Tied Together

by RG Bargy

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© Copyright 2006 - RG Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/ff; MF/mf; bond; rope; gag; tease; denial; toys; oral; mast; climax; cons; X

It should not have been surprising that Joanne was turned on. Bondage always did that to her. It was a weakness she had been aware of since childhood, but this was no ordinary sex session. She was naked, that was normal, she was tightly bound, that was expected and she was gagged, but with tape. Robert did not like gags at the best of times, and would never have used tape to keep her quiet. He liked to hear her gasps and squeals of pleasure. No a tape gag was definitely not normal. More important, Rob had not been the one tying her, in fact he was behind her now, as helpless as her roped together by a cruel single tie running from the front of her, between her legs and joined to him. Every time he moved she felt the pressure on her clitoris but with her legs held tight together there was little chance of relief. She could not see him, but she was sure that he was gagged like her and that he was trying to free himself with little success. Getting free was not something Joanne specialised in.

The continual stimulation and her own internal excitement made her almost as helpless as the ropes themselves. Nevertheless she pulled at her bonds, they were very secure, whoever had done this knew what they were doing. Which raised the question, who were they? How did they get in? How many of them were there? The first she had known was waking to find the tape being pulled over her mouth. She had not struggled hard at first thinking it was Rob being frisky. It was only when she heard a brief exclamation from him before he was subdued that she realised that something was wrong. By that time it was too late, she was already firmly tied and escape was impossible. The joining tie confused her. Why be so erotic? Why not just rope them together around the middle or hand to hand?

Joanne allowed herself a brief moment of reflection. A supposed break in, being bound and gagged in the nude, a crupper, it all smacked of sex, but Rob did not like being bound. She had tried it once and he had almost freaked. He had come all right, but very fast and with little enjoyment. So if he was behind her then this must be for real, but was it him behind her? A moment's doubt crossed her mind. She strained her hands to touch the body behind, no luck, they were held tight to her back. She craned her neck and caught a glimpse of blonde hair. She had been tricked, Rob was not bound to her at all, but then again, who was?

"I think we've been found out."

The voice was Rob's, but who was he talking to?

"I told you we should have used a blindfold"

That voice sounded familiar. Joanne wracked her memory.

"How long do you think before they either escape or reach orgasm?"

"Well escape seems unlikely. My Cheryl has never escaped from my rope work yet, what about Joanne?"

"Not a chance. I would like to remove the gags though. I'm not keen on leaving them with no way of calling for help if needed."

"You are probably right. Cheryl does not mind a gag but if we are going to leave them for a while they might want to get better aquatinted."

Joanne did not know a Cheryl, but Rob's friend Kevin, he was married to a Cheryl.

The gag was ripped off unceremoniously. Joanne looked up into the face of her husband and resisted the temptation to swear at him.

"Have fun darling."

Joanne smiled sweetly back. Cheryl had also stopped struggling. When the bedroom door shut the silence was deafening.

"I don't think we have been formally introduced. I'm Joanne, you must be Cheryl."

"Hello. I've heard about you from Kevin, but that's as far as it goes. I did not know about this either, honest."

"Then how did you get here?"

"Kevin set upon me this morning before I was awake. He gagged and blindfolded me then carried me here. He can just pick me up and throw me over his shoulder. I was wrapped in a blanket, and then dumped next to you. I heard them setting upon you, and the mock attack on,” she paused briefly. ” Robert isn't it? The rest you know."

"How long have you been into bondage?"

"Since we got married. Kevin introduced me and I was hooked. We do it quite often. This is a first though."

"So what do we do now? Can you reach my hands to untie me?"

"I don't think so, besides, this might be fun for a while."

"You really are hooked. O.k. let's get some tension on this crupper."

They tried, but with nothing to push against they were frustrated.

"It's no good." Joanne moaned. "The rope is too long to get any purchase against you."

"So what now?"

"Can one of us roll over?"

"I'll try"

Joanne gasped as the crupper went taught, but only for a brief moment.

