The Wicked Witch

by Chee

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© Copyright 2020 - Chee - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; mind-control; majick; witch; rope; sex; oral; anal; toys; tease; collar; leash; reluct; X

It was a perfect October Halloween night. He was having a great time handing out candy and giving a scare to the trick-or-treaters. He noticed that there was more and more time between doorbell rings, as he looked at the clock he saw that it was getting late. He always kept his light on late, as he knew there would be some stragglers, but after about 20 minutes of no action he went to shut off the front light.

As his hands flicked the switch off, the doorbell rang. He opened the door, however no one was there. He looked around but the only sound was the wind whistling through the trees. Again, he shut the door, and started to turn off the light, when the doorbell rang again. “Darn kids,” he said, knowing that they were trying to prank him. He quickly opened the door expecting to see some kids, and instead, standing on the doorstep was a lady dressed in a witch's outfit. “Ohhh, a witch huh? Are you collecting candy for your kids?”

“No,” she said, “it’s that I saw how well the house was decorated, and I wanted to see it.”

“Ahhh, a fellow Halloween lover,” he said, “come on in and check out the decorations inside.”

As she entered, he could not believe how attractive this witch was. She was decked out in all black, and with her hat on he only saw a shadow of her face. He was entranced by her, and little did he know what she was planning.

She seemed interested in him, excitingly showing her the decorations, and one item in particular that she stopped to pick-up. A mask that he had used to give the kids a good scare; as she held it, he explained how much fun he had had using it. When he turned to show her the gloves, he did not see her remove a human hair from the mask that was left from him. At that point, she asked if she could use the restroom before she left.

“Sure,” he said, “I will even make you a quick bag of candy to take with you.”

She entered the bathroom and quickly pulled a vial from her bag with a sort of potion in it. She opened the vial, slid the hair inside and started a quick chant. He was digging into the candy bag when he heard the chant. Curious, he walked toward the bathroom and just as voice stopped he started to feel strange. His head was clouded and he just stopped in his tracks.

The witch came out of the bathroom and he quickly saw that she had a very skimpy black outfit on; his eyes surveyed her body. Instantly, he felt his cock start to rise, however he could not seem to move his arms to hide his hard-on. He tried to look down, but the only movement that his body would allow was his eyes to scan his surroundings.

She walked up to him and to his amazement, she grabbed his rock-hard penis with her right hand, as her left hand slid behind his neck as she brought her lips to his ear and whispered, “Yes, I am a real witch, and you are now under my command. You will do exactly what I say.”

His lips and tongue failed him as he tried to talk, but he could only continue to see her amazing voluptuous body sway back and forth in front of him, as her hands pressed through his pants rubbing him while her lips sucked and kissed his neck.

“I love your house and I love the decorations, but I want to see your bedroom,” she said, “march upstairs and show me your bed.” Immediately, his legs started to work; he started up the stairs with his witch walking behind him, grabbing his buttocks in a playful way.

His legs kept going until he was standing in front of the bed. He stopped, standing there as she walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. Her fingers made quick work of his belt buckle and zipper and in no time his pants were around his ankles. The witch continued to stroke his erect member; he could feel all of the stimulation, but could not move a muscle.

“Now,” she said, “there is one problem with this spell, and that it paralyzes all of your muscles except your cock, but I need one more muscle to work right now. So, you are going to lay down for me and spread eagle your body.” As commanded, he lay down; with a flick of her wand ropes appeared, and tied his hands and feet to the bedposts. She enjoyed his straining as she commanded the ropes to pull tighter and tighter, making sure he could not move.

She jumped on the bed and straddled him, laughing wickedly. “Now, I want you to please me with your tongue.” She rose to her knees and slowly removed her moist panties. As she rose over him, she took her panties and pulled them over his head, making sure that the V in the crotch was directly over his nose, while she hooked the leg openings over his ears to assure that he would smell her musk as she fucked his face.

