The Vow

by XVX

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© Copyright 2003 - XVX - Used by permission

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Tina Knight soon to be Tina Williams again walked of the plane with Roger soon to be ex husband. The warm tropical breeze of the island did not do little to lighten her mood. She strode across the tarmac of the airfield to the reception bus. Roger when to pick up his bag and her but she slapped his hand away. Roger retracted his hand like it had been bitten.


“Its too late now.”

Roger acknowledged her disdain with a tilt of his head and slight shrug.

Tina got on the bus and roger did her the favor of trying to sit as far away as she could. Tina sat down in a huff. Why did he have to be so damm nice? She hoped he would have some backbone. He was a goddam black belt for christsake. When they met he was an assistant instructor. She had just started her training to be a nurse and wanted to learn defense because the neighborhood she had to live in was not that great. Maybe she attracted to his rather simple manner and knowing there was a man that had the means and skills to protector her. He was a gentleman and they sparred and …well sparred. 

Tina tried to hide wisp of smile with that thought. Both ‘sessions where intense but now the same old moves got…well old. They dated and after six month he asked her the question. Maybe she was excited by the prospect of her having some to care and love her.  Some place else to live with her But he was so nice. How could a man would was a tiger on the dojo mat be such a lamb off of it. He worked part time with boys and girl clubs and big brothers. He was not perfect. A bit of a slob around the house. Just nice. The wedding was nice. He was nice. His odd ball friends where nice. One of them seemed to have money. He was no millionaire and suggested this one last chance for them together. He had some travel points he was willing to spend on them. Since they never had a real honeymoon going to tropical paradise sounded like a good idea her life was just beginning and it would be a good. Coming out party. 

She was just tired of nice. She wanted more. She just lost her ‘stripes’ and was now fully registered RN.

If she wanted a no contest divorce then she could sign the paper work and the minute she got off the plane on the way back she would be single and free. The island was a confederated of the United States and could issue a ‘Mexico ‘style no contest divorce. Well Roger did not have any money and they rented an apartment so there was nothing she could get from him. A no contest divorce was simple and quick. It was the ‘nice’ thing to do. 

She signed and looked around. Tina saw a number of couples.

“How many is this for you?” asked the woman next to her.

“Excuse me.”


“This is my first time.” Tina answered

“This is my third. But my fist time here. I’m Joanna”


“So which one is yours.”



Tina pointed to Roger.

“Nice. You plan on going to mixer?”

“I don’t understand.”

“You heard of the love boat well this is the opposite. Five days and divorce. Some people actually go back with different partners then when the came with.” Joanna explained.

“You mean every one here is getting divorced?”

“Yes. Aren’t you?”

“Yes but I though it was just me.”

“Oh no honey.” Joanna exclaimed  “You can divorce and get married here in five minutes The record is seven for one couple.”


“I read about this place on the Internet. One couple got divorced and married seven times.”

“You mean you can get married here too.”

“Just like in Vegas.”

Tina digested this. Roger friend Joe did say he was sorry he they where splitting up. Maybe this Joe’s way of trying to get them back together. Well she did not have to see Roger. The reservation said they would have separate rooms. Checking in was odd but amusing me went to counter with sexy woman at the counter and the woman went to another counter with big husky men attending them. Oh this was going to be good. There would be a formal welcome at seven and it was there she was to pick up her island package. Then their room was right next to Rogers with an adjoining door. That lock on both sides. If she locked her side a little sign would say ‘come on in’ if her side was locked it said. ‘Sorry. Not tonight.’

She flipped through the room catalogue. A number of services from room service and massages to exercise activities and daces. The mixer was tomorrow at eight.

Well everything on the island was free. So she could indulge in all sort of things. Temptation island?  The place did not have real name. The island was simply called Demara Atoll. But the history was rich with pirate stopovers, Jamaican mystic stories, Cold war research and so on. Most she thought where just made up to make the place sound more exciting than it was. The island map should it to be more than five miles long at most. Currently the Island was owned by a few millionaires and had their little corner that was marked off limits. The map did show the off limit places. Leaving a good portion to the guests. Fine, there was a lot she could do to keep herself busy for the next five days she could meet the judge and sign the papers and that would that.

Looking at the list of things to do. Avoiding him could be easy. There where single and couple events. Couple survival camp did not sound like her idea of fun. It meant pairing up with Roger. Camping, fitness trails and a few other events she could go on her own would do the trick. Her one fear that she would get suck right into roger arms because he was so nice and safe to be with. Well she was going to blaze her own trail. Roger Knight was a thing of the past. At six she had the buffet and then went to the guest meeting. She was seated with Roger. Roger felt uncomfortable as she was. But he looked at her with lovesick eyes. After they briefed the entire guest on activities and what they could do and not do. Then there was a man trying to convince couple to handcuff themselves to each other. For two days!

“Ill try it.” Said Roger. “If you will?”

Tina was a little surprised but the idea of being handcuffed to him was not what she wanted. But handcuffed to some one else? No, she had better things to do. The idea had an odd erotic appeal. She remembered being the volunteer for learning to properly secure a disruptive patent. To his bed. Odd she did not remember until now how she felt about it. But on reflection she though she got turned on. No, she was not going to be one of those people. Maybe something else here would be her cup of tea.

