The Tome of Fantasies

by Darkblood

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© Copyright 2021 - Darkblood - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; mast; toys; majick; rope; hogtie; armbinder; collar; gag; hood; spreader; strappado; cons; X

Julia Croft was rappelling into the hole she had dug up. The cave was deeper than she had expected, but she had given herself more rope than she thought she needed. She reached the floor after a few minutes into her descent, hitting the stone floor softly. The only light in the cave was that of the glow sticks on the floor and the headlamp she was wearing. She turned her head towards the temple's facade, light illuminating the different shapes and statues, when she stopped on the face of a stone sculpture. It was a statue in the likeness of Eris, goddess of strife and discord, and this was her long lost temple. Julia smiled to herself, it had taken her years, but she finally found the thing people kept telling her was impossible to find. Croft jumped at the crackling in her ear before Carlos voice came through :

“So, is it there?”

Julia smiled wider, she would never tell him this, but she always found his voice comforting, soothing even. She never really knew why, but it had always been so since their teenage years.

“Oh yeah, and it’s magnificent!” she replied.

Carlos laughed softly over the comms. Then added, “As always Miss Croft, you were right! Your name will go down in history.”

She didn’t reply at that but kept smiling, cracking a few extra glow sticks then throwing them closer to the temple's entrance. The cool and damp air of the cave gave her goosebumps, or maybe it was the strange look of the statue. Julia could swear it was like it was following her around with her stare. She shrugged it off and kept moving towards the gateway, being careful not to slip. Not that it was hard, she had spent most of her life not only getting her degree in archeology, anthropology and Greek mythology but she had also trained herself in mountain climbing, horse riding, boxing, bow hunting and firearms. All of this had made her a formidable person to deal with. Smart and with an amazing body. Fit and curved in all the right places. She was well aware of the effect she had on the opposite sex, and rather enjoyed it, but could never have more time than the occasional fling due to her pursuit of education and physical fitness. Not that she minded, her passion was exploration, and right now she was in heaven.

“No witty comeback? Wow, you must be really concentrating,” said Carlos.

Julia laughed and replied, “Yeah, sorry, got distracted by these statues, so hauntingly beautiful. Here check it out…”

At that Croft took out her cellphone and took a picture of Eris, and sent it to her friend outside.

“Statue is in pretty good state, you would think after over a millennia it would have collapsed,” replied Carlos.

Julia agreed, it was rather strange. The gateway must have been at least 20 feet high, no door, as is the Greek temple fashion. Once inside, she was on high alert. She had already been in old temples where some of the traps were still deadly. She let Carlos know where she was. He acknowledged then stayed quiet. She appreciated the communication she had with him. They always understood each other, like an unspoken bond. When you know someone that long, it just becomes natural, she guessed. Somehow, while going through the motions of cracking glow sticks, taking pictures and making sure that there were no deadly surprises, she found herself thinking about her friend upstairs. She may have never had time for a relationship, but she kind of had one with him. They were living in the same house (mansion really, inheritance from her parents), worked together and she never valued anyone’s opinion more than his. If she were to have sex with him, then they’d be officially a couple.

Julia started to fantasize about her best friend. He was thin but not skinny, a wonderful swimmer's back that would turn any woman’s knees to jelly, tanned skin all year around, a nice face with intense black eyes and a smile that always made her happy. Julia paused and shook her head. She was wondering why she was getting these thoughts now? Sure, she’d thought about him in that way sometimes, not often and never during an expedition. Maybe it was the fact that it had been a few months since her last fling? She had a healthy collection of toys for when she was home to entertain herself, but it never matched the real thing. Horniness may be affecting her perception of him.

When Julia snapped out of her reverie, she noticed she had reached the inner sanctum of the temple. It was a circular room with only one entrance/exit, inside on the walls were beautiful murals of the goddess in several states of undress and multiple partners sharing in the pleasure. “Good for them!” thought Julia. On the floor, all around the chamber, she saw pots, golden plates, and unlit candles. She used her old zippo to light them all and give herself a better view of the room. This is where she noticed two things. First, the murals were indeed of the goddess and her different partners enjoying themselves, but she also noticed that in some of them, people were tied up or in shackles, sometimes the goddess herself. And second, in the middle of the room was a pedestal, with a leather-bound book with the corners covered in what seemed like gold.

