The Telephone Number

by The SilkMaster

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© Copyright 2020 - The SilkMaster - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; scarf; spank; paddle; tease; mast; cons; X

He was sitting in his den reading. It was a book by Richard Bach about one of his flights in a biplane. When the doorbell chimed he thought it was odd. Rarely did any one come to his lair without being escorted. A quick click of the remote brought the front door security camera up on the television. It was a very old friend. He was always happy to see her. His heart has a very, very special place for her. He first met her online shortly after a bout of depression that almost killed him. She kept chatting with him, keeping him online, and away from the suicidal thoughts that haunted him. As he grew out of the depression, their friendship grew.

His mind wandered back to the time they first met. That was about five years ago. They had been talking online for three-quarters of a year before he flew there to meet her. It was a confusing weekend, but their friendship and love would be indelibly written in each of their hearts. "What was she doing here?" was the thought that ran through his mind.

Opening the door, with a big smile, She was framed perfectly in the doorway, such a beautiful woman. She was wearing a white satin blouse and a black pencil skirt that fell just below her knees. Black hose and mid heel pumps completed the picture. He wanted to reach out and hug her, just as she spoke up.

"Forgive me My Lord, I have misplaced your telephone number"

He recalled she was going to call the other morning. He thought that she had just gotten busy. Normally they emailed each other. It had to be a special occasion for her to come to the lair. Was she okay?

"I forgive you My Lady"

"Thank you My Lord"

She whispered as she pulled a long purple scarf from her purse. She knelt, right there on the doorstep, with outstretched arms she draped the scarf through her hands.

He knew then why she was there. Moving in front of her, he took the scarf from her hands. He drew it through his hands, feeling the smoothness of the silk. Folding it in half, he pulled it to her lips, waiting to hear her kiss it. She kissed it, then automatically reached around her neck and pulled her hair out of the way. As he wrapped the scarf twice around her neck loosely, knotting it in back, he bent down and kissed the knot closed.

"Rise please," he said as he extended his hand to help her stand. "Enter young lady." He gestured towards the large ottoman in front of his chair. "And have a seat." She walked in slowly, and sat down. Following behind her, he settled into his chair looking at her.

"What should we do about your loss of my number?" He asked quietly.

"I should be corrected, My Lord."

"I see," he said, "kneel please."

Rising slowly he went over to the closet by the front door. He pulled off his sweater, and replaced it with a smoking jacket, a dark burgundy one with a wide black sash for a belt. When he returned she was on her knees in front of his chair. Her knees were wide apart and her arms extended over her head. Sitting there staring at her lovely pose, he contemplated her correction.

"I don't believe you will need your blouse, or bra."

He said aloud. She immediately started unbuttoning the blouse and slipping it off. She folded it neatly and laid it aside. She started to resume her position but remembered he also said bra, reaching behind she unhooked and removed her bra. Folding it and placing it on her blouse.

"Do you think you will need your skirt or shoes?"

"No, My Lord."

She rose, unzipped her skirt, slipping it down the satin lining made a very familiar sound as it rubbed down her stockings. This revealed a pair of black thong panties, and a black garter belt supporting dark stockings. She pulled her pumps off and set them next to her blouse. Kneeling back down she folded the skirt and put it under her blouse and bra, raising her arms over her head back into position again.

"I will need five scarves please, and my paddle," he stated.

She rose again, and went to the scarf basket next to his chair. Quickly she found five matching scarves. Moving to the front of the ottoman, she neatly folded all five scarves into a long silken rope, and laid them down on the floor.

Walking over to the end table by his chair, she opened the bottom drawer, and saw several paddles, in many different shapes, and mediums. Leather, plastic, wood etc. In the back almost out of sight was the one she remembered. It was an oval wooden one, with the trademark purple and black leather grip. Her mind wandered back to their first meeting. He had broken one similar to this on her tush. She smiled as the memory ran its course. Getting back to the here and now, she took the paddle out of the drawer and knelt again back in front of him. She changed her ready position this time. Her knees were still apart but she lowered her head to the floor. Her arms outstretched towards his feet, with the paddle in her upturned palms.

