Trouble in Fairyland 2: Capture

by Cropsncuffs

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M+/f; wolves; captive; bond; rope; net; susp; cage; oral; climax; reluct/nc; X

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Chapter 2: Capture.

I sprinted away from Old Mother Hubbard’s place as fast as my legs would carry me. I had to get out of Fairyland fast if I didn’t want to end up like Snow White. Thrown into bondage and sold into slavery by her so called friends the dwarves. The question was, where should I go ?

Just to the North was the border into reality, but that was well guarded and hard to get through so I couldn’t go that way. To the East was Fuzzy Romance which turned my stomach but looked like my best hope. The Border to the West was largely unguarded, but no-one was quite sure what lay beyond and I am in no rush to go exploring. So, East it had to be.

I skirted a couple of villages on my way back to my little cottage and I was making my way through the wood near the main road when I heard a wild mixture of bleating and laughter. My curiosity got the better of me and I crept to the edge of the road and had my worse fears confirmed.

A crudely built but still effective tumbrel was making its way slowly down the road pulled by half a dozen harnessed sheep. A number of dark skinned but brightly clad figures capered around the cart laughing wildly at their victim’s predicament.

The cage on the back of the cart was constructed from hastily trimmed branches and it contained only one person. Still clad in her pretty white dress with its short, wildly flared skirt and virginal white stockings was the lovely Bo Peep. Her sweet shepherding hat with the pink ribbons was gone allowing her pale blonde ringlets to flow about her pretty face. But otherwise her dignity appeared intact even down to her white shoes.

Nonetheless both her and at least part of her flock were captives of the Golliwogs. She was clutching the bars of her cage and I could see the tears running down her face. She was tugging desperately at the wooden shafts that held her prisoner but what Golliwog construction lacked in subtlety it more than made up for in brute strength.

As they passed people on the road Bo Peep cried out for their help, reaching out through the bars of the cage in desperation, but people turned away from her.

As they rattled past I turned my own face away and sprinted away into the woods. If they had taken Bo Peep as well I had to be getting out of the neighbourhood sooner rather than later.

I made good time on my way back to my cottage, and as soon as I got inside I bolted the door and started making my plans. I looked about my lovely little cottage and thought fast. My property would be safe enough, and I could always send my woodcutter friend to collect my personal items once I was safely away. I just knew he would enjoy visiting me in Fuzzy Romance with all the perks a place like that offered.

I walked into the bedroom and looked at myself in the full-length mirror. The closeness of the border with reality meant my look was partially influenced by the thoughts of ‘real’ people, and it showed.

My red gingham dress was tiny and flared wildly over a lacy white petticoat. There was a tiny white lace apron about my waist and lace-topped white stockings clad my lovely long legs up to just below that daring hemline. The neckline swooped low over my breasts, which suited me just fine as they were good breasts, as my woodcutter friend never tired of telling me. And of course there was a cape of glowing red satin, complete with a hood. Yep, that’s right folks. Just in case you hadn’t already figured it out, I’m Red Riding Hood. I used to be Little, but I grew up and out in all sorts of fun places that just would not look right in your average Fairy story book.

I tipped my head onto one side and watched my long red hair fall one way then the other. I’ve been wearing it in bunches for years and I like the look. And so do all the right friends I want to impress. It’s that nice vivid red colour that squirrels would love to have, and I could see I still had the right little spread of freckles that used to drive at least one woodcutter quite wild.

I was about to change my clothes when I heard a baying in the distance that told me I had to get moving now. I was out the back door in the trice and running for the woods just as fast as I could.

I made the trees and chanced a glace back over my shoulders, and what I saw froze my soul. I knew they would be coming for me as soon as word of Old Mother Hubbard’s reward got out, but I had thought they would have taken longer to get organised. Bursting through the trees came Big Bad Wolf and his friends. And they looked way too happy being in on the chase with me as their quarry.

I ran on as fast as I could manage. The high heels didn’t slow me down as I leapt over tree roots and boulders. I’d seen the occasional human stagger in silly little heels, but I guess as a fairyland native they just didn’t bother me.

I could hear the baying getting closer and I considered going to ground. But where ? This was virgin Fairyland woodland and there were no hiding places that I knew of. I briefly considered heading for the three little pigs place, but my thoughts were interrupted by the crack of a whip in the distance.

I ducked instinctively and nearly stumbled. I heard a laugh from somewhere way too close behind me for comfort and dived away to one side as that whip cracked again. It cracked again to my left and I desperately jinked my body away from that sound again as I heard the pounding of footsteps coming up close behind me.

I paused at the edge of a clearing and for a moment I thought I had shaken them off, then I heard something moving away to my right. I was diving across that clearing when my world suddenly changed. The grass leapt up to greet me, then passed me by and rose over my head as I felt myself pitching forwards.

It took me a fraction of a second to realise that I was falling into a pit, and moments later I was lying full-length on a silken net. I desperately hauled myself up onto my knees and yelped as one leg shot through one of the holes in the net and I felt the knots move and the hole closing tightly about my thigh. I fought for leverage to haul my leg free, balancing my other limbs on the slender white threads. I grasped two threads in my hands and pulled for all I was worth. I thought I felt my leg starting to move when I lost my grip and one of my arms slipped between the slippery strands. The mesh closed quickly about it and part of me knew I was lost. I tried to pull myself upright again, but with opposite limbs held fast it was only a matter of moments before my last slender, stocking-clad leg slipped though that net and was soon clasped tightly by those evil threads.

