Trixie or the WG

by T.A.Friedet

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© Copyright 2016 - T.A.Friedet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; bond; chastity; buttplug; cuffs; chain; naked; piercing; public; exhib; collar; strip; latex; shop; sweat; forniphilia; enclosed; transported; whip; blindfold; gag; rope; urine; cons; XX

Info: This is a translation of a story I wrote in 2016. I used a software for this translation. My English is not good enough to correct probable errors. Please excuse.

A „WG“ is a group of people sharing a house or a flat. The expression can be used for the group, or for the place. My story is located in Germany, so please accept local issues.

Part 1

Chapter 1: Getting to know each other

A week after her birthday, Trixie would finally put this nightmare behind her. A few years ago, she had fallen in love with Miroslav, a Serbian. He was constantly in need of money, and Trixie had manipulated invoices at her company, where she was responsible for data processing, and thus embezzled a lot of money. When the whole thing was discovered, Miroslav disappeared to Serbia and was never heard from again. Trixie was left to pick up the pieces. The receipt was three years in prison. She would be released next Monday, and she had no greater desire than to leave her past, and especially prison, far behind.

But at the same time, she was unsure of what to do next. She had no apartment, no job, and no one to turn to. Her parents had passed away years ago and she had been an only child. She had talked to Gaby about the problem. Gaby was a fellow inmate and if you could even talk about a friend in prison, that applied to Gaby.

The day before her release, Gaby came to Trixie and told her, "Listen Trixie, I talked to my sister Beate. We've already talked about you many times in the past years because you were my only friend here. I told her that you were a little scared when you came out here. She lives in Cologne and has offered to let you stay with her for a while."

Trixie was amazed. "That was sweet of you. But you shouldn't have done that. You know I'm from Frankfurt here. I don't know anyone in Cologne. I don't want to be a burden to anyone and, as much as I like you, you know that I definitely don't want to go back to prison."

"You're not a burden to anyone. And Beate is a real sweetheart. Is always law-abiding. She's a nurse and works at the university hospital in Cologne. You don't need to have any concerns. Really not!"

The next morning, a Monday, Trixie was released from the prison at 9:00 am. As she stood in front of the institution with her suitcase, she looked around and enjoyed her regained freedom. Suddenly, a young woman approached her. She was blond, had short, tousled hair, blue eyes, and wore a yellow, sleeveless T-shirt, washed-out, extremely short jean shorts with the edge of her bottom sticking out, and her feet were apparently without socks in simple, worn sneakers. "Are you Trixie?" she asked, "I'm Beate."

"Oh, hello, nice to meet you. Are you here to visit Gaby?"

"I visited Gaby last week. Today I'm here for you. Gaby told me you were being discharged today. She also told me that you would probably be shy about calling me or just coming to Cologne. I figured it would be easier if I picked you up here."

Trixie blushed. "That's very sweet of you, but Gaby was right. I don't want to be a burden to anyone. You don't even know me."

"That's about what I had in mind. Don't be so stubborn. I'll make you a suggestion: you come with me for now and we'll talk on the drive to Cologne. You can sleep with me tonight and then we'll see. If you want to go, that's OK. I'll buy you a train ticket to a place of your choice."

Without waiting for an answer, she grabbed Trixie's suitcase and went to her car. She opened the trunk and put the suitcase inside. There was nothing left for Trixie to do but follow her at the moment. Beate got into the car, leaned over to the passenger side and opened the door. Still hesitant, Trixie got in. Beate started the car and pulled out of the parking lot and onto the road.

"I'm about to get on the freeway, but we have to get gas first." She followed the road until a gas station appeared on the right. There, she pulled up to a gas pump, got out and filled up the car. Then she went inside the gas station to pay and returned to the car a few minutes later with two mugs of coffee. She handed the two coffee mugs to Trixie through the open passenger window and asked her to hold them for a moment. She got back into the car and drove back onto the main road, which after a few miles led to the highway. In between, she kept reaching for her cup, taking a sip, and handing it back to Trixie to hold. When they finally got to the highway, Trixie asked what it all meant.

"Well, it's not that easy to explain," Beate said. "I don't want you to get anything wrong now. Can we agree that you let me finish first, like 10, 15 minutes and then you can ask your questions. Is that OK?"

Trixie nodded silently and looked over at Beate.

"Gaby and I are sisters, as you know, but we haven't had that much contact with each other in the last few years before she went to prison. Especially in the last four years, since she's been here, we've only had contact once a month when I've visited her. And in that time, a lot has changed in my own life. I have made new friends who are very important to me. We live a life that is probably hard for most people to understand. We have common preferences, common views, and, to put it bluntly, we don't give a shit about other people's opinions. Especially the mendacious morals and views, concerning sex, we just find to vomit. We now live four in a WG, all women, and this WG should also grow a little. Space is available in sufficient measure.

“What connects us most is our preference for sex, especially fetish and BDSM. BDSM is the abbreviation for Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. The four of us all tend toward submission and masochism, but also possess a bit of dominance. Some people would call us switches. We are bisexual, but have all had bad experiences with men over the years. I know from Gaby's stories that you also fell for a man, and you probably had some lesbian experiences in prison, though perhaps not by choice. Our WG has set a few strict rules. Everything we do is legal, no crimes are allowed, except maybe causing a public nuisance or something like that.

“We love sex, and especially the rougher paces. And they can be very rough. The rougher the better. We decided to live out our needs to the fullest.

“Based on my conversations with Gaby and her stories about you, I think the whole thing might suit you. I have discussed this with the others and that is why we want to get to know you and give you the same opportunity to get to know us. But in any case, it is important that there be absolute silence about anything you see or hear or tell us. Not a word to anyone.

“If you are interested in joining our WG, and if we think you would be a good fit, we will make you an offer. At the moment we would like you to stay with us for one or two weeks. At the end of the next week you should tell us your decision and we will also tell you our decision. Until then, you just have to look around and let all the impressions affect you. You are completely free during this time and you can do whatever you want. You are not involved in our routines, but if you want you can take part in them.

“For the time you stay with us you will get an allowance. When we are in Cologne, I will give you 1000 € with which you can do what you want. We know that you didn't get much money as release money, but you should enjoy your time with us and that includes some pocket money. If you want to go out on the town or to the disco, you can do that anytime."

"Whew," Trixie countered. "Well, that's a doozy. I'll have to let that sink in. What can you tell me about the other WG members?"

"You'll meet them all later today. But I can already give you some information. You already know me, at least a little bit. I'm 28, a nurse and work at the university hospital in cardiology. As a nurse, I have to work shifts, of course. But our department is well staffed because our professor thinks that overworked doctors and nurses make mistakes, and we can't afford mistakes.

“Then there is Antje. She's been my best friend since we met a few years ago. She is immensely wealthy, owning several houses, entire industrial enterprises, a hotel, and much else. But her main occupation is her store where she sells fetish stuff. She contributes the most to our budget. But that doesn't mean that she is treated any differently than the rest of us, either better or worse. She doesn't open the store until 11 in the morning and the rest of us help out here sometimes when we have time. It's pretty fun, I'm sure you'll catch that sometime. She has a great sense of humor and she loves to work hard, especially naked and in chains. We're the same age, by the way.

“Then Karin. She is 27, Antje's employee and she works in the store. She mainly makes garments and leather accessories. But for demonstrations or other purposes she also likes to serve as a model. For us she makes all kinds of sharp things, but you'll see those too.

“And last but not least Siggi. Siggi is like you 29, a carpenter who also knows a lot about metalworking. She's always tanned and, when she has time, likes to lie in the sun or on the tanning bed."

"So how did you guys get together?" Trixie asked.

"It was quite crazy, especially in the beginning. I got lost once in Cologne and somehow I suddenly found myself in front of Antje's store. There was a doll in a pony dress in the shop window at the time. I thought that was strange and became curious. Anyway, I went into the store and looked around. Antje then served me, although I told her that I just wanted to look around. We were immediately sympathetic to each other. Some of the things that were on display in the store were still quite unknown to me, but others I already knew as a nurse. I told her that I found the pony dress interesting. She immediately offered to try it on. At first I didn't want to, but then she said she would lock the store so no one would see me in the dress. She called Karin and together the two of them put me in the pony dress. You wouldn't believe how embarrassed I was when I realized that I was so horny that I had totally messed up the crotch of the dress. But Antje just laughed. She told me that she also sometimes puts on such a dress, but that it is difficult to find a place where she can do that in the forest or in a field undisturbed. I then told her about a piece of my parents' property that was about 30 km from Cologne and had a forest with a large clearing. The whole area was fenced, so no one could disturb you there. Well, we tried that immediately the next weekend, two, three times. Two years ago she bought another area, which is not so far away and where we have played from time to time since then.

A few months later she told me that one of her tenants had given notice. We were in a bar at the time and had been drinking quite a bit. Somehow I came up with the idea of the WG. Antje was immediately enthusiastic about it, but when I was sober again the next morning, I wondered what I had been thinking. It turned out that it was a whole floor that had become vacant. The top floor in a 6-story office building that had previously been used for storage. The two floors below were also used as storage for the other tenants. This is still the case today. The tenants are lawyers and tax consultants with tons of files. But they are only there during the week, not on weekends or evenings. At least as far as the storage rooms are concerned. So nobody can hear what is going on in the WG. We have the whole floor to ourselves, even though not everything has been finished yet. We also have the attic at our disposal. Sometimes we play there, too, because it's wonderfully dusty. Sweat and this dirty dust are just great. When we started with the extension, Antje looked for a carpenter and found Siggi by chance. The floor was originally one huge room and Siggi built various rooms in the front area. But we can always expand it. Antje was so pleased with Siggi's work that she commissioned a few other things from her. Siggi took all the orders and of course realized what she was putting together. She then offered Antje to pay only for the materials and Siggi would work for free. In return, however, she wanted a room in the WG."

"You said that Antje contributes most to your budget. How do you do that?"

"It's very simple. Each of us gives half of her salary or half of what she earns in the business into the cash register. Everything is then paid for from that. Because the house belongs to Antje, we don't have to pay rent."

"You know that I am currently unemployed. And when that will change, I can't say yet either. It's not easy to find a job, and with my history, it's going to be even harder."

"Don't worry about that for once,” Beate reassured Trixie. “Money isn't really important to us, and we'll find you a new job too. First of all, it's much more important whether you fit in with us and we with you."

"You were talking about some routines earlier. What's that all about?" Trixie asked.

"We've come up with a rhythm. Every week a different one of us is the mistress and the rest of us are the slaves. The mistress is completely free to determine what gets done. But every slave can refuse anything without further justification, because she doesn't like it or because she is afraid. She will not be made to do anything. But during the week the mistress can make any conditions for each slave. This week it is Antje's turn. Karin, Siggi and I have to fulfill different conditions during the week. Antje has also determined what I will wear today."

"What do you mean by what you're wearing today?"

"You see, very skimpy jean shorts with the butt already showing out, bare legs, the sleeveless T-shirt that allows the side view. Plus the simple shoes, and a plug in the butt. No stockings, no bra, no panties. As sexy as possible and no more than absolutely necessary. I'm already glad I don't have to take off my shorts while driving."

"No underwear?" Trixie asked.

"We all almost never have underwear on. Only when I'm working do I have to wear something underneath because it would show through the thin white clothes I have to wear as a nurse if I didn't have anything on underneath."

"And you have a plug in your butt now? Doesn't that hurt?"

"Just a matter of getting used to it. I can barely feel it when I'm sitting down. Do you want to see it," Beate asked.

Without waiting for an answer, she pulled the car into a parking lot that had just appeared just ahead of them. Beate turned off the car, and motioned for Trixie to follow her. They walked together through the bushes for about 50 yards. Then Beate stopped and pushed her shorts down. She turned around, bent over and pulled her buttocks apart with her hands. Trixie saw an emerald green glass stone on Beate's butt hole. She also saw that Beate's labia were pulled down by three locks.

Trixie approached Beate about the locks. It was clear that Beate's labia were pierced. "Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the locks. They'll probably stay on all week, knowing Antje. If I can't satisfy myself all week, I'll be all the hotter on the weekend." Beate got dressed again and they went back to the car.

After about two hours, they arrived in Cologne. Beate drove onto the Ring and finally pulled into the underground parking garage at a house. Trixie was amazed that Beate drove all the way to the third sub-floor, where she stopped short in front of a closed roll-up door. She pressed a remote control and the rolling gate opened. There were several cars parked in the area behind the roll-up door. Beate parked, closed the rolling gate again with the remote control and got out. Trixie followed her. They got Trixie's suitcase out of the trunk and then walked to an elevator. Next to the elevator was another door to the stairwell. When they entered the elevator, Trixie saw that there were only three buttons installed and that the other floors were only displayed. Beate briefly held her arm to the elevator controls, then pressed the top button. Trixie did not understand why Beate had held her arm to the elevator controls. Beate noticed Trixie's look and explained to her that they had all had a transponder implanted in their forearm that allowed them to open the locks.

