Tough Love Part 8: Enslaved

by Graymangazer

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© Copyright 2012 - Graymangazer - Used by permission

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Part 8: Enslaved

If I thought my life was bad up to then, the next few days showed me how hard things could really be. Lucy had announced out of the blue that she would be going away for ten days to finalise the contract with the Italians. This news seemed to make Lynn even more domineering. I came home from work every day as usual, stripped off my clothes, donned my apron and did my chores. Lynn appeared to try her hardest to find the slightest fault with my work, and she made sure she thought of many other jobs for me to do. Of course, every order she gave me was accompanied with liberal use of her crop.

At the end of each day I found myself praying hard for Lucy to come home from work. Even if I had to sample one of Lucy’s more exotic torments, at least I could tell myself I was agreeing to endure it willingly. To endure it because I loved her. In an attempt to stave off more punishment I found myself obeying every command Lynn gave me. I wore what she told me, I ate what and when she told me, I accepted any punishment she decided I should have whether merited or not. All in all I became the perfect little submissive.

I had Lynn dominating me during the day, then Lucy made sure I didn’t have time to relax and think for myself at night. That week was nothing but work and whippings and humiliation from Lynn, and whippings, spankings humiliation and ass fucking from Lucy. The night before Lucy was to leave I wondered with dread what the next ten days would have in store for me.

On Friday morning I travelled to work on the bus as Lucy had left early in her car. She hadn’t even told me goodbye, but I guess she hadn’t wanted to wake me. Back at home, once I had completed all my chores, I reported to Lynn as she watched T.V. in the lounge, with my hands held behind my back and eyes downcast as I had been instructed to do in the last few days.

“We have a lot of work to do before Lucy returns” Lynn informed me. She pressed the remote to silence the T.V. then stood up and proceeded to lead me down to the basement. There she told me exactly what I had to do. Based on Lucy’s instructions, I set about remodelling the basement.

We had a large basement, most of which was used as a utility room, the remainder formed a small room just three metres square. It was filled with items that we no longer used and didn’t really want, but we were just too reluctant or lazy to throw away. It was this room I would be altering. I was set to work first clearing the small room and then fitting a new, more substantial door with a lock on the outside only. Later that day some items were delivered and Lynn had me carry the large boxes down to the basement. I then spent an hour unpacking and assembling an iron bed frame and securing it to the wall. A cheap, thin mattress was supplied and this I put on the bed.

Lynn studied a hand drawn plan that she had been given by Lucy, detailing the fixing of various eyes and hooks in the walls, floor and ceiling. I drilled holes where she instructed me and screwed and fixed various fittings. As these were secured, Lynn attached chains and padlocks to them. I looked around me and suddenly realised the room was becoming more and more like a cell or dungeon (how the hell had I not realised that before now?).

Lynn must have noticed my concern. She sat on the bed while I stood and she explained to me “Lucy is in line for a promotion if she lands this account. And if she does she will probably have to do a lot of entertaining. That will mean clients staying over, so she’ll obviously need the extra bedrooms. So we thought you wouldn’t mind if you have to sleep down here now and again.”

It all sounded plausible. But I was really uncomfortable with it, especially the way the room was fitted out.

“Why all the chains and things?” I wanted to know.

“Don’t worry about that, it’s just something Lucy wanted” she said with finality.

She slapped her hands on her thighs and stood “I’m hungry,” she announced and started to leave the room but stopped and turned to me.

“While you’re cooking, I shall inspect your work from this afternoon, to see if there’s any more punishment due” she saw my shocked and puzzled look “to add to what you earned by not addressing me correctly just now,” she explained with a smile. she left me nervous and confused, knowing that I wasn’t going to enjoy the evening.

Amy arrived home from work and the two girls showered and dressed while I prepared dinner. I served their meal as they sat at the dining table, I ate alone in the kitchen. When I started to clear away the plates Amy had me stand while she inspected my exposed body. She counted the welts and bruises, trying to guess how many strokes Lynn had been forced to give me today. The two of them had a fun time as I stood in humiliation. I washed the dishes and hoped to disappear to my room for an evening of peace, but Lynn reminded me I had punishment to come.

The two girls had drunk two bottles of wine between them with their dinner, so they were both quite drunk. After a short discussion they thought it would be fun to have me lay over their knees to be spanked. They were two drunk women, I was sober and twice as strong as them. It crossed my mind that I could throw them out of the house without raising a sweat. Instead I knelt and presented my behind for them to punish. I even asked them respectfully to correct me and thanked them after they had spanked me until their palms stung. When I was permitted to go to my room I had to will myself not to cry in shame.

* * * *

It took me all day Saturday and most of Sunday to do all the work in the basement to Lynn’s satisfaction. I was hampered all the time by both women using any opportunity to hurt or humiliate me. When I was finally finished Lynn had me lay on the bed “its just the right size,” she declared “now lets see what we can do with these ,“she continued as she began to examine the chains and restraints attached to the bed.

To my shame, I lay and allowed her to attach iron cuffs to my wrists and ankles, in no time I was chained totally helpless. Lynn bent over me and pulled down on my chin, as my mouth opened automatically she forced a rubber ball into my mouth, she pushed it hard until it was settled behind my teeth and fixed it with a strap behind my head. I didn’t fight her, instead I worked my jaw to find a more comfortable fit.

Lynn left the room and I was alone for some time. I wondered why I had allowed her to make me a prisoner so easily.

After what seemed hours but was probably minutes Lynn returned. She looked down at me as if I were an annoying stain she had to deal with. She pulled her crop from her belt, and I drew in a sharp breath through my nose and shook my head in silent pleading. Without a word she whipped me, she whipped me from my chest to my knees. I was unable to resist or even beg for mercy, she lashed without pity, without pause or hesitation. When I thought I would go insane with the pain, she suddenly stopped and looked down on me with a manic grin on her face.

I was trembling with fear and pain. I tried to beg for mercy but only garbled sounds emerged. Without warning Lynn grabbed my balls. She squeezed and pulled, I groaned in agony, it made me feel nauseous, I screwed my eyes shut as pain enveloped my entire body. It took me a few seconds to realise she had stopped. I looked down through tear filled eyes and saw that she was tying a thin cord around my scrotum, she pulled the cord tight - so very tight - and in a few seconds my cock and balls were starting to turn blue.

