The Twin's Gift

by Tyler Knotts

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© Copyright 2004 - Tyler Knotts - Used by permission

Storycodes: MFF/f; bondage; kidnap; reluct; X

The Twin's Gift
by Tyler Knotts
The Twin's Gift by Tyler Knotts

I have twin girls, Seka and Sela that I keep as bondage pets and occasional sex slaves.  I don’t even know their real names and don’t really need to.  Hell, I don’t even know if they’re really sisters!  They claim to be twins and play that up all the time by wearing matching clothes, shoes and wigs.  It’s kind of juvenile I guess but they are cute as hell, and of course every guy dreams of nailing twin sisters, right?  They are both brunettes (when they’re not in disguise) and are tall and shapely.  I’m a leg man and both their sets go on forever.  Both girls are very athletic and powerfully built.  I tell you, they could both kick my ass and overpower me… and sometimes I let them!  These two are crazy sexy too and will do anything for a thrill.

I met Sela at a fetish nightclub about a year ago and we hit it off right from the start.  We seemed to share common interests and she’s led a very exciting life.  I met Seka for the first time when Sela brought her over for a romp in the sack.  Sela said,  “I’d like you to meet my sister”.  They shared a giggle and quick glance.  “She’s going to join us tonight”.  Seka’s been around ever since.

Seka is the more aggressive of the two.  She’s never cruel to her ‘sister’ but she’s been known to play a little too rough with some of our other ‘guests’.  Sela is far more flirtatious, but at the same time nurturing and caring.  Sela is something of a soul mate to me.  I met her at a time in my life when I needed to share more of myself with another person.  Never the ‘C’ word of course!  Sela was looking for straight, pure, regular freaky sex and games.  I was only too happy to oblige.

Anyway, I was about to finish a huge project that went very well and the girls wanted to celebrate.  They wanted to do something extra special for me but were having the worst time coming up with just the right surprise.  I’m something of a news junkie and we were all lying around in the bed one night watching the Channel 2 late news.  Lesli Walker was reading the newscast and she is really hot.  Sela asked me if I’d like to “have one of those” for a gift.  “Well sure, why not?” I replied, playing along.  I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but I should have seen the wheels turning behind Sela’s eyes when her only reaction was that mischievous smile of hers.

I came home a couple of weeks later and the girls met me at the door.  I had barely put my stuff down when they practically assaulted me and asked me to allow them to give me the new present they’d acquired.  Both girls were naked except for some excessively heavy make-up and new wigs, which gave me a bit of a rise…if you know what I mean, “What’s with the kooky getups?” I asked.   “Never mind, just do as we say” Sela replied.
Now I really knew something was up because Sela rarely spoke to me in such a manner. Seka constantly challenges my authority, which caused me to punish her…which is obviously her goal in the first place.

In this instance I decided to allow them their dominance and just play along.  Sela and Seka hurriedly undressed me.  The girls channelled their excitement and enthusiasm thru me and soon we were all in a virtual frenzy.  Sela pulled the mask that I use for our ‘Masked Intruder’ games over my head, and then tied a scarf over that as a blindfold.  I didn’t resist but I did find that bit damn peculiar.  At any rate they had me stripped and blindfolded in no time and began leading me to our ‘playroom’.  Seka clearly enjoyed being in control and would give me the occasional fluff and smack on the ass along the way.

Imagine my shock and surprise when the image that greeted me when Sela removed the blindfold was that of a bound and gagged Lesli Walker from Channel 2 News!  Lesli was naked except for a thick leather ringed collar and some black leather knee-high boots.  Her arms were cuffed securely behind her back and she was firmly ballgagged.

Sela was very excited to tell me how they captured Lesli.  I didn’t deny her the thrill of telling me her story and this is what she told me:

Sela said that she and Seka drove to the TV station to begin the hunt.  The girls stalked Lesli for a few days to try and learn her daily habits better.  Once they were confident in Lesli’s routine Sela worked out the framework of an abduction plan.  Lesli turned out to be something of a surreptitious partner in the setup due to her remarkable predictability. It seems that she has a real mean shopping streak and returned to the local mall at least every few days.  Once Sela had the mall routine figured out she decided to case the place more closely to learn about the security on site.  Of course ‘mall security’ is a term better suited to a teen-comedy than a reality.  After a couple of dry runs Sela felt completely confident that she and Seka could pull this off.  Sela told Seka that they were ready and that the next time Lesli returned to the mall they were going to take her.

