24 Hours with Goddess F

by Tigershark

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© Copyright 2020 - Tigershark - Used by permission

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I wake up in bed next to you. I am in a spandex hood with a mouth opening. I am working to recall the predicament that you left me in before turning in last night. My hands are in leather bondage mitts. When I move them I can feel they are padlocked on. I lift my covered hands to my face and they are stopped by a tug on ‘your’ balls. I do my best to feel through the leather of the mitts and there is a leather ball stretcher locked onto ‘your’ balls and seemingly chained to the mitts. Attempting to feel around a bit more there is a plug in this slave's ass and clearly it has stretched me to the point where I can no longer sense it being inside of me for I cannot feel it from the inside. Moving my legs I discern that my ankles are cuffed and a short piece of chain links them together. 

Noticing you start to stir; I quietly worm my way down the bed a bit and under the covers for my standing first task of each and every morning. I am to gently wake you by softly licking & worshipping your pussy, adding more intensity as your body shows me that you are waking up until you pull as many orgasms as you desire from my mouth upon you. When you are done you empty your entire bladder into my mouth which has never let go of you at any time since your waking.

When you are finished & satisfied I feel you leave the bed. I hear you click on something and the plug in this slave's ass comes to life. With a full bladder of my own and an evening full of cum pent up in ‘your’ bound balls, I do everything in my power not to piss or orgasm without ‘your’ permission. I am bucking on the bed in minutes. I can make out sounds of you in the bathroom and then walking around paying no heed to me.

After some unknown amount of time you instruct me to kneel and I work myself into your ordered position making the plug rub around inside of this slave's ass. I feel your hand firmly grab ‘your’ aching cock and give it a few stiff jerks to bring me right to the edge. I feel your mouth near my ear now and softly you whisper, 'you have 10 seconds to orgasm and then 60 seconds to empty your bladder'. You place a large bowl in front of me and as instructed blow a load of cum into it and then focus on peeing which I get done just in time. The plug is turned off and you slowly remove it from this slave's ass and deposit it in my mouth.

You remove the hood and I have my first vision of you of the day. As always you look spectacular morning, noon and night. You place the bowl on a counter in the bathroom and return to remove the bondage mitts, but handcuff my wrists behind me. The chain locked to the leather ball stretcher is attached to the handcuffs behind me. You take the key to the handcuffs and the key to all the other small locks and place them in the large bowl filled with my cum & piss. I can not lift my hands to reach the bowl for they are behind me & locked to ‘your’ balls. You tell me that you will be in the living room and to join you when I am ready, then depart out of the bathroom.

My only option in not making a mess is to drink the cocktail out of the bowl so that I can grab the keys with my mouth, then gingerly unlock myself. The humiliation is intense, and it shows with ‘your’ cock staying erect the entire time. I down the mixture a sip at a time and grab the keys with my lips. When I am fully unlocked & unfettered, I make myself presentable and crawl out to the living room where you are drinking coffee and reading from your iPad.

You lock a metal chastity cage on ‘your’ cock we go about our morning routine which entails me making us breakfast, straightening up the bedroom and feeding the dogs. We both dress to take the dogs for their morning walk and before I get my jeans on you place an electrode prostate stimulator in this slave's ass and attach it to a tens box which you place in the back pocket of my jeans. It is your remote activated tens box. You lock on a metal chastity cage.

Our walk is usually 30 minutes and you increase the stimulation in this slave's ass every 5 minutes. The first 20 minutes ‘your’ cock is straining to bust out of the cage. The last 10 minutes walking becomes difficult for it is a full-on deep tissue massage of my insides. Upon our return to our home you turn the power down to a trickle and order me to strip. You laugh as my crotch is soaked with what seems like a gallon of pre-cum electrically massaged out of my prostate that has dripped through the small opening in the cage.

I am taking the day off from working, but you have a deadline with your editor, so you unlock the cage and order me to shower & clean up for you need the house quiet and all to yourself today. I shower, shave everywhere as you like me hairless, and in 10 minutes I am dried. You placed a black full body latex catsuit and latex hood on the bed & leather military boots on the floor. I quickly dress in the catsuit, put the hood on and into the boots I go. I am at your feet in no time. 

