Turned into Nothing

by M88

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© Copyright 2015 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; capture; kidnap; bond; gag; tape; force; strip; transport; noose; bdsm; whip; torment; toys; insert; climax; cons/nc; XX

“Let me go now, you fucking cunts, do you know who I am”. Sarah was screaming at the top of her lungs as two men dragged her towards a waiting white van. She was struggling with everything she had to break free as sweat dripped from her forehead. The two of them had grabbed an arm each and lifted it behind her back. This forced her head down and one of the men grabbed her neck as they pushed her into the van. She was still screaming loudly as they pinned her to the floor of the van.

One of the men used all his muscles to move Sarah’s hands close together. He then somehow cuffed them and did the same to her elbows. Sarah was crying as she could feel the metal enclosing her arms and the painful grip of the cuffs. She had been overpower in a heartbeat and was already running out of energy. Her struggling and screaming had done nothing as her ankles and knees got cuffed as well. She was putting up very little fight as sweat ran over her skin.

Her clothes then got cut off her body as she was stripped naked in a flash. Her dirty underwear was then put in her mouth. She had no idea why she let them put them in there so easily as she almost just accepted it. She knew deep down she was a prisoner already and would have to wait for someone to pay for her freedom. It was the only way she would get free from the cuffs. So she would do what they told her and follow any orders. She was already running on low energy and just let them do what they wanted. 

Her mouth and eyes then got covered in duct tape as layer after layer was wrapped around her face. She was then helped to her feet and had a hangman's noose put around her neck. The rope was tied to the ceiling of the van as the men pulled the slipknot tight. Sarah could feel something like a vice around her neck as she stood on the tips of her toes. The noose was pulled so tight it lifted Sarah’s head skywards. Sarah had started moaning about the pressure on her neck.

When the last part of her bondage set up was complete. A pair of headphones with amazing noise cancelling padding and clear sound. One of the men put them over her ears and then duct taped them in place. A sound recorder was the taped to her upper arm and a wire was connected to the headphones. The van was started up and the only track on the recorder started playing. Sarah would get to hear the 4 minute long track a lot on the 5 hour drive from her home town of Liverpool to a location in the south of England.

“If you are listening to this recording it’s already too late for you. You are bound and gagged without a hope in hell of getting free. A noose is wrapped tight around your neck and will make you black out on the long drive. You will be played with and tortured on the way to the client. Once you arrive at the client you will be put to sleep and when you woke up again. You will be nothing. We have done this before and we will do it again after your worthless body as been changed forever. Nothing you say or do will stop this from happening to you. Oh I’ve not told you what’s going to happen have I.

Well at the client you are going to you will have a number of operations. You are going to lose both legs from the groin down and both arms from the shoulder. So you will have no limbs and not be able to do everything yourself. After that small operation, you are going to miss your vocal cords, teeth, tongue, hair and ear drums. Have fun communicating with no voice. After that we are going to brand and tattoo what’s left of your perfect body. With all that out the way, we will wrap you in a latex suit which will cover all but your face. The latex will be glued on and is unbelievable thick and shiny. The suit has two fuck holes built into it at the ass and pussy. Not that you would feel anything through the latex suit which fills the holes.

The latex hood should be tight as well as it encloses your head. After the latex suit with it’s built in hood. A leather body harness will be tied around your helpless body and it as a collar as well. The harness will be pulled shockingly tight and locked in place. I can just see it now. Just for added humiliation a rubber urine hood in black will be locked over your head. The hood had clear rubber over the eyes holes so you can see. A solid rubber ring will keep your mouth open at all times. A half funnel built ii the front of the hood means liquids can be poured in. The ring gag and funnel make drink unavoidable and keeps your nose free to intake air and the smell of what you are drinking.

A massive metal collar will keep your head upright and pointing forward. Sounds great right and there is still one more thing. We are going to put you inside a transparent plastic case which is split into three parts. Your head, front body and back body. The plastic case has only one small hole from breathing. It will squeeze your body as it’s a size too small for you. It uses very strong electro magnets to hold the parts together. It will soon become your new home and you will feel naked without it.

