Trina's Wedding

by PetulantKim

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Aside to Sharon and Trina;

"Bast, Goddess who comprehends Goddesses, Eye of Ra
Protector, Avenger, Destroyer, Keeper of Life, who lives forever"

"Sharon and Trina, you have come to the Temple of Bast, your priestess, and your assembled friends to Unite with each other. This is a solemn moment, which neither of you should ever remember lightly, but rather hold this as a tribute to Bast and to each other."

"Trina have you remained in adoration and love of Sharon for the appropriate time required before this?"

"Yes, for two years priestess."

"Trina do you promise to remain in adoration of Sharon for the remainder of your life?"

"Yes Priestess."

"Trina do you promise to protect and defend your Mistress, even to giving up your life for her?"

"Yes Priestess."

"Trina do you promise to continually care for, nurture, and remain subservient to Sharon who desires you for her own?"

"Yes Priestess."

"Trina is it your desire and promise to remain in personal humiliation to your Mistress at all times day and night always seeking only to please?"

"Yes Priestess."

"Trina do you acknowledge that Sharon is given the right to Unite with another or others as her needs and desires dictate; and promise never to harbor jealous thoughts or resentments?"

"Yes Priestess."

"Trina do you agree to surrender and abandon all thoughts of personal pride and personal gain to your Mistress, Sharon?"

"Yes Priestess."

"Sharon, do you promise to assume total responsibility for Trina for the rest of your life?"

"Yes Priestess."

"Sharon do you promise to provide for all of Trina’s physical comforts including but not limited to shelter, clothing, sustenance, health care, and old age?"

"Yes Priestess."

"Sharon do you promise to provide and care for Trina’s emotional needs for unending love, appreciation, glorification of her beauty, and need for tender supplication in her times of sickness?"

"Yes Priestess."

"Sharon do you promise to educate and train Trina in the discipline her body, mind and spirit will require so that her willingly given devotion to you never fades but remains a white-hot flame of desire and passion for you?"

"Yes Priestess."

"Sharon do you solemnly vow and affirm never to restrain Trina for a period beyond her physical endurance and emotional stamina?"

"Yes Priestess."

"Sharon do you solemnly vow and affirm in the presence of Bast, your Priestess, and this assembled gathering of friends never to physically punish Trina out of your anger or her disobedience, but only as a reward for her devotion to you and never beyond her physical endurance and emotional stamina?"

"Yes Priestess."

"Sharon although the Temple encourages only single Unitings, it also does not frown on multiple Unitings if your needs and desires require it. Do you promise that in the event of future Unitings that such persons that you Unite with also promise you that they will be subservient to Trina, as Trina has promised to be subservient to you."

"Yes Priestess."

"Sharon and Trina, do you both promise to hold the vows and promises you have just given with the understanding that they are given to ensure a lasting, secure, bond of commitment and love between you. That these vows and promises willingly given and kept wholeheartedly by mutual consent creates a union between you guarded and protected by the Goddess who ordains that your commitment last forever? Answer we understand and promise, Priestess."

"We understand and promise Priestess."

"Trina the virtue of your humility is nothing more or less than the power of attention from Sharon. Continual humiliation in devotion to Sharon will sanctify your relationship. Strive to do Sharon’s will rather than your own. By doing so you will achieve perfect peace and calm knowing you are claimed as Sharon’s own."

"Sharon your commitment and vows this day carry a heavy responsibility. After conjoining ceremonies you and solely you alone are pledged to care and nurture Trina. She freely turns her thoughts, wishes, desires, and needs over to you. She speaks, comes, goes, sleeps, eats, thinks only with your permission with nothing ever asked in return except your discipline and love. To fail in this pledge will incur the wrath of Bast and this Temple."

"Are you prepared for the conjoining?"

"We are Priestess."

"Trina approach the alter and stand before me. Sharon please come and kneel before Trina. Trina I have asked Sharon to kneel before you in acknowledgment that you and you alone are solely responsible to consummate this union. You stand now as an individual with free will. When you utter the words asking Sharon to seal you in bond to her, it will be the your last act of free will. If you at this point have any doubts or uncertainties as to the depth of the commitment you will pledge to Sharon all you need do is tell me 'I am not ready' and I will close this ceremony and dismiss the Temple. There will be no shame or embarrassment if you choose to do so, only the affirmation that more time is required for you to prepare."

"If it is you intention to continue with the conjoining, than now state your intention."

"It is my intention to continue my conjoining with Sharon Priestess."

"Trina, Daughter of Isis, receive the Temples blessing."

"Sharon, arise and stand before Trina. Trina has consented to Unite with you with all present in the Temple as witness."

