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Storycodes: FFFF(M)/f; bondage; stripped; anti-speech head harness; spread eagled; teased; tortured; machine; electrosex; orgasm; displayed; cons; X

It is no secret in the closet BDSM group in our neighborhood that sooner or later one of us has been bound, teased, tortured or put on display by Stephanie our neighbor semi-pro Dominatrix.

Stephanie liked the folding bondage frame that she used to spread eagle and torture a naked Techster during a "ladies only" get together as we watched reruns of Sex in the City.

We all know that before Stephanie buys any piece of bondage gear she has to test it personally so when we heard that she had ordered a folding bondage frame, Lynn, the metal artist, told me as well as the lesbian couple, Viga and Gina.

Remembering the tease and torment that Stephanie had done to Techster Lynn asked me if I would be interested joining she, Viga and Gina in an ambush and give her a heavy-duty taste of her own medicine.

Of course I was eager to join in the fun, unfortunately I could not invite Techster since his job had him working out-of-town.

Later the next day Stephanie arrived to look over and inspect her newest purchase. Unknown to her Gina, Viga and I were hiding in her basement.

Stephanie arrived and she was not in a good mood. As she looked at new bondage frame she asked Lynn in an angry tone of voice, "OK it looks pretty good, but I think the bare aluminum should be cleaner looking! Could you polish it?"

Lynn tried to calm her by showing this frame’s new features. "First, this bondage frame is a foot taller than the last model. Next, look in the center of the upper part of the frame. Here is the head hoist you asked for. Unlike the previous models this one has a three remote controlled electric winches; one for the head harness, one for the wrist restraints and the last one for the ankle restraints." As she pointed to a small cable that hung down.

Stephanie growled at Lynn in an angry voice, "That’s what I mean that cable looks far too small to hold any weight. I bet I can break it! Where is the head harness let me try it! Let me show you how flimsy this rig is! If I can break it I will only pay half price! Now, where is that head harness?"

Lynn pulled the heavy leather head harness from a box, passed it to Stephanie, "Here it is. Put this on and we will check it out!"

Stephanie hurriedly stepped onto the lower plate of the frame, put on the head harness, buckled it on tightly, and shouted, "There it is. Now take up on the hoist cable!"

Lynn pushed the hoist button and watched a Stephanie was hoisted onto her tiptoes.

Then Lynn said, "You wanted to do the beta test so it is your turn to be the submissive. Please strip and prepare to receive punishment. You have 30 minutes to escape. If you do not escape. You will be put on public display and until I say so you will be our bondage and S&M toy."

Stephanie was unable to speak since the front strap on the head harness that supported her weight also prevented her from speaking and the buckle for the harness was up on the cable well out of her reach. She was obviously angry and waved her arms around while making a growling sound at the same extending her middle finger in disapproval.

Lynn laughed and said; "Some friends and I remember how you’ve treated us when we were helpless. We just thought that being a professional dominant you would appreciate understanding just how your subject feels. Let me go get some help so you can enjoy this experience."

With that she knocked on the basement door.

Viga, Gina and I came out each bearing gift of various whips, crops and a long knotted strand cat.

"We’ve decided that it is your turn to be he sub." Viga advised her. "Now please strip."

Stephanie shook her head, "NO!!"

I told her, "Considering your current condition, if I were in your position I would not refuse. However we are patient so you can stand there and think about your fate while we sit on my sundeck and enjoy a glass of Sangria."

Lynn pushed a button and the winch that was attached to the head harness lowered very slightly so now Stephanie was standing on the front of her feet instead of ballet fashion on just her toes.

However with so much of her body weight supported by the head harness there was no way she could escape or say anything. She flailed around with her arms trying in vain to release the harness.

"Now we’re going out on the deck to have a snack and enjoy a glass of wine." Lynn told her, "When we return we want to see all of your clothes on the floor."

Lynn motioned for us to follow her. We went out of the back door to her home and sat on the patio. From a small refrigerator she produced four small bottles of Sangria.

She set the timer on her smart phone to fifteen minutes saying, "Fifteen minutes should be enough. If she hasn’t stripped we’ll cut her clothes off her with my electric shears."

