The Therapist Part 3: Catharine's Basement

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2012 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; capture; bond; gag; transport; cartrunk; hogtie; zipties; basement; toys; climax; voy; reluct/nc; XX

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Part 3: Catharine's Basement

As we drove along, Catharine quieted down in the back. I didn’t know what she was thinking, perhaps revisiting her decision to tempt me. She shouldn’t fret; she was definitely going down anyway, tease or not… and I mean that literally!

I spoke over my shoulder to her, telling that she was destined to be in this situation, not to worry and to relax and enjoy it. She didn’t reply; oh right, she was gagged!

I was feeling great. My confidence had returned and the heavy pall of ennui that had engulfed me was gone! A little niggling worry pestered me as I wondered if I was becoming manic-depressive what with all these mood swing issues. I dismissed that notion as mere paranoia. I was feeling good because there was fresh meat tied up in the back. End of story!

I was going to bring her to my place, but I began to reconsider that option. How cool would it be if I took her to her home and played with her there! I was fairly certain that no one would be there. I knew she had a garage attached to the house by a small mud room; the only thing was I didn’t know if the garage was full of junk or not, but I figured even if her car were parked in the drive, but the house looked empty who would think anything was askance? I’d have to be careful when we got there to check out the area and then the house before bringing her in, but most people, seeing the empty house, would just assume she was away for the weekend.

My original plan had me driving her car to a park and ride where I had left my rental. In the rental, locked in the trunk, were the rest of my toys, certainly not all of them, but enough to make it interesting for me and Catharine. I was going to leave her car in the lot, transfer her into mine and drive us to my building in the rental car. But why not just pick up the toys and go to her place?

I hate to deviate from a plan because it introduces risk, but I was feeling frisky and perhaps Catharine would be more receptive to what I had planned for her if it took place in familiar surroundings. People were more on edge when bound up in some strange place; go figure! I wanted Catharine to relax back into the receptive mood she was in when we were at her office. I wanted/needed a lot of sex and a happy captive would make my fulfillment easier!

I pulled into the parking lot and spied my car at the end of a deserted row. Parking next to it, I popped its trunk and retrieved several satchels of toys and threw them onto the front seat of Catharine’s car. I looked around and was glad to see that the lot was still deserted. I opened the Honda’s hatch door and checked on my passenger. She was okay and since her elbows had been bound for a while, I untied them. She rolled over and looked at me asking with her eyes if I was letting her go.

“Don’t get your hopes up, sweetie, you and I have a ways to go yet!” The hope died in her eyes and she rolled away from me. I shrugged and tossed the coat cover back over her. She’ll come around, I thought as I slammed the trunk shut.

I figured I could leave the rental there and cab to it after I was done with Catharine. There were other cars that seemed to have been there long-term. Or maybe she’d be so grateful to me, she’d drive me over. I chuckled at that; she was going to be so sore and sex-addled she wouldn’t be able to drive for a week! If it got swiped, no worries; I had rented it under an assumed name.

I drove slowly out of the lot, headed for her house. A few cars pulled in and out as we left. I wondered what they would think or do if they knew of the bondage-ed woman in the back! I was glad that she had opted for the tinted windows!

I cruised her street once in each direction. I didn’t want a neighbor out and about to see her car and recognize it, but I needed to check out the place. Again my luck held as the street was empty on both passes. I turned around on a nearby street and drove straight to her house and into the driveway. It was a small house, a bungalow really, set back from the street on a medium sized lot. There was an expanse of lawn in the front and a lot of vegetation along the property lines abutting the neighbors, all-in-all a fairly private place. I had noticed that there was a garage opener clipped to the visor. That gave me hope that she actually used the garage for her car rather than storage. I punched the button as I came up the drive holding my breath and hoping that there would not be a wall of junk greeting me. Halleluiah! As the door swung up, I saw it was clear. I pulled in and shut the door. As the engine ticked and gurgled a bit, I went out the side door and, clinging to the side of the garage, listened for a while. A dog barked, a door slammed and several cars passed by, but other than that it was still.

