Tourist Trap

by ZTVFemdomtales

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"Thanks for calling Tourist Trap, how may I help you today?"

"Yes I was interested in your Old World Train Tour package."

"Excellent choice sir."

God he needed this. It had been one hell of a year for Aaron Guillante. The emphasis here was on the word hell. It all started when the company he'd given the last ten years of his life to went belly up. Seems the owners thought their pockets were the best place for the company funds. Then his wife of six years left him for her yoga teacher. Being a cliche didn't make it hurt any less. So he sold their house, and all the stuff she left in it, bought a new apartment and used the remainder to book their dream trip without her: a train ride across Europe and Asia.

"A train?"

John O'Loughlin stared at his editor incredulously.

"It's not just a train," Stan Levine reminded him, "it's a trip from Portugal to the Chinese coast. They're has never been any other tour of this kind before. If that doesn't scream National Geographic then what does?"

"Stan ..."

"Let me put it to you this way, on a trip like this there's bound to be a Pulitzer winning shot along the way somewhere."


Jason Kazinsky smiled at his new bride Shari. As she took in the large black steam train before them her eyes grew so large he was sure they'd pop out of her head. He wasn't much of a train guy but he knew she loved it. So this was the perfect honeymoon in his eyes. 

"My name is Anne and welcome to Tourist Trap Tours. Let me get you sorted into your cars. Each car on the train will have their own guide who will take you through each city we stop in. Let's see Car 1: Alyssa, Ben, Charlotte, Josh, Melanie, Susan, Denny, Onyx, Scarlett ...

"... Car , which is my car: Laura, Wendy, Heather, Aaron, John, Jason and Shari. I think we're all going to have a lovely time together. Now I'll let you all get settled in and we'll be departing in thirty minutes."

Aaron threw his bag into his sleeping car and headed for the dining car. They had to be serving drinks by now. In fact they were. That was more like it.

"Having a rough time I see."

"You could say that."

He looked over his shoulder from his perch on a stool at the bar and saw his guide Anne had joined him. She was a stunning woman in her mid-thirties with shiny brown hair flowing down to her shoulders. No more than five foot it took a bar stool to make her eye level with him and what stunning green eyes they were. What he tried not to look at though were her clearly visible D Cup breasts.

"Tell me about it."

"Oh you don't want to hear my sob story."

"Maybe I do."

As she spoke she gently rubbed the back of his hand.

John sat his bags down in his compartment and pulled out his camera. Maybe he would get some good shots of Portugal before they left. 

Jason and Shari dropped their bags on the floor of the compartment and closed the door.

"We do have thirty minutes," he said smiling.

"So we do."

They began to go at it ripping each other's clothes off.

A half hour later the train was off and their adventure began. They arrived in Madrid, Spain around four in the afternoon. Anne took them out into the city. Aaron took it all in trying to avoid the slight hangover he was feeling. John was clicking away taking in everything he could. Jason and Shari walked hand in hand smiling with a tell-tale glow. That evening they had dinner at a small outdoor cafe. The newlyweds took turns feeding each other while the others listened to Anne tell them more about Madrid. Aaron couldn't help but notice that all through dinner she would rub her leg up against his. 

This was pretty much how the trip continued for the next several days. Day two they stopped in Paris. Day three they left the City of Light around 8 in the morning arriving in Bern, Switzerland around midday. Then on the afternoon of the fourth day they arrived just outside Venice. 

"The first inhabitants started pouring into the Venice Lagoon around 400 AD fleeing from the Goths who were sweeping through Italy following the collapse of the Roman Empire ..."

Anne smiled broadly as she led her small group through the city on the water. Aaron couldn't help but notice she was seemingly trying to actively keep him at the front of the group so she could keep her eye on him. John couldn't help but notice she was making sure he was at the rear where no one else could see him. That suited him fine, easier to take pictures that way. Jason and Shari couldn't help but notice each other. 

After a nice meal where John was once again pretty much ignored, they all piled into a gondola for a quick ride. 

"Isn't this romantic?" Shari asked Jason.

His response was a kiss, so yeah, he agreed.

