The Torment of Lorraine Baker

by [email protected]

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Lorraine Baker turned her head sideways and looked at herself in the playroom mirror. She was restrained lengthwise on the padded horse, with her wrists and ankles locked to the four legs of the wooden device. Resting on her chest was far better than sitting upright on the horse, even with the padding. When seated on the horse with her entire weight bearing down on her sex it seemed like she was being cut in half.

She was an attractive 29 years old, with blonde hair and blue eyes; and she stood 5’ 5” in her stocking feet. Lorraine had a lush figure with a 39 inch bust; a 26 inch waist; and 37 inch hips. She managed to keep her weight down to 130 lbs; meaning she was a beautiful girl; and she would attract attention wherever she went.

Working as a corporate trainer at a major bank meant that she had no trouble socially. While other employees were off limits (though there were plenty of quiet relationships going on); she had other people she could and did date and even sleep with.

Lorraine never had any problem attracting either men or women to her. Both sexes had tried to seduce her over the years, and she had slept with both; but even though she preferred men, there was still something missing in her relationships.

She had never been a fan of romance novels, but her girlfriends devoured them by the dozen. Then they had passed them to Lorraine and she had read them out of curiosity. They got her hot, but not hot enough. What she wanted was a man who would rip her clothes off, tie her up, beat her with a whip, and then fuck her brains out.

But in these politically correct times, where men were now afraid even to throw a pass (one guy she dated told her she was the one who had to make the first move); Lorraine thought that she would never meet the man she desired.

Lorraine satisfied her sexual urges by reading online BDSM novels; joining a website that produced bondage pictures and videos; and using her vibrator imagining that she was naked, bound, and being whipped herself.

Of course she only used her own laptop for that; never daring to use her work laptop for her sexual interests. If she lost it or was stolen, or she had to turn it in, her secret might be exposed. To keep both of them distinct she used as wallpaper a woman dressed in black shiny latex, wearing matching high heels, her hands bound behind her back, a collar around her neck, and a red ball-gag locked in her mouth.

Every time that Lorraine would start her laptop her heart would beat faster, her nipples would get hard, and her pussy would get wet. If only she could meet a man who would fulfill her secret desires.

Then she had met the man of her dreams at a party last summer in the Hamptons on Long Island.

Todd Boyd was 32, with piercing black eyes and matching hair. He stood 5’ 11”; weighed 150 pounds, and was very fit. He was an electrical engineer by trade, and very intelligent and attractive.

They slept together on their first date, and on their third, he pulled her over his knees and gave her a mild spanking that made her wet with desire. Then he screwed her brains out. By their fifth date, he had introduced her to submission, and Lorraine knew that she had finally met the man she had been missing her whole life.

How could she admit to her girlfriends what she really desired was a man who would tie her up and discipline her? That went against everything that she was supposed to believe as a woman.

Lorraine pulled at her bonds, which secured her to the horse. There was no escaping the steel and leather that confined her, no matter how she tried to free herself. Locked around her neck was a D ring collar; and she wore matching D ring bracelets on her wrists and ankles. Also around her neck was a red ball-gag which Todd had placed there for easy access during a scene. The only other thing she wore was a pair of four inch red leather high heels that were locked onto her feet with a small keyed lock in the ankle strap.

The heels had been a gift from Todd; she had worn them out on dates and once to the office. They were both her fuck me heels and her discipline ones as well. Whenever she wore them, Lorraine knew that she was going to get disciplined or fucked, and usually both. But Todd always kept her guessing.

Lying lengthwise on the horse meant that her bottom hole and sex were exposed and easily available; along with the back of her thighs. She could be whipped or cropped, and then taken from behind. Which was her favorite sexual position anyway; though few men were brave enough to do so.

But not Todd. He would take any way he chose, in any position. Before or after discipline, she never knew which.

Lorraine wondered why he had bound her in such a strange position; since he usually liked all parts of her naked body to be available for his use. Normally, she would be hanging from the ceiling; her limbs separated by spreader bars and her feet would just be touching the floor. She would only be able to twist her naked body, but she could never avoid the whip. Not that she wanted to…

She surveyed the playroom, and took stock of the fact that in the months since she had become Todd’s submissive everything had been used on her. She had been locked in the jail cell and the small wooden cage. She had been hung from the ceiling; and Todd had used the whip, cane, flogger, and riding crop on her naked body. Lorraine glanced at a wooden rack that held the instruments of her discipline. There was an “X” frame; and even a medieval rack.