Once upstairs, they entered a short hallway at the end of which was an apartment door. Again Beate held her arm to a sensor and the door opened. They entered a large hallway from which several doors led to other rooms and from which a corridor led off on one narrow side.

"I'll show you to your room first," Beate explained. Trixie followed her down the hall. On either side of the hallway were a couple of doors. At the third door on the left, Beate stopped briefly and opened the door. Then she went into the room with Trixie. The room was about 5 feet by 5 feet and had a large window on one side. The shutter was lowered a bit. In the room were a bed, two closets, a dresser, and a small seating area. Opposite the seating area, a large flat-screen TV hung on the wall. The bed was neatly covered, on the table of the seating group was a vase with a colorful bouquet of flowers and even a bowl of pastries stood next to it. On the bedside table was a bottle of water plus a glass, next to it a radio alarm clock and a pack of Kleenex wipes.

"You can put your things in the left closet. There's bedding in the dresser. You'll get the key for the second closet, of course. I'll explain it to you later. The bathroom is here," pointing to a door on the right wall. "You share the bathroom with Siggi. You probably want to freshen up a bit first. When you're done, please come to the front of the living room. That's the door in the hallway just across the hall."

Trixie went into the bathroom and used the toilet. In addition to the toilet, the bathroom had a bidet, a large bathtub, a very large shower, and a double vanity. On the shelf above the double vanity was shaving stuff and a simple soap. On the right side of the shelf was a jar with a toothbrush and toothpaste. On the other side were the same things, but hygienically wrapped in plastic. Next to the sink, a couple of towels hung on each side. There were bath towels hanging from a towel rack. It struck Trixie that there were no cosmetics anywhere to be seen. There were also only plain soaps by the bathtub and in the shower. She went back into the room and put her things in the closet. It was then at most a third full because she didn't have that many things.

Trixie then left the room and went, as she had been asked, to the living room. There she met Beate, but she was now completely naked. She was wearing handcuffs and a neck iron. Her feet were also bound with iron and chains. A chain ran from the neck iron to her feet and through the center ring of the handcuffs. Trixie admired Beate's firm, semi-circular breasts. She also noticed piercing rods at the base of her nipples.

"Are you hungry?" Beate asked. Apparently, being naked and tied up was quite normal for her. When Trixie answered in the affirmative, Beate stood up and also motioned for Trixie to follow her into the kitchen. The kitchen was very big, there was a table with six chairs at the side. Trixie saw that the kitchen lacked nothing. Beate took a ready meal out of the icebox and put it in the microwave. After it was heated, she arranged the food on a plate.

"Please don't be disappointed that there is only one ready meal. It's one from Holland for that, they're better than the stuff you get here." Trixie tasted the food and declared that it was indeed much better than the food she had been getting in prison for the past few years. She asked Beate if she wanted to eat some, too. Beate then explained that Antje had not provided anything for her.

After Trixie had eaten, Beate put the dishes in the dishwasher and they went back into the living room. The living room was also very spacious. There was a large seating area with a round table. Opposite the seating area was a huge television set and next to it was an elaborate stereo system. Apparently, money was no object. What amazed Trixie the most, however, were three iron cages like those used for dogs when they are transported in cars. When Beate noticed Trixie's puzzled look, she explained that female slaves were often locked up there. Trixie looked at the clock, it was now a little after 4:00 pm.

Beate said that she needed to exercise a bit. Trixie was welcome to stay in the living room and read or watch some TV, or she could come with her to the gym.

"I'd love to come with you," she announced, "I'll wait here, I'm sure you'll take off your chains and get dressed first?"

Beate just laughed, "No, we have our own gym here." She took Trixie to a room further down the hall. When she opened it, Trixie saw several pieces of fitness equipment there. These included a treadmill, two ergometer bikes, a rowing machine and several wall bars. "Antje told me to row for an hour," Beate explained. "She wants me to really work up a sweat. And before you ask, I'm not allowed to shower afterwards. But that's not unusual for us. It's one of the many fetishes we have. Does that bother you?"

"It's a little unusual, but I readily admit that a wet sweaty female body can be very attractive."

Beate sat down on the rowing machine after setting a timer for 65 minutes. "I can't cheat, so I'll set your watch for 5 minutes longer," Beate explained. Then she immediately started rowing hard. After a few minutes, she also began to sweat. Her breasts swayed to the beat and a few drops of sweat collected on the underside of her breasts before continuing down her flat stomach. Meanwhile, Trixie sat down on one of the ergometers and began to pedal away. When the timer rang after 65 minutes, Beate stopped rowing. She was soaking wet with sweat and had to sit down on a stool first. Trixie had stopped earlier and sat on a stool as well, watching Beate do her physical exercises.

Suddenly the door opened and a woman entered the room. She was a little taller than Trixie and had black short hair. Beate saw her and said "Trixie this is Siggi. Siggi, may I introduce you to Trixie?"

"Hello Trixie," said Siggi. "Nice to have you here. I've been working all day in the carpenter's shop and would like to take a shower now. But Antje only allowed me to do that if you shower together with me. I know that invades your privacy, and if you don't like it, that's okay too. But then I'm not allowed to shower."

Trixie was a bit taken aback, but then she agreed and they went together to Trixie's room and from there to the bathroom. They both undressed there and when they were naked, Trixie saw that Siggi's labia also had locks on them. She also had rings in her nipples and on her clit. Even while undressing, Trixie had noticed that Siggi was not wearing any underwear either. Together they entered the large shower and Siggi turned on the water.

"May I soap you up?" Siggi asked. Trixie was taken aback but she agreed. Immediately Siggi began to soap her from top to bottom. She took special care of Trixie's pubic area and her small breasts. After that she handed Trixie the soap. "Now it's your turn," she said. Trixie also soaped Siggi now. She enjoyed kneading Siggi's breasts. They were quite small but still bigger than Trixie's own and sagged a bit. Then she asked Siggi if she could take a closer look at the locks on her labia. Siggi didn't mind and Trixie knelt down and felt the locks on her labia. She playfully pulled on them, which Siggi acknowledged with a pleasant grunt.

"Crazy," was all Trixie could say to that. Afterwards, they washed off the soap, exited the shower, and dried each other off. Then they both went to their respective rooms. Trixie got dressed again and then went into the living room. A little later, Siggi also came into the living room. It didn't surprise Trixie that Siggi was also naked this time. But with her only the feet were tied, instead she dragged a heavy iron ball behind her on a chain.

Beate joined them and they watched some TV together. Shortly after 7:00 p.m., Trixie heard the apartment door open and shortly thereafter Antje and Karin came into the living room. Antje was wearing a normal outfit, jeans and a white T-shirt. Trixie saw that Antje was obviously not wearing a bra and her breasts were very clearly visible under the fabric. But she was much more amazed by Karin's outfit.

Karin was wearing a kind of metal bikini. Two stainless steel hemispheres covered her breasts, the panties, if you could call them that, were also made of stainless steel. Antje called the part a chastity belt. It was very narrow and had numerous holes. Pubic hair peeked out through holes in the front of the panties and on the sides. Her arms were in handcuffs and were attached to the right and left sides of the waist part of the chastity belt. Chains were also attached to the hip portion of the panties on both sides, running down to stainless steel bands that Karin wore around her thighs above her knees. Another chain, actually only three links, connected the stainless steel bands. This allowed Karin to take only very short steps and not spread her legs apart. In addition, she was barefoot but she wore even heavier leg irons than Siggi and these were also connected with a short chain that allowed only small steps. Around her neck she wore a heavy neck iron and in her mouth she had an iron horse bridle, which was pulled back very tightly by a strap.

"Hello," said Beate, "how was your day?"

"Same as always, actually," Antje replied. "The customers have lots of special requests and Karin has a lot to do. Most of the customers find it very stimulating to see Karin dressed as she is now, but with her hands in chains and not tied to the chastity belt surveying them. Some of the men would like to touch you on the breasts or on the pubic, but they can't. The only thing they can touch is her bottom."

"Are you saying that Karin was in the store like this and people saw her like this?" Trixie asked in amazement.

"Of course she did. You wouldn't believe how that helps with sales."

"Doesn't that bother you Karin?" asked Trixie. Karin answered something, but it was unintelligible because of the bridle.

"I'm going to take Karin's bridle out of her mouth tonight so she can join in the conversation," Antje announced. Then she took the bridle out of Karin's mouth. Karin had to loosen her mouth and jaw first, then she said "that's part of the job."

"Why did you get involved in something like that?" asked Trixie.

"Now you've got it wrong," Karin replied. "I was the one who insisted on being paraded around like that."

Then Beate spoke up. She explained that she had the night shift that day and the next and that she still had to shower and get ready for duty. Antje saw this and unlocked Beate's chains and sent her to the bathroom. Only now did Trixie realize that Beate had been able to put the chains on, but that she had had no way to unlock them afterwards. About an hour later, Beate left the apartment to go on duty.

Karin was sent to the kitchen where she prepared dinner for the others. They then all ate together in the kitchen. When they returned to the living room, Antje sent Karin and Siggi to the cages while she sat down with Trixie in the seating area. They drank some wine and Antje asked Trixie what her impression had been so far.

"I find it all very exciting so far. There is actually nothing that would put me off at first glance. However, I admit that some things will certainly take some getting used to."

"That's quite normal," Antje replied. "That's why you're here, and I want you to look at everything. Would you do us a favor?" Antje asked.

"Do what," asked Trixie.

"So far, only Siggi has seen you naked. Karin and I are curious, of course. Would you mind undressing for us so we can admire you at length? But please, if you don't want that, we understand. It's just very new for you. On the other hand, as I said, we are curious and would like to see your slim body."

Trixie thought for 2 seconds, then stood up and started to undress. When she was naked, she turned around several times so that the three of them could see her from all sides. Karin asked her to put her hands on the back of her neck so she could see her armpits. After that, Trixie was supposed to spread her legs wide to show her pubic area as well. She had thin, rather sparse pubic hair and at Karin's request she also spread her labia. She thought to herself that this was actually a rather humiliating treatment, but somehow she didn't mind at all and found it appropriate.

After that, Antje asked Trixie to tell a little about herself. Trixie told about her youth, but also about the time with her Serbian boyfriend Miroslav, how he had betrayed her and how this had landed her in prison. She also told how it had been in prison and that she had had an involuntary lesbian experience there for the first time. They sat together for quite some time until they all went to bed. Neither Karin nor Siggi were untied, but each went to her own room and lay down in bed. Trixie, who was still naked, took her clothes and went to her room as well. Normally she wore a long T-shirt and panties at night, but this time she left both off. She already had the feeling that she was in the right place here.

Chapter 2: in the city

The next morning, Trixie slept very late because she was usually used to being woken up by the prison guards. Without this wake-up, she just slept through it. When she finally got up she first went to the bathroom and took a shower, after that she went still naked to the kitchen where Beate was already waiting for her. "Well, you late riser," Beate greeted her.

"If you want, we can go to town later. I have your money here, 1000 euros as promised, plus a small handbag to put around your neck and a wallet. You can't just carry the money around in your hand, that would look stupid. You've had to go without shopping for three years now, and I'm sure you have a lot of catching up to do. We can go together if you want. I can show you everything, because you don't know your way around Cologne yet. But you can also go alone. If we go together, then I have received instructions from Antje on how to dress. You can wear whatever you want, of course."

"May I ask you what instructions Antje gave you?" asked Trixie.

"I wear a very short, tight black jerk that just barely covers the locks in my pubic area, plus a short T-shirt, white, made of relatively thin fabric so that my breasts show through a bit, and with a very wide sleeve neckline that allows a glimpse of my T-shirt from the side. It also leaves my belly exposed. This is accompanied by sandals that have 10 centimeter high heels. The sandals have an ankle strap that is secured with a small lock. I also wear a stainless steel neck iron and heavy rings on my wrists and ankles. The rings on the ankles are very large and thick and each of the rings weighs over 2 kilograms. The ones for the wrists are lighter and not as thick. They're all custom-made rings that Siggi made for us and they're held together with two screws."

"That sounds very daring. Do you want me to dress like that, too?" asked Trixie.

