The Sorcerer's Apprentice

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2023 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; bond; toys; chastity; tease; denial; gag; rope; armbinder; outdoors; rom; cons; X

Continues from

Part 13

Despite her earlier assertion that getting there would be half the run, some part of Brianna Wilde was beginning to regret her enthusiasm. As much as she enjoyed bondage, and as much as she had always looked forward to her mistresses’ games, after what felt like hours spent perched in the front seat of their car, arms bound tightly behind her back and pinned in place with the seat belt while a vibrator buried deep within her body teased and teased and teased she was beginning to think it might be a bit much. It was wonderful, absolutely maddeningly wonderful, but as the blue-haired girl squirmed and moaned in her confinement, each and every motion making the toys that filled her dance wildly, she desperately wanted to cum. Not that she’d expected it to be that easy, of course. Even if Sofia had been generous with her during their morning shower together, the woman would not have bothered to secure her in chastity if her mistresses had not been planning to edge her along the way. Especially after Roxanna had so slowly and sensuously filled her body with toys before sealing her aching pussy away. Besides, as good as it may have felt at the time, the moment the vibrating egg sprang to life Brianna had known that its soft, irregular pulses would not be enough to push her over the edge. Moreover, with a panel gag pulled tightly over her lips and a plug filling her mouth so fully she couldn’t even beg, reduced to little more than quiet whimpers and pleading gazes as she writhed in her confinement, bucking her hips against the source of her pleasure with increased desperation as time passed. Not that either one of her mistresses seemed moved. In those few moments when she’d taken her eyes off the road to allow that brilliant blue gaze to roam over the bound girl’s body with undisguised lust, Sofia had just grinned and adjusted the vibrator’s setting for good measure. As for Roxanna, that was a bit harder to tell. Ensconced safely in the back of the car the olive-skinned woman had spent the majority of the day reading quietly to herself, but on those few occasions when Brianna had twisted enough to catch a glimpse of her mistress, the woman’s deep brown eyes had been watching her intently, a tiny and almost intriguing smile on her face. A suggestion that, for all she had a book propped in her lap, reading was the very last thing on her mind.

Truth be told, despite her frustrations, it made Brianna happy. It always sent a thrill down her spine to realize just how much her mistresses enjoyed playing with her, just how much seeing her like this turned them on. Not that she hadn’t known that, of course, but seeing it for herself was always so deliciously intoxicating, a warm feeling that never failed to leave her feeling almost giddy. And, as she often did, she’d been more than happy to lean into it, allowing a sensuous edge to creep into her moans as she twisted her body, straining against her bonds and exploring the limits of her restraints as she marveled at just how utterly helpless having her arms locked into reverse-prayer made her feel, and how utterly inescapable her new monoglove was. Of course, beyond the surreptitious glances she caught out of the corner of her eye, it was the semi-public nature of the display that had well and truly excited her. The knowledge that she was bound and gagged and teased out in the open, that nothing more than a thin sheet of tinted plastic shielded her from the world was such an incredible turn on. A fact that only made her blush darken each and every time another car passed by. Did anyone see? Did anyone realize? Might a passenger who glanced her way notice the outline of the gag pressed against her face? Would another driver take note of the odd angle of her arms and deduce the reality of her bondage? And if they did, could they even imagine that such things were the least of the devices she was enduring? Just the idea made her imagination run wild and sent a deliciously exhibitionist thrill shooting through her core, body clenching in sympathy around the toys filling her, the pressure shifting the vibrator just enough to press against the intrusion of her catheter and set a tantalizingly alien sensation echoing deep into her body. An action that only served to make her squirm even more, the sharp and sudden shift of her hips pressing her weight against the base of her butt plug, driving the toy in even deeper.

As much as she wanted, needed to cum, she also never wanted this to end.

Lost in those sensations the trip itself had seemed to blur, the ever shifting landscape of forests and fields and small towns fading into an almost indistinct background, like some sort of real life impressionist painting. It was beautiful enough, of course, and under normal circumstances Brianna would have enjoyed the sight of old farm houses, scenic rivers and antiquated roadside attractions. Indeed, if her hands had been free she might have been tempted to sketch them. But soon enough, as time wore on and the relentless teasing seemed to continue without end, nothing seemed to matter but the throbbing heat and pure need pulsing between her legs, caged beneath the steel of her chastity belt. Moreover, as they traveled the blue-haired girl could not help but fantasize that she was being kidnapped, the scenario growing ever more elaborate with each mile. Perhaps her mistresses had simply grabbed her off the street, or better yet lured her in with their seductive wiles before locking her in such cruel bondage in the guise of a game, tricking a naive young woman into exploring a few kinks before springing their devious trap. That had actually made her smile a little behind her gag, a giggle threatening to bubble up in the bound girl’s chest at the thought of herself being either naive or innocent anymore, but at that point she hardly cared. Spurred on by the fantasy that she was being carried off to spend the rest of her life as a helplessly bound sex slave, brazenly displayed in the front seat like a prize, a new flush of arousal had filled Brianna’s body and the blue-haired girl began to writhe and moan and plead for release, arching her back sharply and pulling her shirt tight against her chest to draw attention to her modest bust. Sofia’s not so subtle glances, and the sound of Roxanna shifting in her own seat as she watched only spurred the bound girl on, the sensual thrill of being on display and the way her wild movements made the toys within her practically dance pushing her ever closer to the edge.

It all felt so perfect and at some point, much to her shock and delight, Brianna was certain that she may have finally found the relief she craved. The repetitive motion of rocking her hips back and forth, again and again, in a vaguely circular path as her tightly clenched muscles pulled the vibrator against a particularly sensitive spot felt so perfect. However, when at last it seemed as if the moment had arrived the blue-haired girl was forced to learn a lesson that each and every one of her lovers had taught her at one point in time. That underestimating her mistresses was… unwise and that not once had she ever been allowed to cum without permission. As such, when she reached what she’d thought was the cusp of the orgasm she had so craved for so long, head thrown back and eyes clenched shut as her arms strained against the monoglove binding them, hips rocking madly as she very nearly crested the peak, the vibrator buzzing inside of her suddenly stopped. For a moment she was stunned, howling in disappointment and whining deep in her throat as she bucked her hips madly in a desperate attempt to finish herself off. It was not to be and when Brianna finally dared to open her eyes the truth was all too obvious. Some part of her had clung to the hope that it was all a mistake, that perhaps she’d pulled a wire loose with her thrashing, but Sofia’s hand rested on the vibrator’s control box sitting there calmly on the car’s center console, finger still poised over the main switch now set to ‘off.’ Groaning at that, to say nothing of the positively vulpine smile that the blonde offered, the blue-haired girl howled again and strained against the leather binding her arms even more vigorously, shifting her shoulders back and forth and twisting her hips as she struggled with her restraints. Desperate to… desperate to do something, anything! Clearly amused by that reaction, her mistress reached out with calloused fingers to cup the bound girl’s chin. Stilling almost instantly, a tiny whimper escaped Brianna’s tightly packed mouth as Sofia began to stroke her skin with a feather-light touch.

“You are far too worked up, devushka.” the blonde soothed, though a trace of amusement was still clear in her voice, “Perhaps you need a break?”

Closing her eyes and unable to keep herself from leaning into that touch, even if it did nothing to quench the heat raging in her core, Brianna managed a tiny groan and an even tinier nod, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

“Good girl.” Sofia practically whispered, offering an almost playful pat on the cheek before turning her attention back to the road, “Besides, we are nearly to our destination now, it would not do for you to… spoil your appetite.”

Moaning softly in disappointed acceptance, Brianna shut her eyes and slumped back against her seat only to wince ever so slightly as the careless gesture shifted the plugs inside of her uncomfortably. Wincing again at the way the toys were practically pressed together, squeezing her delicate flesh between them, the blue-haired girl shifted her hips back and forth until she finally found a more comfortable position. Sighing in relief, she threw her head back and cast her eyes skyward, just staring at the plain gray cloth stretched over the interior of the car as the faint rumble of tires and the gentle roar of the breeze shooting past her window washed over her. As disappointing as being denied was, part of her was honestly glad for the break. Even if it was nowhere near her record, some combination of the continuous edging and the semi-public nature of it had made this session feel so unbelievably, exhaustively intense. Especially with the way her mistresses kept playing with the controls of the vibrator teasing her, shifting the patterns just enough that she never could quite get used to them. Still, her body trembled in frustration at being denied right on the cusp of release, the rush of orgasm so close she could practically taste it. Worse, while the vibrating egg may have gone silent she was still oh so keenly aware of its presence buried within her raw and aching sex, the slightest twitch of her muscles making the smooth stainless steel practically scrape against frazzled nerves in an achingly pleasurable dance. Combined with the overwhelming sense of fullness created by the butt plug, and the odd pressure of the catheter still draining her, some part of Brianna felt she might actually burst from sheer want.

Thankfully her body managed to calm itself eventually, at least enough that she was finally able to focus on other things, and after a moment or two Brianna let out a sigh through her nose. Without much else to do the blue-haired dropped her gaze back down and resigned herself to simply watching the scenery go by as a new silence enveloped her. Not that it wasn’t beautiful scenery of course, the countryside was alive with the colors of summer and there was nary a cloud in the sky, but somehow it seemed lacking, a blur of images unable to truly hold her attention. Worse, as the silence stretched on some part of it began to feel almost uncomfortable. Not awkward, not exactly, the bound girl had spent countless hours quietly basking in her mistresses’ attentions and affections in the past, but somehow this silence was uncomfortable nonetheless. The car was just so quiet with Roxanna reading to herself in the back and Sofia so focused on the road that not even the soft hum of the engine or the quiet music from the radio could truly banish it. Still, it wasn’t the quiet exactly that was getting to her, but rather the lack of anything to do. Even if she spent most evenings bound and helpless there was almost always something to do, some game to play even if it was nothing more than enjoying the gentle, teasing touches of the women she loved. Here there was nothing and for the first time Brianna desperately wanted the gag removed so that she could at least try and strike up a conversation. For all the excitement that still bubbled within her as the thought of the adventures ahead, to say nothing of the lingering sensation of the toys shifting within her with every movement, the blue-haired girl could not help but feel bored. As much fun as exploring her bonds and fantasizing about her current circumstances was, without the actual distraction of the vibrator or, at the very least, someone to share the experience with, something was just missing. Letting out another sigh, eventually the bound leaned and allowed her head to roll to the side ever so slightly, just enough to rest her temple against the padded cushions of the seat and barely aware of her eyes fluttering closed as the almost hypnotic sight of overgrown fields rushing by her window lulled her to sleep.

