Three in a Bed

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2007 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; FF/m; FF/f; bond; plaster; cons; X


I really don’t know what he is moaning at. It is his wish, well as nearly to his wish as he is going to get right now! I married James when I was only nineteen. James was twenty two.

The first year was fine. Our sex life was brilliant, but gradually for some reason the novelty wore off! It dropped from nightly down to once a fortnight. I tried the old stuff. I bought an ultra short nightie. That picked it up for a while but it fell back to once a fortnight again.

I knew he had a thing for women in uniforms so I went and asked Penny if she had an old nurse’s uniform she did not wear anymore. It was lucky her being a nurse. She told me that many men have a thing for nurses. She used to love seeing the men worked up if they caught a sly glance of her stocking tops. She often spun round and caught them trying to look up her dress. Even the old men who you would think would be past that sort of thing! Mind you, she admitted she loved to climb unnecessarily up a ladder, just to pull the curtains closed on the widows at night. As it happened she had one that did not fit her any more. I felt an idiot as I tried it on. Penny helped me to get it looking right. I asked her why she thought men had a thing for nurses. She told me they put it down to the fact that men love being controlled by someone. And who better to control them than a pretty nurse? All tender and gentle on the outside and when they needed to be, they were as authoritive as any madam!

After a coffee I changed back into my own clothes, thanked her and took the uniform home. I still could not see what men saw in the uniform. But it did improve our love life for about a month. But we slid back into our old ways. I could see James was getting depressed, just like I was getting frustrated. This would not do. I even tried to get him to wear the dress, but it did not fit. I found one on E-bay and bid for it. I won it and he tried it, but although it did the job for a while, it was not good enough to sustain our love life!

James suggested we tried bondage. I said I would try anything to satisfy him. He fitted some eye bolts into the wall and eventually he had me standing spread-eagled naked against the wall while he made love to me. I found it a turn on as well and had no arguments against it. I even tied James to the wall a couple of times, but gradually the novelty wore off. My mind was in turmoil. What more could I do? James started bringing home magazines and porn films. This helped, but I felt a bit downhearted as I thought I was no longer good enough for James, even though he kept telling me he loved me even more now!

I went back to Penny and she could see I was upset. She is a good friend to me. I don’t like to take advantage of her and her willing to listen to my problems. She has enough of her own. After a few drinks, I poured my heart out. I just was at the end of my tether. I had no idea what to do! Penny suggested writing all our fantasies out and putting tem into a jar and whatever came out, we did that day! All went well for another two months. But we had acted all of our ideas out and did not know what to do next.

James started talking about three in a bed. I was not sure. He kept on about it. I cried as I could not handle it. Weeks went by without any sign of sex. By now I was climbing up the wall with frustration. I had to do something. But who could I turn to? I did not want to let Penny in on our secret, or to be precise, James’s secret fantasy. After all, it does not say much for me does it!

One day, James was at work and I had the day off sick. I started to hit the bottle. There was ring at the door, I answered it and I found Penny standing there. She greeted me with a hello. She could see I had been crying. I let her in and she cuddled me when I told her of my problems. I am privileged to know Penny. She sat me down and made some coffee for us. I told her what James wanted now. She did not look surprised. She told me she knew men were not monogamous. Penny would know. She has had her own problems with men, even though she is a beautiful person; how I wish I had her fantastic body and beautiful face. She is wasted as a nurse. She should be an actress or a model at least!

She listened intently as I explained everything. I saw her face drop. Her last boyfriend left her because she would not do three in a bed for him. She had not had a boyfriend for the past three years. She pushed herself into her work. I immediately apologised and went and gave her a cuddle. We both had red eyes by now! How long we stayed like that, I couldn’t tell you, but eventually we finished up laughing! But again after a few drinks, we got rather merry and started laughing about men. How weak they are and how easy they are led. Oh yes, I have found the men’s magazines James hid in his tool box. I will be the first to admit the girls look fabulous, but would they look that good first thing in the morning before they had their entire make up on? I doubt it. No, if I were not as pushed for time, I think even I could look as glamorous.

