Two Ladies Satisfied

by Uto

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Storycodes: M/f+; MF; bond; gag; burglar; sex; reluct; X

It was early evening on a late Autumn day. Marcia was walking home to her cottage at the end of a quiet suburban street in a good suburb. There was a low ridge behind it, on which a state of the art business complex had recently been built. This was reputed to be the hub of a very important international finance corporation.

Marcia was just turned forty, of middle height, athletically slim with a narrow face, pointed chin and short, straight dark brown hair worn in a severe, page boy cut. Tertiary educated, she worked as a systems analyst in a nearby regional suburb. She wore a neat two piece business suit, hat and gloves and carried a leather handbag.

She had never married, though had been engaged several times. None of these arrangements made it into matrimony. She was a careful sensible woman who was not going to get involved in anything she felt had little ultimate chance of success. But she enjoyed the company of men, over several relationships. And still hoped to find a partner. Though there seemed less chance of this as time passed.

Good at her job, she had acquired the comfortable two bedroom home she now lived in. Tiring of living alone, she had a few years back taken in a companion boarder. This was Marie, a single young lady of thirty two who seemed to have even less social success than Marcia herself. Some locals unkindly said the two had the makings of a pair of perennial old maids. More of Marie later.

Nearing home, she looked up at the ridge at the end of her street where the financial complex was. Something seemed to be going on up there. Noises, police sirens, lights going on. She wondered, then shrugged. Nothing to do with her.

Reaching her front gate she looked at the cottage. Marie was home, she could see a light in her bedroom. And one in the kitchen as well. What was unusual was the front porch light was not on. Marie always left that on for her.

And the front door was locked. Marie usually left that unsecured for her to get in. This was a quiet middle class area. Unwanted intruders were unheard of here. Marcia found her key in her handbag and let herself in. Switching on the hall light, she set off down the passageway. She noted the door into Marie’s bedroom was open and the light, as mentioned, already on.

And now to Marie. This young lady in her very early thirties was not very tall and of stout build. She had a broad, often smiling face and very wavy, black hair. Not overly educated, she nonetheless could do office work adequately and well and was known to be reliable.

Marie’s problem was her woeful lack of social skills. In an age when most young ladies could dance well, she could barely get round the floor. Amongst her peer group she lapsed into near silence and hardly said a word. In all her adult life she had never had a steady boyfriend.

She and Marcia worked in the same office building. On getting to know her, the older woman felt sorry for her. On hearing of the close, untimely death of her parents and knowing Marie was faced with an unsuitable boarding situation, she had offered her accommodation at her place. Here at least she had a bedroom of her own. And here she had been for four years.

Marcia had even tried to steer suitable young males in her direction but with no success whatsoever.

Marcia walked down the hallway calling, “Marie. What’s going on? Is this something to do with those police sirens up on the ridge?” She stopped outside Marie’s open door and looked in. Her eyes widened in surprise.

Marie was there alright, lying across her three-quarter bed. Wearing a stylish white blouse and a pair of tight, well fitting blue jeans. Her black hair in some disarray. And she had also been very securely bound and gagged.

A white sheet had been torn into neat neat wide strips to do this. Her wrists had been crossed behind her back and secured by many white loops and two reef knots. More strips had been used to lash her arms to her sides, both above and below her bust and these had been cinched several times. Another long piece had been wound around her waist anchoring her forearms. Her ankles had been lashed many times and carefully knotted. Another long wide strip had been used to bind her thighs above the knees. And finally something wet and filling had been forced into her mouth and this was held in place by a wide, firmly tied strip that covered the lower part of her face. Marie had been rendered completely helpless and the only sound she could make was to mew.

Marcia looked for some seconds at this then hurried into the room. “Marie! What’s happened here? Who tied you up like this?” She reached forward to undo some of the knots.

A man standing in the corner of the room stepped forward.

He was about Marcia’s age and height but more solidly built. He had a broad face, a square chin and a good head of thick dark hair. He wore dark grey jeans and a tightly fitting grey jacket. He even had a kindly, intellectual look about him. Marcia reflected, he at least did not look like the usual picture of a brutalised thug. He spoke.

“You’d be Marcia? The landlady, I believe?”

