The Veil Cage Bed

by Mumwrap

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© Copyright 2021 - Mumwrap - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; bond; hospital; straps; medical; bodymod; gag; bedtie; public; cons; XX

Lucy woke up with the sun shining through the window. She lay there hoping the day nurse would come soon to change her. Lucy looked out from her Veil Cage Bed and laughed and thought about how her life has changed in the last month.

It started a little over a month ago when she got a call from her Aunt Abby asking her to help save her business. Lucy asks what she could do to help?

Aunt Abby owned a small group home for patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia and brain injuries. She is a registered nurse with a masters degree specializing in memory care. A couple of years ago she sold her house in California so she could buy a place to open her dream, a group home. She was able to buy a large house, a former mansion then turned into an insane asylum and now her group home for Alzheimer’s, dementia and brain injuries patients. Abby had made enough money from the sale of her house to buy the old house and have it remodeled to be her group home. The patients were all on the ground floor. Bedrooms, group living room, bathrooms and kitchen. The second floor was Abby’s private residence. The last few years it was profitable but Abby ran into a shortage of patients as of late. The home was rated for eight; to keep her State license, there had to be a minimum of six patients.

When one of her beloved patients died two days before the call to Lucy. The death of this patient dropped the patient count to 5 and Abby was desperate to get another patient into her facility.

So in desperation she contacted her niece, Lucy, a beautiful young woman, 20 years old. Lucy had just finished her first year of college. She wanted to be an actress, but knew it was hard to make it in that field so she had a back up plan. Lucy was taking classes to be a nurse. Abby did not want to say too much over the phone, so they agreed to meet. Abby flew up to her nieces to meet in person the next day.

They met at Lucy’s favorite coffee shop. Abby explained her Dilemma. If she didn’t get a new patient in her facility as soon as possible, the state inspectors would shut her down. The state feels for inspectors and case workers it’s not cost effective to have them come and inspect and keep certifying a facility with less than six patients.

Lucy asked what she could do to help. “I know you want to be an actress and wouldn’t it be good practice to play the role of a brain injury patient?” Abby said.

“You want me to pretend to be a patient at your group home?” Lucy said. She was a little taken back, and intrigued at the same time!

“Yes, that’s what I need you to do for me. I will pay you very well for your time. Also I will get you out of it as soon as I get another checked in. So it may be a week or two, at most two months. But I promise you will be out in time to get back to college when it starts up this fall.”

“But why a brain injury?”

“Because you’re too young to have Alzheimer’s or dementia!”

“Okay, that makes sense.” Then she laughed at herself.

She would be losing the summer, Lucy thought, but she really could use the extra money. She was kind of a homebody anyway and didn’t go out partying a lot, it would help out her favorite aunt. Also Lucy had a deep dark secret, her love of medical restraints. She was the person at college that volunteered to be restrained or put into arm or leg cast in her medical classes. This could be a very interesting summer job.

“Okay aunt Abby, how is this going to work, how will you pull this off?”

Well, Abby said, “first you will fly back with me tomorrow. I have brought you a wig to disguise you so as not to be recognized by anyone. Then we drive over to my boyfriend’s clinic. Dr Mark Rider. It will be after hours so no one will be there, but us. To make you look convincing at a victim of brain injury, we will have to shave a small section of your head. Then Mark will make a half circle incision and stitch it up. So you will look like you have had brain surgery.

“Next we will need to wire your jaw shut. We will have an X-ray showing you have a broken jaw. Mark and I felt this was the best and easiest way to make sure you were able to pull off your role as a patient. It will restrict your ability to speak clearly, this will help you stay in your role as a brain injury patient. Since your jaw will be wired shut we will have a gastric feeding tube surgically inserted so we can feed you.”

“Wow! Isn’t that a little drastic?” Lucy asked.

“Well, we have to make it look realistic, inspectors and caseworkers will be looking at you.”

Lucy was shocked and amazed. “Wow aunt Abby, that is a lot to ask.”

“I know sweetie, but I will pay you very well and you're the only person I can trust to ask!” Abby said, almost begging.

Lucy was thinking that this was something she would like to try, because of the money and medical restraint adventure. Her aunt was right, it was a great acting opportunity. She was extremely excited about doing this.

“Ok auntie, I will do this for you, but I have one condition.”

“What’s that?” Abby asked, with a little concern in her voice.

“I have a bit of a confession, you see I am fascinated by medical restraints. So as much as it is reasonable in your facility, I would like you to use as much medical restraints as you can on me. The more the better!” Lucy said with a serious look.

