The Sting

by Sean Malone

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© Copyright 2010 - Sean Malone - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; club; machine/f; bond; bdsm; torment; tease; climax; reluct; X

It was Friday, and the clock slowly ticked away the hours and minutes in the quiet office. As Cathy sat at her desk beside the window, she felt the rays of the late afternoon sun penetrating her thin silk blouse, warming her soft, rounded breasts, her small, pink nipples swollen under the caressing silk. The clasp of her black fishnet stockings, and the firm constriction of her thighs by her short, black leather skirt contrasted comfortably with the soft, caressing looseness of her blouse.

Derek glanced over. His eyes caressed the soft shape of her breasts which swelled as she breathed, silhouetted in the sunlight, seeming more tantalising than ever, more revealed than concealed by her filmy black blouse. Unexpectedly his cock swelled, pressing uncomfortably upward under his desk. He groaned. Cathy smiled at his discomfort, enjoying the sensation.

At last she gathered the papers and crossed the room, bending slowly and deliberately with feet astride to slip them into the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet, enjoying the tightness of her skirt, which lifted behind as she bent forward to yield a practised glimpse of pale, smooth skin above black stocking-tops, tight black satin stretched over plump divided mound between parted thighs, panties scantily covering shapely bottom-cheeks, her long, shapely legs enticing in the black fishnet. Derek groaned again.

She rose and turned, amused as he made an awkward attempt to conceal his erection. "What are you planning this weekend?" he asked in confusion. It was not the first time this had happened. The light seemed to make a fiery glint in her auburn hair, and she used that soft, dreamy look as she captured his gaze, her lips glistening as she answered: "Wouldn't you like to know!"  He caught her heady scent as she leaned over him for a moment, her shapely breasts now pendulent, seeming to reach closer until he felt their warmth, her pointed nipples stretching the filmy black silk, their hardness electrifying through his shirt as he felt a brief contact. He gasped as she pecked his cheek, then turned to the door.

Cathy collected her tan leather handbag, and left the office, her hips swinging as she walked towards the lift, chatting cheerily to the other girls as they left the building, joining the crowd of commuters as they streamed into the Underground system, on their way home, her thoughts again on Jimmy, who would be waiting for her in just a few minutes time. Jimmy was her idea of a man; he was big, strong and good looking, boisterous and good fun, but she could handle him. At the thought of this, her nipples poked enticingly again, and as she pushed her way through the crowd, she was quite oblivious of the people and chatter around her.

Cathy enjoyed teasing, provoking Jimmy, knowing that he was too polite to take advantage, knowing that the more she teased and provoked him, the more he would want her. She would brush her nipples against his chest and lift on tiptoe to kiss him and he would grip her thighs, lifting her, his strong hands reaching under her skirt to clasp her smooth cheeks, reaching beneath with masterly fingers to tease her moist softness, separating her legs as she clung to him, feeling the pressure of his hard, erect cock. She knew it would take all of her will to push away gasping from his embrace, her heart pattering, her legs weak all the way from her ankles to the wetness between her thighs and how she would ache to surrender, to abandon herself to him, to feel the delicious, insistent force of his hard cock pressing against her vulva, slowly parting her lips, the thick shaft stroking her clit as he pushed smoothly into her, pressing deeply then pulling, his strong hands holding, controlling her abandoned body.

Cathy loved the feeling of power over him, knowing how desperately he wanted her, but never surrendering completely. It was a delicious thought. She would provoke him again, teasing him and enjoying his discomfort, constantly changing, moving elusively, keeping him guessing. She knew how provocative she was. She loved to touch his erect cock as if accidentally, to brush her nipples against his chest, to caress him until he grasped her strongly, pretending to relax but always breaking off any serious contact before she could succumb to - ah - oh, that delicious weakness.

The train clattered closer, until the shattering noise quietened, to be replaced by the rolling clunk of the doors opening. The crowd surged forward, and she was crushed into the doors ahead. She tried not to catch the eye of the young man who was squashed against her in an almost intimate embrace, the points of her aroused nipples pressing hard into his chest. She felt his erection press against her as the train surged and swayed, until it finally came to a stop, and Cathy made a rather undignified exit, backwards, during which she was very conscious of her surroundings.

Eventually she emerged into the daylight, and there was Jimmy. She took him in as she walked provocatively towards him. He stood comfortably, smiling, enjoying the moment. Black boots, tight black leather trousers stretched over the bulge of his cock, and the ripped 'Michael Jackson Tour' vest revealed his muscular, bronzed shoulders. The peak of his black leather cap shaded his pale blue eyes. Steel rings and chains completed the costume.

