Top to Bottom

by Jenny Bonici

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© Copyright 2017 - Jenny Bonici - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; surprise; party; capture; bond; strip; naked; rope; gag; blindfold; hood; collar; X-frame; tease; torment; cbt; buttplug; insert; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

Pete was had been coming along to our Bondage Club for over a year but in all that time he had never been tied up. He was a very popular member and his forté was as a Top. His ropework was by far the best and the most creative of all the members. However earlier this year a number of the girls got together and decided that it was about time that they reversed the tables. But how? He was fairly tall and had an athletic build, so tying him up was going to be a challenge. We decided that the best tactic was to get him in a relaxed mood and catch him off guard and then the whole gang of us would take him by surprise and overpower him. But we had to arrange all the bondage gear we needed to be close at hand at the critical moment and everyone had to know exactly what they were to do. It was his birthday on the day of the next meeting so we decided to throw him a party and do the deed then.

The next meeting arrived and the proceedings got underway as usual. He was surprised when half way through the evening one of the girls got up and announced that it was Pete’s birthday so it was party time. Bottles of bubbly and a large birthday cake were wheeled in and everyone broke into a rousing chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’. Slices of cake and glasses of bubbly were passed around. Then Leanne announced that no birthday would be complete without the birthday boy getting a present.

“Come up here, Pete.” Leanne commanded in her most sexy voice.

Pete dutifully obliged blissfully unaware just what we had in store for him. As soon as he was standing in the middle of the room surrounded by all the members of the Club, who were now singing another round of ‘Happy Birthday’, the girls pounced. Before he could react a couple of them had grabbed his wrists and pulled them behind his back where Donna quickly snapped on a pair of handcuffs. Although he was standing with his legs apart, and despite all of his struggles and protestations, two other girls had looped a rope round his legs, pulled the noose tight and pinioned his ankles together. Phase one had gone off like clockwork – we had our victim!

Although he continued to struggle I think he had realised that he was not going to win this battle and, in spite of all his protestations, he was resigned to his fate.

Some of the men in the room came forward to lend a hand but Leanne told them quite firmly to back off as this was women’s work.

A cheer went up when Leanne unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly and let his trousers fall down round his ankles. There was an even bigger cheer when his underpants took the same route. She then pulled his T-shirt up over his head and left it dangling from his wrists. Before going any further she grabbed his balls and squeezed his thick cock. Two or three more squeezes and it started to go hard. This inspired her to work on it some more and soon all 8 inches of it were standing proud for all to see.

By this time two girls had bound his legs together above and below his knees. They then undid the rope round his ankles and removed his pants, shoes and socks. They retied his ankles tighter than before. At the same time some more girls had worked in a similar way on his wrists and arms in order to remove his T-shirt.

As he was still protesting, Donna said that it was time to silence him. With Marissa’s help they pinched his nostrils and pressed their thumbs into his cheeks so that he had to open his mouth – then they pushed a 2 inch ball gag between his teeth. This they secured in place with a leather head harness, making sure that all the straps, including the one under his chin, were buckled as tight as possible.

“Bring me a hood and a collar.” ordered Leanne. A black leather hood was pulled over his head and tightly laced down the back before an evil looking leather collar was buckled round his neck. Now tightly bound, unable to see what was going on around him and unable to make any meaningful protest, he was at the mercy of the girls.

“What shall we do with him girls?” asked Leanne.

The consensus of opinion in the room, mainly from the girls, was to tie him to the St Andrews Cross at the end of the room so everyone had a chance to play. A group of girls manoeuvred him across to the far wall and pushed him back against the Cross. So that he would not give them any trouble by trying to escape when they undid his bonds in order to retie him to the cross they first tied ropes from each wrist and ankle passing the other ends through rings at the top and bottom of the Cross. It was only then did they untie his arms at the same time pulling the ropes so that his wrists were pulled as far up the arms of the Cross as possible. The girls then went to work lashing his arms to the Cross. The same technique was used to retie his ankles and legs to the lower arms of the Cross. Finally ropes round his waist secured him to the centre of the Cross and stopped him moving his body during the play session that was to follow.

Standing back to admire the girl’s work Leanne said, “He’s all yours girls, do your worst!”

Some girls found pleasure just running their nails over his body, but most of them immediately focused on that still hard 8 inch cock and juicy balls dangling below. His balls were squeezed and fondled and his cock pulled, licked and sucked by just about every female there – but never enough to make him cum. Then Marissa arrived with a steel ball stretcher harness that she clamped tightly round the neck of his scrotum before pulling up the third arm that divided his two balls. There was a sharp click as the whole thing locked into place – there was no way that it was coming off without the key. Another girl then came back with a bottle of Tabasco sauce. Pete’s whole body writhed with the burning sensation as the Tabasco sauce coated his balls. A little more Tabasco sauce was dabbed on his nipples and lubricated his asshole. But still his cock remained ramrod stiff.

“I think he would enjoy a butt plug.” I heard one girl say. With that Donna went off to find one. She came back with a purple vibrating butt plug and a tube of lube. More lube was massaged into his asshole before the plug was pushed home until his sphincter muscles tightened over its neck. A flick of the switch and even from some distance away you could hear the buzz as the plug stared doing its work. But still his cock remained ramrod stiff.

Then Jill cried out, “Oh my Gawd, we’ve left Jacqui hogtied all this time!” We’d all forgotten her. She was hogtied in another room before Pete’s party got underway – and that was over an hour ago. We left Pete to enjoy his torment and headed to find out how Jacqui was fairing. Jacqui had not gone anywhere – she was still gagged, uncomfortably hogtied and lying where we had left her in the centre of the carpet. Many hands soon had her untied. She stretched and got the circulation back in her limbs. But although she said that she ached all over and was thankful to be released at last – I really think that she was quite enjoying being hogtied and was a bit upset that we had released her so soon. The one thing that she was sorry about was that she had missed Pete’s party.

We got back to Pete just in time to see Donna furiously pumping his cock and, at last, with one great gush he came and shot his load across the floor in front of the Cross. Although the girls played with him for more than an hour and they got some small dribbles of cum out of him, they could never repeat that first spectacular shot.

It was getting late and the sun would soon be showing its face over the horizon so it was time to pack up and head for home. A couple of the girls untied the ropes lashing Pete to the Cross but left him to remove everything else. I think he’s beginning to realise that it’s fun being a Bottom as well as a Top

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