"That would be nice, but it's not a commitment. In any case, you don't have to wear the neck iron or the rings on your hands and. I'd be happy to give you the matching items from me."

Trixie agreed, but when she saw how short the skirt was, she did feel a little embarrassed. But she controlled herself and decided to go through with it. Beate also gave her simple sandals, but without a high heel. Trixie was especially interested in the neck iron that Beate was supposed to wear. Beate showed it to her. It was slightly oval shaped to fit the shape of the neck, was a good 6 inches high and an inch thick. The front half was one piece, the back half was split, and the two quarters were attached to the front piece with some sort of hinge. This allowed them to be unfolded to tighten the neck iron. When the rear parts were folded closed, they could be secured with a massive lock on the neck. A thick iron ring hung down the center of the front piece. To the left of the ring was engraved the word "slave" and to the right "Beate". Trixie took the neck iron in her hand and marveled at how heavy it was. She put the neck iron on Beate and secured it with the padlock. At Beate's request, she placed the accompanying key on the kitchen table. Beate looked at herself in the mirror. From this angle, Trixie saw that while the skirt did indeed cover the pubic area, almost half of the locks Beate wore there were visible from both the front and the back. She herself also looked at herself in the mirror, but since she wasn't wearing any locks in her labia, it was just about wearable.

Before they left the apartment, Beate gave Trixie a round plastic thing that was about the size of a two euro coin, but a little thicker.

"What is this?" Trixie asked.

"It's a transponder similar to the one we had implanted. You can use it to open the front door on the first floor, operate the elevator, and open the apartment door here, too."

"You guys got a big thing like that implanted? That's horrible."

Beate laughed. "No. Of course we didn't. The transponders they put in us are the same ones that are implanted in dogs, for example. They're about 2 millimeters thick and a little over a centimeter long. The implantation is done with a slightly thicker hypodermic needle. It's not particularly painful, and the things don't bother you at all because you don't feel them at all." Trixie slipped the transponder into her small purse, which she strapped around her

They rode the elevator down to the street. The elevator stopped at a short hallway on the ground floor. One door opened onto the street, a second onto the stairwell. Beate showed Trixie where to hold the transponder, but then they headed for a subway station. "We better take the subway, parking downtown is a horror. With the subway, we can get anywhere and still be very mobile.

When they got on the subway, they boarded a train headed downtown. It wasn't that busy at that time of day and they found two seats next to each other. It took a few minutes, then something caught Trixie's eye. She leaned over to Beate and whispered in her ear "listen, I think that guy across the aisle is looking up our skirts."

Beate giggled. "Not only the guy directly across from him, but also the woman to his left. Are you embarrassed about that? That's what our WG is all about. Our mistress gives us challenges and they're often a little uncomfortable, but we have to live with them. That's part of the deal."

Finally, she arrived downtown. Trixie enjoyed strolling through a shopping street again after three years. She stopped at many store windows and looked at the displays. Beate asked her if there was anything in particular that she wanted to shop for. But at the moment, Trixie was still far too overwhelmed. What she really wanted to do, however, was treat herself to a big sundae at a sidewalk café. When she asked Beate where a good ice cream parlor was, she led them to a sidewalk café, where they quickly found a seat. The menu was huge and showed almost unbelievable sundaes.

"They're really showing off here," Trixie said.

"Well, you wait and see. The sundaes here really look like the picture." Trixie ordered a South Pacific sundae and when it came, she thought she would never be able to finish it. But after half an hour, she polished it off. Trixie insisted on being allowed to pay for both. She didn't take the money Beate had given her, however, but she took money from the brown envelope in which she had received her discharge money.

After that, they continued walking through the shopping streets. At some point, Trixie asked if they might visit Antje's store. She was incredibly interested in what was sold there. Beate agreed, but they had to take the subway two stops because the store was on the Cologne Ring. When they got out of the subway, Trixie immediately saw a three-color neon sign that said "Lack Leder Latex". The store seemed to be very large and the storefront was close to 20 meters wide. In the display windows were life-size dolls in a variety of getups. In front of the store there was a row of parking spaces marked 'customer parking'. Beate purposefully headed for the entrance and held the door open for Trixie.

Inside the store, Trixie saw a whole row of clothing racks with a wide variety of clothes hanging on them, sorted by the material they were made of and by different themes. There were both men's and women's fashions. Beate showed Trixie a mannequin in the corner that was wearing a pony outfit. "This is the exact outfit I saw the first time I walked into this store and tried it on," she said. Trixie looked it over very thoroughly. It consisted of a heavy leather corset with large holes for the breasts. There were D-rings in various places and on the back there were a dozen straps that could be tightened. Some of the straps could also be secured with locks. The corset reached below the mannequin's artificial belly button. More straps were attached to the bottom of the corset, which ran through the mannequin's crotch and then tied back to the corset at the back. In addition, the doll wore shoes that imitated a horse's foot. On her head she had a strap harness to which was attached a bridle that ran through her mouth.

Antje saw the two and came over to them. There were no other customers in the store at the moment. Trixie asked where Karin was. Antje led her to the back of the store, then through a door behind which was a workshop. Karin's hands were in handcuffs connected by a 30 centimeter chain. A heavy chain attached to the wall was attached to her collar.

Trixie asked Antje how she and Karin got from the apartment here to the store. After all, Karin couldn't ride the subway like that. Antje explained that Karin had to get into the trunk of her car in the underground garage at home, and here at the store one of the parking spaces was reserved for her. Karin then just had to get out of the trunk in front of the store and walk to the store door. Trixie shuddered at the thought of Karin having to endure this humiliating procedure every day. But Antje explained to her that it was done this way at Karin's request and Karin also confirmed this by nodding her head. Because of the bridle she could not speak well again.

"Have you ever worn latex clothing?" asked Antje. Trixie replied in the negative, "Do you want to try something?"

They went back to the sales room and Antje picked out something for Trixie to try on. It was a simple but completely transparent slip made of latex. Antje helped her put the thing on because she had to pull on the latex and it didn't go over her lower body easily. Trixie had simply pulled up her short skirt during this procedure. She looked at herself in the mirror and realized that you could tell she was wearing something, but her pubic and hair down there was clearly visible. She stroked her hand over the smooth material and felt it. Antje told her that she could leave the panties on until evening. Then she had Trixie take off her T-shirt. Trixie looked around the store a little shyly at first, but since there were no other customers, she went along with it. Antje brought a long top made of the same material and as they were about to pull it over Trixie's head, the store doorbell rang and a young couple came in. Trixie would have loved to sink into the floor with shame. But apparently it was the most normal thing in the world for the couple that there was a young woman standing almost topless in the store. When Antje had smoothed out the top, Trixie quickly pulled her T-shirt back over it. She realized very quickly that these things were quite warm.

The couple waited for Antje and when she turned to them the man said they had come to pick up your order. Antje went to the back of the workshop where she unhooked the chain from Karin's collar and Karin came forward with the parts she had ordered. Trixie saw that the man was almost devouring Karin from top to bottom with his eyes. Then he turned to his wife. "Take off your clothes. All of it."

The woman was elegantly dressed, wearing a knee-length jerk and a dark blouse. Her feet were in comfortable loafers. She opened her blouse first, slipped it off her body and laid it on a chair. A black bra can now be seen underneath. Her hands reached back and unclasped the bra. She stripped it off as well and put it on the chair with the blouse. She had very full breasts that hung down heavily. Then she undid a clasp on the right side of her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She got out of the skirt and put it with the other clothes. The now visible panties followed the skirt a few moments later. Lastly, she took off her loafers and placed them under the chair. So she turned to the man.

"Ready," he asked. The woman nodded. A second later, the man slapped her across the face with full force. "I told you to take everything off."

The woman pulled off her earrings and she also slipped a ring off her right hand. Without an order being given, she stood in front of her husband, spread her legs and put her hands on the back of her neck. Trixie noticed some red welts on her back.

The man turned to Antje and told her that Karin could now dress his wife. Antje gave Karin a wave, whereupon she took a garment from the package she had brought from her workshop. It was a bodysuit made of black latex, very tight and when the woman put it on, it traced the woman's figure. It had an oval opening in the crotch for her pussy and two holes on top for her breasts. The man made a circular motion with his finger and the woman turned around. Her back was almost completely uncovered. Only at the very top of her shoulder was her back covered and at the bottom the opening reached to her butt crack. Then Karin knelt down in front of the woman and held shoes ready. Trixie looked at these shoes in disbelief. She had heard of such shoes before. They were ballerina high heels that forced the wearer to walk on her toes. Karin slipped the shoes over the woman's feet and laced them up as tight as she could. Now Karin reached for the last part. It was a latex mask that would cover the whole head and had only two small holes for the eyes and two for the nose. Karin turned the mask once inside out and showed Trixie that where the mouth would be later, a huge dildo was attached. Karin slipped the mask over the woman's head and Antje had to help her. The woman opened her mouth and picked up the giant dildo. Trixie was sure that the part had to reach the woman's throat. The man took out of his jacket pocket a spiked collar, like some fighting dogs wear, and put it around his wife's neck. The collar sat between her bodysuit and head mask. The spikes dug into her bare skin. Then the man attached a dog leash to the collar and left his wife standing there for now. He walked with Antje to the cash register and paid his bill. He nodded over to the chair and asked Antje to please very please dispose of the wife's things. He walked back to his wife, grabbed the leash and ordered her to put her hands on her neck. Then he pulled on the leash and the woman followed him out of the store.

Trixie and Beate came to Antje and Trixie asked Antje why the man had slapped his wife. Antje just shrugged her shoulders. "That's a matter for the two of them to work out between themselves. If it had happened somewhere else, not here in the store, I might have intervened. But in my store, it's not uncommon for a master to treat his slave girl very roughly. And after all, she had not followed a clear command properly."

Beate also tried to reassure Trixie. "I too don't think it's good when a husband beats his wife. I don't know the circumstances of the two and also don't know if such treatment is common in their partnership. In our WG such behavior would not be possible. But also with us it goes partly very roughly. In fact, it can be many times harsher with us when we whip each other, for example. Yes, you hear right. Sometimes we also use the whip. But that is something that each of us has said 'yes' to. Just as each of us has said 'yes' to the various humiliations, insults, sex games, bondage and whatnot. It may be hard for you to comprehend right now but we realized, each of us separately, at some point that pain and pleasure are closely related."

Antje called Beate to her. "Pull up your skirt, I have an idea."

Beate did as she was ordered. Antje got a key out of her purse and took the locks off Beate's labia. Then she went to one of the shelves and looked for something there. She returned with two balls attached to short chains. Both balls had dozens of spikes about two centimeters long with slightly rounded tips. Antje attached the balls to Beate's labia. Although the labia still remained covered, the balls were clearly visible to everyone. In addition, Beate now had to keep her legs as far apart as possible while walking.

Trixie and Beate left the store shortly after, Trixie still had the latex clothes on. Beate suggested to walk the way to the city center this time and not to take the subway. Trixie wondered about this, but she had no objections. After they had walked the streets for 20 minutes, Trixie noticed that she was extremely sweaty under the latex by now. She told Beate this, but she just grinned. When they were downtown Beate found a pet shop. She went into the store with Trixie and looked at the dog collars. She found a red collar with white crosses about three inches wide that she liked. She held it up to Trixie, looked at it and told Trixie to put the collar on. Trixie could never explain later why she complied with this request without any hesitation. Beate also picked out a long leash, which she tied to the front of the collar and then just let it dangle down. So they went to the cash register, where Beate paid for the collar and leash and loudly announced that Trixie would keep it on right away. The other customers in the store looked at Trixie, puzzled.

After they had strolled around the shopping streets for a while, Beate said that they should slowly go home. Again, they walked, which caused Trixie to break out in another sweat. Back home this time Beate had Trixie unlock the doors and operate the elevator so she realized how easy it was with the transponder. Trixie also saw a camera pointed at the front door, apparently connected to the doorbell system in the apartment.

When they entered the apartment, Siggi was already there. This time, too, she was completely naked. She was kneeling on the floor in the hallway, her arms at the back of her neck, waiting for her roommates like this. When she saw Trixie's new collar, she stood up and kissed her on the cheek. Beate and Trixie went to their rooms. Before entering her room Trixie said "I need a shower first now. Do you want me to get dressed after?"

Beate looked at her. "Do you really need the shower that bad? I'd take a blind guess that Antje would be happy if you skipped the shower and instead just took off your skirt and t-shirt and sandals and stuff and waited for the other two."

