by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2004 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; leather; bond; rope; bfold; gag; hood; hotel; toys; mast; climax; cons; X


She had read many of my stories on the Internet and then sent several e-mails overflowing with praise for my writing and asking if it was possible to meet me because she had feelings just exactly like some of the characters I had portrayed. Well, I thought, why not?

Tricia, I wrote, when you arrive in this city you will go directly to the hotel where you are pre-registered for a two night stay.  Check in time is 3pm and as soon as you have unpacked I want you to go down to the coffee shop and have a light meal.  I suggest a salad and a non-alcoholic drink then go back to your room and relax until 5:30pm.

At that time you will go to the bathroom and relieve yourself before having a shower.  Dry yourself then remain naked and go to sit on the bed near the phone.

In your luggage, besides the clothing you require for the trip, you will also have packed the following items.  A laptop computer (rent one if necessary), a 50’ coil of soft white cord that is not more than ¼” in diameter, an effective blindfold of your choice, a pair of leather boots with at least 4” heels and a pair of tight kid leather gloves that reach passed your wrists.

In addition, I will leave it up to you to select and bring either a gag or material that can be used for that purpose.  All these items are to be set out on the dressing table; I believe they are self explanatory however I will note that the boots and gloves are mainly required to protect your ankles and wrists from the cord.

At 5:55pm the phone will ring and you will answer it by repeating twice the number of the room assigned to you.  You should be aware that, in Canada, hotels do not release the room number of a guest but they will put calls through from house phones.

You will hang up the phone and move to stand just inside the door taking the blindfold with you; put on the blindfold and wait for my knock on the door.

Let me make this very clear if, when I come into your room, you are not naked except for the blindfold or if I feel the blindfold is not effectively stopping you from seeing anything, I will leave immediately and any further contact between us will cease.

Tricia, do you understand and agree to these terms?

I hit send and the e-mail was on its way.

She must have been sitting at the computer because it was less than five minutes before her reply arrived.

Yes, Anne, I do understand and agree!

And so it was that I walked down the hall on the 12th floor of her hotel towards room 1214.  The 5” heels of my boots made no sound on the thick carpet but the leather of my black tailored slacks had that distinctive rustle as my legs brushed together.  The matching hip length fitted jacket covered a crisp white satin blouse and my hands were encased in tight but flexible kid leather gloves. Over my shoulder was a large handbag also in black leather.

I rapped twice on the door and waited as it opened then went in, checked that she was wearing an effective blindfold, and closed the door behind me.  I could see that Tricia had not exaggerated when she described herself to me; she was beautiful and this was going to be fun.

When she heard the door close Tricia opened her mouth to speak but I silenced her by resting a kid covered finger across her lips.  I took her by the elbow and led her over to the dressing table to check that everything was there as ordered then picked up the gloves and put them in her hands.

Tricia was trembling as she worked her hands in to the leather and smoothed it down over her fingers and wrists.  In the past they would have been called eight button gloves because they came halfway up to her elbows.  As she was doing that I took a pair of scissors from my bag and cut off a length of the cord I found coiled on the table.

I gently took her by the shoulders and turned her away from me then reached around and grasped her arms bringing them behind her back and resting them at the small of her back with the wrists crossed.  Two turns of the cord one way and two the other, a sharp pull then a couple of knots and they were secure.

I moved her over to the bed and turned her to sit on it before picking up the boots and starting to fit them on her.  She took the hint and pushed down to settle her feet properly and remained still while I laced them to her knees.  Another few turns with some more of the cord and her ankles were also properly restrained.

Not a word had been spoken, nor would there be because on top of the dressing table I had seen a very large ball gag.  Where she had found it I had no idea but I knew exactly where it was going.  Some effort was required to get it to fit behind her teeth but eventually it popped in place and I was able to cinch the strap at the back of her head.

Her trembling was getting more pronounced so I sat down beside her and put my arms around her to cuddle her against the leather covering me.  As I stroked her hair she could feel the softness of the material and, since it was new, the distinctive aroma would fill her nostrils.  Slowly her body started to relax and the trembling stopped.

