Toy Bear Missing From the Window

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2021 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; bond; costume; gag; toys; plug; electro; public; hum; reluct; XX

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...This feels like a mock scenario from some long almost forgotten college workshop on leadership and team building, although one with an obvious kinky twist. But, the principals here are the same, and I think to myself, "what's happening, and what can I do about it?" I then wonder if Rick has instead come to collect Rose himself, on time, perhaps even with the intention of some gracious reciprocation for rescuing her. It's very predictable, and Rose obviously makes a lovely picture all bound up with that plug in her shapely ass too. That would likely mean the pair were heading back down towards my desk by any number of means though, back where this all started several hours earlier. That was where her clothes were anyway, and she would obviously need those too, after Rick removed her from the toy bear's frame, and maybe even her bonds if he felt charitable.

...I can't call him and ask on the radio, other people have radios too, and our cell phones don't work so well depending on what part of the giant store one is in, hence my desk phone in an age of cellular everything. So, I have to casually walk all the way back there without running, "everything's fine people, nothing to see here." I put on quite the show when I run anyway, not to mention that if somebody saw me doing that it would be like pulling the fire alarm, people would take notice, and then ask questions next. I'm screaming in panic on the inside, but trying to act all calm and serene on the outside, even when Santa catches my eye; that man like a witch with his perceptions.

Do the little kids sitting on his lap know that Santa has a badge, and handcuffs, and even a snub nose thirty eight? I do, and I have this fleeting fear that I might be wearing those cuffs sometime soon, and not for fun things either. I don't know that anything terrible has actually happened to Rose, perhaps she truly is just a temporarily misplaced toy, but I also know that I'm responsible if it has. I've gotten myself into trouble, and others out of it, but I've never really gotten somebody else into trouble, not like this. It's a terrible feeling for me, very sobering.

I eventually get down by my desk, no Rose, no bear, no Rick, and no box for the bear either, and now I start to get really worried. I look in my locker, hoping Rose's clothes are gone, and that somehow Rick has gotten her out of her costume, and bindings, in like a half an hour, which would be a pretty good trick all things considered. Her clothes are still there though. As a last ditch effort I look into the guys gang shower, hearing somebody in there, or maybe even a whole bunch of somebodies. In my mind's eye I could see the guys chasing her around the expansive tile floor in there, still bound up on her elbows and knees, but otherwise naked, and a lovely distraction at the end of the working day for a bunch of hard working guys, if somehow willing.

Rick is in there, but alone, his muscular body soaped up, naked, and looking really good. He sees me but doesn't react like one would expect, I've been in there before, but not fully dressed like I am now. "Come in to do my back?" he asks playfully, with his glasses off he can't see my expression clearly, so it takes me a minute to bring him up to speed on our missing bear, really my missing bear.

"What do you need me to do?" he asks seriously.

"Nothing, it's all on me this time. I have to go upstairs to see the old man, maybe he knows where the bear got to. I'll just ask in such a way that maybe he won't know what's actually going on."

"Good luck, you have my number." It's a simple offer, but it makes me feel just a little less alone in all this. Rick has my back, just like I've had his for years. I've even soaped that back up a time or two in this very shower; as I've said, it's a very nice back.

It's the longest walk of my life, and I have visions of Rose stuffed back into her box, and that stuffed into a closet someplace, or under a table and cloth, but to start looking every place that could possibly be in a store this big could take days, and we don't have days, maybe hours at best. Such a search would have to be an all-hands affair, close the store and everything, but I would have to first confess and tell the old man what I had done to Rose, the sweet and innocent looking twenty-something new girl. The old man knew I wasn't necessarily quite so innocent myself, but he knew this before he had hired me on to tame the guys in the warehouse, and had therefore given me my own chance once. I feel like I've betrayed that trust, and it weighs heavily on me.

"Sir, do you have a minute?" I start.

"Always. Good presentation by the way, I wanted to tell Rose the same, but I don't know where she's gotten to."

"...Ahhh, maybe she's left early, she certainly put a lot into this bear thing," I observed, missing my first opportunity to come clean with this man, my double entendre unintentional. I can't help myself though, I'm apparently a wise ass even when I'm not trying.

"I had Santa check the parking lot during his break, her car is still there."

"Maybe a date then, and her date picked her up at work?"

"Maybe," but the old man's tone told me that he thought that unlikely, "anyway, I doubt you came all the way up here during our busiest time of year to discuss Rose's personal life."

"No sir, I didn't. It's the bear, Rose's bear in the window, I don't know where it's gotten to. I put it there myself, even chained it to the display's floor with a company padlock so it wouldn't walk away on it's own, but despite all this it has. I went there myself to collect it after the curtain closed, and it's gone."

"And you're now thinking that Rose and her bear are somehow in the same place, together, aren't you?" my face freezing in place, this man apparently figuring this entire charade out in seconds, or so I feared.

"Not to worry, but I can see how seriously you've taken this bear thing, it's good to see you stepping up to the plate like this. Robert Magnum the Second has borrowed it for his son's posh party tonight, he'll return it in a few days."

"His son's party? Robert Magnum the Third, that son?" I ask, trying and failing to sound like I was just talking about a toy, even an expensive one. I knew his interest as I had seen him myself standing at the window, but I never thought the store's owner would actually just give her away like that after the show. But, I had to remind myself, Mr. B still thought "it" was just a toy.

"No worries, it's in good hands, although he'll probably want to take it apart to see how it works, he's like that you know," the man tells me after seeing the horrified look on my face, my heart feeling like it's stopped beating in my chest.

"...Sir, we have a problem," I tell him, trying to think fast on my feet.

"What problem?" the man's eyes boring into my own, his tone suddenly deadly serious.

"...It's... it's the charge cord sir, I have it downstairs, he'll need that, and I think I should be the one to bring it there. It's my screw up, I didn't put it in the box, that one's one hundred percent on me. Maybe I should even charge it up for him while I'm there, just so there's no problems with it for his guests."