The house was dark, no lights shone in any window. Foolish girl! A few cheap timers to turn on lights would at least slow down an intruder! I went around the garage to the back door of the mud room/entry and tried the knob. It was unlocked! Good lord, this woman was just asking for it!

The door from the mud room into the house itself was also unlocked. I was fairly sure she had no dog, but I edged into the house ready for anything. The house had that empty feel; no dog barked a greeting!

After listening for a minute or so, I did a quick run through of the house, upstairs and down, pulling drapes and shutting shades as I went. There was a basement and I went down the stairs and found a tv/media room on one side with a half bath and a utility area on the other. There were a few windows, but they were covered with blinds. The basement looked to be the best place to bring Catharine for the night; no one could see in and no light could leak out.

Back to the garage! There was also a door from the mud room into the garage. The light from the garage door opener was still on.

Catharine had managed to shrug off the coat that had covered her, loosen the hogtie tether and was sitting up, twisting her wrists and seemed to be making good headway in squeezing her hands out of the rope. She caught sight of me and redoubled her efforts to free herself. I cursed my carelessness in leaving her unattended as I used the key fob to unlatch the hatch.

I charged the car and, swinging the hatch door up and out of the way, I grabbed her ankles and pulled her out of the car. She slid forward and simultaneously her torso fell back. I yanked her totally out of the car. She landed on her butt in full fight mode, twisting and jerking in my grasp as I tried to contain her. I realized then what good shape she was in as she battered me and worked furiously to break free. We scrabbled around on the garage floor until I managed to turn her on her belly and sit on her. I knew that if she was untied, I would have never been able to have taken her. Even now, when she knew she had lost, she bucked and squirmed, pummeling my back with her feet and growling and cursing behind the gag.

I grabbed a fistful of her hair and twisted, pulling her head back.

“Stop!” She continued fighting, so I torqued her hair a bit more and clamped my hand over her mouth. I let go of her hair and pinched her nose shut. With her mouth covered and her nose closed, she was going to quickly run out of oxygen.

“Stop and I’ll let you breathe!” She bucked some more and tried to twist her head free, but she was losing strength. Her face was beet red and her eyes were bulging when she finally quit struggling. I released her and she sucked in air through her nose and around her gag.

“I’ll do that again until you pass out! Now stop fighting me!” Catharine lay quietly breathing rapidly. Her face, except for red blotches on her cheeks, began to return to a normal color. All the tension went out of her body and she dropped her face to the floor.

I had her under control again. I wouldn’t let her get into a situation where she could get free again, because I was pretty sure she could kick my ass!

I stood and pulled her to her feet. She wouldn’t look at me, but she made my heart beat faster as she stood there, the picture of a damsel in distress! She was naked except for thigh highs, one of which was pooled around her ankle. Her hair was disheveled and her body was covered in grime and grit from our little tussle on the garage floor. Her body language sent the message that the chic, competent professional was gone, replaced by an anxious subby!

I wanted to push my advantage, so I grabbed her hair again and led her to the door, forcing her to hop on her bound feet. I helped her up the one tread into the mud room and across that room into the kitchen. She was breathing hard and so I let her lean against the wall in the darkened kitchen. She snuffled a bit and there were tears streaking her grimy face.

She should have known that you have to be careful when you step outside your boundaries. She had made the decision to tempt me into this, I was fairly sure, and now she was into something she hadn’t imagined! Oh well! I was sure I could bring her back to the eager newbie she was in her office. The first step would be to let her clean up and then we’d have a conversation.

I wasn’t just going to untie her and let her take a shower and freshen up. She needed a little more of a demonstration of where she was at.

“Get down on the floor, Catharine!” She stopped her sniffling and glared at me!

“The floor! I won’t say it again!” She stood there insolently defying me and I was glad she did; showing a little spirit was a good thing all around! But a threat has to be backed up. I moved in on her before she could react and knocked her feet out from under her with my foot. The hard wood floor was slippery and her stocking feet slid easily. I controlled her fall by holding her arm. She shrieked and hit the floor just hard enough for it to sting a bit.

I had a few pieces of rope still in my pants pockets and whipped one out and rebound her elbows, tighter this time, pulling them together until I could barely put the cinch between them. I ran the rope through her arm pit, behind her neck and under the other arm and connected the elbow rope to the neck rope. She yelled her muffled protest, but to no avail. A second piece went around her waist catching her hands and securing them in the small of her back.

