Three J's and an S Go Skiing

by The Technician

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Storycodes: FFF/f; D/s; naked; outdoors; snow; tease; hottub; oral; mast; climax; cons; X

Four young college girls on a skiing vacation have to find other things to do when an excess of new snow traps them in their cabin. They find out things about themselves that they had only suspected before that week, but might change their lives forever.

Part One

Julie, Judy, and Joan had been friends since before kindergarten. When their mothers car pooled for school events, etc, they spoke of "picking up The Three J's." Teachers, and most of the community soon started referring to them as "The Three J's." In the fourth grade, Sara's mother went to work for Julie's mother as a cook and housekeeper, and since her mom lived in an apartment over the garage, Sara was added to the mix. After that, they became known to their parents, teachers and most of the community as "The Three J's and an S."

To a great extent, Sara was always the "tag along." Partly this was because of the difference in economic status. The Three J's were "from money" with generations of refinement and tradition. Sara was "working class" who cleaned up well, but remained slightly an outsider. Partly Sara was the odd one out because of physical differences. The Three J's were from Scandinavian stock with pale skin, light hair, and blue eyes. Sara was always slightly shorter, more than slightly less pale, and had dark hair and deep brown eyes. But primarily, Sara was the tag along because of the difference in personality.

From their time in pre-school together, The Three J's were all alpha-females with strong personalities and always somewhat of a handful for their parents and their teachers. Sara, on the other hand, was more of a beta, gamma, or even delta personality and tended to defer to whatever The Three J's said or did.

Sara was always the quiet little girl in the corner who never caused any problems in class. Still, The Three J's accepted her for what she was, or perhaps despite what she was. Conversely, she accepted The Three J's for what they were and accepted that she wasn't quite their equal and would never be as close as these three girls who had totally grown up together.

It was slightly surprising to some people that The Three J's did not reject Sara when they reached the cliquey female society that is junior high and high school. Many unequal friendships often fall apart at that time, but the four remained very close knit. They seemed to have a special bond - and everyone knew it.

The few times that Sara was picked on by stronger students, The Three J's made it plain to the transgressor that she was under their protection. She was a part of their group... and she truly was. There was even a picture of all four of them in the yearbook together in their cheerleader outfits. It was a standard cheerleader shot where all four were in the air, their hands raised and legs bent back in a cheer of some sort. The football field was in the background, and across the top of the picture in white script was the caption, "Three J's and an S."

It was no surprise that all four girls decided to go to the same college. What did surprise most people is that The Three J's chose one of the state universities rather than a more prestigious, private college. All four girls, however, had decided that, in one form or another, their careers were going to be in education, and the state schools were viewed as a better undergraduate basis for that.

Sara was planning to teach grade school, which was a good plan because even an undergraduate degree was a financial strain for her and her mother. The Three J's, for whom finances were much less of a problem, were planing on advanced degrees and future teaching positions at prestigious private schools or larger universities.

Because the state university was originally a "normal school," the old term for a teacher's college, fraternities and sororities were banned in its charter. After the freshman year, however, students could live off campus in apartments or private residences.

Naturally, starting their second year, The Three J's and an S roomed together. It was a rather nice apartment in a good area of town. The rent and other expenses were split three ways by Julie, Judy, and Joan. Sara paid her share by cooking and cleaning for the four. She also ran necessary errands for the household.

Joan's father had a timeshare for a skiing cabin out west, and during their junior year, the four girls decided that they would spend Christmas break skiing. Two weeks were available starting four days before Christmas, which was perfect for their schedules. They would be able to be there for at least ten days if Julie borrowed her father's four wheel drive SUV, and they team-drove the nineteen hours to get there.

As they pulled out of town, the roof rack held four sets of skis. The Three J's all owned their own, and Judy's younger sister had loaned Sara her equipment. Four suitcases were also firmly strapped to the roof rack. The back of the SUV was packed totally full of food, additional clothing and two cases of wine.