"I really, really like the way you're stepping up here, taking responsibility, but you can't go looking like that. It'll look like we screwed up, have something to hide and all that. No, that just won't do, it's a formal affair too. I want you to go to eveningwear and pick out a nice dress, the entire outfit in fact, top to bottom. Stop at the salon as well, makeup too, I want you to get the whole works before you leave... and I mean it. Company tab, all of it, consider it an early part of your Christmas bonus for all your hard work lately, after all, your good deeds need to be properly rewarded. You'll blend in with his guests this way too, stay for the party even, I'll make the arrangements myself. They're around your age, some of them anyway, young Robert's slightly eccentric with his toy obsession, but a good young man from a fine family, and I've known his father for forever. It was a messy divorce too for the young man, the details very hush hush, so much so that he's living back home for a bit, very sad."

"Yes sir, I'll see to it immediately."

A plan started to form in my mind as I made my way to the formal dresses, my conscious struggling with all this, and I acutely aware that Rose the toy bear was going to self destruct inside that contraption sooner than later. I got what I needed from the store, slinky dress, underthings, and all, and then made my way to the salon while wearing it all, raising a few eyebrows along the way with the store's floor sales people who helped me. I still needed to get my keys and pocketbook from my locker, and Rose's clothes as well, seeing how she was still stark naked inside that thing. I intended to take the original guts from the toy and reinstall them myself, then having to dress a likely-worn-out Rose, and then somehow getting both of us out of there without any of the Magnums being the wiser.

...It seemed odd to me that I cringed at the thought of one of my guys seeing me looking all dressed up like a model, especially when they had seen me in absolutely nothing several times on a dare, both in their gang showers, and out in the warehouse proper...

Before I go back downstairs to collect my things though I check in on the old man, letting him see what he had bought me. The guys in the upper office comically looked at me as if to say, "who the hell is that?" when I walk through and enter the old man's office with a single knock on the door. The old man tells me with a smile that I cleaned up well, which I took as a huge compliment, but I realized this myself as several customers followed me with their eyes on my way through the store. He also told me that he just got a call; the toy bear had in fact stopped working as I had predicted, and that I should get going without delay with my power cord. With the address in hand I collect my things, and Rose's, and get going, the toy's original guts thrown into my trunk as well. I take some tools also, and my bag of things from earlier, not entirely clear on how I'm to remain elegantly dressed and actually work on something at the same time though. Improvise, adapt, and overcome; it's a familiar mantra of mine, and I remind myself of it on the drive over, proper work clothes are obviously the very least of my many problems here...

...My mind briefly drifts toward a second more likely conclusion, one in which the police are involved, and in my mind's eye I imagine that I would make for some interesting mug shots dressed up as I am, with my hands cuffed behind my back in my slinky dress and heels. Such wouldn't exactly be a commercial for my well known employer either...

...I get to the Magnum estate, through the large iron gates, and way back to the main house, maybe a quarter of a mile from the main road on it's long winding driveway; the place feels like a county park. I leave my old car near the service entrance so that I can slip out to get the guts from my trunk easily, this a place far more likely to see Jags and Bentleys in it's long driveway, as opposed to my humble old Ford.

I'm greeted and let in as if unexpected by one of the older maids, she seems as if interrupted from some important task, but out of good manners pretending otherwise. I know that exact feeling, I've had it myself at the store with some of our wealthy customers, but my state of dress maybe makes her think I'm in that proverbial club myself. I'm feeling a little like Cinderella as this is way not my element, this stunning dress and tiny handbag feeling way more like a Halloween costume to me at that moment. I've suppressed the urge to yell "trick or treat" to her when she opened the door for me, somehow, my inner wise ass apparently coming out when under extreme stress.

I recognize Robert from the window earlier, he's maybe a few years older than I, but charming and attentive as hell, especially in this dress I'm now wearing, my ample breasts on display not by design, but necessity of slinky dress construction. Most girls my size have breasts that need to be exemplified, and the dress does this mindlessly, although I don't necessarily need it. I don't especially like to dress up like this at all, but his interest has me second guessing this. At least the party hasn't started yet, but I can tell by the catering setup and the busy feel of the staff that it's going to be a big one, and my goal is to get out of there with Rose, somehow, before the real guests start to show up.

"What happened sir?" I ask respectfully of the toy after introducing myself, he corrects me and tells me to call him Robert instead, which I do. This man, by all appearances, is the whole package, he's good enough looking, certainly not a Picasso face or anything like that, charming, and if not rich himself, at least related to wealth. Not that such things matter to me, but they matter to some a great deal, and what woman honestly wants a man to take care of, as in provide for? Call me old fashioned.

The hired help even called him by his first name as well, but they had likely known him since he was running around this place in his diapers, judging by the age of some of them. I know him to be recently single from my conversation with Mr. B, and I wonder what fool of a woman would let this one get away. I know that's shallow of me, I don't even know this man, he could be just impossible to deal with, and I know personally that people fall "out" of love at least as often as they fall into it.

"It just stopped responding and fell over while I was playing with it. I have it in the workshop downstairs, I'll assume you'll want to look at it down there" he tells me. I think I hear something in his tone, something extra, or maybe hidden, my bullshit filter a little off with all this stress though, so I discount it as irrelevant. Again, I don't even know this man, but I know of him, he's a very good customer.

I tell him that would be wonderful, and that I might need some things from my car as well, and I think this ad-hoc plan of mine might even be working. I just need to find some excuse to get rid of charming Robert first... I then see it laying on the bench and my heart stops, on it's side, and for all intents and purposes it looks as dead as a doornail, and I hope what's inside isn't just as dead. I then hear a faint squeak, telling me that Rose is at least alive, but it's so faint that I can't tell that it isn't coming from the toy. I touch the toy's front paw, comfortingly, letting Rose subtly know that I'm here, and her rescue is at hand, once I find an excuse to get rid of Robert.

I'm shocked speechless though when the toy moves away from me though, but not under its own power. It moved because it's now hollow, and weighs just a few pounds without it's human component trapped inside. The squeak gets louder, and I now realize that it's coming from behind me, turning I see an exhausted but freshly showered Rose in a borrowed bathrobe and slippers, squeaking the ball with her hand while standing next to Robert behind me.

I'm in a world of trouble, but relieved at the same time...

"I can make this right," I tell the both of them hopefully, "I have the original guts in my trunk, and the charge cord too."