Abby laughed, and said, “okay that’s easy! So is it a deal?”

Lucy smiled and said, “yes!”

“Okay, no one can know, not even your parents.”

Lucy smiled. “No problem, since dad and mom took that overseas assignment last year, they email and call once in a while. So I will email my parents that I am going to spend the summer with you and I will email my friends that I have gone to spend the summer with my folks. So if mom and dad call you, you can tell them I am out with friends.”

“I think that will work!”

“Okay, I have some emails to write,” Lucy said.

Next morning Lucy arrived at Abby’s hotel room. She brought no suitcase, or change of clothes, just a clutch bag with her ID. She had dressed as Abby requested, nothing flashy, just a mid-length skirt and a sweater top.

“You look great!” Abby said, “let’s get you into your wig.” She pinned up Lucy’s shoulder length blonde hair, then put on a wig cap over her hair. “Lucy you have such beautiful thick blonde hair, I am so jealous,” she said with a laugh.

Afterwards, Abby put the wig on Lucy and combed it out. “Okay you look disguised enough so no one will see you with me in town and later see you as one of my patients. Let’s go to the airport.”

They called an Uber and made it in plenty of time to catch the airplane. As they sat in the airplane Abby gave Lucy folders of papers about how brain Injury patients behave and act. Abby asked Lucy to read up on “her condition” so she would be able to be a convincing patient. So Lucy pored over the papers and learned all she could.

When they arrived at the airport, a city over from Abby’s town, they jumped into Abby's van and drove over to a restaurant and ate a nice dinner and had a few drinks. By this time the doctor’s clinic had closed and Abby got a text from Dr Mark saying his staff was gone and to bring over the new patient.

“Okay it’s all clear let’s go to see your new doctor.” They jumped in the van and in no time they were at the back door of Dr Mark’s clinic. Mark opened the door and ushered them inside.

“Hi I am Dr Mark, I am so glad you were able to come and help Abby out! She has been frantic.”

Lucy smiled and said, “I am happy to be able to help!”

“Well it’s a big favor to do for your aunt,” Mark said, “I will try to make the procedures we are going to do to you as pleasant as possible.”

Lucy smiled, “I appreciate that!”

“Okay, let’s get going,” Abby said.

“Lucy,” Mark said, “I need you to go into the shower room and shower using the antibacterial soap and shampoo. Then dry yourself and your hair, put on the patient gown only, and come out, please.”

Lucy smiled and said, “yes doctor.” Then headed off to the shower. The doctor and Abby set up the operating table for the medical procedures they were going to perform on Lucy.

Lucy walked out in the patient gown and said, “I am ready.”

“Okay, first we need to draw a pint of blood from you,” the doctor said.

“Okay, why?”

“Well your story is, you were in a bicycle accident and hit your head on the curb, and broke your jaw and had to have emergency brain surgery. Even after a week you would still have bruising. So I'm going to inject your own blood around your head and face, just under the skin to give the bruising you would have from the crash.”

“Since my nurses will be taking care of you,” Abby said, “and they don’t know that you don’t actually have a brain injury, it has to look real. We can not use special-effects makeup. Also the state case worker may come and check on you.”

“Okay, let’s do it,” Lucy said.

After drawing the blood, they moved Lucy over the operating table. Lucy lay on the table as Abby strapped her down. “We would not want you to fall off the table, now would we?” Abby said with a smile.

Dr Mark said, “okay I am going to start a Demerol drip and put you out. While you’re out, we are going to surgically insert a gastric feeding tube port, then shave a small section of your head. Then make a half circle incision and stitch it up, finally wire your jaw shut. Are you sure you’re okay with us doing this to you?”

Lucy smiled, and said, “yes I look forward to the adventure.”

“Okay, after that I will inject your blood just under the skin to make the bruises look real around your head and face. After I am done you will look like you went face first into a curb.”

“Yes I agree, to the medical procedures you're going to do on me, but I want you two to take pictures of me afterwards and throughout my stay at the group home. I want to be able to see how I look,” Lucy said with a smile.

Abby said, “let’s start now with you strapped to the operating table. Kind of the before picture.”

Dr Mark continued, “I am going to keep you on pain meds for a few days because you may have a sore mouth from the wiring it shut, gastric feeding and the Brain surgery scar. There is no reason for you to be in any pain. Also it works with your cover of having a brain Injury, you would be out of it. This way no one will suspect a thing. Remember when you wake up you're not going to be here, you will be at your aunt’s group home. Do you have any questions?”