Marcia was not frightened. But very surprised and after another glance at the bound and gagged Marie, furiously determined to find out what was going on in her home.

“Who’re you? She demanded, “Why’ve you tied up my friend? Is this a robbery?”

He even smiled faintly. “Who I am doesn’t matter. It’s been necessary to deprive your house companion of liberty. As it will be for you too. And as to robbery. Please, nothing so crude, or unlikely.”

Marcia was insistent. “Then why’re you here? What’re you doing?”

“Let’s say I’m simply passing through. I have no designs whatsoever on your property.” The smile vanished, “And now, as mentioned, it also becomes necessary to tie you up as well.” He moved toward a chest of drawers, on which lay half of a torn white sheet.

Marcia looked at him. He was doubtless stronger and would overpower her if it came to a struggle. By now she was convinced this was not a common housebreaking. He picked up the sheet and began tearing the rest of it into strips. “This’s from your linen cupboard. One of your old ones.” He smiled, “No sense in ripping up your best sheets. “Why don’t you take off your hat and gloves and put them with your handbag here.” He indicated the chest of drawers.

She decided fighting him was not an option and placed her possessions as directed. And stood before him, expensively business suited and wearing her comfortable sensible business shoes. He continued tearing up the sheet, seemingly relieved it had not come to violence between them.

He made her stand near the bed, arms at her sides. And went ahead to tie her up as he had previously bound Marie.

First her wrists, crossed and knotted behind her back. Two strips to bind her arms to her sides, above and below her breasts, causing them to stand out sharply. Then another long length around her waist to secure her lower arms. He bound with some care, making sure none of the strips of sheet were twisted. The stiff, costly fabric of her suit whispered and rustled as her bonds were pulled tight.

He stepped back to admire his work. “Pretty as a picture. Or a neatly wrapped birthday present.” She glared at him. “And now,” he said indicating the bed and its already bound occupant, “If you’ll just sit here, we’ll complete the job by tying your feet.”

Silently, she sat down. He knelt beside her and lashed and knotted her crossed ankles. Lastly, he gently lifted her skirt, exposing her lower thighs. And, using one of the last pieces he bound these carefully, tying them just above the knees. And then replaced her skirt.

He leaned back. “There. All done. Wasn’t so bad, was it?’’ She simply looked at him. He stood up. “Well, my bound beauty. There’s just one thing more.” He tickled her under the chin, then turned and left the room.

She wondered if she should scream, then decided against it. He only seemed to be in the bathroom next door. She looked down at Marie, lying bound and helpless on the bed beside her. Who had been watching the whole proceedings with mute interest.

He returned, folding a dampened face washer into a tight wad. “There’s no need to gag me,” said Marcia “I’m not going to scream. If I’d wanted to, I’d have done so while you were in there.”

“Purely a precaution,” he murmured, forcing the pad between her lips. “I’m going to leave you ladies alone for a while. And I don’t want you changing your mind while I’m away.” Having packed it into her mouth, he secured it with a wide short strip of sheet wrapped firmly around the lower part of her face and tied at the back of her neck.

“There,” he said, stepping back and smiling at the two bound and gagged occupants of the bed. One sitting and glaring, the other lying on her side, looking up questioningly. “Now ladies, I’m going to make a call on that telephone I saw in the lounge. It’ll take about ten minutes and I'll be back. So don’t go away.” Playfully, he tweaked both their noses then turned and left the room. Marcia scowled after him.

The pair, householder and tenant companion looked at each other. They tried to talk but found they could only mew. Marcia writhed but found she was too firmly bound to loosen her bonds. Then she had an idea.

She lay down on her side with her back to Marie. Then wriggled towards her until her tied hands could touch her bound companion. She writhed still further so that her fingers reached her tenant’s bound wrists. And from there she attempted to untie the knots.

This was difficult. She had to work by feel as she could not see what she was doing. And the knots were tight and professionally done. But she persisted and actually got one undone and was working on the next when their captor finally came back.

“Oh, naughty girls,” was his comment in an affected parental tone, “Trying to untie each other indeed.” He re-tied the loosened knot and dragged Marcia away from Marie so that there was about three feet between them. “Bad girls,” he went on in this voice, “I can see I’ll have to anchor you both to something to keep you apart if I leave you alone again. Naughty, naughty.” Marcia glared at him. Besides being thwarted, she resented them being spoken to as children.