In the car, I had bound her ankles with my belt. I grabbed her legs before she could start flailing them around, removed the belt, tore off the remains of her thigh-highs, and used another piece of rope to properly tie her ankles. I hooked my hand into the ankle rope and stood up, lifting her legs and flipping her over onto her stomach. I turned and dragged her across the kitchen floor by her ankles. It was about twenty feet to the cellar door and she squealed the whole way. I dropped her feet and swung the door open.

“I can pull you down the stairs, Catharine, or you can get down there yourself! You decide!”

She looked at me in disbelief. I went to reach for her ankles again and she shook her head and gag-talked that she would do it. I positioned her at the top step and watched with delight as she lowered herself step by step into the basement. She concentrated hard on keeping her balance, but still had time to stab me with angry glares as I leaned against the wall, arms folded, watching her. When she finally made it to the bottom, I pulled her to her feet and made her hop into the finished portion of the basement.

I guided her directly to the bathroom and shoved her into the shower. She looked at me incredulously as I turned on the cold water. It cascaded down almost drowning out her screams. I turned on the hot water and jumped in with her, not caring whether I got wet because I was going to get naked anyway. I soaped the bound gal down, taking care to touch all the sexy parts of her body. She quieted down when the warm water hit and let me wash and rinse her.

I dragged her out of the stall and dried her and myself with towels that were hanging in the room. I made her hop into the unfinished part of the basement. It kind of messy with stuff stacked everywhere, but the center was open and covered with a thread bare rug.

I grabbed her at the shoulders and forced her to the rug, rolling her onto her stomach when she landed. I shook out a short piece of rope from my pocket, damp now from my impromptu shower, and bent her legs at the knee forcing her heels towards her butt.

I love hogties! They can be quite restrictive and anyone looks so good in that position. Catharine would be spectacular! I decided to make this one a tough one.

She was squirming and wriggling around like a fish out of water and it was hard to get the rope between her ankles, but I finally managed to do it. I threaded the other end over her elbow ropes and under the rope at the back of her neck and pulled roughly removing the slack and drawing her feet towards her hands. I pulled and pulled until her heels were close to her hands and then tied it off. Since one end was passed through the rope at the back of her neck, the tension applied to the hogtie link also lifted her shoulders up off the floor and pushed down on her elbow ropes. Her hands were jammed into her back and she had spread out her fingers on her butt. Pretty neat, I thought! Catharine had a different impression and moaned her discomfort!

I plunked the hogtie rope like a bass string and found it really taut. I would monitor that rope and adjust it as necessary to keep the tension up. The fronts of her thighs were lifted off the floor and since her shoulders were pulled up as well, she could be rocked on her belly, which I did.

Her present gag had been OK for the ride, but I needed a more permanent and restrictive one for her now. I ran upstairs and grabbed a big spongy ball gag from my stuff. I wasn’t gone for more than a minute, but the hogtied therapist had managed to roll onto her side to relieve the tension and now couldn’t move any which way!

The ball was big and spongy; I like that type of gag because it can be really packed in! I rolled her back onto her stomach and wedged the mass into her mouth with my thumbs and buckled the strap. The foam ball filled her; just a bit was visible between her lips. The straps stretched the corners of her mouth back. Perfect!

I stood up and surveyed my work. Catharine looked miserable! She was making mewling noises and shifting what she could still move to try and get some level of comfort.

I ran upstairs to the car and got my toy bags. Back in the basement, I grabbed my cameras from one of the bags and shot a series of still pics of her from different angles. This situation, an attractive nude woman and tight bondage, would be of great interest to many of my image customers. I turned on the video camera and spent several minutes shooting her from all angles. I got about 15 minutes of her, which I could edit down and combine with other scenes and sell for good money.

I put my camera down and turned my attention back to the star. Catharine was quiet, but I saw that she was still moving slightly, testing her bonds and squirming, I thought quite sensually.

I had brought a blindfold down with me on one of my trips and buckled it on her. She didn’t like that, but what could she do!