"For centuries these were the most common water craft you would finds out here on the Lagoon ..." Anne began.


John felt a tapping on his shoulder.

"Ciao," the gondolier repeated.

"Oh you're talking to me. Hello."


"I'm sorry I don't speak Italian."

"Well English it is then. My name is Serena, what's your's?"

"John; nice to meet you Serena."

It was then he got a better look at her. She was small for a gondolier maybe 5'2", 5'5" at most. She had long wavy brown hair that feel over her shoulders ending at her pert little breasts. She was slender but her arms showed the considerable strength her job required. Her face was beautiful youthful and still very powerful. Her skin had a sexy olive complexion about it and her voice was deep and husky with a beautiful accent.

"You don't really look like you belong here with these other tourists."

"No, I'm just here to get some photos for National Geographic."

"Oh you're a photographer? Would you take my picture?"


Smiling he clipped a quick shot of her looking like a stoic hardworking gondolier she was. 

"One more, this one just for you," she said.

He obliged and was more than pleasantly surprised to find she was giving him a very seductive little style. They spent the rest of the ride talking and laughing. All in all they had a wonderful time. They returned to the empty dock far away from the maul of tourists and began disembarking. As soon as foot hit ground Anne lead them off keeping their eyes on her nodding her head as tour guides do. If anyone had been paying close enough attention they would have seen the signal Anne had given to Serena. If they had it might have spared John a little pain.

Just as he was about to get out of the boat she knocked him over the head with the oar knocking him out cold. She quickly threw a heavy blanket she had tucked behind her over him and rowed away. Anne smiled knowingly and continued on with the tour.

Anne's tour group had stopped on a pedestrian bridge to watch boats on the main canal. She was texting. 

First delivery on schedule

Her contact responded:

Good, see you soon

She smiled and put her phone away.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen let's move on."

Serena hummed happily to herself as she maneuvered her gondola down the quiet side canal. To anyone watching she was just a woman happy with her job. They had no reason to suspect she had the man she purchased out cold under a blanket. Now all she had to do was get her new man home.

The sun had set and the tour grip had set down to dinner.

"Where'd the guy with the camera go?" Aaron asked.

"He said he wasn't feeling well and went back to the train," Anne told him.

"Oh, OK."

John slowly started coming to. God his head hurt. What happened? Where was he? He looked around but none of it looked familiar. It was a bedroom that much was for certain. The walls were a creamy white color like fine old parchment. To his left were several paintings and an old guitar hanging on the wall. On the same wall down near the foot of the bed was a window. He was laying on a small little bed with dark sheets and a gold blanket. 

He tried to sit up but found his movements arrested. Looking down he saw someone had removed all his clothing. His ankles had been tied together with an odd orange rope. So had the area right above his knees. His arms had been folded behind his back wrapped up in a harness of that some odd orange rope. What the hell was going on here?


"Serena?" he asked weakly.

She smiled and sauntered over and he could see she was wearing nothing but a silky silver robe. 


"I told you I don't speak Italian."

"Don't worry I'll teach you. That was one of my requirements actually."

"Requirements? Serena what is going on here?"


With that she leaned down and kissed him on the lips.

At 11 o'clock that night when all the groups had returned (not including dear John of course) the train left Venice for the overnight trip to Berlin. 

It had been a very surreal couple of hours. Serena had said nothing. Instead she just knelled beside the bed leisurely running her hands over his bare skin. Every time he would try to say something she would cut him off by gently kissing him on his lips. Finally she shrugged off her robe and climbed on top of him. The sight of her tight bronze body made him instantly hard. Without saying a word she covered them with the blanket. She snuggled up close to him and promptly fell asleep.

Sometime between 4:30 and 5 O'Clock that morning the train left Italy reaching Austria. 

After hours of laying with Serena's naked body wrapped around his bound one John finally succumbed and fell asleep too.

At 9 o'clock the train arrived in Germany.

John awoke to a strange sensation. It was warm, wet and right between his legs. It took him a minute to realize he was getting a blowjob. He looked down to see Serena going to town. He should have been upset. After all he had been kidnapped and now he was being sexually assaulted. But the pleasure she was giving him, not to mention the fact he was just barely awake, he was enjoying himself. Soon he couldn't take it anymore and came in her waiting mouth. When they were done she climbed up next to him and began to run her hand all over him again.