She calmly threaded the cord through a ring in the ceiling. She pulled down on the free end forcing me to strain and raise myself upwards as much as I could. I screamed in pain as I was lifted from the bed by the cord. My mind was screaming, begging her to stop, but then my nipples were on fire. I had my eyes tightly closed, when I looked, dreading to see what was happening, I saw Lynn attaching savage looking crocodile clamps to my nipples. She used more cord to connect the clamps to another ring in the ceiling. she pulled the cord tight, it felt as though my nipples were being ripped off of my chest. I felt I would go insane with the pain, I didn’t know how I would be able to withstand it. But when I opened my eyes to try to plead with her I realised Lynn had left the room. I was alone again, left alone to suffer, I wouldn’t have a choice but to endure the pain.

* * * *

Lynn inspected her work. John looked to be in a lot of pain and she almost felt sorry for him, almost but not quite. She really liked John as a person, he was a decent and gentle man, but she liked dominating and tormenting him even more. It was at times like these when she had control of the entire house that she enjoyed most. She dreamt of one day owning a home like this and having her own slaves to torment and serve her. When she had taken the job of cleaner for John and Lucy she had felt depressed that it was the only work she could find. She never dreamt that it would lead to something like this, she never imagined being paid a ridiculously high wage to boss and subdue her employer. She never suspected the cruel and dominant urges she had inside of her. But they had surfaced and she was determined to satisfy them to the full. She smirked down at John as he strained in agony “oh well, if he’s stupid enough to let this happen to him he deserves everything he gets,” she thought and left the room. She shut and locked the door behind her, there was no need as John wasn’t going anywhere but it seemed somehow symbolic.

Entering the lounge Lynn flopped down onto the sofa and reached for the phone on the side table. She leant back into the luxury of the expensive leather furniture, she lifted her feet to rest them on the bound form in front of her.

Amy grunted when Lynn’s heels dug into her back “oh do be quiet I’m trying to make a phone call,” Lynn admonished her, prodding the soft flesh on the side of Amys breast with the toe of her shoe. Amy tried to remain quiet but it was hard, she was bound into a tight ball, her legs were tied together at her ankles and knees, she also had her big toes locked into a small set of thumb cuffs, her arms were tied at the wrists and just above the elbows, Lynn had tied them so tight that Amys elbows were touching, her shoulders were wrenched back straining her muscles and joints.

She was on her knees, her ankles strapped to her thighs. She wore a two inch wide black leather collar, a rope connected one of the four rings in the collar to the binding around her legs, forcing her chin to touch her knees. Another piece of rope stretched from her wrists to her ankles. A huge red rubber ball gag filled Amy’s mouth, stretching her jaws agonisingly wide. She had been in this position for an hour and Lynn had taken advantage of Amy’s helplessness by spanking her defenceless bottom whenever she desired. Amy cried silently as Lynn deliberately ground her sharp heels into the soft flesh of her hip. Then, despite the pain and discomfort or maybe because of it, she started snorting through her nose as another orgasm approached.

* * * *

Barry sat up on the sun bed and handed Lucy her phone when it started ringing. She looked at the display, shielding her eyes from the hot, bright sun, recognising the number she spoke into the phone.

“Lynn darling, how are you? is everything okay?”

“Oh yes. Everything’s just great at this end. How is Bermuda?”

“Its beautiful and so hot. I’ve hardly moved from the pool since we got here, the heat makes you feel so lazy. All I have to worry about is my tan - in fact I should put some more sun cream on before I burn. So Lynn, what can I do for you or is this just a social call?” Lucy enquired.

“Oh, I just wanted to keep you updated with everything. Things have moved on quite a bit this weekend, I think you’ll be pleased. John seems to be almost completely broken now. He’s finished the work in the basement already, it’s perfect by the way. I think you’re going to have so much fun in that room - in fact I have him down there right now, he’s chained to the bed and I think he’s suffering quite a bit. I couldn’t resist giving him a bit of a whipping, he just looked so inviting,” Lynn explained.

“Oh my, that sounds wonderful. I almost wish I was there. How was he when he realised he was being moved into the basement?” Lucy wanted to know.

“That’s the great part, I thought he would fight or at least sulk or argue but he didn’t resist at all, he just accepted everything I told him to do. Even when I started to put the chains on him he just stood there like a puppet. I really think he’s given up - I honestly think we’ve broken him,” Lynn reported.

“This all sounds just perfect. I hadn’t planned to finalise his enslavement for a few weeks yet, but I wonder if we should bring it forward, what do you think? would he accept it? would he agree to become my slave?” Lucy was getting excited, all her hard work and planning was soon to bear fruit.

“Yes, I think he would. But why don’t we decide when you come home. Give me the next week or so to see how far I can push him, let me really put him through the mill. If he accepts all the suffering I have planned for him the way he has so far, I think he’ll be ready to spend the rest of his life serving you,” Lynn replied.

“Yum, this all sounds so delicious. Its been such a long time and now everything we planned is coming together it seems. You do what you think is best. You’re the mistress of the house at the moment so don’t hold back, don’t give him a minute’s rest. Now’s the time to really express yourself. I’m looking forward to being greeted by a mindless slave when I return home ha ha. Keep me informed of any developments my sweet, otherwise carry on the good work and I’ll see you in a few days,” Lucy blew a kiss into the phone and hung up, she placed the phone on the table at her side. Turning over onto her front, she rested her head on her folded arms and smiled in satisfaction, “Barry be a darling and put some lotion on my back and then could you order some champagne, I feel like celebrating,” she purred.

* * * *

Lynn leaned back on the sofa, she replaced the phone and picked up her glass of wine and sipped. She licked her lips and studied the glass, she particularly liked this wine. She would use Lucy’s credit card to order some more. Lazily, she slashed her crop across Amy’s ass eliciting a muffled yelp. She grinned happily, she felt her life was so good at the moment. She had two slaves to serve her: the one at her feet willing and the one in the basement not so willing. Either way, both would provide her with so much fun. She had the power now and she was going to use it to the full. She wasn’t concerned whether others suffered, in fact she intended to see that they did suffer, just as long as she herself was happy. Yes she concluded, life was good, but maybe not if your name was John Lester” she thought and giggled.