I reached in my bag and pulled out the leather helmet.  She was already gagged and blindfolded but that was not sufficient for me.  I fitted her chin in the lower part and then pulled and stretched it up over her head making sure the two metal rimmed holes were lined up under her nose.  Moving around to kneel behind her on the bed I worked on the laces that started at her forehead and ten minutes later was tying them off at the back of her neck.

The two straps across her already blind eyes and full mouth were overkill but once I buckled them tightly they certainly did look good.  To test things I took one of her nipples between thumb and forefinger and gave it a quick twist.  The gag worked!

I pulled Tricia to her feet and turned her until I could push her into the chair beside the bed.  Hotels put up with a lot of things but I wanted no fuss with this one so I ripped open the package of a plastic paint drop cloth and tucked it over the covers on the bed after removing the pillows.

I pulled Tricia to her feet again by the simple method of grabbing a nipple in each hand and lifting upwards. I used another piece of cord to link her elbows together before untying her wrists and pushing her back down on the bed.  Lengths of the cord quickly went around each wrist and out to the corners of the headboard and then I released the elbow cinch and pulled each arm to full stretch before tying them off.

A couple of minutes later and she was in a full spread eagle with her booted feet tied to opposite corners of the bottom rail.

Tricia had no place to go, she was blind, gagged and very, very vulnerable!

I took off my jacket and then settled down beside her with my head propped on one hand while I let the other explore the figure stretched out helplessly in front of me.  The nipples were now erect and I circled each one with my tongue several times before letting my gloved right hand slide down over the flat stomach to the bush at the apex of her spread legs.

A tiny pinch here and there then a slow stroking with just one leather covered finger up and down between the glistening lips and through the gag came a moan - so I stopped.   Reaching yet again into my convenient bag I used my tongue then gently nipped a nipple with my teeth to tease it fully erect and snapped a clamp over it.

The moan was more like a grunt but nowhere near loud enough to be heard across the room, let alone outside it, and the second nipple clamp got the same reaction.  I had a third clamp!

Taking my time, as I studied the form on the bed, I stretched a pair of rubber gloves over the leather ones on my hands, things were going to get messy and I always planned ahead.

Concentrating on Tricia’s vagina I soon coated a couple of fingers with enough lubrication to let them slide down a fraction and then push them into her rosebud.  She tried to arch up off the bed at this intrusion but had no escape from my prying digits and I let them remain deep inside her then wiggled them around a bit to prove my point.

Pulling my fingers out I used the same hand to gather up the waiting butt plug and force it back in their place.  Now that got a real reaction but nothing to disturb the neighbours.

Giving her a few minutes to get used to that intrusion I helped myself to a drink from the mini-bar; what the hell, it would be charged to her account anyway.

Refreshed, I settled beside her again and let my fingers find that little nub that was not so little right now.  I coaxed it gently to full attention and then found a home for the third clamp before I used my slippery rubber fingers to diddle with her opening.

When she was fully lubricated I pushed in the thick head of a rubber dildo and eased the rest almost all the way in before sliding it back out several times.  Watching closely I saw her chest rising and falling as air forced its way through the only airway open to her and then I rammed the rubber cock to its full length and my ministrations paid off as every muscle in her body went rigid and she came, and came, and came!

After removing the butt plug, the dildo and the clamps I washed them then stripped off the rubber gloves and made myself another drink while her breathing settled down.  It took quite a while but eventually the body on the bed relaxed and the breathing became even.

Leaving her limbs in the spread eagle I lifted her head and took off the two straps and then my helmet.  She was still blindfolded and gagged with her own supplies; I wasn’t leaving mine.

I packed all of my stuff in the handbag and put my jacket back on then I opened her laptop and typed a message.  When that was done I loosened the knots on her right wrist and put the scissors in her hand.  Making sure she had a good hold on them I patted her on the cheek and left.

When she realized I was gone and used the scissors to free herself she would see the open screen of the laptop and read my message:

Tricia – you have until 8am tomorrow morning to send me an exact description of your feelings about what has just happened to you.  You have my e-mail address and the hotel room has an access to the Internet.  I will judge by your reply whether we should or will ever meet again but if we do – it will always be on my terms.

I am waiting!