The Sorcerer's Apprentice

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2022 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

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Part 5

There was something strangely relaxing about being bound, a curious kind of serenity that came from submitting to the inescapable embrace of skillfully applied bondage. Or at least that had always been Brianna Wilde’s experience. It was a lesson she had learned long ago, a thesis written night after night as she experimented with binding herself, studying the intricacies of rope and fantasizing all of the while of the exotically beautiful women next door she’d wished were tying her down. Of course, in those days she had never daring to dream that those fantasies could ever become reality and, looking back now, it brought a tiny and almost rueful smile to her face. Not only had her fantasies become reality but she was even lucky enough to live openly with the women she had desired for so long. Welcomed into their home as their lover, their plaything, their… theirs. Fact really was stranger than fiction it seemed. But, whatever the case may be, the sheer joy she took in submission remained. It was more than just the deep and sensuous eroticism that she had found in yielding to Sofia and Roxanna’s touch, the shiver that traveled down her spine at being their plaything. No, when the kiss of leather or the bite of the rope touched her skin her entire being seemed to find its center, tension and stress flowing from her body as she gave herself over to her bonds. A sense of peace and calmness that seemed to envelope her in its entirety. Beyond the thrill of being made helpless, there was something almost inexplicable about it. The strange juxtaposition that the tighter her body was restrained the freer she seemed to become. There was a pleasure in giving up control, a pleasure that was almost sexual in its own right and in every touch, every knot she could feel her mistresses’ love, the reward for the absolute trust she held in them that she willingly and eagerly allowed them to do this to her. Even now, after all she had experienced, thinking about it brought a smile to her lips and a blush to her cheeks.

Of course, if pressed Brianna could admit that a part of herself, a part that was perhaps a bit too lost in the fantasy of it all, had believed that upon moving into 137 North Hickory Lane that her life would become an endless parade of bondage. A never ending adventure in submission as Sofia and Roxanna pushed her to the limits and beyond. Her every dream, her every desire made manifest. Indeed, she had dreamed about it so much that it was honestly something of a surprise to find that was not the case. Oh to be certain she spent many nights in her mistresses’ bed, most of those bound and gagged, but there was a certain mundane rhythm to life for the most part that felt just as comfortable. Trips to the market, helping out with chores about the house (even if Brianna liked to indulge herself by wearing a certain maid uniform on occasion), relaxing after a hard day and sharing meals together. That was not to say that the three of them (four on special occasions) did not indulge themselves in other ways, weaving sex and bondage into their daily lives, but Brianna had been both pleased and surprised to find almost as much joy in simply spending time with her lovers as submitting to them. As happy to curl up with Roxanna on the couch, reading a book together, or lounging on the patio with Sofia as she was being strapped up in leather and teased to the very edge of her endurance. Another blush touched her cheeks at that thought. It was, ironically enough, something that Sofia had explained to her despite how wild and uninhibited the blonde usually was. That it was possible to have too much of a good thing, that pleasure was the spice of life and not the main course. In short, that their games together were all the more special for being savored as treats, rather than becoming dull through overindulgence.

Although, if she were being honest with herself, Brianna could admit that from an outside perspective the number of times she usually found herself bound and ravished might seem the height of indulgence rather than an exercise in moderation.

Case in point, her introspection was cut short when the ropes woven about her naked body in an intricate web pulled tight, wrenching her arms firmly against her spine and locking her wrists against the small of her back before forcing her elbows together. Biting her lip to stifle a moan, Brianna closed her eyes and savored the sensation even as she was rolled onto her stomach and her tightly bound legs were drawn up so her wrists and ankles could be locked together in a rigid and inescapable hogtie. Perched atop her bed, the softness of a quilt beneath her, she wriggled in her confinement, testing her bonds and moaning again as the rough hemp cords circling her chest and tied around the base of her breasts dug in just a bit, a heat blooming between her legs as the crotch rope pulled a series of strategically placed knots against her most sensitive places. It was incredible how little she could move in the intricate shibari harness, her arms and legs bound so tightly she was forced to arch her spine in a way that would have been painful once but now felt utterly natural. A hand gently brushing her hair away from her face forced Brianna to open her eyes and look up to see Roxanna’s gentle gaze.

The olive-skinned woman smiled at her obvious enjoyment, eliciting another soft blush in turn, “Having fun, korítsi?”

Smiling, almost sheepishly, in response Brianna nodded as best she could, “Yes, mistress.”

“Nothing is too tight?” the older woman asked, a hint of concern in her voice.

Working her shoulders a bit and twisting one more time, careful to keep her hips still, Brianna shook her head, “No, mistress.”

Running her hand idly through the bound girl’s long, blue hair for a moment more Roxanna smiled, “Very good, korítsi. Very good. Now, do be a good girl say ‘ah’ for me?”

Well aware of what was about to happen, and feeling another burst of anticipation at the thought, Brianna did as she was told and opened her mouth wide, “Ah.”

Although by no means surprised to feel a gag pressed between her lips, Brianna was a bit taken off guard when a metal bit was shoved between her teeth. Given the wide variety of gags at their disposal it was always a bit of mystery as to which one her mistresses would choose for a particular game, but as far as she was aware this one was completely new. Biting down tentatively as Roxanna tightened the strap around her head to lock the device in place, Brianna noted the soft rubber lining around the steel to keep her from chipping her teeth and what felt like a metal disk or ring built into the center of the rod that pressed her tongue down and ensured that her speech was thoroughly muffled. It was an odd sensation, but not an unpleasant one, though Brianna did find that she needed to concentrate more than normal to keep herself from drooling, especially when laying on her stomach like this. It brought to mind pictures she had seen of women bound up in leather and steel as ponygirls, bits locked firmly between their teeth to silence them. It was not something she had ever really considered before, but now Brianna found the image stuck in her head and the familiar note of aroused curiosity winding through her thoughts.

“Enjoying ourselves again, korítsi?” Roxanna asked as she finished her work, once again a note of amusement in her voice.

Realizing that she had been rocking her hips back and forth as she fantasized, unconsciously grinding against her crotch rope again, Brianna blushed but managed to answer softly around her gag, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

With a chuckle, Roxanna ran her hand through the girl’s hair and gently stroked the base of her neck, eliciting a soft sigh, “I am pleased to hear that, korítsi. Are you ready for your next lesson?”

Nodding with as much enthusiasm as she could muster in her current position, Brianna smile around the bit, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph!”

“I realize that it has been a difficult week,” Roxanna began as she lowered herself to sit on the edge of the bed, “but I have been most impressed with your progress. Despite the somewhat…” a tiny smile curled her lips, “strenuous circumstances, you have made great strides in improving your focus.”

Brianna found herself blushing again at Roxanna’s words even as she fought the urge to roll her eyes. Thinking back on the last few days, calling the experience following her first lesson in magic strenuous was perhaps a bit of an understatement. Insightful, certainly, but intense was probably a better word for it. She did not think she would ever forget that day, naked and bound to Roxanna’s office chair with a mouth stretching gag stuffed between her lips and her chastity belt locked around her waist. But more importantly, that belt held an impossibly smooth stone within her aching pussy, pressed against her most sensitive spots in a maddening touch as she desperately tried to reach out with her power and make it vibrate, as her mistress said she could. And yet, no matter how hard she tried the task had seemed beyond her. The sensation of the stone clenched within her aching core too distracting despite hours spent writhing in that chair, the toy within edging her relentlessly every step of the way. Worse, although Roxanna had relented after what felt like an eternity of that torment and released her from her bonds, holding her close in a soft embrace and whispering encouragement into her ear, her mistress had also decreed that the belt would remain firmly locked in place until she succeeded in her task. A bit of… motivation as she had called it. Not for the first time Brianna had experienced a potent combination of excitement and desperation, the submissive part of herself reveling in the thought while the rest of her cried out for release. And her mistress had remained true to her word. For the next seven days the belt had remained locked on, the stone within edging her relentlessly as she went about her days and yet… and yet Brianna could not say she hadn’t enjoyed the experience either.

It reminded her, in some ways, of those early days of experimentation, the experience of wearing her belt for the first time as well as the shock and pleasure of having toys locked within her body. Trying, and failing, over and over again to cum. Sofia had even taken advantage of the situation, bringing Brianna along on their morning jogs, bound and on a leash as usual, in nothing but her belt and a pair of running shoes. Realistically she supposed it wasn’t really that different from making the run topless, as she usually did, but something about it had been such a turn on that Brianna was honestly surprised at how much she enjoyed the experience. Or maybe it was how each step made the polished crystal bounce within her, riding the ragged edge of orgasm with each breath without being able to crest the peak. Whatever the case, it was still surprising just how much she wanted to keep doing it. Blush darkening as she filed that thought away for later rumination Brianna gasped when she felt her crotch rope suddenly pull tight, digging into her flesh in a way that was almost painful. Suppressing a moan, she looked up to see Roxanna leaning over her ever so slightly, one hand on her hip and the other gripping the cluster of knots at the small of Brianna’s back.

“Am I boring you, korítsi?” she asked, a tiny frown marring the woman’s lips.

Lowering her eyes submissively, and feeling very sheepish at the way she had allowed her thoughts to wander, Brianna apologized as best she could, “Ssrry, mnphphrmphph.”

With a soft sigh the olive-skinned woman withdrew her hand, “Oh very well, I forgive you. But do pay attention, yes?”

Although a bit awkward while laying on her stomach, Brianna managed a small nod, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph. Phhnnh mnn, php hmph.”

Running her hand through Brianna’s hair one more time Roxanna’s lips quirked into a slight smile, “It is so very hard to be angry with you, korítsi. One of my weaknesses, I suppose. As I was saying, however, I am proud of you.”

“Rmnmmm?” Brianna asked, excitedly.

Reaching down to caress the bound girl’s face, Roxanna’s smile grew just a touch, “I have always been proud of you, korítsi. You are a very remarkable young woman.”