Trixie went to her room and took off her normal clothes. Then she stroked the smooth latex on her body. She felt the sweat on her skin under the latex. With one finger, she pulled the latex at the neckline and smelled it. However, she only smelled the latex and no body-sweat because it was still much too fresh. She decided to follow Beate's suggestion and went into the living room wearing only the transparent latex. When Siggi saw her like that, she hugged Trixie. "That's so sweet, little girl. I get the impression you're already enjoying the whole thing." Trixie sat down in the living room on an armchair. Then she closed her eyes and started thinking about her situation. In fact, she was becoming more and more attracted to this WG.

The only aspect that really worried her was the matter of the whip. Should she really let herself be whipped? She was afraid of that pain. She still saw the image of the man who had slapped his wife in the face. She went into the hallway where Siggi had resumed her previous position and asked her if she could talk to her because something was bothering her. Siggi came into the living room and when Trixie sat down in the armchair, Siggi knelt down on the floor next to the armchair. As before, she held her hands at the back of her neck.

"What I've seen here so far has appealed to me quite a bit. But when we were at Anke's store today, there was a customer who was beating his wife, and then Beate explained to me that you guys sometimes whip each other. Is that true?"

"Yes, it happens. Not even that very rarely. Just last week Karin spanked me with a riding crop. I could barely sit for two days. I know that sounds bad now. And I'm sure it repulses you, too. But shall I tell you something? While Karin whipped me, I got so horny that the juice ran down my legs. And because Karin had then also forbidden me to wash myself and we then went to town in the heat last week, I stank like a forest donkey after a while. Just for fun we went into a store and tried on a pair of jeans. You should have seen the saleswoman's face when she smelled me."

"Is that the only way you guys whip each other," Trixie inquired.

"Of course not," Siggi replied. We use a wide variety of tools to do it. We have various whips, but also paddles and bamboo sticks, and sometimes a leather belt will do. And it's not limited to the buttocks either, the whole body can be the target, including pubic or breasts. Only the head and the region by the kidneys are off limits. Sometimes, when one of us has very strong welts, she has to dress in such a way that everyone who sees her can also notice the welts. We have also been to the theater, Beate, Karin and I with backs covered in welts and then fancy backless evening gowns. Of course people noticed that. You notice something like that and you also notice when people whisper to each other. Some whisper so loudly that everyone hears it. Most of them then ask themselves what kind of women they are who put up with such things. When we're back home, we're amused by the stupid faces and the comments that were made."

Shortly after, Antje and Karin came out of the store. Antje ordered Siggi to kneel on all fours in front of the couch. Then Antje locked Karin in one of the cages. She went to the kitchen and after a few moments came back with a bottle of iced tea, two glasses and a shallow bowl. She put the glasses and the bowl on Siggi's bare back, then she opened the bottle and poured the glasses full and also poured some of the iced tea into the bowl. After that, she put the cold bottle on Siggi's back as well. Siggi was startled at the cold touch. Antje placed the shallow bowl on the floor in front of her and told Siggi to lick her tea out of the bowl.

The sight of Siggi kneeling naked in front of her with her small breasts hanging down excited Trixie insanely. Then when Antje put her feet on Siggi's bare back Trixie followed her example. But then Trixie asked if she could play with her feet on Siggi's breasts. Antje laughed and gave her permission. Trixie let her toes slide against Siggi's small tits. She played with Siggi's stiff nipple with her big toe, then leaned back on the couch, closed her eyes and grabbed her crotch. Antje watched her with amusement.

"Well, how do you feel in that latex. There's a paper-thin film of sweat between your skin and the fabric now. Do you like that feeling?"

"It's all so unreal here. No, unreal is perhaps the wrong expression. On the one hand, I actually want to run away screaming. But on the other hand, I probably wouldn't forgive myself for this my whole life."

"I think a woman's body glistening with sweat like that is just horny," Antje explained. "And I like the smell, too." She stroked Trixie's thighs and her fingers carefully crept under Trixie's panties toward her pussy. Trixie bit her lips, but she let it all happen.

Antje turned on the TV to watch the news, then there was a feature film. All the time Siggi remained kneeling in front of them. Antje got up a few times to get supplies, chips or a bottle of ice cold Coke. Antje and Trixie talked again about Trixie's time in prison and Antje had countless questions about it. She also inquired how Gaby was doing, whom she had already visited once in prison together with Beate. At some point the film ended and if Trixie had been asked what the film had been about, she would not have been able to answer.

Then, when they went to bed, Antje said that Trixie had better take a shower now, because she wasn't used to being in latex clothes for so long yet.

"By the way, here is the key to the second closet in your room," Antje said, handing Trixie a key. "Each of our rooms has a closet like this. We stored our toys there. Of course, each of us has our own individual favorite toys here. But certain basic equipment is the same in all of them. In your closet, of course, there is only the basic equipment. But even with that, you can have a nice evening.

Chapter 3: Siggi's workshop

Trixie went to her room and opened the closet with the key. On the left side of the closet were several compartments containing various parts. In one compartment there were about a dozen different dildos, big small thin ones, some obviously with a vibrator, because there was a pack of batteries next to them. In the compartment above, Trixie found hand and foot cuffs made of chrome-plated iron, along with some collars that were also chrome-plated. Then there was a compartment containing several whips. Next to it there was a clothes rail with some latex pieces hanging from it. Above the clothes rail there was another larger wide compartment where several folded latex parts lay. She took some of the parts, unfolded them and looked at them. She wasn't quite sure yet if she should wear something like this, but maybe she would find out.

Trixie picked up some of the wrist and ankle cuffs and looked at them more closely. She wasn't sure what to do now. Of course, she could take the handing over of the key as a request to satisfy herself. She had done that regularly in prison. But somehow it seemed wrong to her here and now. At last, however, she gave herself a jolt and grabbed some leg irons and handcuffs. She put on the leg irons. A key had been lying next to the leg irons and she tried it to see if it would fit into the leg irons. For a moment she cursed herself for not checking before putting the leg irons on. But she was lucky, she could actually open the leg irons with this key. But this time, before she put on the handcuffs, she also checked if the key fit. When that worked, she first put a handcuff on her left wrist, guided her hand behind her back and fished for the other handcuff with her right hand. Then she put her right hand into the handcuffs as well and squeezed the handcuffs together with her left hand. The clicking of the handcuffs excited her and she would have liked to satisfy herself now, but to do that she would have had to remove the handcuffs first, and she didn't want to do that. She lay down on the bed and soon fell asleep.

The next morning she woke up around 7:00. She first grabbed the keys for the handcuffs and realized that it was quite a fumble to get the handcuffs off herself behind her back. When she finally succeeded after a few minutes, she took off her leg irons as well. Then she quickly went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth afterwards. Still completely naked she went into the kitchen where she met Siggi. Siggi was also still naked. She had set the breakfast table for herself and motioned for Trixie to join her with a wave of her hand.

"Well, did you sleep well?" Siggi asked. Trixie said that the bed was much softer than in prison. That was very comfortable, she said. And then she confessed to Siggi that she had tied herself up the night before and spent the night that way.

"That's quite normal," Siggi countered. "We all do it from time to time, and you certainly don't have to be ashamed of it. But of course it's much more fun when someone else does it for you and you have no choice whether to let yourself go free again or stay tied up. If you tie yourself up, you are also somewhat limited. Some positions you can hardly realize alone. But honestly, since I've been living here in the WG now, I do that relatively infrequently because we tie each other up often enough in one way or another."

As the two finished breakfast Siggi said she was starting to get ready for work. She asked Trixie what she had planned to do today. Trixie thought for a moment first. She wondered if she should go back to the city, but she would also like to go to the zoo in Cologne. Suddenly she had an idea.

"Say, Siggi, couldn't I go with you to your workshop?"

"Of course. No problem at all. But what do you want there?"

"I don't know exactly yet," Trixie said. "But we would have a lot of opportunities to talk there."

"We can talk here, too," Siggi replied. "We don't need to keep anything secret from the others here."

"That's certainly true. But somehow I have the feeling that when we talk to each other for a whole day like this, topics come up that I might not even think about now. I'd also like to see how you work. As long as I don't have a new job, I might be able to help you, if you want me to."

Siggi laughed, then sent Trixie to her room and told her to put some clothes on. Jeans and a t-shirt would do just fine. She herself also went to her room and after a few minutes came into Trixie's room dressed. "Come on then let's get going."

They took the elevator together to the underground garage where Siggi's van was parked. "Do you want to go comfortably or do you want it the hard way?" Siggi asked.

"What do you mean by comfortable and what do you mean by hard way?"

"’Comfortable’ means you sit in the passenger seat. I'll show you the hard way in the cargo compartment." Siggi opened the sliding side door and showed Trixie that there were shelves built into her truck that held various tools. Then she pointed to a small cabinet in the corner. "This is the hard way," she explained.

"Are you telling me to crawl into that little closet?"

"Of course, why not? Karin has ridden in that closet with me many times. Sometimes for hours at a time. And once I locked her in it and left the car in the blazing sun. You should have seen her there when I came back after a few hours and freed her."

"But Karin is much bigger and stronger than I am," Trixie objected.

"Yeah, that's just it. If Karin can fit in there, then you can fit in there."

"And how long does the ride take?"

"About 20, 25 minutes. It depends on the traffic, of course. Are you scared when you're in tight spaces? I couldn't keep Beate locked in that closet because she panics in tight spaces like that."

Trixie got into the car, and opened the small closet. Then she crawled inside the closet. It was incredibly tight. She moaned a few times but Siggi said, "Don't be like that. Karin gets in there too and she's usually tied up by then."

When Trixie was finally in the closet, Siggi closed the door and turned the key to lock the closet. Then she lightly tapped on the top of the closet and called out to Trixie that it was time to go. It was a new experience for Trixie to drive around without seeing anything and without being able to move. The closet was totally dark inside and she could well imagine that Beate would panic in such a space. She felt how the car started, drove a distance, around some curves, then stopped again. Long ago, the air in the closet was a bit stuffy. After that, it apparently continued for a bit in stop-and-go traffic. The time in the closet seemed like hours to her. Finally, the car stopped once again and the engine was turned off. Trixie heard the door open and the key turn in the locker lock. When she got out of the car, she was drenched in sweat and had to take a breath.

The car was now parked in a small yard next to a workshop. She followed Siggi through a door, then they were standing in Siggi's workshop. It was meticulously tidy. On one side was a lumberyard, while on the other side were several workbenches, with a wide variety of saws, planes, chisels, screwdrivers and other tools hanging on the wall above them. In the center of the room were several machines. She recognized a band saw and a large electric planer.

"Do you do your iron work here, too?" she asked

Instead of an answer, Siggi led Trixie into a second room, apparently reserved for ironwork. Trixie looked around and was especially impressed by the anvil and a furnace. But then they went back to the room for carpentry work.

Siggi pointed to a pile of wood and explained that she was currently working on a staircase. She showed Trixie the plans and then the wood she was going to work on next. Trixie then took the wood to the band saw where Siggi cut it. Suddenly, Siggi turned off the saw, even though she was nowhere near finished with the piece she was working on.

"Spit it out," Siggi said.


"You do have something. Something is bothering you and you want to talk to me about it. But apparently you don't dare. So, what's it about?"

"It's still about the whipping thing. I can't deal with it yet."

"I can understand that. Most people would say you were crazy if you told them you were getting whipped. But you know, or at least you suspect, that this isn't the only occasion you'll suffer pain."

"Then what other occasions are there?" Trixie asked, intimidated.

"All kinds of things can cause you pain. We're all pretty masochistic, Karin most of all. She can never get enough. It can be bondage that's too tight or that's kept on too long. It can be electric shocks or needles. It can be a plug that's too big in your butt or the sharp edge when you're riding the buck. And if you're unlucky, it's the food Antje cooks."

Now Trixie laughed. "The food Antje cooks can cause you pain?"

"You bet. Antje learned to cook Thai food somewhere. And mostly she cooks it extremely spicy. At the very beginning, she asked us if we liked it spicy, and we cluelessly said that it could be spicy. We never made that mistake a second time. Now we always say that it should be relatively mild. And even that's still pretty darn spicy."

"Thanks for warning me there. I might have said I liked it spicy, too. But getting back to my problem, the whipping still worries me. More than the other things you just mentioned. Some of them I didn't even think about. But whipping is such a very real thing. I've seen in movies that people used to get whipped when they committed a crime. Like in 'Mutiny on the Bounty,' for example."

"I've seen that movie, too. It's portrayed pretty drastically. And I don't even know how to help you here now."

"You could whip me."

"Excuse me?" asked Siggi.

"I mean it. Of course, not as hard as you do, and certainly not as hard as in the movie, because I'm not used to your games yet. I'm sure there are many gradations there, too."

