Third Wish

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2007 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; genie; majick; transport; strip; bond; straps; gag; strapon; tease; denial; climax; switch; toys; insert; stuck; cons; X

Brittany frowned as she eyed her newest acquisition. Looking like a cross between a wine bottle and a vase, the long neck vessel had recently been unearthed at a dig sponsored by the local university. Deemed of no real historical value, the bottle, along with other more-or-less worthless items, had been sold by the university in it’s never-ending quest for more money. And Brittany, incurable bargain hunter, had been unable to resist this latest purchase.

Now, sitting in her living room, she wondered why she’d felt compelled to buy this thing. It looked to be made of earthenware, though a thick crusting of dirt made it hard to tell. Apparently stoppered with glass, the stopper had broken off, leaving only a small part of itself sunk deep within the bottle’s neck. Altogether, not an arresting sight.

‘Oh well,’ she thought, ‘maybe once I clean it up, it’ll be worth using as a knick-knack.’

Brittany took up a moist cloth and bent to cleaning the old bottle. As she worked, she couldn’t help thinking, isn’t this where the smoke comes out of the bottle and becomes a handsome genie?

“Oh, that feels much better.”

At the sound of the strange voice, Brittany jumped from her couch. Turning, she froze at the sight of a naked woman standing in the middle of the room. For a moment, all she could do was stare. The stranger was about Brittany’s height. Long, raven hair spilled down her back, it’s ends brushing the upper slopes of her ass. With long, toned legs, flaring hips, narrow waist, and large, firm breasts, the woman’s body was breathtaking in it’s near perfection.

“Who, who are you?” Brittany asked, slowly gathering her wits about her.

The woman smiled. “Who else? I’m the genie from the bottle.” As she spoke, the woman casually rubbed at strange red marks on her wrists. Similar marks, Brittany saw, encircled the woman’s ankles.

“I’ve been bound in that bottle for a long time,” the naked stranger continued, “literally.”

“Excuse me?” Brittany couldn’t believe she was so casually conversing with a naked beauty who claimed to be a genie. Probably someone playing a prank on her, but she’d go along. For now.

“Well, you’ve heard the old story about a genie being bound in a bottle, right?” At Brittany’s nod, the woman continued. “Most people have, and assume it means the genie is simply confined within the bottle. Oh, how I wish that were true! Fact is, I have been bound, literally, inside that bottle.”

“Bound?” Bondage had always been one of Brittany’s secret fantasies, and the thought of being made helpless never failed to turn her on.

The woman smiled. “Would you like to see?”

“Yes, please,” Brittany replied, with no thought at all as to what she might be getting herself into. “But aren’t I entitled to three wishes or something?”

“Actually, you are,” the woman replied. “Would you like your wishes before or after the tour?”

“Um, after.”

“Then let us begin.” The woman snapped her fingers, and suddenly, Brittany found herself standing in a small, round room. The walls looked to be made of earth, and the only light came through what looked like a piece of thick glass embedded in the domed ceiling. Of more interest, two poles stood in the center of the room, leather cuffs dangling from them. Between the poles lay what looked like a gag.

“This is where I spend my time when I’m not granting wishes,” the woman, now seemingly confirmed to be a genie, said.

“You mean you’re bound between those poles?” Brittany asked, feeling the first hint of moisture begin to dampen her panties.

“Among other things,” the genie replied.

Brittany’s eyes were glued to the cuffs. “Oh, I wish I could try that,” she whispered.

“Done.” The genie snapped her fingers, and Brittany suddenly found herself standing naked between the poles. Cuffs secured her wrists to the poles above her head, other cuffs around her ankles holding her feet spread.

“Wait, I didn’t mean it!” she cried, but the gag filling her mouth muffled her shouted words to meaningless sounds. Suddenly frightened, she watched as the genie approached her.

“I would show you how the bottle keeps me occupied while I wait,” she said, smiling, “but I think I’d rather attend to you myself.” With that, she leaned forward and took one of Brittany’s nipples between her lips.

Startled, Brittany tried to pull away, but her bonds held her secure. And soon enough, she found herself not wanting the genie to stop. Those lips on her nipples felt too good, and the fingers that soon began gently stroking her pussy felt even better. Brittany closed her eyes and drifted away on the feelings.

She was finally brought back to reality by the feel of something cool and hard touching her pussy. Glancing down, she realized that the genie now wore a strap-on. Even as she raised her eyes and mmmphd a question, the genie thrust into her, and she melted.

What followed was a seemingly endless haze of need and denial. Again and again, the genie brought her to the very edge of orgasm, only to pull out at the last possible second. Brittany’s pussy felt almost sore from clutching at the dildo when it was inside her, and she knew there just had to be a puddle between her feet. Pleadingly, she gazed at the genie, her need showing plainly in her eyes.

“I’m impressed,” the genie said. “Not many mortal women have your stamina. But I suppose I’ve pushed you far enough.” So saying, she began thrusting hard and fast into the helpless woman. On the second thrust, the orgasms began, rolling through Brittany’s helpless body like endless waves. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the waves subsided, leaving only ripples of pleasure that slowly coursed through her.

A snap of the fingers, and Brittany found herself laying on her couch, her bonds gone. For a long moment, she simply lay there, savoring what had happened, then slowly sat up.

“That was fantastic,” she whispered.

The genie smiled. “It can happen again, if you wish.”

“I just wish I had your powers,” Brittany replied without thinking.

“Done!” A snap of fingers, and, suddenly, Brittany found herself bound once again between the poles. This time, however, the genie was not there with her. Instead, her voice seemed to come down from above. “I’m really glad you made that wish, dear. You see, that wish allowed me to trade places with you. Now you are the genie, bound forever within that bottle, and I am the mortal woman. I hope you enjoy the entertainment the bottle provides.”

Entertainment? Even as the question formed within her mind, Brittany felt something probing at her pussy. A large dildo, raised from the floor, slowly pushed it’s way inside her, where it began to vibrate slowly. At the same time, a slightly smaller dildo worked it’s way into her ass. At the dual assault, her body began to writhe.

Outside the bottle, the former genie made ready to start her new life. She started by searching through Brittany’s wardrobe. Smiling, she donned a black fishnet body stocking, over which she wore a black leather miniskirt and vest. The vest, unfastened, barely covered her nipples, poking through the net. Decently (or indecently) clothed, she made her way toward the front door, stopping at the bottle for a final taunt.

Inside, her words made no sense to Brittany, writhing uncontrollably under the twin assault. Somehow, in spite of the incredible stimulation, orgasm was denied her. Straining under the impact of a need she’d never thought possible, one thought finally made it’s way through the haze that completely filled her mind.

‘Oh how I wish none of this had never happened.’

Frowning, Brittany eyed her latest acquisition. For some reason, the tall, dirt-encrusted bottle that she had felt so compelled to buy now held no fascination at all. Briefly, she considered cleaning it up, then shrugged.

‘Oh well,’ she thought, ‘another piece of junk for the basement.’

Suiting deed to thought, she carried the bottle down into her basement, placing it on a shelf along with many other worthless items she’d bought. Turning out the basement light, she went on with her life.

Meanwhile, within the bottle, a raven-haired beauty writhed between two poles, bound and ravished for all time. And, had anyone been there to listen, they would have heard, between moans, the gag-muffled curses of a genie who had forgotten one of the cardinal rules: Never leave a sucker with an unfulfilled wish.

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