Blushing faintly in a way that had nothing to do with embarrassment, and pressing her cheek against the other woman’s palm like an overly large cat, Brianna sighed a bit, “Phhnnh mnn, mnphphrmphph.”

“No need for thanks.” Roxanna assured, “It is merely the truth. Learning to focus one’s energies is a difficult task, to be able to do so quickly and despite distractions even more so. If I am to be honest I did not expect you to grasp it so quickly.”

Although privately wondering just how long her mistress would have left her like that, belted and teased and begging for release, Brianna nodded just a bit. It had been a very difficult task after all. Beyond the distraction of the stone itself, the crystal’s function had proven to be another barrier. It had taken Brianna almost three days to manage enough focus, despite the crystal’s presence constantly edging her, to force her power into the object, feeling out and following the immaterial channels that Roxanna had placed there to guide her. To her shock and amazement, upon managing that feat a faint buzzing had filled her loins, a jolt of pleasure as sudden as an electric shock racing up her spine as the crystal vibrated softly in response to her prodding. Unfortunately, her newfound focus had shattered like glass in the face of such overwhelming stimulation, sending her to her knees. Wet and horny and ready to scream in frustration. For days, each and every attempt that followed (and there had been many attempts) had ended the exact same way, to the point in which Brianna had almost become convinced the task truly was impossible. Even now she honestly could not say what it was that finally allowed her to overcome that obstacle, but yesterday, as she had dutifully followed behind Sofia on their jog, desperately trying not to think about the stone bouncing around inside of her or just how incredibly, inescapably turned on she was a barrier had just broken within her. That moment too was indelibly etched into her mind. Sitting in the familiar clearing deep in the woods, perched on Sofia’s lap as the blonde’s calloused hands roamed over her body, teeth nipping at her ear while strong fingers teased her breasts, pinching her nipples in just the right way, when something just clicked and that damned crystal had roared to life like the strongest of vibrators and she came and came and came in Sofia’s strong arms.

Brianna was certainly no stranger to intense climaxes, or forced orgasms, but that? That had been something else entirely. After that she barely remembered Sofia carrying her, bridal style, back to the house as she moaned and shivered in the blonde’s embrace, murmuring nonsense into her gag as the woman comforted her. By the time she’d finally come to, tucked into her own bed and naked save for her collar, Brianna had still been a bit stunned, almost unable to believe everything that had happened. Of course at that moment there had been no time to think deeper on things. Still incredibly horny from a week of constant teasing, only the sudden urge to masturbate had seemed to matter and she had indulged herself until Roxanna finally came to fetch her for lunch. Through the haze of pleasure that followed she could remember collapsing onto the mattress, a spent and sweaty heap of splayed limbs and cooling skin only to go beat red again when she noticed her mistress standing in the door frame, a knowing look in the woman’s eyes. But, if Roxanna knew what she had been doing, as she almost certainly did, she never said anything to which Brianna was immensely grateful.

Smirking just a bit at the blush that slowly crept across the blue-haired girl’s face as she reminisced, Roxanna continued on, “You will still need to practice, of course. In time it will become second nature, like curling a toe or making a fist, and now that you have achieved a breakthrough it shall be much simpler.”

Smiling a bit around her gag at that praise, Brianna nodded, “Phhnnh mnn, mnphphrmphph.”

“You are most welcome, korítsi.” Roxanna said, honestly, “I know that it was a great struggle, but your determination is impressive.” a ghost of a smile touched the woman’s lips, “Although pleasure, or perhaps its denial, does seem to motivate you best.”

Blush darkening, Brianna nodded, the hint of playful smile curling the edges of her lips, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

Reaching down to brush a stray curl of blue hair behind Brianna’s ear, eliciting a contented sigh, Roxanna continued, “But, you have waited long enough I think. Now that you are settled in, as they say, I promised a new lesson, did I not?”

Although the question was rhetorical Brianna answered enthusiastically, “Mph mnphphrmphph, pmmnphm mnphphrmphph!”

“So needy.” Roxanna whispered, fondly, before suddenly pushing herself up off the mattress stiffly and onto her feet. Absently smoothing her blouse back into place, the olive-skinned woman then reached up to remove a small piece of paper from her breast pocket, “Focus is an important step, but it is only the first step, korítsi. Now that you begin to understand how to direct your power, you must now learn how to shape it into the form of your desire.”

Watching closely as the woman idly folded the piece of paper she was holding in half, and then in half again, Brianna nodded slowly.

“It is a tricky thing.” Roxanna cautioned, “Learning how to properly envision the changes you wish to make, and then to impose those changes, is complex. Innate limitations, natural talents and even mindset all play a role and it is not something that can be truly taught, only discovered. There are ways to aid in this process, of course, but that is a somewhat more advanced lesson.” the olive-skinned woman smiled gently, a touch of amusement in her soft brown eyes, “One must crawl before they can run, yes korítsi?”

Fighting the urge to giggle at that perfectly mangled statement, even if she supposed her current hogtied state made it apt, Brianna answered as best she could around her gag, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

“Thankfully there is a simple starting point.” Roxanna continued, “We have touched upon telekinesis early in your lessons. I called it a rather basic ability, and this is true. However, that is because it is one of the great mysteries of sorcery. You see, korítsi, while magic is very… individualistic, somewhat unique from sorcerer to sorcerer, all practitioners are capable of telekinesis to some degree.”

That caught Brianna’s attention and, her brow furrowing slightly in thought, the bound girl shifted slightly on the bed to look up at her mistress, “Rmnmmm?”

Roxanna nodded, “Indeed. Some are barely able to lift a pencil, while others can move cars, but I have yet to meet the sorcerer who is incapable of it. Observe.”

With that, the olive-skinned woman held out her hand, the folded piece of paper sitting flatly upon her palm. Straining her eyes to watch, barely daring to breathe, Brianna almost gasped in surprise when, after a heartbeat of nothing seemingly happening, the paper twitched as if moved by some unseen breeze. Slowly it lifted from Roxanna’s palm and spiraled downwards, at one point gliding into a figure eight, as if to dispel any thought that this might be some natural phenomenon, before settling on the bed mere inches from Brianna’s nose. Glancing back up at her mistress, wide-eyed, Brianna could not help but feel a little awed at that casual expression of power. Even if she had known (or at least been told) that such things were possible, actually seeing it done was on a whole other level. If she were being honest with herself she supposed it was, realistically, a simple enough trick. Perhaps not as impressive as watching her mistress reshape crystals with a touch but somehow, someway, this felt so much more fantastical.

Smiling back at her reaction, Roxanna reached down to ruffle the bound girl’s hair, “Now, korítsi, your task is simple. Unfold that paper.”

Although the meaning of those words was simple enough, Brianna felt bewildered, almost dazed. How in the world was she supposed to manage that? Nothing in her lessons so far had touched on anything like this. Something of her uncertainty must have reflected in her eyes because Roxanna smiled softly, reassuringly, at her and bent down to place a kiss on the crown of the blue-haired girl’s head.

“Do not worry, korítsi.” she assured, “Visualize what you wish to happen, feel your power flow and connect the two. Do not overthink it, let your instincts guide you as before and you will find your way soon enough.”

Feeling just a bit reassured, though still somewhat confused, Brianna smiled ever so slightly around the bit and nodded, firmly, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph!”

Patting her on the cheek as she straightened up, Roxanna nodded slightly, almost to herself, “Good girl. I will leave you to it then, but do try not to get too… distracted from your lesson.” giving the bound girl’s crotch rope another soft tug to emphasize her point, eliciting a deep moan, the olive-skinned woman smiled, “Good luck, korítsi.”

With another, tiny smile at that encouragement Brianna just laid still for a moment as her mistress limped from the room, the woman pausing in the doorway just long enough to glance back over her shoulder and playfully blow a kiss. Giggling a little and somewhat dramatically presenting her cheek to catch the kiss, unable to do much else in her current position, the blue-haired girl let out a sigh and settled back into place as the door to her bedroom closed softly. Shifting her weight to try and find a more comfortable position, Brianna writhed in her bonds and unconsciously bit down on her gag to suppress a moan as the crotch rope once more dug into her most sensitive flesh in the most remarkable way. Fighting down the urge to wriggle her hips and ride that sensation to the orgasm that almost certainly waited, Brianna closed her eyes and took a deep breath through her nose, forcing herself to calm down. It took a moment or two in the still darkness behind her eyes before her body at last came back under her control but when it did she felt herself relax ever so slightly into the ropes. Letting out a sigh and opening her eyes once more she turned her attention back to the innocuous piece of tightly folded paper. Almost glaring at the tiny, nondescript object she could not help but frown around the bit between her teeth.

As much as she appreciated all that Roxanna had done for her, and continued to be almost awed by what she was learning, her mistress’s somewhat vague teaching methods were becoming just a bit frustrating. Oh, she understood the woman’s reasoning easily enough as Roxanna had explained clearly, again and again, that magic was an individualistic art. That the methods and techniques were different for each person and that she did not want to taint Brianna’s understanding of her own power. But even if she understood the reasoning behind it, part of her could not help but want perhaps a bit more of a hint. Shaking her head to banish those thoughts, Brianna struggled to refocus herself. She had managed to grasp all of her mistress’s lessons so far, this one shouldn’t be any different. Still, as she continued to stare at the paper, wondering where to even begin, she could not help but wish for a bit more to go on than ‘follow your instincts.’ Sighing again, she eventually decided to try something simple and, reaching into herself for that familiar sense of liquid lightning that rested deep in her chest, she reached out with her power. It was, she was pleased to note, easier to do now, the mystic energies at her command flowing and moving at her direction with little resistance. Indeed, a few months ago it took long and intensive meditation to even be able to feel the power within herself, much less direct it in any way, shape or form. Now, while meditation still helped and, combined with bondage, was a continued daily exercise, ever since she had begun to practice with Roxanna’s crystals everything seemed to flow with ease. Not quite as instinctive as making a fist or curling her toes, but almost.

