This Morning

by Twin Flames

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© Copyright 2014 - Twin Flames - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; naked; bond; cuffs; gag; tease; oral; toys; forced orgasms; true; reluct/cons; X

It is a little after 5:30 in the AM. It is a typical work/school day. Our breakfast is finished, ready to be served. Cage-free egg whites, organic, non-GMO bell peppers, sautéd to perfection. Strong, lightly sweetened breakfast tea will provide the necessary wake-up caffeine. Our son is still sleeping soundly, with two closed doors between his room and ours.

My beloved is still asleep, naked, as always. Her breathing is soft, peaceful and rhythmic. I am fully dressed, in California-style business casual clothes. In 30 minutes, I will be at my desk a few miles away.

It starts with her foot. I do not have a strong foot fetish, but I do appreciate her lovely feet. Most mornings, one of her feet has extended itself out of the covers into the cool air. I smile as I bend over the foot-board of our bed, and gently kiss her foot repeatedly. I am rewarded with a content, feminine hum of pleasure as I cover that foot with the blanket.

The tools of basic restraint are always ready for use. A pair of high-quality Mr. S Leather buckling and locking foot cuffs are connected the foot posts of our bed with short ropes. [1] These were rather expensive, but they are so very comfortable, and they feel great going on.

Our oldest, most venerable cuffs are connected to the head posts of our bed. [2] They are basic, stout leather, with thick, robust, synthetic fur on the inside. The thousands of bindings they have provided have worn them well, and they fit our wrists perfectly.

A high-quality, locking leather Mr. S Leather gag [3] is laying on our bedside table, along with a super comfortable Mindfold. [4]

My beloved has too pee; she always has a full bladder when she wakes up. That is the root of her daily reluctance. But it's also part of the game.

I kneel in bed next to her, and start rubbing her beautiful body with my hands. Gentle kisses; on her neck, her forehead, her nipples, her shoulders, her arms...and her hands. Clip. Her right hand is restrained to one of our bed posts. She is starting to wake up, so I move quickly.

Clip. Her left hand is now restrained. Her body is now trapped, in my control, in my care, for the next 10 minutes. "Mmm... I gotta go pee!!!" In goes the gag, simple enough. The Mindfold goes on next. Her legs are starting to move about. I pull the covers off and easily capture both her feet. Clip. Clip.

Her sexy body now lies completely open to me, spread eagle. She's talking through the gag. I can't understand the words, but I know she has to go pee. Soon enough my beloved.

A quick check between her strong, swimmers legs. Wet. Her hips thrust forward. Reluctance fades slightly. I gently kiss her nether lips. A throaty moan from above. Yes, she's ready. She wants this. She *needs* this.

Over the past decade, science has learned a lot about what happens in a woman's brain during orgasm. In 5 minutes, I imagine my beloved's brain chemistry would be of extreme interest to neuroscientsts. [5] The flood of beta-endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin is about to begin.

Her first orgasm will be from my tongue. I carefully spread her lips with the middle and index fingers on my left hand. Her clitoris is pleasantly pink, very awake, and begging for attention. First, a breath.

I open my mouth and bathe her clit with warm, humid air from my lungs. More throaty moans and a vigorous pelvic thrust are the response. The clit becomes even more excited, even more swollen. This goes on for a couple of minutes. No touching yet, just needing, teasing. The full bladder forgotten.

Quite suddenly, I flick my tongue over her clit. Just a touch. More urgent moans. Two thrusts in a row. I look up, and take in the view for a moment. Her nipples are standing high. That beautiful, sensuous sexual flush across her neck, shoulders and chest.

I start licking. Long, slow strokes of my tongue. She's reaching peak quickly, so I speed up. Just as she crashes into her first orgasm, I close my lips around her clit, suck it between my slightly open teeth, and quickly vibrate my tongue over it. While doing this, I look up. The moans have turned into cries of ecstasy, the bed posts creak as her strong arms, muscles rippling, pull against the cuffs and rope. Her ass thrusts several inches off of the bed.

The stimulation continues until I feel the first orgasm recede.

That was fun. Now let's get real.

I neglected to mention one important toy. Perhaps the most important.

It always stands ready on our bed side table. You know what it is. A Hitachi Magic Wand. [6]

That fine piece of engineering finds its way into my hands. My beloved knows what's next. Reluctance returns; she had her orgasm, it's time to pee! Soon, my love. First, orgasms. Lots of them. Forced orgasms. The best kind.

The wand is buzzing. Her clit is even more erect, even more exposed, between my fingers. The second orgasm takes only seconds. Smiling, I thank the Creator every day that my beloved is multi-orgasmic.

The vibrator is firmly but gently connected to her clit, and it's on high. Her body thrashes against the bonds. Her hips thrust. Her cries of pleasure get higher pitched. The first word I have said to her this morning: "Push!" She immediately bears down, and takes the pleasure in. Deep. She stops thrashing, but her limbs pull HARD. Sometimes I wonder if she can break 1/2 inch nylon ropes. Her daily exercise pays off, but she is stuck. So she pulls... all of her limbs. Pulling. Her hips are thrust all the way up, fixed, in mid-air.

And the buzzing. The orgasms come continuously. Her cries are now low-pitched. Primal. My second word of the day: "Deeper!" Her thighs are vibrating. Her hands are in fists. Her feet are pointed straight down. Long, throaty cries of pleasure are mostly blocked by the gag.

And then we are finished. I shut the pleasure machine off, set it aside. I release the ankle cuffs, then her wrist cuffs. Finally, the gag comes out. The Mindfold stays on for a moment.

Kisses; nipples, next. Oh how she loves her neck to be kissed. Her nose. Her mouth. Our tongues languidly dance. I remove her blindfold, and shower her closed eyes with kisses.

"Good morning!" Her eyes open; she's in a sexual haze, but it is clearing. "Good morning. That felt so good.", she says.

She sits up in bed, and we hug, with me standing next to the bed. Her naked body pressed against my clothing. One of her hands reaches between my legs. I am, of course, hard as a tree limb. "I have plans for you tonight."

I flush a little. "I'm sure you do. I can't wait to find out."

And the morning after? More forced orgasms for her.

Twin Flames, burning bright.


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