"Do you think she’ll be OK? " I asked.

"Of course, there’s like an unwritten rule that in order to become a successful dom you must graduate from being a submissive." Viga advised us while Gina nodded in agreement.

The timer rang and we all went inside to Lynn’s living room where a beautifully naked Stephanie stood awaiting her next torment.

None of us had ever seen Stephanie in the nude it was a sight worth seeing.

She was beautiful, with pert strong little breasts, about a 36 B that stood out proudly with no sag, her waist to hip transition and the muscles on her back looked mildly athletic, beautiful, smooth but not like a weight lifter. Her skin was a study in perfection her shaven pubic area along with an all over even tan and her long lithe shapely legs rivaled those of any super model.

Lynn released the rotation lock and slowly spun the frame so Stephanie’s back was towards us.

"WOW!" Both Viga and Gina exclaimed, "What a work of art! Lets spread her so we can just enjoy her."

I looked at her and said to the others, "I don’t know about but I would hate to mark up such a work of art. Let’s spread her and enjoy her the sight of her."

Lynn brought out a pair of bondage mitts and cuffs for her ankles.

It became obvious to everyone that Stephanie had gotten over being angry and accepted the helplessness of her situation. Almost as if she enjoyed being the center of attention she stood proudly and held her wrists out to receive the bondage mitts.

When the bondage mitts were laced and locked the rings on the mitts were attached to the upper cables Lynn pushed the button on the middle electric winch and pulled Stephanie’s arms out and upward.

"Stephanie you look great. Now we’re going to spread your ankles." Lynn advised her as Gina and Viga buckled the heavy leather cuffs around her ankles.

Lynn released a little bit more of the tension on the head harness then she activated the third winch and spread Stephanie’s ankles.

"There you are a perfect captive held by your head, wrists and ankles." Lynn advised her. "Now I have just one more surprise for you there is one piece of this frame you haven’t noticed. Let me get a mirror so you can see it."

Lynn picked up a hand mirror and positioned it so Stephanie could see it.

This other "piece" of the frame was a single tube about two feet long with a tapered end that was mounted on the lower plate of the frame.

Lynn handed the hand mirror to Gina, "Hold it steady so Stephanie can watch me adjust it for her pleasure."

Lynn took a tube of sex lube, coated the tip and pulled it upward so it slid into Stephanie’s pussy. "Stephanie I know you will enjoy this not only does it vibrate but it has an extension that is designed to stimulate your clit but the tip of the extension and the tip of the main tube are metal contacts that are wired for electrical simulation. The stimulation vibration and the electrosex are set on a random cycle to make things interesting."

Lynn held up a small remote control and asked Stephanie, "Are you ready?"

Stephanie stood there with a brave look on her face and nodded, "Yes."

Lynn pressed the button and a low pitched hum could be heard as a smile appeared on Stephanie’s face.

We all pulled up chairs to watch Stephanie.

She strained and wiggled as the hum got louder and changed to a high pitch pulsing sound; the suddenly the sound and Stephanie started jerking.

Lynn commented "Random cycling and it is my guess that she is being electrically stimulated now."

Gina commented, "May I trade places with Stephanie? From here it looks like she’s having way too much fun."

I had not said much until now when I suggested, "Why not release her head harness and ask her?"

Lynn looked at me and agreed, "That is a great idea, after the ultimate beta test should include feedback from the users!"

She pulled the remote for the frame’s winches from her pocket and pressed one button. The head harness loosened.

Stephanie took a deep breath and spoke, "Great job, Lynn with the bullet proof restraint, the gag effect of the head harness, the vibrator and the electro stimulation I have just ridden through the one of the best orgasms I have ever experienced."

Lynn pressed the other two buttons on the remote and released Stephanie’s wrists and ankles.

"Hey. What about these?" Stephanie asked as she held up her hands still encased in the bondage mitts.

Viga and Gina answered simultaneously, "Leave them on her. Her trim muscular body is a work of art and we love art."

Gina took a double ended clip out of her pocket walked up to Stephanie, clipped one end to her right bondage mitt, pulled her left wrist around behind her back and clipped the other end to her left.