"Trina, take the Collar and Lock of Bonding from your maidservant and present it to Sharon asking her to use it to consummate your Uniting."

"Sharon, I humbly ask and beg of you as my last act of free will to accept this Collar and Lock of Bonding and to place it around my neck and lock it securely and tightly so all seeing it will know I am your chattel. When I turn and see the golden key of my willing deliverance to your care you will know the true grandeur of my submissiveness to you. A submissiveness that springs from the deepest part of my being and keeps me in continuous Adoration of you. As I own nothing nor desire anything but you, this is the most precious gift I can give you."

"Your Priestess commands everyone rise for the Sealing of this Uniting."

(After Collar is Place and Locked) "Congratulations, you are now United."

"You may be seated. Sharon, I extend my personal congratulations and that of the Temple’s on the personal time, effort, and devotion you have shown over the past two years in your determination to acquire Trina as your chattel. The dedication you have shown was reflected in your vows today. I would also like to add how beautiful you and your chattel are today in these magnificent bridal gowns."

"If you are ready Sharon you may present your chattel to the your friends and members of the Temple, here to witness this Uniting today."

"Thank You Priestess."

(Sharon) "Will the maidservants come and remove Trina’s bridal gown and undergarments please, but do not remove her veil so that none may gaze upon my chattel until I am ready for them to do so."

(Maidservant) "It is done, Mistress."

"Trina, step forward so that I may place a belt of chastity around your waist to hold the chain of fealty to your loins."

"Yes Mistress."

"Place this lock upon the front."

"Yes Mistress"

"Kneel and place your arms over your head palms touching that I might bind your wrists and arms in this joyous moment."

"I obey Mistress."

"Stand and place your feet together that I might bind your feet and legs that you will more fully enjoy this day of celebration."

"Yes Mistress."

"Lift your head to accept the posture collar that will hold it erect and straight. As it holds you, so I hold you always in my care."

"Yes Mistress"

"With this velvet rope I bind your breasts so all present can see my priceless treasures in all their glory."

"As they belong to you, then take them, bind them tightly, that all may view the yearning that I have for you Mistress."

"These jeweled clamps were made especially for you, to adorn the ruby riverets of your unblemished breasts."

"Then set them firmly and deeply Mistress that they will be pleasurable to your sight."

"Your ardent desire and eager anticipation for my mastery inflames my desire for you. I could not be more pleased. Maidservants bring the resplendent corset I have brought as a bridal gift for my chattel."

"Yes Mistress."

"Trina, tell me of your desire for this gift?"

"Mistress, I have yearned for a garment as magnificent as this, but until today had no one worthy of placing me in such a garment. My heart burns for you to bind me in this beautiful gift with a vigor far surpassing my merit. I beg you, if it is your will, to complete my submission so that I may demonstrate my absolute subjection to your exclusive possession. I await your will in anxious anticipation that my answer has found favor in your ears."

"Maidservants attend the laces so I might restrain this worthy bride in the manner she so generously deserves. Her utter devotion to my inner need for her far surpasses even the high expectations I had of her before the Uniting. Her acceptance of unconditional restraint increases her value beyond any measure of gold."

"Maidservants remove her veil."

"As you command, Mistress."

"Trina, will you honor your Mistress by accepting the Bridle of my Desire?"

"I will so honor you Mistress. Set the bit deep in my mouth until I feel its cutting bite, and cinch it tight, to hold me in your grip. My sensibilities intensify and my passion for your domination inflames the very fiber of my soul."

"The honor you show your Mistress today surpasses even your humble submission. As is temple custom, on your Uniting day you are permitted one request. Before you accept the Bridle of Desire, make known your request to me."

"Only that you tighten the chain that passes through my loins link by link until I am satisfied with the stinging cut it takes through my loins Mistress."

"And so you shall have it. Maidservant tighten the waist strap of her belt and raise the fealty chain one link."

"One more Mistress."

"One more Maidservant."

"One more Mistress"

"One more Maidservant."

"It is enough Mistress."

"Approach chattel and take the bit of the Bridle of Desire deeply. Maidservant cinch her Bridle tightly allowing no chance for the bridle to work loose."

(Maidservant) "It is done Mistress."

"Maidservants, carry my chattel to the Dais in front of Bast. Hoist her until her feet swing freely above the Dais then secure her feet with another cord so she will not turn thereby allowing her to watch her wedding feast. She has done well and it is fitting that she enjoy this wedding feast which would not have taken place without her consent."