Penny made me have a shower and while I did, she phoned her friend. About an hour later there was a knock at the door. Two women stood there. Penny introduced them as two of her nurse friends who did a little makeover job. They owed her a favour and she was calling it in for me! I sat down while they went to town on me. While they did that, Penny looked through my wardrobe to find the most provocative outfit she could find. A few hours later, the girls had gone and I was sitting in some skin tight lycra trousers, (although they are so tight, they look like leggings) that were made of a satin material. I bought those years ago when I used to go disco dancing. It is an old fashion, but when I saw them I just knew I had to have them. They are ultra shiny in electric blue. James’s favourite colour! This was topped by a jet black satin blouse that I had grown out of. This was a bit tight as well.

I went to put the trousers on and Penny told me to take off my knickers! I asked why. “Because the visible panty line will ruin the effect. And besides, you want to torment him with what he thinks he can see!” I struggled on with the trousers. I lay on the floor and arched my back while I pulled and tugged to get them over my hips. Thank God they are stretchy. Penny told me to stand up. I got up and she gave me a hand to get them in place. They are so tight, they are holding me in like a girdle. Penny told me to give her a twirl once she had managed to do the top button up. I had given up. It was bad enough pulling the zip up. I gave Penny a twirl. “Fantastic. Okay, you can put the blouse on. Remove the bra!”

I took my bra off and slipped my arms into the sleeves of the blouse. Penny did up the buttons for me. The effect of the cold satin on my nipples made them stand out like organ stops. Penny tucked the blouse carefully into the trousers. She had to undo the button and zip once more to make sure the blouse was level all the way round. It took her ages to get the trousers done up again. I looked in the mirror on my wardrobe. I had not seen myself until now. Wow, I look and feel like Olivia Newton-John in Grease. Penny took a pair of my black high heeled shoes and I lifted each foot as she slipped the shoe onto each foot. I stood there looking at myself. I felt like a film star and yet like a tart at the same time! Penny assured me that James would not be able to resist me. I tried to take off my shoes, but the trousers would not let me bend.

“You had better keep dressed as you are. You may not be able to put it all back once I leave!” I got Penny to take a digital photograph of me to make sure I had a memory of this. She brushed my nipples through the blouse with her hand. “Just getting rid of some white specks on the blouse!” she told me. This was nice. A nice gentle brush and they stood up again. I am not a lesbian, but this was lovely. Penny suggested that James should go out and get a takeaway meal. I could see myself getting ruined by cooking and agreed with her. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and said her goodbye.

James came home and called out. I called out that I was in the lounge. Usually by now, I would be in the kitchen. James came into the lounge and stopped dead. “Wow! What’s happened to you?” I told him he could not expect it all the time. But I thought I would try the look out. James ran his hands over my bum and my now aroused nipples. He had to go and take a shower. But it was not long before he came back. I told him he should go and get the takeaway meal. “Never mind about the meal. That can wait. This is far better!” Needless to say, it had the effect on James that I wanted, but by the time we struggled off with my clothes James had started to lose the will to make love to me.

We did make love, but it was only a half hearted attempt on his part. His erect manhood soon wilted once it was inside me and we gave up. He apologised to me and got dressed and went and got the meal. I could not be bothered getting dressed so I slipped a pair of shorts on and a cropped top. James came back with an Indian meal and we sat and ate it. We sat in silence until James spoke out. “Sorry love, it is not you. It is me. Perhaps if I had not been at work it might have been different. I don’t know!”  I suggested we try the old trick of him going to a hotel and booking a room. I came along later dressed like a tart and he could pick me up, but he was not really keen on that idea.

Saturday came and James went to the play football. He loves playing football. I don’t mind as it keeps him fit. After that he was going to see his parents. It was lucky they lived near the ground where they were playing this week. Penny dropped by to see what happened. I made the coffee and told her the truth. “Not a lot!” I went into all the details of what happened. Penny looked disappointed. I told her about my idea of the hotel and how James had rejected the idea.

“Oh well, that only leaves one thing. Three in a bed it must be. You and two men?” she said looking at me hoping to see some reaction. I told her that I thought that James would rather it be two women and him. “Never mind what he wants. It is him letting you down!”