Julia spoke through the comms to her partner, “Well this is interesting.”

Carlos answered quickly, “What is? A huge pile of gold?”

“Hahaha, no, dufus, but there is a book here, surrounded by some kinky murals. The book looks new, it makes no sense…"

“I’m sorry, did you say KINKY murals?”

Julia laughed again. “Yeah, seems Eris liked tying up people and getting tied up, if we are to believe these drawings."

At that Julia took pictures of everything, never really losing focus on the book. When Carlos received them, he whistled into the mic, slightly chuckling to himself. That DOES seem interesting, he thought to himself.

“There’s nothing in the lore or myths about a book of Eris… do you think someone set us up?” Carlos asked Julia.

“No,” she replied, “everything is old and clearly untouched, even the mural is kind of falling apart. No, the book is just… well preserved…”

Julia trailed off, she could not explain it, but it felt like the book was calling to her. Without thinking, she took it off its stand. A rush and a chill went through her, hardening her nipples and sending a pleasant shiver down her back, like when a lover kisses the nape of your neck. She snapped out of the reverie and looked at the book. Although she could swear there were no words on it before, it now said ‘The Tome of Fantasies’. Julia quickly put the Tome in her bag, grabbed a few other oddities and decided to go back.

By the time Julia was out of the hole, Carlos was deep in research mode.

“OK, so I was wrong, there is a very obscure but unconfirmed story regarding a book and the goddess Eris. It says here that Eris may have created a book to detail her tricks and mischievousness.”

Julia wasn’t listening, she was opening the book to read it, but unfortunately it was in a language she did not recognize.

Carlos, noticing this, said, “well let’s go home and start working on a translation.” Julia agreed and put the book away.

Over the next few days, bureaucracy took over. Informing the government of the find, signing the papers to confirm Julia would get the credit of the discovery, then donating the find to the Greek government. In all of this, Julia never mentioned the book. She kept it for herself, only trusting Carlos with that information. Carlos thought it was slightly odd that she kept it secret, but he trusted Julia to know what she was doing.

A week later, they were back home, and Carlos started the process of scanning the Tome of Fantasies to be able to translate it. Julia would spend more and more time looking in the book, unsure of what she would find, but unable to leave it alone.

A week after that, while Julia was in her room, trying to read the Tome, she started getting a familiar feeling. She hadn’t played with herself since coming back and she was feeling the need to rectify that. She put down the book on the bed and went into her closet, to her bag of goodies. She pulled from there her favorite vibrator, it was purple, 9 inches long and 1.5 inches wide and had multiple vibration settings.

She took off all her clothes, admiring her figure in the closet mirror, then went to the bed. She started slowly, massaging her clit slowly, rubbing the vibrator slowly over her slit, noticing she was already wet with anticipation. She started to push it into herself, still rubbing her pleasure button, but a little bit faster now. Once she felt her toy was all in, she turned it on to a low steady vibration and started to pull it out halfway, then push it in again, repeating the process over and over until she was close to cumming. Then she released her clit, turned the vibratory to full and proceeded to penetrate herself while playing with her nipples. Not long after that she came hard, her body shaking, toes curling, trying hard to not make a sound.

Once she regained her composure, she went to her bathroom to clean her purple phallus, when a thought occurred to her. A deliciously wicked thought. What if Carlos had heard? What if he had seen her pleasure herself? The humiliation would be too much but… why was she getting turned on? Especially so soon after such a wonderful orgasm?

Julia found her mind drifting to the murals in Eris temple, trying to imagine what it would be like to get tied up and used by her best friend. She did a double take, ‘used’ and ‘by Carlos’ were surprising thoughts. So vulgar and impersonal. Did she really want to be not in control, submitted to her friend? She was biting her lip and her hand was making its way to her damp pussy. She stopped herself, realizing that the temple definitely awoke something in her. It was true that in the past she had enjoyed sex a bit more if her partner would have a take charge attitude, but actually submitting? That was new for her, but not unwelcome. And Carlos…if there was anyone she could trust completely, it would be him. But there isn’t a way to suddenly bring that up to a friend. What if he wasn’t interested in her that way? Sure, she had noticed checking her out, but full on dominating her? He might freak out. She wished there was a way for her to have her cake and eat it too.

