The Test


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50 million dollars, that's what Daniell will inherit on her twenty-fifth birthday. Her Uncle left his estate to her if she could pass an endurance test. If she fails, then she will get a modest living expense and the rest will go to her Evil Aunt, Evil Aunt Jane is what Daniell called her when she was growing up, For the things she did to her Uncle so long ago. Something to do with Money and Fraud against her Uncle, and kidnapping and tormenting her Aunt for ransom. She went to jail for it.

Daniell vowed to not let that happen, she remembers the summers at her Aunt and Uncle Castle. Yes, It was a true Castle. built over a hundred years ago It had turrets, high stone walls, dungeon, drawbridge and yes a moat. Daniell spent hours exploring the castle finding and learning all the secret passages and hiding places. But she was not allowed go into Dungeon. So yes she wanted it and would try anything to inherit it.

On to the Executors' Office, she went. Upon getting there she asked what do I have to do to inherit the Castle. The Executor said not so fast be patient and I will explain all, Daniell, your Aunt, and Uncle to be blunt where weird, they lived an Erotic B&D lifestyle, B&D asked Daniell, Bondage, and Discipline OH, OK go on. Well, they loved each other so much and enjoyed playing these games, with others.

Remember that one summer when you were 16 and went exploring in the Dungeon. I never got caught by anyone for that.

Daniell, OH but you did, The Castle has always been wired by cameras for security and safety. Would you like to see the tapes? TAPES!! Scream Daniell.

That's when they devised this test to see if you were like minded like them. Yes, they had it for years. And yes I've seen it too. Daniell just turns red.

Or that time you had your 18th birthday and invited your friend over to celebrate, you got stuck when you chained yourself up naked in the hidden closet and your release did not work. Your friend Rachel heard you and came to your rescue.

Boy, you turned very red on that one too, and the last one was when you tricked Rachel, into trying the Electric Chair and left her all night long there as the chair kept buzzing along.

She was very mad at you for that but forgave you the next night when it was her turn to put you into the chair. Daniell you even asked for her to turn it up higher. I think you were 21 then.

So yes your Aunt and Uncle knew about your passion for being tied up. That's why they devised this test for you to inherit the Castle.

Now then let's discuss the tests. There are three challenges. The Electric Chair, Two-Part Metal Test and lastly the Rack. Every test is 24 hours you are allowed a friend to assist you, but in no way can she help you in any way other to release you if you give in. Violation of this means you forfeit and it goes to your Aunt, My Aunt, I thought she was still in jail? No, she got out years ago but had to stay away from the Castle. So do you want to try? YES!!

Ok, I will set it up in two weeks from now tell your friend too.

Comes the day, Daniell, and her friend Rachell arrived at the Castle. She met the executor Mr. Jones at the door, Good morning Daniel, I see you did bring your friend. Yea this is Rachel. Hello, Rachell, I need to talk to you in private.

Daniell, as terms of the test you are not allowed to know which one is first. Only Rachel will know what to put you in. OK, That's fine with me,

Rachell, will you go easy on me. !! Rachell NO!!.

Off you go. Daniell, turns and goes to the Dungeon and strips bare to get ready for the test, Now, Rachel did you get the rules I sent you? Yes, I did, Remember you are not allowed to help her other than to release her if she gives in, so which test is first, Rachel thought. Easy first and then harder, in that order, Electric Chair, Metal Tests, and final test will be the Rack.

Daniell, you ready to do this. Yes !!

Alright, sit down in the Chair. Rachel, I don't remember this chair being so elaborate, Yes it is new, the Mr. Jonrs told me that the Dungeon underwent a remodel just shortly before your Uncle past away. Wow look at all those straps, There is more to it said Rachel, but you will find out soon enough. So one by one the straps and cuffs were secured. ankles side by side knees strap to the sides of the chair, A wide leather belt to hold her waist to the chair, chest straps above and below her breasts. Now the arms, cuffs at the wrist, forearms and finally the elbows How are you doing Daniell, Rachel asked. Fine, but boy I can't move, sorry Daniell, there 's more.

Ok, Daniell, I want you to struggle really hard for a few minutes said, Rachel.

It's no use I can't get loose. OK then I just have to tighten everything up a little more You can't be serious Rachel. Sorry but this is the test.