Lucy said “no, just don’t shave too much of my hair off,” then she laughed.

“No dear,” Abby said, “we are going to shave it so you can still comb your hair on top of your head so you cover the shaved part. In fact I think that is in style now.” They all laughed. “Seriously I will take very good care of you and thank you for doing this for me! I love you!” Abby said.

“I love you too, Auntie Abby.”

“Okay say good night Lucy, I'm going to push the Demerol. Dr Mark said.

Before Lucy could say goodnight she was out!

Okaywe got a lot of work to do to make this beautiful girl look like her face hit a curb. Said Dr Mark.

First they inserted the gastric feeding tube port. After that they started wiring Lucy's jaws shut. After two hours it was finished. Dr Mark said, “Well, no worries about Lucy talking your ear off now.” Abby chuckled.

Next Abby removed the surgical cap off Lucy’s and combed and parted her and pinned back what she didn’t want to cut. She took the clippers and cut a patch of hair on the right side of her head, then took shaving cream and shaved it. After it was cleaned and dried, Dr Mark took a scalpel and made a line in Lucy Skin. He made it in a half circle. Next he sutured it back down. It now looked like Lucy had brain surgery.

Dr Mark said now for the part of this procedure that’s going to sell it, injecting the blood under the skin to make it look like bruising.

Okay, while you are doing that I will place the indwelling urinary catheter, and put a diaper on her. Abby said.

Dr Mark made injections around the jaw and gave Lucy two black eyes. The bruises looked correct but he thought it needed more swelling. “Hey Abby, I think I need to simulate more swelling in the head and face”

“Okay, Mark, if you think it needs to be done, do it!”

Dr Mark got two bags of saline solution and connected them to the tubes and needles, then hung the bags on an IV pole. He put one under each eye. After a few minutes under and around each of Lucy’s eyes became very swollen. Dr Mark changed needles and placed them on both sides of her jaw.

Abby was done placing the catheter and putting the diaper on Lucy. She walked around to Lucy's head and looked in amazement, how her beautiful niece had changed to a gory accident victim. Wow! I never want you to do any plastic surgery on me! She laughed!

“Well, do you think anyone would not believe Lucy was in a bicycle accident with possible brain damage?” Dr Mark asked.

“You’re right, no one would think that she is not a brain injury victim. You did a great job!”

Abby got all the paperwork together and the transport request. Mark called the non-emergency medical transport company that he had made an appointment with, telling them that his patient was ready for transport.

Abby looked at Lucy, unconscious on the operating table, and told herself it was all worth it to save her business.Then she took pictures of Lucy’s swollen, badly bruised face. She thought, oh my god they look like morgue pictures!

“The saline I used for the swelling will be absorbed in about 24 hours,” Dr. Mark said, “if you think I need to redo it, just let me know I can inject more.”

The non-emergency medical transport company arrived and brought in a gurney. They gently moved Lucy on to it, covered her with a blanket and strapped her down to the gurney. Dr Mark rode in the back with Lucy.

Abby’s group home was a town past the town Dr Mark’s clinic was in. The town was once a mining town with a busy Main Street and beautiful brick buildings including a library and a courthouse. Now it was just a sleepy little town where people came to look at arts and crafts, then sit in cafés and enjoy the beautiful scenery. In the middle of town is Town Square Park, with shady trees and a gazebo in the center.

After passing through the town into the hills a mile or so you could see the former mansion that had seen many uses. A mansion, built by the owner of the mines, later converted into a sanitarium for the mentally ill, and now reimagined again into a memory care facility, group home.

The transport van pulled off the main road and onto the long driveway. As it passed by the private cemetery that was started by the original owner, and later added to by the insane asylum for patients who died in the asylum with no relatives claiming their body. The van pulled up to the front entrance, Abby had already arrived and was waiting for them.

The back door of the van opened and the Attendant jumped out and then Dr Mark. The attendant started pulling out the gurney with Lucy strapped down too. The driver got out and helped pull out the gurney of the van.

They rolled a gurney in the front door and down the large hallway lined with doors with room numbers and the name of the patient on it. Abby walked ahead of the gurney and stopped in front of door number 6, which had Lucy’s name on the door. They rolled her in and smoothly transferred Lucy to her hospital bed.