The man stood and addressed them both. “Well ladies, I’ve spoken to my people. The good news is they’re sending someone to pick me up. The bad news is they can’t get here for some hours.” He shrugged, “We’re stuck with each others' company for a while.” He thrust his hands into his jeans pockets and wandered aimlessly around Marie’s bedroom.

He stopped at her night table next to the bed and, noticing a small pile of banknotes (weekly rental for Marcia), picked them up.

Apparently, still of a jocular state of mind he pulled out his wallet and made a show of thrusting them into it.

“Just as well I’m not a common thief,” he laughed, then moved to put the notes back on the table. As he was doing this a plastic card slipped out of his opened wallet and fell downward.

He noticed this out of the corner of his eye as he put the notes neatly on the night table. Still holding his wallet, he got on his knees to look for the fallen card on the floor.

Only it had not fallen to the floor. He had not seen it come to rest on the edge of the bed, it was right side up and clearly readable. It was a driver’s licence. And it was just six inches from the tip of the bound Marcia’s nose. She could read the entire contents. And she did. And memorised them.

Meanwhile, its owner, still kneeling on the floor and not finding it there, turned and saw where it was. He snatched it away. 

Things had now taken an entirely different turn. Marcia’s captor looked at her with a look of some puzzlement, no doubt wondering, had she seen anything?

With some difficulty Marcia heaved the upper part of her body upright. And then dropped her legs to the floor. She was now seated on the bed. She raised her head and looked at her captor. A series of mewing grunts indicated she wanted her gag removed. Which, after some hesitation, he did.

She spoke, “Some water, if you please.” He brought this from the bathroom, in a mug used for holding toothbrushes and held it to her mouth. She drank most of it and then told him to wipe her lips. Which he did with his own clean handkerchief. Subtly, their roles had changed and she intended to take full advantage. She began.

“You, sir, have just had a most unfortunate piece of bad luck.”

She then spoke his name in full and for good measure, added his address. Marcia’s occupation called for quick memorisation and she had made full use of this in the brief glimpse she had had of his plastic identification. He looked at her blankly in silence.

Faintly, they could hear the sound of police sirens on the ridge above.

“You’ve had something to do with that, haven’t you? Zenith International perhaps?” She named one of the most important firms in the complex up there. The work they did was reputed to be worth millions. "A raid on their central data centre maybe. I’m in investigative computers myself. I've a pretty good idea of what they do there.” She made a guess and concluded, “You’re one of those cyber people, aren't you?"

Seemingly, he decided to come clean. “Perhaps I am. Alright. The whole operation went badly wrong. We’d only just got inside when the police arrived. We had to split up and run for it. I came down the slope. They’ll be in the area for a while. That's why I’ve got to be picked up and get away from here.”

The two looked at each other. He, with a sinking heart, because he realised this woman now had information that could be used very much against him. She, with rising elation, because control of the situation was turning in her favour.

Marcia’s mind was racing. Maliciously, she schemed how she could further turn things to her own personal advantage. She spoke.

“I now know who you are. Enough to get you into deep trouble. And perhaps you’re thinking you could prevent that by murdering me now, while I’m still bound and helpless.” She smiled, “But consider the messy evidence you’d leave here after doing the deed. In these DNA days you’d be caught in no time. Is a homicide charge worth it? You’d never see the light of day if convicted of killing a bound and helpless woman.”

Gloomily, he concluded she was right. How things had changed within minutes. “Alright then. Alright. What do you want?”

Marcia was really starting to enjoy herself. “I’m glad you’re being sensible about it. You say you’re just passing through. When’re these friends of yours coming to collect you?”

“Two to three hours. Probably nearer to three. These things take time to organise.”

“Well then, you must be very nice to us both while you’re here.”

She went on. “As you’ve no doubt worked out, we're a couple of single ladies living alone here. I myself've lived here for several years. And, I can tell you there’s not much opportunity for suitable - and I do mean suitable - social contacts in this upper middle class area. All the single males in my age group seem to be mostly impoverished losers who’ve come off badly in divorce settlements with their long suffering former wives. And who seem to look on me as fair game in the business of recuperating their fortunes.”