Julie had asked her father to pick up a couple of bottles of her favorite wine and put them in the back of the SUV before he brought it over to the school and switched cars with her. She was surprised when he asked, "Are you sure you girls are going to drink that much wine at the cabin. You will probably be up at the lodge most of the time?"

Julie answered, "Of course, dad, we are college students," but she didn't restate her request. His comment made much more sense later when she found two cases, rather than two bottles of wine in the back of the SUV.

Judy's only comment when she saw the two cases was, "Whoa! We are going to have to do some serious drinking to take care of that in ten days."
Nineteen hours is a long time to drive, even rotating through four drivers. Counting in gas breaks and food stops the trip actually lasted a little over 23 hours, which is just what the trip software said it would take. Since they had left at almost three in the afternoon, and crossed two time zones, it was a little before one, local time, when they got to the cabin.

Joan had explained that the cabin was about half way up the mountain on a little-used side road that was kept open all winter because it was the supply road for the lodge at the top. They would be able to ski directly from the cabin down a side trail to the main trail that led to the chair lifts. Then they could ride the lifts up to the lodge at the top. At the end of the day, it was just a matter of cutting off the main trail about half way down onto another side trail that would lead them to the cabin.

What Joan had not mentioned was that this was the only cabin on this stretch of road. The nearest neighbor was at least a half-mile away. Effectively, they had the mountain to themselves.

Judy had been checking weather on her smart phone throughout the trip and kept talking about a big snow storm that was supposed to hit shortly before they got there. Julie was overjoyed that new powder would make the slopes perfect, but Joan was worried that it might close the road before they got to the cabin and they would have to stay in a hotel for several days until the road was reopened.

The last several hours they were driving in swirling snow. It wasn’t a blizzard as such, because there was no wind, but there was a LOT of snow. In a two-wheel drive vehicle they wouldn't have made it. When they got to the mountain road, snow was falling rather heavily, but the road appeared to still be passable for the four-wheel drive SUV. Julie and Judy weren't sure that they shouldn't turn around and wait out the storm somewhere, but Joan knew the road and how far they had to go, and was sure that they could get to the cabin. They continued through the deep snow and arrived without incident. It was obvious, however, that the heavy snow continuing to fall ruled out going out on the slopes until the storm had passed.

The girls dragged everything except the skis up the steps into the cabin. Then they lugged the skis around to the back of the cabin and placed them in an outdoor rack on the side of the deck steps. Since the skis had already been waxed and prepared they did not need to be brought up to room temperature for tuning and would be ready for them when they wanted them in the morning.

As the girls came up the back steps onto the deck, they noticed that there was a hot tub mounted level with the floor. Three large infrared heaters hung from the roof above the deck. Joan explained, "All we have to do is turn on those heaters and the deck will be as warm as inside. There are some roll down clear covers that we can bring down if there is too much wind." She then flipped a large switch next to the door and the deck was suddenly bathed in warm, red light.

"Let that melt off any snow on the deck," said Joan, "and then I will fill the hot tub. It should be ready in about two or three hours."

Julie looked at her and said, "You should have told us to bring swimsuits."

Joan responded, "The deck is totally hidden from the road and that is a mountain behind us. This is totally private." Then she added with a snicker, "We don't need no stinking swimsuits."

The Three J's laughed at the movie reference, but Sara remained quiet and turned her eyes toward the ground.

The girls were soon settled into the cabin, and Sara began preparing an evening meal. While Sara worked in the kitchen, The Three J's changed into lightweight sweats, commonly referred to as pajama jeans, and sat around in the living room talking. Meanwhile, the snow outside got heavier and heavier.

After supper, while Sara was cleaning up the kitchen, The Three J's returned to the living room to try out the satellite TV, but nothing would come in. "The snow must be really coming down thick." commented Joan. "It is really unusual for the dish to not pick up anything."

Judy, who had been intently studying her smart phone, looked up and announced, "Ladies, I think we are officially snowed in. According to this, we have already gotten over two feet of snow and we are getting three to four inches of powder an hour. The storm is stalled over the mountains, so this could go on all night and most of tomorrow. That would be five feet - or more - of additional snow."