However, when she tried to direct her power outwards, something interesting happened. The familiar, if still alien, energies moved at her command easily enough, coiling within her chest and spreading out through her limbs with an almost eager obedience, but when she tried to reach out and feel the paper sitting in front of her nose there was a brief moment of hesitation. Some part of her wanted to move her hands, to direct the energies as if she were conducting an orchestra and, unconsciously, she tugged on the ropes binding her wrists and elbows. Frowning around her gag, Brianna wondered about that. She hadn’t felt anything like this when practicing with Roxanna’s crystals and she hadn’t been able to move her hands then either. What had changed? As she pondered that, the metaphorical light bulb went off over Brianna’s head. She might not have felt the urge to move when practicing before, but the crystals had been touching her. When she’d made the first stone glow, it had been resting comfortably in the palms of her hands while the second… Brianna felt the hint of a blush return. Well, there was no denying that there had been plenty of contact with the second stone. Still, she wondered at the significance of that. Was it just a habit she had unconsciously picked up, or did it have something to do with her particular methodology? Deciding to try a little experiment, she shifted her shoulders and hips, slowly crawling across the bed like a serpent, fighting down a moan all the while as the crotch rope did… interesting things to her. Still, after what felt like a monumental effort, she finally managed to wriggle those few inches and, craning her neck, touched the folded up paper with the tip of her nose and pushed.

As soon as the object made contact with her skin a familiar awareness expanded within her mind, her power flowing over the paper and practically caressing its surface. Tilting her head back up to break contact, Brianna could not help but grin as her awareness faded but did not fully break. Fixing that feeling firmly in her mind, she took a deep breath and exhaled sharply through her nose, the sudden gust of air pushing the paper away from her and toward the foot of the bed. Narrowing her eyes in concentration, as she focused on the paper she could practically feel a tiny thread of her power reach out, whipping wildly back and forth as if barely controlled but even so, slowly fanning out in the direction she wanted until it stroked the tiny piece of paper once more. A rush of victory filling her heart, she spent several long moments simply studying the object with her newfound sixth sense, taking in its strangely folded shape and interweaving layers of paper and air, marveling at the strange combination of slick and rough that made up its surface. And, if she focused hard enough, she could almost feel the ink pressed into faint lines and the entwined strands of cellulose that made up the paper itself. At first she wondered if Roxanna had done anything to the paper, just as she had altered the crystals from last week, but no matter how deeply she probed nothing like those strange, intangible channels that had practically beckoned her power to follow revealed themselves. As far as she could tell it was a completely mundane piece of paper. A piece of paper that she was supposed to unfold with her mind.

‘Okay,’ Brianna thought to herself as she took another deep breath to refocus on her task, ‘there’s no simple trick to it. Just… follow your instincts and see what happens.’

Time seemed to slow to a crawl then with nothing but the steady ticking of a clock high on the wall to keep her company. She tried to poke at the paper, metaphysically anyway, tried to direct her power to slide between its layers, but nothing seemed to work. She could reach out and feel the paper, practically touching it with her mind, but when she tried to grab it her awareness seemed to pass through the object as though it did not exist. Moreover, when she tried to make her power flow into the object, filling the spaces between the weave of wood pulp as she had done with the crystals previously, the paper may as well have been a mirage. Which was doubly frustrating because she could see it with her eyes, had felt it with her nose just a moment earlier, but in some strange paradox her sixth sense seemed to insist the paper both existed and didn’t at the same time. It just didn’t make any sense!

Glaring at the tiny, folded object as if it had somehow wronged her, the blue-haired girl wracked her brain to try and find a different solution when the soft creaking of hinges suddenly pulled her out of her increasingly frustrated thoughts. Turning her head to the side, Brianna’s eyes darted to the door, now open ever so slightly to reveal the hall beyond but no one was there. Frowning around her gag, she waited for a moment but no other sounds followed and the door did not open further. For a moment she considered calling out but then just shrugged in her ropes as best she could. Roxanna must not have closed it all the way, or perhaps someone had opened a window downstairs, nothing more. However, as soon as she turned her gaze back to the paper, determined to figure this lesson out if it killed her, a sudden rush of movement caught her eye and Brianna practically jumped despite being hogtied when the sleek form of a pale white fox with brilliant blue eyes hopped onto her bed.

Startled by Sofia’s sudden appearance, and honestly surprised to see the woman in this form, she could only blink in confusion. Outside of their beach vacation together, Brianna had rarely actually seen her mistress transform, save for the odd evening when she curled up on the couch or lounged in Roxanna’s lap after a hard day. Although, at the same time, the woman had confessed that, from time to time, she felt the urge to ‘stretch all four of her legs.’ Realizing that she was staring, Brianna called out tentatively, “Mnphphrmphph?”

In response to her query the fox cocked its head, eyes squinting ever so slightly in unabashed amusement and, for a moment, Brianna could have sworn the creature was grinning at her even if she knew it was just a trick of canine anatomy. Even so, the clear delight written on her mistress’s vulpine face made her blush just a bit, mentally kicking herself for asking such a silly question. Of course it was Sofia, how many foxes just happened to wander into the house, especially blue-eyed arctic foxes? Whatever the case, Sofia chuffed under her breath, almost as if laughing, and suddenly crouched low before whipping her tail around to catch Brianna in the face. Caught off guard again, the blue-haired girl broke out into uncontrollable giggles as that delightfully fluffy tail began to tickle her nose relentlessly. Wriggling in her bonds as she tried to escape the sensation, but pinned fast in place by the ropes woven around the body, Brianna giggled and squirmed and tried to beg for mercy around her gag to no avail before finally rolling onto her side in desperation and very nearly knocking herself off the bed. Still quite clearly amused, and seeing an opportunity for a new game, Sofia bounded forward after her quarry and practically threw herself against Brianna’s chest, nuzzling against the blue-haired girl’s bound breasts before reaching up to nip playfully at her earlobe and play with the small stainless steel gauge pierced through it.

Catching her breath, and feeling her heart rate begin to slow, Brianna let out a soft sigh as she relaxed back into her bonds, enjoying the sensation of the silky soft fur of Sofia’s fox form cuddled up against her boobs and giggling now and then as her mistress played with her ear. Basking in the other woman’s attention, as odd as it was, the tension and frustration of her earlier failures began to slip away. Grateful for her mistress’s presence and the very pleasant distraction the woman provided, Brianna sighed in contentment and twisted her shoulders just enough to allow Sofia to lay down on her chest. Just when she thought she could feel herself drifting off, Brianna’s eyes snapped upon as the small body sprawled across her suddenly shifted and a heavy weight pushed the mattress down next to her. Looking up she saw Sofia, human again, leaning over her prone form clad in a practically skin-tight tank top that clung to her ample assets, showing off both the outlines of her nipples and her lack of a bra, and a pair of equally tight jeans cut low enough to show off a hint of her toned torso. Drinking in the glorious sight above her Brianna felt a faint blush spread across her cheeks. Recognizing the glint in the bound girl’s hazel eyes, Sofia reached out to cup Brianna’s cheeks before leaning down to kiss her softly around the gag. Craning her neck to lean into that kiss and press their lips even more tightly together, Brianna moaned and felt her nipples harden while a new heat bloomed between her legs, as turned on as ever by the simple act of being gag kissed.

Nipping the blue-haired girl’s lower lip before pulling away, though still stroking her cheeks with calloused fingers, Sofia asked, softly, “Having fun, devushka?”

Almost whimpering at the loss of contact it took Brianna a moment to register the question, “Mmph?”

Smiling playfully at her response, Sofia allowed her hands to drift behind Brianna’s head to unbuckle the gag before gently pulling the bit from between her teeth, “I was wondering if you were having fun, devushka.” The blonde’s smile suddenly turned wicked as she reached down to tweak one of Brianna’s nipples, “But I think I know the answer.”

Biting her lip to stifle a moan, and feeling her blush deepen, Brianna nodded ever so slightly, “Yes, mistress. Thank you”

“Are you working hard on your lessons then?” the blonde wondered, her still soft and a bit airy.

Curious about that tone, Brianna nodded again, “Yes, mistress.”

Sofia hmmed ever so slightly, “And color me curious, but what sort of work are you doing while tied up so thoroughly, devushka?”

Squirming in her bonds, as if suddenly reminded of them, Brianna twisted her head just a bit to indicate the small piece of paper still sitting at the foot of the bed, “I’m supposed to unfold that, with my mind I guess.”

A sly grin twisted Sofia’s lips, “Ah, what a creative way to make certain you do not cheat.” Running her eyes across the helpless form laid out before her, that smile suddenly grew pensive, “But I sense some frustration on your part. Is everything alright, devushka?”

“Yes, mistress.” the blue-haired girl answered quickly, before letting out a tiny sigh, “It’s just... I just feel like the answer is right there in front of me, but I just can’t seem to figure it out!”

Blushing at that exclamation, a bit embarrassed to have let her frustration show, Brianna sighed again, this time in contentment, as Sofia reached out to stroke her hair comfortingly. Practically purring under that gentle touch, and reveling in the feeling of those strong fingers carding through her hair, the bound girl almost melted when the blonde leaned close to kiss her softly on the temple

“Perhaps you need a break, devushka.” Sofia whispered.

“Thank you, mistress.” Brianna whispered in response, “I would like that.”

The wicked grin from earlier returning full force, Sofia allowed one hand to run down the bound girl’s side, caressing her skin around the ropes before resting on her hip, while the other teasingly fondled her breasts, “How fortunate, devushka, that I just happened to find a beautiful, naked and conveniently bound young woman in my home.” her smile widened, just a notch, “Whatever shall I do?”

Twisting her shoulders as best she could to press her breasts more insistently into her mistress’s touch, Brianna barely managed to moan out an answer, “Anything. Anything you want, mistress. I’m yours.”