She quickly spun around, placing her hot twat over his tongue muffling his mouth. Then she snapped her fingers and said, “pleasure me or you will be sorry.” As soon as her fingers snapped, he felt power in his arms and legs, however they were held tight. Her legs held his head firm and she released her weight on his face, as she immediately started to take his penis in her mouth. He had no choice, as he knew if he did not comply, she would smother him until he did. His tongue started to probe her, licking and sucking her. Her wetness ran down his face as he struggled to get a breath between her ass cheeks, running his tongue in her pussy and rimming her ass. He strained in his bonds as the witch worked his cock with her mouth, while her one hand caressed his balls and the other to poke his ass.

Just like a perfect spell, he started to cum just as he felt her body shudder with orgasm. He felt her body go limp as she convulsed in pleasure.

She spun around and got right into his face with a big grin and said, “Let’s do that again.”

Having regained the ability to speak he said, “I cannot, I am spent.”

“WHAT?!” she said, “I don’t like to hear that...” With a snap of her fingers, he felt his body go limp again, no longer under his own power. She waved her hands and his rope bonds released. “Get in that chair,” she said. He rose, walked over and sat down on the chair. A quick wave of her hand and the ropes secured him to the chair tightly.

“You WILL get ready to go again, and I have the perfect way how.” She walked over, not removing the panties that were still covering his nose; she took another set of panties that she used to wipe her juices from her leg. “I want you to smell AND taste me,” She stuffed the panties into his mouth, using one of her nylon stockings to secure them, wrapping them around his head so that no amount of thrashing would allow him relief. “I need you gagged so you cannot cry for help.”

With a snap of her fingers, his body was his again; however the bondage was keeping movements to a minimum. She then dropped to her knees, using her hand and mouth to work his member; she used her free hand to lube his ass. With his sensations back, he could feel a vibrator go inside his ass; the vibrator had small balls which penetrated his ass one by one. As he felt the vibrator move its way up, he also felt a rubber cock ring placed on his erection.

“I guess you are getting closer to being ready, aren’t you?” she said. “I will have you ready to go in a minute, but first, we are going to make sure.” As the cock ring was placed at the base of his cock, a vibrating egg was inserted into the ring, resting right on his balls. She then took a string and wrapped it around his stomach, tying the end to the long vibrator in his ass. “I don’t want this to go anywhere as you squirm in your chair; I want it to stay exactly where it is.”

She secured the vibrator and turned both it and the cock ring egg on to full speed. He squirmed with pleasure as she used her mouth and hands to start stroking him. It was not five seconds before he started to arch his back, ready to cum, when the witch suddenly stopped, sending a wave of frustration through his body. No, you’re not cumming yet; you have a show to watch.

With that, she moved the chair he was in, to right in front of the bed. The witch then climbed on the bed like a black cat, grabbing a vibrator and started playing with herself right in front of him. Using her hands and vibrator she made love to her body, as he was reduced to watching as the vibrations rocked him. The witch moved over the bed, rolling and moaning as she enjoyed the vibrator, occasionally dangling her feet over the bed and using them to stroke his cock as he was just inches from the bed. At one point, the witch came off of the bed and circled him, using her hands to massage his shoulders while her hands worked over his chest and to frustrate his penis. The witch would move over him, standing with both feet straddling the chair, allowing him to get a face first view of her hot pussy, teasing him by grabbing his head and forcing it into her moist muff, re-wetting the panties on his nose, as he got a fresh scent of her cunt. The witch was relentless, as she returned to his penis, yet again, sucking and blowing him until he started to arch his back in ecstasy, just to stop before he came. 3 or 4 times, this happened until she said; I think you are ready now...

She dropped to her knees and untied the vibrator, using her one hand to slowly work the vibrator in and out while the other hand accompanied her mouth to stroke him until he was finally allowed to come violently into her mouth.

As his body was racked with pleasure or the orgasm, his body went limp as he felt like she had taken away his muscles again. “Wow,” she said, “I don’t even have to snap my fingers do I? You are really spent now, huh? Well, I am not done with you yet. It is almost midnight on Halloween and I have one more ‘job’ for you before I leave tonight.” With a snap of her fingers, his body was back in her command. She started to explain, “this is what I command now, so pay attention...”

He saw her move to the side of the nightstand and light a candle that was magically transformed into a jack o lantern. “First you will dance with the witch.” She waved her wand and music began to play. Slowly she took his arms, wrapped them around her waist, pressing her body against him. Together they began to sway back and forth. Her gentle kisses met his lips as he felt her run her fingers down the sides of his naked and vulnerable body.