You lead me into the basement to our special custom-made piece of bondage equipment. It is a bondage horse like none other. I climb up and place my chest on the chest rest with my ass out. Legs drop down so I am resting on my knees with my thighs pressed forward against leather. Arms drape down to the floor. My head is firmly in a massage table style face holder and my sight is removed. You tighten leather straps across my upper back, lower back, hips, calves and ankles. More straps to keep my thighs from moving. Heavy bondage mitts for my hands and then locked to the forward posts of the horse. On goes the studio noise cancelling headphones. One leather strap behind my neck forces my face further into the cradle and then a strap tightly behind my head over the headphones seals me in. You unzip the crotch of the cat suit and pull ‘your’ cock & balls out. You bind ‘your’ balls with rope and I can feel a long bitter end swinging. You insert ‘your’ cock into a tube and tighten it with a few pumps of an inflatable base.

I can sense you are moving something heavy around behind me. You squirt a bunch of lube inside of me then I feel a cock enter this slave's ass. Slowly moving deeper as you are pushing on some kind of heavy contraption. The cock stops moving into me and there is the familiar feeling of a Hitachi pressing into ‘your’ bound balls. The bitter end of the ball bondage rope is pulled tightly behind and away from me as you tie it around the contraption between my legs. You flip a few switches and the cock slowly starts fucking this slave's ass. I hear ‘your’ voice through the headphones and you order me to open my mouth and you shove in a cock gag attached to a stand under me. You position it perfectly and then extend it not so that I choke, but far enough where my tongue is depressed, and my lips are stretched around it. Your voice starts again with 'drink all you want' and you connect a tube from the gag to the cock tube. You turn on the Hitachi pressed against ‘your’ balls and I can barely hear the heavy door to our basement close & lock.

From your work desk upstairs you can remotely adjust the fucking machine, the Hitachi and the suction on the cock tube. You keep the fucking slow and turn off the vibrator for long intervals and on only for a few seconds. When both have been off for an extended time you activate the suction in the cock tube for long enough to drive me mad. It is difficult for you to fully focus on your writing with the live stream video of me open in a small box on your desktop.

You manage to do a few hours of work anyway and then check on me around noon. And by checking on me I mean rubbing your hands over my latex clad back, opening the zippers over my nipples & then adding clothespins, removing the cock tube which is filled with a mess of precum and sweat – then piss in it until I drink the mixture - and the lock the tube back in place. You untie ‘your’ balls and massage them for a bit, slapping my latex ass while you are behind me. You remove the cock from this slave's ass and give it a bit of a break before you insert an inflatable plug. You remove the tube from the gag and insert it into the plug. A straw enters my mouth and you instruct me to drink until I say 'stop'. I do and it seems as if I drank a full gallon of water. You re-tie ‘your’ balls and place electrodes to the tender skin stretching outside of the twists of rope. You remove the clothespins from my nipples and your voice comes to me through the headphones 'have a great afternoon - I want to hear your moans and begging'. I faintly hear the heavy door lock behind you as you head upstairs.

It seems like a quiet eternity until a light buzzing begins in ‘your’ balls - the electrodes have been activated. You at your desktop have switched them on while you eat your lunch. You can see me try to squirm a bit to no avail. You slowly increase the energy for 10 minutes and then turn on the suction in the cock tube. You can hear me making noise through the basement mic. You turn up both and now I am full on moaning as if somebody was sucking ‘your’ cock while aggressively massaging ‘your’ balls. I am wracked by a massive orgasm in no time, bucking against the bond and howling to your pleasure. You lower the setting to a mild buzz and soft sucking. 

You do 30 mins of writing and then turn everything up again, dragging another orgasm out of me. By this time the water is hitting me and I let go of a stream of piss into the tube, flushing 2 loads of cum and hot piss into this slave's ass. You do not give me much time to recover and turn the power up again. It takes me a long time to orgasm all the while I am begging you for mercy. You do not acquiesce and I have a dry orgasm. I am sobbing and begging now and you show some mercy for you do not like dry orgasms. I am given an hour to recover while you work. You start slowly and soft again with a long build up which produces a powerful orgasm with a great deal of clear cum. You lower the power again and soon I am pissing one more time, humiliation washing over me knowing I am self-cleaning the cock tube. You leave everything on low and then run some errands. When you come back a few hours later I am begging loudly from my bondage to cum. The power is nowhere close enough for me to tip and you are satisfied the way that I have been teased & tortured.