Dr Mark and Abby thanked the transport driver and attendant as they left. Abby let her night nurses know about the new patient. Abby told them that her and Dr Mark would get the new patient settled in.

Dr Mark checked all of Lucy’s vital signs, as Abby connected a large urine bag to Lucy’s catheter and hung it on the end of the veil bed. Dr Mark started an IV drip. Abby placed the nasal cannula in Lucy’s nose, ran the hose to the oxygen bottle attached to the bed. Next start to slide the wide Segufix waist belt under Lucy and attach it to the bed. Abby then laid the wide top belt over Lucy’s waist and locked it. Dr Mark strapped down her feet. Next Abby placed Lucy’s wrists in the canvas cuffs connected to the wide belt.

“Well, I think she is all ready,” Abby said. Then she pulled out her camera and took some more pictures of Lucy unconscious, strapped in her hospital veil bed.

“Okay,” Dr Mark said, “I think we are done for tonight.”

“Yes, she is resting comfortably, would you like to come up for a drink?”

“Well of course!” with that Abby zipped up the veil bed’s side netting and locked it.

After Abby and Dr Mark went upstairs to Abby’s living quarters, Abby poured Mark and herself a glass of wine. Abby sat down on the couch by Mark and turned on the TV. She switched over to the security cameras in the facility. She clicked around the cameras through all the rooms, stopping in Lucy’s room, and zoomed on Lucy sleeping.

“Lucy looks like Sleeping Beauty,” Mark said.

“Yes, if she had the hell beat out of her,” Abby replied.

“Well you’re right, but that’s what you need her to look like to fool the caseworkers.”

“Oh, I agree!”

“So Abby, why did you strap Lucy down in the veil bed? She could not get out without someone letting her out, and for another thing she is unconscious.”

“Well, Lucy confessed to me that she liked medical restraints and made the request to be in restraints and much as reasonable. So I thought she would like the pictures of herself strapped down.”

Dr Mark laughed and said, “well, so she is one of us. So did you tell her about the basement?”

“No! I will introduce her to the basement later after we get a replacement patient.”

The basement looks normal enough, just a place for overflow and storage. But on the far wall is a heavy metal door with an old large padlock. Behind the door is what is left of the old insane asylum. Abby had all of the building above ground renovated and re-designed it to her group home. She claimed she ran out of money and left the basement most like it was, making the first room of the basement storage, but behind the metal door was the hallway with cells and padded rooms that Abby wanted to use for her own games.

Over the next four days Abby reported that she was back to six patients to the state inspectors and on the third day a caseworker came and got copies of the folders and took a quick look at Lucy. “Wow she looks like a mess,” the caseworker said, Then asked about the restraints. Abby explained that the doctor suggested it. If the patient wakes up she may start to struggle and hurt herself. The caseworker was satisfied and left. Abby looked at Lucy and touched her face and said well that was the first big test, and you passed. Then she checked Lucy over and then zipped up the veil bed and locked it.

On the fifth day they cut back the pain meds and sedatives. Lucy started to awaken. Abby was there alone and asked Lucy how she felt. Lucy, still very groggy, tried to speak but couldn’t say anything intelligible.

“Okay, let’s try this,” Abby said, “shake your head yes or no. Are you in any pain?” Lucy moved her head, no.

“Do you know who I am?” Lucy tried to smile and nodded her head, yes.

“Okay that’s good,” Abby said with a smile, “so do you remember why you’re here?” Lucy nodded again.

“Okay so as you wake up more it should be easier for you to talk. It is still going to be hard with your mouth wired shut. Also the less you say to the nurses is better. Around them, just act kind of confused. Okay?” Lucy nodded her head in agreement!

“Oh and I hope you like that I have you in medical restraints!” Lucy smiled and nodded yes. “I gotta go, I will be back, don’t go anywhere,” Abby said as she zipped and locked the veil bed closed; within a minute Lucy was fast asleep.

Later Lucy woke, feeling movement around her. She lifted her head up and saw a nurse changing her diaper. The nurse looked up and said, “you’re awake, I was just changing you. My name is Anna, I am your nurse. Do you know why you’re here?”

Lucy tried to talk, then pretended that she realized that she couldn’t open her mouth.

“Okay honey sorry but your mouth is wired shut, you have a broken jaw. Do you remember what happened to you?” Lucy tried to make a sound, and shook her head no. “Well when I am finished I will get the medical director of the facility to come speak to you and explain what happened to you.”