There was also a small sink and mirror, and a leather-clad bench that she and Todd would sit upon together when he brought her down emotionally after a scene. Also, he had even fucked her on the bench after a delicious whipping. What could be better than sex after being punished?

In the mirror, Lorraine saw the red rubber ball-gag that was hanging around her neck. She loved being gagged. Taking away the power of speech made her totally helpless and unable to protest her bondage and discipline. Sometimes, she even had an orgasm just from wearing the rubber ball in her mouth.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the playroom door opened to reveal the entrance of Master Todd – and a female guest. Lorraine did not say anything, remaining silent.

In her time as a submissive they had attended three play parties; and at the third Todd had done a demo of the whip with Lorraine. She had been hung from the ceiling, and he had shown the proper use of the whip on her naked body. Lorraine had been proud that her Master had used her in public; and she had taken the stripes with pride.

Now she was again going to be used in front of another person. Her only question was, who was she?

The visitor was a woman in her thirties dressed in a black latex bra and matching skirt; along with black latex stockings and opera gloves that ended above her elbows. Lastly, she was wearing a pair of black thigh high leather boots with three inch heels. That showed that her boots were for actual walking, not just for show. She was very attractive, with a beautiful figure, hair, and face.

Todd was wearing a black leather vest, black t-shirt and jeans, with a pair of soft black boots. He closed the playroom door behind them; and they walked over to the horse.

“Gail, this is my new submissive Lorraine. She is still new to the scene, and I have been training her these last few months. Lorraine has been training very well; and she enjoys the whip,” he told his companion.

“Really. It’s rare that one finds a true submissive. They have to be trained first,” Gail replied.

“Lorraine,” Todd began, “say hello to my friend Mistress Gail. I have invited her to watch our session tonight, as well as to use you herself.”

“Good evening, Mistress Gail,” Lorraine answered.

“Thank you.”

“Gail and I have been friends for many years, and is a skilled Mistress. She will have you screaming in pain and pleasure tonight.”

“Thank you, Master,” Lorraine replied.

“May I examine her first?” Gail asked.

“Of course. Would you care for a rubber glove for her asshole?”

“Yes, thank you,” Gail replied.

Todd passed her a rubber glove and sat down on a wooden throne on a raised dais. Gail walked over to Lorraine and immediately began to inspect her charge.

Lorraine remained silent as her already hardened nipples were pinched and her breasts fondled.

“Are you planning on having her ringed?” Gail asked.

“Perhaps, I haven’t decided,” Todd answered.

“How about a token in her pussy lips?”

“Again, that will be a decision for the future.”

“I always have my girls ringed, it reminds them that they are owned,” observed Gail.

“To each his own,” said Todd.

Gail then walked behind Lorraine and placed the rubber glove on her left hand. Then she inserted her index and middle finger into Lorraine’s sex.

“She’s already wet,” determined Gail, “horny bitch.”

“Yes, that’s why she’s a true submissive.”

“You’re a very lucky man indeed.”

“Thank you, Gail.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I won’t need any lubricant, will I?” Gail asked.


Gail then removed her fingers from Lorraine’s sex, and then carefully inserted them into her bottom hole.

“She’s tight. Have you used her bottom at all?”

“Just a couple of times. She’s really not into anal sex, and I respect her wishes. Besides, she loves the whip.”

“So you keep telling me. I want to see her perform under the lash,” said Gail in a calm voice.

“I’ll hang her from the ceiling, and then we can put her under the whip,” Todd answered.

“Excellent,” said Gail as she removed her fingers from Lorraine’s asshole.

In a few minutes, Todd hung Lorraine from the ceiling chain. Her wrists and ankles were held apart by spreader bars, and her high heels were barely touching the floor. Two small chains were attached to eye hooks in the floor, which would limit her attempts to twist and avoid the whip.