* * * *

I thought I was in hell, every part of my body seemed to be screaming in pain. My strength had given out a while ago and now I hung motionless, supported only by the cords attached to my balls and nipples. My nipples were stretched unbelievably to about two or three inches, the teeth of the clamps had ripped my skin causing a trickle of blood to run down my chest. My balls were almost black and my groin was a deep throbbing agony. I feared I had been permanently damaged, but I no longer cared, I would accept any damage if only the pain would stop.

Why was this happening to me? I didn’t think I had done anything wrong. Why was Lynn treating me like this? Because she wanted to I suppose, Lynn seemed to do whatever she wanted nowadays. I wondered whether Lucy knew what was going on here - what Lynn was doing to me. But I was pretty sure there wasn’t anything that happened in this house without Lucy’s consent. So that would mean Lynn was only doing Lucy’s bidding. Lucy had made it quite clear to me a while ago, I could be punished at any time just for fun if she desired. But this was more than just punishment, this was torture and it certainly wasn’t fun. I groaned as another spasm of pain shot through my crotch, ”oh god please make this stop. I promise to be good. If Lucy or Lynn want to punish me they can, I wont fight them, I’ll do whatever they say only please, stop this pain,” I was rambling and approaching delirium. I really thought I would be left there to die when it appeared someone up in heaven must have heard my prayer.

The door opened, Lynn entered, a glass of wine in one hand. She moved slowly into the room, studying me. I looked at her, silently pleading with my eyes, begging her to have mercy on me. She looked at me, running her hand lightly up and down the cord attached to my balls ”would you like me to untie you?” she purred. I nodded eagerly,

“I need to speak to you first and I want you to think hard about what I say,“ she said, she strolled around the bed and sipped her wine.

“When your wife gets home she wants, needs, to see a good obedient husband. Can you be that husband John, can you?” I would agree to anything she wanted. I tried to tell her but could only mumble through my gag, I nodded my head yes.

”Do you mean it? really, because if you do I can release you. Then we’ll have to work really hard, we’ll need to use the time until Lucy comes home teaching you to obey, do you understand what that means? You will need to obey Amy and me as you would your wife. I can help you John, I can train you to be exactly what Lucy wants. It wont be easy - it won’t be easy for any of us, but if you love Lucy as much as she loves you this is how you can prove it. Do you want this John? Will you let me help you become the person Lucy wants you to be?” Lynn placed her glass on the table and moved toward me.

I couldn’t nod my head yes fast enough, when Lynn removed my gag I tried to tell her I would be the perfect obedient husband, but my jaws were stiff and I sounded drunk as I slurred my words, much to Lynn’s amusement.

* * * *

We entered the lounge with Lynn leading me by a chain padlocked around my neck. I was otherwise free of my bondage but I shuffled stiffly, my whole body suffering with the punishment Lynn had bestowed on me earlier. I was surprised to see Amy sitting on a straight backed chair with her hands tied behind her back. Lynn left me standing, the chain dangling to my feet. She released Amy who stood and hugged the younger girl, then looked her in the eyes with pure love. Lynn came back to me and taking the chain she led me obediently to the sofa where she sat, she pulled the chain down to force me to my knees.

”Clasp your hands behind your head,” she told me. I hesitated for only a moment.

”From now on, whenever you are in the presence of your betters you should be in this position, unless you are told differently do you understand?” I nodded and mumbled yes.

”Speak up, do you expect everyone to struggle to hear you? speak clear, be proud that you are permitted to speak. Now tell Amy and myself what you promised in the basement,” she began my training.

I studied the two of them, they sat next to one another on the sofa, Amy rested her head on Lynn’s shoulder, her left hand caressed Lynn’s breast, she was showing me how things were now `we can do whatever we like, you on the other hand must serve and seek permission for everything you do` was the signal she sent me. They waited for me to speak. I started to say something but only a croak emerged, I coughed with my hand over my mouth then immediately replaced it behind my head.

”Please Miss. I promise to be a good husband and obey my wife. I’ll do whatever you tell me. I understand you may have to punish me and I will be happy to accept anything you desire. Please train me to be a better person”.

“And do you agree to obey Amy and myself?” Lynn asked.

“Yes Miss, I’ll obey you both or anyone else you tell me to. I just want you to be pleased with me,” I was humiliating myself, but I felt completely defeated and broken and I genuinely meant every word. I would try as hard as I could to make Lucy love and be proud of me.

* * * *

In the days that followed my training intensified. Both Lynn and Amy worked hard to prepare me for Lucy’s return. Each day I would return from work to do my usual chores, then I would spend the rest of the day and evening being instructed as to how to serve my betters. I learnt that I was no more than a servant or a slave as I didn’t contribute to the upkeep of the house or the quality of life that Lucy was entitled to, (my meagre wages and the work I did around the house were considered to be my payment for being allowed to stay in Lucy’s house, it wasn’t my place to point out that it was partly my house).

I was also taught the proper way to address my betters and the positions I should adopt when in their presence. Basically, I had to obey whatever order I was given and show the utmost respect to everybody and anybody. I was also taught the punishments and torments I could expect. I learnt I would be punished harshly for any disobedience, but I would also be tormented simply for others entertainment. I spent long periods in bondage, often in the most bizarre positions. I was also tortured and humiliated in the most inventive ways, this, Lynn told me, was to demonstrate to me what I should expect if I misbehaved, but I suspected it was as much for her enjoyment as she seemed very eager to try any new torment she could think of.

Everything that my two trainers did appeared to be designed to cause me suffering of some kind. I was in pain and restrained in some way at all times. I slept each night secured to the bed in the basement, always with clamps or some other painful torture on the more sensitive parts of my body, needless to say I didn’t sleep well and as the days passed I became more and more tired and as such even if I wanted to rebel I never had the strength or the energy. So in consequence I became ever more submissive and compliant.

* * * *

After a week something happened that clarified a lot of things for me, and even had me thinking that maybe there could be a way out of the situation I was in. I was subdued and obedient, trying my best to please my mistresses. I wanted be the best servant ( slave) for them, and Lucy especially, that I could. I was determined to make them proud of me. I must have convinced Lynn of my submissiveness as she occasionally left me unsupervised while I did my chores.