In an attempt to clear her head, she went back to the Tome. To her surprise, now she could read it, for some reason it was in English! The Tome of Fantasies seemed to discuss magic from the gods, but for the mortals to use. Julia laughed, how silly. She must be dreaming. All of a sudden she could read an unreadable book and it turns out to be a book of spells to help her realize her wishes? She was clearly dreaming. Julia pinched herself, but did not wake up and could still read the Tome.

“Well, it’s not like I have anything to lose," Julia said out loud.

She began to read with more attention, and noticed something particular. All of these ‘spells’ were related to tying or getting tied up. There were even ‘spells’ to alter a person's mental state, but these only worked if the recipient was willing. There was even one to temporarily duplicate someone, if the book was to be believed. Julia, of course, was getting curious and aroused. She didn’t believe in magic or the supernatural, but just the idea that these spells could work, was lighting a fire in her pussy that couldn’t be ignored. She made sure her door was still locked, she didn’t want to get interrupted in case this actually did work. Now according to the instructions, she just had to choose a spell and read it out loud.

Getting a bit nervous, she was thinking of forgetting the whole thing and waiting for tomorrow to share the discovery with Carlos. But then Julia thought, I am Julia Croft, I’m not afraid of anything!

She then picked the simplest spell she found: a simple hogtie. She said the incantation aloud, noticing a sudden draft in the room that wasn’t there before. Suddenly, from the book shot what looked like tendrils toward her. She shrieked in surprise before realizing what was happening.

The ‘tendrils’ were actually black rope. Soft on the skin but solid enough that she knew she wasn’t going to break free. They caught her wrists and secured them behind her back and at the same time secured her ankles to each other. Then the rope did a double pass and tied her knees together and her elbows together. Julia was happy she was flexible or else this would have been painful. Instead, because of the softness of the rope, it was comfortable and rather enjoyable. Another rope shot from the book, this one going around Julia's B cup breasts, creating a harness that exposed them prominently. And last but not least, a rope went from her ankles to her chest harness, forcing her legs to bend at the knee, bringing her feet close to her butt. Then as fast as it started, it was over. Julia was now expertly hogtied on her bed, completely naked. She at first had a small panic attack, but managed to calm down and prevent herself from calling out to her friend and roommate.

She tried to get out of the ropes, but they were quite snug. And all the knots to her ropes were out of reach of her hands, that were stuck to her rump. The surprise now gone, only left with the feeling of helplessness, Julia started to get turned on again. The feeling was electric, she could not get out, at the mercy of whomever decided to come into her room. However she still felt safe, because the spell had mentioned that it would only last for an hour. She stopped trying to free herself and then started to think of a way to relieve that itch in her nether regions. With such limited movement, finding one of her toys was out of the question. So she made do with trying to hump her mattress, rubbing her waist (and hopefully her clit) on the bed. This, unfortunately, just made her hornier, without any pay off. After a little while, she was getting desperate. Julia considered calling out to Carlos, and letting him have his way with her. That thought brought wonderful images to her head. Just as she was about to call her friend, the book once again lit up, the ghostly breeze returned, and she felt all her bonds loosen, and return to the Tome of Fantasies. Julia didn’t wait a second and buried her hand in her pussy and brought herself to the most mind bending climax she had ever experienced. Right then she heard a knock on her bedroom door that startled her. Still in the post orgasmic haze, she asked who was at the door.

“Who else, kiddo?” replied her friend.

Cursing at herself, Julia put on a bathrobe and opened the door, making sure she had hidden all proof of her naughty little debacle.

“Hey, what’s up?” she said in her most nonchalant way she could muster, while still slightly panting like she had run a mile.

“Erm, I heard a scream. I was making sure you were ok?”

Julia turned beet red. She couldn’t believe she had actually come so loudly. But if Carlos knew what she did, he wasn’t showing signs of knowing. Julia decided to play it cool.

“Yeah, sorry, I thought I’d seen a rat. Turns out it was a sock, so… Kinda feel dumb haha.”

“Ok, damn, you scared me for a sec. Glad you are ok.”

“Yes, I’m fine. Thank you for asking,” Julia said.