"Why are you doing this?" he asked, hoping she wouldn't kiss him after what they had just done.

"I've always wanted an American boy all for myself so I bought one."

"You bought me?"

"Yes, I ordered a white boy your age and build, single, does not speak Italian, a job that allows for travel, and they sent me you."

"Who did?"

"Tourist Trap."

She went on to explain everything to John. He gulped, trying to keep calm.

"What are you going to do with me now that you've got me?"

"Keep you."

She said this like it was the most obvious thing in the world. 

That afternoon the tour group arrived in Berlin and continued on. Not one of them gave a second thought to the fact that the photographer was no longer with them. None save for Anne, whose cellphone alerted her to her payment from Serena. One delivery down, two more to go.

Ten days had passed since Tourist Trap departed Lisbon, Portugal. So far it had been pretty entertaining. Each day was another beautiful European city. They had been to Madrid, Paris, Bern Switzerland, Venice, Berlin, Warsaw and two days ago they had arrived in Moscow. Now as they crossed into Asia things changed. The countries grew much larger and as such took longer to get through. So far they had spent almost seventy hours cooped up in their train. 

During that time someone finally noticed that the photographer John was gone. Anne had been forced to come clean. He felt too sick to continue so he was taken to an Italian hospital and then gone home. They hadn't wanted to worry anyone so nothing had been said.

In the morning they would go out and explore Mumbai. Though three people were a little sorry to be getting off the train again. For most of the last two days Anne had sit by Aaron as she told them all about what they were passing out their windows. Her hand almost never left his lap. Jason and Shari spent most of their time those two days screwing like rabbits back in their room. 

Six days had passed since John had been kidnapped in Venice. So far it had not been that bad actually. The first day was spent in bed. Serena took the day off from her Gondola work. Instead she'd spent her day working on him. She rode him again and again with amazing vigour. John had never had so much sex in one day. That night they just passed out after a particularly powerful shared orgasm not even bothering to remove himself from her. 

The next day she fixed him breakfast and served it to him in bed. Kissing him goodbye she dressed, stuck an orange ballgag in his mouth and went off to work. She came back to check him at lunch before coming home for the night at dinner. Each time she took out the ballgag she would give him a large powerful kiss and say, "Ti amo, John." Then she would let him go bathroom, feed him and screw him for hours till they fell asleep. As he fell asleep on that sixth night an odd thought occurred to him. He had not thought about escaping or trying to get help once in the last three days.

Everyone stretched their legs as they left the train and headed out into Mumbai. The city was a beautiful mix of glinting modern city scapes and the world of British India as we all imagine it to have been. Anne marched to the head of her group and launched into her spiel.

"Known as Bombay until 1995 Mumbai is the most populated city in India and the ninth most populated city in the world ..."

"What's going on?" John asked sleepily. 

He had woken that morning to find Serena untying him.

"If you don't send in some photos soon someone back at the magazine's gonna catch on. So we're going to go out and get you some good shots of Venice."

"We are?"

"Of course we silly, I have to make sure you come back."

"And how do you plan on doing that?"


She tied a length of orange rope to the body harness and released his arms. Going to her closet she came back with the clothes he had been wearing the day of the gondola ride. She dressed him herself taking care to caress his body as she did so. She feed the leash out through one of his sleeves. Leading him outside she wrapped her arms around one of his. She then took the leash and tied her own hands together.

"What are you doing?"

"If you do anything other than what I tell you to I'll scream for help and tell everyone you're kidnapping me."

"Oh so irony is your plan."


"Alright," Anne said, "you have one hour for lunch and to shop."

Shari and Jason walked hand and had through the little collection of shops.

"I'm starving," Jason said. 

Shari noticed a little store and stopped. It was a clothing store of some kind.

"You go ahead," she told him, "I'm going to go find something special for tonight."

"You got it," he said grinning.

Shari let go of her husband's hand and entered the little shop. 

"aapaka svaagat hai , aaj main tumhen kaise madad kar sakata hai?"