Trina watched as the feast began. During the first hour there were many toasts to honor Sharon’s good fortune in obtaining such a treasure as me. Sharon would soon turn forty-nine years of age. I heard many guests remark on how fortunate she had been in obtaining a faithful servant of twenty-six years, of long leg, full breasts, and flawless body. One guest toasted Sharon on the magnificent job she had done in exercising me. On my washboard stomach, the finely developed but not overdone muscles evident in my arms and legs."

What a delight it was to hang above my wedding celebration being able to enjoy it completely! An all-embracing peace and calm enveloped me. Tears of happiness welled up in my eyes. Some of them joy to be able to see Sharon so completely fulfilled and joyous that I was hers and that I had pleased her beyond measure. Some of them tears of happiness for myself. The day I had longed for since I had practiced self-bondage as a teen-ager had finally come. No longer would I need ever worry about anything as long as I remained obedient and faithful to Sharon. The only decisions I would ever have to make on my own for the rest of my life would be how to thoroughly please Sharon’s desires, wishes and needs. Simple decisions that would be easy such as how to dress in the most provocative way for her, to urge her always to pull my chastity belt just one notch tighter, kiss me just a little harder, to take one more turn on my nipple clamps, or what to cook for dinner for her.

It was almost the end of the first hour of my wedding celebration and again tears of happiness welled making small wet drops on the dais below even though I could not see them. And with the tears, overwhelming waves of peace and calm. Although the wedding guests had not given another thought to me or even looked up at me, except for their chattel who furtively stole glances of me with envy when their bondholders weren’t looking, Sharon found my gaze every fifteen minutes or so and smiled. She had seen my tears and unnoticed by the partying guests had come over to me. Standing on tiptoe she wiped my eyes with a tissue. "Tears of happiness my faithful little one?" she asked. I nodded my head as much as the posture collar allowed and smiled with my eyes. That she could read my thoughts was an affirmation of the depth of my devotion to her. "It’s okay little one," said Sharon wiping the tears away again. "I understand. Now dry up those tears and just enjoy your wedding party." I nodded again as much as I could. Before she left she backed off my nipple clamps halfway. Tiny stabbing pains shot through my nipples as blood rushed in and I was glad for the bit in my mouth. How embarrassing it would have been to cry out at my own wedding celebration!

The celebration had just entered its second hour. All though joyous and noisy it was also dignified. The Temple did not allow alcohol on its premises, and indeed most of the guests including Sharon and I did not drink. Absence of mind altering alcohol or drugs was frowned upon and discouraged. Bondholders and chattel always desired clear minds to control the discipline required to maintain the balance between them. After everyone had eaten and the dishes cleared away, the music and dancing started. Most bondholders had had their chattel remove their clothes so other guests could admire their possessions while they danced.

As the party entered its third hour, I was thoroughly enjoying myself watch Sharon take toasts from a few guests whose plane had been delayed and had arrived late. It was a so thrilling to watch Sharon dancing in her beautiful antique white bridal gown. It had a boat neck neckline with half-sleeves and was embroidered with an overlay of the finest French silk from the waist up. From the waist down it billowed out in sheer satin held aloft with crinolines. I had done her hair in a French braid intertwined with lilies-of-the-valley. Sharon had at one point in her life taught ballroom dancing and it was simply delightful to watch her flow across the floor. When it came time for my dance Rita stood in for me. Rita was the vice president of a large casino whose beauty can only be described as breathtaking. Sharon and Rita danced slowly with everyone else watching. Rita was a perfect choice to dance for me so I wouldn’t miss this part of the wedding celebration.

As the party entered its fourth hour nearing midnight, guests began leaving a few at a time. I was beginning to feel the strain of my restraint. Sharon had taught me well over the last two years and I had been a most eager pupil. Sharon had bound my arms palm facing every other day and suspended me by my arms feet off the floor. She started with ten minutes the first month and extended the time I hung each month by ten minutes. At the start of the second year of our engagement while still increasing the time by ten minutes, she began adding other restraints so I could gradually get used to it. A week before tonight, I had hung suspended for a full four hours minus only the chastity belt, nipple clamps, and bridle. Therefore, although feeling the strain, I was still able to quietly enjoy still being in complete restraint. The only thing that really hurt were the corners of my mouth with the bit jammed hard against them. I had told my maidservant that if she did not cinch my bridle tightly when Sharon told her, that I would tell Sharon afterward. I guess she had taken my threat seriously as I have never had my bridle set so deeply.