Brianna had never been one to remember her dreams save for the vaguest of impressions, and today was no different. Some part of her felt warm and comfortable as she floated in an all-encompassing blackness, but everything about it was distant at best. Time was meaningless in that state and so it came as a complete and utter shock when a sensation suddenly pierced the almost tender cocoon of darkness she was wrapped in. Jerking awake, the blue-haired girl gasped in surprise at the feeling of something warm and soft and very pleasant on the sensitive skin of her thigh. Blinking away the last remnants of sleep, she managed to force herself upright, unable to suppress a wince even through her gag as the sudden motion again made her very much aware of the butt plug she was wearing. Groaning, the bound girl eventually managed to get her bearings before finally looking down to see a slender hand with neatly trimmed nails resting on her leg. Following the equally slender and elegant arm attached to that hand, hazel eyes eventually fell on Roxanna’s gentle face, the woman’s subtly aristocratic features morphing into a soft smile.

“Welcome back, sleepy head.” the woman teased, voice as soft as her smile and twice as pleasant, “Did you have a good nap?”

Blinking again, momentarily confused about what her mistress was asking, Brianna quickly glanced out the window to see that the world had definitely changed. It was still bright outside, but the brilliant rays of morning had given way to the duller gold of afternoon, long shadows now cast over the earth as the sun began its long trek toward the horizon. That was surprising enough, but more than that the scenery itself had changed, the open fields that had once surrounded them giving way to increasingly dense clusters of houses, the signs of gas stations and restaurants towering above in an attempt to entice travelers. And yet, what really caught her eye was the obvious sight of a city in the distance, a towering edifice of glass and steel rising up out of the world like the fingers of some great beast. It honestly didn’t seem possible but had she really slept for that long?

As if sensing what the bound girl was thinking, Roxanna squeezed her thigh gently and leaned ever further forward to practically whisper in her ear, “I had considered waking you earlier, korítsi. But you seemed so peaceful,” a smile suddenly curled the woman’s lips, a trace of amusement woven into the gently accented tones of her voice, “and you make the cutest noises when you dream.”

Almost unbidden Brianna felt herself blush, well imagining just what sort of noises she must have been making in current condition, especially if her mistress’s tone was any indication. It was almost enough to make her regret not remembering her dreams.

“Thankfully we are making excellent time.” Sofia added, glancing at the pair even though her sunglasses hid exactly where she was looking, “It should not be too much longer.”

“That is good news, stríngla.” Roxanna agreed, “It has been a pleasant trip, but I could stand to stretch my limbs a bit.”

At that Brianna could only nod, very much in agreement. Her own legs were getting stiff from sitting still for so long and, though it was a little embarrassing, her butt was starting to fall asleep as well.

“Truth be told I am starting to feel a bit peckish.” Sofia confessed, “What do you say we stop for a bite to eat as well, dorogoy?”

“That sounds lovely.” Roxanna agreed, an easy smile curling the olive-skinned woman’s lips as she straightened up, “What do you think, korítsi?”

A sudden rumble of her own stomach was answer enough, and Brianna blushed again as she ducked her head and nodded ever so slightly, murmuring agreement around her gag, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

Smile sharpening ever so slightly, though she did not directly comment, Roxanna gave the bound girl a kiss on the cheek, “Well then, I believe you have your answer, stríngla.”

“So it would seem.” Sofia agreed with a laugh, “I will try to find some place that is nice and quiet. Or at least discrete.”

A faint blush still painting her features, Brianna nodded again and settled back in to watch as Sofia turned off the main highway into one of the myriad side roads that snaked throughout the city. Even though she knew that they would not be going all the way into downtown, a fact that both relieved and disappointed her given her current condition, the blue-haired girl could not help but feel the same excitement swirling in her stomach that had dominated her thoughts earlier that morning, her boredom at the long drive and frustration at being denied orgasm long forgotten. It was a feeling that only seemed to amplify as they wove their way into the outskirts of the city itself, homes and apartments giving way to shops and boutiques, the sidewalks growing ever thicker with pedestrian traffic as groups large and small went about their business. Everything from groups of kids relishing the last days of summer to older couples enjoying their time together and everything in between. Truth be told, people watching was something that Brianna had long enjoyed, hazel eyes alight as she studied the various passers by and wondered just who they were and where they were going. Few enough even noticed one more car in their midst, but even so she could not help but wonder once again if anyone could guess the truth of her current predicament. Could any of them catch a glimpse of her through the hazy windshield? Was the outline of her gag visible through the obscuring plastic of the sun shield? Did her posture betray the extreme position of her bound arms? Or, better yet, did her constant squirming hint at the other toys she was enduring? Embarrassment and excitement warred within her, a heady cocktail that left a blush on her cheeks and made her rapidly hardening nipples present themselves proudly through the thin material of her shirt, the outlines of her piercings clearly visible at the same time. And yet, on the other hand, within the midst of those arousing fantasies she also could not help but wonder if any of the seemingly ordinary people they passed were like her. Did that girl’s loose dress hide intricately tied coils of rope? Perhaps that gray-haired madame’s slender waist was the result of a corset? Or maybe the full-figured woman with the hitch in her step had a vibrator in, riding the edge of orgasm even as she shopped? Of course, Brianna knew it was extremely unlikely, but even so her idle speculations only seemed to add to the fantasy of being on display. Almost instinctively the blue-haired girl began to shift her hips, trying to rub her thighs together as a moan escaped her throat. A moan that quickly morphed into a shuddering gasp as the vibrator buried deep within her hot and aching core suddenly sprang to life.

Letting out a muffled cry somewhere between shock and pleasure, Brianna threw back her head with a much deeper moan as she strained against her monoglove, desperately squirming within the confines of her restraints as her muscles clenched tight around the toy. It was not to be. A bare handful of heartbeats later the sensations cut out and the blue-haired girl fought the urge to stamp her feet in frustration, especially at the way Sofia smirked at her desperate and disheveled state, the blonde’s amusement clearly written on her face as she almost innocently withdrew her hand from the control box. Suppressing an urge to scream, Brianna closed her eyes and tugged against her monoglove one more time, as if to confirm for herself that the straps binding her had not given in the slightest, before throwing herself back against her seat with a sigh. Her mistresses were definitely having far too much fun with this, although, hidden behind the leather panel of the heavy gag covering her mouth, she could not help but smile as well. Driving on in the amused silence that followed, they passed through the little shopping district quickly enough and the blue-haired girl suddenly found herself sitting up when they turned a corner to find the large, rolling green space of a park laid out before them. Dotted with clusters of trees, bright green leaves swaying in the wind and casting pools of shadow upon the thick grasses underneath, the space seemed absolutely massive, like a slice of nature transplanted into the center of the city, an oasis of life in the midst of a seemingly endless stretch of concrete and asphalt. Eyes eagerly drinking in the sight, Brianna barely noticed when they turned off the road and into one of the parking lots nestled along the park’s perimeter. It was only when the vehicle finally rolled to a stop and the engine died that the blue-haired girl was finally shaken out of her reverie. Blinking once in surprise, she glanced over at Sofia only to be caught off guard for a second time when a pair of hands snaked around her seat and cupped her breasts. Moaning as long, clever fingers began to squeeze and massage her chest before delicately pinching her nipples through the material of her shirt, Brianna arched her back, reveling in the sensations as Roxanna explored her body with clear relish.

“What do you say, korítsi.” the olive-skinned woman quipped, leaning forward just enough to be heard as she worked, “Ready for an adventure?”

Brianna for her part could do little more than moan, and gasp softly through her gag when her mistress' fingers found a particularly sensitive spot and began to knead her breasts mercilessly in just the way she liked. Still, despite that she managed to nod, voice little more than a muffled whimper as she forced out a reply, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

“Good girl.” Roxanna practically whispered, tightening her grip ever so slightly to squeeze her captive’s wonderfully soft breasts, “Such a good girl.”

Pushing her sunglasses up off her nose, Sofia watched the display with a tiny grin on her face and lust written clearly in her brilliant blue eyes. Much less restrained in her own affections, the blonde unfastened her seat belt and leaned over to cup Brianna’s cheek with her hand. Tilting the bound girl’s head to force their eyes to meet, the older woman pinning her in place with an absolutely smoldering gaze before reaching out with her free hand to pull the plug from the blue-haired girl’s gag in one smooth motion. Coughing involuntarily as the head of the dildo filling her mouth bumped against the back of her throat, Brianna barely had time to try and regain control of herself, a situation not at all helped by Roxanna’s continued assault on her sensitive breasts, before Sofia silenced her with a kiss. It was awkward in the extreme with her lips sealed away behind white leather and her jaws pried wide open by a metal ring, but her mistress did not seem to care, plunging her tongue into the bound girl’s helpless mouth and probing deep. Eyes fluttering shut, the blue-haired girl tilted her head to try and give the athletic woman better access, a moan echoing deep in her throat as her mistress explored her. In truth it wasn’t much of a kiss, not really, but just the act of submitting to her mistresses, completely helpless to stop them from plundering her mouth or teasing her body, was such an incredible turn on. Heat rising between her legs, the bound girl desperately began to rock her hips, silently pleading for release as the toys filling her began to shift in a perfectly frustrating dance. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and, despite the tiny whine of disappointment deep in her throat, Sofia broke the kiss after several moments and slid the plug back into place, utterly silencing the bound girl. Flashing another smile even as Roxanna continued to tease their poor slave’s breasts, the blonde reached down to lift the angular hem of Brianna’s skirt, exposing her bare legs and the shiny steel bands of the chastity belt around her hips. Blushing, the blue-haired girl had to fight down the reaction to press her thighs together as calloused hands began to caress her skin before inspecting the tubes and wires running into her body, a tiny groan escaping her gag when her mistress tugged on the catheter almost playfully, the strange sensation feeling incredibly pleasant in her worked up state.

Satisfied that nothing had shifted despite all of the bound girl’s squirming, and pleased to note that the reservoir, a little over half full, did not yet need to be changed, Sofia reached up to cup Brianna’s cheek again, “Just one thing, devushka. Please close your eyes.”

Swallowing softly Brianna did as she was told, closing her eyes and doing her best to sit still even as her body practically vibrated with anticipation, a situation not at all helped by the fact that Roxanna was still fondling her boobs with just the right combination of vigor and tenderness to drive her wild. However, as she moaned beneath the olive-skinned woman’s affections and struggled not to fidget beneath her touch, the bound girl was caught off guard when the sudden click of a camera going off exploded in the still air like a gunshot. Eyes snapping open, Briana was a touch surprised to see Sofia holding up her phone, a broad grin curling the woman’s lips as she typed out a message. Noting the blue-haired girl’s questioning gaze, the blonde quickly finished up whatever she was doing and turned the device to show off the picture she had snapped. Eyes instantly drawn to the image, Brianna felt her blush deepen at the sight of her bound and helpless body, the white leather of her gag standing in sharp contrast to the flush of her pale skin and the arch of her back drawing attention to her armbinder as well as emphasizing her breasts and the hands cupping them. Moreover, her still askew skirt instantly drew the eye to her chastity belt and the tubes and wires snaking underneath it, the pale skin of her bare thighs standing in sharp contrast to the rubber membrane full of dark yellow fluid taped there.