On one particular day Lynn left the house to meet with friends. I was on my knees cleaning the hall floor outside of Lucy’s office when I heard her phone ringing. There was nothing unusual in this and as I was forbidden to enter Lucy’s office or use the phone I ignored it and carried on with my work. The call went to answer phone and I was surprised when I heard a voice from the speaker (Lucy never left the volume on when she wasn’t here) even so I was still uninterested. My ears pricked up however when I heard the message.

“Hello Lucy, it’s Mario. I was wondering if you were free this weekend as Claude and myself are in town and we would love to get together again, after all I thought it would be nice to add to my collection of your panties. Please ring me, you know the number. Oh and by the way, Claude wants to know whether you have tried the butt plug yet as he’s longing to fuck your ass, his words not mine, so get back to me. Ciao”.

I couldn’t help listening and couldn’t believe my ears. What the hell was that all about. Lucy was with them now, wasn’t she?

I tried the door to Lucy’s office, she normally kept it locked but the door swung open silently. I was scared. Had Lynn set this up to test me - to trap me. I was scared of what would happen if Lynn or Lucy discovered I had entered this room. I was also scared of what that message meant. I entered Lucy’s office nervously. I hadn’t been in here alone since I had lost my job and my wife had taken what was my office as her own. I pressed a button on her phone and replayed the message, my heart sank, Lucy had been cheating on me, that was the only conclusion I could come to. I slumped down on her chair, I felt tears in my eyes, then I realised something else.

If Mario and Claude were in town now, where was Lucy? She was supposed to be with them finalising their deal. I was puzzled. I wondered what I could do. With no better idea I began to look over Lucy’s desk and in her drawers not really knowing what I was looking for. As I opened the bottom drawer I saw Lucy’s laptop computer. She never did anything relating to work without her laptop. So I asked myself again, where was she?

I turned the laptop on, it was password protected. I tried all the obvious ones like birthdays, mothers maiden names and nicknames but none of them worked. I sat defeated not knowing what to do next when suddenly I had an idea.

When Lucy and I first met and began making plans for our future together and marriage was first mentioned Lucy had giggled and said “oh no, my initials will be L.L.L. I’ll be known as la la la ,“ we laughed and I said “no L.L.L. will stand for Lucy luscious lips,” we laughed some more and then she said “Lucy luscious lips, yes I like that. You know, whenever we want to send each other secret messages or something we should each have a secret password and mine will be Lucy luscious lips”.

It couldn’t be, surely, but it was worth a try. I typed the letters and hit enter, Lucy’s homepage appeared on screen, I was in. I scanned Lucy’s homepage and saw nothing unusual so I went to her email account. This was password protected too. I remembered helping Lucy set up her email account all those years ago, she had chosen her password, I typed johnswife, feeling sure that Lucy must have changed it since then, but to my amazement her account opened, ”oh Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, for someone so intelligent you can be so naive” I said to myself.

I opened her inbox and immediately saw the messages I was hoping I wouldn’t see. The first one I opened was an on line check in for Lucy and Barry on a flight to Bermuda. Then a few days before there was conformation of a booking for a double suite in a couples resort in Bermuda, again for Lucy and Barry. I felt physically sick as I looked at the proof of my wife’s adultery. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to see any more but I knew I must. There were bookings, receipts and messages showing countless times Lucy had not been where she claimed to be. I also found messages from the Italians, strongly suggesting she was up to something other than business with them. I was starting to suspect I was married to a slut, but worse was the fact that she had me locked in this fucking cock cage.

Everyone was fucking my wife but me.

There were also a lot of emails from Stephen and I realised they started around the time I lost my job. I opened one at random and felt my world fall apart, I read .

“Lucy my dear. just to let you know that your husband will no longer be employed by me as from Monday. May I remind you of our discussion. If our plan is to work you should ensure any money he has is either spent or controlled by you. Furthermore, I need to be informed of any attempt he makes to gain employment so we can ensure he is unsuccessful. Initially we need to make him dependant on you financially, then we can start to make arrangements to further subjugate him. Why don’t you visit my office tomorrow, we can discuss the next steps.

I felt sick and wanted to curl into a ball and cry myself to sleep. Instead I thumped the desk hard and shouted out loud “fuck, fuck shit fucking whore bastards” I was so angry but sad at the same time. I knew I should just put a stop to all their games and throw Lucy out on her ass, but I knew if I did that only Lucy and myself would be the losers. I also knew I didn’t possess the courage, I had been downtrodden too long and trained too well. I had the information but I didn’t know what I could do with it. If I confronted Lucy I would lose her, and despite everything she had done to me, or planned for me, or even her adultery, which hurt me the most, I still loved her. She was the one thing that meant more to me than my own freedom. She would be home in a few days and I knew I was destined to become her slave. A lot of time and planning had been involved in their scheme. Lucy, Stephen, Barry and I suspect Amy and Lynn must be involved, maybe even the Italians. I couldn’t fight them all, I should just accept fate and resign myself to being a slave.

Crying, feeling defeated, I quickly closed Lucy’s computer. Lynn could be home at any time. I was in no doubt she would find a reason to torture me, I didn’t want to make it worse by being found in Lucy’s office without permission. I left the room taking the computer with me. I didn’t know what I would do with it and I also knew my life wouldn’t be worth living if I was found with it, but I couldn’t just leave it.

An hour later I had finished my work and I knelt with my hands behind my head to welcome Lynn home. The riding crop was on the side table, Lynn picked it up and I stood up without being told and bent to touch my toes, presenting my plugged ass. Ready to be beaten for her amusement.

* * * *

The day before Lucy was due back I was made to stand in the bath as Lynn and Amy scrubbed me clean. I was then inspected to ensure I would be presentable. Lynn decided it would be fun if I was shaved. They then took great delight in removing all trace of hair from around my mouth and, to my humiliation, my whole body from the neck down, I now felt more naked than ever. Lynn inspected me as I stood naked, wet and shivering and declared I was ready to begin my life of servitude.

She stroked my face with the end of her crop and told me I had worked hard and done well. I felt myself swell with pride and puffed out my hairless chest, both girls giggled at my macho display, but I didn’t care, I did this for my wife. I was ready for Lucy’s return and I would make her proud of me. That night I was chained as usual to my bed but allowed to sleep without pain.