You release me from all the bondage and replace the plug with the tube to one that traps the various contents inside of me. I am weak and stiff, so you give me a pill along with a big cold drink of water. After a few moments you lead me back to our bedroom by ‘your’ balls, tugging at them while also knowing I crave ‘your’ touch, any touch, so I remain erect. You allow me some time to collect myself and build some strength. You let me know that you enjoyed the day of teasing, torment and isolation so you gave me a Viagra to ensure a hard cock. You climb on the bed and order me to fuck you...fuck you long...fuck you hard...fuck you lovingly...fuck you any way that I see fit. You know that I have built up a massive load, but also know that after a handful of orgasms earlier combined with a gallon of piss & cum trapped in this slave’s ass it will take me a very long time to orgasm.

I enter you and as instructed fuck you...make love to you...fuck you again...lay still cock inside of you just enjoying your heartbeat & breathing...hammering you like a captive on a pirate ship...and everything in between. You orgasm countless times encouraging me for more & more. I cum inside of you, spasms overtake me for two minutes while I am drained. Without instruction I slip down between your legs and lick out the cum from inside of you. I am delighted with giving you another orgasm during the cleaning. While you rest I hit the shower after stripping out of the latex. After dying off you seductively enter the bathroom and have me kneel in the tub. You remove the plug and as always place it in my mouth. You lovingly watch me as the cocktail leaks from this slave’s ass until empty...

When my bowels have fully emptied, I shower again & clean up. You have a great dinner prepared for us, we talk about our day and then walk the dogs...this time just a vanilla walk as you call it. When we are back home you mention you want to get caught up on a few TV programs and order me to strip & get on the chaise longue. We have a custom chaise with hidden straps to secure ankles, thighs, chest, wrists, elbows, neck and forehead. I position myself and you strap me in nice and tight. You lock a spiked chastity cage to ‘your’ cock and a spiked parachute to ‘your’ balls. You run 2 lengths of rope to the parachute which you tightly attach to my now backwards flexed big toes. You get naked from the waist down and slowly & expertly position your pussy over my nose & ass over my mouth to make a perfect seal.

You watch the first 30-minute program while I tongue your ass and fight for breath. You are enjoying a glass of wine and watching TV occasionally letting out a moan of pleasure. After the first show you slide your pussy down over my mouth and let go with a stream of piss. After I swallow it all and clean your pussy lips it is back at your ass and more struggling to breathe. Your’ pussy juices are dripping down both sides of my face and after the second program is over you unlock the torturous genital bondage and release me from the chaise.

You say that you want to try to reward me for being such a great slave & play toy. On goes your favorite leather hood and a collar. You lock my neck & wrists into a metal yoke. You move me to the middle of our bedroom facing the bathroom. You tell me ‘I want to reward you for indulging me today while allowing me to get my writing done so I have an opportunity to give you a gift if you are good… or be punished if you are not...this is going to be an evening of anal and you being good or not will determine who will have their asshole used.’ I watch you go into the bathroom, soak a pair of your panties in fresh GS and then come back to me to stuff them in my mouth. You secure them with a cock gag.

I watch you give yourself a handful of small enemas and my mind begins to race. While doing so you also call a friend and I can hear you say “remember those threesome scenarios we spoke about the other day? Come over and we will explore a few of them tonight...yes I am cleaning out my ass now...no worries his ass is so cleaned out it would qualify for an A from a restaurant inspector.” Your cock is fully erect now with thoughts of your ass AND a mystery person in play.

You return from the bathroom and tell me that it is time to see if I can follow instructions and be good or not. You secure ‘your’ hard cock to my stomach with a handful of tight wraps of saran wrap. ‘Your’ balls are now sucking out in front of me as if they were an erection. You make a small cut in the wrap and pull just the head of ‘your’ cock out and massage it a bit. You set a 10 min timer on your phone and tell me “I know this cock of mine has been through a lot today so I will give it a rest for now...if you cum inside of 10 mins you will be rewarded for your next orgasm will be with that hopefully recovered cock in my asshole. If you do not cum within 10 mins then I will be the one rewarded and no doubt that cock will not cum for a long while.” 

With that you drop to your knees, start the timer and begin to tease me by licking & sucking on ‘your’ protruding balls. Within a minute I am just short of the edge. The sensations are mind blowing. Every so often you reach up to squeeze the head of ‘your’ cock. There is a knock at the door and you stop the timer to answer it. I hear a woman’s voice and a few minutes later you return with a friend of yours’. You show her the timer with 3 mins left. She asks if she can finish it to which you like and to her knees she goes & on goes the timer. She is much more aggressive with her mouth and has me tipping over the edge in no time. You recognize this so you grab the exposed head of ‘your’ cock and clamp down harder than just a tease. This is enough to keep my cum from exploding from ‘your’ balls as the alarm on the timer sounds off 10 mins. With a wry grin you say ‘bad boy’ while slapping me across the face. ‘Seems you like punishment’.