Sofia chuckled at those words while her fingers idly picked at the intricate knots binding the girl before following those ropes around the curve of her hip and between her legs. As those calloused fingers brushed the edges of her sex Brianna gasped, then moaned deep in her throat as she squirmed, silently begging for more. Seemingly oblivious to the blue-haired girl’s reactions, Sofia continued to explore the helpless body before her for a moment or two before leaning in close, her voice little more than a breathy whisper, “Well then, devushka, if I can do anything I want, why don’t we go for a swim?”

Lost in pleasure as she was, for half a heartbeat Brianna was certain that she had heard wrong. Blinking in surprise she looked up with a confused expression, “I… what?”

Chuckling again, Sofia just rolled the girl onto her stomach and began to loosen the ropes holding her, “It has been so long since we have swum together, devushka. I find myself missing it.”

As her ankles were untied, uncoiling her body from the strict position it had been confined to, Brianna could not help but smile a little. As worked up as both her struggles and Sofia’s touch had made her, and as much as she had been hoping for something a bit more… erotic, she could not help but be touched by the sentiment. Besides, a chance to see the statuesque blonde in a bikini was not one to ever be turned down and so Brianna nodded as she was slowly unbound, “Yes, mistress. I’d like that too.”

Sofia said nothing in response, just smiled as she finished freeing Brianna from her bonds before she began to massage away the faint rope marks crisscrossing her pale skin. Moaning at that touch, the blue-haired girl closed her eyes and arched her back like a cat even as she threw back her shoulders, almost reveling in the ability to stretch her limbs again. Well aware of the effect she was having, Sofia’s smile morphed into a faint smirk, “Feeling better already, devushka?”

Brianna could only nod with a smile, “Yes, mistress. Thank you.”

“Do you remember the swimsuit I got you for your birthday?” Sofia asked.

Very much aware of what her mistress was talking about, and blushing a little at the thought of the shiny, black one-piece, Brianna nodded, “I remember, mistress.”

Leaning in close once again, Sofia whispered in the girl’s ear, “I would very much like to see you in it.”

Unconsciously shivering as the blonde’s voice caressed her ear, Brianna nodded again, voice faint “Yes, mistress.”

“Very good, devushka.” the blonde commented as she slowly withdrew and climbed off the bed to stand to her full height, “Meet me on the patio.”

Practically pouting at the loss of contact, and finally mustering the energy to sit up, bracing herself with her hands, Brianna glanced at the blonde with a faint smile, “I will, mistress.”

With another of those wicked grins decorating her face, Sofia leaned down one last time and caught the younger girl in a deep kiss, grabbing a handful of brilliant blue hair to hold her in place as she thrust her tongue deep into that willing mouth. Still holding her tight, Sofia broke the kiss to offer one last instruction, “Do not keep me waiting, devushka.”

Eyes still closed, face tilted forward as she tried and failed to find those wonderfully soft lips again, Brianna almost whimpered, “Yes, mistress.”

For a moment or two more Brianna just sat there, allowing herself to enjoy the lingering warmth of that kiss even as her eyes tracked Sofia as she walked back out the door, gaze drawn down the lean lines of the blonde’s body to that glorious ass that her tight clothing showed off so perfectly. As if aware of that gaze, the taller woman paused just long enough to glance back over her shoulder with a teasing grin and a wink before disappearing. Feeling her face heat up even as a grin twisted her own lips, Brianna let out a sigh and collapsed back onto the bed, amused at the way the force of her body made the tiny piece of paper that Roxanna had left behind bounce into the air and onto her chest. Laughing at the absurdity of it, she reached out to pick up the paper and held it out at arms length, turning the object over in her hand to study it from all sides before letting out another sigh. It still bothered her, just a little, that she had been unable to manifest even a tiny spark of telekinetic power and even if she knew that failing on her first try was no big deal, it was hard not to be disappointed. Sitting up again, she placed the paper on her nightstand and finally, reluctantly climbed off the bed. Lacing her fingers together and raising her arms as far as they would go, stretching out her entire body in the process, Brianna almost moaned at the wave of relief that washed over her. As much as she enjoyed being tied tightly, it still took a toll and, rubbing her shoulders to work out the last of the kinks, she made her way over to the dresser against the far wall.

Almost on autopilot, she opened the third drawer and right on top was a small, folded up bundle of black cloth. Picking up the new swimsuit, one that she had not even had the chance to wear yet, Brianna paused as she held it up. At a glance it was a simple one-piece and, upon first receiving it she had been somewhat surprised by that, having expected her mistresses to present her with something far more… revealing given their own choices in swimwear. However, as she began to slip it onto her body, the stretchy material conforming to her every curve like a second skin, the suit’s true nature began to reveal itself. Oh, it was far from the most revealing thing she had ever worn but, as Brianna wrestled it into place, she could not help but blush just a bit at how… naked it left her feeling. The neck was cut low, very low, to show off a generous amount of cleavage and the back similarly plunged down, nearly to her waist where it narrowed into a thong that, along with the high cut sides that showed off the curves of her hips, basically left her entire ass hanging out. Although, as she twisted to pose in her full length mirror, unconsciously arching her spine, Brianna could not help but admit that she did look damned good like this. And she could not say she didn’t like it. There was something about showing herself off like this for her mistresses that was such an incredible turn on, even if realistically this was nothing compared to some of the fetish gear she wore on a semi-regular basis or how often she simply went nude. But, as Brianna had learned long ago, when it came to clothing revealing was often far more arousing than revealed and there was something about the mundanity of a swimsuit combined with this swimsuit’s clearly sexualized style that, well... Well, it just did it for her.

After admiring herself for a moment or two longer, Brianna finally tore her gaze away from the mirror and paused just long enough to tie her hair up in a ponytail before heading out of the room. Padding down the stairs on bare feet, moving as quietly as she could, it was a little surprising how strangely empty the house felt with Sofia outside and Roxanna… Well, she didn’t actually know where Roxanna was. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts as she reached the first floor, Brianna crossed the kitchen quickly, the cool tiles under her feet almost making her shiver before she finally reached the patio door. Sliding it open, the heat of the day pouring in and feeling surprisingly good, she stepped outside only to freeze in place at the sight waiting there for her. More particularly the sight of Sofia standing there, back turned to the house and bent over just slightly to place a set of fluffy towels down on the wrought iron table, her athletic body adorned with a mottled black and red bikini. While she had never seen this particular suit before, it conformed to Sofia’s usual preference of “barely there,” little more than a few patches of cloth and some string that served to highlight her body rather than cover it. Not that Brianna minded in the slightest as she took in the familiar sight of that lightly bronzed flesh and the well toned muscles moving sensuously beneath it. Bending over even more sharply, clearly putting on a show, the blonde glanced over her shoulder, her hair tied up into a loose twist, and flashed a sultry smile. Blushing as she watched those arctic blue eyes run over her own body with undisguised hunger, Brianna was torn between wanting to cover herself and wanting to pose. Summoning her courage, the blue-haired girl placed a hand on her hip and threw back her shoulders, trying her best to smile confidently back at her mistress. A twinkle of amusement in her eyes, and her smile widening ever so slightly, Sofia straightened up and strode across the patio in two long steps. Practically towering over the younger girl, she placed her hands on Brianna’s hips and pulled her close.

“You look absolutely ravishing, devushka.” the blonde said, with another hungry smile, “I could just eat you up.”

Blushing, and unable to keep herself from staring at the impressive amount of cleavage in her face, Brianna managed a smile of her own, “I don’t know, mistress. Compared to you? I think I’m pretty plain.”

Expression softening, Sofia moved to embrace the girl, pulling her body close and kissing her on the cheek, “You are beautiful, devushka. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar.”

With a smile of her own, and with a pleasant warmth on her chest, Brianna returned that embrace, “Thank you, mistress.”

“Anytime, devushka.” Sofia promised, “Anytime at all. Now, why don’t we cool off, yes?” smile turning sly again, the blonde allowed her hands to slide down just enough to cup the blue-haired girl’s ass, “I fear I might do something… unfortunate otherwise.”

Starting a little at the feel of those strong hands kneading her flesh, and face heating up again, part of Brianna didn’t think she’d mind that though the rest of her managed a small nod, “Yes, mistress.”

Smiling gently at her, Sofia twined their fingers together and Brianna flashed a brief smile in return and silently allowed herself to be led across the patio and out into the sun, up to the edge of the pool. Standing there and gazing out at the shimmering expanse of water, taking in by the scent of flowers and the faint hint of chlorine Brianna took a deep breath and tried to soak it all in. In the midst of that she felt her mistress squeeze her hand comfortingly before the blonde stepped back and dove in without warning. As always, Sofia’s form was perfect as she slipped below the surface with barely a splash and Brianna smiled as she watched, entranced by the sight and the image of her mistress shooting through the water like a torpedo. A bare handful of seconds later, Sofia surfaced with a deep breath, the blonde throwing her head back and idly brushing a few stray strands of hair out of her face as she floated there. It was hardly the first time she had seen such a sight but, regardless, Brianna could not help thinking the woman was absolutely, stunningly beautiful.

As if aware of her thoughts Sofia grinned up at her companion, “Is something the matter, devushka? The water is lovely.”

Opting not to respond with words, Brianna just nodded and jumped, her own form far less graceful but no less enthusiastic. Closing her eyes just a second before impact she felt the sudden rush of cool water embrace her entire body its grip, the cold almost shocking and yet strangely refreshing as well. Allowing herself to float, suspended beneath the world for a moment or two, the blue-haired girl instinctively kicked when her feet touched the bottom and shot back up almost instantly. Bursting through the surface of the water like a cork Brianna could not help but gasp even as she shook her head like a dog before throwing her arms to the sides to steady herself. Opening her eyes and blinking a few times to clear away the last traces of water blurring her vision, Brianna spun gently in place until she found her mistress again. Sofia, it seemed, was content to swim a series of short laps around the perimeter of the pool with an almost lazy backstroke, taking advantage of its modest size and mostly circular shape to move in a slow circle. Clearly enjoying herself rather than trying to exercise, Brianna smiled at the scene and, not for the first time, wondering how the woman kept from popping out of those ridiculously scanty bikinis of hers while swimming. It was almost enough to make her wonder if there was some sort of sorcery involved in that as well but, ultimately, she dismissed such silly notions and closed her eyes, leaning back in the water and spreading her arms to allow herself to simply float. She wouldn’t be able to stay like this for long of course, given the bright sun and her own pale skin, but something about just letting the current of the pump carry her where it may while tiny waves lapped against her body was incredibly relaxing.