Rose just smiles smugly at me while shaking her head, and I'm reminded of my harsh way with her only hours earlier. She obviously feels like she has the upper hand here, and in all honesty she makes a pretty victim.

"I'm afraid that just won't do," Rose tells me smugly, "Robert here wants a more interactive human kind of toy for his guests to play with, like the one he and about TEN THOUSAND other people originally saw in the big window... Nice dress by the way, I didn't think you owned one," she opines rudely.

I have no witty retort, other than to tell her that her own clothes are in my trunk, which I decide to keep to myself for the moment. I have no expectation that she's to treat me any better than I did her, no womanly solidarity going this way either. No mercy. One would think that being bound up and orgasmed into unconsciousness with a plug in your ass would soften one's sharp tongue - it did mine - but I had participated in humiliating this young woman, so the ‘woman scorned’ clause seemed in full effect here.

"You can imagine my surprise when I found my new toy to be so hot and heavy, there was condensation in the box too, which should have been a dead giveaway. But, I was excited, it was so damn lifelike, and I pushed that little remote button anyway, the second I got her home and out of the box. I pressed it over and over again as it squeaked and shook and shuddered, right up until it fell over twitching in a very human way, and then the tail popped out, not off mind you, but out. That was the dead giveaway... and Rose here has graciously even agreed not to involve the authorities, nor press charges, providing certain conditions are met. Your stunt could have me as an accessory to kidnapping, sexual battery at the very least. Imagine that in the papers?"

"I'm sorry, truly I am. Tell me how I can make this right, with both of you?" I ask.

"You're only sorry you got caught. But I think you already know the answer to the second part," Rose tells me vindictively.

I tell her again that I can't fit into that thing, to which charming Robert disagrees, telling me that he'll make me fit, if it keeps him out of jail. He's confident in himself, I can see that, maybe even confident enough to find a way to make me do this, and THAT would almost make this worth it to me, as I just love to be made to do things by confident men. But, I'm not volunteering either, certainly not in front of Rose. If charming and rich Robert wants to make me into that kind of toy, he's going to have to do it, personally, one on one!

"Make me," I challenge Robert while staring into his eyes, "I dare you!"

"Not a chance," he tells me. "You're going to ask us nicely to do this to you, you might even have to beg a little."

I stare at him for about ten seconds longer while smiling, calling his bluff. This man might be just a little eccentric, a toy-nut even, but he's also a definite alpha, and I'm drawn to those. I feel the power, and I understand there is a home field advantage here for him as well, but I hold fast, my made up poker face giving nothing away. He's rich too, so he's used to getting his own way, but I'm not the hired help, not HIS hired help anyway. I can't necessarily relate to the rich part, but I do know men, and I'm not giving in just yet, it's a poor way to negotiate with those on equal ground anyway.

"So, what's it like in there?" I ask Rose, implying that I'm thinking about it. I'm stalling though, stalling and thinking, trying to find some way to make lemonade out of lemons, at least for myself. It would have perhaps been easier for me if I had shown up in jeans and a sweatshirt, but going all the way from look-at-me slinky evening wear, makeup, and heels to a bound up naked toy in one hop is just too much, it's too far to fall all at once. Robert likes the way I look in this dress, and more importantly, I like the way he looks at me in it. The parallels between what I had done to Rose, and what both Robert and Rose were wanting to collectively do to me were not lost on me for a second though...

"Hot and sweaty, and your nasty little remote nearly killed me too. The adults were bad while I was in that window, but the kids were even worse. I was at their mercy for hours, it was awful; do this, do that, roll over, wiggle your tail, then push the damn button one more time... Towards the end Mr. Magnum, Robert's dad, asks for me to be boxed up so Robert could take me home, as a surprise for his own party, extending my torment. I had thought my ordeal was over by that point, and that I had actually pulled this charade off... that last part was most cruel. I don't even know who actually unlocked me and put me into my box, other than it was definitely a man, but I couldn't tell which one with those damn foggy eyes. I even heard the call to Mr. B to ask his permission, just to be sure. Imagine how that felt? I felt like an object, a thing to be bought, borrowed, and sold, it was just horrible..."

"Sounds positively kinky to be honest," I tell her, "right up your alley." She glares at me as this was likely the last thing on earth she expected me to say.

"Robert, let me tell you a slightly different story than the one you may have been told. In my version, ‘tails-up’ Rose begged me to do this, for her, as a well intentioned but poorly thought out last ditch effort to save her job because she didn't think to order at least two of the damn bears, keeping one as a spare in case the first broke before the big reveal. And in my version as well, I tried to talk her out of it, but she wouldn't hear it, headstrong little thing that she is. I might even be able to provide a witness to this alternate chain of events, if I were forced to."

"BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT HAPPENED!" Rose nearly yells.

It's my time to smile back at her, thinking to myself that maybe Santa was right all along, and I am opportunistic.

"If you didn't want to go for a ride inside that toy... and then be displayed before all those people... naked as can be out in that store window inside that thing; why didn't you hit the reset button like I told you to? Answer me that! And, tell me also why your 'underwear' was soaked through when I removed it from you myself, before I closed you up into the bear?"

Rose doesn't even know what to say, she's apoplectic, and I almost feel sorry for her again. If it was just between us girls, she'd definitely be going back in there again for Robert's party, one way or the other. But, Robert IS here, he's the wild variable, it's his family's magnificent home, and even his party. But he's still listening, evaluating our conflicting stories, and not yet acting. He's smiling though - and that's a hopeful sign for me - he's enjoying this interaction between the both of us too.

...I know some guys like a good cat fight, and that others like a challenge, as in a woman who won't simply roll over and submit, without a good struggle first. I can be that kind of playful too, especially when bound up myself, then it's game-on, as in if you start something like that with me, you better have the stamina to finish it! This is a little far to reach though with a man I just met, one well out of my social circle, but his eyes are most expressive when looking at me, and I have a secret of my own too...

"I've just never met a woman like you before," Robert tells me. "You're feisty, full of energy... but cunning too, devilishly cunning. I just don't know that I necessarily believe your version of events."