As the end of the fourth hour approached with only a few remaining guests to leave, I increased my effort at working on my real wedding gift to Sharon. This afternoon before we left for the Temple I had weaved a three-quarter inch length of rawhide unfinished and rough on both sides and the edges, through the links of the chain on my chastity belt securing it firmly to the last link of either end of the chain. It was also dyed to match the nude shade of my vagina. This was my secret plan. Sharon would not see the rawhide until the attendant handed her the chastity belt to put on me and it would be too late for her to do anything about it. It would merely puzzle her for a moment wondering why I had placed it there, and than she would forget about it. She would only learn the real reason after the ceremony and wedding celebration had ended. The nude color of the rawhide would also not mar the appearance of the smooth stainless steel chain running through the inside lips of my vagina and secured front and back to the chastity belt.

Here is how my secret plan would work. The smooth stainless steel chain of one-inch links would by itself merely be tight in my vagina and as long as I didn’t move, easy being suspended, would only cause mild irritation. However, with the rough rawhide laced through it, any movement would cause it to rub my vagina causing it to slowly chafe raw. By using my Uniting request to have the chain pulled tighter, I would ensure that it chafed my vagina until it was raw enough to bleed. Not too much, but just enough for little drops of blood to fall to the soft white cotton rope binding my feet and legs, and to splatter on the Dais below me."

Too ensure this about every fifteen minutes or so during the last four hours I had been suspended, I twisted my hips around as much as the restraints would allow me causing the chain and rawhide to twist ever so slightly. Now with only perhaps twenty minutes left before the final guests left, I twisted my hips and buttocks savagely whenever I was sure no one was looking my way that might glance up at me. My strength was ebbing fast. Finally, the last guests left leaving only Sharon and the Temple Priestess who had conjoined us. Sharon helped her on with her coat and went out to the foyer with her. Two maidservants were asleep on a couch. My eyes quickly found my maidservant’s who was wide awake and ready. She quickly ran to the couch nearest me and from behind pulled out a three by four foot mirror she had secreted there earlier. Running over to me she held it up so I could see, not being able to look down because of my restraints. My plan had worked perfectly. Dozens of tiny drops of blood dotted the soft white cotton ropes binding my legs and dozens more splattered the Dais. My plan had worked perfectly. I relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of my new corset cutting into the soft underside of my breasts and around my hips.

I smiled when I remembered Sharon teaching me that I would only know the true pleasure of submission when I could use my mind to turn the dull throbbing ache and sometime pain of restraint into pleasure. I thought I had mastered the lesson pretty well and Sharon told me that although my efforts were commendable that I had yet to experience fully what it meant. How would I learn this I asked? I can teach you no more Sharon had told me. All I can say is that at some point if you continue you use your mind to turn the ache and pain into pleasure you may experience what I am talking about. I’ll give you a hint though, she continued, the key is faithfulness and devotion to your Mistress. When your Mistress has that, than you will experience the greatest pleasure you can possibly imagine, greater than words could ever describe. Bondservants who have experienced this highest level of submission describe it as 'crossing the line'.

I twisted violently straining against all my bindings with the remaining strength I had left. The ropes, the corset, my bridle, the chain running through my vagina, and the ropes binding my breast all chaffed at once twisting and cutting. All though every muscle and bone in my body ached, throbbed, or actually hurt, I experienced indescribable waves of pleasure coursing through my body. As my body became still once more I felt faint. My maidservant was suddenly before me standing on a chair wiping sweat from my forehead with a napkin she had quickly doused in ice water from a pitcher on the table. My body and mind still convulsed with pleasure as she wiped my face. My maidservant almost starstruck whispered that she hoped she would have the same courage as I when a Master or Mistress was eventually found for her to serve, but I should rest now.

Although I couldn’t move my mouth, I closed my eyes and was smiling inside. I had crossed the line. Sharon had said it would be the only personal thing I could experience without her once I had given myself to her. She was right. If I had had the strength to twist myself as violently again I knew I would have orgasmed. It was just as well. It was forbidden me to orgasm twenty-four hours before and twenty-four hours after the Uniting ceremony. I closed my eyes now knowing in a few minutes Sharon would return to release my bonds. My handmaiden showed me her watch and smiled. I had now been bound and suspended for four hours and forty-five minutes, longer than ever before.

I opened my eyes when the foyer door opened and Sharon returned alone. She was so beautiful. She looked tired also, happy, but tired. She came to the table nearest me and motioned all three maidservants to her, the other two having awoken. They helped her out of her shoes and wedding dress and than carried over one of the Temple lounges for her to lay back and stretch out in. All Sharon had worn under her wedding dress was the white two-piece stretch silk set I had given her on her last birthday. The bottoms were footed and the top had long sleeves. She was as radiant in this as she was in her wedding dress. It was opaque but nonetheless displayed every curve of the body I worshipped. As my maidservant began to massage her feet and another brought her a cold glass of water, she lay back and gazed up at me smiling. "I’ll remove your bonds as soon in a few minutes after I rest a bit". I watch her eyes follow the curve of my body and stop at my legs. "What a beautiful wedding gift little one. Thank you". My eyes began filling with tears again.