Naked, she was totally exposed to whatever torment that her Master and his female guest would now mete out to her. Lorraine did not care who held the whip. Just so long as her naked body would again bear the stripes of discipline upon her vulnerable flesh.

She could see herself in a mirror on the playroom wall. She was hanging naked and in chains, a collar around her neck, and the ball-gag loosely dangling from her neck as well.

“Would you care to begin?” asked Todd.

“Thank you,” Gail replied.

Todd resumed the seat on his wooden throne and Gail stood directly in front of her naked, helpless captive.

“What is your name?” Gail asked.

“Lorraine Baker.”

“Who owns you?”

“Master Todd.”

“Have you been used?”

“I have been spanked; whipped; cropped; flogged; my nipples have been clamped; I have been gagged; and have worn a chastity belt and a butt plug. I have serviced both men and women,” Lorraine described her use in a matter of fact voice.

“How have you been used sexually?” Gail questioned.

“Master Todd has used my mouth and my cunt, but rarely my bottom hole, at my request.”

“How have you been used by women?”

“The same, but obviously I am not into fisting. I don’t like either a fist or a cock up my bottom.”

“But you have worn a butt plug?”

“To please my Master, so that he may use my bottom hole more easily for the couple of times that he has taken my nether hole.”

“Are you afraid of permanent damage?” Gail questioned.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Your honesty is to be commended. There are far too many women in the scene who do not understand what they are getting into. Did you do a lot of research before you sought a Master?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Excellent,” Gail replied, “and have you always wanted a man who would use the whip on you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I only wish that I had discovered you myself. From Todd’s description you are a wonderful submissive.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“You’re welcome.”

She wondered how her female co-workers would think of her, the Corporate Trainer, as a disciplined submissive. Her sex life was a total opposite from the type A personality she was at work.

“How do you want to be used today?”

“Please use the whip, Mistress.”

“I may draw blood. Is that all right?”

“No, Mistress. That is too far for me.”

“I understand. I can still whip you to a frenzy without drawing blood. What is your


“Gem,” Lorraine answered.

“Thank you, we can begin.”

Gail clicked her heels over to the rack where Todd kept his toys. She selected a coiled back leather whip that Lorraine knew very well: not only was she used to being disciplined with it, it was also her responsibility to keep it clean and oiled as well.

She then walked back to Lorraine, and presented the handle to her captive.

“You know what to do.”

“Thank your Mistress for the discipline that I am about to receive,” said Lorraine as the handle was presented to her lips, and she kissed the handle passionately.

“Excellent,” commented Gail.

“You have lovely breasts and a nice bottom,” Gail complimented her captive.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“How do you feel about them being marked by the whip?” Gail questioned.

“I love the whip, Mistress.”

“I see that you are covered by a tracery of fine white lines on your flesh from previous sessions. Isn’t that going to be a little hard to explain to a man not in the scene?”

“Should I ever leave my Master I will explain truthfully that I was a submissive to any future lover,” Lorraine stated.

“Very admirable, Lorraine. But be aware, once you have entered the scene, it’s very difficult to leave. What I have heard from many women over the years is that once they’ve gone under the whip, they are disappointed by ordinary vanilla sex,” said Gail.

“Mistress, I was always wanted something more than ordinary sex in my life. I always desired a man or woman who would place me in chains and place me under the lash. This is what I have always wanted,” Lorraine replied.

“Interesting,” said Gail, “now we begin.”

Gail stepped back and let the whip uncurl on the floor. To gauge its length she cracked the whip a few times, seeing how the leather behaved.

“You will count out every stroke. If you miss one, then I shall start again and I shall place the ball-gag in your mouth.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. Now I shall see if Todd is telling the truth about your capabilities.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Swish, crack. “One.”

Swish, crack. “Two.”

Swish, crack. “Three.”

Swish, crack. “Four.”

Swish, crack. “Five.”

In her time as a submissive Todd had let others discipline her, so she had learned that every Dominant was slightly different. Gail was evidently a harsh Mistress, since her strokes were hard from the very beginning.

“Feel free to scream, if you want,” advised Gail, pausing her whipping, briefly.

“Thank...thank you, Mistress,” replied Lorraine.