Still grinning, Sofia leaned back and touched something on the phone’s screen before answering the unasked question hanging in the air, “You did promise Claudia you would take a lot of pictures, no? I am simply helping you to keep that promise, devushka.”

Brianna’s eyes widened ever so slightly, even as the flush of arousal on her face grew darker and another moan escaped her throat. While this certainly wasn’t the first time that she’d shared pictures of herself in a… compromising position, in fact one of the earliest games she’d played with his mistresses had involved photos and rather suggestive texts with very specific instructions. However, this felt different somehow. More intimate, more exciting, and definitely more submissive. For the first time she wasn’t the one taking the pictures, but rather her lovers were and they were free to do whatever they liked with the results. Bound and gagged as she was, the blue-haired girl had absolutely no control at all and that was such an incredible turn that she could not help but squirm and grind her hips, body clenching tight around the toys filling her as a new wave of heat flooded her core. The sudden sensation of Roxanna’s fingers pinching her nipples, hard, only added to the feeling and the bound girl moaned desperately even as her eyes fluttered shut and her back arched.

Smile briefly morphing into a smirk, Sofia turned the phone to show off the screen again, “It seems she appreciates our efforts.”

With a supreme act of will Brianna managed to open her eyes, vision swimming for a moment before she managed to focus on Claudia’s reply. ‘Looks like someone is having a good time, now I'm really jealous.’ Despite herself the blue-haired girl could not help but giggle into her gag at that remarkably tame reply even as she appreciated the sentiment. She was having a lot of fun, after all. Claudia wasn’t finished though, another text quickly following the first, ‘Never been tempted to masturbate at the shop before, but first time for everything I guess.’ That instantly set Brianna’s blush to blazing as her mind conjured up images of Claudia, tucked away behind the counter in the little resale shop where she worked, leaning back against the wall with her shirt up to expose her slight breasts and a hand trailing down her toned stomach, the tattooed girl’s face locked in an expression of pure desire.

As if sensing the direction of the bound girl’s thoughts, Roxanna gave her achingly hard nipples another pinch, eliciting a muffled yelp and drawing her back into the moment before finally easing her grip and reaching up to remove Brianna’s gag. Setting the device, and its impressively sized plug, aside, the olive-skinned woman withdrew her hands and leaned around the edge of the seat with a tiny smile, “I think that is enough… play for the moment. Shall we get started, korítsi?”

Although somewhat dismayed at the interruption, Brianna nonetheless nodded, whetting her lips and instinctively worked her jaw a few times before swallowing to clear her throat, “Yes, mistress.”

“Good girl.” Roxanna practically cooed before reaching down to unfasten their captive’s seat belt and disentangle it from her body.

“Mistress?” Brianna called out, hesitating for the briefest instant before continuing, twisting her hips for emphasis, “I’m feeling a little exposed at the moment.”

“Do not worry, korítsi.” Roxanna assured as she allowed her hands to trail down the bound girl’s body and gently brush her skirt back into place, “We will be most discreet.”

“Indeed, devushka.” Sofia mirrored as she leaned over to kiss the girl on the cheek, “But not too discrete.”

Shivering, both at her mistress’s suggestive tone and the way the blonde’s softly accented voice caressed her ear, Brianna managed a smile and a nod even as a sudden exhibitionist thrill washed over her. With that, Sofia grinned and offered another kiss before reaching down to unplug the control box of Brianna’s vibrator from the car’s cigarette lighter. Coiling up the cord, the blonde then nudged the bound girl’s skirt aside once again just enough to tape the box to her inner thigh before smoothing the cloth down again. Satisfied that the various toys and devices were now well hidden, the older woman gave a small nod and reached for the handle of her door before pausing as a voice called out to her.

“Mistress?” Brianna asked, voice tentative and soft, but clear.

Raising a curious brow, Sofia glanced over her shoulder at the blue-haired girl, curiosity written on her face, “Yes, devushka?”

“Could you…” Brianna began, trailing off slightly, a new blush rushing to her cheek as she fought the urge to look down, “Could you please let Claudia know that she can send some pictures of her own after that suggestion?”

Chuckling softly, Sofia reached over to wrap the bound girl in a loose embrace before kissing her on the forehead, “Someone is feeling a touch naughty, no?”

Lips twitching into a tiny smile of her own, Brianna nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

“It would be my pleasure.” Sofia agreed, pausing only long enough to grab her phone again before climbing out of the car in one smooth motion.

Eyes glued to the blonde’s well curved and gloriously tight ass, Brianna started in surprise when one of Roxanna’s hands fell on her shoulder, “My apologies, korítsi. I did not mean to startle you.”

Turning her head just enough to look the olive-skinned woman in the eye, Brianna shook her head, “It’s okay, mistress.”

Smiling softly, Roxanna let her hand trail up the girl’s neck to card through her hair, eliciting a soft shudder and a tiny moan, “Lean forward, I have something for you.”

Curious as to what the olive-skinned woman could mean by that, Brianna nodded and leaned forward as best she could, “Like this, mistress?”

“Yes, korítsi, just like that.” Roxanna confirmed before withdrawing her hands to dig through a bag sitting at her feet.

After a moment or two of searching she held up her prize with a grin, revealing a plain gray hoodie with the zipper wide open. Catching sight of the garment out of the corner of her eyes, Brianna wondered what her mistress intended before the woman moved to drape the cloth over the blue-haired girl’s shoulders like a cloak. Straightening up again, Brianna glanced at herself in the rear view mirror and took note of the fact that the shirt hid her tightly restrained arms almost perfectly, only the straps running across her chest and the collar around her throat betraying the truth of her bondage. While it was certain an odd fashion choice, especially in the warmth of a late summer’s afternoon, it was exactly as Roxanna had promised. Perfectly discrete as long as she was careful.

“I trust you approve?” the olive-skinned woman asked, eventually.

A wide grin on her face, Brianna turned to face her mistress and nodded enthusiastically, “Yes, mistress. Thank you.”

“You are very welcome.” Roxanna returned, mirroring the blue-haired girl’s smile, “Now, do sit still. I will help you out.”

A laugh threatened to bubble up in Brianna’s chest at that command, but she nodded again in agreement, “Of course, mistress.”

Stiff as she was from sitting for so long, it took more work that she would have liked but, eventually, Roxanna managed to pull herself out of the car and onto her feet. Biting her lip, the olive-skinned woman stretched her arms to pop her spine before twisting ever so slightly to repeat the process with her hip, a wince momentarily painting her features before she sighed in relief. Letting her arms drop to roll her neck, vertebrae popping loudly as she did so, the woman eventually limped over to the car’s passenger door and pulled it open. Looking up at her mistress, Brianna smiled faintly, a gesture that the olive-skinned woman returned as she bent down to take the blue-haired girl by the shoulders. Of course, even with Roxanna guiding her, climbing out of the car proved to be remarkably awkward with her arms bound so tightly. Still, she managed it eventually, rising almost shakily to her feet and dutifully stepping aside so that her mistress could close the door behind her. Reaching up to brush a few loose strands of long, blue hair out of the girl’s face Roxanna smiled again and began to lean closer, as if moving in for a kiss. Heart speeding up just a little, Brianna closed her eyes and tilted her head back just enough to provide better access when an arm suddenly circled her waist from behind and she found herself pulled back against the lush curves of a warm and familiar body. Crying out in surprise, her shriek of protest quickly dissolved into a moan as Sofia’s hands began to roam up the blue-haired girl’s body, teasing the sensitive skin of her stomach in lazy arcs before cupping her breasts and squeezing softly. Smiling at the display, Roxanna reached out to cup the bound girl’s cheeks before silencing her whimpers of pleasure by pressing their lips together and snaking her tongue into their captive’s willing mouth. Feeling the blue-haired girl practically melt beneath their ministrations, the olive-skinned woman eventually withdrew her hands and threw her arms around Sofia’s shoulders to pull her lovers closer, trapping Brianna’s already helpless form between them and yet never once breaking the kiss.

Moaning deep in her throat, both at the feeling of her mistresses’ lusciously curved bodies pressed against her own and Roxanna’s tongue probing her mouth eagerly, Brianna tried to return the kiss but it was impossible, her brain simply refused to work. For what felt like an eternity she just stood there, helpless to resist even if she had wanted to as she was ravished by eager hands teasing her breasts and soft lips working against her own. Feeling a new wave of heat wash over her body even as a trill of excitement raced down her spine to settle between her legs, her hard and eager clit practically aching within its confinement, the blue-haired girl began to grind her ass against Sofia’s hips, silently begging for more as Roxanna’s tongue practically plunged down her throat. Despite her relish, the moment had to end eventually, the kiss breaking with a loud pop and the hands fondling her chest withdrawing, leaving the bound girl a flushed and panting mess. Eyes clenched shut, Brianna whimpered softly and craned her neck, desperately seeking her mistress’s lips even as she continued to shake her hips in silent invitation but to no avail. Chuckling softly at the display, Sofia wrapped her up in another embrace, snaking an arm around the blue-haired girl’s waist and pulling her into a sidelong hug. Although a bit startled by the action, Brianna eventually relaxed, molding her body against the blonde’s side and resting her head against her mistress’s shoulder with a soft and contented sigh. A moment later she once again found herself sandwiched between her lovers when Roxanna leaned against her other side and wrapped an arm around the both, clinging to the younger girl’s form even as she playfully bumped hips.

Turning her head to plant a kiss on Brianna’s cheek, the olive-skinned woman smiled softly, “Ready, korítsi?”