He saw her eyes flick for another moment to his bulging cock. She stood close, stretched up on tip-toe, brushing her taut nipples against his chest, sensing his appreciation of her heady scent. His strong arms enfolded her tightly, lifted and she felt the pressure of his hard cock against her for a timeless moment as they kissed, at last kicking, struggling weakly free.

"Hi Jimmy!"  She said, after a moment's pause to regain her breath, smiling. "You look great. Where is this club you were talking about?"

"You look in pretty good form yourself!"  he answered jokingly, "Come on, and I'll show you. It's not far."  He took her hand and hurried her off.

They walked quickly along, and soon turned in to a brightly lit street where restaurants alternated with shops, clubs. There was an alley between two Chinese restaurants, which in turn opened into a small, quiet courtyard, where they approached a low, plain doorway. There was a brightly polished brass bell engraved with the letter 'T'. He rang.

"What is this place?" She asked. He smiled. "This is a very special club," he said. "It is private, but they have amusements which are quite unique. I am sure you will find it interesting."

The door opened, and they entered. After the quietness of the street the noise was deafening. Wild music, and all the noise and bustle of a lively arcade.

Down the steps they found a cavernous room filled with games of every conceivable variety, from pin-ball to space invaders, even a flight simulator. There were rides, and Cathy heard muffled squeals of pleasure from a carousel - then she looked again. This was no ordinary carousel - although it had the usual horses alternating with kiddy-cars. Horses!  Not all were occupied, and Cathy soon saw that each saddle was fitted with a large, gleaming dildo. Women were strapped in place with wrist cuffs over the horse's head, ankles strapped to its flanks, another strap fastening her head down over a penis gag built in to the horse's neck.

Hips rose and fell as the carousel turned, and gleaming shafts slid smoothly in and out of dripping cunts. Cathy stood entranced, unbelieving. This shocking scene could not be real!  Black leather-hooded men rode in the kiddy-cars, wrists cuffed to steel rings behind the seats, cocks gripped in vibrating plastic cylinders. Knobs emerging from the seats of the kiddy-cars obviously filled each anus, and as the carousel turned the vibrating knobs in empty cars moved up, down and around.

Cathy glanced at Jimmy, imagining how he would feel seated, impaled on one of the knobs, squirming under the stimulation, his cock squeezed and sucked by the plastic cylinder. She would like to see that happening to him!  Cathy was flushed with excitement, just as Jimmy had expected. He would love to see her riding the carousel too, riding the dildo, her mouth filled with leather cock.

"Come on," he said, pulling her reluctantly away from the fantastic spectacle, before she could respond. "I want to show you something really interesting."  He led her down the aisles between ranks of video games, pausing at a booth where a naked girl was bound over a leather-covered, padded box, her wrists and ankles cuffed to its base, while her partner sat behind a console surrounded with levers and buttons. Red weals striped her bare bottom, and as she wriggled her bottom cheeks undulated, her juicy hairless slit gaping. Clips, their slender prongs inserted through her pierced nipples hung heavily, tethered also to the base of the box, stretching her breasts into elongated cones. The cane slashed across her smooth white buttocks, and each time she screamed, jerking wildly. He adjusted the controls and a lash cut upwards between her thighs with a juicy 'Snick'.

Jimmy led Cathy on between rows of video games where men and women played, totally absorbed. She would never have imagined such perverse amusements. The stools in front of the machines were each fitted with dildo knobs, and she watched the naked players squirming as they played, richly rewarded by the pleasurable vibrations, and then she saw the lash curl around the bottom of one of the losers. Far out!  Cathy's touch was electric as she clung to his arm.

Further on they passed through a curtained doorway, into a passage lined with curtained alcoves. Cathy protested, but her curiosity overcame her reticence as they entered one of the alcoves, looking around to see a kind of dressing room, with lockers, a leather-padded, low couch covered with towelling and a large, shiny black plastic cabinet in front of two comfortable chairs, just about the same size and shape as one of those new toilets in Leicester Square, with a door in front.

She knew it would be difficult to evade Jimmy's attentions this time, but once he was naked she could always squeeze his balls as if accidentally, if things got out of hand. That usually diminished his interest in any further sexual activity. It would be nice to lead him on, and enjoy his attentions in the meantime. It would be good to see him naked, and she would not mind teasing him with her own naked body. This might be fun.