Julie patted the top of one of the cases of wine that were stacked next to the couch, "Well then," she said, "I guess it's lucky we have adequate provisions for the week."

"Too bad there isn't room in the refrigerator to chill the wine properly." said Joan. "I could only put one bottle in there and it was a tight fit."

Judy piped up, "Well, duh, isn't that a bunch of frozen stuff just outside the back door. All we have to do is put the cases down on the picnic table in the back yard, and then go out and get a bottle - or two - when we need it."

She paused a moment and then yelled into the kitchen, "Sara, would you please take the cases of wine out and put them on the picnic table? None of us is still dressed and you still have your jeans on."

Sara said, "In a minute," and shortly thereafter came into the living room and carried the first case outside.

"Aren't you going to put on your coat?" asked Joan.

To which Sara replied, "I like the cold. It is refreshing."

When Sara returned for the second case, Judy exclaimed, "Jees girl! You're barefoot!"

Sara blushed deeply and answered, "It isn't that cold, and I like the feel of the snow against my bare skin."

Julie gave a short laugh and said, "Wow, turned on by snow. That's a new one for me."

Sara turned an even deeper shade of red.

"Or is it that one of us asked you to go out into the snow that turns you on?" asked Judy.

Although it didn't seem possible, Sara became even a deeper shade of red as she picked up the case of wine and walked out into the snow.

The Three J's looked at one another as they softly said together, "Hmmmmmmmmmm?" Then Joan asked softly, "Have we been missing something all these years? Is Sara actually our love puppy?"

All three girls laughed, but quickly stopped as Sara came back into the cabin. They all drank slowly from their wineglasses to hide their faces as they thought about what had just occurred.

As the room became very silent, Joan suddenly stood up and announced, "I think it’s time that we tried out the hot tub. I'm going to go change into a robe and then I will meet you all out on the deck."

A few minutes later, the four young women stood on the back deck of the ski cabin in nothing but short robes while Joan explained how the controls for the hot tub worked. "You saw where the heaters turned on," she said. "And over there at the end of the deck is the switch that turns on the bubblers and brings the tub up to full temperature. There is some sort of weird regulation that it can't stay on for more than 30 minutes and that the control has to be at least 8 feet from the edge of the tub."

Joan pointed to a large, white, button-switch that was mounted on the wall just over the rail at the end of the deck. Evidently the heaters did not cover the last several inches of the deck because the rail and a few inches of the deck itself at that end were still covered heavily in snow.

Judy said, "Sara, why don't you go over and punch the button and then join us in the tub." The Three J's then set their robes on a chair, picked up their glasses of wine, and started to get into the tub. As Sara started to walk to the end of the deck, Joan added, "If you lean over the railing, you will get your robe wet with snow. Why not just leave it here on the chair with ours?"

Sara walked back, removed her robe, and set it on the chair. Then she walked naked to the other end of the deck. Since the snow was falling so heavily and there was no wind, there was about a foot of snow built up on the wide top railing. Sara's breasts brushed snow off the railing as she leaned forward to press the button.

The Three J's heard Sara's quick intake of breath as the cold snow rubbed against her breasts and belly. When she turned around, her nipples were hard and erect, which was to be expected from the snow. But she was also breathing slowly and deeply and looking slightly upward over the girls heads like someone who was deeply aroused.

When she got back to the tub, she bent over slightly to pick up her glass of wine from a low table next to the deck chairs. The Three J's could see the red light of the heaters reflecting off moisture glistening on her upper thigh. "That isn't snow," mouthed Julie to the other two girls before Sara turned around.

"This is overly weird," gushed Judy. "Here we are sitting naked in a hot tub in the middle of a snowstorm. There must be four feet of snow out there already."

"It's closer to six feet," corrected Joan. "At this altitude, the snow is dryer and more powdery, so it gets deeper. If you look out there, you can barely see the top of the second case of wine..., and they are sitting on top of each other on top the picnic table."

