Tristan's Torture

by Z

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© Copyright 2011 - Z - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; cell; maid; cd; femdom; bdsm; cbt; wax; whip; mast; cons/reluct; XX

Tristan had been writing me and serving me off and on in Second Life for a very long time. I had seen his picture and felt safe to allow him to finally serve me. We had made all the arrangements prior to his slavery and I went as far as making everything sound WORSE then it would actually be. He got off the plane looking like a lost puppy, I of course was already waiting for him at the airport only he didn't know that. He only knew to search for a lady wearing a leather outfit from head to toe and to ask "are you Z?".

Trist came into the terminal (if flying is so safe why IS it called a 'terminal' anyways?) looking around for me. I was hiding in a crowd and he carefully walked towards it scanning around. I stepped out from behind the crowd and said "Hello Trist" (of course I used his real name only THAT will never be reveled). "M...M...Miss Z?" he asked me apprehensively, unsure of himself. I laughed and reassured him that it was indeed me, in the flesh and asked him how his flight was as we made our way to the baggage claim area. We made small chit chat and I did my best to reassure him that his vacation would be a trip to remember and I didn't mean by the later portion where he got to be a tourist and see all the sights.

In the car I handcuffed his hands and slipped a blindfold tightly over his eyes, making doubly sure he could not see anything. I then drove him in circles so he would have no idea where we were going. He seemed scared yet compliant and kept talking how he wanted to only serve me and asked TONS of questions. Some I answered and others I just giggled in my most evil tone of voice I could muster. This was going to be a very fun 4 day long weekend. One that was assured to either scare the boy away or make him a permanent slave waiting and begging for my touch always.

At the house I lead him inside and to the room in the basement I had prepared for him. It was a special room as it had no windows, was soundproof and locked from the outside with an iron door. The previous owners had a 'safe room' in that space and with a little modification it was easily turned into the dungeon of my dreams and I loved using it.

After un-handcuffing him and taking the blindfold off I instructed him to wear ONLY what was on the dresser and to put his stuff in the locker in his room and lock the door with the padlock hanging open there. Of course there was no key to the padlock in the room. I had hidden it safely away, Trist's slavery had already begun only he was still unaware of the fact. I shut the door and allowed him to get ready. I went and watched him on the hidden cameras I had in the room as he checked out the space he was in and undressed. He obeyed very well and soon his clothes were locked up and my new lil' slave boy was wearing a French maid outfit at least two sizes too small for him. He has leather cuffs tightly strapped to his ankles and wrists and not knowing what to do he sat at the edge of the bed and waited for my return.

I waited a full ten minutes before I finally came down and opened the door. I asked Trist if he was ready to serve me as this was the last time he could back out unless he used his stop word. He said he was a bit more scared than he thought he would be but was ready to serve me. I had him kneel and beg to be my slave and made him lick my entire heels, top and bottoms, perfectly clean as I humiliated him about his dress. I could see his dick was already getting hard in the thong panties he was wearing and he looked a bit uncomfortable. I laughed at him telling him that it may be a very long while before he was allowed to cum but that MAY be a good thing because regardless of any orgasms from him he would STILL be getting tortured.

I gave him a list and showed him where I kept the cleaning supplies after I had locked the cuffs on with small padlocks and locked a collar around his throat. He was VERY obedient and strangely silent as he started his cleaning. I sat on the couch relaxing and watching TV as he went around and did the dusting, vacuuming, washing dishes, and cleaning bathrooms. After about two hours of getting everything perfectly clean I told him to strip down to his heels, stockings and panties and kneel before me. He obeyed as he blushed as now his dick was harder yet. I walked around him and poked at him with the end of my whip, smacking him lightly here and there and taking my time with him and making him squirm. I had him clasp his hands behind his back and I took a small padlock and clicked it shut, confining his hands behind his back. I then did the same thing with his feet and took the handcuffs and locked his hands to his feet.

I went across the room and sat in my favorite chair and told him to squirm over and lick my feet as I had now slipped my shoes off. He plopped over onto his stomach, trying to gain leverage with his hands and feet but soon realizing he was helpless. He even asked if he could attempt to escape and I consented and laughed as he worked up a sweat rolling around and squirming on the floor. His cock rock hard and peeking out the top of the panties he was wearing. After he squirmed trying to free himself for a good 20 minutes he made his way over to me finally telling me he was helpless and mine and how he would serve me with all his heart.

I used my toes and rubbed them up against his dick and he almost shot off a load of cum right then and there. I told him I had JUST the thing for that problem and got up, leaving him there on the floor. When I came back I reached down and put the ice directly on his penis, watching it shrink and him yell in surprise from the cold. I laughed again and told him to just think, his slavery had JUST started and he still had almost the entire four full days to go yet.

