Transparent Like Glass

by [email protected]

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It was nearing 2 AM, closing Time. Sunday nights are usually the slowest time to tend bar, unless there's a holiday on Monday and nobody has to work. So I'd spent the night washing glasses and keeping the place clean so that I could make a quick getaway after closing.

"Kind of slow, isn't it?" asked a woman customer seated on a barstool right in front of me.

"Yeah," I answered, drying a glass.

For longer than a week, this girl had been coming into the bar. She would arrive at midnight, have a few drinks, then leave at closing. What a knockout! Hardly the type to come into my place, she was dressed like something out of Vogue. Blond, with moderate sized breasts, a narrow waist flowing outwards again to wide luscious hips. Usually braless, I could see her hard erect nipples under her tight clothes. Either she showed up in torn jeans, or else she wore expensive outfits. Tonight, it was a one piece black leather dress that clung to every curve of her body, stockings that covered her legs, and a pair of matching high-heels.

"Another drink?" I asked.

"Sure," she answered.

"What do you do for a social life?" she asked while I was mixing her drink.

"I get by," I answered as I placed her latest drink on a coaster in front of her.

"What’s your name? Mine's Jean."


"Well, Eric. This might be your lucky night."

After closing the bar later, I locked up and followed her outside. She drove a black BMW, which outclassed my Dodge.

"I'll drive," she said, opening the door.

Driving to her place late at night was thrilling. She sped through the deserted nighttime streets, flooring the gas all the way to her house. It was a small place, built into the side of a hill.

Once inside, I whistled. The place looked like an ad for Macy's.

"Impressed? Good, please mix us some drinks at the bar. I want to get into something more comfortable."

The bar consisted of a setup that most places would envy. Top shelf booze, cut crystal, cold cabinet for beer mugs. The bar alone was worth thousands.

When Jean returned, she was wearing a silk robe. Belted around her waist tightly, it showed off all of her curves. I was able to stifle a whistle.

"I like wearing leather," she said, "But silk is nice too."

"You wear both very well," I answered as I sipped at my drink.

Reaching over, I kissed her firmly. First on the cheek, and then on her luscious full red lips. We wasted no time in finishing our drinks and placing the glasses on the table. Then I took her fully in my arms, feeling her naked body through the silk robe. She moaned with pleasure and desire as my hands roved over her barely covered figure. Meanwhile, her hands reached down and opened my black jeans. She then pulled my underpants down and massaged my hardening cock to full erection.

"You're so hard," Jean gasped.

"Wait," I said.

I removed a wrapped condom from my jean's pockets. Opening it quickly, I was about to put it on when she took it and unrolled it onto my stiff shaft.

"Smart guy," she said.

I kicked off my shoes, and got on top of her again, and after opening her robe I slowly plunged my cock into her pussy. She was wet with desire and ready, and she opened her legs to accommodate my rod. Then I began screwing her, thrusting myself in and out of her sex. She moaned each time, slowly increasing each time that I thrust between her hips.

"Oooooh!" she cried, "Keep it going!"

Stripping away the last parts of her silk robe, I pounded her into the leather sofa. Her sweat and mine mingled as I quickly raised both of us to climax.

"I'm cuming," she yelled as her hips matched every thrust of mine.

She came, but I didn't. I was still rock hard as she climaxed under me.

"Wow!" she cried, "Let's do it again in the bedroom."

Withdrawing finally, we both stood up. She led the way into an opulent bedroom. Stripping off the last of my clothes, she noticed the .38 I kept in an ankle holster.

"What do you carry a gun for?" she asked.

"Same reason I wear a condom. Life's dangerous. Now, where were we?"

If our first sex was exciting, our second time was even better. With both of us naked under satin sheets, I explored every curve and crevice of her nude and lovely body. My rod was erect in no time, and with another condom on it again, I plunged into her again and again. She moaned and writhed with every one of my thrusts. Our bodies grew sweaty as I sucked on her hard nipples. Finally, she and I both came, again and again. We must have sounded like a pair of banshees together.

"How'd you like to make some real money?" she later asked while smoking a cigarette.

"I don't do so badly, Jean."

"Eric. If you don't take a risk, you won't get anything in life. Like having me, for instance."