"Is one more reasonable than the other, really?" I then ask. "Here's another way of looking at it, your party is starting in two hours or so, and one of us is dressed properly for such a party, and I even have an invitation. And the other isn't, and doesn't. One of us might possibly fit inside that thing... maybe, but the other DOES fit inside that thing, and she even knows what to do in there now, she's had all day to practice. You're supposed to be the toy genius, how about you and I collaborate on the design this time, addressing the obvious deficiencies, with Rose as our guinea pig?"

All this time Rose is just staring at me, jaw open in shock, dumbstruck, her little world turned on it's proverbial head, for the second time in the same day, by the same dumbass in receiving...

"She'll call the police, and we'll both go to jail" Robert tells me, implying that this might be the one single problem with my plan, or offer one could almost say.

"No she won't, because she gets off on all this, she gets off on being made to do things, I know the type. But, if she did call the cops anyway, the pictures on my phone would have to be entered as evidence, after I first posted them online for the whole world to see." I say the last part while staring directly at Rose, so that she knew I was serious. "If we do it this way she doesn't lose face with anybody else, nobody else has to know she's in there, and for all of our best interests it'll stay that way. She even gets to look like a hero for old man Bloomingdale, the bear display was actually a big success, lots of orders, he told me that personally not two hours ago."

"Does anybody besides us three know about Rose being here by the way?" I then ask, my interest in this important little detail now obvious. How she got out, showered, and in a borrowed bathrobe without anybody seeing her is not my specific concern, other than implying that Robert can be sneaky with the hired help when he has to be.

"No, I didn't want to share this with anybody else, for obvious reasons."

"Then it's settled, you'll need help with her through the course of the night anyway, and I'll do that for you, for her, out of the goodness of my heart. I'll be her special handler so to speak, it'll be my pleasure. And, I'll also make sure she stays safe in there, and even has a good time too, I promise that."

"What of your role in all this then?" Robert asks.

I beckon him to me with a curled right index finger while not breaking eye contact, and then whisper into his ear for an entire minute, the whole time my full breasts are mashed up against his chest with my left arm around his back, pulling him in. My words are for him alone, but his reaction when I finish my little counteroffer is a big smile...

"Really?" Robert says softly, "you'd do that?"

I just smile, words not necessary at that point, I think having the measure of what this "toy man" really needs and wants. Rose is lovely, and compliant, and she even makes a good toy herself, but there's no fight in her, no wild beast to be tamed. I in comparison can be oh so wild, I'm a challenge, if Robert's up for that kind of challenge.

I then step away from Robert, my message and offer delivered. "I think you know the drill Rose, I'm sure there's a bathroom down here someplace" I tell her, she stomping off like an angry child to have another sit down before once again being loaded into the toy, she, and even Robert himself, so sure and confident that it would somehow be me inside that thing only moments ago. Now wasn't the time to be cocky though, and I still had my end of the bargain to keep with Robert as well, after the party. I had left that one a little open ended, but I was in some serious potential trouble here, so this particular carrot had to be a big and juicy one to guarantee the outcome I desired...

I couldn't work in my new heels and dress anyway, and when Rose came out of the bathroom I simply looked at her and pointed at her borrowed bathrobe and slippers as she wouldn't be needing them much longer anyway. She stood there not wanting to comply, but I didn't really give her a choice either, and it's not as if Robert hadn't seen her in her skin already anyhow. I first stripped out of my dress, hanging it on a convenient hanger as a stunned Robert looked on, all while trying to not ruin my hair in the process. Rose looked on as well, my large chest looking even larger like this, as I ordinarily dressed to conceal, rather than to advertise my assets, hence the crushing sports bra and bulky sweatshirts I ordinarily work in.

My "underwear" was matching and also new, something I just don't do on a regular basis for a host of practical reasons, but it was all black, so as not to print through my new black dress, negating the need for the additional layer of a short slip. The stockings were of the type one could either wear with, or without garters, I going for the latter as the garters would have also shown through the snug dress and looked just a little trashy at such a posh event. I towered over Rose in my new heels and underthings as she was almost flat footed in her borrowed fuzzy slippers, walking up to her and untying the sash first, and then gently "helping" her out of her borrowed robe. It was even deliciously warm when I put it on, as were the slippers a moment later. "Not to worry though" I thought to myself, she would be plenty warm soon enough.

Robert's workshop was, if nothing else, very well equipped, I did not need a thing from my trunk. Rose pretty much just nakedly stood there as Robert and I stripped the cover off of the bear, my nose instantly assailed with the strong smells of female arousal and sweat from inside. I turned to briefly look as Rose, but she only blushed in reply, but she wasn't covering up that magnificent little body of hers either any longer. It almost seemed unfair, Rose was just as naked as she could be - rings in her erect and chilled nipples and all - and woman to woman she had one hell of a compact little body. But, despite all this, Robert was paying attention to me instead...

"Sometimes life isn't fair like that" I thought to myself, but I had been on the other end of that equation once myself...

I handed Rose the two objects that had been intimately inside her only hours before, telling her to wash them thoroughly in the bathroom, giving her a chore to keep her busy. As soon as she is out of sight Robert shows me something from a drawer, a new device that he's been playing with for a new toy concept he had dreamed up. It's a muscle stimulation device, kind of like a tens unit, but with a bunch of adhesive pad electrodes, and therefore a bunch of channels. It even has a master controller that bluetooths to a smartphone, with the proper app installed, or so Robert has told me. He also tells me in general terms how it's supposed to work, but that he's only tested it on himself to date; the word eccentric having new meaning to me now.

"Literally, a human toy" I conclude when I see his device and hear its purpose.

"Like a puppet on a string, but you can't see them."

"Scary?" he then asks me, expecting perhaps that I'll be horrified.

"No, not at all," I tell him. "Simply brilliant; you've basically repurposed a proven device, but I do think it's kinky as hell though." And my tone is one of adoration, or perhaps even envy that I hadn't thought of such a thing myself. Robert has resources that I don't though, and he has taken his toys apart since he was a child to see how they worked, so he has a huge head start here.

Rose comes back and she sees this new device on the bench, and that we're talking quietly together, freezing her in her tracks. "What's that?" she asks, instantly on guard.