Jimmy turned her to face him, and she surrendered for a long moment in a deep kiss, her hands slipping under his belt, finding his cock, gripping, fondling it. He pulled off his Tour vest, then button by button he unfastened her blouse, slowly and carefully, and it floated gently to the floor as he kissed her lovely bare breasts, his hands dropping to her waist as he held her close to his hairy chest. Now her belt fell free, her skirt crumpling around her feet as he stepped back, to reveal the glory of her shapely legs in their suspenderless fishnet stockings and high heels.

Now her furry nest was concealed only by her tight, black satin panties. Cathy kicked off her shoes as he hurriedly unzipped and removed his trousers and shorts, then embraced her again, kissing deeply, sliding his hands down inside her panties, pulling them down to her ankles.

Jimmy lifted her onto the couch and licked from her navel down to her curly mound, his tongue penetrating, slipping between her lips, nudging her tender clit while he rolled her stockings down her smooth, soft shapely legs. She squirmed enticingly, her face flushed with excitement at the delicious hot sensations, knowing how excited he was, how much he wanted her, how vulnerable she was, and yet knowing that he would obey her as he had done before. There was still time to think about that. He produced a glossy black plastic blindfold, and Cathy acquiesced as he fitted it carefully. Now she could only feel his touch as he continued to caress her softly, insistently until she moaned and writhed sinuously.

Gathering Cathy in his arms, Jimmy lifted her and carried her unresisting towards the plastic cabinet, opening the door and setting her down inside. "Time for a shower, Cathy!"  He said, and without waiting for a response he set each foot carefully down onto a raised metal footrest, her legs widely parted. It seemed exciting!  Now he raised her left hand, lifting it to a handgrip high in the wall beside her, then the other. It was quite comfortable. Then a clunk as Jimmy moved a lever, an unexpected pressure and suddenly her wrists and ankles were gripped firmly by wide bands. She tried to move, realising suddenly that she was tightly bound in a widely spreadeagled position. Another clunk, and the bands tightened, stretching her until her body was taut and virtually immobilised. Her heart pattered fast as she realised how she had been tricked.

"Let me go," she demanded, struggling uselessly as he ran his fingers over her delicious, soft skin, caressing her from head to toes, pinching her nipples, slipping a wriggling finger into her moist quim from behind, running his fingers softly down her spine until she shivered.

"Not until you learn to obey me, you little minx," he answered. "Now you will learn what it is like to be teased, and punished, and then fucked."

"But Jimmy . . . ."

Cathy knew that her protests were futile. Jimmy left the cubicle, and the door clicked behind him, then she felt the chamber turning in a half circle. She could not see Jimmy who now made himself comfortable in the chair in front of the now transparent panel, Cathy's naked, tensioned body brightly illuminated, her ineffectual struggles only creating an erotic, sinuous dance. This would be fun. Jimmy's cock was already erect, straining upwards and leaking, slippery juice running down his shaft, dripping to the floor as he enjoyed the sight of her ravishing body spreadeagled in her bonds.

For a moment Cathy was left to reflect on her situation, then Jimmy pressed the Start button set into the wall. He saw a thin, steel measuring bar rise between her legs, parting her lips, pressing lightly upwards. She gasped at the contact of the cold steel. Now a slight vibration between her legs, as feelers touched her lips, parting them and sliding up into her cunt. Cool metal contacted her already erected nipples, and she felt a slight tingling sensation, squirming at the touch of the cold steel plates. Jimmy watched her struggle as the machine measured her body.

Just as unexpectedly the feelers retracted, and she was drenched by needle-sharp water jets from all directions, like little pins pricking her tender skin all over her body, entering every body opening, cleansing every pore. She felt the warm water fill her vagina, while finer jets centred on her already sensitive nipples. The warm water began to pulse, a few seconds at a time, until finally it started a strong and rhythmic vibration as the electronic controls alternated between high and low pressure. She tingled, alive with exquisite sensations, her sensitivity aroused by the pinpricks and pulses of the water massage.

She screamed in shock as the water became icy cold, and the pulsing stopped. She was hardly able to breathe with the force of the spray. Just as suddenly the water cut off, and warm air blowers played on her from all sides, lifting her hair in all directions, the curls of her auburn bush vibrating in the air stream. She tingled as the warm air jets played on her cleft. Jimmy watched enthralled, enjoying the sight of her stretched, bound beauty, excited even more by the thought that she had no idea what was coming next.