I slid a thin rope under the blindfold strap and threaded it around her big toes. Lifting her head, I tightened the rope until her head was perpendicular to the floor. The tension of the rope pulled her toes forward, arching her feet. I ran the remainder of the rope down to her ankle ropes and tied it off.

Not wanting any problems with her circulation, I went over all the bindings. Oh, it was tight, probably as tight as I had ever tied anyone, but there didn’t appear to be any discoloration or other problems.

She was the epitome of a damsel in distress! I got so horny looking at her that I began to play with myself. I would rather she do it, but she was indisposed at the moment, so I took it upon myself to satisfy my itch, but she could help!

I stripped out of my wet clothes, got on the floor and crab-walked to Catharine, one leg on either side of her, until my crotch was pressed against her gagged mouth. I rubbed myself against her face; she was not happy and issued a garbled protest while she tried to move her head away. All her movement did was scratch my itch and I continued humping her face and squeezing her head between my thighs until I came. Her face was wet from my fluid and she was struggling and thrashing, and I noticed, her eyes were teared up!

I crawled away and used my t-shirt to wipe her face.

“Don’t cry, Catharine! It was great for me!” She swore at me, I think, and tried to roll her bound body away from me without much luck.

“Next time, sweetie, I’ll take the gag out!” Another round of cursing and some violent jerking in her ropes was her response.

I laughed and got up, still feeling the effects of the orgasm. I wanted to lie down and nap, but there was stuff to do. I left her there and ran upstairs into her bedroom. I grabbed a sweatshirt of hers, a long one, and threw it on and a pair of woolen ankle socks and shot back down.

She was grunting and moaning as she continued to wrestle with her bonds. I had to give her credit for still trying, although it could be that she just liked the feeling.

Whatever; it was time to get her out of this. It was late and I was sexually satisfied for the moment. She needed to do her business and we had to be thinking about getting some rest. I knelt next to her.

“I’m going to untie you now and let you go and do whatever you have to do in the bathroom. Understand?” She hesitated and then nodded.

It took a while to untie her; she had tightened some of the knots with her pulling and such and I didn’t want to cut her out; I needed the rope! Finally I had her free except for the gag, blindfold and wrist ropes. Her body was covered in lovely deep rope marks. I traced my fingers over several. She pulled away with what had to be a snarl.

“Jeez, don’t be like that, Catharine!” I laughed at her.

“Settle down or you’ll be back in those ropes. Got it?” She didn’t acknowledge me so I gave her right nipple a little twist. She got the message then and nodded her head.

I helped her to her feet. And removed the blindfolded and then pried the gag out. No sooner was it out and she was spewing invective and loathing at me.

“You are a fucking pig, you know that? Just disgusting! I am so going to kick your ass!”

“Really, Catharine, really? Unless I’m missing something here, you’re the one that was tied up. Am I wrong?”

“Oh, you’re so fucking wrong!”

I laughed which totally pissed her off. Her face scrunched down into a nasty scowl.

“Careful, Catharine! My mother used to tell me my face would freeze like that when I made faces!”

“Mother? You couldn’t have had a mother, bitch!”

“I liked you better when you were gagged and couldn’t talk.”

“I don’t give a fuck if you like me or not!” She fixed me with a cold stare that actually made me shiver. I reminded myself to be careful with her; she could do me damage.

I walked her back into the media room to the bathroom door, turned her away from me and loosened the wrist rope, leaving it for her to fully take off.

I never saw it coming! I figured I could untie her and while she was shucking the rope at her wrists, get her into the bathroom without incident. Ah, hubris!

She launched the kick as soon as I untied her hands. She probably used the momentum from her quick turn towards me to get more into it, but, whatever! She caught me right in the chest below my boobs and knocked the air right out of me. I went down on my ass gasping for air. Catharine was on me in a second, her hands now free. She rolled me and used her wrist rope to hurriedly tie my wrists behind me. Then she stood up and kicked me, hard, in the butt.

“Whoever you are, you’re screwed!”

I scrambled backwards using my elbows and feet to try and get up, still light on breathe, but aware enough to know this was not good!