“Can you guess what the favorite animal of any dark witch is?” As if asking a genuine riddle. He shook his head no, as if not even having the ability to speak. She purred in his ear. “ANYTHING that she can keep on a leash.”

He whispered... “A cat?”

“Yes, and seeing how much you like to transform on Halloween, I’m going to transform you into my pet.” With the wave of her hand a collar appeared around his neck with a long black leash. She tugged on the leash so he could experience just how much control she was about to take. Not wanting to frighten him, she continued caressing his cock to help him relax.

She distanced herself from him during the dance yet pulling him towards her with the long black satin rope. Climbing on the bed and pulling him along, having him up on his knees says, “Now there is nothing to be afraid of...if you trust me and don’t resist, no matter what I do you will be perfectly fine.” All the while she was gently rubbing her fingertips over the head of his cock, enjoying the change she noticed in his eyes and pace of his breathing.

He felt her hands brush the inside of his thighs, and then cup his balls. Slow tiny kisses caress his neck and she whispers confidently, “I’m going to abuse you. I’m going to fuck you, and I’m going to eat you up... and it’s all going to feel wonderful.” She gazed at him with a predatory look and reached for his hands and used them to rub her clit preparing her body to receive his cock.

He loved looking into her eyes while he touched her. Running her hands up and down his chest she commands, “Roll over my pet, and raise that ass right up into the air for me.” Without hesitation he does what she commands. Again magically he finds his hands shackled. Pillows are forced under his torso and his ass is left raised and vulnerable for her taking. He feels the sensation of her warm tongue begin probing his sensitive hole. The vibrations of her giggling mixed with the sensation of her muffled breathing in and against his ass has him reeling in anticipation of her next move.

She yanks on the leash from behind and jokingly says, “Are you going anywhere? Huh? Huh? Are you going anywhere? Nooooo,” continuing to yank, “noooo you’re not, are you baby?” When he feels her lubed finger begin running up and down his ass and slide into his crack, the witch says, “What do you want?”

He is feeling too embarrassed to even speak. “WHAT do you WANT?” Her finger leaves his hole as punishment for not responding, only to touch the tip of the opening to tease, while at the same time the other hand taps the head of his penis. “It’s not going to go back in until you tell me; what do you want?”

He finally replies, “for you to fuck me.”

Delightedly the witch says, “OH YOU DO, DO YOU?” She presses her pussy up against his ass, rotating her hips. “Like this?” He feels her other hand reach around and begin stroking his penis. “I CAN, LIKE THIS,” says the witch. He again begins to feel her lubed fingers enter him followed by a much bigger instrument. He can’t help but lean back on the rod and begins rocking his hips in sync with her penetration. His cock being milked with a downward yank from her other hand. He begins moaning and groaning. His tense body signals ejaculation when she stops. And again the laughter begins. He lets out a frustrated groan as if clearly feeling defeated.

“Ohhhh poor little pussy cat,” she says, as he feels her roll onto her back and slide her face under his loins. He feels his cock enter her mouth, and the magic begins all over again, as a vibrator is pumped in his ass again. She loves having his member in her mouth as it fills her with ecstasy. She enjoys feeling him swell over her tongue. Her tongue casting a spell of pleasure over it as he feels it swirl within her mouth. Warm, wet, cunning mouth. The vibrations of her groans and moans engulfing his penis is exhilarating and just as his legs begin to tremble, foreshadowing an orgasm, she stops again.

Unshackling his wrists she commands, “Get up. Back in the chair!” After he sits she grabs the satin leash still attached to his neck and begins running it through her legs to stimulate her clit, kissing him softly, letting him know it’s time for him to enter her body.

“Ever been inside a witch?” she asks. You must have always wondered what it would be like. There is NO BETTER or more pleasurable WAY to become ‘one’ with Halloween than enjoying erotic pleasure with a witch. I mean with all of your Halloween décor you must be a little bit ‘more’ about the season than just the props. Oh and speaking of props I have another toy for you.”