Swallowing past the lump in her throat, Brianna nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

With that, and a slight tightening of Sofia’s grip, the three of them set off, casually walking out of the parking lot and into the park beyond. It really was a beautiful sight, like nothing that she’d ever seen before. The vast expanse of greenery seemed to stretch on forever, the grass broken up only by numerous clusters of trees and decorative flower beds laid out in seemingly random patterns. Stone paths wandered between them in seemingly every direction, leading off into the distance to places unknown. Here and there Brianna spotted small buildings and shaded pavilions but whoever had laid out the landscaping had clearly paid special attention to making sure that such obvious man made structures were well hidden. Indeed, given the lack of playgrounds or sports fields it honestly felt more like a botanical garden than a park, an oasis of peace and tranquility that reminded her, somehow, of the lush gardens that Sofia cultivated combined with the wilder woods behind their house. For a moment, the blue-haired girl wondered if her mistresses had ever visited before or if it had been sheer luck that they’d found this absolutely perfect place. Snuggling a little closer to Sofia as they walked, the trio simply wandered for what felt like a very long time, exploring the twists and turns of the paths in seemingly random directions, pausing once in a while to allow Roxanna to rest her hip or to admire the scenery before pressing on again. Here and there they passed other people, a few random joggers and even some other couples enjoying the day, but for the most part it was as if they were alone. Even so, the thrill of walking about with her mistresses at her side, her arms tightly bound behind her back and plugs shifting inside of her body while warm liquid sloshed inside the reservoir taped to her thigh was absolutely intoxicating, an exhibitionist thrill that refused to go away just like the traces of her earlier blush clinging to her cheeks.

Lost in those recollections, and reveling in the sensations of her bondage, Brianna barely noticed that they had reached their destination until her mistresses suddenly loosened their grip. Looking up, the blue-haired girl caught sight of a small pavilion shading a trio of picnic tables surrounded by a copse of trees. Just beyond it, overlooking a modest hill, was a pond overgrown with cattails, ducks and swans lazily swimming within the waters as they searched for food. Glancing over at Roxanna, who took her gently by her bound arms, the olive-skinned woman just smiled and slowly led her over to one of those tables and eased her down into a seat. Although moving carefully to avoid jostling her toys, the blue-haired girl still could not help but wince ever so slightly as the weight of her body against the rough wood of the bench pressed the rear cable of her chastity belt against sensitive skin and put pressure on the base of her butt plug. Easing onto the bench beside her, Roxanna flashed a comforting smile and wrapped the girl up in a hug before pressing a soft kiss to her forehead, followed by a much more insistent kiss to her lips. Moaning softly, Brianna eagerly accepted that kiss, only slightly disappointed that for all of its strength her mistress refused to ravish her mouth properly. As they kissed, Sofia smirked ever so slightly at the scene and set the burden she had been carrying down on the table with perhaps a touch more force than necessary. Startled by the noise, Brianna involuntarily pulled away from the olive-skinned woman holding her and looked up to see a picnic basket made of tightly woven wicker sitting in front of her.

Smirk still curling her lips, Sofia opened the basket with deliberate slowness and shot her lover an amused look, “Now, now dorogoy, one should save their sweets until after the meal.”

Roxanna’s lips just twitched into a tiny smile, “Ah, do forgive me, stríngla. I have always had a sweet tooth, as they say.”

Biting her lip, Brianna could not help but grin even as her blush darkened ever so slightly, well aware of the fact that the “sweets” in question were very much herself. Although, now that she thought about it, there had been a lingering sweetness on Roxanna’s lips making her wonder just what sort of balm the woman was wearing. Still, she said nothing, just watched as her mistresses bantered back and forth with amusement, a familiar warmth growing in her chest at the sight. She had always been fascinated by the casual way in which her lovers interacted with each other, the tiny smiles and gentle teasing that underlined their clear affection for each other and helped to humanize the older woman who had always seemed like a pair of untouchable goddesses from a distance, especially when Brianna had been younger and lost in silent admiration. More than that though, what truly warmed the blue-haired girl’s heart was how her mistresses now readily included her in their banter with the same easy grace with which they had welcomed her into their home and their bed. It was that easy acceptance, that endless kindness and the heady realization of just how deeply she had woven her way into the two older women’s lives that truly struck the blue-haired girl and made her realize just how much she truly loved them, and how much they loved her in turn.

“I suppose I can find it in my heart to forgive you, just this once.” Sofia teased, unaware of the bound girl’s thoughts as she started to unpack the basket, laying out a tray of small sandwiches followed by several sealed containers.

“How magnanimous of you, stríngla.” Roxanna replied with almost wry amusement as she moved to help, producing a trio of small glasses made of what looked like intricately cut crystal followed by a pair of metal thermoses, “How ever can I repay you?”

Opening up the containers one at a time to reveal neatly cut pieces of fruit, apples and oranges and cherries, as well as slices of cheese and a bowl of round, wafer thin crackers, Sofia grinned cheekily, “Perhaps a kiss of my own then, dorogoy? In acknowledgment of my generous nature, of course.”

“Ah, and now who wishes to be spoiled, stríngla?” Roxanna teased right back as she opened the first thermos, tiny trails of steam wafting from it, and filled one of the glasses with dark brown tea that smelled faintly of cinnamon.

Pressing a hand to her chest dramatically, the gesture tugging on her shirt involuntarily and exposing even more of her generous cleavage, Sofia practically threw herself down on the bench next to the olive-skinned woman and let out a put upon sight, “So cruel, dorogoy. Is this how my kind heart is to be rewarded?” A tiny grin pulling at her lips, the blonde leaned back just enough to look past her lover and lock eyes with Brianna, “And what of you, devushka? Will you forsake me as well?”

Although her gaze was drawn more to the blonde’s impressive chest, Brianna nevertheless offered a tiny smile, happy to play along, “Never, mistress.”

Reaching behind Roxanna’s back to draw the blue-haired girl into a loose embrace, pulling all three of them closer in the process, Sofia grinned broadly, “You see that, dorogoy? Brianna is such a good girl.”

“Indeed she is.” Roxanna agreed as a thin, almost devilish smile curled her lips, “But you know what they say, stríngla. Bad girls are more fun, no?”

That seemed to crack the facade and Sofia burst out laughing before she tilted to head to plant a kiss on the olive-skinned woman’s cheek, “Too true, dorogoy. Too true.”

In the midst of that banter, Sofia eventually released her grip on the other two and, still laughing softly under her breath, took the opportunity to open the other thermos and pour herself a glass of some reddish-pink liquid. As she did, Roxanna turned to the bound girl sitting next to her and offered a smile, “Would you like something to drink, korítsi?”

Although she was feeling rather thirsty, (in more ways than one), Brianna eyed both glasses curiously as she nodded, “Yes, mistress. But, what did you bring?”

“Cinnamon apple tea,” the olive-skinned woman replied, “and fresh strawberry lemonade.”

Although the concept of cinnamon apple tea was intriguing, especially considering her growing appreciation for different blends, Brianna’s eyes lit up at the mention of fresh lemonade and she smiled eagerly, “Lemonade please, mistress.”

Returning that smile, Roxanna filled the final glass and gently held it up to the blue-haired girl’s lips who gratefully accepted and took a sip. Closing her eyes, Brianna allowed the tangy flavor to wash over her, relishing that perfect blend of sweet and tart that her mistress always seemed to achieve when making lemonade. A minor thing, perhaps, but a testament to the woman’s skill and her insistence on always using fresh fruit. Draining the glass quickly, Roxanna’s lips twitched into an amused half smile as she filled it again, eliciting a soft blush from the bound girl, and took a much more measured sip of her own tea. Sofia took the opportunity to grab a sandwich for herself and in the comfortable silence that followed the three of them began to eat, Brianna savoring the familiar and yet enjoyable experience of being fed by her mistresses, the older women teasing her just a bit all the while, demanding pouts and kisses and other gestures in exchange for each bite. In truth it was a simple meal, cheese and crackers with a minty olive relish that was absolutely divine, tiny jam and butter sandwiches and, of course, plenty of fresh fruit but, when combined with the beautiful view and comfortable shade, to say nothing of the pleasant company, it felt perfect all the same. Any yet, as the meal progressed, her mistresses taking turns feeding their slave and each other, Brianna could not help but notice a change in the atmosphere.

It began with Sofia, the blonde slowly growing more and more affectionate with Roxanna as time went on, her kisses more insistent, her touches lingering, and for her part the olive-skinned woman responded with the same eagerness, leaning into the athletic woman and yielding to her passion in a way that the blue-haired girl had rarely seen before. Slowly it progressed from there, the two older women losing themselves in each other as hands began to roam and kisses became harder and deeper and far more intense. Proof that, perhaps, as worked up as Brianna had become from the day’s games her mistresses were just as pent up in their own ways. Finally, it seemed that Sofia’s patience had reached an end and, twisting in her seat, she practically pulled Roxanna into her lap and branded the olive-skinned woman with a kiss, who moaned deep in her throat and seemed to melt against her lover’s athletic frame in response. Biting the corner of her lip, some part of Brianna thought that she shouldn’t be watching, that despite her growing excitement she should look away, as if she was witness to an incredibly private moment. In truth, that only made it better and the blue-haired girl found her eyes locked on the display as she began to rock her hips back and forth, squirming within the confines of her armbinder as she watched her mistresses paw at each other, hands roaming eagerly over perfect bodies as the two women explored each other with the surety that only decades of intimacy could bring.

As time went on, Sofia seemed to gain the upper hand, Roxanna easily and almost eagerly submitting to the blonde, deep and breathy moans echoing in the olive-skinned woman’s throat as calloused hands roamed under her shirt to knead her breasts and dropped between long legs to tease the sensitive skin of her scarred thighs. For several long, long moments this continued, Brianna barely able to keep quiet as she watched her mistresses play with each other, heat rising on her face and between her legs as her pussy clenched around the painfully silent vibrator buried within her, nipples almost achingly hard. Surrendering to her lover’s passion, Roxanna’s moans grew almost desperate, her posture slumped as if trying to maximize her contact with Sofia’s body. Grinning into the kiss, only then did the blonde move in for the kill, practically plunging her tongue down the olive-skinned woman’s throat and slipping a hand into the waistband of her shorts. Muffled through it was, by the lips pressed tightly against her own, Roxanna moaned loudly and her entire body seemed to seize, her muscles clenched tight for the briefest instant before she began to squirm and grind against Sofia’s hand, riding the fingers thrust within her with almost desperate intensity. By sheer, random chance, as the olive-skinned woman was writhing against her lover she just happened to brush against Sofia’s thigh and jostle the small remote control tucked away in her pocket. In that moment Brianna’s vibrator roared to life and the blue-haired girl’s eyes went wide, a gasp escaping her throat as the unexpectedly intense sensation hammered against her aching flesh, sending a trill of pleasure up her spine to practically explode in her brain.