I shrugged my shoulders. That is when Penny hit me with an idea. She knew about the bondage scene we had tried. She asked me to take her into our bedroom. She saw the anchor points where the eye bolts were screwed into the wall. I showed her the leather cuffs that clipped onto the eyebolts. I love it when James had me standing there naked and he tormented me with the vibrator on and off for hours.

“Okay, if you are ready for it, put the cuffs on and let me clip you to the wall. Keep your clothes on. If you don’t mind, I will mark up where we need to put some more eyebolts in.”

I asked what for and she told me that her idea was to put several in the wall so I could be lashed to the wall and not be able to move. I could see what she was getting at and so I let her clip me to the wall. I stood there while she marked out where several eyebolts should go in.

“I will go and get the eyebolts. I will have to use your money though!” I told her to release me and we could go together. Penny went to my drawers, took out a pair of my clean knickers, rolled them up and shoved them into my mouth. I was shocked. She looked in her bag and took out some plaster. She wrapped it around my head. I could not shove the knickers out now with my tongue. I did try to escape, but I knew James had put these eyebolts in rather well!

I heard Penny go out. She seemed to take ages before she returned. “Hello my lovely captive slave. Have you been having fun?” She took out the gag and undid the clips which released me. I told her I was bored. But she assured me that I would not be when everything was set up. I got James’s drill and between us, we fitted another twelve eyebolts into the wall.

Penny stood against the wall while I threaded the rope through the eyes and tied it off with a flourish. Penny stood there unable to move. The ropes criss crossed her body. She asked me to release her, so I looked in her bag. I saw she had also bought some duct tape. I quickly wrapped this around her head giving an efficient gag which made her mute. “Now you can see what it is like! Don’t bother me while I tidy up!” I told her.

I took my time. I cleared all the tools away and got out the vacuum cleaner. Even though it would have only should have taken me about ten minutes to clean the place up, I decided to do all my cleaning. I even polished the dressing table and wardrobes! I could see Penny was getting agitated.

But once I was satisfied that she had enough torment, I released her. She was tied for as long as I was. I know, because I timed it. We had a coffee and Penny told me of her plans. We had a few left before the shops shut and James came home. I got ready and we went shopping. Penny dragged me into a uniform shop. She asked the assistant for a white nurse’s uniform. She got one a size too small for me. She told the assistant what the problem was. Soon I had everything. Uniform, watch, belt and buckle. Shoes, cap, even a navy cardigan followed. Penny was going to make sure I looked the part. I was concerned the girl serving us would think I am mad. That is when Penny dropped the bombshell. The girl already knew we would be coming. Penny had called into the shop when she went shopping. The girl was a friend of hers. She told me I would be having another surprise later. I asked why the white uniform. There were plenty of different coloured ones. Penny told me there was a reason. I would find out later.

From there, we went to an office supply shop and got a clear plastic badge holder that clipped on to a coat or dress. A call at a shoe shop got me the name badge. “Julie Brown. Staff Nurse”. On my computer Penny copied her security name badge as close as she could. But of course she put Julie Brown on it. She put it in the holder and clipped it shut. Now we had to wait. I was told to leave it until the next time James was out for the day! James asked about the extra eyebolts. I told him that it was so that he could tie me strictly to the wall while he went and played football. He seemed to accept that answer.

All week I kept tormenting James to tell him he had a surprise coming. When he asked what, I told him that would ruin the surprise. To be honest, I did not know what the surprise was to be. I knew about the nurse’s dress. But what else Penny had in store I had not got a clue. On the Saturday James was instructed to play football as usual. But I would not be home when he got back. He was to shower and get dressed and wait for me to return. He was to give me a call when he had showered and was dressed. I still had not cottoned on what penny was thinking of.

James went off and I got busy phoning Penny. She told me to take my uniform and the other items to her house. I had to take a black bra together with a thong, suspender belt and thick black stockings. I would have to get changed there. I drove to her house, but I told her I felt a fool wearing this outfit. Penny convinced me to put it on. She would show me why once I was ready. . While I was changing in her room, (she shared a house with three other nurses), she was arranging the mirrors and lighting in the lounge they all shared.

