The Victim 6: Turnabout 4

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2009 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; bond; bdsm; kidnap; susp; outdoors; toys; reluct; X

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Part 6: Turnabout 4

Marty came out of the shower a few minutes later.  I was still on the floor where she had left me.  I had tried during the few minutes she was out of the room to wriggle free, but nothing doing!  The bindings were too tight and restrictive. 

She knelt down next to me, smelling of shampoo and soap.  She surprised me and began to untie the ropes that held my head up and the hogtie link.  In a few seconds, I was able to finally stretch out and it felt so good.

“Don’t want to break our toy right away!”

I lay there in relative comfort as she stepped into some sweats pulled from a bureau drawer.  I rolled onto my back and stretched all the muscles I could.  What a relief!  She returned to where I lay and knelt down again.

“You look delicious tied like this!”  She bent and licked my cheek, running her tongue over the gag strap.  She slid her hand between my legs and rubbed my sex.  She nibbled at my nipples through the tight spandex.  I wished I had worn a bra; her touch repulsed me.

She seemed to read my mind.  “Not excited yet?  Don’t worry, we’ll get to you, I guarantee it!”  She squeezed my breast and stood up. 

I was determined to not react to her sexually.  I was getting angry at this situation.  This was kidnapping and sexual assault.  I knew it would get worse when and if Janet returned and I wasn’t sure what the end game would be, but I would be damned if I would let them get to me! 

Did they actually think I would just walk away from this and not report it?   

But what was I going to do to Marty before this happened?  Hmmm.  Probably it would be construed as the same thing they were now doing to me.  Maybe they could even make a cheesy claim that they had restrained me to save Marty.  This would be some kind of detente where I wouldn’t complain about my treatment and they wouldn’t counter claim. 

I would have to think this through, but I suspected that a lot of rough treatment was ahead before we arrived at those negotiations.

She opened her phone and dialed. “Jan…Where are you?…OK, we’ll be waiting for you.”  She shut the phone.  “She’s on her way.  Aren’t you excited?  Lets get you ready for her!”

She dragged me to bed and lifted me to a sitting position on the edge.  From there she made me stand.  She surprised the hell out of me by stooping, tucking her shoulder into my belly and lifting me up in a fireman’s carry.  She did this seemingly effortlessly.  I had certainly underestimated her strength and condition.  My brain must have been clouded by lust!

She hauled me on her shoulder down the hallway and deposited me on the first tread of the stairs.  She didn’t seem to be even breathing hard.

“Don’t go away!”  She ran back down the hall and back into the room.  I tried to stand and nearly toppled over.  Before I could try again she had returned with an armful of rope.

She lifted me up and backed me up against a floor-to-ceiling post at the bottom of the stairs to which the handrail was attached.   I was quickly secured to the post with ropes at my ankles, waist and above and below my breasts. 

She pulled something from her pocket and grabbed my nipple through the fabric of the bodysuit.  She fastened a clamp tightly onto it.  A second followed on my other breast.  I hated nipple clamps.  The sensation drove my crazy and I tried to shake them off, but of course I couldn’t move at all.  I voiced a muffled protest and scowled at Marty.

“Just the start, sweetie, just the start!”  She cupped my crotch again and pressed.  “You’ll be screaming for relief soon!”

Fat chance, bitch, I thought, you disgust me!

She stood back away from me chin in hand, studying me.  “I know what you need!”  She headed back to the room while I tested my restraints.  Too tight with no slack; I was here until she wanted to release me. 

She returned with a small torpedo shaped vibrator.  Marty looped a rope around my waist rope and threaded it down between my legs, taking her time and fingering me along the way.  She managed to get it up and between my wrists.  She pulled on it and moved it around until she had it tight.  She made sure it was sunk between the lips of my sex and resting on my clitoris.  The vibrator she slipped under this rope just above my crotch.  The thing had a control wired to it.  She tucked the control under the waist rope after turning it on.  My crotch rope began to vibrate all along its length, tickling my butt hole and my sex.  I moaned involuntarily as a pleasurable shock rolled through me.  I fought the mounting arousal, disgusted that I was reacting to her forced attentions.