“Tina.” Roger said softly reaching his hand across the table trying to join it with hers. “I know you have a reason for us getting separated. I just wish I knew what I did wrong. You never said why.”

She pulled her hand away. “If you do not know. Then why should I have to tell you.”

Roger pulled his hand back. “I did not hit you. Abuse you. Or do anything you did not want. I know its not money. We don’t have any.  I know we had a fight or two but I though we worked it out.”

“You thought wrong.”

Why was she so mad at him? It was nothing he had done. It was something he had not done and she wanted. But she did not know what she wanted from him because she did not know what she wanted from herself. Tina was more frustrated and being mad for being mad at being frustrated. I did not make any sense but she was not going to let Roger figure that out. She went back to her room and started making plans for the next five days. Then sign the papers and fly home a free woman. There was a knock at the door. The front door. She first though it might be Rogers she was not going to open it until she looked through the peephole.

It was one of the hotel staff with a bottle of champagne and bowl of strawberries and cream. The card said to meet her knew secret admirer for breakfast on the east veranda in the copa room. She tipped the bellboy and was intrigued. This did not sound like Roger and it had been ages since she had anything so luxurious and tempting as this. She was not big drinker but this was something she had to try. The champagne tickled her nose and the cream was rich and smooth. She pigged out listing to the radio, there was no TV in the rooms. Tina began to get drowsy and dropped off. She began to dream. She saw a picture of Roger. As the picture faded she began to feel pain. A sharp searing pain. The more it faded the more pain she felt.

When she woke up. Tina felt like her whole body had a hangover. All manner of sensation and aches flooded through her. First was that she could move and could not. Some limbs did and some when pinned or trapped. Her eyes opened. She had to blink a number of times to clear her vision. At first she thought this was still a dream. But she felt aches and minor pains. Her neck was stiff and she blinked to finally get her eyes in to focus. Her arms where bound behind her. Looking down and her legs where bound together in a shiny black material that covered her entire body. A white Japanese or Chinese symbol was emblazon on her chest. It was different from the one etched into the mirrored wall. A thick cable snaked out between her toes and into a depression in the middle of the room. She twisted around and tried to get free.  She stopped when she saw the full length mirror covering one wall. Etched into it a Chinese symbol she thought she had seen once before.

The reflection shows she was in a black cocoon that left her face open. Twisting around she could see her arms where in a single looking sleeve her nearly fused her arms behind her back. White lacing went down the back. Between the arms and down the back between her legs. Her head and neck where encased in a thick padded helmet and collar restricting her head movements. The room reminded her of a padded room with the exception of the mirrored wall. Light filter down from a very high ceiling. She pulled hard on tether and felt a sharp yank on her legs and spine. Clearly this was more than just a leash. It went up her legs and fastened some where around her back. The rest of the room’s walls and floor was padded. Opposite the mirror wall was a panel with a light above it. Then five more light mounted higher about than that near the ceiling. On opposite wall from each other and at ninety degrees for the mirrored wall. Two unlit triangle shapes. It looked like at ‘rubber’ room for insane and violent people but the mirror and lights where something new. In fact the way she was bound was very tight. Tighter than any one needed to be. Although it gave her a very seductive hourglass figure and push her breast up making them bigger than she though they ever where.

Closer examination in the mirror showed her ebony cocoon had a slit to allow access to her vagina. She could not make any sense of it. She was not gagged. Some insane people where restrained with gags to keep them quiet so not to insight others.


She tried to keep calm acting violent would not do to yell and scream. Obviously there was a mistake. Yelling and screaming would only make her look more insane. Keeping calm and trying to reason with her captor was her only option.

“Hello? Can any one hear me?”

No answer.



“Hello my name is Tina Knight. Can any one tell me what happened?”

Good. Act like she did not know was going on. Maybe they would try to fill her in.

No answer

She new she had to be monitored. Not seeing any camera did not mean there where not any there. Tina tried and kept talking but no answer. It was getting hard to keep an even tone. Her throat was parched. She tried to move to the mirror hoping she could smash it and use a shard to cut herself loose. Sliding on her back offered no traction. On her side was no better. Only when she went to her belly she could find she could grip with her knees and toes. The material did not slip on floor padding then. Sliding on her face and protruding breast was an embarrassment. The rubbing of her breast on the surface did something rather unexpected.

She was getting horny and excited. Roger never did nipple play. He would massage them a little but that was the extent of it.

She was sliding and crawling like and inch worm. She had done crunches but not like this. She could not take big humping strides with out banging her head into the floor. She imagined her self like a seal on land humping along the beach. She was almost there but her tether brought her up short. She could not even touch the wall mirror. Tina let out a frustrated cry.

“Let me out.”

She began to struggle and thrash about. Calm was not working. To hell with being calm. Now was a time for good old fashion violence. She fought to break free of her leash. And any slack at all she fought for in her cocoon. She thrashed about like a fish on a line. She twisted and bent over trying to bite into material. She could not get her body to bend in half like that. Her arms seemed to lever back and up pulling her shoulder and head back away from her knees. All she could bite was air. But after while she was exhausted and no closer to freedom. She lay her back with her chest heaving from her exertions. But she realized that somebody could have seen that.