I stripped, but the bra, thong, stockings and sussie on. I clipped the stockings to the sussie and went to put a slip on but Penny caught me at it and forbade me to wear it. I was puzzled. I stepped into the uniform dress and did the studs up. It was a bit tight. Penny put all the badges on me and the watch, belt and the name badges. She rearranged my hair into a style the nurses wear theirs and she clipped the hat to my hair. Penny led me into the lounge and I could see what she meant. She put a light behind me and I could see the outline of my legs through the dress. I looked in the mirror and saw that my bum was being caressed tightly by the dress. Another look and I realised I could see my bra and knickers quite clearly through it was well. I told her I felt stupid. She assured me that I did not look it. I had everything to gain and nothing to lose. Why not go along with it? So I did.  

The other housemates, all nurses came in and Penny had told them all about my troubles. Instead of having a go at me for wearing their uniform, they were more than helpful. “Go get him girl!” one of them said, “He deserves all he gets. He certainly does not deserve you!” I thanked her and waited for the phone call from James. One of the nurses said it would be better if Penny was to wear her sister’s uniform to give it that authenticity. Besides we needed someone to be in charge and give the orders.

Penny put the sister’s uniform on, grabbed a large duffel bag, and we drove back to my place. I opened the door and saw James face light up. Penny took control. We were ordered to go to our bedroom. She told me to start stripping the patient. James slipped his shoes off. With her help, we took off his jumper. James was good at playing the patient. Slowly Penny undid his shirt and removed it. I stood in front of him and undid his belt. He stepped out of his trousers. I pulled his pants down. James went to cover himself up.

“What on earth are you doing? I have seen more of them than you have had hot dinners. I am a nurse!” I removed James’s socks. He was naked and looked rather threatened by us.

“So, you want three in a bed do you? Today you are going to get your wish!” James jumped for joy at the news. Penny went on, “But first, you must let us have our fun!” James said nothing but shook his head as if to agree.

Penny pushed him back against the wall and between us we threaded the rope through the eyebolts and secured him extremely tightly against the wall. He stood there secured by the wrist and ankle cuffs and the ropes criss crossed over him holding him tightly against the wall! Penny took some plaster and taped his mouth closed. She wrapped some badges over the tape so he was well and truly gagged.

“We don’t want you spoiling our fun” she told him. James murmured “mmm”.

Now Penny told me to follow her down to the lounge. I went to say Penny, but she insisted I called her sister. I followed her into the lounge. Penny picked up the phone and called someone. I heard her say “about twenty five minutes then!” Who she was talking to and what was said, she would not tell me. We sat in the lounge waiting. Then there was a knock at the door. I had to answer it. I did not know who it was, but realised if it was one of our neighbours, what a shock he or she was going to get! Come to think of it, anybody would get a shock at seeing me dressed like this. I opened the door to find the girl from the uniform shop. She was dressed like a nurse as well. But hers was a light blue colour. I welcomed her and let her in.

We got to the lounge and Penny was just finishing a conversation on the phone with somebody. We all went up to the bedroom. That is when James saw the three of us. But now I did not know what to expect. I was not prepared when Penny slowly but surely unclipped the studs on my dress. She removed my bra and thong along with the shoes, stockings and sussie. The girl who Penny introduced as Terri came around the front. Penny went behind me. Penny snuggled up tightly as Terri stepped up and snuggled up in front of me. She kissed me full on the lips.

I tried to step back, I was shaken. But Penny was pinning me to Terri! I was sandwiched between them. I felt Penny’s hands starting to play with my breasts. She tweaked my nipples a few times, but mainly just caressed them. Another hand was playing with my lower body working its way towards my now getting eager labia lips. Oooh her hands just lightly touched them. I could not help it. I had to breathe deeply. The two girls shuffled me towards the bed. Penny stepped to one side and I was shoved onto the bed. I was laid on my back. A gag went into my mouth and the girls lay on my arms, their hands being free to wander all over my body. Teri and Penny had a leg on mine so they were pinned down wide apart. This made easy access to my body. I want this to stop and yet, and yet, ooh no wait, ooh, ooh yes, yes, please, some more, more, don’t stop.