She could not say how long she laid there like that, eyes closed and just drifting, letting both the gentle rays of the sun and the soft sounds of the water relax every fiber of her being. Indeed, in just about any other circumstance the combination probably would have lulled her to sleep. Not that she minded, it was nice sometimes to just let go and let her mind go blank, thinking about everything and nothing at all. A kind of serenity she often experienced while bound, now that she thought about it. She supposed that she’d been more frustrated than she’d realized by her earlier failures and resolved to thank her mistress properly for this chance to unwind when they were finished. Lost in those musings and riding the waves where they would take her, she suddenly thought of her failed attempt to harness her telekinetic potential and something seemed to click in the back of her mind. Waves and current and the sensation of floating, a connection forming where there hadn’t been before as if she was on the edge of some great epiphany. Whatever the case may be though, Brianna’s musings were suddenly interrupted when a pair of strong arms grabbed her around the waist in a gentle but insistent grip. With a squeak of surprise, she felt herself pulled from the water’s surface and held fast against a gloriously toned and wonderfully curved body. Her surprise morphed into pleasure almost instantly, a moan escaping her throat as one of the strong hands holding her in place cupped a breast while the other slipped under the edges of her suit to caress the smoothly shaved skin just above her sex.

Sofia kissed the space just behind Brianna’s ear before whispering softly, “Enjoying ourselves, devushka?”

Part of Brianna wanted to protest the interruption but the sensation of those hands wandering over her most sensitive places was far too… pleasant for all that. Instead, eyes closed, she could only moan again, “Yes, mistress. I was just… I was just thinking.”

“Then I must apologize.” Sofia mused as she continued to idly fondle the body in her arms, “I did not mean to hinder your introspection. I can go, if you like?”

“No!” Brianna blurted out, blushing and practically feeling Sofia’s smirk on the back of her neck at that reaction, “I mean, that’s alright mistress. I like,” her blush deepened even as her voice grew soft, “I like it when you touch me.”

Kissing the back of her neck, Sofia chuckled, “That is most fortunate, for I very much enjoy touching you.”

Groaning, and squirming in her mistress’s grasp as Sofia’s fingers drifted just a touch lower, very nearly grazing her suddenly eager clit, Brianna bit her lip to try and control herself, voice little more than a breathy whisper, “Please….”

Slowly drifting toward the edge of the pool, Sofia allowed her fingers to trail over the poor girl’s trembling pussy even as she pulled the material of her swimsuit aside to fully expose a breast, kneading the soft flesh insistently. Tightening her arms ever so slightly as Brianna’s began to writhe within her grasp, the blonde trailed kisses along the edges of her ear, “What do you want, devushka?”

“Please, mistress.” the blue-haired girl gasped, “Please…”

A tiny, almost cruel smile on her lips, Sofia slipped the tip of a finger within the girl and squeezed her bare breast softly, “Please what?”

“Please fuck me.” Brianna managed, practically panting, “Please make me cum, please!”

“And have you earned it, devushka?” Sofia mused.

Whimpering now Brianna could do nothing, nothing but beg, “Please.”

Sofia’s expression softened just a bit, “I never could deny you, devushka. Oh, very well, but you will owe me when we are finished.”

Nodding desperately, Brianna quickly agreed, “Yes, mistress. Anything.”

Sofia did not bother to respond, at least not with words. Rather she slowly slid the entire length of her middle finger into Brianna’s eager body, her ring finger following closely behind. Smirking just a bit at the deep and throaty moan her actions elicited, she began to explore the velvety heat within the girl, amused at the way the captive body in her arms tightened around her with surprising strength. Peppering the pale skin of the girl’s neck with more kisses, Brianna unconsciously tilting her head to the side to grant better access even as she moaned and squirmed beneath her mistress’s attentions, practically panting as she begged for more. After a long, long moment of probing and exploring her slave’s body, Sofia finally began to thrust into her with slow and measured strokes, feeding the flames of desire already raging within the poor girl and once more amused at the sudden bloom of wet heat she could feel enveloping her fingers. It felt as if only seconds passed before Brianna was reduced to a squirming, moaning mass, her muscles taut and her breath growing ragged as her mistress fingered with increased intensity.

“More.” Brianna breathed, eyes closed and voice strained, arching her spine and pressing her back even more firmly against Sofia’s ample breasts, “Please, mistress, please more!”

Whether moved by her plight, or simply not in the mood for games right now, Sofia complied, thrusting her fingers as deep as she could into Brianna’s eager pussy and twisting and bending her knuckles in a way that made the poor girl almost spasm in pure pleasure. At the same time, she shifted her hand just enough to be able to press the pad of her thumb against the blue-haired girl’s clit, stroking the eager nub of flesh and manipulating the small stainless steel piercing there in ways that felt incredible. The combination was almost too much and when Sofia nipped her ear and pinched her bare nipple, tugging on the stud pierced through it, Brianna lost what little control she’d managed to retain. Bucking madly in Sofia’s grasp, she tilted her head back and screamed, only for her mistress to quickly clamp a hand over her mouth to muffle her cries. Being muzzled like that only made it better and she thrashed and fought like a wild animal in the blonde’s arms as she came, her screams of ecstasy little more than whimpers as pleasure shot up her spine to slowly suffuse every inch of her body in a warm an inexorable title wave.

Slowly, as Brianna’s trembling body began to relax Sofia withdrew her fingers from overstimulated flesh, eliciting another shudder of pleasure. Gradually loosening her grip as the blue-haired girl seemed to go limp in her arms, the blonde held her close and murmured softly into her ear, “Feeling any better, devushka?”

Eyes still closed, and panting, Brianna nonetheless managed a tiny smile of her own even as she allowed a slightly teasing note to enter her voice, “Just a bit.”

“So insatiable.” Sofia mused, amusement thick in her tone as she straightened the girl’s swimsuit, “But I believe that is enough time in the pool, yes?”

Brianna could do little but agree, “Yes, mistress.”

Almost on autopilot, her legs trembling ever so slightly from the lingering pleasure still coursing through her veins like a fading echo, Brianna obediently followed her mistress as the blonde broke their embrace and glided toward the stairs and out of the pool. Slicking her hair back as they walked across the warm concrete to the small awning over the patio, eyes glued to the almost hypnotic sashaying of Sofia’s hips, Brianna was almost caught by surprise when the blonde tossed her a towel. Starting slightly, but managing to catch the wad of cloth at the last moment regardless, she blushed a little at the knowing look in Sofia’s clear blue eyes and the tiny smirk curling her lips. But, at the same time, she did not look away as the blonde began to dry herself, drinking in the curves of that wondrously toned body with unabashed lust. Clearly enjoying the attention, and making a show of it for her slave’s benefit, Sofia toweled off with deliberately sensual slowness, twisting her body this way and that, reaching up high and bending down low to make sure she didn’t miss a spot. That familiar heat in her core reigniting, and rock hard nipples proudly presenting themselves through the thin material of her swimsuit, Brianna was practically rooted in place, barely even daring to blink as Sofia tossed her towel onto the nearby table and stripped off her bikini with little fanfare and less warning, baring her perfectly sculpted body to the world, as was her wont after a swim. Still silent, and with that knowing smirk still twisting her lips, the athletic blonde slowly lowered herself into a patio chair, stretching out her lean and toned form like a big cat sunning itself on a rock.

Holding up a hand and beckoning with a finger, Sofia’s voice was husky, thick with want and promise, when she finally spoke, “Come here, devushka.”

Practically moaning at the way that voice caressed her ear, something about the tone settling between her legs and reigniting that familiar fire, Brianna could only nod and do as she was told, allowing her towel to drop to the concrete as she took an almost stumbling step forward. Unable to take her gaze from that perfect, lightly bronzed skin, noting that, as always, Sofia did not have the faintest hint of tan lines anywhere on her body, Brianna felt her mouth go dry, words utterly beyond her in that moment.

Placing her hands on the chair’s arms, Sofia reclined in the shade and adjusted her position before spreading her legs as wide as she could to put her cleanly shaved sex on display, her skin still damp and glistening from the pool, “Come closer, devushka.”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna whispered, still entranced as she took those last few steps, feeling as if an eternity passed despite the short distance between them.

“Closer.” Sofia reiterated, her voice still amused but her tone unmistakably one of command.

Whetting her lips Brianna knelt down on the rough concrete before practically climbing onto the chaise and crawling between her mistress’s legs, “Like this, mistress?”

Reaching out to cup the blue-haired girl’s face in her hands, Sofia smiled down at her, “Very good, devushka. Do you like what you see?”

Brianna swallowed, hard, and nodded as best she could, “Yes, mistress.”

“Do you want to taste me?” Sofia asked, voice a sultry whisper.

Unable to contain her moan this time Brianna whet her lips again and nodded much more firmly, voice straining with want, “Yes, mistress. Always.”

Caressing the poor girl’s cheekbones with the tips of her thumbs, Sofia’s smile flashed wickedly, “Good, because I need your mouth on me, right now.”

