This Month It's Her Treat - Dammit!

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2002 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; leather; bond; corset; gag; insert; toys; tease; torment; climax; con; X

The restrained moans and air whistling through her nostrils said it all. I was on the highway with my leather-clad housemate in the passenger seat and all I could think of was I wished it were me in her situation.

We had met just over a year ago in, believe it or not, a leather clothing store. They were having a spring sale to clear merchandise before the hot weather and I was trying on skirts while, nearby, she was trying to pick a light jacket.

As our eyes met there was an instantaneous spark. I suggested that the royal blue leather jacket seemed to suit her more than the black and she, in turn said I should look for a skirt a bit longer with the kick pleat at the front and wear it with heeled knee boots.

For obvious reasons, the sales lady agreed with both of us and we left the store together with our purchases. Outside she asked if I would join her for lunch and a chat and I agreed. Over lunch we found out that we were both single; I lived in the large house my parents left when they passed away in a traffic accident two years earlier, and she lived in an apartment on a month-to-month lease.

We were both in our late twenties and we obviously loved leather clothing. We each had good jobs five days a week from 9 to 5. It wasn’t until we had met several more times that we became comfortable enough to open up to each other and agree that leather was more of a lifestyle and strong fetish than just something to keep out the weather and look good in. It was inevitable that I invited her to share my house with me and she moved in three weeks later. Besides leather we also found a common interest in bondage in all of the forms that did not cause harm. Neither of us were a complete Dom’ or Sub’; we both enjoyed going either way.

Over the months we came up with a fun idea to spice things up. On alternate months one Saturday would be set-aside for one of us to surprise the other with a “scene”. This month was her treat from me – and I was jealous. As we finished breakfast this morning I had stated “Scene starts”. That was her cue to submit to anything I told her to do or did to her without question for the next twelve hours.

I told her to go upstairs and use the bathroom then go to the “playroom”, strip completely and grab hold of the spreader bar suspended from the ceiling. I followed upstairs slowly to give her a chance to get ready and walked into the room to see her on tiptoe holding onto the bar. She was naked and looked at me with a “so do your worst” expression on her face. I think, by the time I finished, I had surprised her.

A boned leather corset fitted around her waist and I pulled on the laces until the two halves met in the middle of her back. Two soft- toothed clamps, with fine wires running from them, went on her nipples before the leather bra snapped closed at her back.

Next I had her push her feet into a pair of 6” heeled thigh boots and hold still while it took me over fifteen minutes to lace them closed. I buckled a strap around each leg at mid thigh; they had small D rings on the inside of the leg for later use.

I told her to rest her weight on the boots and hold her right arm out straight in front of her. From the pile of supplies I had made ready the night before I selected a kid leather, shoulder length glove, which I knew, was at least one size too small for her. With a little effort I soon had it on her hand and arm. I used the laces on the last 6” to tighten it up to her armpit. Reversing her hands on the overhead bar, the left arm got similar treatment.

While she held her left arm out I added a very tight and pointed stiff leather mitten over her hand and laced it down to her wrist. Now she could no longer grab the bar with that hand so I let her stand quietly as I did the right hand in a similar manner. Each mitten had a small metal ring at its point.

Now for the interesting part – I had her walk over to a padded bench with its surface about 3’ off the floor and lay back on it. With her legs spread wide everything was available to me. Pulling on a pair of latex gloves I spread a good helping of KY on the 5” butt plug; the 7” dildo didn’t need any lubrication. Maybe I had hit a nerve? From the base of the dildo hung a very short piece of wire with another soft clamp at the end. That went on her clitoris drawing a sharp intake a breath from her.

As I pulled a pair of tight latex panties up her legs, they would protect the rest of the outfit from any moisture that might occur, I adjusted the wires from the inserts so they came up through the waistband. There was a thin connector panel attached to the corset with velcro and the pin jacks on the end of the wires slipped into sockets on it, followed by the ones from the nipple clamps. Just two wires left the panel.

I had her slip her arms through a heavy long sleeved latex blouse with four buttons at each wrist and a full zip closing at the back. Next I worked a pair of tight black kid slacks over the boots and up to her waist. The wires from the panel fed down inside the left leg of the slacks and I fitted the ends into a small connector that taped to the outside of her left boot. The blouse tucked in and I fastened a special wide leather belt through the loops on the slacks and cinched it as tight as it would go.

From a D ring at the front of the belt I ran a 2” wide strap through her legs and up to the back of the belt and cinched that one too. Dead center over her crotch was another small metal ring. As she stood teetering on the high-heeled boots I held a full-length leather trench coat out behind her so she could slip her arms into the sleeves, then I settled it on her shoulders.

Inside the slash pockets of the coat I had slit the base of the pockets and sown in zippers. I fed her hands into and through the pockets and slipped the clasp of a small padlock through the fingertip D rings and the one over her vagina. It locked with a sharp click.

A 3” strap connected the D rings on the thigh straps limiting her to small steps just as if she was wearing a tight skirt.