She had a knowing smile on her lips.  “You are just a slut, aren’t you, Annie.  You can’t stop yourself from getting all horny, can you?”  She approached me and opened her mouth wide; her lips met mine around the gag.  It was a surprise and sent another jolt through me.  Damn it, they are not going to get to me!  She began to run her hands over my body, lightly caressing my thighs and breasts and everywhere in between.  She pulled a clamp from a nipple.  I cried out through the gag as the blood rushed in and then she put the clamp back on and did the same with my other breast.  

Her caresses turned into slaps and back to caresses as she alternated between soft and hard.  I was responding; I tired to ignore the rising passion I felt.  My breathing rate accelerated and I began to writhe within the ropes, moving my attention from one sensation to the next.

Marty was into it herself.  She tossed off the top of her sweat suit and stepped free off the bottoms.  Her mouth was everywhere on me sucking at me through the fabric.  I found myself wishing I were naked so that I could feel her lips and tongue and skin on mine.

I wanted so to ignore her, but my body betrayed me as it craved more of her touch and the pleasure and pain she was inflicting.

As she was tormenting me, the front door opened.  Marty stopped and ran to Janet, like a child eager to show off.  She and Marty embraced and kissed and then turned their attention to me. 

“Jan!  What do you think?”

Janet looked me up and down.  She walked around to the side and then returned to stand in front of me.  She reached out a hand and turned my face side to side like she was examining a gift horse.

I stared at her.  She had hooded eyes that reminded me of Lauren Bacall but without the allure.  Up close, her skin was sallow and scarred; her hair was thin and pulled into a tight pony tail that only exaggerated her thinness.  There was no spare flesh on her face; the shape of her skull was clearly apparent.  Her body was stick thin and bony, which contrasted starkly with Marty’s more robust frame.

“She’ll do, Marty.  And look!  She likes it!”  Her hand had strayed to my soaking wet crotch.  She sniffed her hand and then dried it on my leg.

“Let’s get her untied and into something more uncomfortable!”  The ropes fell away as they both worked to free me.  Soon, I was standing in front of them with just my hands bound and with the gag still in place.  Jan had slipped off her coat and left it in a heap on the floor.   

They each grabbed one of my elbows and one on either side escorted me up the stairs.  I didn’t bother to resist since I was obviously out-numbered, but I had significant apprehension as to what would come next. 

The atmosphere had changed when Jan arrived.  Marty had toned down her aggression in deference to Jan.  I knew from meeting her earlier that Jan had to be the dominant personality in any and all relationships.  I sensed that from now on, Jan would take the lead and I knew she had a bent for things that made me very anxious.

They brought me to one of the empty rooms upstairs.  I hadn’t noticed before that it wasn’t totally empty.  There was a single bed and a desk and chair as well as built-in drawers and several doors, closets apparently.

Jan locked the door and ordered Marty to untie my hands.  They left the gag in and when I reached to loosen it, Marty slapped my hands away.  I got the message!

“Take off those clothes!”  Jan spoke in an authoritative tone like a person used to barking out orders.  “I am quite upset that you appropriated my clothing for your use.  And that you snooped around my room!  That will weigh heavily against you in our treatment of you from now on!” 

That was not something I wanted to hear. And she conveniently ignored that she had obviously planted those clothes for me to find.  I thought of her personal information tucked into my bag and prayed that they didn’t find it.  If she was pissed that I wore her clothes, I could only imagine what discovery of that stuff would bring down on me.

I unzipped and removed the boots and slipped out of the rest of the outfit.  I felt very vulnerable standing in front of them in just my…or rather her underwear.  She stared at the panties with obvious distaste.  “Take those off!”  I stepped out of them and left them on the floor.

“Now you may take out the gag!”  I did as I was told and threw the soggy ball into the corner.  Jan raised her eyebrows at that.  “Pick up those panties and give them to Marty.”  Marty took them and held them up to my mouth.  I looked at her and then at Jan and saw no wiggle room.  I decided to cut my losses and opened my mouth.  Marty balled the panties up and crammed them in.