Brianna did not respond with words. Rather she smiled, almost smirked really at that admission, and slowly lowered her head, breaking free from Sofia’s grip in the process to place a soft kiss on the woman’s hip. Working her way down one kiss at a time, tracing the edges of the woman’s well-toned muscles with her tongue, she worshiped that perfectly bronzed skin, the scent of arousal thick in her nose as she finally reached her goal and entwined her mistress’s nether lips in a far deeper and more intimate kiss. Sofia shifted in her seat, a shuddering moan escaping her as Brianna ran her tongue up and down the woman’s labia before sucking on her clit insistently. The blue-haired girl could not help but grin slightly at that reaction, redoubling her efforts, swirling the tip of her tongue around that eager nub when she felt fingers weave into her damp hair and hold her in place with surprising strength. All of her lovers were different when it came to what they liked, of course, though none of them had ever had cause to complain about the way she used her mouth, and Brianna had always been proud of how well she had learned how to please each of them. As suited to her rather straightforward personality, Sofia did not care over-much for fancy techniques. Rather, the blonde wanted her lovers to test her stamina, to push her to the limit of her endurance before finally pushing her over the edge. It could certainly be exhausting but, to Brianna’s mind, feeling and hearing and tasting the woman come undone under her ministrations was all the reward she would ever need. And so, she continued to worship the goddess beneath her, licking and sucking at her clit, pausing only long enough to plunge her tongue into the wet heat of Sofia’s body, reveling in the way the blonde’s powerful muscles squeezed as she lapped the woman’s most delicate flesh. Part of her wished she could use her fingers and mouth at the same time, a technique that Claudia taught to her somewhat inadvertently, and one that had never failed to make the tattooed girl scream in turn, but with powerful hands holding her tightly in place and firm thighs locked around her head it was impossible at the moment. No matter, Brianna simply redoubled her efforts, licking and sucking and probing as deeply as she dared, guided all the while by Sofia’s throaty moans, insistent grip, and squirming form.

It was impossible to say how long they spent like that, Brianna eating her mistress out insistently while Sofia urged her on wordlessly, some part of the blue-haired girl insanely turned on by the thought of doing things like this out in the open, where anyone could see. Something about that only made it better. Eventually however, even Sofia’s truly impressive stamina failed her, though Brianna suspected the blonde wasn’t trying all that hard, and the blonde stiffened, arching her back and practically crushing Brianna’s mouth against her as she clamped her jaw shut with an almost audible click. Mere seconds later Sofia came, hard, her entire body quaking, muscles straining as she tried to stay quiet despite the way she usually loved to howl her pleasure to the world. Not that Brianna was truly paying much attention to those muted cries as she continued to lap the trembling flesh beneath her, knowing well not to stop until told and wondering how many orgasms her mistress would demand in tribute. The answer, it turned out, was four before the blonde was finally spent. Her entire form going slack, Sofia released the blue-haired girl from her grip and collapsed in a boneless heap.

Looking up tentatively, her tongue a bit sore, Brianna could not keep a warm smile off her face at the sight of Sofia laying there, spent and breathing heavily, an arm thrown up over her face to cover her eyes and every inch of her skin covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Drinking in the sight for a moment, as always more than a bit pleased with herself that she was able to reduce her lovers to this state and glad she was able to repay them for all that they had done for her, Brianna lifted herself out from between the panting woman’s legs and crawled up into the chaise before curling up at Sofia’s side. Although she said nothing, did not even look up, Sofia gently placed an arm around the blue-haired girl’s waist and embraced her softly. Smiling at that, Brianna just nuzzled into the woman’s side and pillowed her head on those glorious breasts, reveling in her mistress’s warmth.

Eventually, Sofia spoke, her voice soft and yet somehow deeply satisfied, “You have become most talented, devushka.”

Brianna could not help but chuckle a little, “Thank you, mistress.” she sighed contentedly and readjusted her position, “I could stay like this all day.”

Sofia made a wordless noise of agreement and tightened her grip, “We should go swimming more often, devushka.”

“It’s been a long time since I went swimming regularly, mistress.” Brianna answered, a tiny smile curving her lips, “But I like that idea.”

It was Sofia’s turn to chuckle as she uncovered her eyes and turned ever so slightly onto her side to embrace her slave properly, “We will make an athlete out of you yet, devushka.”

“I don’t know about that, mistress.” Brianna returned, feeling both emboldened and playful by the day’s events, “But, with training like this? I could get used to it.”

Sofia gave an amused chuckle again and held the girl close, but otherwise said nothing as the pair laid there beneath the shade of the canopy, enjoying the heat of the day and enveloped by the soft noise of the water and fragrant scent of flowers. It could have been moments, it could have been hours, but Brianna found that she did not care as she luxuriated in the warmth of her mistress’s firm body, practically lulled to sleep by the steady beating of the woman’s heart. Indeed, she most likely could have drifted off peacefully then and there until a sudden breeze whipped through the mostly still air, raising goosebumps across her still damp skin. Shivering a little, but not wanting to get up, Brianna tried to snuggle deeper into Sofia’s warmth but the persistent chill refused to fade.

Reacting to her movement, Sofia asked, “Are you alright, devushka?”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna assured, not wanting to disturb the woman’s rest, “The breeze just caught me by surprise.”

“We can go inside, if you like.” Sofia offered.

Lifting her head up Brianna smiled at the older woman and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek, “That’s alright, mistress. I don’t really want to move.”

Sofia returned that smile and softly pressed their lips together, but as she settled back down into the chaise Brianna glanced over her shoulder, spying her towel laying in a heap on the concrete just out of reach. Frowning at the sight, annoyed by that fact and very much wishing that she hadn’t been so careless, but still not wanting to get up, a touch of her earlier frustration returned. It was silly, but part of her could not help but think that if she had just managed to figure out her lesson earlier she could solve this problem easily. Which, in turn, made her feel a touch guilty for abandoning said lesson, not that she regretted her little dalliance with Sofia, of course. Even so, Mistress Roxanna had told her not to think about it too much, to let her instincts guide her, perhaps…

Shifting her position ever so slightly to raise her free hand, Brianna focused on the towel and tried to concentrate. Suddenly thinking of a comment Claudia had made, jokingly calling her mystic studies ‘Jedi training’ she could not help but smirk a little, ‘What the heck. Reach out with your feelings, right?’ Truth be told, Brianna didn’t really expect it to work, but suddenly thinking about waves and current again as she focused on the simple feeling of wanting that damned towel, something within her seemed to respond. With all the suddenness of a rubber band snapping, the towel fluttered as if caught in some unseen wind before leaping up from the ground and into her hand with a surprising amount of force.

Stunned and almost unable to believe her eyes Brianna just stared, clenching her fist and running her thumb along the towel’s fluffy surface, as if to confirm to herself that it was real, almost dumbstruck. “I did it?” she whispered, face lighting up in excitement, “I did it!”

Sofia, woken from her light nap by that exclamation and unaware of what was happening, opened her eyes, blinking a few times as she looked up in confusion at Brianna’s almost gleeful expression, “Devushka?”

Still lost in her triumph, Brianna smiled widely at the blonde and held the towel up like a trophy, “I did it, mistress.”

Before the woman could even think to respond, clearly still a bit lost, a new voice called out from behind them, “Congratulations, korítsi.”

Brianna’s attention instantly snapped to that voice and she turned her head so fast she practically gave herself whiplash, to see Roxanna standing there just a few feet away. The woman had her arms crossed over her chest, the thin material of her blouse showing the outlines of her body in the bright afternoon light, while the shorts and sandals she was wearing left her shapely legs on display, her scars almost as pale as moonlight against her olive skin, while her long brown hair danced ever so slightly in the breeze. While her posture screamed authority, from the way she had cocked her hip to the way she idly tapped her foot, a gently bemused expression on her face belied this. Drinking in those sights Brianna opened her mouth to say something, feeling the sudden urge to apologize, but Sofia roused herself first, the blonde turning almost fully on her side and propping herself up with an elbow.

“Ah, dorogoy,” she greeted with a warm smile of her own, “come to enjoy the afternoon with us? The pool is lovely.”

Roxanna’s lips twitched ever so slightly as she dropped her arms to her sides and limped over to the chaise the pair were laying in, “Perhaps some other time, stríngla.” her deep brown gaze turned to Brianna then, practically pinning the girl in place, “I had wondered where you had gone, korítsi. Imagine my surprise when I discovered you had escaped your bonds.”

Brianna felt her face heat up a bit and she fought the urge to look down, “Sorry, mistress.”

Roxanna did not respond to that immediately, instead she reached down and ran her fingers across the towel the blue-haired girl was holding, “An impressive display. A bit graceless, but not bad for a first attempt.”

Smiling a little, Brianna practically beamed, “Thank you, mistress.”

“And what was it that finally allowed you to break through?” the olive-skinned woman wondered.

Brianna just shrugged, not sure how to put it into words, “I… I’m not completely sure, mistress. I just focused on what I wanted and it sort of happened.”

A broad smile curled Roxanna’s lips and she bent down to kiss the blue-haired girl on the crown on her head, “Interesting, korítsi. Very interesting. It will take some practice, but I think you are beginning to understand.”

Pleased as she was by the praise, Brianna frowned ever so slightly, “You mean, it really is that simple?”

“It is the simplest thing in the world, korítsi.” Roxanna assured, “And the hardest thing you will ever do.” Before Brianna could even think to react to that, the older woman winked almost conspiratorially and added, “You are quickly becoming my best student. Of course you are also my only student, so try not to let it go to you head, yes?”

Brianna could not help but smile again, even as she heard Sofia snicker softly behind her, “Yes, mistress.”

“Now, I suppose I should punish you for taking a break without permission.” Roxanna announced as she straightened up, placing a hand on her hip as she glanced at Sofia, addressing the blonde again, “And I should probably punish you as well.”

Grinning at that, Sofia finally sat up and brushed her damp hair back, “Ah, please do not be cross, dorogoy.” pausing as she idly allowed her hand to drop to her shoulder and trace across her chest, just barely brushing her bare breasts as she did so, “I’m certain that we can… make it up to you.”

Catching on easily enough, Brianna nodded and turned her body so she was practically kneeling on the chair, lowering her gaze submissively, “Yes mistress, please allow us to make it up to you. Please?”