Anna finished up cleaning up Lucy and secured her legs back into the straps. “Okay honey, I will come back later, and I will have Ms Abby come talk to you.” With that Anna zipped the veil bed side closed and locked it, then walked out and closed the door behind her. Lucy laughed (as well as she could laugh, with her jaw wired shut). This is going to be a lot of fun! Lucy thought.

Later, the door opened and Aunt Abby walked in and closed the door behind her. “Hello sweetie, how are you doing?” Abby asked.

Lucy did her best to say she was doing fine, but It came out as barely intelligible gibberish.

Abby smiled and said, “I think you said you’re fine, right?”

Lucy nodded her head yes and tried to say “that’s right,” but once again it was unintelligible.

Abby smiled again and said, “well it looks like the jaw wired shut is doing its job, to make you sound like you're the victim of a brain injury.”

Lucy smiled showing the stainless steel wires that locked her jaws shut, and nodded yes.

Abby said, “how about we raise your bed to a seated position for you?” She pushed the button to raise the back of the bed up. “Okay that’s better. So I feel like I should just ask you yes or no questions for the time being. Is that okay?”

Lucy nodded yes!

“I am sure you would like more restraints,” at which Lucy smiled and nodded, “but for right now this is all I am allowed by the medical board. Maybe when you’re recovered more, and you start behaving badly, we can arrange more restraints! Abby smiled brightly and so did Lucy!

Abby turned on a speaker and soft classical music started playing. “Okay my dear brain-damaged patient, I will leave you alone to rest and recuperate,” Abby said with a mischievous smile.

Lucy looked around her room and thought, how wild was it that I am a patient (or a prisoner) in a memory care facility, strapped down with five point restraints, locked in a veiled cage bed! This is amazing! Definitely an easy way to make money! I hope Aunt Abby doesn’t find a new patient too soon, I think I’m going to like this job! She closed her eyes and nodded off to sleep.

The next few days were the same as the rest. Nurse would take care of Lucy’s feeding and changing her diapers, Abby would visit and read to her about the symptoms a patient with traumatic brain injuries would display. She encouraged Lucy to start acting out. Lucy, as it turned out, was a very good actress; so good in fact that the nurses never suspected that Lucy was not really what she portrayed. Abby was very pleased and so far Lucy was happy to play her part!

A few weeks later Abby came into Lucy's room and closed the door behind her. Abby looked through the Kevlar mesh netting at Lucy. Lucy turned her head towards Abby and smiled.

“Good morning sweetie I have a surprise for you!”

Lucy had been working hard since her ‘injury’ and now was able to speak, however her words were slow and hard to understand. “What… is… it?”

Abby smiled and said, “Dr Mark and I are going to take you on a field trip!”

“Where”? Lucy asked, looking confused.

Abby smiled as best she could, and said, “we got a summons from the Health and Welfare department, they want to have you committed to our care. It’s just a formality, because of your condition and lack of family, to their knowledge. They wanted to make sure that you did not slip through the cracks of the mental health system. Actually it’s quite a compliment to my facility, that they have complete confidence in our facility to have you placed in conservatorship with us!

Lucy was in shock, she tried to speak but nothing intelligible was coming out! Abby looked at her and said “please sweetie, calm down. This doesn’t change our agreement. I'm going to get you out of here as soon as I get another patient. But we have to go to the court and get you placed in conservatorship or they will discover what we are up to, and neither of us wants that!”

Lucy finally calmed down, telling herself it was okay, she was just playing a role and Abby would let her out as soon as she could. Besides, Abby told her that to transport her to the courthouse she would get to be placed in more and different restraints, this piqued Lucy’s interest.

Abby and a nurse came in the room pushing a wheelchair with a pile of stuff on it. Hello Lucy we are here to get you dressed and take you to see some nice people who want to meet you! Abby said in a sweet voice.

Lucy just rolled her head from side to side and mumbled. Abby and the nurse placed all the equipment on the table in the room. Then the nurse walked over to the veil bed, and unlocked and unzipped the side panel. She proceeded to change Lucy’s diaper, then disconnected Lucy’s catheter from the night bag hanging off the end of the bed, and connected a leg bag and strapped it to Lucy’s leg. Abby and the nurse unlocked the magnetic locks on Lucy’s restraints and slid Lucy into a sitting position, legs hanging off the bed.

The nurse asked Abby if she was concerned that Lucy might get violent. Abby looked at Lucy and smiled and said “I think she will be fine long enough to get her suited up for transport to the court house.”