“Close your mouth!”  I worked my jaw and rearranged the fabric until I could close my mouth around them.  Marty took my arm and led me to the bed. 

I was very apprehensive, but at a distinct disadvantage, given that there were two of them and we were in a locked room.  I thought that at this juncture I would have to do as they say and hope for the best. 

I lay on my back as instructed with my butt at the edge of the side of the bed and my feet on the floor.  Marty lifted first one and then the other of my legs up and over my head and tied one to the headboard and the other to the footboard.  My legs ended up spread uncomfortably wide, in physical terms as well as psychologically.  My hands were tied together in front, pulled over my head and secured to the bed frame.  Marty wrapped a rope around my waist, slid the ends under my butt and pulled me forward towards the edge of the bed.  She pulled hard on it, compressing the edge of the mattress, and tied it off to the bed frame.  That had the effect of tightening my hand tether and leg ropes and rolling my hips up.  When she was done I was unable to move much at all and the muscles on the inside of my thighs were already sore from strain. 

There was no ambiguity as to what was in store for me.  My sex was open and available to whatever abuse they had in mind.

Without bothering to change, Jan began to work on me.  She produced several sex toys from one of the closets.  I felt something brush my anus and stimulation as she touched around it.  I tried to push the panties out to complain, as I hate anal play.  I didn’t get far with that as Marty lifted my head and applied a wide rubber strap around my head that forced my mouth open and wedged the panties in farther.  I felt the pressure as Janet inserted something into my anus.  I yielded to it and jerked in surprise when the thing began to vibrate.  

Next she put clamps on my outer labia and spread them, taping the clamps to my inner thighs, and exposing my inner workings.  She began touching and massaging different spots. Including the skin between my vulva and anus.  I was inundated with sensations as she found sensitive spots.  She used a thin vibrator to probe for my g-spot.  Apparently Jan was an expert at female genital stimulation and I can attest to her prowess.  Despite my oft-stated desire to not give in to these women, she soon had me wailing.  She used soft and hard bristle brushes on my clitoris, various vibrators and dildos in both of my orifices all the while staring at me with her hard eyes to gauge my reaction. 

It wasn’t hard to discern my reactions as I was screaming and writhing when something worked.  Spread wide and helpless to prevent anything, I gave myself to the stimulation.  At first it was all pleasure, but after the first of several intense orgasms she didn’t stop, but continued to wring more out of me.  I continued to respond, but it some strange way it became painful.  I was out of control and reluctantly responding to over stimulation that I couldn’t stop.  I began to cry and beg her to stop even as my body was ripped with more and more intense sensations. 

I thought I would go mad and thrashed in my bonds, screaming and begging for relief; for her to stop; to be left alone! 

She ignored me and I finally passed out, aroused into unconsciousness.

I awoke to find myself bound tightly to the straight-backed chair in the room.  My legs were spread and tied at the ankle to each chair leg.  My arms with elbows tied together had been pulled over the back of the chair and attached at the wrists to something underneath.  I found I couldn’t lift or move my arms very much at all.  I had no idea how much time had passed.  I was a mess; between my legs was sore and tender; my head was fuzzy and unfocused.  Jan sat on the bed with her back to the headboard, legs stretched out and crossed at the ankles. She had changed from her business suit into jeans and sweater.  Marty was nowhere to be seen.

She stared at me, expressionless.

“You lasted longer than most women do, I’ll say that.  Quite a challenge!”

I realized I wasn’t gagged and found my voice, although it was a bit scratchy.

I managed to rasp out some words;  “This isn’t acceptable; I don’t recall agreeing to this!”

She rose from the bed and approached me.  I don’t frighten easily, but there was a definite air of menace exuding from her.  She stopped with her knees almost touching mine, standing upright, arms folded across her chest, towering over me in a manner designed to intimidate me.  It was working. 

“I recall that you wouldn’t stoop to letting me hire you a few months ago.  That is what isn’t acceptable.  You are not too good for me; you are just another submissive bitch.”