"You are about to receive a correction. Do you accept this correction?"

"Yes, My Lord."

He reached down and removed the paddle from her hands. Looking at it and remembering the times before with her and this paddle. He slowly popped the paddle twice in his palm and placed it to his right on the end table.

"Resume your ready position, my precious."

She had not heard him speak possessively of her like that in a long time. She was warmed in her heart by it. As she rose bringing her arms back up over her head, He got up and walked around her to the ottoman. Picking up the first scarf, he laced it through the front ring in the ottoman and knotted it in the center. He placed the second scarf across the ottoman on top, after refolding it into a two inch wide silken strap. Picking up the other three scarves he moved around the ottoman tying them at the other three corner rings.

When he finished he walked over and stood behind her. Pulling her outstretched hands to his lips he kissed each palm. He slid his hands down each arm, gently pushing them down. He started to rub her shoulders, and neck. She automatically placed her hands crossed behind her as he rubbed. He smiled at her initiative. Bending down he kissed the top of her head and slid both hands down to her breasts. He rubbed them, gently massaging them, palming the nipples. He wanted to grip them. There would be time for that later, now she was here for a correction.

"Shall we continue?" he said, stepping to her side and extending a hand to help her rise. She reached up with her left hand and rose slowly. She noticed the silken strap across the end of the ottoman telling her that is the direction she should be in. He kicked one of the many large pillows scattered about the room to the opposite end. She stepped over and knelt on the pillow. She laid her tummy on the soft ottoman, placing her right cheek on the silken strap. She stretched to the front and pulled herself tighter to it, and rested her hands over the rings in front, then moved her knees wide until she felt the rear rings.

Walking around her very slowly, admiring her. Her tush was especially sexy, with the thin black thong, framed by the straps of her garter belt. Kneeling by her side, he placed his hand on her head, and gently petted her hair, and started to massage her neck. Sliding his hand down her spine, and over her tush, He smiled at her and she smiled back. He then bound her wrist with the scarf in the ring. Sliding his hand over her tush and down her thigh, gently rubbing on the silken stocking. He then bound her knee to the back ring. Standing, he moved to the opposite side and repeated the rubbing and binding process. He knelt again at her left side. Leaning down he kissed her cheek, and rubbed her head and neck.

"Are you ready?" he asked. She silently nodded yes, kissed the silken strap and closed her eyes.

He placed both his hands on her back and started rubbing up and down her spine. His right hand kept making small advances to her tush. Then larger advances' moving his hand in circles across both tush cheeks. Moving his left hand up to just below her neck, he slapped his right hand down squarely on her left tush cheek. Keeping the hand firmly where it landed. He felt her take a big breath. He looked at her face. Her eyes were still closed, but he could see she had gritted her teeth. Moving his hand on her tush in small circles then larger circles. He moved his left hand down her spine and back up. When his hand reached her neck his right hand slapped her right tush cheek. Again his hand remained where it landed. He brushed her cheek with his left; she smiled and nodded an okay. Rubbing his right hand he massaged the landing zone as he had done before. He moved his left hand down her to the small of her back. Pressing firmly. His right hand started slapping her tush with more frequency.

Still keeping the pattern of letting the hand remain where it landed and rubbing the landing zone except faster now. Again and again his hand slapped down and rubbed. After her tush was starting to turn red, he slowed, and started rubbing more and more, slapping less and less. He started rubbing more in the center now, and up and down, trailing his fingertips over the thong. He kept moving his hand lower and lower, reaching under her, sliding two fingers on the satin thong over her pussy. She was very warm, and damp. He kept sliding his fingertips back and forth over her pussy, feeling the heat grow and the dampness move to wetness. The lovely scent of her personal perfume filled the air. He was moving his left hand up and down her back. As the wetness grew his fingertips slid past the thong and into her. Slowly, deliberately one finger slid in, then two. Sliding on the wetness they teased her G spot, and pulled back away. Three fingers entered her. She gasped, and started to rock against his hand, and her bonds. His little finger started making advances to her clitoris with small circles as the three fingers stiffened together to make a firm phallic. Letting his thumb tease her anus, he pushed a little harder as she pushed very hard back trying to get more into her. The little finger pushed until it could find the base of the clitoris, and continued its circles. Twisting his hand one way then the other he was reaching for her G spot. Letting his thumb slide one knuckle deep, he started the little finger in the opposite direction. His left hand slid up her back, and on to her neck. Gripping her hair he held her head to the ottoman as she started to convulse.