I think you are getting payback for when I had you in this chair.?? Rachell just giggles and said MAYBE !! Now the last part. Rachel goes over to the wall shelve and picks up the full leather hood. Upon seeing this Daniell, No !! you can't put that on me, but it is too late for her to complain. With that Rachell opens the hood to reveal a hard rubber tongue depressor this will keep her mute throughout the test. The hood had only two eye slits to see but she would be blindfolded too. So Rachel attached the poster collar last and took a step back.

Now Let me explain the test. Daniell, you will remain in this chair for 24 hours. No problem this is easy thought Daniell. But Rachel was not done explaining the new chair. Daniell, there are electrodes sewn into the straps in various sensitive places. For the next 24 hours, you will be submitted to electric shocks for various rates of time all random. Daniell screamed NO!!!

As the final jester, Rachel put the blindfold on Daniell, then giggles and says REVENGE IS BEST SEVERED COLD.

See you in 24 hours

The Metal Test

Morning comes and Rachel, releases Daniell, from the chair.

So how was it? That was intense, the shocks were just enough to jolt and stimulate but not too much to hurt or burn me. You should try it ?? No said Rachell. So what's next. ??

Metal Restraints it's a two-part test OH said, Daniell.

Daniell took a look at the metal pole with adjustable shackles for ankles, knees above and below, a wide waistband, chest bands again above and below finally a poster collar and headband. Her arms were not neglected. wrists, and elbow and above and below with no gap in-between them.

After tightening everything down Rachel, said one more thing and you're not going to like it. Daniell said in for a penny in for a pound bring it on.

Rachel, brought over a box over to Daniell opened it and pulls out a modern Chasity Belt sized just for her. where did Mr. Jones get that? My idea and I told him where to get it and gave him your size too. Rachel, you didn't, Yep !! said, Rachel.

Daniell just glares at Rachel. Are there daggers in those eyes.

No, No, No, I will go nuts with that on me. Daniell such a worry wart, it is only for twelve hours, the first part of the test. Rachel locks it on Danielle.

Now you will be suspended in the air while that Chasity Belt at random times and lengths drive you crazy for the next twelve hours, No screams!! Daniell, Please !!

I'm only doing this for your own good and 50 Million dollars

And this is the easy part of the test, wait till you hear about the next part? Now for a full head enclosed hood with inflatable bulb gag. Daniell's eyes went wide. After two pumps on the gag Daniell, cheeks were almost full I think a few more pumps and then we are done. Daniell could not hear what Rachel, said because she installed a pair of earplugs before she zipped up the hood.

Part Two

Ok, Daniell, wake up as she releases her from her bonds.

All Rachel could hear were her moans. When Daniell opened her eyes, there was a glaze of ecstasy over them. Sorry Daniell, no cleanup time between the next test. She rolled over and tried to stretch out as Rachel, was wheeling in the next test. A two-foot square metal cage. How am I going to fit in that, Ok Daniell, take off that Chasity Belt, Thank God I thought I would die with that on

It drove me insane with desire. Now put this one on, What what makes this one different ?? You will find out later.

This one was different tho it had both a dildo and a butt plug attached. Daniell sits down in the cage.

Now bring your knees up to your chest. Rachel takes a wide leather strap and puts it around her and under her knees until her knees are crushed into her chest. Rachell also straps her knees and ankles together. the last two straps are for her wrist and elbows.

Rachel, go easy on the elbow strap, It is so tight, It has to be, remember.

Now we close the cage door. Rachel has trouble closing the door, see I am too big, Nonsense, Rachel, leans the cage back down and sits down on the cage until she hears the door lock click shut. That done Rachell reaches for a 2-inch ball panel gag with a head strap. Boy, that was hard to put you in that.

Now the other box, what other box Daniell thought, Rachel wheeled in an iron box. a chain was attached to her cage and lifted up in the air over the second box then lowered in. The two halves of the top were closed around the chain-locked and again raised up into the air. She was to spend the next twelve hours in that hot sweaty cramp box while her friends buzzed away. But these little devils were more intense and had longer lasting intervals. Rachel turns and goes to the wall and switches off most of the lights, only leaving the small overhead light above the box. Daniell could only see through a small rectangle in the box for Daniell to look threw. Bye, see you in the morning. and Rachel, slams the door shut, she did not get more than two feet when she heard Daniell, screaming in ecstasy. POOR Daniell. !!!