Swish, crack. “Six.”

Swish, crack. “Seven.”

Swish, crack. “Eight.”

Swish, crack. “Nine,”

Swish, crack. “Ten. Ahhhh.” Lorraine had finally reacted to the whip.

It was a normal human reaction for her to twist in her chains to try and avoid the whip, even as she wanted the leather to strike her naked and exposed body.

Lorraine was as skilled with the whip as her Master Todd was. The whip struck her bottom, her breasts, her thighs, her back, and her pussy. Her ability with the whip was so proficient that she was able to wrap it around her body above and below the vulnerable kidneys.

She watched herself in the mirror as her naked body was striped by the whip, seeing her breasts and thighs sprout red lines to indicate the targets of the whip.

Swish, crack. “Eleven.”

Swish, crack. “Twelve.”

Swish, crack. “Thirteen.”

Swish, crack. “Fourteen.”

Swish, crack. “Fifteen.”

Lorraine again glanced at herself in the mirror. Her naked body was now covered by a series of stripes; and droplets of sweat reflected the ceiling lights. Every time the whip struck her body, she instinctively twisted and tried to avoid the whip, but without effect.

Swish, crack. “Sixteen.”

Swish, crack. “Seventeen.”

Swish, crack. “Eighteen.”

Swish, crack. “Nineteen.”

Swish, crack. “Twenty. Owwww.” Lorraine screamed when the whip landed a hard blow to her breasts, which she was unable to defend.

Gail paused her discipline and coiled the whip in her right hand, and walked up to Lorraine, who hung helplessly in her chains.

“You are a lovely woman, Lorraine. Do you really desire the whip?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Are you a female masochist?”

“Yes, Mistress. I desire the whip regardless of whoever wields it,” Lorraine answered.

“That is quite an admission. Usually it takes a submissive quite some time before they can admit their true nature; that takes training. It is a cliché to say that you were made for the whip, but that seems to be the case here,” Gail observed.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I hope you are aware that this makes you quite a valuable property. There are many owners that would pay handsomely for a slave with your potential,” said Gail.

“I belong to Master Todd,” Lorraine stated firmly.

“Yes, and that is admirable. But a submissive with your potential is rare indeed,” Gail observed.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Let us continue then.”

Mistress Gail then stepped back and uncoiled the whip once more. It was a natural reaction for Lorraine to tense within her chains, even as the prospect of more discipline beckoned that she desired.

Swish, crack. “Twenty one.”

Swish, crack. “Twenty two.”

Swish, crack. “Twenty three.”

Swish, crack. “Twenty four.”

Swish, crack. “Twenty five. Aieeeee.”

Mistress Gail made certain to circle about the helpless Lorraine, so that the whip would not strike the same place twice. Every part of Lorraine’s naked and exposed body soon was adorned with the red stripes left behind by the whip.

In addition, Mistress Gail had begun to use even stronger strokes of the whip, in order to test how experienced Lorraine was under the lash.

“I think it is time that we raise the stakes,” said Mistress Gail.

She clicked her heels over to the wall rack where Todd displayed his toys. She removed a linked pair of nipple clamps, which she first displayed to Lorraine.

“Has Master Todd ever used these on you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”


Mistress Gail then proceeded to place them on Lorraine’s erect nipples. They were two pieces of metal with rubber tips at the ends, and they closed by use of a metal slide. Lorraine gasped when her right nipple was confined, and then her left suffered the same fate.

They were joined together by a metal chain, and Mistress Gail gave it a firm pull. Even though she was bound Lorraine tried to move her helpless body forwards to lessen the pain on her nipples.

“Sensitive, isn’t she?” Mistress Gail commented.

“After she’s been trained, I’m sure that she will be able to take a lot more pain. Isn’t that right, Lorraine?”

“Yes, Master,” Lorraine quickly answered.

“She responds quickly,” Mistress Gail observed.

“Yes, she learned that after just one session with the whip,” Todd replied.

“Then she will be easy to train,” said Mistress Gail.

“Yes,” Todd agreed.

Lorraine, of course, knew to remain silent unless directly asked a question. Failure to do so would have resulted in an immediate punishment.