“I’m sorry but could some body talk to me? I did not mean to do that but I need to talk to somebody.”

They where going to have to feed her. Maybe then she could talk some one then.

“Can I have some water please.”

No answer

“Can I have some water please. I will behave.”

God. Did that sound as bad as she thought. But trying to endear her captor with good behavior was one way for to endear herself to them.

Having taken two years of psychology she was trying to remember some things that she read. Her skills as a black belt and nurse did not seem to be of any use here.

“I promise to behave myself if I can have a glass of water please?”

no answer.

She shifted around and saw her figure in the mirror. It mocked her plight. A reflection of her helplessness. Tina let out a small groan and tried again to grasp or pull herself free. Her hands where fused palm to palm within the sleeve binder. The more she wiggled squirmed and fought for freedom. The more she realized how truly secure her restraints where. She paused to catch her breath. Lying on her back hurt her shoulders. She tried to roll to her knees by scrunching up into a ball. Then roll up onto them. That did not work. She hated the idea that she had to put her face to canvas to perform any sort of locomotion. She found easier to pull her knees to her chest while facing forward. Sitting on her legs was more comfortable. She tried in vane to pick or grasp the back laces. But her hands where useless lumps with in the sleeve. There was some wiggle for her fingers but her wrist where most defiantly bound together. But no room to grasp anything. She rubbed against it but the material offered no sharp edge to work against the laces. She leaned back further arching her back. Maybe she could detach her leash.

But she could not grip it either, the cable felt slick. Pressing on it she felt a tingle of pain. 

A very freighting thought occurred to her. That this was more than a leash. She tried to roll up over it and maybe she could rip it out by its roots by reeling it up on her body. It snaked back in taking up any slack. Twisting did not work. She tried to yank it out while on her side by bring her feet to  her hands. Then pin the cable to floor with her mittened hands and pull away with her legs. Tina pulled by trying to kick out with her legs. She felt she was making progress but the strain of tension travel up her legs and right at the base of her spine. She gave it good hard yank and gasped in pain. Like the time before when she tried half heartily to pull it out she felt it yank on her spine. Now she had confirmed it. This was not a leash but her umbilical cord. Her life line. This cable could be feeding her food and removing waste. Monitoring her vital signs and perhaps other diabolical functions. It was grafted to her spine!

If she could remove it she would have to remove her own back bone.

“Please. Will some one help me?”

Tina waited. No answer. 

She pleaded and cried, her voice was getting horse. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble and they where not going to kill her. Not yet any away. People like this did things for a very sick reason. What did they want? She lay on her side looking into the mirror. Her chest heaving through her exertions. Her hourglass body reminder of the life saving dummies they practiced mouth to mouth and CPR on. She remembered one wise ass in class starting to unzip the female dummy pants in a mock attempt to rape her. Her eyes focus on the slit. Oh god. It could not be that. Please no. She was not going to be some bizarre sex toy. She would die before she let that happen. Tina started to thrash more violently. Only to tire herself out again. Tina rest a moment and then started to bang her head on the floor. The padding on the helmet and floor gave in to impact and she could not even get a bloody nose. But she kept trying. Then there was a sharp pain. She felt pain race up and down her body. Her life-line tighten and sucked her down into the cable depression up to her neck. There was a moment of surprise and shock seeing that she was neck deep into the floor. Then another sharp stab of pain hit her. Tina panted trying to breathe through it. She tried to slither out of the hole but could not move. Now any movement was denied to her and all she could do was scream as wave after wave of searing pain hammered into her. She begged and pleaded for them to stop. Promising them anything. She would do anything to make it stop and said so. She did not remember falling unconscious.

When she woke up. Tina body ached and thought that that it was a dream. But her arms and legs where still restrained. Dressed in black cocooning sheath that made her a mockery of her once proud independence. But she had been spit out of the hole with her lesson learned. They could hurt her. They could hurt her very badly. With them having hardwired into her spine. They could tap into her central nervous system. A fact she could only guess how they did it but could not deny its reality. Oddly she was hungry. Starving in fact. Wasn’t she supposed to be fed by her umbilical cord?

Well actually she assumed that. 

“…can I please have some water…” Her parched throat hurt.

No answer.

She was supposed to do something to earn a drink of water. What? She was a puppet on a string. They could do anything to her.


If she was supposed to be some sex toy why was she able to speak? She could bite and harm some on attempting to use her. Not something you wanted have happen. But she could spend all day guessing what they wanted her to say. Maybe she had said but was under duress. Her hunger and thirst where growing. What did they want? What did her tormentors want her to say? A child will do and say anything to get out of punishment or make it stop. They wanted her to say something. They punished her like a disobedient child. They ‘spanked’ her and put her in a ‘corner’. But after the time out. The parent makes sure the child understand what she punishment was for. Make the child repeat her affirmation. Repeat it not under duress.

“I don’t know what to say. I will be good…”


“I am sorry.”