"Sure, sometimes it's harder, sometimes it's almost a gimmick. And what were you thinking of now?"

"I can't say exactly, maybe something in the middle. Not quite extreme, but not too light either."

"So a medium whipping. That would mean light welts on your back. I even have a suitable whip here. And how many strokes were you thinking of, ten? Twenty?"

"Isn't five enough?"

"Five is not much, but you are still at the very beginning in this respect. Are you sure you've thought this through? Even if I don't do it that hard, you'll feel the welts for some time and see them for much longer."

"Of course. And I'm afraid of it. But I've made up my mind to do it. Please let's do it real quick before I change my mind."

"All right," Siggi said. "Take off your clothes. And all of it. I'll go get the whip in the meantime."

Trixie took off her T-shirt and laid it on the bandsaw. She slipped the sneakers she was wearing off her feet and placed them next to the machine. Then she unzipped her jeans, slid them down, and stepped out of the pants. She put the pants with the T-shirt. That was all she had on, because she had already noticed that no one in the WG wore underwear. Siggi came back and brought a whip that had a handle about a meter long with a single leather strap. She handed the whip to Trixie so she could get a good look at it. Meanwhile, she operated the controls of a crane that spanned her workshop. She lowered the crane to the center and then lowered the rope to a height of one and a half feet. From a corner of the workshop, she retrieved a beam that had an eye in the middle and hooks on both ends. From a drawer in one of the workbenches she then retrieved leather cuffs, which she handed to Trixie.

Trixie took the cuffs and put them around her wrists. Siggi checked the cuffs again and pulled them a little tighter. There were rings on the cuffs and Siggi now hooked them to the hooks on the beam. Then she let the hook go back up. Trixie stood with her arms raised, but Siggi kept the hook going up until Trixie lost her footing under her feet.

"Are you ready?" Siggi asked.

"Go ahead," replied Trixie who was already hurting from the pull on her arms. She hadn't quite finished speaking when the strap landed on her shoulder. She cried out loudly in shock. Siggi did not take her time. She knew this would make it easier for Trixie. The next four strokes landed on Trixie's back in less than half a minute.

"That's it," Siggi announced. "Or would you like some more?"

For a moment, Trixie hung in the rope in shock. Then she asked Siggi to lower her.

"I mean, you could hang there for a few minutes. How about you enjoy the view, and I'll go get us some quick baked goods at the bakery." Before Trixie could answer, Siggi had actually disappeared out the door. Trixie didn't even know what happened to her. She would have loved to scream out loud or cry. But after a few minutes, Siggi came back with a paper bag that was obviously from a baker....

"I've changed my mind. It's too early for a reward. I'll let you down now, then you'll get chains on. After that, you can move that pile of wood over there to the other corner."

Siggi fetched a box containing iron chains and first fished out a heavy chain with two leg irons, which she put on Trixie while she was still hanging in the air. Only then did she lower Trixie all the way down and detach the beam from the rope. While Siggi maneuvered the crane back onto its side, Trixie let her hands hang down with the beam. Siggi undid the cuffs and put a chain with two handcuffs on her. Then she gave her a push towards the wood pile and ordered her to move it to the other side of the workshop.

It took Trixie almost two hours to clear the huge pile of wood to the other corner. When she was done, she was wet with sweat and quite dirty from the dust and dirt on the wood. Meanwhile, Siggi continued working on the stairs. When the pile was finally on the other side, Trixie had to sweep clean where it had been before.

Siggi took the bag of particles she had picked up earlier from the workbench and offered Trixie a doughnut. They ate their doughnuts in silence. Siggi meanwhile looked at Trixie and then said "Hmm. Actually, I thought it was much better when the wood was still in the old place. Why don't you be a good girl and clean it back up?"

Trixie looked at her in disbelief. "Go ahead," Siggi commanded.

This time it took Trixie much longer because she was already so exhausted. After almost three hours, the job was finally done. The dust had mixed with her sweat and she looked completely filthy.

"That was quite a bit of work," Siggi remarked. "You were sweating like crazy. Now you need a drink first." With that, she handed Trixie a bottle of water. "I want you to drink the bottle in one go now."

Trixie had trouble drinking that much water in one go, but she made an effort and actually got three-quarters of the bottle down. Her body reacted to the sudden intake of water after the hard work by breaking out in another sweat. Trixie felt as if she was sweating out many times what she had drunk before.

Siggi reached for the chain between the handcuffs and led Trixie into the next room. There she screwed a link of the chain into a vise and ordered her to wait for her here. Then she went back to her carpentry shop and worked on the stairs for another hour. Only then did she release Trixie from her chains. She then let Trixie get dressed as well. Then they went back to Siggi's van, where Siggi pulled open the side door. Without any hesitation, Trixie crawled back into the small closet and Siggi locked it again. Then Siggi got in the van and drove off.

"Well, how was that?" asked Siggi loud enough for Trixie to hear clearly.

"It was intense. But I think I understood what you were trying to make me understand," Trixie called out from her tiny closet.

"And are you mad at me now?" Siggi asked.

"No. I think that was a lesson I needed."

"I hope I haven't scared you so much now that you've dropped any thought of joining us."

"No. I know now that I can take that kind of thing, too. And I know I'm pretty persistent."

When they got back to their apartment, they found Beate in the living room. Siggi walked Trixie over to her, then turned Trixie around by the shoulders so that her back was to Beate and lifted Trixie's T-shirt up. Beate stood up, turned Trixie around until she was looking at her again, then she hugged Trixie. She then hurried to her room where she had set up a pharmacy. She got an ointment with which she anointed Trixie's welts. Beate sent Trixie to her room so she could undress and shower and then asked her to come into the living room naked as usual. When Trixie was back, Siggi was also already in the living room after she had undressed as well. Beate let Trixie tell her everything in detail. She thought it was good that Trixie had found her own way to calm her fears.

Then Antje and Karin also came out of the store. When Karin saw Trixie's back with the welts, she cheered, ran to her and hugged her. While doing so, she gently stroked her back with her hand. Trixie winced a little when Karin touched the sensitive welts, but she made no sound.

"We should drink to that," Antje announced. Beate ran into the kitchen and returned shortly with a tray with a bottle of champagne and some glasses on it. She opened the bottle and poured four glasses. She had a glass of orange juice for herself, because she still had to go to her night shift.

Chapter 4: At the Hairdresser's

The next morning Trixie woke up when someone sat down next to her on the bed. Sleepily she opened her eyes and saw Siggi in front of her, who had come to her, naked of course.

"Hello little apprentice carpenter," Siggi said. "How are you today?"

Trixie straightened up a bit and propped herself up with her elbows. Still sleepy, she looked Siggi in the face. The short, black hair framed a slender face with black eyes, a straight nose and a wide mouth. Trixie could see the very short, fine hairs on her upper lip and cheeks. Then her gaze slid further down over the slender but muscular neck, the strong arms to the small pendulous breasts with the heavy rings running through the base of the nipples, then further down to the slender rib-cage and belly button. She could just make out the top edge of Siggi's pubic hair. She thought this body was wonderful. Siggi was a little taller than herself, but that was no wonder, with Trixie measuring only five foot sixty. She was also much stronger and Trixie estimated that she weighed 55-60 kilos, but there was no fat there, only muscle. Trixie herself normally weighed only 45 kilos, but had lost some weight in prison and now weighed only 42 kilos. Even her mother had sometimes called her "her little starveling."

"I'm doing okay, but my back does hurt a little. And I have quite a sore muscle."

Siggi laughed, "After all that time in prison, you're probably not used to anything anymore. But I'm sure that's no wonder. If you join us here, you'll soon be in pretty good shape. The best thing is to ask Beate if she can give you an ointment for it."

Siggi stroked Trixie's mini-breasts and gently twirled her nipple, which to Trixie's amazement was already rock hard. Then Siggi's hand moved down her body to her hips and thighs. "Turn over on your stomach," Siggi requested.

Trixie immediately complied with the request. She turned onto her stomach and rested her head on her arms stretched forward and crossed. She felt Siggi's hand slowly run over her back, and she twitched ever so slightly as the hand touched the welts on her back. Then Siggi slowly ran her pointer and middle finger down her bony spine to her butt crack. She also stroked Trixie's sides where her ribs could be felt under the skin. Finally, she bent down and kissed Trixie's back on one of the welts and stood up with a jerk. Trixie turned on her side and looked at her new friend. Her eyes wandered to the locks that closed Siggi's labia and lingered at last on the clit ring.

"What's that ring you have through your clit for?" Trixie asked.

Siggi reached out and lifted the ring a bit and played with it. "It doesn't go right through there at all, it just goes through the foreskin. Sometimes we attach a leash there to lead me around. But you can also attach weights to it, or if a second slave also has such a ring, you can chain the two of them together there very well. Especially at night this is a lot of fun. You can imagine how it feels when one of the two then moves even a little bit. We've also put bells on there before. But if we put anything there at all, it's more likely to be on the labia. They can be stretched quite a bit. At the moment the locks are in my outer labia. That's why you can't see that my labia minora also have holes where we then hang weights or the like. But the ring also keeps touching the actual clit and excites it."

"That sounds pretty hard, hanging weights on it. Doesn't that hurt?"

"Of course it hurts at first, but you get used to it very quickly. Only when the weights are very heavy does it hurt. Then when we go into town, with a short skirt and of course without anything underneath, the guys and also some girls get to see quite a nice sight." At this Siggi grinned from ear to ear.

"So I have to go now. I guess yesterday was enough for you right now. But we can do it again sometime soon if you like. You should take a shower now and then go to the kitchen, then you can have breakfast with Beate when she gets off duty. Antje and Karin will be up soon, too, but they usually sleep a little longer than the rest of us."

Trixie lay there for a moment and watched Siggi disappear through the door into the bathroom. The sight of Siggi's tanned butt made her want to bite into it, even though she couldn't, of course. Then she got up herself and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

When she came into the kitchen afterwards, she was alone at first. She looked for the coffee and the coffee filter and turned on the machine. Then she set the table for four people and also got bread, butter and sausage from the icebox. In another cupboard she found jam and honey. Shortly after, Beate arrived, having finished her night shift. She brought a large bag of rolls and poured them into a basket. Since the coffee had gone through by now, they were able to sit right down at the table. Beate said that they should not wait for Antje and Karin.

Beate also inquired how Trixie had survived the night. She announced that she was going to put cream on Trixie's back again after breakfast. She would also give Trixie something for the sore muscles.

"Siggi didn't hit very hard yesterday," Beate explained. "The welts aren't very red and I'm sure they'll be gone in a few days. Siggi told me that you seem to have a big problem when it comes to whipping."

"That's true," Trixie replied. "But to some extent, I understand that now. I can now imagine that there can even be a certain pleasure in being whipped. Every time Siggi struck, it was like an electric shock that went through the whole body. Especially all the way between the legs. And I suspect that might be similar with the other things Siggi had mentioned when it comes to pain. Of course, I'm not quite sure yet, I just don't have the experience."

"Then the action has served its purpose. Are there any other areas you have questions about? I'm sure you have hundreds of questions, but many of them will be answered by themselves when you join us. I can tell you right now, though, that the way you behave here has gone over very well with me and the others. You don't seem to have any prejudices and you're very easy-going about everything."

"I also think that the questions will only come with time. At the moment I'm still a bit overwhelmed. I can't think of much off the top of my head. At most a small thing. Except for Antje, we are actually all naked most of the time. Apart from the chastity belt and chastity bra that Karin wears. But I think you can also call her naked. Only Antje is always dressed. Is that because she adds the most to your budget?"

"Not in the least," Beate replied. "It's entirely because she's the mistress at the moment. One of our rules says that the mistress should be dressed if possible, to make us slave girls aware that we are under her. I already told you that every week a different one is the mistress. We take turns on Sunday evening or Monday morning. Next week I will be the mistress. Then Antje will also walk around naked in the apartment most of the time. Unless I think of something nice for her. But you can bet your life that it will happen. That's just part of it then, and that's why we do it."

Beate drank some coffee, then grabbed a notepad from a shelf and a pen. "There's something else I wanted to ask you. I can guess that of course you're more or less broke after being in prison. I'd like to know if you can say roughly what your financial situation is. Gaby told me that you must have embezzled some money from your old company to support your boyfriend. Presumably the company wants the money back, right?"

"Yeah, the son of a bitch took off with all the money and I got to take the fall. My old company gets almost a quarter of a million euros from me. And there's the interest on top of that. I don't have the slightest idea how I'll ever pay that. You know, of course, I don't have a job. And I don't even know, if I move in here, whether then the social security office will give me anything. And also my lawyer has only gotten part of his bill paid. But it's not quite that much, it's only just under €2000."