“Shall we continue, Lorraine?”

“Yes, Mistress Gail.”

Swish, crack. “Twenty six.”

Swish, crack. “Twenty seven, aieeeee.”

Swish, crack. “Twenty eight, aieeeeee.”

Swish, crack, “Twenty nine, aieeeeee.”

Swish, crack. “Thirty, aieeeee.”

“I love your screams, Lorraine. Feel free to continue,” Mistress Gail ordered her helpless captive.

Lorraine stole a quick glance at herself in the playroom mirror. Her breasts, thighs, and legs all bore the signs of the whip. There were red marks everywhere, and she knew without seeing that her naked back would have been thoroughly striped as well.

Mistress Gail had been steadily increasing the force of every stroke of the whip, and Lorraine was now screaming every time the whip struck her naked body. Still, this was what she had always wanted. What she had fantasized about. Being placed in bondage and tormented.

At home, she had once watched an adult video, and one female character had said to another that nice girls don’t get whipped. Well, Lorraine was a nice girl, and she did want to get whipped, and a lot more besides.

Lorraine’s naked body was now covered in a fine sheen of sweat, and droplets ran down her armpits, tummy, and between her naked thighs. Even in her distressed condition, Lorraine could smell the scent of her arousal that the whip had generated in her naked body.

“Does she come under the whip?” Gail asked her host.

“Yes, and soon too,” Todd answered.

Swish, crack. “Thirty one, aieeeee.”

Swish, crack. “Thirty two, aieeee.”

Swish, crack. “Thirty three, aieeeeee.”

Swish, crack. “Thirty four, aieeeeee.”

Swish, crack. “Thirty five, aieeeeee.”

“She screams very well,” Gail observed.

“Lorraine has learned that pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin,” Todd replied.

Lorraine began to shake and twist in her chains, as she felt the unmistakable signs of an oncoming orgasm. The harsh whipping, her implacable bondage, her beating heart, had all sexually aroused her in a way that normal vanilla sex could not.

“Mistress, may I come?” asked Lorraine.

“Not just yet, darling, just a few more strokes,” Mistress Gail answered.

Swish, crack. “Thirty six, aieeee,”

Swish, crack. “Thirty seven, aieeee.”

Mistress Gail was now delivering one harsh stroke after another, and Lorraine knew that each time her naked body was being marked by the whip. Her screams of pain belied the fact that this was what she always wanted in a relationship. She twisted in her chains in a futile attempt to avoid the whip, but all she succeeded in doing was to scrape the floor with her high heels. Hung in the shape of an “X” her naked body was vulnerable and exposed to the whip.

Swish, crack. “Thirty eight, aieeee.” Lorraine let loose an especially loud scream when the whip found it’s way between her legs and landed on her shaven sex.

Swish, crack. “Thirty nine, aieeee.” Choosing a different target this time, the whip struck her back and shoulder blades.

Swish, crack. “Forty, aieeeeee.” Lorraine screamed even more loudly when the whip landed on her exposed and defenseless breasts, and incredibly the nipple clamps still held onto her exposed and erect buds.

“You may come,” Mistress Gail ordered.

Like a battery that had stored up energy, Lorraine (who had demonstrated immense control) suddenly released her sexual energies in a sudden burst of orgasms. Like a tsunami, one orgasm after another tore through her naked and chained body.

“Oooooooh. Oooooooh. Ooooooooh,” Lorraine cried as her sweat covered and punished naked body discharged all of her stored sexual tension all at once.

After the ordeal of her severe discipline and her eventual sexual climax, Lorraine hung exhausted in her chains.

“You’re right,” Mistress Gail observed, “Lorraine is a promising submissive indeed, thank you for letting me use her.”

“The evening is still young,” Todd replied, “now you’ll see how she performs in the bedroom.”

Lorraine, of course, remained silent in her bondage, her naked body striped from the whip and her pussy wet from the sexual climaxes that she had been given permission to have by Mistress Gail.

Two hours later, after Lorraine had bathed, eaten and allowed to rest the night continued in Master Todd’s bedroom.

Master Todd sat naked at the head, nude with his legs opened and holding a riding crop in his hands.