With my last free hand I acted more from desperation than from rational thought. I reached through the net and tried to free my other hand by working at the treacherous knots from underneath. I had one of the knots in my fingers and thought my plan might work when the net shifted under me and I felt the soft threads closing gently but firmly about both my wrist and arm and there was no going back for me. I felt the tears start to come as I heard footsteps up on the edge of the pit and I allowed my head to dip in defeat. That was my final mistake.

As my head gently came to rest on the net the strands seemed to gently part and before I could react they closed tightly about my head from every direction until I was fastened tightly to the net. I opened my mouth to scream and one of those terrible strands slipped between my lips and pulled itself tight. My tears and saliva made it swell into a crude but effective gag and my protests were no more. Red Riding Hood was as helpless a captive as Snow White and Bo Peep.

I felt my pinned body start to shift, and seconds later I was being hauled back up out of the pit. As my head rose up into view I saw the pit was surrounded by Fairyland wolves. Muscular upright figures covered in thick grey fur and clad in workmanlike clothes that would not have looked out of place during the reign of Victoria in the ‘real’ world. And standing before me was my old Nemesis and one-time lover, Big Bad himself. He was smiling. And when you had a many teeth as a Wolf, you knew how to smile.

“Hi Red” he purred “long time no see”

They were good at what they did. Every Wolf kept his thread attached to the net pulled tight so I was kept quite helpless. They lifted the net over the solid ground and I felt the threads begin to slacken. I tensed for flight, but strong hands grasped every limb and I was suddenly airborne.

Strong hands found my wrists and ankles and I felt them tying ropes tightly about them. I lifted my head and through the tears I could see the fate they had in store for me. Two of the largest wolves I had ever seen were hauling on ropes attached to the tops of two slender saplings, bending them downwards.

I shook my head is disbelief and cried out for mercy, but I knew there was no hope for me. I had known Big Bad Wolf for many years and his passion for perversion and bondage was only outpaced by his mighty libido.

I was suddenly upright and eager hands were making the ropes attached to my wrists and ankles fast to opposite trees. There was a mighty cheering as the final rope was tied off and all the wolves stood back. I threw myself against the ropes as I stood loosely spread-eagled, desperate to get loose before the inevitable happened but neither hand could reach any of the knots. Then Big Bad himself was standing before me.

He lent forwards and cupped my chin in a muscular hand. He tipped my chin up and smiled, licking his lips. He kissed me hard, and I felt his long tongue dancing around my mouth and before I could stop myself my own tongue answered him. Then, as abruptly as he had come to me, he stepped back and nodded to his friends, and they released the ropes.

The two saplings snapped back upright and I was jerked roughly off my feet. For a moment I thought my limbs had been jerked out of their sockets, then I found I was strung up between those two whippy saplings. I had been pulled clear of the ground and hung tightly spread between them as helpless as the day I was born.

There was laughter and cheering from the pack as I hung there, trapped and stretched as surely as a fly in a spider web. I took in gestures amongst them, then let out a squeal as a long Wolfie tongue dived up between my legs and despite myself my body responded to it’s deep, intimate caress. My squeal was doubled when a second slithered into me from behind and I could see my nipples rising hard against the thin fabric of my top.

Big Bad was laughing. He had known me every which way past and he knew how to push every one of my sexual buttons. And had done so many times to my utter delight.

My orgasmic screams echoed around that glade for a goodly time, and I was flushed and soaked with sweat when hairy hands let me down from that terrible bondage. My limbs ached, my body felt as if it had been wrung out where those tongues had had their wicked way with me.

I fell to my knees and I felt Big Bad himself behind me, his fur pressed tight against the back of my thighs. I thought I knew what was going to come next and the whore in me thrust my arse back hard against his massive erection. Big hands grasped my shoulders and pulled me back tighter against him and I felt my head drop in mock submission to him as I knew what that look did for him. It looked as it I had been wrong and Good old Big Bad only wanted some fun and nothing more. For a moment I was relieved and spread my thighs slightly to welcome his massive erection in.

I felt his long fingers about my face and suddenly there were leather straps unfolding about my face and a wide leather bit was being pressed between my lips. I felt myself smile against the bit. So, he wanted to play games did he ? Well, it was not as if we had not played them before and I thrust my haunches back against him even harder to drive him wild.

Then more straps were unfolding about my body and I let out an inarticulate yowl as my face was thrust into the grass and I felt straps after strap being fastened tight about me. Suddenly I was upright and standing in the middle of a group of wolves. My head was tightly bridled, a harness was tight about my body and my wrists cuffed tightly into the small of my back, bending my spine and making my blouse strain dangerously under the pressure of my breasts. There were cuffs about my ankles, and the leash from my bridle led to the hand of Big Bad himself. And they were all smiling.

I was looking desperately from one to another wondering what was going to happen next when I heard a faint, rhythmic creaking sound that turned my blood to ice. I looked over their shoulders and I saw Bo Peep’s tumbrel being hauled into the clearing.

When the Golliwogs saw me in my bondage they let out a ragged cheer, and I saw they had already restrained poor Bo Peep in a similar web of leather straps and she now dangled from the roof of her tumbrel. Her arms upraised and pulled so tight she balanced on her tiptoes, swaying and crying with every lurch of that crude cart. And from the roof facing poor Bo Peep hung another set of matching leather cuffs that could only be destined for my wrists. I was lost, and who knew what my future held.

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