Robert ignores her question, telling her instead in a no nonsense tone to hop up on the bench, and then we'll show her. The device is hardly necessary with Rose though, she is already quite compliant and docile, but I've since learned that it's her nature when challenged. That could always change though, and Robert has plans for this device after Rose's trial run, that much is obvious. Delivering Rose to Robert all trussed up inside that toy bear almost seems like a cruel taunt now, knowing his interests as I now do, or perhaps this just some strange Christmas magic. It's too coincidental though, and I don't ordinarily believe in those, my mind drawn toward our own store Santa, and perhaps Robert's own Christmas wish list for the perfect toy for himself.

The electrodes go specific places, avoiding muscles that are to be bound for the obvious reasons. I ask several questions, and it's obvious that Robert has done his homework, knows where to place the pads for both maximum sensation, and control. Once most of the pads are placed we tape her up again, with the original foam pads that I had used earlier, guaranteeing that she'll fit inside the framework again. She hasn't complained once the whole time, she resigned to doing this, Robert catching my eye with a small smile when he finally realizes this himself.

I offer Rose a drink of water, and she takes it with my help, as she's bound up and helpless now. "Not too much," I warn, but I don't want her dehydrating in there either if the party runs long, or her ordeal becomes especially strenuous. She's already done six, maybe even seven hours inside that thing, so two or three should be a breeze, or at least I think it should be. I have no personal frame of reference, other than thinking I could do anything she could do, only better.

We hot glue a leather strap and buckle arrangement from who knows what to the squeak ball, this a far better design than using my own ball gag to hold the other ball in her pretty open mouth. Robert has both drawers and plastic bins of all kinds of stuff, a full wall of it, all organized and labeled. I come to the conclusion that either he, or somebody who works for him, is quite detailed and organized. I could make anything I could dream up with all this stuff at my disposal, and I wonder what that feels like, or might feel like.

We then load a very passive Rose into the frame and screw the top on, but we've some more modifications to make, and I am about to see Robert the toy genius in action. But first he rolls a light duty chain hoist over on the steel beam it's suspended from, it comes right across the workbench to lift heavy things on and off of it. This tells me Robert has built some larger things on this bench, or perhaps that he one day intends to. Maybe he has only used this thing to deconstruct his previous larger toys, but the way he handles the pendant control tells me he's at least familiar with it.

He lowers the hook with the down button, the motor running the hook ever closer to a staring Rose trapped behind the bars of her prison once again, but still standing on knees and elbows on the bench inside of it. He hooks the lifting hook through one of the bars near the center of her back and hits the up button, Rose coming maybe a foot off the bench and teetering as she squeaks out, this the first real response we've gotten from her during this second go inside the bear. The being suspended inside a cage part reminds me of a medieval torture device I had read about, a gibbet, but we've no intention of hanging Rose high from a post in the town square to have the birds pick her bones clean, after she stops moving, but the image sticks with me.

Robert had been working out of her sight while lifting her, but once she's hanging from the chain he pushes on her frame's hind quarters, turning her easily to face him. "No worries little bear, I simply don't want you walking off the bench and busting yourself up" he tells her sweetly.

Rose's stomach is very flat, even concave, despite her on-all-fours posture inside the framework, but she probably hasn't eaten much lately. This however provides a perfect place to mount the muscle stimulator device, inside the cramped bear shaped cage, I suddenly feel just a little like some mad doctor's assistant. We tuck it in there in such a way that it will be inside the fabric cover, and I can't help but to notice that there are several pads that we haven't used yet either.

We both look at the two objects that Rose has washed for us, the tail still glued to my borrowed plug. "What if..." I ask Robert, Rose looking on with wide eyes, but wisely not squeaking in response.

"I don't have exactly what we need here," he tells me, "but we can easily make it." Robert then grabs Rose's chain and walks briskly towards the back of the shop with her in tow, and some larger machines.

"What's that?" I ask. He tells me that they both are 3D printers, one for a conductive metal, and the other for plastic. These two machines probably cost more than my humble little house did, and they're just sitting here, waiting to be played with. Robert and I discuss the endless possibilities as Rose hangs there and listens; we plan two new devices that are vast improvements over the old improvised ones. We find and buy the shape for the plastic one in PDF form that we're looking for, online and for almost nothing, only modifying the sizes where necessary.

The other device is a little more complicated; we modeled it on my small vibrator that Rose had rode to countless orgasms until she passed out, but this one won't vibrate. Some construction paper and patience has the ultimate shape we think we need, and then all we have to do is scan the object we've made in three dimensions, the powerful computer then replicating the shape in the second printer exactly, or so we hope.

The machines buzz to life and start making the things we need to complete this little toy project, but the originals are still there as a backup in case something doesn't work out. After all, they worked the first time. Hanging Rose is once again dragged back over to the work bench by her chain, much like a broken inanimate object waiting for repair, but she is left suspended from it this time. Robert links the stimulation device to his smartphone, and we set out to calibrate the walking functions, electrical stimulation of the various pads causing Rose to "walk," but with her limbs suspended above the workbench. She can stop the motions if she wants to, the device only providing "encouragement" at this low power setting, but it's a proof of concept only at this point.

Robert's expression is one of a ten year old boy on Christmas morning who's just got the BB gun he's been asking Santa for, but the local bird population somehow already knows about it. The birds would kind of be like Rose in my imperfect analogy, but there are other implications here as well, because I've made a little promise to Robert, maybe one he intends to keep secret, maybe not. It's all up to him really, but sufficient to say that Rose isn't the only one who gets off on being made to do things, despite my reluctance to take her place inside that bear contraption... in her presence. That's the crux of all this really, I just can't let twenty something year old Rose see me like this, it's a pride thing, irrational when one thinks about the things I have done with the guys in the warehouse on a dare, but those are guys, and in my mind this is therefore different.

The hanging rings in her little boobs again attract my attention, although I don't know why I'm drawn to them like I am, except that maybe they're unique and somewhat permanent, in a naughty kind of way. We have extra pads and outputs to spare on the device as well, so I ask Robert about my idea, if it's actually possible. He doesn't know either, but we're willing to try it at Rose's expense, although Rose maybe not so much. She doesn't have a choice though, she might even want to squawk about it through her squeaky gag in mock protest, but I know a part of her still gets off on all this. If she didn't want people to notice and play with her little ringed boobs, why ring them in the first place? I ask myself logically.