“Marie,” she glanced at her bound and gagged companion, lying on the bed beside her, “Her situation is, I consider, worse. Though I won’t go into detail. But we do have some basic things in common. We’re both alone, and lonely. We both simply desire acceptable, decent male companionship. Yet neither of us have had much success in that field, Marie particularly, for a very long time.”

“But now,” her face glowed radiantly, “Fortune has unexpectedly sent us an opportunity in the form of yourself.” She looked directly and firmly at this man who had come into her life. “You Sir, are going to cater for my long neglected needs in my own bedroom and you’d better please me or you’ll be sorry.”

The man looked at her, blinked, stared wildly round the room and then then said softly, “Very well then. As you wish.”

"Thank you for your cooperation. You can start by untying me.” He sat beside her and did this, undoing his knots as carefully as he had tied them a short while before. She noted approvingly he placed the loosened strips neatly in a pile.

“Good. Now you can untie Marie. She’s been deprived of liberty even longer than I have.” Marcia herself loosened and removed her companion’s gag.

She gave Marie a drink of water from the tooth mug as she had herself and wiped her lips with some of the piled bandages. Still being unbound, Marie looked at them both. And spoke.

“It isn’t fair,” she said in a small voice. The other two looked at her. Marie looked at Marcia.

“You’re going to have a nice lovemaking,” she went on in the same voice.“You said yourself that my situation was worse than yours. So it is. Yet you're going to be pleasured. It isn’t fair.”

The man shrugged and silently continued untying her. Marcia equally quietly stood up and put both hands into the tailored front pockets of her blue suit jacket. She stared for a long time at her diminutive house companion. Finally, she spoke.

“Perhaps you’re right,” she said slowly, “My situation, limited though it is, would most certainly be better than yours.” A thought occurred, “When was the last time you had a nice lovemaking, as you put it?”

“Over a year ago. And it wasn’t nice. He was a clumsy, hurtful boy who thought only of himself. I didn’t enjoy it at all.”

Marcia walked slowly around the room, her hands still in her suit pockets. “It seems your needs are greater than mine, to quote a famous saying.” Abruptly she came to a decision and turned to the man. Who had just finished untying Marie.

“A change of plans for you Sir. Instead of me, you can serve the needs of this deserving lady.” She stood in front of him as she spoke. “And mind you handle her gently and please her well. And after that, time permitting, you can attend to me.” She looked him up and down, “You look a pretty strong boy. You ought to be able to cater for two deprived women.”

The man stood and looked at her, “Ma’am, I’ll try.”

“Do more than try. Succeed.” She clapped Marie on the shoulder. “Best of luck dear,” she smiled. "I’ll look in an hour.” And left the bedroom.

Marcia walked through the house to the kitchen. Here she made a toasted sandwich and a pot of tea. This would serve for the evening meal she had missed. She ate it in the dining room which gave way to the lounge.

During this time she considered briefly if she had done the right thing with Marie. And decided most certainly she had.

Afterwards, she read a book for a while. Time passed. She wondered about the other two and got up. At that moment both entered the lounge room.

The man looked much the same. Marie looked radiantly content. A look of quiet joy that Marcia had not seen before. Clearly the interlude had been beneficial for her. She was wearing a padded bed jacket instead of her blouse.

“Well children, a successful joining in love, I take it?”

The male agreed in a soft voice, “Very pleasing, thank you.” Marie said nothing. She looked pleased, and satisfied.

“Very well then. I’m glad that was attended to satisfactorily.” Marcia faced them both. “You Sir, still have a duty to perform. Normally, I’d consider it not customary or even desirable for two women to share a man. However, this is an exceptional case.” She looked at Marie, “I’ve just had something to eat from the kitchen. You go and do likewise.” She turned to the man and took hold of his arm,”And you can come with me.”

Marie, still smiling from her previous satiation, looked at them both, then quietly left the room. She had not said a word since her return. Marcia led her partner to be by the hand to her bedroom. She whispered, “I’ve never seen her look so happy.”