She was missing something. She twisted and looked at the symbol etched in the mirror and other one emblazoned on her chest. Where they clues? If they where they where meaningless to her. Her survival depended on it. They may not want to kill her but then there was no guarantee of that. She had greatly over estimated her importance. Her shock treatment made that very clear. Tina was hungry and thirsty. So she was not being fed by intravenous means. She needed water. Her body had to have sweated a lot during her excretions. Water that had to be replaced She knew what dehydration did to person through her medical training and it only made her feel more helpless. Think. She had to think. What was she to say? Staring at the mirror made her look at her bound form. Like child wrapped tightly in a blanket with only her face being shown. She was the child. Helpless and dependant upon her parents.


She was the child. They where the parent.

“I am sorry mommy. I wont do it again. I promise.”

Nothing but she felt she was getting close.

She repeated the phrase. Using ‘daddy’.

No change. But she felt she was close.

If it was not parent and child relationship they where looking for. It was something along those lines.

She swallowed and tried to moisten her lips.

She tried using big brother. 


There was one last thing she could try. She was loathed to say it. But she needed water and food. Pride is the first to fall

“I am sorry master. Your slave will be good and obey.”

One of the triangles started blinking a soft cool blue color.

Now what?

Tina tried a few more promises of good behavior using master/servant but nothing changed. She crawled to the light and she could press it with her forehead.

The light went out. But then the other light on the opposite wall began to slowly flash a soft blue color. Tina moved to it and pressed it. The thought of head banging against the only hard surface she had been able have any contact did occur to her. She would only get one good smack before she got reeled in and punished.

Tina had made promises that she would behave. She needed food and water still. Maybe she could lull them into a stupor with good behavior. They would be watching for bad behavior at the beginning. Pressing the triangle started the other light on the wall to blink. But only faster. Tina let out an exhausted gasp and went back to it and pressed it. She did not know how many treks needed to make back and forth. But this had to lead to food and water some how.  Each time the light blinked faster. She became single minded in going back and forth. She learned the faster she covered the distance the faster the lights blinked.

Somewhere in the back of her mind she thought that when did covered the distance in a certain time. She would be rewarded. The flashing blue light seemed only to encourage her. Nothing else mattered. Hunger and thirst where eating away at her body reserves and this exercise was burning them up even faster. She lost count of the number of circuit she had done. When the blue lights stopped flashing. She twisted back and forth and side to side making sure she had not done anything wrong or there was another light she was to press. She was panting heavily. Tina knew she was sweating but not feeling hot. Her cocoon must be doing that. Then the little green light above the panel slowly pulsed followed by a pleasant one, then four, then three chime rang. The panel slid open. She went to and found a food tube and water tube. The tubes came out of two cylinders, which she could not get over how they looked like a pair of breasts.

She sucked on the water trying not to choke. Then moved onto the food. The food was a paste and tasted horrible. But he was not in any position to argue with the chef. The pulsing light began to get faster. Dinner time might be over soon. But it was over before she knew it. No more water came out and she sucked the food tube dry. But she wanted more. Needed more. She needed to swallow water. Pride will have to go along with it.

“Masters. May I please have some more?”

Then one of the group five light turn white and she was rewarded more food and water. But it was less than she first got and the panel began to slide down. Dinner was over. With her tongue and mouth. She tried to suck up any drops of food and water that had escaped her. She was not full by any means. But she would not starve or die of thirst. Not yet. The five lights must represent goals. Once she had acocoplished all five. Then what?

But she stared at it. Oddly proud of her accomplishment.

 Then the white light blinked. It began to stay off longer and longer. She felt it was threatening to go out entirely. No. She had worked so hard. Did she do something wrong. Or not do something? She was a child. A slave. What did she do or not do? They where treating her like child and expecting to be address as her masters. What does a child do after eating? What is child supposed to do would be the other question. A child finishes her meal and asked to be excused. To say please and thank you.

“I am sorry masters. I thank you Masters for the extra food and water. You are a kind and generous masters.”

The light stayed on. That last bit of sucking up could not have hurt either.

Tina breathed a sigh of relief. If she had to go through all of this to get one goal light on. What would she have to do to get the other four. Her thoughts drifted the slit over her sex. She could smell her juices. No. She had to stop that. It only dehydrated her. But she could not. The smell only smell to invigorate her more. The numbness of her breasts from crawling back and fort so many times was starting to clear. The feeling returning to her chest and stomach was returning. Her whole body ached. But without thinking she rolled onto belly and arched her back. She began to rock and gyrate trying to hold the moisture in Or that what she was telling herself at first. She was so close. She wanted release. All it took was her to be touched in the right spot…

Then she was touch, but by a sharp pain.

She immediately stopped and rolled to her back.

She was to be denied any moment of pleasure. She glance at her goal lights. It was blinking again. Time to suck up some more. Tina felt she should adopt a more subservient position. She rolled back to belly and pulled her knees under her like a slave kneeling before her masters. She kept her head down.

“Forgive me masters.” She pleaded “Your slave is sorry.”