You and your friend remove the yoke and lock on ankle & wrist cuffs. Then to bed, to be chained spread eagle facing up. You unceremoniously lube this slave’s ass and you work a nice size dildo in that is attached to a stick. Your friend attaches electrodes on ‘your’ balls and then ‘your’ balls & attachments are tightly wrapped in vet wrap. There is a small amount of skin from the bottom of ‘your’ balls exposed and she wipes on a dab of icy hot. You remove the gag & panties from my mouth. I start to work my jaw a bit to get back some flexibility when you’ friend sits her bare pussy onto my face, grabs ‘your’ cock like a shifter of a sports car and orders me to ‘lick’. I easily comply and she firmly pumps ‘your’ cock to the edge.

At this point ‘your’ balls have been brutalized by being on and off the edge for hours & hours now, bound & released & bound again, full of cum. I feel the electricity starting in ‘your’ balls as a light tease and slowly building to the point where I am bucking my hips then slowly down again to a tease. The icy hot is kicking in. I feel you straddle my chest and begin to kiss your friend. I can sense by the way she is moving her body and the growing tension in her loins that you are kissing her neck, playing with her nipples and her reciprocating back to you by your shifts on my chest. Every so often you reach behind, grab the stick and work the dildo in this slave's ass. It is impossible to lose my erection.

You and your friend change places and you are now on my face, but she is facing away from you. I feel a mouth start sucking on ‘your’ cock and the dildo worked more rigorously into this slave's ass. Again to the edge and nothing.

You climb off my face and I can see that you are putting on a strap on. Your friend is still on all fours, mouth teasing ‘your’ cock and working the dildo in this slave's ass. You straddle my face again, pull her back and insert the strap on into her pussy. You order me to lick her clit while you slowly build up pace. Every so often you bury the strap on to the hilt and then lower yourself onto my face where I lick anything in my reach between your legs. After bringing your friend to a few orgasms you insert the strap on into my mouth to clean off her pussy juice. The two of you switch spots and now she has the strap on. Only this time your ass is on my chest and you are facing up. She fucks and I am ordered to eat your ass while she is inside of your pussy. 

After your share of orgasms and a wet asshole, you flip over and she slowly slides the strap on into your ass. I am now licking your pussy and sucking on your clit while we drive you to the outer reaches of ecstasy. After each orgasm your friend slowly withdraws from your ass and stuffs the strap on down my mouth. This happens several times. At some point she gives you one pump in your ass and then immediately one pump in my mouth. You are working the dildo on a stick into this slave's ass and luckily at this point ‘your’ balls are numb from the over stimulation, but the erection in ‘your’ cock will not go away. My groin is a mix of pain & numbness & soreness.

When the two of you are satisfied and spent, you remove the bondage & electrodes from ‘your’ balls. You clamp my nipples and remove the dildo from this slave's ass only to stuff it in my mouth. The stick is secured overhead so I cannot spit it out. You take a beverage break while I lay in my therapeutic torment. Normal feeling is now returning to my groin. You two return to release me from all my bonds and torment. I take a shower and get ready for bed. When I come back into the bedroom, you have me kneel at the foot of the bed. You lock on a collar and a blindfold. Ear plugs are inserted into my ears. The collar is then locked to the iron rail at the foot of the bed and my wrists stretched out shoulder high and then bound to the corners of the bed.

I can hear the two of you get in bed and turn off the lights. Some light talk that I cannot discern and there is movement indicative of you two enjoying each other’s bodies. As I am drifting off a bit, a toe is inserted into my mouth. I lick and suck on it and then another is added & another & another until a while half of a foot is gagging me. I am face fucked by the foot for a bit until it is withdrawn. Over the course of the night until morning I am occasionally fed toes & feet. I can sense that morning is upon us for there is a hint of natural light sneaking in through the edge of the blindfold. I faintly hear you say 'you do not have to get out of bed to pee, just use his mouth' to which point you’ friend's pussy shows at my mouth and I do my morning duty of lightly licking it and then swallowing a massive stream of hot piss. You are next with some light pussy licking and then your load of GS.

It is the start of another great day...


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