Trouble in Fairyland 6: A Tour of the Cellars

by Cropsncuffs

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Storycodes: FF/ff; captives; cell; collar; naked; majick; machine; bond; bdsm; torment; toys; insert; climax; reluct/cons; X

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Chapter 6: A Tour of the Cellars

I lent back against the stone wall and heard myself sigh. My left hand moved unconsciously and stroked Bo Peep’s blonde curls. She made a little sound of contentment and her head moved softly on my lap.

I wondered what had become of Snow White. We had all been dragged into the castle together but where we had been confined in our dungeon cell she had been dragged screaming away by a duo of the huge hairy beastmen the Evil Queen used to keep order about her kingdom.

A steel door crashed open in the distance and Bo Peep was upright beside me on the hard bed in an instant. I reached out and stroked the curls again as they swayed about the nape of her neck. Whatever they wanted from us, we had sworn to go to our fate together, and after the last few hours together that could be a fun fate to go to.

We could hear the rhythmic clatter of high heels on stone flags coming down the flagstones towards us, and as they approached they were accompanied by the creak of leather.

“Well well my pretties” said the Evil Queen as she came to a halt in front of our cell. Her long public gown of glorious purple had been discarded in favour of a skintight black leather catsuit and spindly high heeled ankle boots. There was a half-smile dancing about her lips and a riding whip slapped idly against her leg as she spoke to us.

“How are you enjoying the facilities of my humble castle ?. All comfortable I hope ?”

“What have you done with Snow White” I yelled, flying across the cell and grabbing at the Evil Queen through the bars.

She took an easy step back out of my reach and laughed.

“Oh my dear Red Riding Hood” she mocked, “She is right behind me and I am sure she will be just so happy to see you both again.”

I took a step back and shook my red hair to settle it, glaring at the smirking Evil Queen.

Somewhere back down the corridor we could hear someone else coming towards our cell. The gentle clip-clop of heels had a swaying rhythm to it and moments later Bo Peep was standing at the bars with me, her face pressed tightly against the cold steel as she tried to see who was coming down the corridor. Then we both took a pace back as the newcomer stepped into sight and stood beside the Evil Queen.

There was a sneer on those oh so familiar ruby red lips, and dark makeup accentuated her already famous blue eyes. There was no mistaking Snow White. But she had changed.

Gleaming black boots with teetering heels swept from the floor to her slender thighs, and taught loins were clasped by black leather hot pants. A matching black leather bustier thrust her breasts upwards to reveal an impressive cleavage of flawlessly pale white flesh. There were long leather gloves that stretched to above her elbows and a whip that matched the queen’s hung from her wrist. A harsh black collar that encircled the pale flesh of her neck completed the startling image. A gleaming silver tag with the word ‘Bitch’ on it dangled from that collar and moved gently back and forth with every movement she made.

Her new outfit creaked as she moved, and as she stood before us she never seemed to stop moving, her hips rolling gently to some rhythm only she could feel.

“What’s wrong my dears?” asked the Evil Queen with that damn smile still dancing about her lips “Have you nothing to say to your friend dear Snow White ?”

“What have you done to her?” gasped Bo Peep.

Snow White swayed over to the cell and lent close to Bo Peep’s horrified face. Leather clad fingers curled into Bo Peep’s hair and suddenly Snow White’s mouth was on hers, kissing her hard, her tongue diving between Bo Peeps lips to ravish her virgin mouth.

Bo Peep tried to pull back, but by the time Snow White released her she was flushed and bothered in a way she didn’t want to understand. And as she backed away from the smiling Snow White her hands flew to her throat as she felt something new. While her mouth had been occupied Snow White had slipped a heavy black collar about her throat. A leash from the collar ran to the new Snow White’s hand, and Snow White was smiling broadly.

The Evil Queen waved her hand in my direction and a magic lance of sparking light leapt towards me. I started to move back, maybe I should have moved to the side, but moments later in coiled about my neck and I could feel it sparkling about my flesh like an impossible case of pins and needles.

Moments later the sparks faded and I knew as my fingers crept up to my neck that I would find a collar there just like the one Bo Peep was wearing, and as my eyes followed the path of the spell they saw a long leash running from the gleaming ring on the front of my collar to the Evils Queen’s hand.

Without another word or movement the cell door swung slowly open and both leashes received a firm but insistent tug that urged us out into the hallway. For a fleeting moment I thought to attack the queen, to make a run for it, then I saw the large hairy warder standing by his desk. Then the fact I was deep inside the castle of the Evil Queen finally rose to the top of my brain and went meekly after Bo Peep to whatever fate awaited us.

We walked through what felt like miles of underground passageways at the end of those ever-taught leashes. And as my mind and my eyes wandered I felt a terrible desire as I watched Snow White’s undulating gait, her remarkably trim arse rocking back and forth in the grip of those wickedly tight leather hot pants, her heels clicking rhythmically on the cold grey flags. And with every pace I could hear the gentle creak of the Evil Queen’s catsuit and something rose up inside me. Something lusty, a terrible passionate itch I knew I couldn’t scratch, and I wondered it if poor virginal Bo Peep was feeling the same. I cast a glance sidelong and saw the glassy look to her eyes and I knew she was. Forcing my eyes back front I again found them staring at Snow White’s glorious arse again and I wondered where they were taking us.