She looked up. The light was blinking still. She worked so hard just to get one light. She did not want to lose it. Then a thought made her blood run cold. What if she was hooked up to a lie detector? That meant for her to do any sucking up she truly had to believe she was sorry. Before she was so desperate to get food she must have believed what she said. They controll when she ate, what and how much. They also made it obvious they controlled her body. When she could feel and what. She needed to admit that to herself completely and totally. Tina had to. The child was being taught a lesson of who was the parent. The child did what the parent wanted when the parent wanted it.

“Master. Your slave it truly sorry she was disobedient. She will not do try to pleasure herself with your permission. This slave is truly sorry.”

Tina put every once of conviction into her voice. She had to believe it. She did not even want to look at the light. Doing so might betray herself. The triangle on one wall was blinking. This time it was red. After pressing it the other one lit up. The red color meant something. It was too close to feeding time. After the third circuit. She reasons she must be being punished. Hence the red color.  The other form of punishment was something she never wanted to feel again. She would have to endure this. She was panting and could feel her pulse racing. Tina gasped and pleaded for them to stop but fearing what would happen if she did. They where ‘running’ her to the ground. Tina could not crawl, squirm, roll, or inch her way to the red triangle any more.

She felt a sharp pain. Whether it was from cramps or from them. She did not know but it motivated her to do another dozen circuits. Her body energy reserves had to be gone or vastly depleted. Her water was her worse fear. She could feel the sweat on her brow. Then it occurred to her the entire room was getting warm. Oh god. How stupid could she be? They where controll the room temperature and her body temperature. They could roast her like pig or freeze her like a Popsicle. Tina realized they could hurt her more ways than one. The child was being taught another lesson.

“Masters. Please. No more. I am sorry.” She was desperate. Tina cried every inch she moved to the other wall and back. She wanted to stop. But the memory of such pain was still fresh in her mind and she never wanted to go through that ever again. Other pains where building. Legs, chest, stomach where the worst.

Then the color shifted from red to blue.

No, not again.

The prospect of more food and especially water pushed aside her ache and pains. She mindlessly went back and forth. When the green light followed by the one-four-three chime. She sucked down her water as fast as she was able. She really had to suck had on the food tube. She did not care what and how much she got just that she got any. When the panel door slid down. She adopted her slave position and thanked them. Her goal light flashed. Now what?

She looked around.

Maybe she should do something in addition to kneeling and prostrating herself. When she faced the mirror wall. The light stopped flashing. When she faced away it started. Of course. I occurred to her that if any one was watching it would be through a one way mirror. She faced the mirror wall and thanked her master for the food and water. Her goal light became steady The rooms light dimmed only a little and then came back up. It must be bed time. Time to put the child away for a nap. Tina did not need any prompting. She laid out and fell to sleep.

She woke up to a three then three then three chime. The ceiling light dimming and increasing with the chime. She also woke up hungry again. At least she did not wet herself in the night. She might be half-right about her umbilical cord. It could be connected to her bladder. She stretched and tried to get the kinks out her body. The blue triangle began to strobe

Feeding time.

Tina went at with all the vigor and muster she could manage. Her mouth was drooling. She was being trained. Like Pavlov dog. Tina was aware of what was happening but now felt removed from it. Like part of herself had been taken away. Her sense of time. Pride. Dignity. They where taken first. Each lap was another small part herself left behind. Something she deposited at the press of button. Like trained seal she humped back and forth. She could roll from one side to the other but she was meant to move this way. Her knees and toes looked the same material but must do something different for the to grip the slick padded floor.

The one –four-three chime began and she suckled on her food and water.

Yes. Her body was being trained. A thing to be broken in and used. If she did not ‘go’ along with the program. She suspected that she would be thrown away and the next victim would follow in her place. Her body was not her own. Now she could see that they had it from the very beginning. It just took her awhile to find that out. Tina swallowed her water down in long sucking sips. Water and food where becoming harder to draw out. Where they making her perform. Was she to do something while sucking? Or was she doing sucking wrong. Or did her master want her to exercise her lungpower. It was hard to know the motive of person you could not see or talk to. She remembered reading about how people could be programmed with proper mental and physical conditioning. Knowing that did not help her. It only made it more painful. She would rather be oblivious to what, how, and why they where doing to her. Actually the why was either not her concern or obvious. The obvious was that they had her body and now they where after her mind. That presented her own set of problems. 

Obey or die.

That was how thing where to be. Who anyone miss her. Aside from a few friends. No one knew she was on the island and she was not sure where she was now.

How easy would it be for some to dress up as a bellboy with spiked strawberry and cream or Champaign? Kidnap her and keep her sedated. Then to wake up like this. Too easy. Already she was calling her captors ‘master’. The panel began to slide down. Tina faced the mirror and thanked her oh so generous masters.

The problem was she had to believe that. The lie detector hardwired in to her could make it hard to fool them. So her plan of lulling her captors into a stupor with good behavior was going to be difficult. Then the triangle began to flash. White in color. She launched herself to the task. Back and forth. She cross the room to press the triangle and the other would lite up. White must mean it was exercise time. Red was punishment and blue meant food. Exercise did not last long. Then the dimming of the room light. Nap time.