Like clockwork Lesli returned to the mall a couple of days later, and when the girls were able to park next to Lesli’s car the girls decided to put their plan into action.  “When Lesli went into the mall Seka and I went over the plan one more time.  I started putting on the disguise I brought and trying to keep Seka calm.  She was really excited and started hyperventilating!  I noticed that Lesli had a habit of parking near Nordstrom’s. Fortunately the security cameras in that lot are angled more towards the middle and back. We parked near the front of the store.  This made the grab more tricky but you only live once!”

I started to freak as I learned more because all of a sudden I was an accomplice to felony kidnapping and Sela could sense my anger starting to rise.  “Shhhh, just calm down, nobody saw us,” she pleaded.  “How the fuck do you know?” I asked.  “Because” she continued “we were very careful, and the only thing people would have noticed was Lesli Walker driving away from the mall”.  “Huh? I don’t get it” I questioned. 
“Well, I’ll show you” Sela stated.

She left the room and returned a couple of minutes later with a wig that matched Lesli’s hair perfectly.  “This is what someone would have seen if they had bothered to look”.  I have to admit, Sela looked for just like Lesli Walker.  I was amazed.  “You didn’t let me finish my story” Sela said, and started to pout.  “I’m sorry” I apologized, “but how do you know nobody saw you?”  “Well” Sela replied, “We’re all here and there’s no cops beating down the door…right”.  “Go ahead with the story, sorry for interrupting” I knew when I’d been bested.

“Ok, so we were able to park the Element next to her car.  Seka watched her go into the mall while I put on my disguise and got the restraints ready.  Seka watched the mall entrance with binoculars to spot Lesli the moment she came back out the door. When Seka saw her returning she spun around in the chair and said, “Here she comes…are we on”?  “We were both confident and ready so I gave the final go ahead.  Seka reached into her bag and pulled out the taser she carries.  She powered the taser up and gave it one last check.  Seka took a couple of deep breaths and calmly got out of the driver’s side while I unlatched the swinging side door”.

“Seka made her way around to the front of the Element just as Lesli walked up to her car. Seka played this part great!  She acted all excited and asked, “Oh wow! 
Aren’t you Lesli Walker from Channel 2?  Can I have your autograph?”  Poor Lesli never knew what hit her!  Before she could utter a peep Seka had closed the distance and inserted herself between the two cars, directly in front of Lesli.  I was sort of peeping out the side glass waiting to jump in.  Seka reached into her bag like she was looking for something to write on and then pulled out the taser.  She stepped up and landed it firmly into Lesli’s ribs.  She doubled over and I swung the doors open immediately.  I’m telling you the whole thing only took five seconds!

“I reached out and grabbed Lesli and pulled her into the car.  She was still kind of twitching and whimpering and had this really frightened expression on her face.  Her eyes really bugged-out when she realized I was disguised to look like her.  Seka jumped in after her and closed the door.  We had this little honey all to ourselves!

Seka rammed a ballgag into Lesli’s mouth while I was struggling with her hands.  I finally got her hands cuffed behind her back and Seka helped me take her skirt and hose off.  We finally ended up giving her a good spanking until she started crying.  After that she calmed down a bit and seemed resigned to her capture.  I took her handcuffs off and Seka helped me pull off her blazer, top and bra.  We put the cuffs back on her wrists and another pair on her ankles and then improvised a nice hogtie.  She was so adorable lying there are trussed-up and ballgagged that we couldn’t resist a little heavy petting.  Lesli started whimpering again until Seka threatened her with the taser.”

“Seka and I decided to wait a few minutes before leaving.  We decided that if anyone had seen us and called mall security we’d give ourselves up.  I figured that I could claim the whole stunt was a college case study or some bullshit.  The taser was turned down really low and she wasn’t really hurt.  It didn’t even leave a mark…as you can see.”  I walked over and gave Lesli a thorough going over and didn’t see any evidence of the taser.

“After Seka and I were satisfied that nobody saw us we decided it was safe to leave. Seka jumped into the driver’s seat of the Element while I went through 
Lesli’s bag to find her car keys.  I sort of gave her a smack on the ass and said, “See you at home”.  Seka took off and I gave the parking lot one last good look before I jumped into Lesli’s car and drove away.”

“After we got her back here we strapped that dog collar on her and hauled her into the side room to get her ready for our party.  Sela then leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I had to get Seka away from her eventually; you know how she gets sometimes”.  I wasn’t surprised.  I shared a knowing glance with Sela because there was no way the two of us were going to allow Seka to beat Lesli up.  I’m not that fuckin’ stupid.  “Seka held her still while I put those boots on her…I know how much you love them”.  I had to admit Lesli looked magnificent.  Sela and Seka were so proud of themselves they were beaming.  For my part I was feeling completely stunned and amazed.  On the one hand I was excited and exhilarated at the prospect of the sex games we could play with our new friend.  Everybody needs a little ‘strange’ now and then!  On the other hand I was scared shitless of being caught and spending the next five years playing ‘hide-the-soap’ in the state pen.