Now oily liquid squirted up onto her lips, into her vagina, running down her legs. Cathy trembled. A swishing sound, then a pressure flashed under her, deep into her vulva. She screamed. The pain grew and grew as the tip of the whippy, flexible rod reached the hood of her tender clitoris, but she was helpless to evade its ministrations. No sooner had she felt the pain, than another stroke cut up into her cleft, and she screamed as the strokes cut up again and again into her tender lips. Then lighter lashes started raising a pattern on her back, her breasts, the whippy tip finding her nipples, the tender crease under her bottom cheeks, and even the tender backs of her knees. She never knew where the next would touch, eventually relaxing, surrendering to the pain until at last the lashing stopped, and she was revived by a spray of ice-cold water on her face. Jimmy would pay for this, she thought!

But Jimmy was gasping as he watched Cathy's sinuous writhing under the lash, the glistening wetness of her dripping cunt, her peaked nipples, the soundproof box absorbing her screams. It was incredibly exciting to watch Cathy's punishment, thinking of her teasing, the feel of her body against his, knowing she had no idea what was to follow, or what an erotic spectacle she was providing for Jimmy; this was much more exciting than the demonstration the club had given him, when the girl had been a stranger.

Now Cathy felt two warm suction cups vibrating over her nipples, then the coolness of a metal prod which slid in between her labia, just behind her clitoris. It started vibrating, stirring her wet sex and wriggling her clit. Just as she felt her colour mounting again with the gentle stimulation, she gasped with surprise to feel an electric tingling in her nipples.

The vibrations and tingling current fought each other for control of her helpless body. The rod withdrew, and she felt a firm, thick rubbery object nudge against her slippery vulva; then it slowly penetrated her, parting her engorged, sensitive lips which guarded her tender opening. She wriggled and struggled but to no avail, angry with herself for being so compliant and naive as to let Jimmy do this to her, helpless to resist against the pressure. The computer smoothly advanced the turgid probe up into her unwilling but helpless body. Slowly, gradually it penetrated as Jimmy watched its progress up into her distended vagina.

Cathy's wriggling became increasingly erotic as her movements became more and more restricted around the impaling column. Then she felt a pad push against her clit and start vibrating, as the thick pole started moving in and out of her vagina.

One moment it was there, the next both the pole and pad were withdrawn, as the thin, whippy rod cut up between her legs again, shocking her into a sudden scream at the unexpected punishment, while the nipple stimulation continued. She gasped, feeling a rising excitement, as pleasure blended with pain until it seemed as though she no longer knew the difference.

As quickly the punishment ended, and again she felt the pressure nuzzling against her juicy cunt, pressing up and in, filling her, and again the vibrating pad finding her tender clit. Another swish. "Aaaaahh!"  She cried, as a line of fire flashed across the tender flesh beneath her bottom cheeks, while the dildo continued to stroke up into her cunt.  She climaxed again and again, fucked remorselessly by the mechanical dildo as the lashes found more tender places, until at last it all came to an end, and she hung exhausted in her bonds.

Cathy scarcely felt the cubicle turn again, collapsing into Jimmy's arms as he freed her from the wrist and ankle bands, then sitting her on the edge of the couch. She had never felt so helpless, completely drained of energy after the shocking, but stimulating experience. She put her arms around Jimmy's neck and cried, kissing him, pulling him to her, ignoring his strong arms which lifted her onto his thick cock, sheathing it deep in her warm, slippery cunt, all her previous intentions lost in the emotion of the moment. She needed him. She wrapped her legs around his thighs and pulled him into her, crying, begging him for more. He thrust powerfully, deeply, his strokes filling her cunt, rubbing unbearably, until she jerked and squirmed on his cock in an uncontrollable cataclysmic orgasm, gripping him tightly. He thrust again and again, the remorseless fucking building her up to yet another climax as he squirted fierce jets of come up into her juicy cunt, pulling her waist towards him as he thrust more gently, slowly until finally he lowered her onto the couch.

Cathy surfaced in a moment of clarity, at once realising how she had betrayed herself to him, how she had revealed her need. "You bastard!"  was all she could say as she buried her face in his hairy, muscular chest, holding him tight, her mind a kaliedoscope of sensations, knowing that she was lost, enslaved now by this man who had so utterly possessed her, clenching her thighs to hold even the memory of him within her.

In a dream Cathy showered and dressed, every cell of her body seeming hypersensitive. She took Jimmy's hand as he led her out of the club and back into the darkened street. She moved close as they walked back to the station, her arm round his waist, smiling, oblivious of all but Jimmy. It seemed like a different world she thought, painfully and contentedly.