"Speaking of wine," said Julie, "My glass is empty. So is yours Judy. Joan..., down the hatch and we can send Sara inside to bring us refills. You will do that for us, won't you sweetie?"

Sara looked down at the water of the tub, downed her half glass of wine, and began to collect the empty wine glasses from the other girls. The Three J's watched the water drip off her ass cheeks as she carried all four glasses inside. A few moments later she returned with a tray holding the four empty glasses and the wine bottle from the refrigerator. There was only a little over an inch of wine in the bottle.

"That's all there is," Sara informed them.

"Oh, contraire," responded Julie, "There are eleven more bottles in the open case and another dozen in the unopened case. Someone just has to walk out to the picnic table and bring a bottle back up here on the deck."

Julie smiled in an odd way at Joan and Judy and then looked into Sara's eyes and continued. "Now is your chance to see if snow really turns you on. And if it is having to go out in the snow FOR US that flips your switch, Sara, I am commanding you to walk out there naked and bring back a bottle of wine for your Three Mistresses."

Sara's eyes opened slightly. She took a deep breath and trembled slightly. The tray of glasses rattled in her hands. Then she swallowed slightly, set the tray down on a low table, and walked over to the steps and started down into the back yard.

The interesting thing about true mountain snow powder is that unless you are held up on top of it by a good set of skis, you sink into it like it is light weight water. As Sara descended the steps, the snow powder split open allowing her to descend to ground level. As she walked toward the picnic table, the snow was above her waist, just below her breasts. The Three J's could hear Sara's ragged breathing as she slowly pushed her way through the icy powder. "One or two?" she called out when she had reached the table.

"Just one for now," answered Judy. After a pause and a quiet giggle, she added, "We can send you back for more later."

There was a sharp intake of breath heard clearly on the deck when Sara heard Judy’s comment. She opened the carton and removed one bottle of wine and started back through the snow. When she returned to the deck, her body was bright pink from her breasts down. She was shivering slightly.

Julie looked directly at Sara and said, "Pour us all a fresh glass of wine like a good slave, and then join us in the warm water. It looks like you need to warm up a bit." Both Judy and Joan raised their eyebrows, but said nothing.

Sara shuddered slightly and announced, "I need to go inside to get the corkscrew."

"Just make sure you don't screw anything else," giggled Judy as Sara went through the doorway into the cabin.

A few moments later Sara reappeared with the corkscrew. She held the cold bottle of wine between her legs as she forced the corkscrew into the cork. Then turning away from the hot tub, she placed the bottle on the deck and bent over to push down the handles of the screw so that it would pop the cork out of the bottle. As she bent over, she was accidentally - or intentionally - displaying her cunt to The Three J's.

"That definitely isn't snow," whispered Julie.

Shortly after Sara got back into the tub, the bubbles stopped.

Joan looked over at the switch and then at Sara. "Time to go punch the button, my little slut."

Sara dutifully got out of the tub and walked over to the edge of the deck to push the button. She seemed to bend over for much longer than necessary and seemed to move back and forth as if to rub her nipples in the piled snow on the rail.

For the next half hour The Three J's and an S sat and talked and giggled in the hot tub like a group of college girls out on the town. In many ways it was a girl's night out, except rather than sitting around a table in a club drinking too much wine, they were naked in a hot tub in a snow storm drinking too much wine. At least no one was going to be hitting on them and they didn't have to worry about driving home.

Then the bubbles stopped again. "We are out of bubbles and we are out of wine." announced Judy, holding up her empty glass. "I think it is my turn to issue a command to our little slut slave."

She turned to face Sara whose eyes were wide and whose dark face was a deep shade of red. "Sara, I am commanding you to go over and punch the button. And then I want you to stand on the rail at the end of the deck and do a belly flop into the snow."
"That will get you down to ground level. Then, you are to walk over and get us another bottle of wine. But we are thirsty and you shouldn't keep us waiting, so I want you to hurry. If you don't get all that done in under a minute, I will warm up your ass for you when you get back. One smack for every second that you are late."