She had reached out to touch his arm as a comforting gesture, and he reciprocated by holding hers. They both let their thumbs pet each other’s arm, looking into each other's eyes. Julia had no idea that at that moment, both of them were thinking the same thing: to lean over and kiss. They both snapped out of the idea simultaneously, and they wished each other good night. As Julia closed her bedroom door, Carlos remained intrigued by what he heard and of the lingering touch they just experienced. He had never told Julia about the crush he’s had on her for years. He’s never acted on it for fear of losing the special bond they had and truthfully, Julia never really gave any sign that she might want more… until right now. He better put it out of his mind, focus on translating the Tome.

Meanwhile, back in her room, Julia laid down on her bed, still in her robe. With a smile on her face, she started to think about Carlos again. She started wondering what that lingering moment was. She pondered that maybe she was wrong, maybe Carlos wanted her? It was too late this evening to get into that. She decided to put everything away, place the Tome on her night table, remove the robe and fell asleep. Her dreams that night were filled with erotic images of herself in bondage, and sometimes having her friend helping her reach nirvana.

It had been a couple of days since Julia had her wonderful discovery into magical bondage when she heard Carlos swear from the office downstairs. Julia went down, wearing her trademark short shorts and tank top, black. Since she was home she had no boots or socks on, so her feet slightly skidded on the waxed wooden floor. She walked into their shared office, feeling the soft carpet between her toes, she saw Carlos standing over his desk. He was wearing a dark green t-shirt and black jeans.

“What is going on?” Julia asked.

“The translation program couldn’t find a match! Over 2000 languages and dialects, and NOTHING!” Carlos replied, a bit more intensely on the last word.

Julia didn’t like when he got like that, but could understand his frustration. Plus, she felt bad she hadn’t told him about the Tome yet. In an effort to calm him down, she grabbed his hands.

“It’s okay," she told him, looking into his dark eyes.

Carlos restrained himself from kissing her then and there and simply said, “You're right, no need to get worked up.”

“Plus, I have a surprise for you!” Julia replied with a smile on her face.

She then turned around and left the room. Leaving Carlos slightly confused, but intrigued. When Julia Croft returned, she had the Tome of Fantasies with her. She laid down the leather-bound book on her desk, pointing at it. “Check it out!”

Carlos opened the book, confused as he stared at the incomprehensible scribbles. He stared at Julia, then at the book, then back to Julia. “Check what out? It still makes no sense…”

Julia’s smile disappeared, not understanding either. She looked in the book, seeing the incantations with their colorful pictures. She saw the words, still in English. Now it was her turn to look at the book then at her tanned friend and back to the book.

“Jules, are you ok? Since you pulled that book out, you’ve been acting… different. Sleeping with the book, that scream the other night, now this?” Carlos remarked, clearly worried.

Julia had to think, so she stayed silent for a while. She eventually came to the conclusion that she had no reason to keep this secret from him.

“This is going to sound strange Carlos, but I think the book can only be read by me.”

Carlos didn’t want to judge his friend, but in his head he had to admit that it sounded crazy.

“I know, I know. It sounds crazy! But trust me it’s true!” Julia responded to Carlos’ quizzical expression.

“Ok, let’s say I believe you. Why is it only you that can read the Tome?” Carlos asked.

“Im, I may have a theory. But you can’t laugh or judge me!” exclaimed the brown haired beauty.

“I’ll laugh if it’s funny, but when have I ever judged you?” said Carlos with a laugh.

“Haha, fair enough! Ok, so when I figured out I could read it, I had just… ummm… how can I put this?” Julia said, her cheeks turning red.

Carlos stayed silent, letting his friend have the time to find her words. After a few minutes Julia admitted to her friend what happened a few days ago. Conveniently leaving out that she thought about him while doing her thing. Carlos was surprised, they had talked about sex before but not to that extent or of that nature. Bondage? Carlos never thought it would be her style, he was clearly wrong.

“Well, say something?!” Julia asked.

Carlos took his time, planned his next words carefully and said, “Can you show me? On yourself?“

Now it was Julia’s turn to be taken aback. But she had to admit that part of her was aroused and intrigued. Could she let herself lose control to her friend? She did trust him implicitly but she knew that saying yes would change their relationship forever. Her main hesitation from before had always been if he was interested in her, but by asking this, even if he didn’t believe her about the magic spells, he had proven he was ready for a change. In the end, she knew that a chance like this would not happen again. When else would she be able to explore this fantasy with someone she could trust?