Beate pushed the notepad towards her and asked her to write down the addresses of her old company and the lawyer. Trixie asked why, and Beate told her that they could try and see if they could maybe work out a deal with the company Trixie used to work for. She also said that she wanted to look around to see if there might be a job for Trixie. She didn't want to get her hopes up there, though, because it was clear to both of them that Trixie's past wouldn't make that very easy.

"In the meantime, have you looked into the stuff in the second closet," Beate asked.

Trixie confessed that she had looked at the stuff in the closet once.

"And did you play with it a bit, too," Beate probed. Trixie blushed. Then she confessed that she had once handcuffed herself with hand and leg cuffs.

"And what about the dildos?" followed the next question.

Trixie turned even redder, but didn't say a word. Beate laughed. "Oh come on, it's not all that bad. We all do it, at least when we can." With that, she reached between her legs and to the locks hanging there.

"You know," Beate said, sitting down next to Trixie and putting her hand on her bare shoulder, "in a way, the whole WG could be described as a self-restraint and masturbation facility. We don't do it ourselves, usually one of us satisfies the other or ties her up, but that's all completely in our favor. And you don't have to be ashamed at all if you give yourself a hand."

Trixie didn't answer and Beate realized that Trixie was probably still too uptight to talk so freely and openly about such topics. So Beate simply changed the subject.

"What are you up to today," Beate inquired.

"I thought I might go to the hairdresser. In prison, we usually only cut each other's hair and only under strict supervision, because then of course we fiddled around with scissors, and of course we weren't allowed to just take such dangerous things into the cell with us. I think my hair needs a professional cut. I just need to see where I can get it without having to check in for a week first."

"No problem. I'll call my hairdresser right now, I'm sure she can fit you in. You might as well get your fingernails done, maybe your toenails too. My hairdresser has a very good team for that. But don't get your hair cut too much." Then Beate reached for the phone and spoke briefly with someone. After hanging up, she said, "OK, she'll take you in between. I told her you'll be right there. You go about 400 yards down the street to the right. At the store it says "Mona's Hair Studio." Do you want to wear regular clothes or something risqué?"

"Something daring sounds like fun. Did Antje leave an instruction?

"No, but I can come up with something nice."

"Why not, but please don't go too overboard," Trixie agreed, although she suspected there was something coming.

Beate went to her room and came back after a few minutes. She had several leather straps in her hand, all covered with sharp spikes five centimeters long. "How about these," Beate asked. "These go on your hands, arms, and around your neck."

Trixie looked them over, then nodded. Beate helped her put on the leather straps and secured each with a small lock. She placed the keys to them on a shelf on the wall.

Trixie went to her room and put on short jeans and a belly shirt, then stepped into her sneakers. After 5 minutes she stepped out of the elevator first into the small hallway and then stepped out into the street. She went right down the street and sure enough, after a short distance, she arrived at the hair studio.

When she entered the hair studio, a young woman immediately approached her. "Are you Trixie?" she asked, "Beate has already announced you. Let's see then."

She escorted Trixie to a chair, and over the next few hours she washed Trixie's hair, blow-dried it and brought it into shape. At some point, a second woman joined in, too, and took care of Trixie's fingernails. When she wanted to take off her shoes to do her toenails as well, Trixie resisted at first, but after a little coaxing, she agreed.

Then the first woman came back to Trixie. "Shall we have a go at the hair on your pussy too?" she asked. Again, Trixie immediately blushed, even more than she had before.

"How," she stammered. She would have preferred to sink into the floor. There were two other customers in the store and Trixie was sure they had heard everything. But the hairdresser didn't let up.

She pressed a lever, whereupon the backrest went back and Trixie lay almost horizontal. Then she opened Trixie's shorts and pulled them down a bit.

"Well, you see, we'd have to trim those a bit, too. The best thing to do is to bring them into shape a bit, and there's some hair that goes down to the crotch fold. And also the hairs on the labia and from there to the butt hole we might want to get rid of. There aren't many, but I know that Beate in particular doesn't like hair on her tongue." Trixie closed her eyes and wanted to hide. She felt the looks of the other customers on her. When the hairdresser first trimmed her pubic hair with scissors and then soaped her pussy and carefully worked on it with a razor, she suffered agony. But these intimate touches also made her wet, which was mega embarrassing to her.

"That wasn't so hard," the hairdresser said, smiling at her. Then she pulled Trixie's pants back up and Trixie hurried to zip them back up. Trixie heard one of the customers whispering with one of the other hairdressers, but she couldn't understand what they were saying.

As she walked to the register, she quietly asked the hairdresser what the customer had said. "She wanted to know how much such an intimate shave costs. I told her it cost two hundred euros."

"Oh dear. I didn't expect that much at all."

"Don't worry, Trixie. With Beate and her friends, we do things like that for free. Beate took very good care of my husband last year when he had a heart attack. So we can do such little things here for free. You only pay for the hair care, the pedicure and the manicure. Makes a total of 78 €."

Trixie almost fled the store, so embarrassed had it all become for her. When she was back on the street, she looked around and thought about what else she could do with the afternoon that had started. She strolled down the street a bit, and when she passed a movie theater, she looked at the posters. Deciding on the spur of the moment, she bought a ticket and went to see a comedy. When she finally got back home, Siggi was already there, too.

"Hello Trixie," Siggi greeted her, "Say, could you do me a big favor?"

"Of course, what is it?"

"I noticed that the hair on my arms and on my upper body has grown a little again. It doesn't look pretty. Maybe we could get in the shower and you could shave me from top to bottom."

Again, this lack of concern when it came to the most intimate things. And that after this visit to the hairdresser. But Siggi smiled at her and Trixie remembered how they had already showered together the first day. So she agreed and they went together to her bathroom, which was between the two rooms.

Siggi gave Trixie a large can of shaving cream in the shower and let her lather her up from top to bottom. Then she handed Trixie a handful of disposable razors. "Here. You're not going to get by with one razor there. I'd prefer it if you shaved me from neck to ankles. Only the hair on the pussy should remain as it is now. It looks nice doesn't it?"

Trixie shaved her back first, then her upper body and arms. Then she had Siggi put her hands on her neck so she could shave her armpits too. She saw that the hair there must have been 2 inches long. It surprised her a little.

"No, not in the armpits. Beate finds it incredibly horny when I sweat heavily there and also the hair sticks to the skin with the sweat. And next week Beate is our mistress. I want to make her a pleasure there."

Trixie almost fell from faith, but slowly she got used to the fact that in this WG everything was different than elsewhere.

When the procedure was finished, they dried off and went to the kitchen for dinner.

Chapter 5: A day in bed

The next day also started like the previous one. Siggi was out of the house early to work in her workshop, Beate and Trixie were sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast, while Antje and Karin slept a little longer.

"You, Beate, I have my question. You said yesterday that you also often satisfy yourselves and tie yourselves up, but that it's usually done by one of the others. A few days ago I tied myself up in the evening and laid in bed like this. But I didn't really feel the big thrill of it."

"And now you're wondering if bondage gives you anything at all?"

"Well somehow I found it a bit tepid. Not very satisfying," Trixie laughed, winking at Beate.

"You know, there's one really big problem with self-bondage. Actually, several. First, the bondages are often not tight enough. Somehow one hesitates to put on the ropes or the chains very tightly. But in the end, that's up to you. Secondly, you always need some way to free yourself. Imagine you would tie yourself up like that, without any possibility to free yourself and something happens. Then you are screwed. If you are lucky someone will find you or you can notify someone. Of course, it's better if you let someone know beforehand or ask them to come to you under some pretext, just as a backup. But the situation will be extremely embarrassing in any case. If you are unlucky, well, you can imagine it yourself. And thirdly, you are also limited in the possibilities of self-bondage. You have only two arms and two hands but with which hand do you want to tie them up? Especially if you want the bondage to be a bit more refined and harder."

"And that's why self-bondage isn't as much fun as real ones?"

"That's right," Beate said. "Have you ever been really tied up at all?"

"Maybe as a kid when we played cowboys and Indians. Other than that, no more. Even in prison, we didn't even get handcuffed as long as we didn't do anything wrong."

"Well, none of that counts," Beate judged. "Do you want to try it out? What are you up to today?"

Trixie shook her head "Nothing special, really."

"Well, why not." Beate thought for a moment then grinned for a moment. "Look, I'll get everything ready." She grinned and placed a large bottle of water in front of Trixie and told her "drink this. If I tie you up, you're going to lose a whole lot of fluid. After all, if we're going to do this, I want it to be real. I'd say I'll tie you up all day. Then you'll also realize how exhausting such bondage can be."

Beate went to Trixie's room and made the necessary preparations. After fifteen minutes she came back to the kitchen, but Trixie had only drunk a glass of water by then. Now Beate urged her to drink faster. After two more glasses, however, Trixie refused to drink any more. Beate was content with that, though. She took Trixie to her room where she had laid out some ropes and cuffs of leather and a few other pieces.

First she gave Trixie two leather cuffs and asked her to put them around her wrists. Although Trixie tightened the straps all the way, Beate found that they were still quite loose. She made a mental note that they probably needed tighter leather cuffs. Karin was able to make those quickly. Then Trixie had to put cuffs back on above her elbows and lastly on her ankles.

"Spread your legs and bend all the way forward," Beate ordered. As Trixie leaned forward, Beate asked, "have you ever had a plug in your bottom?"

"Never. Doesn't it hurt?"

"It's not that bad" Beate reassured her, "I have a very small, thin one here. You put Vaseline on it and then it slips in all by itself. Trixie felt Beate fiddling with something on her butt hole. Then she felt a very slight pain, but it really wasn't bad, as Beate increased the pressure and pushed the plug through the sphincter. Then she was allowed to stand up again.

Beate took one of the ropes, which were about finger thick, and looped it tightly around Trixie's waist above her protruding hip bones. She knotted it just below her belly button, then pulled the two ends between Trixie's legs and slipped them loosely under the rope at the back. She then took a red ball that had a series of holes in it and was attached to a leather strap. She held it in front of Trixie's mouth and she opened her mouth obediently as well. Beate slipped the ball between her teeth, then stepped behind her and pulled the strap pretty tight so that it pulled the corners of her mouth back as well.

"The ball is plastic. It's better than latex because some people don't like the taste of latex and it makes them nauseous. Also, this ball has a lot of holes in it so you can breathe through it and should you vomit there is also no danger of you choking as quickly as you would with a solid ball," she explained. "I'm still going to check on you every few minutes though because it's your first time. If you have any trouble, just shake your head wildly and I'll free you right up, okay?"

Next came a thick blindfold, which she slipped over Trixie's eyes and secured behind her head as well.

She grabbed Trixie's arms and led her to her bed. There she had Trixie lie down on the bed face down. She took another rope, doubled it and passed the double rope from behind between Trixie's back and her left arm first then pulled it over her shoulder to her neck to her right arm, back between her body and arm and knotted the rope in the back. She first passed the two long ends through the rings on the cuffs on her upper arms and knotted them there, pulling Trixie's arms tightly together and pushing her upper body forward. Trixie moaned ever so slightly. Then she continued with the rope to her wrists where she finally knotted the ends. Another slightly shorter rope she first passed through the rings on the cuffs at her feet, knotted it there again and pulled the rope to Trixie's wrists. She wrapped her legs and pulled the rope tight until Trixie's legs were pressed completely flat against her thighs and her arms were lifted slightly.

Now Beate took the two ends of the rope that she had previously pulled through the back under the waist rope, spread them a bit so that they passed Trixie's leg gap far out and didn't run through her pussy. She saved that for later. She continued the rope ends and then tied the two rope ends to the cuffs at her ankles. For now that should be enough but she planned to tighten the bondage a bit during the day. Beate left the room, but left the door open and also left the door to her own room open so she could listen for Trixie's noises. Over the next few hours, Beate checked on Trixie every 5 to 10 minutes. She moaned a little in between, but at some point she even fell asleep a little, which Beate could tell by her quiet breathing.

In the early afternoon Beate thought it was time to tighten the bondage a bit. She came into Trixie's room and turned Trixie in her bed from her stomach to her left side. Then she took another rope and attached it to the waist rope just at the knot below her belly button. She had picked out a relatively small but very modern vibrator from her stash. This one conveniently had an eyelet at the bottom end through which Beate pulled the rope. She spread Trixie's labia and noticed that Trixie was quite wet. For a moment, her own lust took over. She inserted two fingers into Trixie's pussy and explored the wet grotto. Then she withdrew her fingers and licked them with relish. But then Beate concentrated on her task again. Very carefully she pushed the vibrator into Trixie's pussy. She turned the vibrator on, then pulled the rope tight all the way back to the waist rope and knotted it to secure the vibrator in place. She then flipped Trixie back over onto her stomach. She considered putting little bells with alligator clips on Trixie's nipples, but left it alone.