I then made him an offer he couldn't refuse. I offered to serve HIM as a slave IF he could escape from being tied to his bed in the basement. He would have two hours and if he escaped I would free him and strip down and serve as HIS slave for the next four days. If he failed however he would agree to eat leftovers off my plate along with Alpo dog food for his stay. He of course agreed thinking he stood a chance. I undid the padlocks and handcuffs holding him in the hogtie and clipped a leash to his collar and lead him to the basement. After positioning him on the bed I finally unlocked his hands and repositioned him so he was chained spread-eagle on the bed with nothing but stockings, heels and panties on. I then placed earplugs in his ears before slipping the leather hood around his head and locking it shut, the penis gag and blindfold firmly in place. I then very loudly, so he could hear me, slammed the door shut and locked it, shutting the lights off from the outside and left him to squirm and moan and try to escape.

Of course upstairs in my bedroom I laid on the bed with a vibrator in my hand working it in and out of my already wet pussy while watching him. The cameras installed worked well in low light situations and I could see every little move he made and hear him moan through the speakers as he squirmed and thrashed against the bonds, finding then locked on his body just as I had placed them. I watched him for the full two hours then another 1/2 hour after that. Finally when I seen him relax and accept the fact that he was helpless I went down and unlocked the door quietly and made my way to the bed. He felt me sit on the mattress rather than hear me and I slipped his dick out from his panties and started playing with the head. I heard him groan and start to beg about being able to cum as I ignored him and kept bringing him right to the edge then waiting till he started to soften before starting the torture again. I laughed at the muffled 'no more please Mistress Z' cries and I kept up the torture. I did this for another two full hours before i finally stopped and ungagged him, giving him a drink of water.

I then asked him if he wanted to be teased or tortured like I was JUST doing. I warned him that getting a thing is not necessarily as good as he thought so to be careful for what he wished for. He told me he never thought being toyed with without any pain could be so much torture and he begged me to not do it anymore, he would take the other torture I had in mind. I giggled and reapplied the gag. For a full 20 minutes I just sat on the bed, running my nails up and down his chest and stomach and over his thighs.... avoiding touching his thrusting pelvis.

I then took the candle I had burning and dropped hot wax on his nipples.... he screamed into the gag and thrashed against his restraints but they held him, just as they had held him for the past almost 5 hours. I started to wax him more and covered his chest and stomach and even belly button with hot wax before I finally allowed some to drip on his still rock hard cock. He screamed into the gag again and begged me to stop but I just kept the torture up and soon I had his cock and balls encased in wax. Trist had been taken to the edge and beyond and he laid there like a limp noodle, knowing finally what it means to serve as a slave and what real bondage was. There was no escape, not until and if I decided to release him, and that wasn't something I was ready to do.

I gave him another choice. I would take the wax off him but he may not like how I did it, if he cooperated and was good I would then allow him his first release. I asked him if he understood and wanted this and he nodded yes and tried talking into the gag which came out as utter nonsense. I went and grabbed my dick whip, its a smaller version of a regular whip only smaller. I took this whip and started hitting him across the chest and belly, loosening the wax which I then scraped off him. As I started whipping him lower Trist finally realized that I was going to whip him directly on his cock and balls and that there was absolutely NOTHING he could do to prevent me from doing so.

Again he thrashed against his restraints and again they held as I first hit him on the dick and balls with the small whip. Soon all the wax was off and Trist was laying in a pool of sweat so I again ungagged him and gave him a drink of water and held a container up to his cock and told him to pee as I directed him. After he did this (he was still ungagged) I asked him if he was going to be a good slave which he replied yes. I told him I was proud of him so far and that it was finally time for his reward. I took some edible body lotion, strawberry flavored, and started to rub his cock ever so slowly.... I was torturing him again and he started moaning and begging me to stop and to show him some mercy. Instead of stopping however after about another half hour of torture I gave him three extra long stokes and he came all over himself and my hand.

I acted like I was upset with him and using my hand wiped him up and made him lick my hand clean. He licked and sucked at my fingers and hand eagerly, tasting himself as he did so. He thanked me like a good slave should and I then finally released him from his bondage, leaving the cuffs and collar on. I allowed him to come upstairs and eat the dinner I had waiting in the oven and kneel at my feet and rub them as we watched TV and talked. Around bedtime I again clipped the leash to him and lead him to his room in the basement. Locking his collar to a chain locked to the wall, he couldn't reach the door. I had him kneel and kiss my and lick my feet and toes goodnight and told him to sleep well that I would be back in the morning. I went upstairs to my bedroom and played with my vibrator thinking about the days activities and what I would do to him tomorrow.

Falling asleep I slept like a baby, happy that Trist's Torture had begun.


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