I find the tiny alligator clips I need in one of the labeled bins, and some wire strippers and a screwdriver in the massive toolbox as well, cutting two of the pads off and attaching the bare wires to the clips. I attach one each to Rose's hanging rings, working through the bars of her temporary prison, plugging the other end of the wires into the device as Robert holds our hanging captive from swinging about. He then applies minimal power to these specific channels, due to their minor surface contact area, as a test. Being on her actual chest and near her heart he tells me there are certain frequencies that the machine will avoid by design. And he of course doesn't add that nipples are very, very sensitive, I know that part already!

Her shocked scream catches all of us off guard, only muffled slightly by her soft ball gag, but it still sounds horrific down in the echo of the basement workshop, almost reminiscent of a torture chamber from long ago. He hits the off button instantly, but it takes the device a few moments to respond through the magic of bluetooth, long moments for Rose no doubt. I had been staring directly at her little hanging boobs when Robert had first applied the power, hoping to see some small reaction there. What I did see was Rose's little boobs crinkle up when she actually screamed, as if some invisible man with large hands had just squeezed them savagely. Her bound up body shook madly inside there as well, telling both of us that this wasn't good for her at all, although a dark part of my mind observes that her cage and restraints held.

"I think you should take those things off her" Robert tells me.

"I disagree," I tell him, as Rose glares back at me. "I think we should keep that one in case she misbehaves, or perhaps becomes less than enthusiastically motivated."

Robert gives me a look that speaks volumes, for more than one reason, but I hold my ground on the alligator clips.

We move onto the cover next, we can't do any more until the printers are done, but I know that Rose will need some more air in there, as well as better visibility. The solution to each is again in the bins, in the form of tinted but transparent "eyes" to replace the opaque ones so Rose can see better, and breathable fabric that can be hot glued in strategic places to allow more airflow.

Both are easily accomplished, but it doesn't exactly cure the smell inside of the cover, it smelling like my clothes hamper toward the end of the week in the summer when I haven't had time to do laundry. They're Rose's own odors though, so I theorize that maybe this doesn't smell to her like it does me, but this isn't specifically my problem in the short term.

Robert tells me he'll be right back, walking away to check on the printers, I assume, and I'm left alone with the still hanging Rose inside her metal bear frame. "You look so F-ing hot in there,'' I tell her softly, in complementary fashion. I snap yet another blackmail picture of her with my phone, but this time I actually show it to her. "While you're out there later, crawling around for all those nicely dressed people, naked as can be inside this thing, I want you to think about that for a few minutes. Every guy here under a hundred, and half the women as well, would just love to steal you and take you home with them... if they only knew what was trapped inside this thing. It'll be our little secret for a host of reasons, but sufficient to say that this won't be some safe store display window, with the customers on one side, and you on the other..."

Robert comes back just then, interrupting our quiet one sided conversation, but not commenting on it either. I've just come as close as I can at that moment to telling Rose that I'm envious of her, of her perfect little body that can wear anything and look good in it. Fashions are designed around tiny women, where somebody like me can't even shop for bras just anywhere, and when I find them they're always expensive too. Rose even looks sexy as hell just wearing a mechanical bear's metal frame, and a part of me doesn't understand why Robert isn't drooling all over her, except maybe for their age differences, and the fact that I'm here too as a distraction...

Robert has returned with the two objects in hand that the printers have been tasked to make for us, really for Rose, we just have to clean the still warm objects and make sure they're smooth, the plastic one specifically has some sharp edges that just won't do. The shape of that one leaves Rose little doubt as to where it's going, it more of a classic tear dropped plug shape, designed to stay in this time, with it's bear-tail glued in place.

The other is metallic looking, and I assume some aluminum alloy of some sort by it's silvery color, but I don't know this for sure. It's conductive though, and that's the important part. It looks exactly like my small plastic vibrator that it's been modeled on, but there is an additional flat area near the base at an angle now, the new part reminding me of the cross guard on a medieval sword, but at an angle rather than at ninety degrees to the shaft, or blade if this had been an actual sword.

Rose knows where this one is going too, but not why, nor how exactly we intend it to work either. She's a juicy mess though, so the small device slips in easily, with me doing the honors as Robert watches in fascination. We then fix one of the remaining pads just above her bald mound, and the complimentary one to that - they come in pairs - goes around the hilt section of her new metallic invader, completing the circuit down there for a different kind of stimulation, rather than the mechanical vibrations of my simple but effective toy.

The cross guard section lays the entire length of her opening, long ways, and that means a part of it rests on, or nearly on, her button, that a very, very sensitive area. The frequencies and levels of electricity applied there will have to be learned, but I suspect that Rose is in for one hell of a ride once we get her properly calibrated.

The center of a long bootlace wraps around the hilt area of Rose's metallic invader, I tying off the free ends forward, left and right, to the framework, both holding tension forward and in on the device, and causing it to bounce and move about while she walks. It's a sadistic little touch, but I can't help myself where Rose is involved.

At this point we only have two pads left, and on a whim I place them left and right of her sex, on her upper, upper thighs, wondering what that will feel like as the signal travels across her sex. The app allows us to move the pads around on the screen, their placement there more or less emulating their placement on her actual body as if a gingerbread woman, once properly moved. We have time for one full on test before we put the cover and new tail on her, so we lower her down to the floor with the hoist and activate Robert's newest toy, and perhaps his most elaborate one to date...

By tapping his fingers on his phone's screen he can make her walk a few feet, then turn around and walk back, and other than her rather helpless expression as she looks back up at us from the floor, everything seems fine. The control device is smart though, very smart, and it already has learned how to manipulate Rose's appendages to make her walk and turn, without the constant tapping on her controls. He simply has to tip or spin his phone, and her little trapped body emulates the motion.

Next Robert tries out the electrodes near and inside her sex, again the machine is constantly learning, and using the other pads to sense what her compact and trapped body is doing on the inside. Her rhythmic squeaks tell us that whatever that thing is doing, it feels good, and this eases the conscience that I claim not to have in regards to Rose. She's now a toy for our amusement, in more than one way, the feeling likely humbling. Just what Rose needs, I think to myself, without a shred of self awareness though.