She laughed a nasty laugh and moved quickly, avoiding my kick and grabbed my ankles. She yanked an extension cord free, knocking a lamp off an end table in the process, and tried to corral my legs.

I was in full struggle mode trying to keep my legs free, twisting and bucking and simultaneously trying to tug my wrists free.

Neither of us spoke; the air was filled with grunts, heavy breathing and scuffling noises as we both pursued our objectives, me to get free and her to prevent that!

She managed to get my ankles tied, but it was loose and sloppy. My only chance was to pull free while her half-assed bindings were all that held me. Catharine knew that and dashed into the basement for my toy bags. She returned with one and frantically dumped it out on the rug looking for something to help her secure me. She pounced on the cable ties that were in that particular bag and just as I was yanking my hands free she slapped a tie on them and ratcheted it tight. She turned to my feet and complimented the extension cord around my ankles with a tight cable tie and that was that!

She blew out a breath and dropped down onto her knees, a triumphant smile on her face!

“As I said, bitch, now you’re really screwed!”

I said nothing, but had to agree with her. It didn’t look good and if I was her, I would solidify my position; that is, tie the shit out of me! I continued to work at freeing my wrists, but she had yarded down pretty tightly on the cable tie. It was cutting me and there wasn’t any slack to work with.

She was into full gloat mode now.

“Hmmm! What should I do with you? The cops are an option. Home invasion is a pretty heavy felony! Or maybe I should play with you like you were going to do with me. Would you like that? Oh right, that’s what got you all screwed up before! Well! What if I try and find this Kaitlynn person and hand you over to her? What about that, huh?”

I figured I had to contribute to this conversation when that came up.

“You don’t want to do that, Catharine! That would be a disaster!”

“Yeah! For you!”

I couldn’t disagree, Kaitlynn would love to have another shot at me and maybe I wouldn’t come out of this round in as good a shape as the first time. But did Catharine think that a psycho like Kaitlynn wouldn’t bag her just because she could?

“I hope you’re just kidding about Kaitlynn! She would take you too!”

“She would not! And besides I wouldn’t do that. You revealed that to me in session. Unlike some people, I have ethics and morals!”

“Look, Catherine, just untie me and let me go. This was a mistake, I know. You’ve been good for me and really helped and I shouldn’t have done this, especially to you”

“Yeah, and I really believe you! You are…well, as your therapist I have to tell you that you have some serious problems!”

I laughed. “Tell me about it! One of them is that you’ve got me tied up here!”

She smiled and I could feel some of the ice melt. In truth, I had been a shit to her, worse than a shit. I should have left her alone and just walked away. I did regret my actions and not because she got the best of me, at least, not entirely.

“Yeah! About that? I kind of like the feeling of power I have right now! You all tied up and feeling vulnerable and me all horny and such!”

My mouth must have popped wide open because she laughed. “Just kidding!” She continued. “Look whatever your name is…”

“It’s Addison, Addison Carter!”

“Addison! And I should believe you why?”

“That’s my name, my real name!”

“OK… Addison. I did like what happened at the office and it has caused me some real soul searching. I had no idea I was vulnerable to that… that kind of thing. It was scary, edgy and so erotic and I just went with it. Even taking me out of my office tied and gagged was… well… sexy, but what you continued here at the house? It was too rough and I kind of decided that even though this does turn me on, being forced into it isn’t what I want.”

I started to speak and she stopped me.

“Let me finish. If I’m going to do this, it’s going to be consensual and… well, nice, not with the hard edge you bring!”

“I can do nice!”

She laughed again, this time a real honest laugh.

“Sure you can! Look I’m going to untie you and let you go, no harm, no foul. And you’ve got to promise me you’ll leave me alone! Forever! Or else I will turn you in! I can’t do this with you; I’d never trust you and… well I probably wouldn’t trust myself to not fall into a place I don’t want to be! So! I untie you and you leave. OK?”

My response was interrupted by footsteps on the stairs.

Surprised, we both turned to the sound as Kaitlynn Lee materialized in the media room doorway with her lap dog Samantha right behind her!

“Good evening, ladies! I’m afraid we’re going to have to interrupt your little counseling session. Both of you are going to be tied up elsewhere!”


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