The vibrator that Beate had inserted into Trixie had several settings. It was a relatively modern piece and offered several programs to choose from. One could either turn the device on permanently at a certain strength or set some kind of interval mode. But Beate had chosen the last setting, where the vibrator selected the duration of the vibration, the length of the pause between two vibration phases and the intensity completely randomly.

When she was back in her room, Beate noticed that now the sounds from Trixie's room became much louder and more intense. The volume fluctuated, sometimes it was just a soft moan, and then again a sharp squeal. Beate could vividly imagine how Trixie was feeling now. An hour later, she went back to Trixie's room and freed Trixie from the restraints. She noted that Trixie had apparently probably lost control of her bladder at some point. She was not surprised, because that had been the purpose of all the water Trixie had had to drink before she was tied up.

Trixie was incredibly embarrassed that she had wet the bed and also had to lie in her own urine for a while. Beate just laughed, though, and showed her that she had taken the precaution of pulling a plastic sheet under the sheet when she had prepared the bondage. She sent Trixie to the shower and then waited for Trixie in the living room with coffee and cake for them both.

Trixie took a long, long shower, enjoying the hot water on her body. Her bones were quite stiff from being tied up and she washed her urine off very thoroughly twice.

"Whew," she grumbled as she came into the living room where Beate was already waiting for her. "I didn't think it would be so severe. At first it went quite well but then I noticed how my legs cramped up a bit. And then this nasty vibrator, it put the crowning touch on the whole thing. When I came the second time, I couldn't control my bladder either. That's never happened to me before."

"There are two principles with bondage like this," Beate explained. "First, if it's not tight, it's not bondage. And two, whenever you think it can't get any worse, it gets worse. That's actually true for almost all of our games. You noticed that when Siggi whipped you. When she took you down, you were of the opinion that you would have preferred to sit down somewhere and let the pain slowly subside. But instead you had to move the wood to the other corner. And then when that was finally done, you had to move the stuff back again. And earlier I was just thinking about putting some clamps on your nipples. But I figured that was enough for now."

"I see what you mean. Right now, something like that can be pretty hard. But still, yeah, I kind of like it."

They ate their cake and drank coffee with it. Trixie was very quiet and hardly said a word.

"You, Beate, there is something," Trixie began a little hesitantly. "I don't know how to say this, or what to do. But I think I want to join your WG."

Beate put her hand on Trixie's bare thigh. "I'm glad to hear that. Honestly. But are you sure about that yet? You know you can take another week to get to know us better. Us and our lifestyle. Wouldn't you rather wait?"

"I've thought it over very carefully. After all, I've had plenty of time to do it all day. I'm a little scared about it, but that's normal when you start something new. If you take me into your WG, it's a whole new phase in my life. It will also be a clear break from my past. But of course I also know that there are a lot of problems. Especially that I am unemployed and have practically no money. That is at least one problem. But I can promise you that I will of course try to find a new job very quickly."

"So you don't have to worry about the money," Beate reassured her. "And we'll manage the job somehow. For us, it's much more important whether you can cope with our lifestyle. Not just getting along, but whether you want that to be your lifestyle, too."

"Yes, that's where I've made up my mind. It's a delightful oversight. Of course, I don't know where it will lead and how long I'll be able to keep it up. But definitely a couple of years, because I'm pretty stubborn and I don't give up easily. But I don't know how to apply for membership in your WG now, or whatever you can call it."

"I don't know that either," Beate confessed. "We've never had to think about how to accept someone new into our home. But it's actually a good fit today because we always get together on Friday nights when we're all there and discuss what's going on for the next week. We usually sit down in the kitchen and the respective mistress, at the moment Antje, chairs the meeting. You are there, of course, and we always talk very openly here. So you have to listen to what the rest of us think about it, where there are still questions on our part, or objections or anything else. That can be embarrassing and the questions are asked without any consideration. But I think the others will agree with you very much. You certainly have my vote."

Chapter 6: Recording

When everyone was home that evening, they sat down together in the kitchen after dinner. Antje sat at the head of the table, Beate and Trixie sat on one side, and Siggi and Karin sat across from them. Except for Antje, everyone was naked, even Karin had taken off her chastity belt and chains.

"Before we begin, Trixie has something important to tell us all," Beate began. "Trixie, please."

"I don't know how to phrase this right now, but I want to join your WG. It is clear that this is not very easy. In fact, I can't put it past you to take me in at this time because I don't have any money or a job."

"I already told you that money is not such a big issue with us," Beate said.

"Yes, you've told me that twice," said Trixie. "But I'm not a freeloader either. And that's how I'd feel if I couldn't contribute to the general upkeep. Maybe I can help Siggi in the carpentry store or help out at Antje's store. And of course I can also clean the WG here. Anything you want."

"That can be arranged somehow with a job," Antje now explained. "And right now you should take a vacation from prison, we think that's more important. You had already told Beate that, and she gave us a heads up that you wanted to be accepted into our home, so we could start thinking about it. I think we should now each say their opinion and what concerns each has, or if they see even a possible problem somewhere. Will you start, please, Beate?"

"I don't really see any major problems. Of course, I understand that Trixie is a little worried about the financial issue. But I think that's just a short-term problem that can be solved somehow. She's only been here a few days and can't gauge our financial situation in the slightest. I might have thought it better if Trixie had taken more time before asking us. On the other hand, she gives the impression that she has thought this through quite a bit. She's obviously someone who's willing to let things come to her, even accept things that sometimes aren't entirely comfortable. I already said to Trixie at noon today that she would definitely get my vote. I was also sure that she would fit in with us before I even knew her, because in my conversations with Gaby, an image had taken root in my mind of a young woman looking for a different life."

Then it was Siggi's turn. "So the very big problem, I don't see either. I agree with you that the financial question is completely beside the point. It doesn't cost us anything at all to take Trixie in here, with what little this little person eats. But we also have to keep in mind that our lifestyle is something completely new to her. While I think it's the right lifestyle for Trixie, especially when I think about how she behaved in my workshop on Wednesday. But I don't know how she'll react in a few weeks when she's the mistress for the first time. According to our usual rhythm, that would be in four weeks at the latest. Will she be ready to dominate the rest of us and act as mistress here by then?"

Now Trixie spoke up. "You're absolutely right about that. I've already thought about that, too. I lack much more experience there than when it comes to taking on the slave role here like the rest of you. Therefore, I have a suggestion: How about if I don't get into this rhythm right away, but limit myself to the slave role for the first three months? Then I'll have plenty of time to observe the rest of you and know much better what I can expect of you and where my inclinations lie."

"That's a pretty great suggestion," Antje said enthusiastically. "I mean, we can live with that. In fact, I think we could put it in our rulebook that way. Do you guys agree with that?" She looked around and everyone nodded. Antje then stood up and took out a notebook from one of the kitchen cabinets.

"I write: new WG members must limit themselves to the slave role for the first three months. Only after that are they allowed to become mistresses."

Trixie asked what that was for a register and Beate explained that they wrote down the rules they gave themselves. Trixie would definitely have to look at the whole booklet in the next few days and read everything.

After that, Karin had to comment. "I would also have had some reservations if Trixie had become our mistress after only four weeks. But that subject is off the table. But I still have a problem that is related to this. I'm not sure if Trixie has the necessary toughness when it comes to being a mistress. After all, we wouldn't want a wimp for a mistress."

"And how is she supposed to prove that?" Siggi asked. "Do you want her to whip you on a trial basis?"

"That would be one possibility."

"That's typical, Karin," Siggi said now. "You think only of your own pleasure, don't you? And when should we do that? Now?"

"Why not? That would be a completely spontaneous action now. Without her having days to prepare for it."

"Are you okay with that, Trixie?" Antje asked. When Trixie nodded, she said "all right, then we'll break for half or three quarters of an hour. But I'll tell you one thing, Karin: I'll make it a little sharper. You take advantage of every opportunity to act out your masochistic urges. So don't complain."

They all got up and walked out of the kitchen through the hallway down the hall toward a door that Trixie had not yet walked through that week. What lay beyond it, she didn't know. Trixie whispered to Beate, "I don't know if I can do this."

Beate whispered back, "You can do it. Do it like you do when you drive a car: Close your eyes and get through it."

The room they now entered was huge. Trixie estimated it to be 12 by 10 meters. There were a number of wooden structures in the room, only some of which Trixie recognized. "Most of this was built by Siggi," Beate explained. Then she pointed to two ropes hanging down from the ceiling. Across some pulleys, they led to a winding device. The whole thing was driven by a motor.

Antje stepped up to one of several cabinets that stood in the room, opened it, and took out several leather cuffs similar to the ones Trixie had used earlier in the day. She handed the cuffs to Karin, who put them on her wrists and ankles, tightening the straps quite tightly. Meanwhile, Siggi got two spreader bars, which she tied to Karin's leather cuffs. Beate lowered the ropes and Siggi hooked the spreader bar to Karin's wrists on the ropes. Beate operated the motor again, and pulled the ropes up until Karin lost her footing. Antje signaled Beate, and she pulled Karin a little higher. Antje then went to another cabinet, and took two big iron balls from it. Trixie got big eyes. Antje dragged the two balls over to Karin and hung them on the D-rings on Karin's ankle cuffs. Siggi whispered to Trixie that each of the balls weighed ten kilos. Karin's body was now properly stretched and she began to sweat slightly.

Then Antje went to the closet once more and returned with a cowbell. She hung this on the ring on Karin's clit with a snap hook. The bell pulled the sensitive flesh long. "I hope you enjoy it," she said to Karin, who hung there grinning. Lastly, Antje opened another cabinet, searched around briefly, and came up to Trixie with a leather whip. She handed the whip to Trixie. "This is a nine-tailed cat. You've probably seen something like this in some feature films."

Trixie first admired Karin's body. She was stronger than the others, also a bit larger with very firm breasts that Trixie estimated to be a size B to C. Her entire body was lightly tanned with no bikini stripes showing. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a neat triangle and a thin trickle of her sweat was already running from her chest into that triangle. Trixie walked around Karin and saw the strong back. Only now did she see that it had a few small scars. These were elongated and very narrow and Trixie guessed that they were from previous whippings. The young woman's slightly sweaty body looked incredibly sensual.

Then she hesitantly stood behind Karin until Antje signaled and nodded to her. "Just go ahead. Karin had wanted it that way. You don't need to have a guilty conscience about it, it's Karin's way. I mean, twelve strokes should be enough. But you have to make an effort. Otherwise Karin will be the first to grumble, I can guarantee you that."

Still, Trixie continued to stand there with the whip but finally Karin called out, "Go ahead. Show me. Show that you can be a tough mistress. You do want to join our WG."

Trixie closed her eyes for a moment, concentrated for a moment, and when she opened her eyes again she lashed out and whipped Karin on the back.

"Harder," Karin demanded from above. Concentrating again, Trixie lashed out again and hit Karin a second time. "Surely you can do it harder," Karin complained.

Beate came over to Trixie and briefly put her arm on her shoulder. "I don't know if I can go through with this," Trixie whispered. But Beate patted Trixie on the shoulders and whispered back, "You can do it. Hit it as hard as you can. Karin really wants this. You don't have to worry about that. Just close your eyes and go for it."

Trixie took a deep breath, then cracked the whip across Karin's back. Now followed blow after blow, while Siggi counted along loudly. With each stroke, the bell on Karin's clit rang softly. When Karin had collected twelve strokes, Siggi called out "that was the twelfth. Done."

Trixie dropped the whip. Beate grabbed her by the shoulder and took her to her room while the others freed Karin. There they sat Trixie on her bed and comforted the sobbing Trixie. After Trixie calmed down, Beate sent her to the bathroom. When Trixie returned, they went together to the kitchen where the others were already waiting for them.

Karin reached across the table for Trixie's hand and patted it. "For a first time, it wasn't so bad. It was perfectly clear to me that it was a lot to ask of you, but you got through it. It was a real challenge. The last two strokes actually twinged a little bit. I want to go on record as saying that my concerns have been addressed. Trixie still has to get used to this sort of thing, of course, but I think she'll get there."