Neither one of us have again touched the control for the circuit that go to her nipple rings, but the machine knows they are there, it is in fact using them for some important bio feedback from her body; stress, exertion, even for the effectiveness of the stimulation of her nether regions by way of heart rate; the reward portion of the machines "learned" control. If good and quick responses are rewarded though, it only stands to reason the bad and slow ones will be punished, but neither Robert, nor I, have made that leap of imagination yet. This "smart" device is not only smart and intuitive, but sadistically opportunistic as well.

With the final test done, Robert and I team-lift her back up on the bench, and struggle to install her crimson bear cover, we both getting that "buried alive" look from her as her pretty gagged face is once again covered, but she at least knows what to expect now, and she can almost certainly see better now too.

She's tossed around, stood on end, and even rolled over to properly get the stinky cover back on, the metal cage she's trapped in protecting her body from all of it though, that and the relatively tight fit of her body inside. I find that last look of hers amusing in a dark part of my mind, there something about Rose specifically that just brings out the worst in me. I don't know if it's her flawless petite body that's surely the envy of every man she meets, or if it's the easy way she's cruised to a top floor position with education, and pretty much no real world experience. There is just something about Rose for me, and not a good thing either.

The bushy tail is next, it glued to her new plug, this one not easily falling out like the other had, but not going in so easy either, even with massive amounts of lube. Robert has plenty of that in stock too, and I wonder about that, and what happened with his last wife? Some things one just can't ask, but I do know that he's supposed to be single now. If he weren't, it might be hard for him to explain away what we three are doing together down here, should she come and suddenly check on him.

I apply gentle pressure while telling her to relax; Robert holds her from slipping off of the bench from the front end, just plain not wanting "hands on'' with this portion of Rose's preparation. She's squeaking and squawking though, through her gag, and the machine, all on it's own, senses her stress, and applies gentle stimulations to her lower regions to combat this. We watch what the machine is doing for Rose on Robert's phone screen, and even he is surprised that it can actually do something like this. Rose responded by grinding her hips back and forth, simulating a sex act she was really into. It's positively obscene to see the big crimson bear basically humping the plug still in my hand, but I just go with it.

The bear's rear legs, which are obviously Rose's rear legs as well, then scrunch up into a sitting position, the machine apparently using her own body weight to help "force" the plug into her shapely ass, with my hand obviously trapped underneath. I'm finally convinced that I had gone just a little big in my suggestions for Rose's new tail mounting system, but we're here now. Again, there is just something about Rose that brings out the very worst in me, and I rationally know that even a modestly sized and traditionally tear-dropped shaped plug would have been just fine, "in the end" pun intended.

At least her constant squawking had stopped, once that thing popped all the way in, and her passage closed back up on the slimmer portion of the plug; coming back out again certain not to be an accident this time. With that "behind us" though - I just can't turn off my inner wise ass where Rose is concerned - we bring her up to where the party is starting, after I get properly dressed again, even getting Robert to zip me up in back. There is something obviously sensual about a man - or even men - helping you out of your clothes, something that promises that "fun" is right around the corner. For me though, having a man who's there after the fun to help you dress again - which I've had precious few of - is something of a higher magnitude. The former is passionate and self serving, and the latter simply caring...

Robert doesn't even need to escape back upstairs to properly dress for his party, one of the maids has brought his jacket, slacks, tie, and even shoes down to him, likely anticipating his running late, giving me a look when they realize it's me who has likely caused this. It's not an unfriendly look either, more of a curious one, as I'm sure I don't look like your typical toy geek, not dressed as I am at any rate. He changes in a large closet in a flash, and I assume that this isn't the first time for such either, eccentric people and proper time management apparently don't always go hand in hand.

Rose, the awkwardly walking and squeaking toy bear is the hit of the party, and everybody there wants one now, either for themselves, or for their kids or even grandchildren. Neither Robert, nor I have the heart to tell them that the one they preorder and receive from our store won't be exactly the same as this very special one, but any complaints will ultimately be Rose's problem anyway, likely in early January sometime.

Robert has some social needs to attend to on and off, and he hands his phone off to me several times during each, but Rose is mostly operating autonomously inside the bear, responding directly when verbally asked to do something. She seems to be having fun and the remote muscle stimulator is mostly unnecessary, although I have used it to ‘direct’ her to walk towards different groups of people so as to mingle with everybody ‘it’, or is that ‘she’ can. The fun part is an assumption on my part though, because I can't see her face, nor talk with her in a strictly human way one on one, but she does nod her bear head when I ask her privately if she's okay in there.

I have also seen her lock up and shutter and squeak several times, most likely looking to anybody else that she was having some "glitchy" type problems, hardly a surprise when dealing with new technology, like an interactive toy bear. I was far enough away when these glitches occurred that I wasn't sure that we weren't dealing with a loss of bluetooth signal type problem, and I intended to sort it all out later, with Robert's help, as this muscle stimulator was his toy. I assumed that he knew it's ranges and capabilities, and back-up loss of signal routines.

...Later on in the night Robert shuts his phone off completely and puts it in his jacket pocket for some required Rose rest time, he and I then making the rounds together with Rose safely parked out of the way in a corner. She can still respond to verbal commands if she wants to, but the electrodes won't "encourage" this either, or so we assume.

Robert and I weren't quite hand in hand, but we were giving off that vibe together, and I was flattered to be seen in this light being a relatively common working girl with an actual job. I was dressed well though, sometimes nice proverbial wrapping paper making even a common gift just that much more special. We even danced together, slow dances, and I let him lead me wherever he chose in a simple box step that didn't challenge my close and slow dancing skills.

Robert and I shared a rather big secret though, and even perhaps a shared passion for the unique, or so our coupling would suggest. I wasn't necessarily thinking "Mr. Right" here, although Robert did have a lot in his plus column, but I had been disappointed in matters of the heart before. It was also easy to forget that charming Robert was from a different life than I, and I didn't want to get thinking along those lines just yet. This was necessary to protect my own heart, there was, after all, a reason I fooled around with my coworkers, even the married ones on occasion, to relieve those physical needs. That was also the reason why I had a dependable backup toy in my locker, and a ball gag too, as I can be quite noisy when everything works out just perfectly...