"There's too much pressure on my thigh, it will stop the circulation., besides the crupper has pulled off my clit, it's just pulling against the inside of my vagina, ow."

Cheryl rolled back. "One last try. If we roll rhythmically away and together we might just get somewhere.."

It took a couple of minutes to get in sync but soon they were rolling out and back in perfect rhythm.

"That's nice." assured Joanne, struggling to keep the motion going..

"Yes, but I don't think were going to make orgasm." Cheryl tried to keep the frustration out of her voice. They rocked for several minutes before eventually giving up.

"Looks like we are beaten."

"I don't suppose you are expected anywhere today?" Joanne queried hopefully.

"No. And you?"

A resigned sigh said it all. "This could be a long day. My arms are getting achy already."

"Mine too."

They resumed their rocking to keep themselves moving and have a little comfort. Eventually the door opened.

"Hi girls. Any luck?"

The resultant barrage of abuse was enough to send the two men into fits of laughter.

"Don't worry, you will get your satisfaction." Kevin assured them. "Eventually." He added as an afterthought.

"After we've had ours." Robert interjected.

There was a chorus of groans from the bed. There followed a flurry of activity. First the offending crupper was removed then the women were each in turn manhandled onto a chair sat facing each other. They were tied identically with their hands kept behind but a rope was added pulling their arms back and forcing their chests out. This was then rewarded with another rope running winding over and under each breast. Their legs were then spread lewdly by attaching each to a leg of the chair. An additional rope ran from the top of each leg under the chair and back forcing their legs wider still.

"I think they have talked enough." said Kevin. "A simple cloth should be safe enough, don't you think?"

Robert reluctantly agreed. He went and fetched the baby alarm and switched it to full sensitivity. "We will hear if there is anything desperately wrong." He informed them. Meanwhile Kevin fashioned two cloth gags with a knot in the middle to discourage diction but allow muffled grunts and groans.

When they had left again Joanne was able to view her partner in bondage. She was petite, that was obvious, but her beasts were well formed and her figure looked good. Her blonde hair fell over her shoulders and she stared back over her gag with baby blue eyes. She was very flushed, and straining against the tight ropes encircling her. There was no chance of escape. Joanne could see almost right into Cheryl’s pussy, her legs were so spread. This was obviously a prelude to some serious stimulation. The suspense was killing. They had to wait some time too.

When the door finally opened again the two women were both hot and expectant. Joanne felt that any touch would send her though the roof, but it was not to be. The two men set upon Cheryl with a will. They teased and tormented her with touches, licks, kisses and squeezes, but kept well clear of her very moist pussy. This was stimulation with no relief. Joanne felt herself growing even more aroused watching then suddenly realised that she would be next. When they turned on her she screamed into the gag with little effect. She could not move an inch to avoid the onslaught to her senses. Her temperature rose to fever pitch but there was to be no release yet. All Joanne could do was close her eyes and try to numb her mind to the sensations vying for her attention.

The men left as suddenly as they had come. Looking over to Cheryl, Joanne knew that she was as worked up and frustrated as herself. She glanced at a clock on the wall, it was barely 9.30 in the morning. The torment could last for hours yet. The time passed slowly. Her body returned to some sort of normality within the restrictions of the ever present ropes. She tried to communicate something to Cheryl but the noises she managed were unintelligible.

Eventually the door opened again.

“We thought you might like some oil to cool you off.” Kevin smirked.

This time they were worked on together, but by the wrong spouse. Joanne did not know Kevin well but he now got to explore her intimately. Her body was rubbed with oil from head to foot within the limits of her bondage. Special attention was paid to each tit. When he ran his hands up the inside of her spread thighs Joanne flushed like never before. So much for cooling down, this attention just turned her up one more notch.

“There will be a break for elevenses.” Robert informed them. He did not elaborate on the type of break, and for whom.

When eleven arrived the men came in carrying two trays. They had put on white shirts and black bow ties. They looked very smart. First they released the girl’s legs allowing them to close together, this relief was tempered by the tying of ankle, knees and thighs tight to each other. A tether ran back to the legs of the chair ensuring that there was no more movement. The gags were removed and they were then fed cream scones and tea from bone china plates and cups. Robert fed Joanne and Kevin fed Cheryl. Joanne realised that they had missed breakfast, and that she was very hungry.