“I didn’t work for you because you had a reputation for harsh treatment.  Was I wrong about that?  Nothing I’ve experienced so far would argue against that.  I’m not going to apologize for it”

“I’m not looking for an apology!  And I don’t give a fig about your opinion!”  She said that coldly and without inflection as if she were a force of nature that couldn’t be deterred or dissuaded.  “I have heard enough from you!”

She forced my head back and, in the standard pinch-her-nose maneuver, managed to get me to open my mouth…again.  She wedged a much-too-long penis gag in and strapped it tight.  It had a wide leather piece that covered the lower part of my face from nose to chin.  I was not fond of penis gags because the plug generally protrudes way too far into my mouth.  This one was no exception and I fought down my gag reflex.  I had worn these gags before and discovered that I could tolerate them if I got that reflex under control.  While I fought my tendency to reject the gag, Janet buckled a collar around my neck to which she attached a leash.  She untied my ankles and the wrist tether, got me up onto my feet and led me from the room.

We went down the stairs and through the kitchen to the outside deck on the back of the house.  Janet called to Marty and she emerged from the tree line at the edge of lawn.  She was wearing jeans and sweatshirt.  It was a sunny mid-afternoon and the temperature had reached into the 60s; quite comfortable if you were dressed, but on the chilly side for me, especially in the shade of the porch.   

She walked toward us across the lawn.  The tree line, about 100 feet from the house, was studded with mature maple and oak trees.  The leaves were just beginning to turn.  The woods beyond were manicured like the forests in Europe; mature deciduous trees with all the scrub and undergrowth removed.  Sunlight dappled the floor of the forest; under other circumstances, it would have been quite lovely. 

Marty smiled at me; I ignored her. 

“I found a good place for it”, she said cryptically.  “I had to climb up to get it ready!  I need to work out more.  It was tough to do!”  I didn’t like the implications of that particularly when Janet replied,  “She won’t have that problem.”  She turned to me.

“You’ve been cooped up too long in the house, Anne.  We’re going to air you out a bit!”  With that she stepped off the deck, tugging me behind.  Marty fell in beside her and took her hand.  It was a bizarre take on a lovely domestic scene; they were like two lovers taking their pet for a walk on a warm, soft fall afternoon. 

I stumbled barefooted across the lawn.  When we entered the woods the going got tougher with the forest duff torturing the soles of my feet.   I tried to suck it up; I wasn’t going to show these two any discomfort.

We walked for 10 minutes or so and broke out of the mature forest at an overlook.  Below us was a valley at the bottom of which was a paved road.  It was maybe 100 feet down and 200 feet away to the road.  The edge of the road and up the slope was clear of big trees.  The slope was covered with brush and low evergreens, but the road was clearly visible.  Occasionally, a car would pass sending a low whooshing sound up the hill.  Otherwise it was quiet and peaceful, except within my head!  I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t like what they had in mind, but it was also a sure thing that I wouldn’t be able to avoid it.

A large tote bag was leaning against one of the trees.  Janet untied my wrist and elbows and let me stretch them a bit.  Marty kept a wary eye on me.  The collar came off and I stood before them unbound and unclothed, but still gagged.

Marty fetched the bag and pulled out the spandex suit I had previously worn, or one similar to it.  She tossed it to me and said, “Put it on, you looked so cute in it!”   I struggled into it and zipped it closed.  As before, it fit snuggly and clung everywhere as I tugged it into place.  I noticed immediately that this one had an open crotch.

She pulled out the boots that I had rejected when I found them in Janet’s closet and dropped them at my feet.  I sat down on the ground and dusted off the soles of my feet and then slid my feet into them, zipping them closed.  They had very high blocky heels and reached right to below my knees.  I struggled to my feet.  I noticed that Janet’s face was flushed and she stared at me with an unhealthy gleam in her eyes.

She moved next to me and ran her hands over me, lingering at my breasts.  I shrugged away from her and she laughed.

“Have you ever had your arms tied into a reverse prayer, Anne?”  I hadn’t and I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I was entirely sure I didn’t want to let them do it. 