A heavy iron banded door was flung open and the air was suddenly thick with the stench of sweat and the distant sounds of distress. We both held back for a fleeting moment and both were rewarded by harsh jerks on your leashes that dragged us forwards into the flickering torchlight of the vaulted room.

Alcoves and doors stretched away into the darkness to every point of the compass, and figures moved in the murk. Some freely moving about, others moving far less, their limbs restrained by leather, ropes and chains. A wail made Bo Peep flinch back, her leash pulling tight as she made an involuntary move back toward the door, A door that had already slammed closed behind us.

Snow White and the Evil Queen were laughing at her, and Snow White gave the leash a hard tug, dragging Bo Peep back into what light flickered in the room.

“What fun shall we have with her?” asked the Evil Queen “Magic or mechanical ?”

Snow White cocked her head on one side and pressed a fingertip against her chin in mock thought before smiling broadly and saying, “Mechanical I think”

“A good choice” said the Queen, and we were dragged towards an alcove filled with mechanism. The light glinted off it’s steel and rubber sinews, and Bo Peep started to whimper at the end of her leash.

The Evil Queen took a pace forwards, lifted the leash from Snow White’s hand and threw the end up into the air. It dropped back down amongst the gears of the machine and abruptly they sprang into life.

The leash had no doubt landed exactly where the Evil Queen intended it to and Bo Peep let out a scream as the machine started to slowly reel her in, pace by involuntary pace.

“No, No, please, no” she screamed, her feet skidding on the flags, her hands clutching and tugging at her leash as the machine slowly wound her into it’s mechanical embrace.

I started forwards to help her but the Evil Queen was ready for me. Faster than I had expected of a woman of her age she was behind me and her hands were on my wrists. I felt a sudden tension on my collar and before I knew it the leash was fast about my wrists, my arms twisted up across my back. The moment I relaxed my shoulders my arms hauled on my collar and bent my spine back, thrusting out my chest. Within minutes my shoulders were howling in protest, but all eyes were now on Bo Peep as she was pulled beneath the gleaming machine.

She whimpered as the leash pulled her up onto her tiptoes, then she let out a cry as steel arms moved slowly across and closed about her flailing ankles. She looked down in horror, and in the moment more arms grasped her wrists and hoisted her into the maw of the machine.

Wheels span and moved inexorably in towards her. Long leather flails with wickedly soft tips tore at her clothes, shredding them into the finest scraps before our very eyes. Moments later she hung naked and bare in the grip of the machine. Where the ends of the flails had lashed her body her milk white flesh had taken on a warm glow that bespoke of passions within aroused by the sudden rough handling of her helpless body.

She was crying out, pleading for our help as a forest of arms swung towards her. Whirling wheels bedecked with feathers danced across taught flesh mixing squeals of laughter with her screams of torment. Arms bearing rough bristled brushes danced towards her defenceless body dripping warm olive oil, scrubbing every inch of her pale flesh until it glowed still brighter and she was whimpering in frustration at the merciless stimulation.

For long minutes her arms and legs fought the grip of the mechanical arms, writhing in mid air in their embrace, but soon she hung limp and helpless in their grasp as the arms worked upon her.

I watched in silent amazement as I watched the rough brushes home in upon her erect nipples and flick across their very tips in a terrible co-ordinated fashion. As one flicked up and down, the other flicked left to right, repeating and swapping as I watched the terrible rhythm take it’s effect upon poor Be Peep.

A long whip slashed from within the machine and laid a bright red line across her tightly drawn arse, and as she let out a cry of frustrated torment an arm swung smoothly down and slipped something between her spread lips. Her eyes suddenly wide at this unexpected intruder, she let out a stifled wail as a balloon on the end of the arm abruptly inflated, blowing out her cheeks and pinning her tongue, rendering her all but silent as the machine did it’s terrible work.

Her flesh was glowing and I could see tears running down her cheeks as the final act of the play that was the machine began. Slowly and steadily, from beneath Bo Peeps widely spread legs a rough leather dido on a gently vibrating staff of gleaming steel shaft rose into view. It remained unseen by Bo Peep until it’s roughly stitched head pressed itself against her undefended womanhood.

I glanced at Snow White and saw her eyes wide with lust, her tongue whipping back and forth across her ruby red lips in a display of open passion. On my other side the Evil Queen watched calmly, a faint smile twisting her lips and a gleam in her eye. I could feel her hand holding on to the leash that had made my wrists it’s prisoner, and I felt myself tug against it in an automatic reflex action. She gave the leash a sharp tug as she felt me move and my shoulder howled at me in torment.

“Behave” she hissed, “Or you’ll be for the machine next. And I assure you dear, there are far worse machines than this one down here!”

Bo Peep let out a stifled wail as the intruder forced it’s way upwards ever upwards between her legs. Then, with a faint sound of mechanism it reached to top of it’s travel and started it’s way down again, still vibrating gently at what every woman present knew would be exactly the right frequency.

Right back down, then slowly back up again went that shaft. Every eye was on it, and for a fleeting moment every one of us present would have given all we possessed to swap places with poor helpless Bo Peep as the machine slowly ravished her until she screamed even through the confines of her gag. And as she finally hung exhausted and spent in the arms of the terrible machine, the shaft slowly returning from whence it came, I wondered what was next in store for me.

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