The Rack

The door opens and in strolls Rachel. She hurries to get to Daniell, out of her box. But as soon as she opens the lid the stench hit hits her nose. Whoa, you are going to need extra time to set up for the next test. Now a shower and then a bath. Daniell was asleep in the bathtub when Rachel, came to get her.

Ready, last test you are almost there. I am not sure if I can go on. Nonsense, let's get you set up so you can't chicken out.

The Rack was a piece of art. hand made of solid oak, polished to perfection. Once Daniell was lock onto it Rachel would tell her the other details about it.

Daniell, climb on and lied down. Rachel, came over to lock her in. First, she opens the foot stock at her feet helps her to adjust her feet then closes and locks it with an old style padlock, Next, she raised her hands over her head to the pair of metal shackles, these were locked on by a special key.

OK, let me tell you about this Rack, It does have a self-tightening clutch to prevent any harm to you. But the clutch is set up to apply maximum tension allowed before release. The Rack also has a new device called the Baffle. It rests just under your back and can inflate to a full 12 inches in height. So when it does inflates this bows you back in a tight bow all the while you are still stretch taunt on the rack. But one last thing about this Rack it has an added a feature of a spinning flogger wheel that comes down when the bag inflates. Like all the rest of the devices, they are equipt with random timers. Fun Huh, O real fun says Daniell. At least no gag for this. feel free to scream all you want for this one. See you later. It was going to be another long day.


Rachel wakes up Daniell, you did it. Wow, you have a light shade of pink all over your body. Yea I know, it was beet red before I passed out last night.

Well anyway, you did it and inherit 50 million dollars and this estate. In walks Mr. Jones the Executor of the estate and says Congratulations Daniell, the estate is yours I hope it was not too intense for you. I managed said, Daniell

Now, Rachel, I need you to sign some papers in the library and Daniell you need to sign too. But take your time and clean up first OK. I will be there soon. A hidden wall panel opens up and outcomes Evil Aunt Jane, What are you doing you doing here.

I come for my revenge Daniell. Aunt Jane swiftly moves to grab Daniell and places a chloroformed rag over her mouth. She was knocked out in seconds due to her weakened state from her ordeal, and just as swiftly back through the wall again.

Daniell, awakened and soon realized she was chained to a very small cut out in the wall. she did not recognize this room and never saw it before. Her hands were shackled high over her head, a wide collar around her neck and her feet also shackled into the wall too. I see you are awake Daniell.

What happened, I kidnapped you, What is this place ?? A secret room you did not find yet.

You should be honored, this is where I held your Aunt for Ransome.

It has a unique feature, I call it the Crushing Wall. I put you here and close the door and in about 5 minutes it begins to close the gap and crushes you to death, No please, you cant. Yes, I can, for this is my revenge for your Uncles betrayal of me and my plans to inherit the estate.

Meanwhile, Rachel comes back to find Daniell Missing and can't find her.

She runs to tell Mr. Jones and he calls the Police and starts searching till they arrive. Aunt Jane walks behind the door and starts the mechanism to begin, Slowly wheels clanks and begin to turn. After each cycle, the door moves an inch at a time. 4 minutes till your death. Daniell screams, Aunt Jane just laughs no one will hear you, my dear. Click Clank, 3 minutes again Daniell screams. Click Clank 2 minutes left, Daniell can feel the stone wall getting closer to her. Click Clank, 1minute left. Daniell, you are out of time. 30 second left and it slams shut crushing you. No one will ever find you for the wall comes apart and seals you behind the fake wall. Bye Daniell, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and then the outer door slams open in rush the Police in the nick of time to rescue Poor Daniell. Aunt Jane is taken into custody.

So sorry for that Daniell. We lost track of her when she found out that you would try to inherit the estate. Thank god for all those cameras or we would not have found you in time. Are there tapes of my ordeal.?? Yes, Daniell, I want them all. Ok but the Police need one for trial and they will return it to you. So what now Daniell. that's easy Rachel, yes Daniell your turn. Rachell screams and begins to run, Mr. Jones what a cute couple they will make.

The End

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