The nurse and Abby removed the hospital gown and put a sports bra on Lucy. They then took a gray colored jumpsuit that had a zipper that went from the bottom of the leg to the crotch and continued to the other leg bottom. So the whole bottom of the jumpsuit opened up. Also it had a zipper on the back of the suit. They unzipped the jumpsuit and put it on the floor at Lucy’s feet, then had Lucy step forward into the jumpsuit. Next they pulled it up and placed Lucy’s arms inside the sleeves and then Abby zipped up the back zipper of the jumpsuit and the nurse zipped up the legs and crotch zipper.

Lucy felt a little click on the back of her neck and she looked down and saw the nurse placing magnetic locks on the bottom of the jumpsuit legs. Lucy smiled and thought, wow I am in a locking jumpsuit! She knew anti-strip jumpsuits were for stopping or minimizing patients with a tendency to diaper dig, and disrobing behaviors at inappropriate times or locations. Lucy did not expect to ever be wearing one, but she was thrilled!

Before she had time to take it all in, Abby slid a blue colored safety vest and harness over her head and Lucy heard the locking buckles snap shut. The vest was made of rip-proof nylon, and could not be removed without the keys. Lucy looked down and could see there was a medical alert symbol printed on it and had words below that, but because of the angle she could not read them. They placed her wrists in leather cuffs and attached them with a short tether to the D-ring on the sides of the vest. Lucy could still move her arm, but could not reach out. Next, Abby slid white canvas mittens onto Lucy’s hands and laced them on. Abby looked up and smiled then said we don’t want you to grab anything or anyone, do we? Lucy looked and made noise for effect.

“You must be getting tired,” Abby said, ”let’s get you a seat in this nice wheelchair here.” The nurse pushed the wheelchair up behind Lucy and Abby guided Lucy down into the wheelchair. Abby lifted Lucy’s feet onto the foot rest and strapped her legs into the foam leg blocks. The nurse placed straps on Lucy, one around her waist and below her breast.

Lucy was in heaven, she was in more medical restraints then she thought she ever would be. Abby sent the nurse on her way. After she left Abby locked the door behind her, then said, “okay sweetie, how do you like these restraints?”

Lucy said as clearly as she could with a jaw wired shut, “I love it!”

Abby said “I am glad! Will you be okay sitting this way for a few hours?”

Lucy said yes, and nodded.

“Okay! I'm going to pull your hair into a ponytail and use hairpins to keep your hair from covering your surgery scar. We want the people at court to see what happened to you, also you still have black eyes so everything is perfect!”

Lucy said, as best she could, that she saw the medical alert emblem on the front of her safety vest, but asked what it said underneath?

“Well, it gives your cognitive condition. It states ‘traumatic brain injury / non-verbal’. So people know not to expect too much from you.” Abby smiled, “so at your hearing in court, please don’t form words, just talk gibberish, once in a while. This is your big acting debut!” Abby walked to the door and said, “I will be back!”

A little later she returned and told Lucy It was time to go to her conservatorship commitment hearing. Lucy was a little scared but tried to smile. Abby walked over, sensing Lucy’s fear and held Lucy’s face with her hands. She kissed her on the forehead then said, “Lucy please don’t worry, I will let nothing bad happen to you, because you’re my favorite niece and more importantly you’re my patient.”

Lucy smiled and said as best she could, “Okay, Aunt Abby I trust you, please take care of me.”

Lucy was feeling very dependent on her caregivers (which Indeed she was), but it felt comfortable and comforting in a strange way. It was freeing not to be in control and having everyone take care of all of your needs. Lucy was surprised how easy she was adapting to her role as brain damaged patient.

Abby smiled and said, “I will always take care of you sweetie!”

Then Abby said, “We must get going, we don’t want to be late for your first court appearance!” With that she walked around and started pushing the wheelchair with Lucy out of her room and down the hall to the waiting handicap van.

The lift was lowered down and down and Abby rolled Lucy on the platform and locked down the wheelchair. Abby pushed the button and the platform lifted up and pulled it into the van. Abby closed the van door and jumped in the driver's seat.

As they drove out of the driveway of the group home Abby said, “isn’t this fun, a field trip!”

Lucy tried her best to smile and nodded her head yes. After a few minutes they were in front of the beautiful Victorian courthouse.

