Trouble in Fairyland 4: Snow White Turned

by Cropsncuffs

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Chapter 4: Snow White Turned.

The Evil Queen rose from her throne with a creak of her leather catsuit and stalked around her captive. There was a sneer on her lips as she watched her captive’s head swivelling desperately in a vain attempt to keep her in view. Her whip cracked down and her captive gave a yelp and sprang forwards in her bonds as a red welt rose on the milky white flesh of her buttocks.

The evil queen threw back her head and let roar a deep laugh as she watched the captive squirm in her bonds in a desperate but ultimately futile attempt to free herself. There her captive knelt on all fours and there she was going to stay until the Evil Queen decided to let her up.

The Queen stalked back into her victims view and looked down at her. The pale skin of her captive contrasted sharply with her coal black hair, hair once immaculately styled now a sweat-soaked mass that rolled loose about her shoulders. The Evil Queen squatted on her haunches and placed the tip of her whip under her captive’s chin and lifted. Two tearful blue eyes met her twinkling green orbs and the Evil Queen smiled.

“Well my dear” she said softly “Look at you now. The fabled Snow White. Under my control forever”

Snow White felt fresh tears welling up in her eyes as the queen looked down at her. Her idyllic life in the forest brought to an abrupt end by the greed of the dwarves she had thought her friends. They had come for her late one night with leather harness in hand, trussed her roughly and delivered her into slavery for a reward. And now she was strapped helplessly down on her hands and knees before her nemesis.

The Evil Queen rose and resumed her pacing. Snow White remained tightly fastened down before her. Black leather straps had made prisoners of her wrists, ankles, thighs and forearms keeping her down on the flagstones, her shoulders aching and her legs spread enticingly wide.

“Well my dear” said the evil queen “have you nothing to say for yourself ?”

Her only reply was a creaking of leather straps and a faint mewling sound. The Evil Queen laughed out loud again as she watched Snow White’s pale face captive behind a web of leather straps that kept a huge ball gag tightly between her lips and rendered her all but silent. The straps pressed deeply into her pale flesh and no matter how much Snow White shook her head and pushed with her tongue she had no chance of freeing her ruby red lips and crying out for mercy.

“Well now” sneered the Evil Queen “What are we going to do with you ? Maybe I shall pass you back to Old Mother Hubbard after I have had my fun with you!” Snow White froze in her bondage.

“Ah, I see you recall that name,” said the queen, “Quite a little character isn’t she ? Finest purveyor of flesh in all the fairy realms. I am sure she will soon a find a fresh buyer for the likes of yourself.”

Snow White whimpered through her gag and looked pleadingly up at the evil queen.

“But first dear child,” said the queen, “I intend to have my fun with you. And fun I will be having have no fear!”

She snapped her fingers, a door opened and tall, rangy figures shambled in. There were five of them. All tall, hairy and ragged. The fabled beast men of the evil queen, instruments of her rule of terror over the kingdom. Down on the floor Snow White froze as they all shed their scraps of clothing and stood staring down at her.

“You see, my dear Snow White,” said the Evil Queen, “I have been breeding and magicing the genes of my babies for years now, yet no matter how hard I try I simply cannot remove one characteristic from them. Can you guess what that is ?”

Despite herself Snow White shook her head, and a lock of her sweat soaked hair dropped over one eye in a most enticing fashion.

The Evil Queen snapped out an order and a beast man dropped to their knees before Snow White, his eyes fixed on the floor. Then she strode behind Snow White and Snow White let out a squeal as she felt the Evil Queen’s fingertips softly caress her upturned womanhood, then she sobbed as she felt her treacherous body responding to the intimate caress and the delicate entry of two fingertips.

Chuckling, the Evil Queen appeared back in Snow White’s line of sight and waved her now damp finger under the nose of the beast man.

The effect was dramatic and immediate as he suddenly sprouted a mighty erection from beneath his furry coat. An inhumanly large erection that made Snow White’s eyes grow wide.

The Evil Queen snapped out an order and her beast man hauled himself to his feet, a wild look in his eyes and his massive erection bobbing horizontal from his loins. He lumbered around behind Snow White and her head lashed right and left as she tried to follow his progress and a terrible vision of her fate came to her.

The shaggy figure sank to his knees behind the helplessly tied Snow White and she let out a wail as she felt his wide hands take a firm grip on her hips. For a moment all Snow White could feel were those warm hands on her flesh and all she could hear was his breathing as the world seemed to hold it’s breath. Then she let out a scream as the very tip of his mighty manhood pressed against the entrance to her virgin body. For a brief moment he paused, then he thrust the whole length on his manhood into her in one long, smooth movement that made Snow White squeal.

The Evil Queen laughed long and hard as she watched the wild coupling of the rough beast and the fabled untouched Snow White.

As the hairy beast man bent over Snow White to have his pleasure with her he took on a strangely animal aspect and for a long moment it looked as if Snow White was being coupled with some strange four legged beast rather than one of the upright beast men.