Letting out a strangled cry, Brianna’s struggles grew almost desperate, straining against her bonds as she practically humped the bench beneath her, the wild motion of her hips grinding the vibrator against a particularly sensitive spot while sending violent oscillations into her butt plug and up her catheter. Biting down on her lip so hard that part of her feared she might draw blood, Brianna tried to stay silent but it was a vain hope, her breath quickened and her moans only grew louder as the sheer intensity of the sensations threatened to overwhelm her. Muscles pulsed as her legs tightened and her quivering sex clenched, nerves ablaze as the blessed relief of orgasm loomed once more. Somewhere in the background Roxanna’s body twitched, the woman screaming in delight as she came but Sofia pressed her back against the table and deepened their kiss, thrusting her tongue even deeper into the olive-skinned woman’s mouth to muffle her cries. Even in her current state Brianna felt a new bloom of heat fill her chest at the sight, the skin of her cheeks darkening as she watched her mistresses cling to each other, Sofia kissing the trembling form of her lover as if the olive-skinned woman’s lips held the secrets of life itself. Unfortunately for the blue-haired girl, in that moment the blonde finally noticed what was happening and thrust a hand into her own pocket, groping for the remote and managing to switch the vibrator off right as the bound girl began to crest the peak.

Heedless of everything else Brianna howled in disappointment, thrashing against her bonds as tears began to cloud her vision. She wasn’t certain how, but at some point strong arms circled her waist and pulled her close and the blue-haired girl found herself in the center of a group hug, her body once more sandwiched between her lovers as calloused hands rubbed the small of her back comfortingly and delicate fingers massaged her sore shoulders. It was nice and some part of her relaxed beneath the familiar caress of her mistresses’ affections, but even so she could not fully hold back a sob.

“Please mistress!” she whispered, almost harshly, pressing her face against Sofia’s shoulder as she did, “Please let me cum!”

“Shhh.” Sofia soothed, resting her head against the blue-haired girl’s brow, “It’s alright, devushka. It’s alright.”

“Please.” Brianna murmured, body going slack as she clenched her eyes shut, “I need to cum so bad.”

In response Sofia just tightened her grip, but neither of the older women said anything, both just continued to hold the bound girl close, doing their best to becalm her trembling body with the warmth of their presence and the gentleness of their touch. Eventually it seemed to work and Brianna felt her breath begin to calm and the tension in her frame begin to ease, a realization coming over her as the silence stretched on. Begging and pleading, sometimes pitiably, were often a feature of the games they played together and her mistresses were waiting to see if their slave would use her safeword. The last of the strain seemed to flee her body in that moment, as the realization of the power she ultimately held set in, and the blue-haired girl wondered for a moment what to do. As much as her body so desperately wanted release, the rest of her wasn’t quite willing to let the game go just yet. Opening her eyes, blinking once or twice against the fading light of the afternoon, Brianna wet her lips and let out a tiny sigh before snuggling against Sofia’s body.

Realizing what that meant, the blonde tightened her grip ever so slightly, “Feeling better, devushka?”

Smiling softly, Brianna turned her head just enough to press a tiny kiss to her mistress’s neck, “Yes, mistress.”

Bestirring herself, Roxanna managed to slip behind the bound girl and molded herself against Brianna’s side, “My apologies, korítsi. We got a bit… carried away.”

Practically purring at the feeling of the olive-skinned woman’s elegant body pressed against her own, Brianna could not help but smile even as she felt blood surge to her face. That had to have been the most daring thing she had ever seen her mistresses do and the realization was such a rush. Especially when she remembered how she had been writhing and moaning and howling alongside them. Even the memory sent a whole new wave of arousal shooting through her body. Thankfully it seemed that only the geese had borne witness to their passion, but that didn’t lessen the trill of excitement in the slightest.

“It’s alright, mistress.” Brianna eventually managed, a faint note of wry amusement entering her voice, “I liked seeing you lose control.”

Sofia chuckled softly, clearly amused by that reply, “She has you there, dorogoy. You really are beautiful when you let go.”

“Minx.” Roxanna groused playfully before leaning over to plant a soft kiss on Brianna’s brow, “Still, I think the mood has been broken. Perhaps we should be on our way?”

Rousing herself enough to lift her chin from Sofia’s shoulder and glance around, Brianna could not help but agree. While the day was still bright, the sun was clearly beginning to set, the world taking on the tell-tale orange-red hues of late afternoon. She didn’t know exactly what time it was, but the sight actually managed to startle the blue-haired girl. Either they’d had a very late lunch indeed or they’d spent far longer than she’d realized basking in each other’s presence. Not that she had any complaints, of course.

Humming softly in her throat, Sofia pursed her lips in thought before eventually nodding in agreement, “Yes, dorogoy. Perhaps we have lingered for too long.”

Of course, actually disentangling themselves from each other proved easier said than done, especially with Brianna’s very tight bonds and Roxanna’s rather… spent state. Still, they managed it eventually despite Sofia’s wandering hands and, as she stood to the side watching her mistresses pack up the remnants of their picnic, the blue-haired girl could not help but feel a little guilty for letting them do all the work. As much as she loved the enforced helplessness of bondage, and as much as she enjoyed being taken care of, some part of her, the part that was turned on by playing maid for her mistresses, wanted to be able to help. To pull her own weight and take care of her lovers in turn. Not that there was anything in the world she could do about it at the moment save ask to be released. And, she realized with a somewhat wry smile, no one really wanted that. Her musing aside, it didn’t take more than a minute or two before everything was tucked away neatly and Sofia slung the basket over her arm. Pausing long enough to give the blonde a kiss on the cheek, who eagerly accepted the gesture with a grin, Roxanna limped over to the bound girl’s side and gently looped an arm around her waist. With a tiny smile of her own, the olive-skinned woman traced the edges of Brianna’s chastity belt, gently teasing up the hem of her shirt to get better access before running the tips of her fingers along the belt’s bright blue lining and teasing the delicate skin underneath. Biting her lip and shivering with delight as she felt her mistress’s hand settle onto her hip, the blue-haired girl leaned into the older woman’s body and spent several long moments simply enjoying her lover’s touch before Sofia finally joined them.

Without warning the athletic blonde twisted herself around the bound girl’s body to favor Roxanna with one last kiss before settling in at her side and gently urging them back onto the path. Setting off without further comment, the trio retraced their steps back to the car with slow, measured ease. If the park had been empty before it was absolutely deserted now, making the walk back feel both longer and shorter somehow. Still luxuriating in the touch of her lovers and the snug embrace of her bonds, Brianna just smiled and once more took in the scenery. The way the slowly setting sun cast longer and longer shadows across the sea of grass as it disappeared behind the horizon and the flower beds danced in the afternoon wind. When they finally reached the parking lot Brianna felt the hand that had been caressing the sensitive skin of her hip trail downward, delicate fingers trailing along her bare thigh before slipping under her skirt. Biting her lip to suppress a moan at the unexpected sensation, the blue-haired girl nearly stumbled before Roxanna tightened her grip, flashing a smirk that her touch had managed to elicit such a reaction before she leaned in and pressed a kiss behind the bound girl’s ear. Blushing a bit, Brianna said nothing, fighting the urge to look down as her mistress helped her into the car’s passenger seat while Sofia split away to put the picnic basket back into the trunk. Settling into her seat as Roxanna took her place in the back and Sofia slid behind the steering wheel, the blue-haired girl watched as the blonde moved to fasten her seat belt before pausing, a positively wicked grin curling her lips as she suddenly turned and speared Brianna with an absolutely smoldering look.

Feeling very much like a rabbit staring down a wolf, the blue-haired girl squirmed just a bit even as she tentatively called out, “Mistress?”

That smile never leaving her face, Sofia leaned in a little closer, “Tell me, devushka, are you having fun?”

It was an odd question, especially when compared with the look that her mistress was giving her. Glancing back at Roxanna, who was watching the display with obvious curiosity, Brianna managed a nod, “Yes, mistress.”

“Then would you mind doing me a little favor?” the blonde asked with a faux innocence that fooled no one, especially when combined with the sensual lilt in her voice.

“What sort of favor?” Brianna asked, shifting in her seat again and swallowing softly as that tone sent a shiver down her spine.

“There is a little… fantasy of mine that I have been pondering for many months now.” Sofia began, leaning closer as her voice dropped into lascivious purr, “And I was hoping you could help me.”

Swallowing again, much harder this time, Brianna bit her lip as she could not help but wonder what exactly her mistress had in mind. Especially considering all the other things they had already done together, just what sort of fantasy had the woman been holding back? Eventually she wet her lips with the tip of her tongue and nodded slowly, “Of course, mistress. What… what would you like me to do?”

A look of triumph flashing in her brilliant blue eyes, Sofia leaned in even closer until her lips were practically touching the blue-haired girl’s ear, “It is a short drive to the hotel, but seeing you like this has left me feeling rather… wanting.”

Shivering at the feeling of the other woman’s breath tickling her skin, Brianna tried to answer only for her own breath to hitch in her throat when the blonde nipped at her earlobe, rolling the delicate flesh between her teeth and playing with the gauge pierced through it. In a shaky voice the bound girl eventually managed to respond, “I… I’m sorry, mistress.”

“No need for that, devushka.” Sofia assured, pulling back just enough to look the smaller girl in the eye, pinning her in place with the sheer intensity of that gaze, “But I need your mouth on me, right now.”

The dulcet tones of Roxanna laughing softly to herself managed to cut through the moment, spurring both Brianna and her mistress to glance back at the olive-skinned woman who was pressing a hand to her mouth to try and stifle her mirth. “Really, stríngla?” the scarred beauty eventually managed, “While driving?”

Shooting her lover an almost cocky smirk in response Sofia just shrugged, “What can I say, dorogoy? I am multi-talented.”

Although she smiled softly at the banter, Brianna was far too focused on Sofia’s request to even consider joining in. Biting her lip to suppress a moan as she unconsciously shifted in her seat, the familiar feeling of the toys moving within her already throbbing sex a pleasantly frustrating reminder, the blue-haired girl tried to focus but it was impossible. The thought of performing oral sex on her mistress was pleasant enough on its own. Indeed she was quite good at it and had come to crave both the taste of her lovers and the reactions she was able to tease from their bodies. Moreover, long experience being edged and held in chastity had taught her to enjoy living vicariously through the pleasure she gave to others and right now an orgasm by proxy sounded absolutely wonderful. Of course, the thing that really fired up her imagination and sent blood rushing to both her cheeks and her loins was the thought of eating Sofia out in public, such as it was, of twisting her bound body across the front seats and awkwardly pleasuring the blonde where anyone who passed by might see… As much as the entire day had been one grand, exhibitionist adventure in that moment Brianna felt as if she might actually burst from sheer excitement. The overwhelming rush of arousal permeating every fiber of being threatening to shatter what little self control she had left as she clamped down on another, much louder, moan building in her chest.

Barely aware of Roxanna still playfully teasing her lover, much less Sofia’s equally playful response, the blue-haired girl suddenly blurted out, “I’ll do it, mistress!”