It would not be my choice however.  She bent my arms up behind me and worked to get my hands into the space between my shoulder blades.  I found that it wasn’t a particularly uncomfortable position as they bound my wrists and linked my elbows.  From their whispered conversation it seemed that they were disappointed that my forearms didn’t touch.  It felt sufficiently stringent to me!  My arms were pressed tightly against my torso by cinched wraps above and below my breasts.  I felt a little tingle that told me that I liked the helplessness of having my hands tied up behind me like that.  Under different circumstances, I would be excited, but with these two, I was on edge about what they had in mind.

They forced me to my knees and then down on my butt.  Marty spread my booted legs wide.  She grabbed a three-foot long heavy metal spreader bar that I hadn’t noticed leaning against a tree and securely cuffed my ankles to the ends of the bar.  I felt vulnerable and a little shaky about the situation as the open crotch of the spandex suit became quite evident.  

Between them, they were able to move me over to the base of a large tree.  I looked up and saw a line dangling down from above.  I suddenly understood what they had in mind.  I voiced a muffled protest and struggled as much as I could to let them know I didn’t want this.  Of course, I was ignored as Marty rigged a sling to the ends and middle of the bar.  I watched as she attached the dangling rope to the sling, happy to see that they were taking great pains to make that rope secure and redundant. 

They were going to dangle me upside down from this tree!  What’s more, I would be visible to anyone passing on the road that might look up the slope.   

I looked up and saw a block and tackle tied off to a branch maybe 20 feet up in the tree.  That must have been what Marty had to climb to secure.  I prayed she had done a good job of it. 

They hooked me up to the hoist and I was pulled along the ground as my legs were raised up.  I momentarily rested on my back, neck, back of my head and then I was free of the earth swinging slightly at the end of the hoist rope.  The top of my head just brushed the ground.

They had one more trick to perform.  Janet knelt down to show me a small dildo, a nasty smirk on her hard face.  She then lubed it and inserted it into my sex. 

Marty began to haul on the block and tackle again and I rose above the ground.    I couldn’t gauge the height when she stopped, but I was well above the tops of their heads when she stopped pulling.  I swung slightly in the gentle breeze.  After I got oriented, I could see the road below and upside down landscape enough to get my bearings.  The vibrator fired up, obviously on a remote or a timer.  I found them to be annoying when they were inserted like this one…unless I was in the mood for it. 

I could feel the blood pressure in my head rise.  I heard one car and then a second pass on the road.  I wondered if they looked up; I tried to think how I drove and whether I gazed about at the scenery.  Would I have noticed someone swinging from a tree by the side of the road? 

The situation I was in was the doing of two people I did not like, but there was something so…vulnerable about it.  I was totally helpless and visible to the general public, two things that usually turned me on.  The vibrator stopped and I found I was disappointed at the loss of stimulation.  The breeze picked up and I swung more widely, spinning slightly.  I caught sight of my captors below and then they swung out of view.  The vibrator came back on, oscillating this time. 

I let myself focus on the sensation between my legs.  I was sore down…or rather up there from Janet’s previous attentions, but this intrusion wasn’t as intense as before.  I felt the swing of my bound body tossed by the breeze like some bizarre mobile.  I caught sight of a string of cars passing below.  And despite my aversion to the people responsible for this, I began to enjoy the situation.  I had never been tied like this; it was another boundary crossed, another situation so out there and sexy that I couldn’t ignore that I loved it!   Like the bondage junky I was, the situation aroused me.  I swung at the end of the tether, closed my eyes and immersed myself in the sensations.  The on again off again ministrations of the vibrator didn’t get me off, but the on cycles were most pleasant.  I found myself in that peaceful place that really good bondage always put me.  Even though this was not voluntary, I was amazed to find that I was actually enjoying it!

They lowered me all too soon.  I was back down on the ground and unhitched from the spreader bar.  They untied all the rope, removed the vibrator, but, as before, left the gag in place.  It had been in there so long that it had begun to feel natural and I was entirely acclimated to it.  I stretched and stood leaning against a tree awaiting their next assault.