This left Stephanie walking around naked and bound. "I really don’t mind being the center of attention, but I am strictly hetro-sexual. Would you please take my cell phone out of my shirt pocket and call the number for Ben on my contacts. Then invite him over here so he can enjoy me too?"

I took Stephanie’s cell phone out of the pocket in her shirt, checked the contacts list and called the one named Ben.

A deep male voice answered, "This is Ben may I help you?"

"Yes, please are you a friend of Stephanie?" I answered.

"Yes, I am a very special friend of Mistress Stephanie." Ben answered.

"Stephanie has a problem that needs your assistance can you meet her at 3314 PINE Street in the Arbors subdivision?" I advised him.

"I’ll be there in five minutes!" he returned.

Lynn said, " Stephanie is it OK with you if we set you up in the privacy paddock for Ben’s enjoyment?"

Stephanie nodded in agreement and said, "My years as a dom have led me to enjoy those special sub moments when I am helpless and the center of attention. Let’s do it! Set me up so I can tease Ben."

Lynn reached into her toy chest and brought a 3-foot spreader bar with fabric cuffs, a locking steel collar, a butt hook and a fabric strap like they use to tie down motorcycles.

After having Stephanie bend over Lynn set the hook in her butt attached the strap to it. Then she closed and locked the collar over the strap.

Stephanie’s wrists were released and she was led out of the side door into the small privacy paddock, which had a tall pole with several eyebolts on it. "OK Stephanie, back up to the pole."

She set her back against the pole, Lynn stood on a small step stool and hooked the end of the tie-down strap to one of the eyes. Next she reached down and attached the spreader bar to Stephanie’s ankles. This spread Stephanie’s legs far apart neatly exposing her sex. Finally Lynn pulled on the strap pulling up gently into Stephanie’s butt. "Is that OK with you?" She asked as she stepped back to admire her handiwork.

Stephanie smiled and said, "This is erotic as all hell, naked, exposed unable to move with my hands free but thanks to the bondage mitts useless. I know this will tease the hell out of Ben."

The doorbell rang and Lynn ran to answer it.

Standing at her door was a tall muscular man about 6 feet 6 inches tall, with an open shirt revealing a hairy muscular torso, "Hi, there I’m Ben a special friend of Stephanie’s.

Lynn chuckled as she invited, " Please come inside and follow me Stephanie is specially prepared and waiting for you."

Every one of the ladies gasped when Ben walked into the paddock.

He smiled and said, "Hey Stephanie, I heard you were hanging around waiting for me."

Stephanie smiled, "Yes, here I am nude bound and awaiting your tease."

Ben smiled as he bent down and gave Stephanie a firm kiss on the lips.

She reached up, put the mitts behind his head and pulled his head down to her nipples. Ben licked her nipples and then reached down and pinched her nipples. He then started a rhythmic massage of her sex.

He stepped back and said, "Stephanie, this is no fair you are bound and teasing me with that great body of yours, but with the chastity lock I can’t even get an erection!"

Stephanie told him, "OK Ben, you’ve let out our secret, shed those clothes and show the ladies how I can control you even when I am bound like this."

Ben blushed and shed his shirt, slacks and underwear and turned so he was on display.

Locked around Ben’s cock and balls was a stainless steel chastity tube.

He turned and explained, "Even though I have been engaged to Stephanie for six months by our mutual agreement I am kept locked to be an instrument of her pleasure and she has been lover and my keyholder for over a year. We do have regular sex once a month, but only when I make her beg for it. To prevent prostate problems I am milked weekly."

Lynn stepped forward pulling a small cart with a box on it "Here is my toy collection. Pick your favorite one and lets listen to Stephanie beg and scream."

Ben grabbed a strap that had a rabbit type vibrator attached to it and its remote control. He lubed the rabbit with sex lube, slid the rabbit in place then buckled the waist and crotch straps pushing it firmly against her sex.

"Hold on dear as I play with the remote control then you can sing for the ladies." Ben tightened the straps so the rabbit was held tightly in place. "OK lover are you ready?"

Stephanie nodded her head.

Ben got an evil grin as he reached into the toy box for a pair of nipple clamps with vibrators, tightened them on Stephanie’s nipples and turned on the vibrators.