Sela could tell I was more than a little nervous so she turned to Seka and asked, “Can you give us a minute alone?”  Seka smiled as she pulled out her ‘pocket-rocket’ and began menacing Lesli with it.  Seka grabbed the ring on the captive’s collar and led her to the back like a prize pony.  “Now then”, Sela addressed me firmly in the eye, “We are going to enjoy this experience.  Seka and I went to a lot of trouble to give you this gift and I would think you’d be a little more appreciative of our efforts”.  “It’s not that I don’t appreciate this” I countered, “It’s just that if we get caught we could do some serious time.  I mean, what happens if… “Shhh” Sela stopped me with a finger across my lips, and her hand around my already swelling penis.  “Trust me,” she continued as she sank to her knees and took me into her warm, beautiful mouth.

Sela and I walked into the back room to catch the final few moments of Seka giving Lesli an amazing vibrator workout.  Seka had removed Lesli’s ballgag and was half cradling her, with her legs pushed apart.  Seka was French-kissing Lesli and working her crotch at the same time…breathtaking!

Both Seka and Lesli were winded after their session and so Sela gave them some water and brought a towel to clean Lesli up a little.  Lesli was still scanning the room wide-eyed and asked, “What are you going to do to me?”  Sela answered, “We’re all just going to have a little fun together.  I suppose I should say something menacing and catchy like ‘do as we say and nobody gets hurt..’, but I’ll spare you that.  We’re going to keep you here for a day or two and share our bodies with you.  We’re all clean and we will of course use protection.  You really should feel honored.  You are here by special request of our master, and Seka and I don’t share our man with just anyone!”  “But you kidnapped me and now you’re keeping me hostage and molesting me!   My station is expecting me to check in at any time and if I don’t call soon…” “That’ll be enough of that,” said Seka as she reapplied the ballgag to Lesli’s beautiful mouth.

Lesli began crying again as I approached from across the room.  Seka stood alongside Lesli and held her firmly in place, with her arms still cuffed behind her back.  I stroked Lesli’s crotch a few times and sniffed my fingers like one would with the cork from a bottle of fine wine.  The aroma was sweet and exquisite!  I held my fingers beneath Lesli’s nostrils and offered her a whiff of herself.  She pulled away in seeming revulsion and Seka smacker her hard across the face.  Lesli was at first stunned and then began to sob more heavily.  “We don’t need any of that!” I scolded Seka harshly. 
“Cooch is an acquired taste” I continued and pacified Seka by allowing her to lick my fingers clean.

Both of my girls were really hot and horny by now and were eyeing up Lesli like a piece of meat.  Seka started that weird, low humming sound she makes when she’s getting ready to pounce, and pounce she did.  Seka grabbed the now frantic Lesli by the hair and pulled her down to the floor.  Lesli let out a muffled howl of pain behind her ballgag. Seka continued wrestling with the subdued girl as Sela teased up my penis…not that it needed much help!  When my member was at full attention Sela applied two condoms to it.

Sela and I engaged in some deep tongue action while keeping an eye on the main event. We would shout out encouragement to the contestants, but of course Seka had things well under control.  She rolled Lesli onto her belly and clamped her legs in a very secure scissors hold.  Seka then proceeded to administer a very stinging spanking to the helpless girl’s well rounded ass.  Lesli resisted for a time but was exhausted from the ordeal and her struggles were decreasing rapidly.  Seka left her victim gasping on the floor and retrieved another pair of cuffs.  When Seka left Lesli made a valiant effort of standing and moving toward the door.  Seka returned with the new cuffs and keys and flipped Lesli back onto her belly.  “Not so fast sweetheart” Seka admonished, “I’m not through with you yet”.  Seka placed one clamp from the new cuffs onto Lesli’s left ankle and then unlocked the clamp from her left wrist.  Next, Seka rolled Lesli over onto her back while keeping her firmly under control by the wrist.  Seka then cuffed Lesli’s wrists and ankles together.  Lesli was firmly trussed up, hand and foot and was about to be prepared for her next ordeal.