As for going for a shit or piss the condom like rubber in your dirty holes could be folded outwards. That opens a valve and lets your waste out of your body. Very dehumanising. Right enjoy the van ride. I would struggle like a madman and scream endlessly. You should hear this message again and again. As you are going to learn it off by heart”

Sarah let out a scream filled with horror and fear as the recoding ended. Her scream echoed around the inside of the van for a few seconds. She had tears rolling down her cheek as it had broken through the layers of duct tape over her eyes. Sarah's tears had mixed in with her black mascara and that meant she was weeping black tears. Her screams for help could not be heard outside the van as it drove along. She was pulling, pushing, twisting and crawling at her handcuffs. Snot was dripping from her nose as she cried in pain. Sweat was running down her perfect body as she tried to break free of her bondage. Why had she let them take her so easily and not attacked them. Well she had no idea they would take everything from her and make her someone’s helpless play thing. She struggled violently with the restraints and pulled against the noose. 

She quickly blacked out as she couldn’t regain her balance. She was saved by one of the men in the van. He took the weight off her neck, by holding her body up and this let air back into her lungs. She was breathing heavily as she came back round. The recoding had started again as Sarah once again moaned loudly. The van was doing a lot of stopping and starting as they tried to get through the traffic to leave Liverpool. The man who kept Sarah from hanging herself was now rubbing her sweaty body. He was rolling his hands over her tits and going down towards her cunt. She was softly crying as his fingers stroked her pussy lips. He kissed her stomach and ripped her pussy lips away from her body. She could feel pain shooting from her cunt as she tried to fold her body up. 

He then pulled her nipples away from her body and twisted them. Once again she screamed in pain. Both men laughed as Sarah struggled against her cuffs. It was just a bit of foreplay as he picked up a whip. As the van finally left Liverpool, Sarah was already covered in red whip masks. He had whipped her legs from top to bottom. Her ass and stomach had been turned red by the endless whipping. Her back and breasts had almost started bleeding as he continued whipping them. Her hair was dripping wet with sweat as her voice had become hoarse. She now had a red ring around her neck as the noose choked her. Her eyes held half closed as the whipping stopped. Her body was bright red as she had a butt plug and dildo forced inside her. 

The man was shocked to find Sarah was wet. Maybe it was sweat as he made the sex toys vibrate. He put them on full power and she was soon moaning loudly. He was taken back by how quickly she was enjoying it. He didn’t care if she enjoyed it or not. As she had a number of huge orgasms and she could feel her pussy juices running down her legs. He had never had a girl like this on all the other times they had taken someone. He wanted her to be broken by the time they reached the location of the client. So he picked up a cattle prod and shocked the living daylights out of her. She almost blew his ear drum with her screaming and passed out 6 or 7 times. He had put a plastic bag over her head and turned the sex toys on again. He continued to shock her tortured body as she struggled to breathe. 

She squirted all over the floor as she ran out of air and got a shock right on her clit. She was out cold as her neck rested against the noose. He removed the bag and lifted the weight off her neck. After 30 seconds Sarah had oxygen enter her body again. God what had happened to her as she took huge intakes of air. The plastic bag, cattle and sex toys had taken her over the edge of a massive orgasm. How and why had she orgasmed in the position she was in. Maybe it was down to adrenaline or the need to feel something good before her nightmare began. Or maybe on some level she enjoyed being tortured and had a real kinky side to her. 

The man left her to recover from the whipping, shocks and breath play. The floor of the van was covering in her sweat, drool, snot, cum and piss. Her body was covered from her legs to shoulders in red lines. She was a mess as they continued driving down the M1. The van was going 80mph and that meant Sarah had to work hard to stay on her feet. She was always pulling against the noose and had to work her legs into an upright position.