Blushing fiercely at her own enthusiasm, especially when Roxanna graced her with a rather amused smile, Sofia suddenly turned to her with a look of such intense desire that the bound girl honestly thought she might forget how to breathe. Fighting the urge to look down, Brianna gasped when a calloused hand cupped her cheek and the athletic blonde leaned over once more to press a soft kiss to the corner of her mouth, voice thick with lust and anticipation, “Such a good girl.”

Smiling softly, part of Brianna could not help but preen under that praise as she watched her mistress practically slouch back into her seat. Gripping the steering wheel loosely with one hand, that smile still curling her lips, Sofia allowed her free hand to trail down her body, fingers gliding across her collar bone to the hollow of her throat before dipping between her breasts, pausing just long enough to cup one of those firm mounds and tease a hard and eager nipple clearly visible through the thin material of her shirt. The blonde let out a tiny, whispering moan as she explored herself before continuing downward, tracing the edges of her ribs before making a lazy arc over the soft ridges of her abdominal muscles. Only then did she gently lift the hem of her shirt just enough to expose a stripe of tanned flesh above her jeans. Eyes locked onto the sight, Brianna swallowed again and could not help but shift her hips slightly as the athletic woman drew the tip of her fingers across that bronzed skin and let out another, much deeper moan. Grinning at the way the blue-haired girl practically leered at her Sofia pressed on, slowly unfastening her jeans one button at a time to reveal that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath them, a sight that once more drew a tiny whimper of anticipation from the bound girl’s throat. Shifting her own hips, the blonde pushed the denim aside and wriggled partially out of her pants to expose her cleanly shaven sex to the world. Biting the corner of her lip and letting out a quiet shudder as her fingers brushed against that delicate flesh in the process, the woman turned an absolutely smoldering look on her companion, an expression that clearly screamed ‘get on with it’ clearly written on her face. 

Nodding faintly at that unspoken but unmistakable invitation, Brianna twisted her shoulders and drew her legs up under her to turn sharply in her seat, wincing a bit as the motion shifted the toys she was wearing, the plugs pressing together to practically pinch her delicate inner walls. Pushing past that sensation, however, the blue-haired girl managed to half crawl, half lean over the center console and wriggled back and forth until she pulled herself into her mistress’s lap, the heady scent of Sofia’s arousal thick in her nose. In that same moment a familiar hand began to card through her long, blue hair and Brianna let out a moan of pleasure as calloused fingers massaged her scalp with warm familiarity. All of a sudden those fingers tightened, gripping her hair in a fist and eliciting a quiet cry, more from shock than pain, as her head was shoved between the taller woman’s legs. Understanding the message well enough, and excited by the rough handling, the bound girl took a deep breath and pressed a kiss to the blonde’s nether lips. In response the grip on her hair tightened for a moment as Sofia let out a long, low moan and spread her legs a little wider. Pressing her advantage, Brianna began to explore the blonde’s wet and eager sex, lapping along the delicate flesh of her labia, slowly and deliberately teasing those curves and folds before flicking the woman’s throbbing clit with the tip of her tongue in an achingly familiar gesture she had been repeated hundreds, perhaps thousands of times and had never failed to draw out the reaction she wanted.

She was not disappointed this time.

Sofia’s moan was raw, almost primal, as the blonde’s body shifted sharply, her hips practically jerking as she arched her spine and threw her head back, relishing the sensation of the bound girl’s tongue on her most sensitive places. It was then, however, that something unexpected happened. As she was exploring her mistress, slowly swirling her tongue around the woman’s clit before probing the silken heat between her nether lips, Brianna suddenly felt the hand that had been gripping her hair tightly let go. That was not so surprising in and of itself, but a split second later the car started, the engine roaring to life with a loud mechanical din, and a forearm pressed down on her shoulders, pinning her tightly in place to the center console as Sofia shifted the car into gear. That made Brianna pause, eyes going wide just a little as she felt the vehicle begin to move. She had thought that her mistress simply wanted a bit of… relief before hitting the road again given how clearly turned on she was by Roxanna’s little performance back in the park. But, the olive-skinned woman’s teasing aside, she had never dared to imagine that the blonde actually wanted to be eaten out while she was driving. And yet… and yet the blue-haired girl could not deny that the fantasy of it certainly fit Sofia’s wild and shamelessly uninhibited personality. This was the woman who regularly sunbathed nude on their back porch and thought that jogging with a topless girl on a leash was a wonderful way to start the morning. Not that she disagreed, of course, and Brianna felt the familiar pulse of arousal between her legs intensify, her clit throbbing in its confinement as her pussy ached to be touched after being denied for so long.

The elbow resting on her shoulder blade suddenly pressed down, breaking the blue-haired girl from her thoughts as a quiet but unyielding voice called out, “I did not tell you to stop, devushka.”

The low, growling tone was almost as much of a turn on as the situation itself and Brianna felt herself shiver, a moan caught in her own throat as a bolt of pure lust seemed to explode in her brain. Rather than try to respond, the bound girl twisted her neck as best she could and got back to the task at hand, plunging her tongue into Sofia’s body, reveling in the familiar feeling of her mistress’s slick inner walls clenching around her tightly as she probed deeper and dutifully caressed all of the woman’s most sensitive places. As she worked, the blue-haired girl could not help but shift her hips side to side, a blush practically spreading across her entire body as heat settled into her skin. Just sitting bound and gagged in the passenger’s seat earlier had practically driven her wild as she’d imagined what anyone watching might see, fantasizing about being on display. A situation only made more intense by the toys teasing her. This was so much better. She knew from the few times that they’d had sex in the pool, or lain under the awning afterwords, that Sofia was fully capable of controlling herself when she wanted to, but at the same time when she didn’t the blonde could howl like a wild animal while in the throes of pleasure. Brianna could just imagine the sight of her mistress’s face flushed with arousal and locked in an expression of rapturous delight as she moaned and squirmed, a tangle of blue hair visible in her lap. Moreover, bent over as she was and sprawled out across the seats, her skirt riding up to expose the stainless steel thong around her hips, the bound girl knew that her ass and all the tubes and wires leading into her body were on full display. Gagged as she was by Sofia’s flesh, her moan was little more than a whimper, but in that moment the blue-haired girl was so incredibly horny that she almost couldn’t believe it.

Despite every fiber in her being screaming for release, Brianna clamped down hard on her arousal and managed to maintain her rhythm, licking and lapping and teasing her mistress, a little annoyed that the awkward position made it difficult to use her normal techniques but it seemed that Sofia didn’t mind. Breathing quickening, the blonde’s body began to tremble, her muscle tightening bit by bit until her entire frame seemed to be as taut as spun steel. It would have been easy to push the woman over the edge just then, but Brianna held back, deliberately slowing her pace and almost grinning at the strangled growl her actions elicited. Given how thoroughly and shamelessly her mistresses had been teasing her all day, a bit of turnabout seemed like more than fair play to her. Sofia disagreed. A snarl on her lips, even if the blue-haired girl could not see, the athletic woman grabbed her companion’s hair almost roughly and shoved the bound girl’s head even more firmly between her legs and practically ground her hips against the captive mouth pleasuring her. Grinning despite the rough handling, which did nothing to diminish the heat pulsing in her core, Briana relented and dove in again, swirling her tongue within the velvety confines of her mistress’s sex, moving faster and faster until she felt the woman begin to tighten up again.

Beneath that relentless and talented assault Sofia came almost immediately, the blonde clenching her teeth to swallow a scream even as she tried to maintain some type of control, her body spasming madly and hips bucked hard against the source of her pleasure. Of course, under normal circumstances the athletic woman would never have been satisfied with a single orgasm, even one as delightfully intense as that, and so Brianna did not let up. In fact, almost smirking at the way her mistress’s thighs clamped down on her head to lock her in place, the blue-haired girl plunged her tongue in even deeper, delighted at the way the quaking flesh beneath her trembled under her touch and tightened like a clenched fist around her. The older woman’s scent and taste practically overwhelming now, a strangled gasp echoing through the cabin as she found a particularly sensitive spot, Brianna was thus completely caught off guard when the hand holding her hair tugged hard and practically ripped her mouth away from Sofia’s quivering body. Blinking in surprise, tongue still stretched out in mid lick, the bound girl glanced up at the older woman and could not help but frown curiously at the flushed and panting cast of her face, to say nothing of the look of obvious reluctance in her eyes. However, before she had a chance to consider asking, the thick form of a dildo was shoved roughly between her lips, filling her mouth fully and practically bumping into the back of her throat as it slid in place. A leather panel followed a heartbeat later, the softly padded material pressing against her lips and gagging her completely as a pair of elegant hands began to tighten down the straps snugly. Moaning softly as she tested the gag, a familiar flush of arousal washing over her at having her mouth stuffed, Brianna offered no resistance then as Roxanna guided her up off of the center console and back into the passenger’s seat.

“There we are, korítsi.” Roxanna practically whispered into the blue-haired girl’s ear before nuzzling her cheek and planting a delicate kiss along the edge of her jaw, “Such a good girl.”

Blushing just a bit as she squirmed in her seat to find a comfortable position, Brianna managed a whisper quiet answer around her gag, “Phhnnh mnn, mnphphrmphph.”

“No kiss for me, dorogoy?” Sofia suddenly asked, a hint of amusement evident in her voice despite her almost breathless tone.

A tiny, half smile curling her lips, Roxanna leaned over without comment and kissed her lover on the cheek, who returned that smile and reached back somewhat awkwardly to stroke the olive-skinned woman’s long, mahogany hair. Watching the pair interact, Brianna could not help but grin behind her gag. They were such a pair of contrasts in so many ways, especially now with Roxanna looking so elegant and put together, having had time to recover from Sofia’s ministrations, while the blonde herself was still disheveled and short of breath from Brianna’s own efforts, the faintest hint of a blush clinging to her lightly tanned skin. Not for the first time, perhaps not even for the hundredth, the blue-haired girl was struck by just how beautiful her mistresses were. Not just physical beauty, though they certainly had that in spades and Brianna could not help but allow her gaze to roam over Roxanna’s soft olive skin and elegantly curved form as well as Sofia’s lightly bronzed complexion and gloriously toned body. More than that, though, were the tender moments like this, gentle expressions of love that stood in stark contrast to the fierce passion that could well up at a moment’s notice. A juxtaposition that somehow perfectly encapsulated the two women and how they chose to love. And perhaps, just perhaps, how they had chosen to welcome a bold, if slightly awkward and painfully earnest, girl into their lives one balmy summer afternoon.