“Okay it’s time to test your acting skills.” With that Abby pushed the button to have the lift platform move Lucy and her wheelchair out of the van and lowered it to the ground. Abby rolled Lucy down the sidewalk to the handicapped entrance. They passed a few people walking by. Once inside, there were more people, each one trying not to stare as Lucy was rolled past. Lucy saw a few pitying looks cast her way when people thought she wasn't looking. She found it oddly exciting; little did they know that she was just acting, playing a role to save her aunt's group home, but strangely enough she was starting to enjoy being like this, the center of attention.

Abby continued to push Lucy’s wheelchair down the hall and turn into a set of double doors. A person opened the doors for them Abby said thank you and Lucy rolled her head and gave a ‘lights are on, but nobody’s home’ look. Lucy was in awe of the beautiful courtroom they were in. I was old and grand with beautiful woodwork! Dr Ride was already seated at the defendant’s table in front of the judge’s bench. Abby rolled Lucy up next to the bench, locked the wheel locks and sat down next to Dr Ride.

The judge walked in. “All rise,” said the court official. Lucy tried to stand up, she had forgotten that she was strapped in her wheelchair. Fortunately it just looked like a spasm she was having. The judge walked up his bench and sat down. He banged his gavel and called order in the court. “Dr Ride, what have you got for me today?”

Dr Ride stood up and said, “Your Honor, the state health and safety department has asked us to petition you to have our patient Lucy Rockford committed to our care at Claremont Manor memory care center.”

The judge looked at the papers that the court clerk handed him. “Okay, it looks as if everything is in order. It is so sad this poor woman has no family to visit or look after her.” The judge again looked at the papers.

During this time Lucy just rolled her head about and mumbled unintelligently. The judge asked the doctor, “do you feel that her condition is permanent or is the hope of a recovery to normal functions?”

“There is always hope. I have scheduled cognitive therapy for her and the director of Claremont Manor memory care center, Ms Abigail Collins, is more than capable to perform all the treatments required to help our patient to her full capacity; however much or how little that will be.”

The judge looked at Abby and said, “So, Ms. Collins, are you willing to take on this patient?”

“Yes your honor, we have been caring for her since Dr Ride put her in my care. My team and I will give her the best care possible for as long as she needs it.”

Alright, all the paperwork looks in order. Then he said, “it is the finding of this court that Ms Lucy Collins is to be committed to the Claremont Manor memory care center, under civil commitment for conservatorship, on the basis of grave disability. I hope with the Doctor and the memory care center staff’s help she can recover as much as possible. Case dismissed.” With that he banged his gavel.

Abby walked over to the court clerk and picked up Lucy’s commitment orders and thanked the judge and the clerk, then returned to the desk with Dr Ride and Lucy.

Lucy was amazed throughout the proceedings that she was really being committed to the memory care center. It was surreal, exciting and scary at the same time.

Abby said, “Okay, well, you’re committed to my facility for the foreseeable future, or until I get my next patient.” Abby smiled a big bright smile. Lucy just rolled her head and mumbled unintelligibly.

Dr Ride said had an appointment and had to run, but he would be by later to check in on his girls.

“Okay Lucy, let's get on our way,” Abby said as she started pushing Lucy’s wheelchair out of the courtroom. As they rolled out of the courthouse and toward the parking lot, both Abby and Lucy could see people looking at Lucy. When they got to the van and Abby lowered the lift down and rolled Lucy on it and locked it in place. Abby pushed the button to have the lift rise up and retract inside the van.

After Abby jumped into the driver's seat of the van, she looked back at Lucy and said, “I hope that the people staring doesn’t upset you?”

Lucy gave her best smile and slowly said, “no, as an actress I feel it means I am doing my job and playing my role well.” Then, looking a little embarrassed, “it’s kind of fun.”

“So you’re enjoying being disabled?”

Lucy looked a little ashamed, but said that yes she was.

“That’s great, so instead of going back to the memory center let’s go to the park for some fresh air and sunshine.”

“Okay, but are you sure?” Lucy said.

Abby smiled and said, “Yes! It will be fun!”

Then they were off to the town park. It had beautiful green grass, trees, a playground for children, paved walking paths and park benches to sit on.

After Abby unloaded Lucy and her wheelchair from the van, she grabbed a small soft sided ice chest. Then told Lucy she had her lunch and a drink in it. Then Abby rolled Lucy over to a snack bar to get herself some lunch.

Abby rolled Lucy’s wheelchair up to the snack bar, then ordered a sandwich, Lucy took the opportunity to do some more acting. She rolled her head back and forth while making unintelligible sounds. After Abby ordered she looked down at Lucy and said, “it’s okay little one,” then wiped the drool off Lucy’s chin. The drool that Lucy had purposely forced out of her mouth for effect. Other patrons of the snack bar stared at Lucy, but trying to look like they weren’t.