“Break over.” Robert announced.

From somewhere Kevin produced two blindfolds. Once her vision was gone Joanne tensed waiting for a touch or some other stimulation. To her surprise she felt the ropes fall away from her upper body. She was made to stand and her hands were also released to be tied against her sides as if standing to attention. She then felt Cheryl behind her and they were roped together again. This time there was no freedom of movement. Ropes went round at the ankle, knee, thigh, waist, and chest. The two women were not evenly matched in height so the tie was quite complex. The result was both secure and unbalancing. With nothing solid to lean against there was a feeling that they would fall sideways. The removal of the blindfolds helped but not much.

“If we hear a thump we will come running.” Kevin assured them.

Once on their own again the conversation was strained.

“I’m sorry.” Said Cheryl, “I find it difficult keeping still.”

“I suppose that’s why he ties you up.” .

“Well it does make me stop.” Cheryl conceded. “I’ve never been tied like this before.”

“Neither have I. I wonder which of them came up with this idea and why they are not watching the results of their handywork? I suppose they have to be doing something while we are stuck up here. I dread to think what they will come up with next.”

“I’m sure we will find out soon enough, in the mean time I will endeavour not to fall over.”

“Thanks. I’ll do the same. At least they have not left any distractions.”

“Watch what you say, they may still have the baby minder on.”

Joanne bit her lip, too late, the door opened.

“Sorry. Did we leave you standing cold?” Kevin sounded very mischievous. “We will have to rectify that.”

“If you want us to stay standing you will have to give us some support.” Joanne informed him.

“We thought that a slight turn round would be best.” Kevin responded.

It was actually a 180 degree turn round. They finished still standing, but in a forced embrace, hands tied behind the back of the other. Cheryl being shorter had her head resting on Joanne’s chest, her hair brushing over each tit, and her hands actually on Joanne’s bottom. Once again they were held together by several circles of rope but between them was placed a vibrating egg, held tight in the gap above Cheryl’s breasts but below Joanne’s. The resulting vibrations sent a permanent buzz through both of them without actually stimulating anything. The closeness was intimate but there was no way to caress or rub any erogenous area. Being face to face the problem of balance did not recur so the blindfolds were replaced. Joanne was not sure whether she heard the two leave or not.

They took comfort from each other embraced as they were. The vibration was enough to distract them from meaningful discussion but not enough to provide any real enjoyment.

“Time to get ready for lunch”. Robert announced suddenly. “Do either of you need the bathroom?”

Cheryl declined but Joanne was grateful for the relief.

“O.k. We will prepare Cheryl while you sort yourself out. Don’t shut the door; you know we will be listening.”

It was good to be free even for a short while. She really did need to go, it had been over 12 hours since her last visit. She emerged to find Cheryl sporting a Japanese style harness of ropes forming a honeycomb over her torso. There was the mandatory crupper and her breasts were being squeezed slightly but her hands and legs were free of rope, at least for the time being. Joanne stood meekly while the boys fixed her up in a similar manner. There was no point in struggling. The two of them could easily over power her and she might miss lunch for any insurrection. The lunch was from the local take away. Joanne was conscious of being watched throughout the meal. Robert devoured her with his eyes, she knew that look, it was enough to set her juices going, even without the morning’s prelude.

“It’s back to bed with you two, you will need to get your strengths up for the Grande finale to today’s performance.” Kevin failed to keep the excitement out of his voice. Joanne lowered her eyes.

It was Cheryl’s turn for the bathroom. Joanne wondered how she would manage with the tight harness. She had little time to dwell on it though, with Cheryl preoccupied, Joanne was the centre of attention. The bed awaited. It was an iron framed bed, bought with bondage in mind. There was not only four convenient pillars but also a lattice bed head and foot providing ample anchorage for whatever tie the men wanted. Simplicity was the order of the day. A simple hog tie, her legs pulled tight behind forming a taught bow in her body. A tether attached her to the bed head placing her at right angles to the normal sleep position. Cheryl was duly placed at the bottom of the bed facing her. A pillow was provided for a modicum of comfort. It was time to rest.