“All right, that’s a good idea,” she finally replied.

Carlos started breathing again, he had not realized he had stopped after asking the question. Julia said it would be best in her bedroom, more comfortable. Julia decided to keep her clothes, to not rush things. Carlos was not objecting. She started browsing the spells, wondering what would be best? Julia now had an audience, someone who she hopefully soon would be sleeping with. So the tie had to be erotic for him and her. She already knew that however she would be tied, she would be excited. In for a penny as they say.

Carlos looked nervous. He was stressed, wondering if what he actually thought was happening, was happening. Julia suddenly found something that met her criteria and also had something new to try. She double checked the instructions then turned to her friend.

“OK, so… once it starts, don’t be alarmed, just let it do it’s thing. The spell is set to only last 1 hour, so no matter what happens I’ll be free after that amount of time. Just… don’t go too crazy.” The last thing she said was accompanied by a saucy wink. And off she went. Carlos did his best to hide his erection. This was having a stronger effect than he expected and still wasn’t sure what was coming up. Julia took a deep breath, arousal rising in her. She now was sure, she wanted this and badly too. She hoped that once she was set up, he would not be shy in his fun.

She went ahead and read the spell. The pages of the book illuminated, a breeze entered the room and items started coming out of the book. To Carlos, he had just heard his friend utter some nonsensical words and started seeing things appear from the Tome, going straight for Julia.

First a leather arm-binder joined Julia’s arms together behind her back, two straps went on her chest to prevent her from sliding the arm-binder off. On the arm-binder there were cords that were automatically cinched as tight as they could go without causing pain or discomfort to the 32 year old adventurer. On her feet a pair of under the knee-high boots with 4 inch heels were zipped up. Then 2 leather cuffs separated by a spreader bar were attached to her ankles over the boots, effectively keeping her legs spread. Following this a leather hood went over her head. The hood had padded ear covers, limiting her hearing, and only had nose holes to breathe and an attached ball-gag. It also had an attached collar with a D-ring in the front. Once the hood was put on, it tightened snuggly on Julia’s face, and a lock appeared preventing the removal without the key. Some rope snaked out then from the book, attached itself to the ring at the bottom of the arm-binder, then the black rope went over the four poster bed in her room then attached the other end to the middle of the spreader bar. It was pulled in such a way that it lifted her arms, forcing her to bend at the waist.

Everything stopped, leaving Julia gagged, blind, deaf and bent over, ass towards the man she had decided to be fully vulnerable with. Julia started moaning into her gag. She couldn’t help herself, she was extremely aroused, vulnerable and to an extent, a bit humiliated. She knew that Carlos not only had a full view of her ass, but could do anything he wanted to her. The spell would not release her until the hour was up, effectively trapping her in place. Before she actually realized, she had started humping the air. It took her no time to lose control of her libido. She knew she was already wet, due to the anticipation and the complete unknown for the next hour.

Carlos on his side saw this whirlwind of leather, metal and rope trapping her gorgeous best friend in a very erotic and sexy pose. Bent over as if waiting just for him. The boots just accentuated her beautiful taught legs. Carlos decided to embrace this crazy turn of events, she clearly trusted him, and gave him permission to enjoy it. Since he knew he had an hour, he decided to start slow, enjoying this time and making sure to drive her insane with need. He started by moving the tip of his fingers between her thighs moving up and down, never quite reaching her pussy. He knew he was having the desired effect as she started shivering and moaning behind her gag. Even through her shorts, Carlos could feel the heat of her aroused sex. He wanted to make sure this experience was the best she’d ever had. He guessed that she probably had a collection of fun toys to play with. He stopped caressing Julia’s body and went looking. She immediately started moaning louder and humping the air. She was clearly begging for him to continue but couldn’t articulate the words thanks to the gag.