He replied, “She’s had an unfortunate childhood. Did you know she’d been sexually abused by a close family member?“

“I suspected it. But that’s past now. With guidance and careful handling she’ll yet make someone an excellent partner.” The man agreed.

Marcia’s bedroom was bigger and had a double bed. She drew the blind, though it was quite dark outside. A long, low chest of drawers paralleled the bed. She smiled, “We can put our things here.”

Standing side by side, they undressed in silence. She noted with satisfaction he laid out his things neatly. Her own blue business suit was hung carefully in a wardrobe. Finally, they both stood naked together on an oval rug beside the bed. Marcia looked into his face.

She embraced him. “Darling. Perhaps I’m not as love starved as Marie but it’s still been a long, long time.” She squeezed him tightly, “Please. Make this memorable.” He folded her in his own arms and returned the pressure.

She reached down to his hanging member which was already beginning to stiffen and rise to the occasion. “A nice little fellow,” she breathed, caressing it gently, “Big enough, but not too big. And you want me too, don’t you? Ohh, I’m going to enjoy you, little man.” Deftly she reached inside a drawer of the unit and extracted a tube of lubricant. Swiftly, she smeared the rising, throbbing appendage. “Just to make your passage easier, little love item.” She smiled, "I don’t need any preparation myself. I’m as moist, wet and eager as all get-out.”

Abruptly she turned and flung back the sheets on one side of the bed. “You get in, love partner mine.” She went round the other side and turned the covers there. “I’ll enter here and we’ll meet in the middle and join in love. And, if you don’t mind, let me lead and call the shots.”

He bowed his head, “Of course.” At the same time reflecting that for someone who had been many times deprived she was managing this very competently indeed. Perhaps many long absences had left her ferociously determined to make every opportunity she got a memorable occasion. 

They met, joined and after a delightful fondling interlude he mounted and slid into her.

From then on it was pure bliss.

Over an hour and a half later the lady householder, her live-in companion and their unexpected visitor were in the lounge, sitting round the coffee table. A bottle of chilled white wine had been brought from the refrigerator and they were having what all would have quietly thought of as a celebratory drink. Marie was wearing her bed jacket, Marcia a belted dressing gown.

The police presence up on the ridge was no longer heard but it was assumed they were still there.

“These friends of yours should be here soon,” Marcia said to the man.

As if in answer to this a vehicle was heard to quietly stop outside the home. There was a street light outside Marcia’s property and her house number was large and well illuminated. A short pause and the new arrival was heard to turn into the driveway and slowly make their way up beside the house. They stopped outside the kitchen door.

“We’d better go and meet them,” said Marcia. As one they all stood and, still holding their glasses, went into the kitchen.

The vehicle was a car. The driver got out and went to the kitchen door which Marcia opened to admit her. She was a woman in her early forties, solidly built, with a square determined face with a pointed chin. She wore a belted rain jacket with the hood pulled about her head. The man stepped forward.

“These ladies have very kindly sheltered me in their home. They’ve been very kind and we’ve had a pleasant evening.”

The woman looked at the bed jacket and the dressing gown and smiled. “I can quite believe it.” Then turned to the man and nodded to the ridge behind the house. “You certainly touched off a hornet”s nest up there. They may well search the area. You’d better not be around if they do. And we should be on our way.”

“Well then,” said Marcia, “We’d better finish these,” she indicated the remnants of the drinks in their glasses, “And see you off.” She held hers up, “Bon voyage.”

Marie, holding the bottle, tipped the last inch of wine into a kitchen glass and handed it to the woman. “Sorry there’s not any more. But then, you’re driving.” The chauffeuse smiled, held it up in silent toast and drank it quickly. She turned to the man, “We’d better be going.”

The male visitor looked at his two hostesses for the evening and then kissed both of them fully on the mouth. “Thank you, both of you, very, very much," he whispered softly. Then turned and went out the kitchen door to the car. His driver smiled, waved briefly to the pair and followed him.

The car was backed out of the driveway and driven quietly away.

Marcia and Marie watched them go. “I wonder if we’ll ever see him again,” mused Marie “I don’t suppose we will.”

“You forget,” answered Marcia, “I know his address. And it’s not all that far away. If he doesn’t visit us. We can visit him.”

They both smiled in anticipation.


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