Abby pushed the wheelchair away from the snack bar to a park bench overlooking a pond with little ducks swimming around.

“So, as long as no one is nearby you can talk, but when somebody comes by, you’re Lucy the disabled patient.”

Lucy chuckled, and in her best voice said “okay, Aunt Abby.”

Then Abby walked over to Lucy’s wheelchair and extended a collapsible IV pole integrated into the wheelchair. Abby then retrieved a bag of liquid food, and a tube to feed Lucy. Abby unlocked and unzipped a flap in the jumpsuit over Lucy’s feeding tube port and connected the tube and hung the bag on the IV pole. Abby sat down on the park bench and ate her own lunch.

“I am glad you’re enjoying yourself, I was afraid when I first asked you to do this for me, you would have been hating life after a few days. But it’s been almost a month and you still seem to be liking it.”

Lucy said, as best she could, that she was surprised also that she was not just tolerating it, but enjoying the complete experience!

“That’s great! We are heavily advertising for new patients, but if you had to stay with us at the Claremont Manor memory center in your present condition, for another month, would you be ok with that?”

Lucy started to talk, but saw some people walking down the path towards them and Lucy rolled her head around then made unintelligible sounds and drooled. Abby looked up as the older couple turned off the path and walked up to them.

The couple introduced themselves and explained that when they were younger they had a son with CP, and they know how people will shun people with disabilities. So they just wanted to walk over and say hello.

Abby put down her sandwich and said that her name was Abby and she pointed towards the wheelchair and said, “This is Lucy.”

The lady looked at Lucy and said, “Hello!” Lucy gave the lady a blank stare and drooled. The lady asked Abby, “does she know what is happening around her?”

Abby smiled and reached over and rubbed Lucy’s face. “We are not sure. The Doctor is hopeful that she will recover some of cognitive abilities. I'm not so sure.” Abby smiled again at Lucy and rubbed her face. Lucy rolled her head to the side and drooled some more.

Lucy thought, okay Aunt Abby I think you’re starting to enjoy this way too much! Lucy gurgled - her new way of giggling, while still staying in character.

The lady said, “That's so sad. What happened to her?”

Well, the report is, she was riding her bicycle and lost control and hit the curb with her face. She broke her jaw. It’s wired shut and her brain started swelling and as you can see here. Abby turned Lucy’s head. This is where they cut into her skull, to release the pressure on her brain.

“I am so sorry!” the lady said, “are you her mother?”

Abby smiled and said, “no I am her nurse and caregiver. I own the Claremont Manor memory care center. I had to take Lucy to court today to be committed to the memory care center, and on the way back I thought Lucy might enjoy some sunshine in the park.”

“So you own the old asylum?”

“Yes, but I have had it refurbished and now it’s a memory care center.”

“Sorry! I meant no disrespect, but when I was a kid and the insane asylum was open, we all heard all kinds of stories.”

“Well that was before my time. But I can assure you that we have a clean, safe and humane place to help people with their issues. Why don’t you come over for a tour and I can show you around and you can visit Lucy, I am sure she would like that. Right Lucy?”

Lucy just rolled her head and drooled.

“Well I may do that, if you mean it?”

“Yes, of course just give me a call and we can arrange a time.”

“Thank you, we must be going now.” The old couple walked away.

“Well that was fun, so as I was saying, if you had to stay with us at the Claremont Manor memory center in your present condition, for another month, would you be ok with that?”

Lucy smiled. “Yes, with two conditions.”

“What are the conditions?” Abby said, looking a little perplexed.

“I would like to go out on field trips like this. Also even if you do find another patient I would like to continue to be your patient, till the end of summer.”

“Okay, we can do that. I will keep you as my patient till you have to go back to college. So you like being my patient and being out in the public?” Abby asked with a smile.

Lucy, looking a little embarrassed said, “yes, l know it's evil and I should not enjoy this, but I do. I’m hooked.”

Abby rubbed Lucy’s head. “It’s okay that you like doing this.” Then Abby kissed her on the forehead. “Okay sweetie, I need to get you back to the Claremont Manor and locked down in your bed!” Abby said with an evil grin.

Abby rolled Lucy over to the van, loaded her up and drove back to Claremont Manor. Lucy was in heaven!


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