."

As he moved to get off of her, she took advantage of the situation and threw him off. He stumbled backwards and she got up and ran towards the door as best she could with her hobbled legs. She got to the door and started to desperately turn the handle to get out, but it wouldn't turn, and she couldn't see the key anywhere.

Just as she turned around to look for an alternate route, his big hand seized her throat and he threw her into the ground. He grabbed her right wrist and snapped a handcuff around it, and then he snapped the other side to her left ankle. Between the handcuffs and her tights and panties, the only limb that was free was her left hand. She desperately tried to hit him, and then was trying to get the gag free from her mouth. But he was too quick and he grabbed her wrist tightly in his hand, he stared at her deeply in the eyes.

"You've been given several tests today slut, and you have failed every single one of them. This was going to be a nice week with some light fun and games, but you've lost that privilege now. You're going to experience all of your darkest kinks that you've told me, but first it's time to get you properly dressed for the occasion"

She broke the stare first, and looked down at the ground just like she should do as a good little sub. It was then that she noticed a pile of black leather items out of the corner of her eye. He had never mentioned anything like this before, she was not expecting what she saw before her. He saw her looking and smiled.

"Let's get started, slut."

With her left hand securely in his right, he reached over and grabbed, what at first appeared to be a long black leather glove. But when she got a better look at it, realised it was a bondage mitten. She started struggling again, realising the mess that she had gotten herself into, but it made no odds at this point. She had passed the point of no return.

He pulled the thick leather mitten over her hand, the small ball-like ending forced her hand into a tight fist. She was fighting with all of her might now, she realised once this was on she'd lose the use of her hands!

Of course she was no match, and what she didn't realise was that the more she struggled the more he was enjoying it. But she'd be learning that lesson soon enough anyway. He finished shoving her hand into the mitten and started buckling it up her wrist, it covered halfway up her forearm. The shiny black leather was a stark contrast to her porcelain skin, but he wouldn't be seeing too much of that soon. He grabbed a leather strap and looped it through one of the buckles, folded her arm and wrapped the other end around her upper arm. Her arm was now a useless stump, the most she could do was wave it around, and even then it wasn't that much with the position she was in.

She expected him to go on to her other arm next, and as such she tried her hardest to pull against the handcuff so that she could get it out of his way. But instead he spun around on top of her and freed the uncuffed leg from the tights and panties that were holding it in place. He was about to start binding it, when he clearly got distracted by her gorgeous back end, he held her free leg down and sunk his teeth into her peachy behind. Not enough to draw blood, but enough to leave a mark. He heard her scream through the gag as he was leaving his mark, oh if she thought this was pain then she's got a lot more coming.

He gave her ass another hard smack right over where he had just bitten her, this was met with another disapproving scream. He grabbed another leather strap from the pile, folded her leg so that her heel was pressed into her ass cheeks. And then he wrapped the strap around her leg and buckled it tightly. What a sight she was now, half hogtied and the other half bound into useless stumps. He was raging hard at this point, but he was going to save her first fucking for a little while yet, not to mention he wanted to finish getting her properly dressed.

He grabbed her unbound leg, and in one quick movement uncuffed it. She started flailing her free arm around wildly, banging on the floor, and trying to make noise. But by the time she started trying to remove the gag he had repeated the same procedure with her left leg as he had done on her right, and was again making her scream with another bite on her arse.

"Three down, and one to go my little princess, aren't you so happy you decided to come here?"

She wildly shook her head at this point, screaming as much as she could through the gag. Just as she was about to deflate the gag, he grappled for her wrist and pulled it away from her face.

"You're being very naughty today princess, luckily we have lots and lots of punishments lined up for you. By the end of your time here you'll be a delightfully behaved little girl!"

While he was talking he had already removed the handcuff and was binding her right arm up identically to her left. It seemed like a matter of seconds and he was done. For the first time since he had pushed her to the floor, he got off of her and stood back.

"Stand up princess, be a good girl!" she looked at him with an evil stare in her eyes. Determined not to give him the satisfaction that he was looking for. She held his gaze, trying her best to stand her ground, without standing on her new animalistic legs.

"I should've known you'd do this the hard way, but fine. Have it your way."

She almost smiled for a minute, thinking that they were going to go back and have their weekend as planned. Could this all have just been a game?

Her hopes came true, as he took her left arm and undid the leather strap that was forcing it into a stump. But before she had time to breathe a sigh of relief, he picked up another item that was on the ground next to her. It looked like a giant leather puppy paw. Her suspicions were soon confirmed as he took her left arm and shoved it into the paw. The bondage mitten locked tightly into the paw, perfectly designed and impossible to remove by the wearer. He repeated the procedure with her right hand, and she did not look impressed. She tried banging her puppy paws on the floor, but they were so heavily padded that they barely made a noise.

He walked behind her, and she saw him pick up a pair of shears from a shelf nearby. She thought that surely he wouldn't do anything to hurt her. Of course she was right. He did however run them along the back of her shirt, and cut it away from her body. Her bra and skirt were next. She was stark naked now, apart from the cruel black leather that he had forced her into.

"A naked little slut, just for me. How delicious. Now slut stand up, or things will get even worse for you, just try and tempt me."

She had lost her resolve now, her clothing had given her some confidence. But now, much like her clothing, her confidence was in tatters. She stood up as best as she could, on her rear stumps and front paws.

Her small breasts hung down beneath her and she could feel him looking her over. "I think our cute little puppy needs a tail, she just doesn't look right without one." And with that he walked in front of her and showed her what he had picked up, it was a black silicone butt plug, with a large plume of thick brunette fur coming out of the end of it. Her eyes widened in fear. The butt plug was bigger than the one he had sent her, and he knew that she hadn't done a lot of that sort of thing anyway.

"I'm going to enjoy this, you little slut. I've taken your hands away from you because you can't be trusted to not touch yourself. And now I'm going to make you wear a plug that you can't get out no matter how much you want too."

With that he walked behind her, and knelt down.

"Looks like I won't even need to use lube, you're absolutely dripping."

He unceremoniously wiped the plug up and down her dripping slit, covering it in her pussy juices. Then he lined it up with her tight rosebud and started to push it in. She tried to get away from him but he just grabbed a fistful of her hair and held her in place.

"You're not getting away that easily slut, we haven't even got to the best part yet."

He pulled on her hair as he shoved the plug into her resisting hole. Eventually she realised that it was less painful if she tried to relax, and as soon as she stopped resisting it slid home and her ass clenched around the narrow stem of the plug. She tried to expel the plug, and it shifted a little, if she tried harder she could probably push it out when he wasn't around.

"And now for the best part, slut." She couldn't see behind her, but she could feel him doing something to the plug. Then she felt it, she felt it getting bigger inside of her. It was inflatable. He filled it to the point where there was no way she would be able to expel it. She felt so full and uncomfortable, if only she hadn't taken out the other plug without his permission. Oh, how sorry she was now.


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