Now Antje took the floor. "I don't really have any objections either. I really liked how openly Trixie looked at everything and how bravely she tried out some things. Of course, it's all still new to her, and she has a lot to learn in the near future. With that, I think we have all spoken positively about Trixie's desire to come to our WG. Just for the sake of form, I would like to hold a short vote. Who is for it? Please raise your hand."

All hands went up and Antje noted that Trixie was thus unanimously accepted into the WG. Beate kissed Trixie on the forehead, then stood up and left the room. While she was gone the others congratulated Trixie, they hugged her and gave her a kiss too. After a few minutes, Beate came back. She held a large syringe in her hand.

"Dear Trixie," Beate announced solemnly, holding up the syringe, "this is the syringe with the transponder that will allow you to open the doors here in the WG. As a sign that you now belong, I will now implant the transponder under your skin. You see, it is only about 2 mm thick and about 1 centimeter long. It will hurt for a moment, but it will pass very quickly and afterwards it will not bother you anymore. This is the key, so to speak, to our WG, which I hereby solemnly present to you."

Trixie placed her arm palm up on the table and watched as Beate disinfected it just above the wrist. As Beate pushed the needle through her skin, she briefly closed her eyes and clenched her teeth but made no sound, no sound of pain coming through her lips. When it was done, Beate pulled Trixie up and walked her to the front door, where she showed where to put her hand. As Trixie put her hand to the reader, a low hum sounded and the door opened.

Siggi showed Trixie a board in the hallway. The top part was green, and there hung a small sign with 'Antje' under the heading HERRIN. Below that hung similar signs with the other names under the heading SKLAVINNEN. Siggi conjured up a sign from somewhere with Trixie's name on it and gave it to Trixie. She hung it under the other names.

When they came back into the kitchen, Antje announced that they should end today's meeting if there was nothing more urgent. She would announce her instructions the next morning. Then they all went together to the living room.

There Siggi insisted that Trixie lie down on the living room table, face up. Siggi ran into the kitchen and after a few seconds returned with an ice-cold bottle of champagne in an ice cooler and five glasses. She placed the ice cooler on Trixie's flat stomach whereupon she shivered and got goosebumps. Siggi opened the bottle and poured five glasses. She placed the glasses on Trixie's chest where they stood a bit wobbly, but quickly they all took a glass. Siggi also took Trixie's glass, then they all toasted. Siggi took Trixie's part as well. Everyone took a sip, then Siggi brought the glass to Trixie's lips and poured some of the champagne into her mouth.

Trixie would have liked to get up, but the others told her to lie there like that. Trixie heard some whispering, the others laughed briefly, then Beate fished some ice cubes out of the cooler, reached between Trixie's legs to her pussy, opened it with two fingers and stuffed two ice cubes into her warm grotto. Trixie cried out and almost jumped up, but the others gently pushed her shoulders down on the table before she could rise. Trixie knew she had lost and somehow she enjoyed lying there like that. She understood that her new friends were just teasing her. She stayed like that for quite a while, then the others allowed her to get up. The party lasted until after midnight when they all tiredly went to their beds.

Chapter 7: Roermond

In the morning, everyone was woken up by Antje. They gathered for breakfast naked in the kitchen as usual.

"Today is cleaning day like every Saturday. Beate, you take care of the kitchen. Karin, the bedrooms. Siggi, living room hallway and hallway. Trixie, the bathrooms. I ask myself that everything is spotless afterwards. I will check. You all have until 9:30. After that, Karin and I have to go to the store. Trixie for you info, on Saturdays the store is open from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. That's not as long as the other days, but it's usually very busy. When you are done cleaning, you should do your weekend shopping. The best way is to go to Roermond. Maybe you can go to the outlet center then too and buy Trixie a few things."

Trixie asked Siggi what was in Roermond. But Antje intervened. "You're not supposed to chatter here. Now it's cleaning time. Beate, can you please get a gag for Trixie?"

Beate went into her room and came back after a few moments with the red ball gag that she had worn the day before. She held it in front of Trixie's face and she obediently opened her mouth. Beate pushed it between her teeth and pulled the straps tight. "She wears this until you pull into the parking lot in Roermond," Antje determined.

Siggi then pressed a bucket, cleaning rag and brush into Trixie's hand and sent her off towards the bathroom before going to the living room herself with the vacuum cleaner. Trixie found this treatment delightful. After a good hour, Antje came into the bathroom that Trixie was cleaning. She ran her finger over various spots and then held the dusty finger under Trixie's nose. "Come with me," she commanded. One by one, they also went to the other two bathrooms, where Antje repeated the check. Again, her finger became dusty during the check.

"I guess that was nothing," Antje remarked. "You'll do that all over again. But you deserve punishment now. Spread your legs and bend over." She pulled a plug out of her pocket and pushed it first into Trixie's already wet pussy again to moisten it and then into her bottom. "It'll stay in there until evening," she determined, "Now hurry up. I don't want the others to have to wait for you."

Trixie had no choice but to obey, but she actually liked this harsh approach. She would have loved to clean in chains. She was actually finished around 9:30, but she was wet with sweat.

Antje and Karin then went to the store, while Beate sent Trixie to her bedroom to get dressed. She had laid out a very short jerk and a sleeveless t-shirt with a huge sleeve neckline for her. Trixie put the clothes on and looked at herself briefly in the mirror. She noticed that you could see deep into her t-shirt down to her small breasts. She took some more sneakers and put them on, but when Beate saw the sneakers, Trixie had to take them off again. Beate and Siggi were dressed similarly, they were also barefoot. They then took the elevator to the garage where they boarded Siggi's van. Trixie had to get back into the small closet.

When they arrived at their destination after 1 hour, Trixie was finally allowed to get out, and only then did Beate take the gag out of her mouth. Trixie first had to move her lower jaw back and forth a few times to get it to move again. They stood in the parking lot of a shopping center and Siggi got a shopping cart. Together they then entered the store. Beate had a list of things they needed for the following week. Siggi and Beate knew their way around the store and they showed Trixie the many ready prepared dishes and also the appetizingly prepared vegetables. Trixie immediately went into raptures. She told Beate how much she had missed the fresh fruits and vegetables in prison. Most of the time, there hadn't exactly been fresh produce there. Beate then told her that she should draw from the full and be allowed to pick out what she wanted.

Can you cook?" Siggi asked.

"It works," Trixie said. "For home use, that is. But mostly I just cooked for myself, so you don't do that much."

"How about it, do you feel like cooking something for us tonight? You can pick out whatever you need for it here."

Trixie didn't need to be told twice and put together a menu in her head with salmon as the main course, an appetizer and dessert. The shopping cart was filled to the brim when they finally went to the checkout. They loaded Siggi's cart, then Beate said that they still wanted to go to the outlet center.

Trixie of course didn't know that yet and they drove about 2 km further and then to a big parking lot. There was already hell going on, but they still found a good parking opportunity at the edge of the parking lot. It seemed strange to Trixie to walk so scantily clad across the parking lot, but that was still nothing compared to the crowds that rolled through the outlet center. She saw a myriad of stores of well-known brands, some of which she would never have dared to enter.

After they passed a few store windows, Beate pointed to a mannequin wearing a turquoise pantsuit. "That would fit you really well, especially if you ever have a job interview. I bet you'd look really hot in one of those."

Trixie saw the price tag and blanched. "I can never afford something like that."

Beate didn't let that stand and they entered the store together. Immediately, a saleswoman approached them and asked how they could help you. "That turquoise pant-suit they have in the window. Do you have it in her size?" she asked, pointing to Trixie. The saleswoman confirmed that she did, and Beate wanted Trixie to try it on. "Do you mind that my friend here doesn't wear underwear?" she asked the saleswoman. Trixie would have liked to sink into the floor and the saleswoman turned red in the face. The saleswoman stuttered an 'agreed' and directed the three of them to the back of the store. When she arrived with the pantsuit in Trixie's size, however, she was not allowed into a changing room, but Beate ordered her to undress right there and then and try on the pantsuit. Beate asked for a matching blouse and the saleswoman quickly brought two blouses to choose from. Trixie had to try those on as well, then Beate decided that they would buy both the pantsuit and the two blouses.

Trixie had to take off the suit and the blouse again and when she was standing naked in front of her friends and the saleswoman, Beate ordered her to kiss the saleswoman's shoes as a sign of her gratitude. The saleswoman would have loved to run away when Trixie complied with this order. Only then was Trixie allowed to put on her old clothes again. Beate went to the cash register with the saleswoman and paid for everything with a credit card. She also gave the saleswoman a tip. The saleswoman asked Beate what this performance meant and Beate explained to her that they were all three slaves and that they had orders to do so. When they left the store, the saleswoman first went to the back of the store and poured herself a coffee.

Next, they entered a shoe store together. There Trixie had to sit down on a chair and Beate picked out several shoes, most of them without heels, but also a pair with heels about 6 centimeters high. A very young saleswoman, she couldn't have been much older than 18, picked up the boxes for the shoes she had chosen and wanted to help Trixie put them on. As she leaned down and looked at Trixie, she got a clear view under Trixie's skirt and uncovered pussy. With her head up, she helped Trixie put them on. Trixie tried several of the shoes without heels, then Beate decided on three of them. In addition, she also took the pair with the 6 centimeter heels. Again, Beate paid with her credit card. In the meantime, Siggi had also picked out a pair of shoes and tried them on. She also paid for her shoes with a credit card.

"We really need to go to the bank next week so you can get a credit card as soon as possible, too. Our cards all go to the same account, and they're always funded. You don't have to worry about that. And now please don't start again with the fact that you don't have any money." By now it was almost 1:00 and they went to a snack stand where they got kibbles and drinks.

They sat down on a bench and ate their lunch. Trixie didn't think anything more of it, but suddenly she noticed that there were some young men standing about 15 meters away who kept looking over at them. Apparently they had noticed that none of them were wearing anything under their skirts.

The three of them first took the previous purchases to Siggi's cart, then went back to the outlet center and continued shopping. Trixie got several more pairs of jeans, some t-shirts and a couple of blouses. Plus a leather jacket and a rain jacket. But Beate and Siggi also bought jeans for themselves, Siggi also bought a windbreaker and Beate hit another shoe store where she bought shoes with 12 centimeter high heels. However, they always had all their shoes repacked and continued to go barefoot. Lastly, they visited the branch of a sports manufacturer and picked out sports clothes for Trixie. Both gym shorts and sneakers and a couple of sweatshirts went with their purchases.

As they walked back toward the car, Trixie saw that it was already 4 o'clock. Trixie estimated that they had spent at least 4 to 5000 euros in the past hours, although all the things they bought were discounted 30, 40 and sometimes even 70% in this outlet center.

On the return trip, Trixie was allowed to sit between Siggi and Beate, but Siggi had insisted that she take off her clothes before getting into the car. During the ride, Trixie sat naked like this next to Siggi, who usually only drove with her left hand, while her right hand was on Trixie's thigh, stroking it, and also venturing up to Trixie's pussy from time to time.

When they arrived back home, Trixie had to take all of her groceries up the stairs one by one. However, she had to make the trip from the third low floor all the way up to her apartment several times. Accordingly, she was once again all sweaty when she finally finished. Above all things, the plug in her butt had made her quite uncomfortable while climbing the stairs. She was very happy when she was finally allowed to take it out.

Antje immediately sent her to the kitchen so that she could prepare dinner. For the appetizer, Trixie scooped out some tomatoes and stuffed crabs in them that she had dressed with mayonnaise. For the main course, she peeled potatoes and chopped various vegetables. She put everything together on a baking tray, put the salmon on it and poured a vegetable broth over the whole thing. Then she put the baking tray into the oven. She also prepared the dessert, using some ready-made pancakes that she had found in the Dutch store. Beate and Siggi had tried to dissuade her, but Trixie had prevailed. She spread jam on the pancakes and rolled them up. She put them on a plate that she had already deposited in the microwave.

Half an hour later, she called the others to dinner. Already the appetizer went down very well with her friends but they were completely thrilled with the main course. As they neared the end of the main course, Trixie turned on the microwave. After 5 minutes, it turned off again. Trixie took out the plate and sprinkled the rolled up pancakes with powdered sugar and placed them on the table. The others eyed them suspiciously at first, then each took one of the rolls. No sooner had they tasted them than they demanded that Trixie prepare another portion. Trixie was pleased to see how good it had tasted to her friends and she was proud of her cooking skills.

Beate took over the clearing up. Later they met in the living room where Trixie had to tell Antje and Karin in detail about her experiences at the outlet center. She also had to show off the pantsuit and they all thought it was made for her. When Trixie went to bed later, she fell asleep tired and satisfied.


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