Saturday morning arrived and I was awoken by Amy. She dressed me in my tiny black apron and leather wrist and ankle cuffs. She led upstairs where I prepared breakfast for my two trainers. They ate as I stood dutifully with my hands on my head awaiting instructions. When they had finished eating the two of them sat as I spent the next hour reciting over and over the rules I was to follow in my new existence.

Around midday, as I was polishing the already gleaming brassware, Lynn received a phone call from Lucy informing her that my wife would arrive home within thirty minutes, “I can’t wait to see you Lucy, we have a lovely surprise prepared for you,” Lynn told her, then hung up. Both girls were very excited and at Amy’s suggestion it was agreed that I should welcome Lucy home with a rosy ass. I spent the remaining minutes over first one, then the other girls lap, having my ass and legs swatted with hands and crop.

Lucy pulled onto the drive in her Lexus. I was kneeling in the hall with my hands clasped behind my head facing the door. I twitched as pain still throbbed in my ass, but I felt both pleased and nervous as the door opened and she entered. My first thought was at how tanned she was. I was sad as I realised how had she achieved it. She dropped her case on the floor and with a big smile she hugged and kissed Lynn on the cheek. She then turned to Amy and kissed her lingeringly on the mouth. I noticed her hand cupping the girls ass.

Finally she turned her attention to me. She looked down expressionless on my kneeling form for a few seconds, then she just spun on her heel and walked to the lounge. Lynn glared at me. She was obviously angry with me. She slapped me once, hard across the face, making my head spin.

“Stay there you useless lump,” she snarled and followed the others into the lounge, closing the door behind her.

I couldn’t think what I had done wrong, but I knew I must be at fault somehow. I felt so saddened that I had let Lucy down. I remained kneeling on the cold floor tiles for the next hour - I didn’t dare move. I could hear the three women talking and laughing on the other side of the lounge door, though I couldn’t hear what was being said. I jumped as the door suddenly opened and Amy poked her head out.

“Take Lucy’s cases up to her room then report here,” she ordered and closed the door leaving me alone again.

I stood up to obey, and stumbled as my legs were cramped and refused to support me. I massaged my muscles and once I felt I could walk properly I picked up Lucy’s cases and climbed the stairs to her room. I entered the lounge as instructed. I soon found myself on my knees again. This time I knelt before Lucy and Lynn who were sitting on the sofa drinking wine. Lucy continued to look at me like I was a piece of meat in a shop. I wondered sadly what I had done wrong.

She lifted her foot, and with the toe of her shoe she lifted my apron to expose my bald and imprisoned manhood, a hint of a smile played on her mouth. She then placed the sole of her shoe on my balls and pressed down. I closed my eyes and cringed in pain. When she stopped I looked up at her face, she was licking her top lip seductively. She hooked the toe of one foot into the back of her shoe on her other and flipped it off. Then with her stocking clad foot she stroked the side of my face.

I held my position with my hands clasped behind my head as she ran her foot over my face, she then pressed her toes to my mouth. I instinctively flicked my tongue out to lick her foot. She smiled properly then, so I knew I had done the correct thing. With her foot still at my mouth I continued licking. After a few minutes Lucy pushed her toes between my lips. I sucked on her foot as she pushed it further inside. Soon my mouth was full. I sucked and licked as best I could, my lips were stretched as half of Lucy’s foot filled my mouth.

Eventually she withdrew her toes and rested her foot, wet with my saliva on my shoulder. At last she spoke to me .

“What are you?” she asked. I didn’t really understand her question but I answered anyway.

“I’m your husband.”

She looked at me with a serious expression. I hoped I hadn’t made another mistake.

“You’ve always been my husband. I want to know what you are now?” her wet toes were stroking the side of my face.

I thought for a few seconds “erm, I am your slave,” I mumbled.

“What did I tell you about speaking clearly?” Lynn snapped

“I, I’m s.sorry Miss. I am your slave ma,am,“ I repeated, this time in a clear voice.

”Yes, you are, and I believe Lynn has explained to you all that entails,” Lucy spoke to me as if she were addressing a business meeting.

“Yes ma,am,” I answered . I looked at the floor dejectedly.

“Good. So lets see what you’ve learned”.

Lucy kicked off her other shoe and stood up. She held Lynn’s crop in her hand and flicked it cruelly across my cheek.

“Follow me,” she commanded. I struggled to my feet with my hands still clasped behind my head. My face stung where the crop had connected but I resisted the urge to rub away the hurt. I followed Lucy from the room, trailed by Lynn and Amy. In the basement Lucy inspected the new fixtures and fittings.

“Yes I like it. You did well,” she told Lynn as she played with a chain dangling from the ceiling. She then turned to stand behind me.

“Hands behind your back,“ she ordered. I complied, and felt the cuffs on my wrists fastened together. She moved back in front of me and sat down on the bed as I stood before her. From the side table she took a ball of cord - the same one as Lynn had used on my first night down here. Lucy reached forward and grasping my penis, she pulled me to her. She tied one end of the cord tightly around my balls, then kept wrapping turn after turn about my balls sac and the base of my cock. She pulled each turn as tight as she could, even seeking the help from the others to ensure the cord was tight as possible. She worked in a detached way, concentrating on the job in hand, not giving any thought to my feelings.

A burning, aching sensation began in my groin, but it wasn’t as painful as I would have suspected. Soon my scrotum was hidden beneath a mass of tight cord, and Lucy, helped by Lynn, fastened my ankles to each end of a three foot long bar. A chain, hanging from the ceiling was clipped to the rings on my wrist cuffs. Amy began pulling down on the other end of the chain and my arms were pulled upwards, forcing me to bend forward until I thought my shoulders would dislocate. I groaned when Lynn screwed clamps onto my nipples, and though they hurt terribly, I was glad they were not the ones with teeth. All three women examined their handiwork, checking and tightening things here and there, treating me as if I were just an object.