She drags the chair to the edge of the bed so she can put his feet up on the edge, allowing his ass to relax and open up. Spreading his legs, she inserts yet another vibrating rod. Bigger, thicker, and going in much deeper than the last one. He groans with pleasure as she flicks it on. He then sees her reach between her legs and magically from her twat, pulls out a black thong. “Bet you didn’t know I could do that huh?” she says. His eyes widen as she rubs it up and down his face getting yet the strongest whiff of her sexual portal. Viciously rubbing it across his mouth and tongue she begins kissing him through it as he feels her body begin to straddle him.

She then pulls out more stockings and wraps them around his eyes. Not to completely blind him but to only allow him to see her silhouette, so as not to be able to watch clearly what trick she will pull out of her bag next. His cock fully erect, his eyes strain to see as she begins to disrobe and toss the rest of her garments. He can feel the lips of her wet pussy begin dancing over the head of his penis as she secures the thong into his mouth with yet another stocking.

Teasingly tapping the top of his penis with her warm labia as if to draw it up inside of her she abruptly stops. Her body grooves and moves about his as each part of her body has a chance to brush each part of his. Thinking he is about to be fucked, she instead sits on his lap. He feels her ass on the top of his thighs, his penis against her mound and using his hand begins rubbing a vibrating silver bullet across her clit. She closes her eyes, leans back on his propped legs and begins masturbating on his lap.

His other hand can’t resist reaching out and touching her breasts to play with her nipples, as she playfully pleasures herself on his legs. Feeling his cock getting harder and harder she sits up, all the while continuing to hear the low hum of the vibrator still in his ass. She secures his hands behind his back and grabs the collar still around his neck for support. With a victorious squeal she cries “here we go!” He feels her feet climb up onto the chair, resting on the seat against his hips, and his cock slides up inside her wet and pulsating chamber. He feels the walls of her insides grip his manhood and suck it in. Pumping her pussy over his cock, he feels her grip on the collar tighten, the harder that she slams down on his shaft. Being blinded, smelling her strong scent through her panties and being up inside her all at the same time has his heart racing.

“Ohhhh, you’re a GOOD little pet aren’t you?” she says, fucking him hard. “Yes you are!” She yanks on his collar to get a submissive reply from him at the same time. “MmmMmmMmm.” Her groaning and moaning gets deeper, and her gyrating on his hips more intense. His body stiffens and she says, breathlessly, “Don’t you cum, you hear me? Don’t cum.” He can barely stand watching her sweet body dance about on his lap, through the shaded stockings still covering his eyes.

She leans in, kissing his face and head, as her hips continue to bounce up and down quickly on his cock. All the while she whispers in his ear, “Hold it, don’t’ cum, don’t cum”. Her hips begin circling while he’s inside of her, and as much as he feels she respects him, for why else was he chosen, he is clearly, right now, only being used as her human toy.

She feels his body begin to shudder and, feeling sorry for him, says the word... “release.” Without hesitation, as if her last spell on him was to allow him to spontaneously spill his load, he cums inside of her. His Halloween essence flows into the witch almost as if to empower her magic more. She slowly rises off him, raising her sticky wet puss to his face, and stroking his cheek whispers, “cleanse me.”

She peels the gag away from his face. Exhausted from the adrenaline rush he slowly extends his tongue and begins cleaning her, in complete submission. She slowly slides her body down his, to rest.

“Where did you come from?” he says. He can feel her lips smile against his neck.

“Don’t you know, silly? It was your thoughts on this Halloween night that summoned me here. I came because you ‘called’ for me. I thought it so funny when after I rang the doorbell you didn’t know to come upstairs. This ‘trick or treater’ was already in your bed. Seeing you hadn’t realized that you had subconsciously invited me here I rang again. To ease you into what was about to happen tonight, and not scare you off, since you didn’t realize your power, I told you I was here to admire your decorations. I knew you would want to invite me in and give me a tour. I then created the potion to help you surrender to what I already knew you wanted but didn’t know how to ask for.

Sitting up in amazement he says, “I brought you here?”

“Yes!” she laughs. “for those of us who love Halloween are given access to a sweet and sinister power. Yours is EXCEEDINGLY great but you just didn’t know it. Do you get it now? You’ve conjured your very own ‘wicked’ witch to celebrate the holiday with.”


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