Lorraine was on her hands and knees, collared with matching bondage bracelets on her wrists and ankles, and the red rubber ball gag still tied around her neck. She was totally naked, and her body bore the signs of the whipping that she had undergone.

At the foot of the bed stood Mistress Gail. She was totally nude as well, holding a riding crop. Except that she wore a dildo harness around her waist with a large rubber cock protruding.

“Todd, I always wanted one of these. Perhaps I might have earned more at my job had I been a man instead of a woman,” said Gail as she unrolled a rubber condom over the latex shaft.

“You may have been born without a cock, my dear, but you have more than made up for it by the use of the whip,” Todd observed.

“Thank you, darling. I’ll be happy to give you the nicest blowjob for that compliment.”

“You’re welcome, Gail. Except that now Lorraine will be servicing me. “You may begin, Lorraine.”

“Yes, Master.”

Lorraine bent down and took the flaccid shaft of her Master into her mouth. She was not in a rush, since that would displease him. Instead, she began to suck gently, her lips taking his organ into her mouth. Her tongue circling his glans, then running under his shaft to lick his balls.

She took the scent of his male arousal into her nostrils, and inhaled the heady, salty sweat of his organ into her nose, which sent her into instant sexual desire. Her nipples were hard again, and her sex wet. Ever since she had met Todd, he had always kept her in a constant state of sexual readiness.

Sometimes he would phone her, and order her to masturbate. She would always have a pair of nipple clamps along with a vibrator nearby. Todd did not want to deny her orgasms or sexual pleasure when she was alone. He wanted her hot at all times, to keep her ready for both the whip and his bed.

Just as she felt Todd responding to her efforts, she felt Gail’s hands begin to caress her naked back. It was then that Todd began to gently tap her back and shoulders with the riding crop to encourage her to suck his slowly lengthening shaft.

Then she felt Gail’s hands grasp her hips, and she opened her legs a bit wider because she knew that impalement from behind was going to be Gail’s next test of her. Lorraine was not disappointed when she felt the latex clad rubber shaft first gently probe at her exposed pussy lips, and then was suddenly rammed inside her.

With her mouth full of Todd’s cock she managed to avoid biting him, which would have resulted in a severe punishment indeed. Lorraine had learned the arts of erotic control as his submissive; and now she was demonstrating them for her Master and his guest.

“Mmmmmmmph,” was all that Lorraine managed with a mouthful of cock and a second rubber shaft inside her sex.

Being taken from behind was her favorite sexual position. Of all the men she had ever been with, Todd was the only the second one who used her in this manner. The first had been an early lover who she had had a brief fling with over a summer. After that she had always asked her newest boyfriend to fuck her from behind, but all they ever did was to screw her under the covers, missionary position.

It wasn’t until she had met Todd that she finally had the man of her dreams, who place her under the lash and in bondage, and then take her sexually in the way she always wanted.

Lorraine sucked and slurped, and gradually Todd’s erect shaft filled her mouth and down her throat, the top of his cock nudging the roof of her mouth. Her Master showed expert erotic control of his sex. Other men would have come too quickly, ejaculating too fast. But not Todd. His cock was rock hard within her mouth, matching the rubber shaft now thrusting deep within her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmph,” Lorraine moaned.

There was nothing comparable to be taken in her mouth and pussy at the same time. She felt like a common whore, which also excited her deeply.

When jets of Todd’s come spurted into her mouth, she began a frantic effort to swallow his sperm, as he had taught her at the point of the riding crop. It was at that same moment when her stimulated cunt came in response to the pounding it was taking from Mistress Gail’s shafting of her.


“Aaaaaaaaah,” Todd groaned as he spent himself in his submissive’s eager and willing mouth.

From behind, Mistress Gail continued to pound away at her pussy, which was sopping wet. Lorraine had never felt anything like this before, and was truly enjoying every moment. The combination of first discipline and now having her mouth and cunt used simultaneously was a wholly new experience. If this is what being a submissive meant, then Lorraine wanted more.

“Mmmmmmmmph,” Lorraine moaned as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through her naked body.