Roxanna controlled her reactions well, but even so, after a year together, Brianna could read her tells easily enough. The spark of desire in her eyes, to say nothing of the way her breath caught in her throat ever so slightly, spoke far more than words ever could. Licking her lips unconscionably, Roxanna’s voice was soft but with an unmistakable trace of lust, “Are you trying to bribe me, korítsi?”

Brianna tried very hard to keep a smile off her face, but it was a losing battle from the start, “Is it working?”

Roxanna actually laughed out loud, her voice ringing like a bell, as she reached out to stroke Sofia’s face with one hand, and cup Brianna’s chin with the other, “Whatever am I to do with the both of you?”

Slowly climbing out of the chair to stand by her lover’s side, Sofia’s voice took on a familiar, husky tone as she embraced the woman, “I have full confidence in your brilliance, dorogoy. Though, if you like, I have a few ideas.”

Silencing the blonde with a kiss, Roxanna’s lips quirked into an amused, half-smile, “Come along then, stríngla, and we shall see.” turning her head ever so slightly the olive-skinned woman graced Brianna with another smile, “If you would be so kind as to pick up after this one before joining us in the bedroom?”

Fighting the urge to fidget under that gaze, even as a faint blush colored her cheeks, Brianna nodded, “Of course, mistress.”

Patting her on the cheek one last time, Roxanna offered the tiniest of nods before allowing her fingers to trace along the edges of the girl’s jaw and turning to lead Sofia into the house. For a moment or two Brianna could do nothing but watch them go, frozen in place and eyes fixed on that familiar pair of bodies before the loud sound of the patio door opening spurred her to action. Scrambling up out of the chair and onto her feet, she quickly gathered up the towels as well as Sofia’s discarded bikini, clutching the damp bundle of cloth to her chest as she fought the urge to race after the pair. By the time she made it into the kitchen, closing and locking the door behind her, her mistresses had already begun to climb the stairs. Forcing herself to remain calm, despite the heady mix of anticipation and arousal swirling within her, Brianna carefully made her way to the bathroom first, depositing her burden into the hamper before mounting the steps herself. It was a quick and familiar climb, but by the time she reached the second story landing the hallway was empty. However, the door to the master bedroom was yawning wide open. As she approached the brightly illuminated room, her bare feet scarcely making a sound on the soft carpet, Brianna paused in the doorway at the somewhat unfamiliar sight awaiting her.

Both of her mistresses were waiting for her, though neither were paying much attention. Instead, Sofia and Roxanna were locked in a kiss, Sofia’s nude form seated in a simple wooden chair set next to the bed while Roxanna, still fully clothed, loomed over her, practically sitting in her lap in fact, hands set on the blonde’s shoulders while Sofia’s fingers caressed her waist as their kiss deepened. Unconsciously pressing her thighs together, the faintest hint of a blush on her cheeks as she watched the display, Brianna was struck by the strange sense that she was somehow intruding upon an especially intimate moment even though she had been invited. Whether by luck or sheer coincidence, Roxanna suddenly broke the kiss and slowly stood, a faint smile decorating her face at the way Sofia almost whined at the loss of contact and arched her neck to try and find her lover’s lips again.

Instead, Roxanna turned her attention to the door, smile broadening at the sight of Brianna standing there, “Ah, very good. Come here, korítsi.”

Startled by the sudden noise, Brianna nodded and began to pad across the room, clasping her hands behind her back in a submissive pose, “Yes, mistress.”

Reaching out to rest her hands on the blue-haired girl’s waist, caressing the bare skin of her hips, Roxanna spent several long moments admiring Brianna’s form, “You look absolutely ravishing, korítsi.”

“Thank you, mistress.” Brianna answered, her own lips quirking into a smile as she did.

“I own a similar swimsuit myself, though not quite so… modest.” Roxanna continued, amusement in her tone as she allowed her fingers to trace down Brianna’s thighs, making the girl shiver, “Perhaps I might show you one day. Would you like that, korítsi?”

Between those hands and those words Brianna could not help but shudder, her mind spinning as she wondered just how much more immodest a one-piece swimsuit could become. Biting back a moan, the blue-haired girl nodded, “Yes, mistress. I would like that.”

Roxanna hmmed appreciatively, but said nothing for several long moments, “Still, as incredible as you look, you are still... over-dressed for the occasion.” Leaning in, she planted a kiss on Brianna’s cheek before leaning in close to whisper into her ear, “Go to the foot of the bed and strip.”

Unable to keep herself from moaning this time, Brianna just nodded and slowly broke away from her mistress’s grasp. Stepping over to the bed with deliberate slowness she reached up to loop her fingers under the shoulder straps of her suit and paused for half a heartbeat before sliding them down over her arms to bare her breasts. Goosebumps arising on her skin from a potent combination of the suddenly cool air and excitement at being watched as she stripped, Brianna slowly peeled the damp lycra from her body, past her stomach and finally to her waist, shifting her stance slightly before shoving the stubborn fabric past her hips and letting it fall to the floor with a wet thud. For the briefest moment the familiar old awkwardness that she always felt upon first baring her body filled her, unsure of what to do with her hands, torn between the desire to cover herself or pose proudly. But, taking a breath to calm herself, Brianna allowed her arms to fall to her sides and looked up. Sofia was still seated, icy blue eyes drinking in her form with an eager smile while Roxanna stood behind her, a warm and encouraging expression on her face even if the sparkle in her eyes betrayed her own eagerness. Brianna could not help but smile back at the pair, warmed and emboldened by their attention, unconsciously throwing her shoulders back to emphasize her breasts and twisting her hips ever so slightly to put herself on display.

Although never taking her eyes off the blue-haired girl, Roxanna bent down ever so slightly to address Sofia, “A beautiful sight, wouldn’t you agree, stríngla?”

Smirking at the sight, making Brianna blush even deeper, Sofia nodded eagerly, “Oh yes, dorogoy. Simply stunning.”

Roxanna did not answer with words, rather she knelt down behind the woman and, with a tiny smirk twisting her lips, proceeded to handcuff Sofia to the chair. The sudden and unexpected click of the cuffs made Brianna jump ever so slightly while Sofia, with an almost stunned expression, tested her bonds as if unable to believe what had happened.

Dorogoy?” she asked, confusion coloring her voice as she glanced over her shoulder at Roxanna, “What are you doing?”

“I said I was going to punish you, did I not?” the olive-skinned woman asked as she stood before bending down so low her head practically rested on Sofia’s shoulder, “And this is your punishment, stríngla. You can look, but not touch.”

“I have never known you to be such a cruel woman, dorogoy.” Sofia protested.

Roxanna did not even look back as she stepped around the blonde, approaching Brianna with slow and deliberate steps, a pleased and playfully vicious smile on her lips as she answered with another question, “Must I gag you as well?”

Sofia, perhaps wisely, said nothing and as she watched the scene unfold before her Brianna almost couldn’t believe her eyes. She had never seen this side of her mistresses before, never even imagined it might exist. Roxanna and Sofia were certainly very dominant people, they had both more than proven that over the last year, but she had never seen them act that way toward each other. Oh, certainly there was plenty of teasing and they were definitely passionate when together, sometimes intensely so, but she had never gotten the sense that one was trying to dominate the other. Not like herself and Claudia, come to think of it, and it made her wonder. Both of her mistresses had been together for a long time, long before anyone else had entered their lives, and thinking about it now Brianna could not help but imagine what their life might have been like in those early days. Were games like this common, an old habit making a return or were they expanding their horizons with something new? Either way, as Brianna stood there, frozen in place under Roxanna’s gaze as the olive-skinned woman slowly closed the distance between them, she knew one thing beyond the shadow of a doubt. 

It was one hell of a turn on.

Her skin so flushed it was practically on fire, her entire body trembling with desire, Brianna almost gasped when Roxanna practically pressed their bodies together and reached up to cup her face gently. Smiling at the reaction she elicited, Roxanna somehow closed the distance even more until their lips were practically touching and for the briefest of moments Brianna was certain that her mistress would kiss her. Instead, the woman spoke softly, voice low and sensual in a way that made a shiver run up the blue-haired girl’s spine.

“And now, korítsi, it is your turn.”

Swallowing to suppress a moan, Brianna’s voice was barely a whisper, tone quavering with need, “Yes, mistress.”

Smile widening just a touch, Roxanna planted a kiss on the tip of her nose, “Go and sit on the bed. Do not move.”

Nodding ever so slightly, Brianna did as she was told, carefully disentangling herself from her mistress’s grasp and slowly climbing onto the bed to dutifully sit on her legs, hands clasped together in her lap. Feeling her heartbeat quicken as she heard Roxanna’s slightly uneven footsteps approach, she looked up to see Sofia fidgeting a bit in her bonds but watching the entire affair intently. Lips quirking into a shaky smile at the blonde, Brianna almost gasped when she felt soft but strong hands grip her arms and draw them behind her back. She went limp, offering not even the slightest bit of resistance as leather cuffs were fastened about her wrists and straps used to pin her arms into a snug reverse-prayer position, the pressure forcing her shoulders back and thrusting her chest forward. She was not quite as well practiced in this position as she was at wearing an armbinder, indeed compared to Claudia who could practically be twisted into a pretzel she was almost an amateur (and the tattooed girl had hinted that Murial could actually touch her elbows together when bound like this, something Brianna hadn’t even been sure was possible), but regardless of that she still moaned when the straps were tightened, immensely turned on to be bound so thoroughly. Feeling her face heat up again, her nipples hardening and her pussy tightening as more straps were used to pin each of her legs into a frogtie, Brianna could not help but groan deeply and close her eyes, stretching her body and rolling her shoulders as she explored the limits of her bondage. In the midst of that exploration, a slight pressure on her lips made Brianna gasp and she instinctively opened her mouth to allow the gag entry. Setting the stainless steel ring behind the blue-haired girl’s teeth, wrenching her lips into a wide ‘O’ of surprise, Roxanna tightened the gag down snugly, the thin leather straps biting into her slave’s cheeks and forcing the edges of her mouth back. Moaning again, even deeper this time, Brianna explored the edges of the ring with her tongue, licking her lips and biting down ever so slightly to test it, the sheer size of the gag bringing both a slight twinge to her jaws as well as a new flush of arousal.