"What do you want to do?" I asked.

"I know somebody that we can rob. I can steal some plates, and I have a getaway car stashed somewhere. We can get a lot of money quickly, then disappear in Brazil."

"Sounds risky."

"I'm looking for a special kind of man who's not afraid to take a chance on something really big. Someone exciting that I can spend my life with in exile."

"I don't really like the sound of this."

"Eric, you don't want to be tending bar all your life, proofing underage teenagers," said Jean.

"All right, since you put it that way," I answered.

In the following days, we planned the robbery. During one day, we went out and observed the victim. He was in his early thirties, fit, and drove a blue Lincoln. I memorized his car's plate number, and the address of the building he worked in.

Later that night, after closing, we were back in her place.

"How do you know about him?" I asked.

"Somebody tipped me off. He's been embezzling for months. So if we steal, he's not going to the cops."

"All this talk about robbery is getting me excited," I said, "Let's do it."

With the radio playing in the background, we again made love together. Unlike the quick rutting of our earlier sex, this time I slowed the tempo even as I raised her to greater heights of passion and orgasm. She moaned and twisted beneath me as my hard condom covered cock thrust deep into her ready and willing sex. Unable to contain herself, her nails dug into my back as I plunged myself deep into her. Jean's legs encircled me as I pounded her into the mattress, making her cry with excitement and passion.

"Ooooooh!" she yelled, climaxing after one deep thrust hit her G-spot.

My tongue darted from her sweat covered neck and down between her breasts. Withdrawing my cock, I gradually worked my way down to her wet sex. My hands opened her pussy lips, and my fingers explored her sex, making her moan again. Then my tongue entered her sex, and she cried out with pleasure.

Her red nipples were fully erect as I sucked on them, making them even more hard. They stuck out like two tiny bullets on her breasts.

When we were resting later, without speaking, she got down on her hands and knees. I didn't have to be told what to do then.

Once again, my shaft was erect as I placed the condom on. This time, I entered her sex from behind, doing it doggie style. I placed my hands on her hips, and thrust myself inside her over and over. If she had been ready before, she was truly hot now.

"Make me cum, you're getting me so excited and hot!" she cried.

Women, I knew, had a special way that really made them hot. I'd found Jean's, and it was doing it doggie style. My hot ready cock was only too willing to oblige as I sunk my hardened dick into her willing sex.

Jean continued to cry out with every thrust of my shaft into her sex. If anything, entering her from behind seemed to increase her excitement from lovemaking. She truly became alive with each entry of my hot erect cock into her sex.

I reached forward and grabbed into her bouncing breasts which jiggled every time that I went deep inside her.

"Don't stop!" she cried, "Please don't stop."

I didn't. Not that night or any other.

* * * * * *

Finally, the big day came. In the week that it took us to set everything up, I found where Jean had stashed the unregistered getaway car. She had a gun, which I checked over. Everything was ready.

The day was a hot one. I wore a short sleeve shirt, jeans, and boots. Jean wore the same, except that her clothes covered her luscious figure in a way that I only wanted to screw her again and again.

"Just think," she said, "You'll be able to give up bartending, and I'll be able to have the new life that I want."

"What makes you so sure they won't find us?" I asked.

"Brazil's a big place. I've been there before. Nobody is going to bother us if we go up the Amazon and find ourselves a nice little plantation there."

"If you say so."

"Pull over, I want to get a Coke," she directed.

"Sure. Got the tickets?" I asked.

"They're in my purse," she answered.

Jean then removed a dollar from her purse, and I pulled the car into the first gas station we passed. While she was inside, I carefully went through her purse. I found the envelope from the airline, and opened it to find the single ticket inside. Quickly, I placed everything back together as I had found it. Her gun and the ski masks were under the seat.

In a couple of minutes, she was back. As we pulled out, she sipped her Coke, watching me in silence.

"You know, I've always liked the quiet type. Bet you never thought that you'd be robbing somebody, did you?"


"Well, our pigeon always carries a lot of bucks in that case of his. Enough to keep us in luxury in South America."

"Little hot there, isn't it? You'll be having a hard time wearing a leather dress, won't you?"