Lucy squatted down behind me. She began tapping her crop lightly against my bound balls. Although each tap in itself wasn’t too bad the culmination of the unending strikes started to build into a agonising ache. Soon I was groaning and writhing in pain. It grew worse with each tap and I wasn’t sure I could bare it any longer, but of course I had no choice. My suffering grew. I thought I was going to be sick and pass out, but even that small mercy was denied me and I found my whole body engulfed in a numbing agony. Each small tap seemed to thunder and vibrate throughout my bound form.

I suddenly realised I was crying out loud and begging for mercy. Tears were running down my face as I pleaded with them to please stop the pain. I promised to be the perfect slave, to do anything they wanted if only they would please stop. I only realised Lucy had stopped hitting me when she appeared in front of me. She grabbed a fistful of my hair and forced my head up to look at my face.

“Don’t cry now. This is just a sample of what your life will be from now on. I don’t suppose you’ll ever get used to the pain, but console yourself with the knowledge that the more you suffer the more pleasure you give me,” she released my hair and my head dropped in misery.

Through the red mist of pain that seemed to fill my mind I heard Lucy telling Lynn and Amy to strap on dildos. Lucy told Lynn she was to use the largest one to fuck my ass, while Amy ravaged my mouth.

“And don’t be too gentle,” she informed them.

Lynn was reluctant to use her dildo when she realised part of the device was a smaller cock which was to be inserted in herself. Shyly she declared “I’m a virgin. I’ve never had a penis inside of me before”.

Lucy hugged and kissed her “Oh, how simply delicious “ she cooed.

Lynn and Amy exchanged dildos and got themselves into position. Amy wasted no time, more pain coursed through my agonised body as she thrust deep into my ass with one determined push. Lynn had her hand in my hair and she forced my head back until my mouth gaped open. Her dildo soon crashed against the back of my throat. I almost gagged, but managed to stop myself and wrapped my lips around the plastic intruder. At the edge of my vision I could see Lucy take Lynn’s face in her hands and press her lips to the girls mouth, her tongue dancing over and between Lynn’s lips. Lynn stopped thrusting into my mouth while she concentrated on returning Lucy’s kiss, not caring that the plastic cock remained jammed in the back of my throat. I began struggling for air.

As I gurgled and dribbled saliva around the thing jammed in my mouth, Lucy pulled herself away from Lynn’s lips.

“When we’re finished here, while we leave John to think about his future. I’m going to take both of you to my room. There, I’m going to take your cherry. Then I’m going to fuck you both all night,” Lucy declared,

Lynn’s answer was a moan of sheer lust.

All the time, Amy kept pumping into my ass, causing the clamps on my nipples to swing painfully. Occasionally the plastic balls of her strap - on connected with my own, causing more pain, and me to moan in pure agony. They simply used me. The three women gained no satisfaction that I could tell, apart from the pleasure of torturing me. When they had had enough, Lynn and Amy left the room. I hung in bondage, in total defeat.

Lucy kissed Lynn and Amy and sent them to her bedroom to await her. She studied her husband as he hung in his bonds. On her return from Bermuda she had decided to act cold and distant. She would try to make him rebel, give him one final chance to show some backbone. She would show him what being a slave would be like. She loved spending time with John, but ever since she had begun this mad scheme she felt she needed to play the dominant role. Then when she was using him or tormenting him, she found his submissiveness infuriating and so she would treat him worse, and then she would become aroused and grow even nastier. It was a vicious circle.

She looked at his bound testicles and the suffering on his face. She had humiliated him, she had beaten him, and he had meekly accepted it all. Now she knew, it was inevitable. Tomorrow, her husband would become her slave.

* * * *

Lucy sat on the bed after the other girls had left. She lifted my head by my hair and kissed me tenderly on the mouth. I was surprised to say the least. She stood up and released my arms from the ceiling, I collapsed on the bed in exhaustion.

She rolled me over onto my back “Are you okay? “ she asked me as she began to remove the cord from my balls. The pain surprised and overwhelmed me. The cord had been embedded into my balls so tightly, removing it felt as if my skin was being peeled away. I tensed and groaned in agony as each turn was unwound. Lucy licked her lips, she seemed to relish the pain she was causing me.

“You did well John. You pleased me. You should rest now, you have a big day tomorrow and I want you to be perfect. I need you to impress all the others, can you do that John, well?”

I was cringing and making small whining noises as she unwound the cord from my balls, it felt like my crotch was on fire and I struggled to answer “I wont let you down ma,am I promise. I just want to please you. I’ll do whatever you tell me,” I promised her. With a tug she pulled the last of the cord away. I cried out and doubled up in pain, my knees touching my chest. Lucy waited for me to calm down then looked me in the eyes and spoke to me.

“I have a few guests coming over tomorrow. That’s when we’ll make your slavery official. There will be a test of your obedience, but I’m sure you’ll come through it okay. Just remember to do everything you’re told and we can start our new life together“.

I started to say something but Lucy pressed her fingers to my lips “you don’t speak without permission, and I don’t want to hear you at the moment,” she said.

As I lay on the bed she removed the remainder of my bonds. She locked a chain around my neck and secured the other end to the bed. She sat beside me and kissed me, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth.

“Sleep now. Dream of me. I’m so looking forward to having you as my slave” she stroked my cheek then stood up. With a final smile she walked from my cell to keep her appointment with the other girls.

* * * *

I was left in relative peace and allowed to complete my chores the next day, though now leather cuffs and short chains on my feet and wrists made up part of my uniform. There was a distinct feeling of excitement and tension in the air. Lynn fussed around me, ensuring I did everything right. There was also I noticed, an excessive amount of kissing and caressing whenever any of the three women came into contact with each other.

Around mid afternoon Lucy pulled me up from my knees where I was polishing the hall floor and spoke to me, she looked worried and gripped my arm.

”In a couple hours my guests will arrive and I don’t want to be embarrassed. You won’t embarrass me will you John?” she said earnestly.

“No ma,am. I know how much this means to you. I won’t disappoint you, I promise,” I reassured her.

* * * *

I was in the basement, sitting on my bed, when Lynn came for me. She wrapped a chain around my neck and tugged me from the room. As we entered the lounge I saw Lucy sitting on the sofa with Barry next to her. Stephen sat in my favourite armchair and Amy hovered nearby with a tray of drinks. I almost resisted when I saw the two men; I wasn’t expecting them, I felt ashamed of my naked and submissive appearance. Lynn gave a tug on the chain and I stumbled on obediently.