She did not know how long she did sleep but the 3-3-3 chime waked her up again. Then the blue triangle would start to flash and then she would feed with the dinner bell of 1-4-3. Thanked her masters, then exercise and then sleep. This continued on and on. No sense of time other than the dimming of lights. How long would this go on? Experimentation showed that if she took long slow slip of food and water she got more. Rapid sucking must activate a valve that would cut her off. She no longer minded the taste. Then while feeding she saw she had two of the five goal lights. How she did this she did not know or was this for her being a good little sex toy. Sex toy. Oddly the thought has an erotic appeal but the reality was a horrible nightmare come true. She could be raped, molested, and used and abused in any number of way and not do a thing about it.

Over and over the feed eat sleep cycle repeated. If she ever got out of here she was going to go for the Guinness crunch record. Her leg and abdomen where really getting a work out. The dull ache in her breast and chest from rubbing and scraping them on the floor  She had lost count how many times she did this. And oddly there was a comfort to this. If the routine did not change she would not be used.

She woke up after seeing the dream of Roger in her predicament. She first reveled in the idea but then took pity on him. This was something she would not want to wish on anyone. If she died. Some one would take her place. In some way she reason that if she stayed alive some one else would not have to go through this hell.

She stretched and twisted trying to get all the kinks out of her body. Then she saw the mirror in the room was gone. The room had doubled in length. The addition was not empty. There was another figure in the room. It lay cocoon much like she was. Lying on its side with it back to her. Tina could say it could be male judging from the body shape. Oh god here was the thing she dreaded. The part where she was going to used a s a sex puppet.

No. That did not make any sense. Why would a man be subjected to this treatment. 

A male sex toy.

Oh lord what sort of sick nightmare had she been drawn into.

Then the man rolled onto his back and she heard a groan of pain from lying on his arms like that. She blinked a few times to clear her vision so she could see his face It was Roger.

Oh god they got him too!

The mirror that had divided the room in half and Roger was on the other side. He was trapped in a cocoon like hers. Arms pulled back into a single sleeve. He was asleep and she could see he had been crying. Tears had been streaming down is face. What did they do to him?

No, she knew what they did to him.  


He stirred and cried her name in a half dream. 

“Roger. Wake up. It me. Please wake up.”

She found could not reach him  Her tether brought her just to where the mirror wall used to be.

Roger muttered something and said ‘no’.

He was half awake. He must think this a dream.

He had two goal light but something told her that he was a bit more stubborn. He could be that way sometimes. But he never was with her. 

“Roger please wake up. It me. Tina. Your wife. Wake up.”

Roger seemed to snap awake and then saw her.

“Tina? Oh baby no.”

He perform the same inch worming crawl she had to do. He came up short. Their heads not even able to touch each other.

Oddly she was starting to cry. She was happy to see him and saddened to see him like this. Further more she wanted to hold him or even just touch him. Comfort him and he to comfort her.

But she was denied even that.

They twisted to face each other.

“Baby are you okay?” He said while wiping his face on the mat trying rub the tear out of his eyes.

“I am okay. How about you?”

“I hurt everywhere. Did they drag you down the hole?”

“Once. How many times for you.”

“Four.” Then he stiffened a moment and relaxed. “Five”

“Five oh god roger.”

Tina’s’ mind reeled. She could not stand it once. How Roger lived though it five times. Moreover he was hooked up to a lie detector too.

“Have they talked to you?’ She asked

“No.” he answered

“Me either.”

There was moment pause as they looked around. Tina knew they where listing. She dropped her voice but realized it was not going to be of any help. Their cocoons could be wired for sound too. Furthermore her plan of hoping to catch them off guard with good behavior was not going to work and she could not tell Roger her plan. She and roger had to get out of here. She was willing to save some one by letting herself be treated this way but now everything had changed. She was going have to watch for an opening. 

“What do they want.” She asked

“I don’t know. I figured out the lights. I think we are being trained like pet dogs.”

“Trained for what?” She asked not wanting to say it.

“I don’t know baby. I do not know who our masters are. I figured it was some sex or behavior Frankenstein thing. But now I don’t know.”

Well he figured that calling their tormentor’s ‘master’ earned their gratitude.

She could see it Roger eyes.

Those poor hazel eyes, That cute sad puppy dog look. He wanted to touch her. But it was like they slept on opposite side of the same bed. 

Oddly he looked good. She had never seen him this trim. The cocoon she was wearing accented her figure and did the same for him. His chest symbol was different for her and that of the one on the now missing mirror wall. She began to take him all in. Odd erotic feeling began to creep up inside her .Her eyes wander down to his penis. It looked like it could be accessed but there was a slit there. No, they could not have! They did not cut it off? There where some sick people out there. Some had the money and connection to pull this off.

“Roger. Are you sure you are alright.”

“I feel okay accept for the pain in my legs and abs. I never had to do so many crunches this much in my life. Oh god, how are your breast? This must be killing you.”

“They are okay. But did they cut off your…”

“No. I still feel it.”

“That does not mean anything. Amputees still feel there missing limbs.”