Sharon had the two new handmaidens take me down an lay me on the dais and then sent them home. I saw her whisper to my handmaiden who went out, returned with some items that Sharon had evidently asked her to bring, and went out again. Sharon first removed my bridle and carefully licked the drool off of my face and breasts. She than kissed me deeply massaging my sore mouth and lips with her lips and tongue. She tasted so good. She than removed the bindings from my arms legs, and breasts. Helping me sit up, she removed the nipple clamps quickly. I let out a sharp gasp as the blood flooded into them. Sharon quickly sucked my nipples until they were pink and flushed. Rolling me over on my stomach she undid the laces holding my corset and rolling me over again on my back removed it."

I lay on the warm, heated dais while Sharon went and brought me a cool drink of water. Holding my head, she helped me drink. I now lay on the dais wearing only my chastity belt with the chain between my loins. I looked at Sharon and found her adoring gaze. I crossed over the line a few minutes ago, it was wonderful. "I’m pleased little one", Sharon said. "When I remove your chastity belt and fealty chain, I’ll soothe your loins with my lips, although I do believe you will be sore for a fortnight because of your determination to please me. To repay you for your beautiful submission, I’ll take you over the line once more before your maidservant brings your coat and I carry you to the car to take you home."

"If it serves you Mistress, than use me as my only desire is to please". I lay relaxed, warm, and comfortable on the dais as Sharon kissed me once again.

Although I had no idea what Sharon intended, it didn’t matter. My mind and body had been completely given over to her. Sharon moves about me and fastened a leather cuff to each wrist and ankle pulling them tight and buckling them securely. She then brought a large couch cushion about six inches high, had me sit up and lay down again the cushion positioned under the small of my back. Then, using the ropes, which had so recently bound my legs and arms, Sharon attached a length of rope to each cuff and fastened them to the hooks under the raised edge of the dais tying me spread eagle. Then checking the cushion under my back again, went around and pulled and retied each rope again pulling my body taunt. It felt good to be tied spread eagled on my back after hanging for so long. Sharon went and retrieved her camera to take a couple of pictures, commenting on how beautiful I looked with my body curved in an arch, stretched tight, with my breasts jutting straight up. "It feels delicious," I told Sharon, "after hanging suspended for so long, I could go to sleep this way."

"You can sleep at home after your maidservant has bathed you and you’ve attended to my wedding orgasm", Sharon said, walking toward me with a small pillow. She positioned the pillow under my head and than lifted my head again and put a soft black velvet blindfold over my eyes. I could feel Sharon reach under me and unfasten the chain from the back of my chastity belt. She than unfastened the chain from the front and unbuckled and removed the belt. I was now laying spread-eagled on the dais, completely naked, with only the fealty chain with the entwined rawhide running through my loins. I felt Sharon moving around and felt her lay her head beside mine on my shoulder, both her arms across me over my breasts, her hands gently rubbing my stomach.

Sharon whispered in my ear that although it was forbidden for me to orgasm the day of conjoining on my own, that if I involuntarily had an orgasm it was all right. "Yes Mistress", I answered. With that, Sharon roughly began to kiss the side of my neck and at the same time took hold of the fealty chain between my legs with her fingers and slowly and steadily began to pull it forward holding the chain flat against my stomach ensuring the chain pulled through my already chaffed and sore vagina one link at a time. I screamed as Sharon pulled and the chain and rawhide bit deep in my vagina. Sharon again bit my neck savagely causing me to squeeze my pelvic muscles hard as the last link of the chain pulled through and the first wave of a massive orgasm hit my body, causing me to writhe against the ropes holding me, Sharon’s mouth now on mine biting my lips and kissing me hard. I felt the second orgasm convulse me, as I fainted.

When I came to, I was wrapped in my full length mink nestled against Sharon in the back seat of the car, one of the handmaidens driving. My head lay against Sharon’s breasts as she stroked my hair with her hands. It was dark in the limousine, and although I could not see her, my handmaiden was setting on the floor of the limo her head under my coat softly caressing my swollen, sore vagina with her lips. I smiled up at Sharon and she kissed me.

"Will it always be like this?" I asked.

"As long as you always please me Trina," she said.

"I will Mistress, I will," I said as I fell asleep in her arms.


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