Joanne had slept in bondage before, it took a while to relax into the position, if relax was the right word. She had been disturbed from sleep so she drifted back with the fullness in her belly and the strain of the morning’s activities both contributing to her drowsiness. Cheryl seemed more tense but it mattered little. It seemed only a moment until she was woken again, but the rest had been good. The men were now naked and already had semi-erections. It seemed that things were going to start warming up. She was not to be disappointed..

“Open wide Jo, I need a little relief.”

She did not like cuningulus, and in the position she was in it would be hard to swallow. Rob was in no hurry, she was made to encircle his swelling member and suck gently. The first leakage almost made her choke, the spurt when it came shot like a hot poker to the back of her throat and it took all her will power not to wretch. To her dismay Kevin took Rob’s place.

“Take good care of him Jo, it seems that Cheryl is not as skilled as you in the mouth department.”

Kevin was obviously not used to this treatment and swelled quickly giving her a second sting within what seemed like only a few seconds. With both men now spent Joanne thought there might be another break, but this time she was wrong. It appeared that Cheryl, although poor with men, had a demon tongue, and it was to be tried out on her. Joanne had never had any sort of relationship with women, and Rob was not interested in pleasuring her orally. She was tied with her back still to the head board, arms spread wide but her legs spread apart. They tied each ankle to it’s own thigh leaving full access to Cheryl whose hands were still held behind her but who was now kneeling head bowed ready for the taste to come.

Cheryl was as skilful as promised. Without any extra stimulation she sent Joanne into a multiple orgasm of gargantuan proportions. Her screams would have been heard three blocks away had they not recently fitted double glazing. Tied as she was she was able to close her legs together and recover.

“May I have a drink please?”

“I expected that.” Rob said cup in hand. She drank deeply trying to clear the saline taste from her abused mouth, taking as much water as her husband would allow.

“What about Cheryl?” She gasped.

“Her time will come. That was just a reward for services rendered.” Kevin replied, casually lashing Joanne’s feet so they stayed together. She was now bunched up at the top of the bed giving them more room for Cheryl. She was seated with her back against the footboard, hands behind, legs splayed wide and open for attention.

Each man took a nipple in his mouth and started to suck. Cheryl was soon writhing uncontrollably. The egg which had been used so effectively before was placed temptingly close to her grinding hips, a hand pressed it forward, allowing it to pulsate against the outside of her pussy. Her reactions were predictable if ineffective, she was unable to get any extra pressure inside, as her hips were held tightly to the footboard of the bed. A finger replaced the egg and started probing casually, but no relief was in sight. The men withdrew without finishing the job. Cheryl was distraught. Joanne could only watch as the helpless girl was teased and tormented to the limit of her endurance. As Kevin continued to lick and probe Robert got up and released her from the bed. She was flung on to her chest, feet off the bed and entered from behind. Kevin had revived well and rode her hard to climax. She almost joined him but he pulled out too soon and her squeals of disappointment filled the air.

Rob was not going to enter her, he pulled her back onto the bed lying hard on her hands, attached each leg to the footboard leaving her in a v formation and lowered the egg inside. He encouraged each nipple to add to her excitement and the poor girl shouted her release, but the egg was not removed neither did it stop vibrating. Joanne watched in amazement as Cheryl’s eyes glazed over with a mixture of pleasure and pain. Her body seemed to vibrate just as the egg must be doing, periodically there were violent jolts as she climaxed again, and again.

“Mercy!” she shrieked and Kevin leapt to her aid like a scolded cat. Within seconds the torment was over, and in a blur Joanne watched the ropes removed and Cheryl was scooped up lovingly. Kevin carried his wife out the door, to the spare bedroom Joanne supposed, leaving Joanne alone with Rob. The look on his face showed that he was hungry for more. Joanne knew she was ready, and willing for whatever he had in mind.