Satiated, the beast man pulled himself free and crawled panting away into a corner. Her eyes never leaving her gasping captive the Evil Queen snapped out another order. Snow White tried to utter a plea but it was lost to the ball gag as a second beast man dropped to his knees behind her and the ravishing began again.

Some few minutes later a third beast man was called to service Snow White and a smile started to dance about the lips of the Evil Queen. Snow White’s milk white flesh glistened with the sweat of passion but the Evil Queen had noticed a change in her squeals. A subtle change that she knew could only have one meaning.

As beast man number three thrust his massive erection home Snow White let out a half-animal sound that was as much a snarl as a squeal and a delicate flush crept over her pale flesh. It was a sound the Evil Queen knew only too well.

As the next beast man moved swiftly forwards Snow White was looking back over her shoulder with a snarl writhing across her lips where they were wrapped tight about her ball gag. She shook her arse at the approaching beast man, desperately enticing him to grab her hips harder and tighter before he plunged into her.

“Yes,” gasped the Evil Queen, “The bitch likes it rough!”

As the last of the beast men lumbered forwards Snow White was already shaking her hips at the beast and making encouraging noises from behind her gag as he approached.

The Queen was laughing as she watched the beast man grab Snow White’s hips tightly, then slap both buttocks so hard his big hand left a glowing red palm print upon the pale flesh. Snow White let out a growl of perverted pleasure then snarled again as a manhood that was large even by beast man standards slipped smoothly into her and as the Evil Queen watched Snow White rode it for all she was worth until she was screaming with a terrible passion that made even the Queen gasp.

When she finally came the noise was something to behold even with the gag in place, and the beast men shrank away from the orgasmic beast that was Snow White in her bondage.

The Evil Queen knelt down before Snow White and lifted her chin with her fingers. Snow White’s big blue eyes were wide and dilated, her whole body soaked with sweat and she was panting hard.

“Welcome to my world” she said softly.

+ + + + + +

The Evil Queen rolled over in her vast bed and purred appreciatively at her companion. Lightly spreadeagled by magic silken threads Snow White lay naked in the centre of the bed. Her milky white flesh so flawless and perfect it made the Queen lustful and passionate beyond her usual deep desires.

Rising herself up on one elbow the Queen leaned over Snow White and planted a kiss on her lips. Snow White’s eyes flickered open and she tugged half-heartedly at her bonds.

“Please your Highness,” Snow White’s voice was little more than a whisper, “Throw me to your Beast Men.”

The Queen chuckled and run her fingers around Snow White’s warm cheek before caressing her lips with the very tips of two fingers. Snow White parted her lips and allowed the fingertips entry before sucking at them hungrily. The Queen slipped them out and back for a few moments, revelling in the feeling of Snow White’s tongue writhing about them.

As the Evil Queen slowly withdrew her fingers she uttered a soft magic word and Snow White let out a wail as her silken bonds pulled swiftly taught and she was spreadeagled tight on the soft covers.

Leaving a trail of moisture behind them the Evil Queen’s fingers trailed down across Snow White’s chest, cupped one of her pert breasts and then settled their tips on a swiftly rising nipple.

Lubricated by Snow White’s own saliva the slippery caress of the Evil Queen’s fingers made her moan softly as she arched her back. Chuckling, the Evil Queen bent her head and assaulted the other nipple with her tongue until Snow White was whimpering with frustration.

“My dear Snow White,” said the Evil Queen softly, “The pleasures of a wild Beast Man are all very well but I assure you the cellars and dungeons of this castle hold things that would make your mind spin with delight”. Snow White as suddenly still, her every fibre focussed on what she was being told.

“Oh yes,” said the Queen gently, as if educating a child, “Animal, vegetable and mechanical, there are things down there that can destroy a persons mind with sheer pleasure.”

“Please your Highness,” Snow White’s voice was barely audible, “Will you show me your cellars?”

“Oh I can do better than that my dear Slut White,” whispered the Queen, “I will you let you explore them yourself”

The Evil Queen placed an index fingertip on Snow White’s mouth and as the lips parted again she uttered a magic word and Snow White’s eyes sprang wide as something magical burst from the tip of the finger. She gurgled helplessly as the magic gag swiftly swelled, pinning her tongue down and bulging out her cheeks.

Laughing at Snow White’s sudden distress as she thrashed at the tight silken bonds the Evil Queen rolled down the bed and as Snow White looked down her pinioned body she watched as the smiling Evil Queen dipped between her legs.

The squeal she made as the Evil Queen’s agile tongue found her tenderest spot burst loud through the magic gag.

“It is time you learned there are other pleasures than the delights of a beast man’s huge cock dear Slut White,” whispered the Evil Queen as she briefly raised her head from her intimate tormenting, “Far more pleasures”

As the sun set over the castle of the Evil Queen of Fairyland the only sounds to be heard in the Evil Queen’s bedchamber were the heavy breathing and the gentle whimpering of the thoroughly gagged and spread-eagled Snow White.

And somewhere in a dungeon her friends waited and worried about her.

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