Lesli again offered token resistance until Seka clamped her hand over Lesli’s already gagged mouth, pinning her head to the floor.  Next, Seka produced another vibrator and addressed the bound Lesli in as comforting tone as she was capable of, “Just relax honey, and go with it”.  Seka began working Lesli’s crotch and soon all her remaining resistance melted away.  The two hotties were soon swaying back and forth in time on the floor and Lesli was moaning in pure ecstasy.  Sela gently stroked my erect penis, playing the moment for maximum effect.  When both Lesli and I were ready to erupt, Sela grasped my rock-hard member and began to lead me forward and down onto the restrained girl.  I offered slight resistance until Sela whispered in my ear those magic words once again, “Trusssst me”.

I mounted Lesli and pumped away at her for many minutes.  Sela and Seka pulled me away after a time and laid me on my back.  They then managed to hoist Lesli on top of me still bound wrist to ankle, and placed me inside her once again.  Lesli merely turned her head and laid her cheek on my chest, resigned to her fate.  A thin line of drool escaped her lips and ran down my ribs…pure rapture!  I grasped Lesli’s upper arms and pulled her back onto me harder and harder until she uttered a deep moan beneath her gag and released her warm juices onto me.  I exploded into the condom at that moment and lay back completely drained.

“Well that was certainly fun and exciting!  I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did, baby” I exclaimed to the naked and panting Lesli on top of me.  The girls pulled Lesli back off of me and I hauled my exhausted frame up off the floor.  I turned to address my two girls.  I took Sela and Seka by the hands and looked intensely into their eyes.  “This was an amazing experience and a wonderful surprise Sela, thank you my darling” I complemented her and kissed her deeply.  A single tear ran down Sela’s cheek as I stepped away from her.  “And Seka…my enforcer…and my loyal slave, I thank you very much as well”, I said, and kissed Seka lightly on the lips.  Seka was of course stoic, as usual.  “I suggest we all get a good night’s rest because tomorrow we have to figure out how to get her out of here…and how to keep all our asses out of jail!” I continued and began to pace around the room, worried again at the ramifications of what had taken place.  “Just trust me darling” Sela stated confidently “I’ve already made plans for that as well”.  “Uh, what do you mean ‘plans’”? I stuttered.  “You know we can’t do anything…permanent to her, right”?  “You must learn to trust me,” Sela countered.  “I haven’t failed you yet, and I will not fail you” she purred.  Goddamn this woman knows how to make a man feel like a man!

“Clean her up and make sure she’s fed; and then put her to bed” I instructed Sela before I retired for the evening.  “Can she sleep with us?” Seka asked in her best 
little-girl voice. “Of course” I allowed.  If history was any indicator the girls’ new playmate was in for some furious heavy petting and strap-on action!    Lesli started whimpering as the girls lead her off to their bedroom by her leash.  She looked so cute and submissive, finally!

If things had ended just like this it would have been the most amazing experience of my life.  But, I was in for one more surprise.  The next morning both girls led 
Lesli, still handcuffed and ballgagged, from their bedroom.  I thought I detected something of a giggle from the three of them and hoped that Sela was able to convince Lesli to go easy on us.  Seka removed the cuffs and Lesli strutted across the room and locked lips with Sela!

It turns out that Sela had some sort of past relationship with Lesli, and Lesli was something of a bondage girl herself…when she wasn’t reporting about mayhem and destruction.  Lesli was only too happy to help Sela out with her little stunt.  I’ll tell you, this girl needs to go straight to Hollywood because all her hysterics and resistance sure had me fooled.

So as I stood there with my head still spinning from the latest revelation Lesli casually walked over to me and reached into my robe.  She grabbed my penis and rubbed it up a little and then offered me a whiff.  I pulled away from her hand as she threw her head back and howled with laughter.  She simply scratched the end of my nose and said, “You’re cute!  That was a lot of fun!”  I must have made a bunch of strange noises in my complete amazement because all three girls burst out laughing.

Lesli strode to the bathroom to get dressed.  When she returned I walked her to her car.
“Listen” I began “I’m really glad you played along with all this.  I was scared shitless when they took that blindfold off and I saw you there bound and gagged.” 
“Oh don’t worry,” she countered “When Sela called and told me what she had in mind I was only too happy to help out.  Didn’t she tell you that she and I are sisters?”  I didn’t question her.  “I didn’t even mind Seka playing bad cop too much.  Sela warned me about her.  I kinda liked it; enough so that she and I have a ‘play date’ next weekend”. 

It turns out they never used a taser on her, but they did abduct her from the parking lot.  That experience was Lesli’s price for participating in the event.  I told her, 
“If nothing else, you have a Channel 2 exclusive!”