Sinking his thumb deep as his fingers slid deeper he could feel her pussy grip and twist his hand. Her breathing went faster and faster, almost screaming as she came. She came hard, grinding her tush against his hand. As his little finger slowed its attack on her clitoris, her breathing started to slow as did her convulsions. He bent down and kissed her check. Her eyes finally opened. Bringing her head up, their lips met. The kiss was warm, loving, and remember-able. He slowly pulled his hand from her. Leaning over her, He whispered into her ear.

"Thank you for the orgasm."

"You’re welcome, My Lord." She wanted to thank him; she always wanted to thank him. He did not permit that. Deep in his heart he felt her orgasm was a gift to him. He always thanked her for it. Being proper she had to say “you’re welcome.”

"We still need to discuss my telephone number."

"Yes, My Lord."

He reached behind himself to the set of drawers she had retrieved the paddle from, and pulled a pair of scissors from the top drawer. Snipping the waist and back center of the thong he let it hang on her hips as he put the scissors back. Gathering the thong he wadded it into a ball, and placed it in his left hand. Bringing it to his nose, he smiled looking down at her. She smiled as well looking up at him. He brought it to her nose; she closed her eyes and breathed the scent in strongly. Looking up again she silently opened her mouth wide. He slowly rolled the wet thong onto her tongue. She closed her lips fully around it, as he captured her lips with his palm.

Kissing her cheek again he let go and pulled the wide silken strap up from the ottoman. Centering it over her lips he pulled the ends back and gently knotted the scarf behind her head, sealing the scented thong inside her mouth. Rubbing her back again with his left hand, he picked up the paddle from behind him.

"My telephone number is… 816-555-9075. That is‘eight,” as he popped the paddle eight times alternating each tush cheek.

"One." He landed the paddle squarely in the center of her tush.

"Six." The paddle landed three times on each tush.

"Five." The paddle came down twice on the left side, twice on the right and once in the center.

"Five." Left, right, left right, then the center.

"Five." Left right, left, right and center as the report of the paddle filled the room.

"Nine." The alternating pattern rang four times on each side and then center.

"Zero." He bent and kissed the left cheek.

"Seven." The pattern repeated only three on each side then center.

"Five." Same pattern repeated two to a side and one center. When done he slid his left hand up her back. Bending down he kissed her cheek. She turned and leaned her head up slightly; he kissed the scarf over her lips.

Putting the paddle down, he reached behind again and pulled a small bottle of aloe from the drawer. Squirting it across the top of her tush, he started rubbing it in circles. Larger and larger circles pushing the cooling gel across her hot tush. With his left hand he untied her left hand, and knee. Rising he stepped over her switching to rubbing her tush with his left hand He knelt and untied her right wrist and knee.

"Are you ready to rise?" She stretched her legs back, and her arms out, arching her back and grunting through the scarf. He extended a hand as she knelt up, and started to rise. He pulled her to himself, wrapping both arms around her, as she did to him.

Kissing the scarf on her lips again, he guided her back to his chair. Sitting down he pulled her to his right thigh. She tentatively rocked her flaming tush back and forth then settled down on his leg. He pulled her knees up and over the left arm of the chair. She snuggled up against his shoulder resting her head there. He reached up and pulled the scarf down from her lips. Kissing her lips, as she kissed back. This kiss was a very long, long kiss. They hugged each other tightly. He pulled the thong from her mouth with his teeth, and let it drop to her lap. Resuming the kiss he reached down to the chairs reclining arm and set the chair back two notches. Tucking her deeper into his lap.

"What is my telephone number?"

"It is 816-555-9075, My Lord"

"Thank you." She placed her head on his shoulder again.


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