James was struggling against the ropes holding him. I really don’t know why he is moaning. He has got his wish after all! He is taking part in a three in a bed experience. Mind you he is not physically taking part. I lifted my head and looked over at him over Penny’s shoulder. His manhood was straining. But he was not going to get release just yet. 'Ooo-er this is nice. Am I turning into a lesbian? I hope not.' Penny got up, took some rope and between her and Teri they tied me spread-eagle on the bed. Slowly Penny and Teri stripped in front of James. He wanted to get at them, but he was unable to escape.

The two girls left me there. They turned the bed so my vagina was facing James. He could see what he was not getting. After some while, they came back and started on me again. I tried to curl up, but the ropes would not let me. This is fantastic. They are kissing me gently one kissing a nipple each. Wow, I never realised how much fun it could be with another woman. “Oh my God, I am coming, I am coming” I tried to scream through the gag. Wave after wave of static electricity flowed threw my body. I arched as I had hit a plane higher than ever before. Teri and Penny were satisfied with their work and left me while they had a shower. Penny came back and washed me down.

“I would let you go, but you have one more surprise yet!” She told me. Penny made sure I was comfortable. Check on James ropes and cuffs and left us there.

About a half hour went by and there was a ring at the doorbell. I can hear voices. Oh no, Penny is fetching them upstairs. In walked all Penny’s housemates. They each had a big bag with them. They look at me and realised I was there for the duration. Two of them left the room while the other one, Teri and Penny stayed here with me. They looked at me and grinned.  “Let’s get started!” One of them said. They undid the ropes holding James and wrapped some cloth around his arms and legs. The other two girls came back with some buckets. Each of the girls put some latex gloves on and dipped their hands into the plaster. Now they each took a part of James’s body and molded the plaster over it. Soon he was standing like a plaster statue with only his eyes, nostrils and his manhood being visible.

I was released from the bed. I was forced onto my hands and knees. As I was turned I noticed Penny had a strap on dildo on. They led me to James and my nose was pinched so I had to open my mouth. They shoved me forward so I had James’s penis in my mouth. They held me while Penny entered me with the dildo. She began going in and out. I could feel my juices flow again. Each time she banged into me, I shot forward on James’s now erect penis. This was my first time of doing it doggy style. I liked it. The girls all held me steady. Soon I was coming again. As I did, I heard James groan,  what is he moaning about? I feel his hot spunk enter my mouth. I had to swallow it. The girls pulled me off of James once Penny had finished.

Now they turned their attention to me. Before long, I was covered in plaster as well. But I was on my hands and knees. I could not move. Like James, I was stuck rigid. All that was visible of me was my eyes and nostrils. The plaster held my mouth firmly closed. I was placed up onto a box and watched as three of the girls all climbed into our bed and started playing with each other. Penny and Teri left them to it. I am now getting turned on again. I want to join in with them, but I can’t thanks to this plaster cage. James is moaning again. Why is he moaning? He has got his wish, well as I say, sort of got his wish. Once they had finished they went and all three showered together and left us there looking at each other.

It was the next morning before Penny and Teri came back. They cut the plaster off of us and we had to go and shower together. We were only in the plaster for about eight hours, but that was enough. We were not allowed to get dressed. Teri said she had enjoyed herself. I don’t know. It has awakened me to the pleasures of another woman.

I didn’t know Penny was like that. “I am not, but I am learning Psychology and I used you as a means of practicing it. I have been reading how if you are denied something you want it even more. And the girls needed practice on the art of plastering, so I killed two birds with one stone. Teri is bi. But although I did what I did, it was all in the line of duty. I was just helping an old friend out to treat her husband in his fantasy. You told me he said he wanted three in a bed, but he never specified he wanted to be in that three. Now perhaps he will not leave you frustrated”

We got dressed as Penny went on, “The girls are coming back once more to have even more practice at plastering. I will let you know when that will be. They will probably want you plastered for a day or more!”

A big grin wrapped itself around her mouth. I knew we were beaten, but I enjoyed the ordeal so much that I can’t wait for the next time. But I certainly wasn’t complaining. The girls can mummify me any day. I wonder if they would take offence if I ask them to insert a vibrator before they wrap me up.

Penny and Teri left the house. I grabbed James and rushed him up to the bedroom, where he gave me a good seeing to. Now perhaps he will not be so keen for three in a bed anymore! Or will he?