She stole a sideways glance at the bedroom mirror, and was proud at what she saw. There she was, Lorraine Baker, corporate trainer, being trained herself in the erotic arts. Perhaps next time, she would be able to take fifty harsh strokes with the whip.

“Stand still, my dear,” ordered Mistress Gail.

“Yes, Mistress,” Lorraine answered quickly.

It was Sunday morning, and they were again in Todd’s playroom. Both Master Todd and Mistress Gail were dressed alike in black t-shirts and jeans, except that Gail was wearing her usual black high heels.

Lorraine was naked, wearing nothing but her collar and the locking high heels upon her feet. Mistress Gail was now going to make her helpless once more.

“Palm to palm, Lorraine.”

Lorraine did as she was instructed, and felt the leather armbinder being pulled upwards over first her hands, forearms, and then elbows. She stood in silence as the zipper was pulled upwards to close the device over her limbs. Watching in the mirror, Mistress Gail then closed a small strap over her wrists, followed by one over her elbows. Lastly, two straps crossed her shoulders. There was no way that a naked girl could ever escape such a device. It pulled her arms back, making her flaunt her breasts.

Mistress Gail then retrieved a small chain from the toy rack, attaching one end to a metal ring at the end of the armbinder. At the other end of the small chain was another chain with just a few inches. First her right ankle was attached to the small chain, and then the left.

“You look simply wonderful, sweetie.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Lastly, the same nipple clamps were again attached to her erect buds. But then, finally, Lorraine was rewarded when Mistress Gail took the ball-gag from the rack, and from behind motioned for her to open her mouth.

Lorraine eagerly complied, and soon the red rubber ball was held within her mouth. She was now bound and gagged and totally helpless.

“Mmmmmmmph,” was all that could escape her lips.

Mistress Gail then took the riding crop from the rack, and held it in her hands. The handle was in her right hand, and when she grasped the tip she flexed the crop directly in front of Lorraine.

“Now, my dear, I want to see how you respond to being bound and gagged while I crop you. Don’t disappoint me.”


Mistress Gail began by gently pulling at the chain that connected the two nipple clamps together. This forced Lorraine to take careful steps to comply.

Then Gail began to use the crop slowly, with small taps to her exposed thighs (which, of course, she could not close); and her bottom. After the harsh whipping that she had received the day before, this mild punishment seemed easy by comparison.

Standing directly in front of her captive, holding the small chain in her left hand that connected the two nipple clamps together to make sure that Lorraine would not flee. Mistress Gail then began to use the crop between her legs with her right hand. Like a metronome, she alternated striking first Lorraine’s left thigh and then her right. The impacts stung the most sensitive part of her female anatomy, and she moaned behind her gag.

For some reason unknown to her, perhaps it had been by design, perhaps by accident, neither of the two Dominants had chosen to gag and punish her at the same time. It was almost as if they had decided to further torment her by not placing the red rubber ball in her mouth.

Lorraine could have called out her safe-word “Gem” at any time, but had decided not to. Truth was, she craved discipline, the harder the better. For days afterwards, she would admire her marks in her full length bathroom mirror.


Mistress Gail then began to strike her pussy with the crop, hitting her exposed and vulnerable sex lips. Since she was shaved there was no protection for her sex, and she squealed with the ball still in her mouth.


“Stop pretending, Lorraine. I can tell when a submissive enjoys her punishment, and you’re a classic bondage slut. You just love being punished with the ball in your mouth, now don’t you? By taking away the ability to protest, you have to endure whatever punishment I will give you. And you enjoy it totally. Isn’t that true, bitch?”

Lorraine nodded her head in agreement. Mistress Gail could see right through her.

“I know your type very well. You’re the haughty bitch who needs punishment most of all, isn’t that true?” demanded Mistress Gail.

Lorraine wished that she did not have the ball in her mouth so that she could contradict Mistress Gail. That she wasn’t a haughty bitch, but a woman who had dreamed of meeting a Master who would place her in chains and beneath the lash.

But she could not argue with a Mistress, and certainly now while bound with a ball-gag in her mouth. All she could do was to stand there in her high heels and accept whatever punishment that Mistress Gail would mete out to her.

“Mmmmmmph,” she moaned as the crop slashed away at her naked body.

But she would have it no other way.


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