Running her hand through Roxanna’s silky soft hair one last time, Sofia cocked her head just enough to glance at Brianna out of the corner of her eye and flashed a smile. Grinning at the bound and gagged girl, the blonde reached over to cup her face and allowed the pad of her thumb to stroke a delicate cheekbone, “Thank you, devushka.”

Practically purring at that touch, Brianna unconsciously pressed against the woman’s hand, part of her amused by the strange contrast of Sofia’s gentle words and soft touch while her pants were still pulled down around her hips and her pussy out, the blonde clearly without a care in the world. Still, she murmured and honest reply, “Mnn'rm mmmmcnmm, mnphphrmphph.”

With a final smile, Sofia withdrew her hand, though not without letting her fingers caress the blue-haired girl’s pale skin one last time, and turned her full attention back to the road. At the same time Brianna let out a contented sigh, shivering just a little as those calloused fingertips glided down her cheek, and settled back into her seat. Glancing about, she could see that the sun was finally beginning to set and the streets were largely deserted save for a few early evening stragglers going about their business as they slowly moved beyond the commercial districts and back out into the fringes of the city. If memory served her correctly, their hotel with the attached convention center was located on the very edges of town, just off one of the smaller central highways in fact, probably to take advantage of the cheaper property values while still allowing guests easy access to anything they might desire. But that just made it all the more perfect for the sort of kinky adventures soon to take place. As she settled in to watch, fighting to keep from fidgeting, the blue-haired girl felt the same trill of anticipation that had dominated her morning return, a new and different type of excitement slowly eclipsing the heat still pulsing in her veins as the final leg of their journey was upon them. Her thoughts began to while uncontrollably, imagination once more running wild. This close to their destination she could not help but wonder yet again what they were about to see, about to experience. It all felt so wonderfully, deliciously new and yet, somehow, almost familiar at the same time. Glancing surreptitiously at her mistresses, another smile growing behind her gag at the sight, the bound girl knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that she had these two amazing women to thank for all it and was once again struck with a sense of sorrow that Claudia could not be here to share the experience with them.

Nodding to herself as she once again resolved to send her girlfriend plenty of pictures, Brianna almost felt as if the last few miles passed in a heartbeat, the comfortable silence practically leaching into her bones, though she was far too amped up to actually relax. Before she knew it a large cluster of buildings appeared on the horizon, practically looming before them in all their glory. The Everland Hotel, their destination at last. Although she would hardly call herself an expert, as Brianna took in the sight she could not help but think that the whole place looked strange, the design more than a little fantastical if no less charming for all of that. As far as she could tell, the whole complex consisted of three buildings set in a rough semi-circle, each perhaps five stories tall and connected with enclosed glass walkways. More than that, though, the walls were not straight but a strange, embattled pattern, jutting in and out and in again almost like a staircase set on its side, an effect that maximized the number of windows and created plenty of space for roomy balconies of wood and steel capped with cedar shingles. Combined with the shockingly colorful paint, warm browns and burnt oranges in sharp contrast to the usual dull stucco or gray concrete, the whole thing spoke to the blue-haired girl’s artistic soul as something unique and more than a little incredible. Beyond the structures themselves, though, the theme continued in other ways. The parking lots were stretched out around the structures like a series of little ponds and small lakes connected together by the winding rivers of numerous boulevards, irregular clumps of greenery breaking up what would normally have been a vast sea of asphalt. A combination of tall grasses, neatly trimmed shrubs and numerous ornamental trees created the illusion of some grand savanna laid out in the middle of the wild. It was breathtaking, especially with the city itself serving as a backdrop, twinkling lights slowly growing visible as the sun sank and the shadows lengthened.

Practically perched on the edge of her seat, Brianna could barely contain herself as Sofia finally pulled off the main road, the car passing over a short wooden bridge to reveal a large pond just opposite of the hotel’s entryway before finally entering into that labyrinthine parking lot. Almost lazily making her way through the tangle of drives, the blonde seemed in no hurry at all as she passed by car after car. After what felt like an eternity the woman selected a spot, seemingly at random, and carefully pulled into place. A moment later the engine died and an almost deafening silence filled the cabin, seconds crawling by in what felt like hours as no one dared to move, dared to speak, barely dared to breathe. Eventually the sound of rustling cloth as Sofia finally fixed her jeans broke the tableaux.

“Well, my dears, we seem to have arrived.” Sofia announced as she finished buttoning her pants, that softly accented voice almost a balm after the silence.

A hint of a smile tugged at Roxanna’s lips, her voice almost dry as she commented, “Your powers of observation are, as ever, most astounding, stríngla.”

It was only thanks to the rather large gag filling her mouth that Brianna was able to contain a giggle, though even so amusement was clear in her eyes. For her part Sofia just pouted playfully, “Such a wicked tongue, dorogoy.”

At that Roxanna’s smile grew impish, “And would you have it any other way?”

In lieu of an answer, Sofia twisted sharply in her seat and took Roxanna by the cheeks before pressing their lips together in a fierce kiss. A kiss that slowly deepened as the olive-skinned woman moaned and seemed to melt into her lover’s touch. A long, long moment later the blonde pulled back with a smirk and, still gently cupping Roxanna’s cheeks, practically whispered to the dazed woman in a low and husky voice, “I will go and check us in. Do be a dear and get the luggage ready, won’t you dorogoy?”

Biting her lip, Roxanna managed a small nod, but little more than that, a fact which made Sofia’s grin widen ever so slightly as she leaned in and planted a playful kiss on the tip of the woman’s nose. Gently caressing her lover’s face with a spider soft touch, the blonde finally pulled away and wordlessly climbed out of the car, the loud slam of the door closing behind her enough to shake Roxanna out of her daze. A flush coloring her own cheeks, Brianna allowed her eyes to roam over the olive-skinned woman’s form, taking in the faint blush just barely visible through the darker tone of her skin and the tiny smile etched onto her lips.

Noting the attention, and the amusement in the blue-haired girl’s eyes, Roxanna drew herself up and put on a playfully stern expression, “Is something amusing, korítsi?”

Brianna pretended to ponder the question for a moment and, grinning around her gag, nodded firmly, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph!”

Roxanna managed to maintain the stern facade for another few seconds, but it very quickly crumbled and, cracking a smile of her own, the olive-skinned woman laughed softly under her breath as she shook her head, “I suppose I have not been my usual put together self today, no?”

To that Brianna could just nod, amusement still dancing in her hazel eyes. Not that she minded, of course. While it would be a grave misnomer to claim that Roxanna was straight laced, she was definitely the most reserved of the blue-haired girl’s many lovers. To see her submit so eagerly and willingly to Sofia’s touch, to lose herself in pleasure as she rode the blonde’s fingers, was a rare treat indeed.

Smile softening ever so slightly into fond amusement, the olive-skinned woman shifted her body to squeeze between the front seat again and reached out to loosely embrace the bound girl. Leaning in to plant a kiss just above the leather strap cutting across her cheek, Roxanna practically laid her head onto Brianna’s shoulder and let out a contented sigh, “You make a fine pillow, korítsi. I could stay like this all day.”

Twisting a little to grant her mistress better access, Brianna tilted her own head to rest against Roxanna’s long, mahogany hair, “Phhnnh mnn, mnphphrmphph.”

“You are very welcome.” the olive-skinned woman assured before letting out another sigh, “But I suppose we must keep moving. The day is not quite done yet.”

“Nn, mnphphrmphph.” Brianna agreed reluctantly.

No further words were spoken, none were needed, as Roxanna slowly disentangled herself from the younger girl and straightened up with a wince. After popping her neck, the olive-skinned woman climbed out of the car with surprising grace and slowly crossed to the front of the car. Opening the passenger door, she smiled down at Brianna before reaching down to take the blue-haired girl by the shoulders and slowly guided her onto her feet. As soon as she was out in the open, the girl almost instinctively ducked her head to try and hide her gag, letting waves of long blue hair hang down like a shroud to shield her bondage from view, much as the hoodie still draped over her arms hid the monoglove binding her tight. Roxanna was having none of it though. Pausing mid turn, the olive-skinned woman reached out and gently brushed the girl’s hair out of her face, idly smoothing it back over her ear before smiling ever so slightly. Gasping at the sudden and unexpected contact, Brianna instinctively looked up into the older woman’ face, meeting the gentle warmth in those dark brown eyes and feeling herself relax as she leaned into that touch with a sigh.

“Please, korítsi. There is no need to hide your pretty face.” Roxanna assured, voice little more than a gentle whisper as she leaned in to place a feather-soft kiss on the blue-haired girl’s forehead.

“Mmph, mnphphrmphph.” Brianna murmured in turn, feeling both reassured and emboldened by that declaration, a shiver of excitement running down her spine as she allowed that pleasantly accented voice to wash over her, the trace of embarrassment still lingering slowly replaced by a new confidence and an intoxicating trill of excitement.

Unconsciously allowing her posture to straighten, the blue-haired girl offered no resistance as her mistress looped a finger through the ring set into the front of her collar and gently guided her around to the back of the car. Opening the trunk, Roxanna surveyed the collection of luggage for a moment, frowning slightly as she considered the logistics of unloading everything before a sly smile suddenly curled her lips. There was nothing in the older woman’s expression that betrayed a hint of what she was planning, but some part of Brianna could not help but feel nervous all of a sudden. A feeling that was only amplified when her mistress raked those dark eyes, like pools of polished ebony, over her helpless body, that smile arching into a tiny smirk as she did. It was thus to the blue-haired girl’s relief and disappointment when Roxanna reached down and picked up one of the bags, draping it over Brianna’s shoulder like a carry on. She pulled a second, smaller bag out and repeated the process on the blue-haired girl’s other shoulder before trailing her fingers down Brianna’s side, eliciting a tiny shudder and allowing her smile to grow almost impish in response.

“There we are, korítsi.” Roxanna announced all of a sudden, “You make an absolutely lovely pack mule.”

“Hmm!” Brianna groused playfully, protesting in the privacy of her own mind that she was training to be a pony, not a mule.