"Sorry, American."

"Welcome, how may I help you today?"

"Just browsing, thanks."

"Very good, let me know if you see anything you like."

"Will do."

She browsed the store admiring the wonderful clothing on sale. She loved the sexy little two piece dresses that Anne had called a Sari. She pulled one off the rack and held it up against herself as he stood in-front of a nearby full sized mirror. The peacock colors of the dress really complimented her smooth white skin. It would show off her pert little breasts nicely. Shari laughed to herself thinking she was probably one of the few gingers to shop in this little out of the way shop.


Shari turned around to see a woman in what appeared to be a khaki police uniform advancing on her.

"I'm sorry?"


"I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're saying."

"I told you to put that dress down thief."


The officer was a head taller and looked to be entering her forties. The dead serious look on her face made Shari very nervous."

"You were shoving that in your purse."

"No, no I wasn't."

"Don't you lie to me."

"I'm not."

"That's it, you're coming with me. We'll let a judge figure this out."

She grabbed the Sari from Shari before spinning her around and handcuffed her with her hands behind her back.

"There's been a mistake," Shari said as she was led out of the store and into the back of a waiting car.

As he sat at their table at the little restaurant the others had stopped at Jason was starting to get very worried. Where was Shari? She should have been back by now.

The car came to a stop. The cop opened the door and roughly pulled Shari out of the backseat.



The woman drug her up the front steps of a building that looked nothing like any police station she had ever seen before. It looked like an apartment building or old school seaside motel in bright art-deco colors. 

"Where are we?" Shari asked, suddenly suspicious. 

In response the woman shoved a ballgag into her mouth and drug her around back to a side door. She forced her inside and up a series of metal stairs into a nice little apartment. She slammed the door shut and dead bolted it. She then turned on Shari grabbing a knife off the table. Shari whimpered as the woman approached. She cut off all Shari's clothing leaving her standing naked, handcuffed and trembling. 

"God you're gorgeous. Anne really outdid herself this time."

She grabbed Shari and drug into the bedroom.

"Come on slave, your mistress is horny."

Shari squealed as she was drug naked, handcuffed and ballgagged by her Indian abductress across the apartment and into the bedroom. The woman tossed her onto the large canopy bed. 

"Now before I have my way with you there are few things we need to get out of the way. I am your new owner Mistress Avani. Whatever name you had before today is gone. You are to be forever known as Bandee. You will have no contact with the outside world. This apartment is all you'll ever see or need. You will only wear two pieces of clothing ever again."

She grabbed a golden collar from her bedside table and snapped it around Shari's neck with an audible click.

"This collar stays on, period. If we're not having sex or sleeping I expect you to wear the Sari we stole, otherwise you stay naked. Got it?"

Shari began to cry.

"That's right get it all out now. The sooner you accept this the sooner you can be the happy little slave you were always meant to be."

"That's it I'm calling someone," Jason said, "what's the Indian 9-1-1?"

Suddenly a text arrived on his phone. 

"It's from Shari. Thank god."

Then he read the message.

Jason, I can't do this anymore. I have been having doubts for months. I should have said something but I thought if I could get through the wedding then everything would turn around. It has not. I'm so sorry. I hope you can forgive me one day. As for today I'm going back home to my family. Goodbye forever.

He dropped the phone.

"As for today I'm going back home to my family. Goodbye forever," Avani laughed as texted away on Shari's phone.

Shari screamed at her to stop. The phone rang.

"Oh look it's your ex."

Avani then threw the phone against the wall breaking it.

"Well he's not contacting you again."

Shari's weeping started anew.

"There, there, I know how to take your mind off of him."

Avani drug Shari further up onto the bed and flipped her onto her back. She ripped off her own clothes revealing a tall lean body whose C-cup breasts were armed with nipples ready to fire. Long wavy black hair landed on shoulders complimenting her exotic, at least for Shari, dark skin. She leaned over Shari to get something else out of her bedside table. As she did she made sure to rub her bare breasts all over her victim's face. Shari's eyes bulged out of her head when she saw the vibrator Avani was holding.

To be continued ...



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