Toll Road

by Zack

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© Copyright 2002 - Zack - Used by permission

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Toll Road
by Zack
Copyright©  2001, 2002 by Zack. All rights reserved.

Melissa closed the car trunk and got in next to the driver.  "It was really nice of you to help me move out of the dorm, Daddy.  I know how busy you are with your new job." 

"I'm glad of the chance to get away for a while, honey.  I've missed you, and now I can be with you for a few hours." 

Bob started the engine of Melissa's Toyota and drove out of the college parking lot.  He drove for the next two hours, and father and daughter talked, trying to bring back together lives that had inevitably drifted apart.  Bob sighed; time goes by so fast, and his little girl had grown into a beautiful woman. 

They stopped for gas just after they crossed the border into their home state, and Melissa took a turn behind the wheel.  She was driving when the car passed a State Patrol car hidden in a turnout. 

The trooper behind the wheel turned to his partner.  "Wow!  Did you see the tits on that blonde in the Toyota, Luke?" 

"Sure did, Jack.  Out-of-state license plate, too.  That ain't a Lexus she's driving, but there's more to life than money." 

Jack pulled onto the highway and turned on the lightbar.   When he got close to the Toyota he gave a blast with the siren. 

Melissa saw the police car catching up behind her, but she was driving under the speed limit and she expected them to pass her; they were probably answering a radio call.  She was surprised when she heard the siren, and didn't stop until she heard it again. 

Both troopers got out of their car and approached the Toyota.  Jack walked up to the driver's side. "Let's see your license, Toots." 

Melissa handed him her driver's license.  "What's the problem, Officer?" 

Jack looked at the license,  "I don't know how they do it in Wisconsin, Mel, but in this state people don't try to evade traffic stops.  Get out of the car." 

Melissa was confused.  She had pulled over as soon as she could.  She protested, "I didn't try to evade." 

"Shut up."  Jack spun her around and used his hinged handcuffs to fasten her hands behind her back.  He squeezed them very tight. 

"Hold still, I'm gonna frisk you."  Jack used both hands to maul Melissa's breasts.  Melissa started to cry. 

Bob shouted, "Hey! Get your hands off her!"  He opened his door. 

Luke slammed the door shut.  "Sit down and keep quiet, old man, or you're going to get hurt." 

Bob subsided.  Luke said, "You must have missed something, Jack.  My turn to look." 

He walked around the car and put his hand down the front of Melissa's skirt and inside her panties.  She screamed when she felt his finger penetrate her and raised one knee.  Luke said, "Did you see that, Jack?  She tried to knee me.  That's assaulting a police officer." 

Jack said to Bob, "Your little friend is gonna spend a lot of time in jail unless you can pay the fines." 

"If I give you the money can you pay them for me?" 

"How much cash you got?" 

"About $700." 

"That should cover it.  Hand it over." 

Bob got out of the car and gave Jack the money.  He thumbed through it.  "We'll let you off this time.  Uncuff her, Luke." 

When Melissa was free she ran to Bob and he held her while she sobbed.  He threatened, "You boys are gonna regret this." 

Jack laughed, "They all say that, old man.  But all the complaints go to our captain, and he don't pay attention to whiners from out of state.  Now get out of here." 

Bob helped Melissa into the car and they drove off.  Luke watched them go, a puzzled look on his face.  "I think I've seen that guy before.  He look familiar to you?" 

"Nope.  Let's go to the barracks and give the Cap his cut." 

The captain was in his office.  He asked, "You boys have a profitable morning?" 

"Yep.  We stopped this hot babe and it turned out her john had a lot of cash.  He paid us $400.  Here's your third." 

Luke was looking through the local newspaper.  "Hey!  I knew I'd seen that old man before.  Here's his picture.  Uh, oh."  He gave the paper to Jack. 

Jack said, "Yep, that's him all right."  Then he read the picture's caption: 'New Governor Vows to Clean Up Corruption.' 

Story copyright©  2001, 2002 by Zack.  All rights reserved.
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