"Then I'll wear silk, or nothing at all," she laughed.

"Time to turn," I said.

I pointed the car off the parkway. At this time of day, traffic was light. And the victim's business was in a deserted part of town. I parked the car behind a retaining wall, where we couldn't be seen.

"Party time."

We both put on our ski masks and gloves, and took out our guns. Jumping the wall, we waited for him, who came out, right on schedule.

"I'll take that," yelled Jean.

"What!" he yelled.

Jean grabbed the briefcase and leveled her gun at him. He struggled, and kept holding on.

"You're not getting this, bitch!" he cried.

"Then eat lead!" Jean said as she pointed the gun at his chest.

Before she could fire, I hit the guy on the back of his head with the butt of my gun. He folded onto the pavement.

Let's go, damnit!" I said, "We've got what we came here for."

We ran back the way we came. We got into the car, throwing our masks and gloves into the back seat. The car roared off, gravel flying off the tires as I put some distance between us and the robbery.

Joan opened the briefcase, and looked at the rows of money.

"We hit the jackpot," Jean said.

Jean took a bundle of bills and rubbed it on her skin between her breasts.

"First we have to get the BMW," I said, "Then a dash for Vegas to get out of the country."

When we had put on some miles, and were finally out of town, I pulled over to the old farmhouse where the BMW had been stored. I drove up, and Joan opened the barn doors. Inside was her car.

Excited and hot, I motioned her into the BMW and grabbed for her. I undid her jeans and mine quickly.

"What are you doing?" Jean asked.

"What do you think? We've got time, just enough time for one more."

"We can do that in Vegas."

Once she saw that my rod was erect again, she didn't care. Even in the car, she mounted me, coming down on my erect shaft. The thrill of the robbery, and the heat of the day contributed to our frenzied sex.

"Time to go," she said.

"No, I said, "Time to cum."

My hard erect cock got her wet, and she bounced up and down on my dick again and again. It was a good thing that the BMW was a big one, and I opened the buttons on her shirt, and sucked eagerly on her hardened nipples. Jean had clearly been excited by the day's events.

"Oooooh!" she yelled after a climax.

"That was good," I said.

"Well, we better get out of here."

"Yeah, mind if I drive the Bimmer?" I asked.

"Sure, go ahead."

I got behind the wheel, with her at my side and the money in the trunk. We sped off, with a timer set in the barn to destroy everything in a couple of hours. I loved the feel of the powerful car through the gas pedal and the steering wheel.

"Jean?" I asked, as she was fooling around with her purse.

"Yes, Eric."

"Why is there only one ticket in your purse?"

When I next glanced at her, she had her gun in her hand, pointed at me. She motioned for me to pull the car over.

"This money will go a lot farther for one rather than two. So pull over," said Jean.

"I'll do even better," I said as I turned the car back towards town.

"Where do you think you're going?" she asked.

"Back to town, to the cops."

She tried to grab the steering wheel, and I smacked her free hand away. Grabbing the gun with both hands she aimed the gun at me and then pulled the trigger, only to hear the gun click uselessly.

I hit the brakes, throwing her against the dashboard. Opening the power doors, I pushed her out and threw her to the ground. Walking around to the other side, I grabbed her arms and cuffed them together behind her back.

"What do you think you're doing!" she cried.

"Preventing a crime."

"But we're together," she cried.

"Together as in just one ticket to Brazil, right?"

"I was going to buy another at the airport."

"Had a nice talk with your ex-husband, Dave. You hate him so much you were going to rob him of the proceeds from the sale of his business."

I pulled Jean to her feet, and her hair was disheveled and her face dirty, not the image she usually presented. In the distance, I could hear the blades of a Police chopper. I knew that the Patrol cars wouldn't be far behind.

"Sorry we couldn't practice a little bondage, Jean, but I'm sure that life in jail will give you an appreciation for the confining powers of steel," I told her.

"Just who are you, anyway?" she asked.

"Undercover cop. Actually, I'm minding the bar for a friend of mine. Thought I'd take a leave of absence from the force for a while. Instead you turned up."


"Thought you were tough as leather, didn't you? Instead, you were transparent as glass," I told her.

The sand from the police chopper soon enveloped us while landing.



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