I closed the sleek leather across her body and buttoned it before buckling the wide belt around her waist. Now her hands were completely restrained I had no trouble packing a large leather pear into her mouth. A neat strip of surgical tape sealed her lips and then I installed a wide leather gag strap over the tape and buckled it at the back of her head.

At this point I went to my own bedroom to get dressed; she followed slowly, not just because of the thigh strap but the inserts would be causing some interesting sensations, and stood in the doorway watching as I pulled my selections from the closet.

Matching bra and panty set then dark nylons attached to a suspender belt. My favorite long sleeved black leather dress fitted me like a glove from the high collar to just below the knees and closed down the back with a zip from just above my buttocks to the neck. Knee high leather boots with a nice comfortable stacked 3” heel were next.

I brushed out my hair and put on some low-key makeup then used some of it to do a job on her eyes.

I tucked the large left lapel of her coat in under the right side and then buttoned the right lapel just under her left collarbone. The storm flap came down over it and buttoned just to the left of her breastbone, a couple of inches from the false right storm flap.

Reaching behind her neck I raised the collar of the coat; the wing-tips of the collar had a concealed snap fastener and when I pushed the two halves together in front of her nose her collar was held in place covering the lower half of her face. This hid the fact that she was very efficiently gagged.

Stepping back and checking her over, I tucked the ends of her coat sleeves inside the pockets. She looked now as if she was just naturally bundled up against the late fall blustery weather, which was occurring outside. My own coat was a calf length leather wrap around with a tie belt and large shawl collar that could be raised into a hood if needed. I steadied her as we made our way to the inside entrance to the garage.

Opening the passenger side door of my car, I helped her sit down and lifted her legs inside. Having her brace her shoulders against the back of the seat and raise her rear-end, I smoothed the coat under her and let her settle back into the seat. A neat strap went around her ankles and I pulled them back and attached the strap around the bar joining the front legs of the seat.

Having her lean forward I raised the hood of her coat until the soft leather framed her face. There was a closing under her chin and now all that could be seen were the top of her nose and carefully made up eyes. I must admit that by now the eyes contained a slight look of trepidation.

Pushing her shoulders back into the seat I snapped the combination lap and shoulder harness seat belt in place and pulled it taunt. Opening the back door I adjusted the headrest to the right height and buckled a small strap attached to the back of the neck of the coat around the post of the headrest. Now she was completely incapacitated, covered from head to toe in sleek leather and ready for her treat.

Reaching down from the driver’s seat I fed a single wire into the connector at her heel and up to another small control panel that I had taped to the center console. It had a knob with five settings and a single wire that ended in a plug I fitted into the socket of the cigarette lighter.

Heading back into the house, I pulled on a pair of tight kid leather gloves, grabbed my handbag and returned to the car. I dropped my bag in her lap, hit the garage door remote, started the car and headed for a nearby mall. Once underway I turned the control knob to the first setting. This sent a slight tingle to her nipples and clit. It also started the vibrators in her at their lowest level. I pulled into the mall and parked facing the main entrance.

Telling my friend that she better remain completely still and not draw attention to herself while I went shopping for half an hour or so; I turned the control to 2, got out and locked the door. Standing in front and looking through the windshield I could see her quite clearly. She gave the impression of someone dressed for the cold but there was no indication of how well she was restrained.

The higher setting now stimulating her body would gradually build while I was away and added to that the fact that she was in plain sight of all the people walking by should be enough for some interesting emotions. I window-shopped for thirty minutes before returning and getting back in the car. The apparatus had been running off the battery but did not draw enough to deplete its charge. There was a film of sweat on her forehead, which I dabbed at with a tissue, and she started grunting at me, which I ignored.

Heading out of the parking lot I drove towards the highway and, as we entered the on-ramp I turned the control to 3. Once we were cruising at the speed limit, I turned it to 4. By now the stimulation would be intense and the vibrators working hard inside her. From the corner of my eye I saw her body tense as it tried to arch against the seat harness; then she moaned through the gag and relaxed. It seemed the system worked just as planned and I turned it down to 2 to let her recover. Ten minutes later I set it back up to 4 and the cycle started all over again.

I drove out of town for over an hour before turning around and headed back for home. Just when I’m sure she thought she was completely drained, I turned the control to 5. At this point the moans and air panting through her nostrils became almost continuous.

As we finally pulled into the garage she was like a rag doll held in place by the seat belts. I disconnected the wire from her heel then went around and opened the passenger door. Releasing her ankles, neck strap and the seatbelt I eased her legs around and helped her stand.

Steadying her as we made it into the house, she lent back against the wall while I undid the coat, disconnected the mitt rings and pulled each arm out of the pockets. I unlaced and removed the mitts then removed the gag. At this point, even though it was no-where near the twelve hours, I said “Scene over”. She looked blankly at me and then staggered off towards her room.

I removed my own coat and then followed her. She was fast asleep lying on her bed and hadn’t even taken off the coat. There were marks left by the gag strap across the lower half of her face but even they could not disguise the distinctly contented smile on her lips!

Next month was my turn and I could only hope her imagination was up to it!!