Julia tried as best she could to let Carlos know that she wanted more. More touching, more pleasure. She couldn’t help but attempt to talk and ask him to rip her shorts off and fuck her, but thanks to the gag, it was all incomprehensible. She also could not see or hear him, so when he stopped playing with her thighs, she doubled her efforts to speak, in fact she was very aware that she was begging. Begging to have her clit played with, have her breasts squeezed, to feel him inside her. Being tied and having most of her senses removed, heightened everything else. The air on her skin, the feeling of leather on her, the smell of leather on her face, and especially his touch. His touch drove her mad so quickly, that her brain was in another state. She wanted to cum, no, Julia NEEDED to cum, and she knew that right now, she would do anything Carlos wanted just so she could get that sweet release.

She had no idea how long it had been, but jumped in her bonds when his hands started messing with her short shorts. She knew he wanted to take them off. She helped him by squeezing her thighs together. It was still hard though, he had to do most of the work. She was disappointed when she realized that he lowered the shorts only temporarily. She was intrigued when in the process he inserted something into her very damp sex before putting her shorts back on. Julia didn’t have to guess long when the vibrating egg suddenly turned on. This was one of hers, Carlos must have found her toys she thought. She liked this particular toy because she knew that it could be controlled by a wireless remote. She had never used it to its full potential until now. She couldn’t wait to see what Carlos was planning. The vibrations were on low for the moment, keeping her in a state of arousal, but she knew she would not climax from it. She kept humping the air, trying as best she could to beg Carlos for release. Then he started his full plan.

He raised her tank top and unclipped her bra, leaving her breast out into the cool air before playing with her nipples. That of itself was bringing Julia closer to her current obsession. Carlos then decided to also start playing with the remote. Raising the vibrations, changing the rhythm, then when she was close to cumming, turning it all back down until he was sure she couldn’t climax. During this time, he never left her breasts without attention. Always keeping her on the edge. She completely lost track of time, she could have been under his control for just a few minutes or days. It didn’t matter. She wanted to show him she could last, that she could take anything he was dishing out. Julia never really realized how it happened but somehow her need to come for her pleasure changed to wanting to please him. Unable to really make sense why she wanted that instead of her original mindset, she decided to just go with the flow. Right now, he was in charge, he made the calls and she wanted to be a good little slut for him. She wanted him to know that she wanted him, and she would do what he wanted just for a chance of getting fucked by him. At this point, she would suck him off as long as Carlos would let her cum.

Then it happened, the vibrator was turned to full strength, and while still playing with her nipples, Carlos slipped his hand into her shorts, under her panties and found her clit. All of that stimulus brought her over the edge. After what felt like an eternity, she exploded in pure bliss. Even though she could see nothing, she could have sworn she was seeing stars! By far the best orgasm she’s ever had and still couldn’t believe it happened with Carlos, her friend and confidant. She noticed very quickly that the vibrating egg wasn’t slowing down. In fact, he was still playing with her clit and now was licking her nipples. She was getting quickly back to another orgasm. The second one hit her shortly after, and seemed to last longer than the first. Her conscience disappeared behind her lust filled need to keep cumming. The third one almost felt like it was just a continuation of the previous one. On the fourth, she could no longer make logical thoughts. Was she in heaven or in hell, she couldn’t say, it was an out of body experience. She eventually passed out from the sheer intensity of the whole scenario and feelings.

When Julia finally woke up, she was in her bed, no bindings to be seen, under her covers, naked. Carlos was sitting on a chair next to her bed, the Tome open on his lap. On the night table, Julia saw a glass of water and a sandwich. Julia just then realized how thirsty and hungry she was and wolfed it all down. Carlos waited until she was done before addressing her.

“Good afternoon, beautiful.”

Julia couldn’t help but blush. “How are you?” she said.

“Haha, I am doing great, scared me for a second. You passed out, good thing we were at the end of the hour, hehe.” He replied.

“That was just one hour? Oh my God that was crazy. I loved every second of it. It was so intense!” Julia said with a smile.

She then noticed that the bed sheet had dropped, exposing her breast. She smiled at Carlos and beckoned him to get into bed with her. He didn’t need to be told twice, and quickly got undressed. For the next hour they explored their bodies, bringing each other to climax multiple times before collapsing into each other's arms and falling asleep. As they fell asleep, two thoughts crossed both their minds: one – why had they waited so long to do this; and two – the book had a lot more than two spells in it.

This will clearly not be their last adventure together.


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