Roger eyes widen in horror. He twisted and arched and was trying to push it out. He was looking at her. She was turning him on or using her image to turn himself on. Why not?  She looked good like this. She never wore a cat suit on anything so tight and form shaping before. Now she wished she had. She watched in fascination and then Rogers body jolted. Oh god no. She forgot what happened when she tried to get off. Roger still kept at it and was now face down trying to rub his penis. But he got another jolt of pain. He let out a gasp and then a grunt. Then kept going.

“Stop it roger.”

“I got to know.”

He was stubborn at times but maybe that was one of the things she liked about him. He did not take any crap from anybody but her. Her loyal protector.

Roger was jolted one more time. Then they began to reel him in. No. Not that. It was not his fault. She brought it up. Why could she have kept her mouth shut about amputees. She had to do something and did. Roger was fighting to keep from going down the hole but they would win or rip out his spine. She needed to save him. Quickly she faced the ‘mirror’ even though it was now where Roger was. She adopted her slave position by kneeling with head bowed. 

“Masters. Forgive me. Don’t hurt him. It is my fault. Punish me. Please don’t hurt him.”

The depression seemed to sink further into the floor. Roger was up to his knees.

Tina began to cry. She needed to believe this.  “Please MASTERS. I AM YOUR SLAVE. Do not hurt my husband. It is my fault. Punish me.”

“NO.” cried Roger. “Leave her alone.”

“Master please. I beg of you. Take me.”

“No don’t.” Roger was up to his waist now yelling to the ceiling. “Masters. Punish me! It was my fault. I am at fault. Leave my wife alone.”

Tina mind flashed to some desert adventure movie. Trying to find some inspiration to draw on. Some slave girl trying to spare the life of some roguish prince from the cruel Sultan.

“Please masters. Don’t hurt roger. I love him. Take me in his place.”

There was a sucking sound and a pop. Roger was buried up to his neck in the floor. 

“Masters. Hear me please. Do not hurt her.”

Damm it. Why was he so nice? She was trying to save him and he was ruining it. 

“Master! Please! I love him and do not hurt him. I will go in his place. Take away my food and make me crawl until I drop but do not hurt him.”

She began to get reeled in.

She actually started to scoot toward the depression helping them get her into the ‘hole’. Tina did not want to fight it. If she did they might take it out on Roger think she reneged on the deal. She felt good. But only for a moment. Tina braced herself for the onslaught. She felt the sucking sound and a pop as the hole closed about her neck she could only look across the room at Roger still trapped in the floor.

“Master. I am your slave.” Roger pleaded with tears streaming down his face.  “I am to one to blame. To hurt her is to hurt me. Please. I am the one at f-fault. Punish me. I love her more than anything. I do not want to see her in pain. Please do what you want. I will do what ever you want but don’t hurt her…P-pleazzee.”

Roger was sobbing and she was too.  She was not only crying for and with him but for herself. She had never seen him like this. He seemed so weak when he used to be so strong. He was willing to do anything for her…

…And she was for him?

This did not make sense. This was the man she wanted to leave. It seemed so wrong on so many levels. They just looked at each other. Each waiting to feeling the burning pain that would come. Should have come. Were their masters deciding or getting their jollies from them proclaiming their love for each other. No, Proclaiming was not the right word. Something more than that. Deeper. They could go back and forth like this all day. She wanted to get this over. She wanted them to punish her. Not for suggestion the idea for them cutting Roger penis off. But for not realizing that she wanted to leave something she wanted to find.

Then the red triangle began to flash and both where expelled out their hole. Tina thanked them and roger did the same and they started going back and forth to the discipline lights. Until they where exhausted. Then came the blue lights. Then they both waited for the food panel to open. But they did not.

Tina began to feel a slowly building pressure on her breast.  

She glanced down. She was leaking 

Leaking food and water.

The leak did not relieve the pressure fast enough. It was going to crush her.

She could not feed herself.


“What…oh my god.”

“Its killing me”

Roger worked his way to her and she to him. There was a little more slack in their tethers. Roger began suck on her breast and then transferred into her mouth.

He tried to alleviate the pressure equally and they made a mess of themselves but it was working. It was oddly erotic and the pressure was stating to lessen.

Tina was taking more and more of Roger in on each kiss of life. Roger responded in kind but she did not want to be punished for feeding her. They where dependant on each other. She to provide the food and him to feed her. Roger sucked her dry. And she was able to breathe normally. She hoped he did not do something stupid like give her the lion share amount of food and water. Roger lay with he head on he chest. He listen to her beating heart with eye look over her face. Tina raise her head  as much as she was able to look into his eyes.

“Thank you.”

“I love you.” Then Roger smiled in his lopsided sort of way.

“What so funny.”

“I never knew how good you tasted.”

She giggled. What a stupid thing to say. “Roger that is horrible.”

The lights dimmed and their tether began to tighten. 

“No. Please.” She whined wanting to the moment to last. Just as they separated the light went out completely.

She could hear other people in the room.

“Let us...” she felt a shock. That stopped her short.

 Roger said some thing but a small grunt from him told her that he got the same warning. Both of them where to be silent. Tina felt hands moving and positioning her. The must have some sort of night vision because she could not see a thing. She complied with their wishes and never said word. They placed into a kneeling position and felt her neck was immobilized.  Her arm where arm pulled away from her body forcing her to lean back to relieve the pressure. She wanted to scream and fight. But now there was more than one life at stake here. They had shown her that her actions could result in dire consequence for Roger as well as herself.