As the van got stuck in traffic nearer Nottingham at was time for some more fun. Electric shock collars for dogs got placed around Sarah’s sore breasts and a clothes peg was put on each nipple. She moaned as the peg bit into her skin as the dog collars got set up to shock her if she spoke too loud. To make sure she made a lot of noise a huge leather paddle would be used to hit her with. With the van at a standstill and with hours of driving left. They got started. She got her ass smacked over and over again as her screams give her massive shocks. Her already cut ass made each hit even more painful as her tits got punished. The paddle was used against her ass, breasts, legs, stomach, cunt and face. Her body was black and blue by the time the van reached the M25. 

Sarah was shaking and struggling in her cuffs as the pain echoed through her body. How long had she been in this van for as the sweat dripped from her body and onto the floor. She had pissed herself and as the urine become a lake around her feet, she was unbelievable scared of what would happen next. She had heard the voice recoding over 100 times by now and was starting to remember almost all of it. As the van passed London her captives had another punishment for her. In the corner of the van was a cow milking machine. Her torturer then removed the pegs and placed the sucker over each nipple. He removed all the air in the sucker and made a vacuum between Sarah’s tits and the milker. The machine was turned on and Sarah was milked like a stupid cow. She also had a rubber gas mask pulled over her head with a  rubber hose that went into her ass. On the end of the hose was a rubber dildo with air holes down the sides. 

She spend the rest of the trip with the smell of ass in her gas mask. The machine made milk drip from her sore and still being shocked breasts every now and then. The sun was starting to come up as the men stopped for a break. They left Sarah alone in complete bondage as she suffered through two types of breath control. She had a noose around her neck and a gas mask over her gagged mouth. They did not care about her anymore as they had already stopped her from death a number of times. They had got bored of saving her and thought she needed to learn how to stay alive herself. Sarah was crying loudly under her gas mask and was getting huge shocks for her troubles. She was suffering as her kidnappers had some food and had a joke about the stupid cunt in their van. 

After about half an hour they come back to find her crying and wobbling on her feet. They set off again on the last part of the trip. They put clothes pegs all over her body and put the sex toys back inside her. The milking machine was going crazy and she inhaled her own ass. They just about forced the butt plug into her as the covered her sore and painful body in pegs. They then folded her legs over and hogtied her in mid air. All her weight was now on the noose as they whipped her feet. She would start to black out in only seconds and needed to be lifted up all the time. But the simulation was mind blowing to Sarah as the endless devices played with her. The lack of air and sex toys made her cum over the over again. She blacked out every 40 seconds and her tits leaked milk all the time. The pegs bite into her skin as her feet got whipped red raw.

Sarah was completely gone by the time the van stopped. She was being supported by her waist as she came back round from another black out orgasm. The van had been parked inside a garage which was built into a large house. It was night time and they had spent all day driving from one end of the UK to the other. As they wanted to play with Sarah the men had taken the long way down. They got her out of the hogtie, but kept her very well bound. The milking machine, sex toys, pegs, gas mask and noose got removed. Sarah was breathing heavily as they left her to recovery for a couple of minutes. 

She was then forced to her feet and had her head pushed down and her arms raised. She had no energy or fight left in her as she was walked into the house. The recording still playing in her ear as she slowly walked along. The fresh air was blowing against her sweat socked skin as her heart rate rocketed up. Her body was covered in marks, lines, blood, sweat and bruises. Walking was making her beaten feet hurt as they kept forcing her head down and her arms higher. Her hair was hanging down over her face where sweat dripped from it. The duct tape looked dirty and was starting to fall off. 

She was taken to a padded room in the house. She collapsed onto the padded floor and was kept in the small room until they were already. She then had the duct tape removed and was taken to the basement and saw the white walls. A large light blue rubber bed. Equipment all over the place and a couple of screens. The room had a latex and metallic smell to it. She had her headphones and the recorder removed. She was positioned on the bed and had her arms and legs restrained. A breathing mask was placed over her mouth and nose and just as she went under. A section of images from the last person they got was shown to her. 

Her eyes become blurred and then black as her minds eyes saw the images again and again. Good god no was her last thought as the drugs sent her to sleep. 



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