She led me over to stand in front of Lucy. She whispered in my ear ”on your knees” I knelt and clasped my hands behind my head, the twelve inch chain connecting my wrists hung cold on the back of my neck.

Lucy whispered something to Barry and giggled, Barry turned red and looked embarrassed. Lucy then looked at me as if she had just realised I was there.

“You know why you’re here?” she asked me.

“Yes ma,am,” I replied.

“Well?” she pressed, impatient for my answer. I looked around, everybody in the room was quiet, waiting to hear what I would say.

“I’m you’re slave. I’m here to serve you ma,am,” I said with my eyes on the floor.

Lucy allowed herself a smile. Everything was going just as she planned. She only needed to explain a few new rules to John and have him agree to them, then her work would be done and their new relationship could officially begin.

“Yes you are. You are now my slave, completely. You are also a slave to my friends. From this moment on, you will obey me and anyone else without question, understand?” I made to answer, but she held up her hand to stop me “speak only with permission” she warned, then continued “I won’t go into all the rules you will now live by at this time, no doubt you will learn all of them as we go, but needless to say you will be punished for any infraction and punished severely. Also you may be punished for no other reason than to provide entertainment for me or any of my friends should we wish it. In short, I own you. You have no rights. You exist solely for my pleasure. Is that clear?”.

I let her words sink in, it was what I had expected. I knew I could walk away now, leave this all behind me. But I also knew, I no longer possessed the strength or the will to resist.

“Yes ma,am. I understand,” I said in my most humble voice.

“Good. Now, I need you to sign these papers. Some of them are not exactly legally binding, but we needn’t worry about any of that. There’s no need for you to read them. As a slave you’re not really entitled to an opinion anyway. I want you to sign them, so that’s all that should really matter to you after all. We just want to have everything clear and in the open,” she was all business as she spread a number of documents on the small table to the side of her seat.

I signed the papers without hesitation or reading them. I did manage see a contract that stated that I agreed to everything and anything that had or would happen to me of my own free will, I also noticed that I had signed away my house and all my possessions. All of these documents had already been witnessed beforehand, but I no longer cared and signed whatever was put in front of me. Lucy gathered up the signed papers and placed them in her briefcase. She then leaned toward me and holding my chin in her right hand, she looked me in the eyes.

“Do you consent to be my slave,” she asked solemnly.

“Yes ma,am, I will be your slave,” I answered, with equal solemnity.

Lucy reached over to the side table and picked up a dull coloured metal collar. She opened it and placed it around my neck. I noticed that there was a tongue protruding form one half, this entered a slot on the other and clicked into place. I could see no lock or release mechanism. Once closed it hung loosely around my neck.

“This collar can only be removed by cutting it off. You will wear it always: it will be a symbol of your servitude. Also you will continue to wear your cock cage until I decide otherwise, who knows? Maybe for all time” she explained.

“Why not have his balls or cock pierced so the cage can be fastened permanently,” Stephen suggested, Lucy turned her attention toward him and settled back into the sofa.

“That’s not a bad idea Stephen. Actually, I was toying with the thought of having him pierced in various other places anyway, so yes, we could do that,” Lucy told him. They were talking about me as though I wasn’t there.

They continued to discuss what plans they should make regarding my slavery. Amongst other things it was decided that initially my septum, nipples and cock should be pierced. I was to live in my cell in the basement unless I was required to be elsewhere. At which point Stephen said he would have dog cages installed at work and at his house. Lucy agreed but said I wasn’t going anywhere until I was completely broken and subservient. Lynn opined that I already was broken, but Lucy said she wanted to spend some more time training me, if for no other reason but for the fun of it.

“How about having your name tattooed on him,” Lynn suggested.

Lucy liked that idea, but then said she thought slaves were supposed to be branded like in historical times. The next several minutes were spent in discussion about what brands I should be given and how they would do it. Throughout it all I knelt in silence with my hands behind my head as they discussed the ways to enslave me. The conversation went on like this until Lucy eventually proposed a toast. Amy served them all champagne and Lucy raised her glass “to our new slave,” she declared, then she looked at me and smiled warmly.

“Okay John,” she leaned forward and cocked her finger to draw me closer, then she whispered to me, ”You have made me so happy John. I’m so proud of you. Now I need to tell you something. I need to tell you that I love you, because I do, so very much. I love you more than anything in the world. This sacrifice you are making means so much to me. I want you to always remember that I love you, because after tonight I won’t ever say it again. We are now mistress and slave. I think we can live so happily together just as long as you accept that I own you, you exist only to please me. Can you do that John? Can you?”

I looked at her beautiful face. I knew she was being truthful: she really did love me, and I would always love her. I knew I could never deny her anything.

“Yes Mistress. I’m your slave. I live only to please you” as I said this Lucy placed he hand on my cheek, “You do please me John But now I need you to prove yourself to me. I know one thing that you abhor. Do this, and I can believe that you love me,” she relaxed back into the sofa. Barry stroked her thigh, “I want you to crawl on your hands and knees over to Stephen and beg him to allow you to suck his cock” she said.

I was stunned. I felt physically sick at the thought of sucking another mans cock, but to my credit I hesitated for only a few seconds. I knew I would embarrass Lucy in front of all her friends if I refused. I had already declared I would do anything she wanted and I was determined not to fail at the first hurdle. I was naked except for a small pink apron and my chains as I crawled slowly and knelt before my former boss. I stared at his crotch because I couldn’t look him in the face. I had to force myself to speak.

“Please Sir, may I suck your cock,” I asked quietly and humbly. All the time I was praying he would say no. He was smoking a cigar as he considered my request, he flicked ash and it landed on my face. I stupidly thought how Lucy had forbidden me to smoke in the house many years ago, so why was this man allowed to,.

“When you speak to me, in fact when you speak to anyone, you will address them as Master or Mistress. Do you understand?” I coughed as he blew smoke into my face, my eyes stung.

“Yes Master I understand, “ I said between coughs.

“Good, now ask me properly,” he commanded.

“Please Master may I suck your cock ?“ I asked again. I looked up to see his smirking face. It was obvious I was less than dirt to him. I hated him. For no particular reason I suspected Stephen to be behind a lot of what had happened to me. I also knew I would obey his every command.