When she finally opened her eyes again, somewhat surprised to see Sofia looking past her, Brianna instinctively turned her head to spot Roxanna, her back to them, slowly limping toward the dresser, unbuttoning her blouse as she did so. Without looking at either of the two bound women, she allowed the garment to slip off of her shoulders and expose the straps of the white lace bra she was wearing. Slowly and deliberately lowering her arms, her blouse fluttering down to the floor as she did, Roxanna reached up to unclasp her bra, shrugging it off quickly to fully expose the elegant curves of her back and the pale scars that ran jagged through her olive skin. Still without a word and never breaking stride, Roxanna slid her shorts down over her hips to reveal a matching thong that clung to her shapely ass beautifully and Brianna found herself twisting in place to get a better look, unconsciously pressing her thighs together as hazel eyes drank in that perfectly elegant form, reaffirming each and every curve that was already burned into her memory. Shedding her last bit of clothing as she reached the dresser, fully nude now Roxanna finally looked back with a smirk before slowly opening one of the drawers and reaching in to retrieve a familiar collection of straps and buckles, a large double dildo nesting in the center. After only the briefest of pauses the olive-skinned woman bit her lip, eyes fluttering slightly in pleasure as she slid the toy within herself and buckled the strap-on around her hips with slow and deliberate motions. Only then, once everything was snug, did the olive-skinned woman fully turn to face them, a hand on her hip and a smirk on her face as she took in their bound forms with smoldering eyes.

“Like what you see, korítsi?”

Nodding, eyes fixed on the sight of her mistress’s nude form, Brianna forced out a reply around the gag, “Yeh, nhihghuehh.”

“Good.” the olive-skinned woman announced as she began to limp back toward the bed, eyes sliding past Brianna’s helpless form to where Sofia sat, her smirk widening, “No need to pout so, stríngla. I promise it will be quite the show.”

“So cruel.” Sofia said softly, a hint of a whine in her voice, though the slightest hint of a smile curled the edges of her own lips regardless.

“I can still gag you, if you like.” Roxanna returned, clearly amused.

Sofia made a show of closing her mouth and Roxanna’s smile widened ever so slightly as she stepped up to the bed. Eyes flickering over Brianna’s helpless form and wrenched open mouth, she reached out to caress the blue-haired girl’s cheek, “Are you ready, korítsi?”

Leaning into that touch Brianna nodded, fairly certain she knew what was about to happen and not at all surprised when the hand that had been cupping her face slid around the back of her head to grip her ponytail firmly. There was another brief pause, as Roxanna allowed her eyes to play across Brianna’s face before she tightened her grip and slowly forced the length of the dildo into her helplessly gagged mouth. Going slack and taking a breath through her nose, Brianna tilted her head ever so slightly to ease the toy’s passage, swallowing the whole time to suppress her gag reflex as the full length of the dildo filled her throat. Roxanna held her there for a moment, perhaps two, but just as Brianna’s lungs began burning the olive-skinned woman pulled back just enough to let her breathe again before beginning to thrust in a slow and steady rhythm, fucking the bound girl’s throat softly but insistently. Closing her eyes, Brianna worshiped the toy with her tongue, moaning deep in her throat with each stroke and doing her level best to put on a show. Truth be told she had never actually given a blowjob before, but on occasion her mistresses liked to make her perform on the toys they used on her and she could admit that it turned her on, deeply. Especially like this, gagged and helpless and used, like she had been reduced to a toy herself. There was nothing else quite like it, though as much as they clearly enjoyed it as well, at times Brianna wondered why her mistresses were so enthusiastic. As incredibly hot as the scenario was, it wasn’t like they could actually feel what she was doing to the dildo as she licked and sucked and massaged it with her throat. Then again, given the way Roxanna was groaning or how she bit her lip and let out a low, shuddering moan with each pass of the blue-haired girl’s tongue, perhaps there was more to it than she knew.

Whatever the case, after perhaps a half dozen strokes Roxanna shifted her hips back and pulled Brianna’s head away, freeing the toy from her throat. Instinctively coughing a bit as the intrusion was removed, Brianna barely had time to catch her breath before she was practically thrown down onto the bed, the quilt covering it soft against her bare skin. Feeling those soft, familiar hands on her hips Brianna was rolled over onto her stomach before being forced onto her knees, her cheek pressed against the mattress and a firm grip in her hair again even as her ass was pointed straight into the air. Still holding the girl down, Roxanna climbed onto the bed herself and mounted her, the dildo strapped to her hips sliding deep into Brianna’s wet and aching core without resistance. Twisting her head to lay on her cheek, a few strands of loose hair fluttering down to obscure her vision, Brianna moaned helplessly, hips bouncing with each thrust as her body instinctively tightened. Even in the dark, even blindfolded, the blue-haired girl would always be able to identify which of her lovers was taking her, and there could be no other word for what Roxanna was doing to her besides taking. Beyond their familiar scent and touch and the shape of their bodies, each and every one of them made love in a distinctive way. Roxanna could not thrust with same strength and enthusiasm that Sofia loved, nor did she have Claudia’s almost spastic energy, instead she moved in a slow but strangely asymmetric way, her injured hip almost forcing her to limp even like this. Not that Brianna minded, especially the way the unsteady movement seemed to make the dildo dance inside of her with each thrust, stimulating her in ways that were impossible to describe, and the slow but steady rhythm stretched her pleasure out and out and out until she could think of nothing else but the sensations filling her and the orgasm that seemed just beyond her grasp no matter how much she squirmed and moaned and begged.

Skin flushed and breath ragged, the steady slap of flesh against flesh filling her ears and Roxanna’s hand gripping her hair almost painfully tight, Brianna briefly managed to glance upwards at Sofia’s naked form, the blonde still cuffed to the chair and still watching the display that her lovers were putting on. There was a strange intensity in the woman's eyes, a spark of something deep in that arctic gaze, and her face was flushed, though clearly from excitement rather than embarrassment. She squirmed in place, rubbing her thighs together as she shifted in her seat and worked her shoulders as she fought against the cuffs. In a brief moment of clarity, before pleasure again swallowed her, it struck Brianna that the blonde was clearly torn, obviously enjoying the show and yet immensely frustrated to not be a part of it. Sofia was an incredible physical person after all, physical with her emotions and physical with her affections and this, forced to look but not touch, was indeed the perfect punishment. Although, at the same time, she doubted the blonde minded all that much. After all, as a shapeshifter Sofia could escape her restraints whenever she wanted. Grinning a little around the corners of her gag, though between her hair and the increasingly bunched up quilt beneath her it was barely visible, Brianna began to shake her own hips to meet Roxanna’s thrusts. If she was to put on a show then she was determined it was going to be a good one.

Perhaps it was her bonds, perhaps it was the position, or perhaps it was the knowledge that Sofia was watching the whole thing, but within moments Brianna felt herself lose control, her body shuddering and her muscles tensing as some part of her instinctively tried to hold on while the rest of her just let go. Jerking hard against Roxanna’s grasp, Brianna pulled against the straps holding her arms and legs until they creaked, throwing back her head as far as she could as she came, screaming her pleasure through the ring gag which did nothing to muffle her cries. Not yet satisfied, Roxanna continued to thrust into her, her own breath ragged and her skin flushed as she worked herself to the edge. Giving herself over to the sensation, Brianna continued to spasm in her mistress’s grasp, aftershocks assaulting her body with each sharp, firm thrust into her quaking sex before a second orgasm tore its way from her and a second scream, somehow louder and even wilder than the first, filled the room. While the bound girl thrashed like a wild animal against her, Roxanna thrust into her helpless form one final time before joining her, crying out in ecstasy and slumping forward as the muscles of her legs went to jelly, gripping Brianna’s hips tightly to try and steady herself.

After a heartbeat, perhaps two, perched like that Roxanna practically fell backwards onto her ass, pulling the toy from the bound girl’s body in one smooth motion. Marshaling what felt like the last of her strength, the olive-skinned woman managed to prop herself up against the headboard, taking a moment to catch her breath. No longer being held, Brianna let out a shuddering moan as the dildo slipped from her, vaginal muscles gripping the toy in some vain attempt to hold onto it just a bit longer, and slumped onto the mattress in a heap, panting and moaning and shivering as the last few lingering aftershocks shot through her body like liquid lightning. Vision almost completely obscured by her hair, she was not aware of anything really except for the all encompassing sensation of sated nothingness that threatened to swallow her whole. Some time later, however, she was brought back to the world by soft fingers gently brushing her hair from her face and she managed to summon the energy to twist herself partially onto her back and look up into Roxanna’s gently smiling face.

“Still with us, korítsi?” the olive-skinned woman asked.

Managing a tiny nod, Brianna answered, “Yeh, nhihghuehh.”

Roxanna almost smirked, “That is good, korítsi. For you see, it strikes me that we have not yet gotten around to your punishment.”

Looking down, and fighting the urge to squirm, Brianna nodded again, “Ne, nhihghuehh.”

Gently stroking the girl’s face with the back of her fingers and smiling at the way she nuzzled against that touch, Roxanna pursed her lips in thought, “Ah well. Perhaps later, korítsi. For now, rest well. We still have much… training to do and,” she glanced up at Sofia with a half smile, “I suppose we should see to Sofia before she explodes.”

Brianna could not help but grin around her gag at that and press her face even more insistently into her mistress’s touch. She had no idea what the woman had planned but, even exhausted as she was, she felt that familiar flame of arousal flicker back to life. Today had certainly been an interesting day, and she had a feeling it was nowhere near over. Not that she minded. Not at all.


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