When the lights came on she was facing him. They where in a kneeling position facing one another. A three foot metal rod connected their necks to each other. Cables radiated outward from their collars to the other three compass points. Now immobile. All they could do was stare at each other tears stained faces.

What where to do now. Their masters seemed to have some goal in mind. What could they do like this? They could not eat or move. Even sex was impossible the only thing they could do was stare at each and talk.


What where they to say? What was she to say? Or was Roger supposed to say something?

They both where halfway to their goal cocoon and trapped in spider web. Tina started talking about anything. Roger responded and kept his end of the conversation but some how every day chitchat did not feel she was getting close to a goal. There was a long moment of silence. Then roger asked.

“Why do you want a divorce?”

Tina had been avoiding the subject. But there was nothing else to talk about and she could not be mad at him when it was really her she was mad at. Tina began to open up to roger for the first time and he to her. It was one of those heart-felt talks they never really had. She told him everything that she wanted more but not from him but from herself but she was afraid to take the steps and the risk. She blamed him for her inability to do more with her life. Roger felt he was not doing enough for her and did not know what to do to help her. She did not want to divorce roger. She wanted to divorce herself. Tina was crying and so was Roger.

Roger said  “I wish we could start over.”

It flashed on her.

The symbols on her, roger, and the mirror. She remembered them. Man, woman, and life.

Why not. Maybe they could start over. She had not idea what her tormentors had in mind but she needed to finish out this sick game. She push back the tears and Roger was exhausted emotionally. So was she. But Tina  began to dreged up what little she could remember of their wedding vows. 

“To have and to hold from this day forward, For better or worse, for richer or poorer, In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, Until death do us part.”

“I do.” Answered Roger.

Roger repeated her memory of the vow and she said, “I do”

Then over Roger head she saw a goal light come on.

One left.

What was she to do now?

Not much to do and there was nothing more to say.

She must have fallen asleep

When she woke up. She was no longer anchored to roger or has cable secured to neck. She still was tethered by her lifeline at her feet and wrapped up like a worm, arm tightly bound behind her. There was a flashing blue light. Exercise time. Mindlessly they squirmed back and forth. But after the exercise was over there was no food reward. Or there was not on his side. But on hers. Now it seemed she had to feed him. His tether was shorter and her was much longer but the first feeding became a very passionate kiss and then she found she had much longer tether than she need to just feed him. On her second trip Rogers question of whether he had been castrated or not had been answered. It had escaped its prison.  It seemed larger but it too was covered Now she tried to transfer what little water she had ferried over to him in her mouth but she spilled it on him and Roger began to slide up against her. She felt her own heat rising and hoped her masters not going to punish her and him this time. 

She remembered a film in high school about how snakes mate and reproduce. The image was crude but she remembered it. She slithered up against him trying to move herself onto his swelling member. There were moments of them trying to join up. Sliding and slipping over each other. It was erotic and strange not having the use of her hands and arms. Also more frustrating. Any sound where reduced to grunts and moans. Each trying to guide to other to their goal. She wanted him. Even she became a sex slave for the rest of her life. She wanted him this one last time. She impaled herself on him. They where both throbbing and humping to both their racing heart. All there was became the moment. Everything became a surge of emotion. Beating hearts fused to one. They meshed in time with the rhythmic movements. Then an explosion of emotion flared and they became suspended in time and thought. Orgasm after orgasm shook them to their very core. A moment of ecstasy overwhelmed her Tina head filled with light and collapsed into darkness. She just saw the last goal light turn on before completely succumbing

There was a ringing in her ears. She woke up and to find herself back in her hotel room suite. Her body ached but her arms and legs where free She was free.

Slapped the offending alarm off. She bolted upright and went to the bathroom. She examined herself. Her breast where bigger. Body and abdomen seemed firmer and slimmer. Tina could not see any surgical marks. Was it a dream?

Then she remembered Roger and she dash out half dressed just as Roger opened the door.

He was wearing only briefs but he looked better than ever.

“Did we?” Said Roger

“I do not know.”

The next hour was spent talking and comparing notes. Tina examined roger for an marks but could not find any. Also four days had past. Today was their last day on the island and tomorrow they where to fly out. There was a discussion of to tell the police but tell them what. They had been kidnapped and tortured for over four days and put back in their rooms. It sounded like an alien abduction and that sound so ridiculous. But Tina felt that the events they had experienced brought them closer together than they ever had been. She could not be with out him and roger could not be with out her. They did not show up to the office to get a divorce The bus ride back seemed to show other that where sitting apart from each on the way here where now sitting together. Had they been subjected to abductions to?

It seemed silly to ask.

The flight home they could hardly keep their hands off each other. Then when they got home. She practically begged to be tied up and made love to. Their devotion was total to each other. They had made a solemn vow. It was that all that mattered.

To have and to hold from this day forward,
                        For better or worse, for richer or poorer, 
                        In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish,
                        Until we are parted by death. 
                        This is my solemn vow.


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