Judy then waved her hands indicating that Sara should get moving. Sara gathered up the empty wine glasses, set them on the tray on the low table and walked over to the end of the deck. She leaned across the snow and pushed the button, and then she climbed up on the wide railing, facing outward. She held her arms out wide and fell forward. Normally it would have been a ten or twelve foot drop to the ground, but the snow in that area of the yard was only a few feet beneath the deck supports. Sara fell about four feet and then disappeared into the powder.

The Three J's craned their necks to see what was happening. "You don't think she got hurt do you?" asked Judy. Then they could see the snow moving. Sara was evidently crawling toward the picnic table. After going about ten feet, her head popped up through the powder. The snow in that area of the yard was now almost up to her neck. It was slightly lower when she reached the picnic table. She pulled a bottle out of the case, held it high above her head, and then started walking around the picnic table.

"What is she doing?" asked Joan.

"Killing time," replied Judy, pointing at a clock mounted on the wall above the hot tub. "She wants to make sure that she doesn't make it back in the time allowed."

"That's 30 seconds late," Judy yelled out toward the yard a few moments later. "60 seconds... 90 seconds... 120 seconds..." Judy was yelling "150 seconds" just as Sara set the wine bottle on the table.

"Where do you want me?" asked Sara.

"I think we are going to all have to do this together or I am going to wear out my hand." Replied Judy. "Lay across the edge of the tub with your body on the deck and your legs in the water."

Sara did as she was instructed. "This is going to be like those old movies of the guys driving spikes for the railroad. We each take a swat and call out the number." Then, with Judy standing to Sara's left, Julie to her right and Joan directly behind her, they began swinging.

"One, Two, Three.., Four, Five, Six..., Seven, Eight, Nine..." They did indeed sound like track workers driving a spike, except rather than the clink, clink, clink of hammers against a spike, it was the splat, splat, splat of wet hands against ass cheeks.

By the time they reached one hundred, Sara was moaning loudly. At around one hundred twenty- five, she began to thrash on the deck. At one hundred forty-five she groaned loudly and went rigid, vibrating her body in an obvious orgasm. After five more slaps, The Three J's stopped and Judy said, "That's the first time I ever paid a waitress a hundred and fifty smackers for bringing me a bottle of wine. I guess the orgasm was the tip."

The Three J's all laughed and sat back down in the bubbles of the hot tub. Sara lay on the deck for a few moments and then slid into the tub, stood upright, and walked up the entry steps to serve the wine. As she handed each girl their glass of wine, she said to each, "Thank you, Mistress."

Sara got out to push the button two more times before the wine once again was running out. This time it was Joan who spoke. "Sara, we need one final bottle of wine for tonight. But this is what you are going to do. I want you to fully enjoy the snow, so you are going to go over the rail again, but this time backwards. We are going to come over and watch you. When you land on your back in the snow, you are going to lay there until you bring yourself off."

"Once you do that, you will walk, crawl, or whatever you want to do to get over to the picnic table. Then you will bring the bottle of wine back here. You will probably be a little chilled by then, so as soon as you serve us our glasses of wine, you can get back into the tub. We will be sitting on the edge of the tub. I think that after all the pleasure we have given you tonight, you should be willing to give us some pleasure. I think you will know what to do when we get to that point."

Sara nodded and stood up in the tub. Once again she gathered the empty wine glasses and set them on the tray. Then she went over to the edge of the deck, pushed the button, and climbed up onto the rail. Again her hands were held out from her body, but this time she was facing the hot tub. The Three J's were walking across the deck toward her when she fell backward off the deck.

The snow was now almost all the way up to the deck, so she hit the snow only a little below the level of the deck. The powder compressed under her and she stopped on her back on a blanket of compressed snow a little over a foot thick.

She lay there looking up at The Three J's for a moment or two and then brought her hands down between her legs and started rubbing herself. With one hand, she reached over and grabbed some snow and rubbed it against her breasts as her other hand drove in and out of her sopping pussy. Soon an orgasm boiled within her and she screamed out her release. From the deck above, The Three J's applauded as she thrashed about in the snow.