“Now lets see, do I want your mouth on me?.. Hmmm,” he made a show of considering my request. He studied me, and I now willed him to say yes: I was certain I would be blamed and punished should he refuse me.

“Yes, I don’t see why not. It might be interesting to see whether your cocksucking technique is as good as your wife’s,” I realised he was mocking me. I turned my head slightly to look at Lucy, she had a smug expression as she stared back. Then as she watched me she placed her hand on Barry’s crotch and squeezed. She was letting me know my new position in our marriage. She was showing me that she could do just as she wished.

I realised I was now at a crossroads; I could walk away, nobody would stop me. But I would lose everything including Lucy, but keep my freedom, or I could submit now and spend my life a slave, serving my wife and any others she wanted me to. But I really had no choice, the simple truth was that I was so in love with Lucy, I couldn’t bare to live without her.

I returned my attention back to Stephen and placed my chained hands on his crotch. I unzipped his fly, his erect penis almost sprang out. I slowly lowered my head, I felt physically sick with revulsion. my lips stayed inches from his penis. I couldn’t do it. I was about to turn away, but then Stephen pushed down on the back of my head and my mouth made contact with him. Fighting down my nausea, I licked the head of his cock. There was still some macho spark left in me as I couldn’t help thinking, “he’s not as big as me.” Resigned now, I finally slid my mouth over his cock and down the shaft. I thought of the way Lucy sucked me and how good it felt,. To save myself being punished I tried to copy her. I thought I had better please Stephen and make a good job of it. I began moving my head up and down sucking him a bit deeper each time.

I sucked him as I had been trained to suck Lucy’s dildo. Soon Stephen began forcing himself deep into my throat. I was concentrating hard on making it as pleasurable for him as I could when I felt somebody grab my buttocks. The cheeks of my ass were pulled apart and the butt plug was removed. I groaned around Stephen’s penis as the wide head of the plug was pulled from me. I felt a cock easily penetrate my stretched ass. I immediately thought it must be Lucy with her strap on dildo. Yet somehow this felt different. I suddenly realised with horror, that as I sucked Stephen, my ass was being fucked by yet another man, Barry! I shuddered with revulsion but knew there was little I could do now to stop him. As he started to drive into me I thought again, with some sort of perverse pride “you’re not so big either.”

It didn’t hurt as much as when Lucy took me with her dildo. And after a while, to my shame, I began to find it pleasurable. I could no longer find anything wrong with a man fucking me, after all, what difference was it to having one of Lucy’s dildos inside me. I was guided in my cocksucking by Stephens hands. His penis was pushing against the back of my throat, drool was spilling from my mouth over his crotch. I felt him throb and seem to swell in my mouth. He pulled my head hard into him and my mouth was suddenly filled with more sperm than I could imagine coming from one man. I just managed to control my gag reflex.

I knew without being told that I should swallow it, but try as I might I couldn’t take it all, sperm ran from my mouth down Stephens cock and over his crotch. I guessed I should lick it all up. This was even worse than sucking him but I forced myself to do it. I was almost physically sick. His penis was now rapidly shrinking and I took it again in my mouth and licked it clean. I felt Stephen growing hard again. I managed to clean up every last drop just as he made me start sucking him again.

Barry was still thrusting into me and I felt ashamed as I started to move my hips in time with him. Soon he groaned and I felt him push into me hard. I then felt a hot sensation fill my ass as Barry came inside me. At almost the same time Stephen seemed to decide he had enough and pushed me away. I knelt in defeat and misery. I had been forced to humiliate myself in the worst possible way I could think of. Barry withdrew from me and sat back on his heels. I saw Lucy lean forward and kiss Barry passionately.

“You were wonderful darling,” she told him and I realised I was no longer considered her husband. I really was no more than a slave to her now, but I promised myself I would be the best slave there was.

* * * *

Lucy and Barry sat on the sofa, whispering and giggling together. John knelt patiently on the floor at Lucy’s side awaiting a command as she casually held the leash attached to his collar.

Stephen walked, a glass of brandy in his hand, across the room to where Lynn gazed out of the picture window at the moon reflected on the pool.

“You did a really splendid job, “he told her.

Lynn turned to him in surprise.

”Pardon? I’m sorry, I was miles away,” she said.

“With John, you did a really splendid job, with training him I mean. I understand you did most of the work”.

“Oh I see. Erm yes, I did do quite a lot I suppose. But it was all for Lucy and you know what? I enjoyed it, I really did,” she shrugged and smiled.

“Of course, I expect you would, after all, it’s not everyone who gets the power you had over a man twice your age, and what are you, twenty two , three?” he said.

“I’m twenty,“ Lynn told him blushing, “and yes it was fun having power like that. I just hope Lucy still has a use for me,” she said looking over to where her employer was kissing her lover, much to her husbands despair.

“Yes. And you know, I’ve always found, in all my experience that power is the ultimate turn on,“ Stephen said.

“It certainly was a turn on, I can tell you that. I was just a lowly housekeeper, when I was offered the job of supervising my boss, well, lets just say it was interesting.”

“Yes, I can see how it would be. But suppose you could have so much more?” he said. Lynn had a puzzled look on her face.

“How do you mean? I don’t understand, ” she said.

“How about a house like this,“ Stephen said sweeping his arm out to indicate the whole room “you’re own slave to train maybe. What if you could have all of this? Tell me? what would you say to a small experiment?” he asked.

“What kind of experiment,” Lynn asked with suspicion, Stephen grinned.

“Lets say we take a beautiful, successful woman, perhaps one with her own slave and the world at her feet. We then set about destroying her. We strip her down to nothing, take everything she has, make her feel worthless and turn her into a drooling slave herself. A slave to serve you. And you also get everything that was once hers?” Stephen sipped his Brandy and tilted his head in question.

“That’s a very interesting proposition. Did you have anyone particular in mind?” Lynn played along.

“Well now…let me see…how about… Lucy?“ he turned from surveying the room and looked seriously at Lynn. “How would you like to own this house and have our beautiful hostess kneeling at your feet as your total slave?”

Lynn turned to Stephen and smiled. She drained her wine and held out her glass for him to refill.

“I think I would like that very much.”

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