Robert eventually carried Rose the toy bear up the grand staircase to the living quarters like a child hugging a favorite new stuffed animal, all as I tagged along. She squeaked out that she was okay to us, once we let her know that we were alone, her sight limited to what was mostly in front of her, and I assumed that she was so in character that she didn't want to slip up at this late hour and ruin what she had worked so hard to do. I had asked several times during the course of the night if everything was okay, and I assumed Robert had as well, her second time inside the bear toy likely much better than her first.

We expect she wants out now that the guests have gone home, but we also know that upstairs is the place to do that now, although it will likely be a little tough to explain to the staff how two people went into that wing of the residence at night, and three emerged the following day. We also had a minor scare when we went to collect her from her resting area after our dancing, she not being there, but we eventually found her easily enough, doing tricks and squeaking madly for a group of well dressed young men circling about her... boys really. They were having the time of their lives with her, but despite the innocent outward appearance of their "fun" with her, they had a look of interrupted mischief on their faces when Robert and I approached...

Robert had asked me earlier if I would like to stay the night, seeing how it's late, and that I've had a few drinks myself. I accepted, but it's unclear where I'll be sleeping, despite my open ended "after party" offer to him. I've given my word on that, and truth be told all this kinky erotic stuff has made me just a little envious of Rose the toy. The concept of being helplessly automated inside there does something for me, but not while under the control of Rose, or even with her in attendance. I have this thing about being controlled, or even managed by another woman, guys are just easier to work with for me, hence my working in a male dominated field when I could have chosen another. Truth be told I don't especially like other girls, they sometimes stab you in the back, ask me how I know?

Bearing this in mind, and for obvious self preservation purposes, I don't want to assume anything here, and I half expect Robert to graciously show me to a guest bedroom, only for him to take his cherished new toy into his own. In all fairness she's earned it, and she does make a lovely captive too. For all I know he's even sampled Rose's charms already, the first time he unwrapped her and while she was still trapped inside the framework of the bear. I didn't necessarily get that vibe from either of them, but in matters of the heart I am much less than confident in myself, it's a major character flaw of mine. There are reasons for this, but that's a different story.

But I digress...

Anyway, Robert, carrying Rose inside the bear toy, and with me in tow, all enter his bedroom, which is really more like a toy museum, and I think to myself, "this ought to be interesting." They are living quarters more than just a room, the area huge in square footage, like the size of my entire modest house with it's attached rooms and closets. One could live in there and never come out, except for food, assuming the hired help didn't bring it, which I assume they might. There are shelves crammed with toys from all over the world, antique ones, and modern state of the art ones too. It's like Santa's workshop, less the elves, and the imagery makes me smile.

I don't know what Robert intends here, but I have basically offered anything under the sun, after the party, but this assumed collection would be just between us two. I don't recall if I had made that a condition earlier when I had offered it, but we're here now, quite literally.

The first order of business is to unwrap Rose from the outer cover, which we do, and she is exhausted in there, nearly asleep. I remove her gag, which she thanks me for, but she's almost out. I offer and give her a long drink of water, my conscience now clear. Robert tells her to wait there while he gives me the tour, which she sleepily acknowledges, standing there looking up at Robert's big bed, but from floor level like a banished pet, all from inside her metal prison.

I'm not necessarily being nice to Rose as I intentionally prolong the tour, although she doesn't seem to complain in the other room behind us, but she's had a longer day than I have. I ask questions about the toys I have genuine interest in; they're more male oriented, robots as opposed to dolls, but one can expect such, and I have interest in traditionally guy things myself. I've had dolls, but also erector sets too while growing up. I was indulged in that way, back before it was trendy and cool for parents to do so.

"I can't imagine a better night" Robert tells me out of the blue, and then he leans in to kiss me. I kiss him back, this not going in the exact direction I thought it might, but it's still good. I've had "sex" with my coworkers, almost exclusively kinky sex, as in tied up over a crate with packing tape and used hard from behind on a lost bet dare, or stripped naked and then pushed into their crowded gang showers. It was physically wonderful, but there wasn't exactly a lot of passionate kissing going on during those times either. Passionate kissing was something two people did when they made love, where sex was a nearly pure physical act they way we did it in the warehouse... and even in the freight elevator between floors. It was good for scratching that particular physical itch, but that's all...

"I can," I replied deadpan, but this is not what I thought I was offering earlier.

"Thank you," Robert tells me, and I ask him for what, thinking correctly that Rose has had all the skin in this particular game.

"You could have cried rape, hell you both could have. It's not unheard of for two highly attractive ladies to want to entrap somebody like me, it's just the way it is. If you only knew what I've been through over the course of the last year; your head would spin" he tells me.

"You've been honest and sweet with me, and I think I have a pretty good idea what you like. I'm positively intrigued by it to be honest. Not a chance Rose didn't have a good time tonight, and I don't have any intention of screaming rape myself, pretty much no mater what. So, I'd say you're in the clear, but if you're still not sure, maybe we should borrow Rose's gag for the night, just in case?"

We never borrowed Rose's gag that night, the passion incredibly high between us, Robert dropping me on the bed and our clothes collectively flying in every direction. Some even landed on a watching Rose, although she was likely asleep for that first part of the night, while still trapped in her cage and dependent on us in the morning for her escape though. Robert, well Robert the toy man was all alpha, once he got the proper lay of the land as far as what I like. Guys, even alphas, can be timid when getting to know someone intimately, but in their defense, how could it be otherwise?

"Hi, I'm Robert, let me tear your clothes off and pin you to the bed and do everything I'd like to your struggling body while you fight me with all your might," said no rational man ever to a woman, without getting arrested right afterwards. Guys had it tough in this modern world, rich guys probably even more so, although I also know personally that there are some bad ones out there too, there's just way more good ones, and they get grabbed up pretty quickly. Anyway, it didn't go quite like that, but I did encourage him to at least hold my hands pinned to the mattress, and that's a great way to start...


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