After just a few seconds, Sara forced herself upright in the snow and began pushing through the powder toward the picnic table. In some places the powder was over her head as she walked. This time she didn't delay and brought the bottle quickly up to the deck. Again she held the bottle between her legs to pierce the cork with the corkscrew, and again she displayed her now gaping cunt to The Three J's as she popped the cork out of the bottle.

She handed each of the girls their glass and set her glass and the bottle next to the hot tub. Then, trembling either with the cold or with sexual expectation, she descended into the tub. "I'm first," said Joan as she spread her legs and leaned back with her elbows supporting her on the deck.

Sara picked up her glass of wine and moved over to stand in front of Joan. She took a big swallow of wine into her mouth and immediately bent down and put her mouth over Joan's slit. Joan gasped as the cold wine spilled across her labia, and then gasped again as Sara's tongue began tracing its way up her slit to her pleasure point. Sara teased with her lips and flicked with her tongue until Joan was groaning and shuddering in the throws of a tremendous orgasm.

"I'll have what she's having," said Judy with laugh. But Julie said loudly, "I'm next."

Sara again took a big mouthful of wine and again pushed the wine into Julie's waiting cunt. "Aaah!" groaned Julie as the cold liquid entered her. Soon she was repeating "Aaah..., aaah..., aaah," as Sara's skillful tongue and lips took her higher and higher. Julie was a screamer and it is entirely possible that the people in the cabin a half-mile up the road heard her shrill cry as she climaxed.

Sara moved over to Judy, who said, "Let's take this slow so I can really enjoy it."

Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it. Almost a half-hour later, Judy was writhing on the side of the tub held on the edge of orgasm by Sara's tongue and lips and by repeated doses of wine forced into her steaming pussy. She started grunting, "Uh.., uh.., uh.., uh..," in time with Sara's lapping tongue.

Julie and Joan began clapping with her, chanting in cheerleader fashion, "Go, go, go, go, go."

Judy exploded. She threw her legs over Sara's shoulders and drew her tightly into her cunt. She bucked and writhed against Sara's face while Sara abandoned her tongue and began lightly biting Judy's labia and her clit with her teeth. This time the cabins a mile away probably heard Judy’s cries mixed with the cheering voices of Julie and Joan who screamed, "Judy... Judy... Scooooooore!!" as Judy rocketed through a second and third shattering orgasm.

When Judy finally quieted down, the four girls sat on the edge of the hot tub finishing their wine until Joan finally said, "I think it is time for bed. I have a feeling we can sleep in tomorrow because with this storm we won't be going skiing."

Julie yawned, smiled and said, "I think we will find something to keep us occupied."

As the four got out of the tub, Sara scurried into the cabin before them. As The Three J's entered, they found Sara on her knees with her head bowed almost to the floor. Her arms were straight back level with the slant of her back and spread slightly from her body. "Do my Mistresses require anything else of their slut slave tonight? If not, I will clean things up and make sure everything is ready for tomorrow's meals."

The three girls looked at each other and then Joan spoke. "There is one thing, Sara. We really should have a bottle of wine in the refrigerator. So you need to go out and bring one in."

Judy added, "And the empty bottles need to be put back in the case for recycling."

Julie finished with, "One at a time."

"Oh, thank you," answered Sara. "May I pleasure myself while I do that?"

"With your hands or with one of the bottles or with your tongue if you are limber enough," answered Joan. "And tomorrow we need to sit down and talk about how our relationship has changed."

"I have always fantasized that the 'S' stood for slave." said Sara softly. Looking up into the girls questioning eyes, she added, "Three J's and a Slave. I've always been yours. And you have always been my Masters. Now you just know it. But yes, we need to talk about what tonight will mean for the future. Good night Mistress J's."

As The Three J's started toward their bedrooms, they stopped to watch out the rear window for a moment as Sara did a swan dive into the deep snow that now covered the back yard to the level of the deck.


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