“I can see you enjoyed that entirely too much!”  It was Jan talking, her face right up in mine, her rancid breath washing over me.  I began to think that perhaps she was physically ill; she was certainly mentally off!  “You are such a slut, Anne, I think that your next ‘situation’ will be less to your liking”!  She suddenly grabbed me and pushed.  Off balance and surprised, I fell hard to the ground.  I hadn’t thought she had the strength for that type of physical act, but she was obviously stronger than she looked.  She knelt over me.  “I don’t like you, Anne!  You have an air about you that says you’re better than me…than us.”  She waved her hand at Marty.  “You’re not and we’re going to prove it to you.  We’re going to break you!  Love it or hate it, you’re going to be our bitch.”  I would have rolled my eyes at her oh-so-old use of the ‘b’ word, but this situation had progressed well beyond a forum for me to demonstrate my sarcasm.  This woman scared me and I was beginning to fear for my safety!

She stood and Marty, the designated tier, pulled me to my feet and cuffed my hands behind my back.  The collar went back on.  I stumbled behind them in those damn boots back towards the house and what sounded like a good deal of unpleasantness.

We broke out of the woods, my ankles suffering from the walk in those boots.  It was now late afternoon and shadows lengthened across the lawn; the day was cooling.

As we neared the porch, Marty and Janet stopped short.  I bumped into them as I was walking with my head down watching my step.  I looked up and saw Monica standing in the open kitchen door.  She wore a serious expression as she addressed Jan.

“I called your office and they said you were at home.  You’re supposed to be away on business…at least that’s what you told me.  So I drove out here.  Just what is going on here?”  My spirits soared; Monica was obviously not in on this.  Or was she playing with me too?  I decided to go with her being on my side and pulled free and dashed up onto the porch.  Marty and Janet stayed put.  I stood next to Monica glaring at them.

Janet spoke.  “This is none of your business, Monica.  She’s bought and paid for and ours for another two days!  Please leave! ”

“Leave?  Leave?  You lied to me, Janet.  All that stuff about Marty and the rest of it was just BS!  You used me so that you could get your hands on her!  I just can’t believe this!  After all those years of friendship…you and Marty are just…just…despicable!”

Janet smirked at Monica in that superior way she had.  “You are so naïve, Monica.  We have always used you!  Always!  Did you think we were really friends?  Ha, that’s ridiculous!  Why would we be friends with a fat cow like you!”

Monica already red in the face bloomed crimson, but said nothing.  She stepped down off the porch. Now Monica is a big girl and definitely not fat!  She dwarfed Janet and Marty.  They both took a step back from her.  Monica held out her hand and Marty gave her the cuff key.  She backed up onto the porch, all the while staring at them.

She unhooked my cuffs and told me to get all my things and meet her at the car.  I scurried into the house only too glad to be getting out of there. She came out a few minutes later and handed me an envelope stuffed with cash, apparently payment for services rendered although she didn’t say so.  We drove off.

I tried to thank her, but she ignored me; in fact, she was silent all the way back into town.  We hugged when she dropped me off at home and then she pulled out into traffic and was gone.  I knew she was hurting and that I would have to reach out to her, but for now she probably needed some space.  I also knew that I owed her big time for riding to my rescue.

Shedding the clothes they had made me wear and tossing them into the trash was cathartic, but I needed several showers to start feeling clean.  I then decided to soak in the tub with a bottle of wine for company to try and relieve the angst I was feeling. 

The basic foundation of my life had been shaken.  I had fallen into exactly the kind of situation that I had convinced myself couldn’t happen.  If it could happen once then it could happen again.  I got off easy this time thanks to Monica, but the next time might not have the same conclusion.  And I was convinced now that there could very likely be a next time.
Over the next few days, I was able to regain some equilibrium.  I talked to Monica and thanked her again and tried to help her work through the loss of her friends.

And then there was the personal information I had on Janet.  I knew someone who could use that type of information for gain and profit.  With some tutoring from him, I set about wreaking havoc on Janet’s life.  I found it healing and, let’s face it, enjoyable to make her suffer albeit from a distance.

As for Marty, we did meet again.  Maybe I will tell you about it sometime!