Stephanie gasped as the teeth on the clamps bit into her tender nipples.

Ben picked up the remote controller, held them up high and asked Lynn, "Are all these on the same frequency?"

Lynn laughed, "Yes, they are."

"Then let the fun begin." Ben held the remote up for all to see, "Here goes full blast!"

Stephanie got a broad grin then waved her mitten-encased hands around.

"Ahh, oh, wow!" she screamed.

Then she pointed to Ben and ordered, "Ben, please bind my hands behind me. You know how the feeling of total helplessness is erotic for me and I feel silly waving my hands around."

Ben shut down the vibrators and reached into Lynn’s toy box one more time and got a short piece of chain, which, had a clip on each end.

He grabbed Stephanie’s wrists and secured them behind her back.

Stephanie smiled and with a soft whisper said, "Thank you, lover."

Ben held up the remote and said, "Here it goes, full throttle!"

Stephanie struggled and wiggled for a second and with an ear-to-ear grin tilted her head back and uttered a primal howl much like a wolf might. Lynn, Gina, Viga and I watched in amazement as her muscles worked and strained and she worked up a heavy sweat. Then Gina pointed down and we all noticed her sex was squirting a white fluid and dripping.

"Wow! Talk about getting stimulated! Take a look at the squirt!"

Ben smiled walked over and gave Stephanie a deep kiss. "OK. That’s enough for this round. Let’s give the girl and I a break. After all I have to work 3rd shift tonight."

Lynn agreed, "Stephanie, We all loved watching you and I for one have a great deal of respect for you. Girl you can take a subbing and give us a great show."

Lynn passed Ben a set of keys. He removed Stephanie’s bondage mitts, "There is nothing to it both of the locks are keyed the same."

Freed of her bonds Stephanie whirled around grabbed Ben gave him a long deep kiss and a hug. "Lover, you were great! I’ll be waiting for you when your shift is over with the key."

Ben grinned, threw on his clothes, gave Stephanie one last kiss and dashed out of the door.

Lynn gasped and pointed to his shirt, printed across the back was the notation that read, "Emergency medicine trauma transport avionics technician."

Lynn asked, "What does Ben do for a living?"

Stephanie responded as she dressed, "Oh he’s is the senior helicopter pilot for the Emergency Medical Squad at the hospital. When he is not flying he works as a paramedic in the emergency room."

Lynn pointed to the folding bondage frame, "What do you think of the frame?"

Stephanie replied, "Fold it and I’ll take it. Only one problem you haven’t set the price."

"Two thousand five hundred dollars. That includes the canvass cover, the cart, a step by step tutorial and my personal coaching and assistance for the first two set ups."

Stephanie reached into her pocket and pulled out a roll of bills and passed it to Lynn. "Please count ‘em. I believe there is three thou there. From what I’ve seen it is well worth the price there is nothing like it anywhere. This will be a hit a Domina Bonita’s dungeon next week when she holds her annual Dungeon Dominatrix invitational where we all get to show off our best gear for her underground forum."

Lynn passed Gina a small camcorder, "Please get a video of this for Stephanie."

She pointed to each pin as she pulled them one by one. "Steph, I have written a manual to help you set it up. Each pin that keeps the frame rigid has a different colored head that matches the hole it goes in."

It only took about five minutes for her to collapse and fold the frame.

Finally Lynn placed the pieces on a small hand cart, covered the pieces with a blue canvas cover and using ratchet type motorcycle tie down straps she secured everything to the cert. next piece Stephanie walked over took the handle and the cart rolled easily across the room.

Lynn reached out and pointed to a lever on the handle, "Brakes." she explained Stephanie smiled and rolled the cart out of the door. "Thank you and let me know when your next piece of metal BDSM art is ready for inspection and beta test."

Lynn, Viga, Gina and I watched as Stephanie proudly hauled her newest piece of gear to her home.

I remarked as she left, cart in tow, "What a girl! What a good sport! I know one person who will really be pissed off for missing this beta test!"

Both Viga and Gina smiled and with a quiet laugh asked, "Who?."

"Techster you dummies! I know he’ll be pissed so lets handle this the best way and not tell him. " I shouted.

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