“That was quite a show.” He commented. “I have never fully understood what bondage does for you.” He said wistfully. “But today I intend to find out.” He busied himself with some sensual stimulation. He needed better access so he adjusted her legs so that she could straighten them.

Joanne was confused. How could he find out how bondage felt? Unless..... The door reopened.

“Are you ready then?” Kevin asked. “You’re sure about this.”

Rob nodded. They left the room leaving Joanne more puzzled than ever. Shortly Cheryl returned looking fresher but still wearing the bondage harness. She walked over to Joanne and playfully tweaked a nipple. Joanne was shocked, but her body responded any way.

“That was fun.” She cooed. “But your fun is yet to come.”

She untied Joanne’s legs and released her hands from the headboard. Joanne's hands were bound tight behind her but she was free to get off the bed with a little assistance. She noted that Cheryll was more skilled at tying than she was at freeing herself.

“We have to go next door.” Cheryl said..

It took a couple of minute for Joanne to gain enough strength in her legs to walk. Cheryl guided her to the spare room. The sight that greeted her made her stop in her tracks.

“We have no idea whether this will work.” Kevin informed her. ”But it will be fun to try.”

Robert was naked on the bed. His hands were tied together above his head tethered to the bed head. His legs and ankles were tied together and he was lying on what looked like a railway line of lengths of rope evenly spaced from head to foot. The ends dangling off the mattress either side of him. He had a big erection courtesy of an Arab strap.

“The trick will be how to couple you together without making him cum straight away. The strap should help, it restricts the ejaculation quite well. “ Kevin continued.” You will need some lubrication.” He added.

Joanne understood the idea imediately “It would be easier if I had my hands free.”she said

Kevin looked unconvinced.

“You can tie me again after.” Joanne continued. “But I am more likely to mount him successfully if I can steady myself.”

Cheryl nodded in agreement. Joanne’s hand were freed and she rubbed the circulation back in. She moistened herself inside further with some baby oil and then dribbled some playfully onto Rob’s enlarged prick. She got on the bed, crouched menacingly over him and lowered herself very slowly. He was big, but she was moist and ready. Once in place she lay herself as relaxed as possible on top of her quivering husband.

“Go ahead. He’s inside. Where do you want my hands?”

“Behind.” Came the chorus.

“But first let us make sure you stay together.” Kevin added.

Joanne felt the first ropes being pulled across her waist and her bottom. They had doubled the ropes before laying Rob down so it was quick and easy to loop and pull tight. She gasped slightly as rob was pulled deeper into her. The two now worked quickly securing Joanne’s hands and legs and finishing the loops around them at the ankles, knees, and chest. They then surprised her by releasing Rob’s hands and rolling the two of them over so they could retie his hands, at his back also. The result was, that although they were coupled, they were also virtually rigid. There was no way either could pump against each other or for him to withdraw. With no anchor there was nothing to work against either.

“O.k. Now see if you can finish the job.” Said Cheryl

“This is not going to work.” Rob panted..

“Oh yes it is.” Assured Kevin.. “What did you expect? A quick fuck?.”

Joanne cold not resist a little taunt to her husband, so near yet completely helpless. “You wanted to learn about frustration dearest. Well this is it. You got us here, it’s up to you to perform and get us out.”

Rob just looked bewildered. “I can’t move.” He said.

“I have a few muscles that even Kevin and Cheryl cannot reach.” Joanne assured him. “It just might take a little longer than you planned...” She squeezed her inside muscles as much as she could. It was not a movement she had practised, but there was now plenty of time to learn. They were not going any where, at least for a while

Kevin and Cheryl watched for a while but it was not actually much of a show. They retired next door leaving Joanne and Robert tied together, just as she thought they had started the day. But this time it was true, and there would be no escape, at least, until Kevin and Cheryl returned to take pity on them. Joanne flexed her internal muscles again. Yes it would work. But it would not be easy, and would she get another orgasm? She had her doubts but there was only one way to find out.