For a moment the bound girl was certain that her mistress could see right through her, those beautiful eyes boring into her very soul, but the moment passed in an instant and Roxanna flashed a brief grin as she reached up to run her hand through Brianna’s long, blue hair. Tilting her head ever so slightly, the girl practically purred beneath that touch, reveling in the feeling of elegant fingers massaging her scalp in a blissfully familiar pattern. For another moment or two the olive-skinned woman indulged her plaything before finally withdrawing her hand with obvious reluctance to begin wordlessly pulling suitcases out of the trunk one after the other. In the midst of it all Sofia returned, the blonde practically sauntering across the parking lot, her athletic frame casting a long shadow as she stood silhouetted by the burning red of the setting sun. Drinking in the sight, Brianna just watched the woman’s approach, a keen sense of anticipation growing within her at the smile on the blonde’s face, to say nothing of the mischief that flashed through those brilliantly blue eyes when she noticed that Roxanna had her back turned. Wasting no time, Sofia struck, scooping up her lover in a tight embrace and silencing the sudden shriek of surprise with a fierce kiss. For a moment or two Roxanna struggled in the other woman’s grasp but just as quickly the olive-skinned woman began to return that kiss with eager enthusiasm even as she wrapped both of her arms over Sofia’s strong shoulders and held her close, pulling their bodies together perfectly as if they had both been machined from the same part. Watching the pair kiss with such unrestrained passion as they stood back lit by the sun almost felt like a scene from a movie, the scattered gardens swaying in the gentle evening breeze transforming it into a true spectacle.

For what felt like an eternity the two women just stayed like that, lost in each other, before Sofia finally broke the kiss and smiled like the fox that had just found the hen house totally unguarded, “Miss me, dorogoy?”

“You seem to be in a good mood, stríngla.” Roxanna quipped in turn as she instinctively molded herself against the blonde’s body even tighter, “I trust there were no problems?”

“No trouble.” Sofia murmured with a shake of the head before asking, almost rhetorically, “And should I not be in a good mood, dorogoy? A long journey is complete and a grand adventure, with most pleasant company, now awaits.”

A ghost of a smile curled Roxanna’s lips as she lifted herself up with her arms to press a kiss to Sofia’s cheek, a familiar look of fond amusement coloring her features, “I suppose I cannot disagree with that, no?”

Practically beaming now, Sofia nuzzled her lover’s nose and reached out with one hand to draw Brianna into their hug, eliciting a muffled cry of surprise from the blue-haired girl even as she quickly leaned into the familiar warmth of her lover’s bodies. Glancing back and forth at the women in her arms, the blonde’s grin grew almost brazen, a hint of something flashing through her eyes before she spoke, “What do you say, my dears? Shall we be off?”

Finally slipping out of the blonde’s grasp, Roxanna nodded, “A marvelous idea, stríngla,” at the same time she cast her gaze at the remarkably colorful hotel behind them, “I find myself most intrigued by our rather… eccentric accommodations.”

Slipping both arms around Brianna’s waist, Sofia pulled the girl close and planted a playful kiss on her gag, “The lobby was most impressive, dorogoy. I very much look forward to seeing the rest of it myself.” almost as an afterthought she grinned at Brianna, “What do you say, devushka? Fancy a walk?”

A blush on her face, Brianna managed a nod and with that Sofia let her go with one last kiss before moving to pick up some of the luggage that Roxanna had unloaded earlier. Leading the way, as she was the only one who knew where they were actually going, the athletic blonde set off across the asphalt at a sedate pace, Roxanna limping along behind her with another suitcase in hand. A bit surprised by the suddenness of it all, the blue-haired girl scrambled to catch up, mindful of the weight dangling from her shoulders and careful to keep her balance, both her sore legs and bound arms complicating things just a bit. Once they got moving, though, the walk proved to be surprisingly long thanks to the convoluted, if fascinating, layout of the parking lot forcing them to follow twisting sidewalks, cross over narrow streams that all fed into the central pond, and duck under trees as the garden plots grew thicker and thicker. Unable to help herself, Brianna’s mind began to wander, her heart hammering in her chest with every step and blush darkening as she glanced about furtively. For all that she knew they were early, and that the main event would start until well into tomorrow, the blue-haired girl could not help but be surprised by how many people were around unloading cars, streaming into the main entrance in small groups or simply exploring the grounds. A fact which did nothing to lessen the keen, exhibitionist thrill that she had been feeling all day. Despite the fact that her clothing hid just about everything, the reality of walking about boldly while bound and gagged and collared was such an incredibly delicious turn on, so much so that some part of her feared she might burst from the sheer, erotic charge of it all. Moreover, the thought refused to leave her mind that someone glancing her way might be able to see the outlines of her chastity belt through her shirt, that some hitch in her step might betray the presence of the butt plug filling her, or that a sudden hike of her skirt might reveal the catheter draining her. Honestly, that only made it better, a tiny whimper escaping her gag as Brianna felt her pussy suddenly clench tight around the vibrating egg, her muscles pulling the toy in even deeper and actually making her knees go weak when it suddenly hit a sensitive spot and sent a burst of pure pleasure through her already overstimulated sex, every fiber of her being screaming for release after a long day of relentless teasing and almost taunting touches.

Noticing the girl begin to stumble, Roxanna was instantly at her side, throwing an arm around Brianna’s waist to steady her, a look of concern coloring her face and her voice as she asked, “Easy, korítsi. Are you alright?”

Leaning against the older woman’s body for support, Brianna managed a nod even as she rested her head against Roxanna’s impressively firm bosom, unable to stop herself from grinning a bit despite it all, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

“Just a little further, korítsi.” Roxanna soothed even as she gently began to rub the small of the blue-haired girl’s back, “Just a bit further.”

Overhearing the conversation easily enough, Sofia glanced back at the pair with a concerned look, but Roxanna just shook her head slightly while continuing to stoke the blue-haired girl’s back. Nodding in silent acknowledgment, the blonde continued on, readjusting her grip on the suitcases she was carrying as they walked. Falling into step behind her, Brianna moaned softly at the feeling of her mistress’s hand running up and down her spine, her body lulled into a state of relaxation by the steady beating of the woman’s heart in her ear. Roxanna was true to her word and no more than a moment later they crossed under a canopy of cedar shingles covering a simple door made of glass and steel. Walking up to the door, one of many side entrances to the hotel’s main buildings, Sofia opened it without comment, struggling briefly with the key card before propping it open with her body and motioning her lovers in with a wave of the hand. Bracing herself against the sudden burst of cold, conditioned air that rushed out, Brianna spared a moment to glance around as Roxanna led her inside and immediately made a beeline for the elevator. Thankfully the hallways seemed deserted but, like the exterior of the building, it was richly decorated in almost eccentric style. Colorful carpets woven in swirling, nonsense patterns covered the floor while ornate wall fixtures made of polished bamboo cast gentle light over cream colored wallpaper studded with swirls of sepia tone like wispy clouds. Even in her current state the blue-haired girl could not help but marvel at just how different this place looked from just about any other hotel she had ever seen, much less stayed in, and her artist’s eye was once more drawn in and fascinated by the exotic décor. It really was something, and if the main areas, much less the convention center itself, was just as grand she could easily understand why the Everland had been chosen as the venue for something as exotic as a bondage convention.

The quiet ding of the elevator opening drew her out of those introspective thoughts and, prompted by the gentle pressure of the hand on her back, the blue-haired girl stepped inside with Roxanna at her hip and Sofia close behind. Between the three of them and what luggage they were carrying it took some work for everyone to fit although, Brianna noted with some amusement, she was rather adept at squeezing herself into tight places. A moment later the door closed and the elevator started to move, the bound girl’s stomach dropping both at the sudden motion and the growing sense of excitement that filled her. As if sensing her mood, Roxanna once again drew the bound girl into an embrace and flashed a small, comforting smile as she did. Although unable to return that smile, Brianna instead indulged herself by using the olive-skinned woman’s chest as a pillow, sighing softly at the way her mistress’s smiled quirked into sheer amusement as she began to stroke the bound girl’s long, blue hair. Lost in those pleasant sensations, she simply watched as the numbers on the display began to tick up, one after the other, a bit surprised to see that they would apparently be staying on the fifth floor, the very top of the hotel. She hoped the view from up there would be as spectacular as she imagined it to be.

For the second time in as many minutes the soft sound of the elevator door opening interrupted her thoughts and Brianna shook herself before obediently following her mistresses as they filed out into a hallway nearly identical to the one they had just left save for row after row of doors painted to resemble actual wood lined up on either side. With the same quiet confidence as earlier Sofia led them on this last leg of their journey, walking down the hall and through a dizzying array of twists and turns that left the blue-haired girl’s head spinning and made her wonder just how her mistress knew exactly where to go. Still, after what felt like an eternity they finally, finally reached their destination as the blonde walked up to one of the doors, seemingly at random, and unlocked it with the key. Fumbling briefly to slip the card back into her pocket, Sofia eventually managed to push the door open with her hip and reached inside to grope for the light switch.

Turning to face her lovers then, Sofia smiled softly, “Well my dears, shall we?”

To that Brianna could only nod, eager to be rid of her burdens and hoping beyond hope that now that they were alone she could finally relieve the tensions throbbing beneath the unyielding metal of her chastity belt. Almost smirking at the blue-haired girl, Roxanna offered a nod of her own, silently accepting the invitation as she guided her bound companion inside without comment. Passing through the door, and past the brass plate riveted to it that read 512, the room beyond seemed fairly typical at first. A small foyer with the bathroom on the left hand side, a glance in that direction revealing polished tiles and counters of what looked like granite, while a narrow hall led past the closet and into the main living area. However, it was then that Brianna began to notice the differences. Primarily the room was far bigger than she would have expected. While it had a rather standard pair of large and rather comfortable looking beds with a nightstand set between them and a dresser against the far wall with a very modern looking television hanging above it, just beyond that was an open area with a small couch and an actually coffee table along with a pair of chairs and what looked like a reading desk. Beyond even that the back wall was covered with a floor to ceiling curtain, back light betraying the bank of windows that they shrouded. It was, all in all, incredibly spacious and Brianna could not help but marvel at just how much room they had been given. Then again, with all the accessories that her mistresses had packed that extra space might come in very handy indeed and opened up some interesting possibilities. And then there was the décor itself. More of that same swirling carpet, if in somewhat more subdued colors, covered the floor while decorative paintings of various animal and abstract shapes filled the walls, casting splashes of color over the interesting, but somewhat dull, sepia toned wallpaper.

It was, in a word, absolutely beautiful.

As the admired the scenery, the gentle pressure of Roxanna’s hand against her back urged the bound girl further into the room and Brianna offered no resistance as she was taken over to the beds, the olive-skinned woman depositing her own burden on the floor before easing the bags from the blue-haired girl’s shoulders and tossing them onto the mattress one at a time. Although she sighed in relief as the weight she had been carrying was finally alleviated, the bound girl was somewhat taken by surprise when her mistress immediately took her by the waist, fingers trailing along the edges of her chastity belt to tease sensitive skin as she was guided even deeper into the room, past the bed and past the coffee table all the way to the thick curtains covering the far wall. Pulling the cloth aside to reveal a sliding glass door, and the spacious patio beyond that, Brianna could not help but shiver a little at her mistress’s gentle teasing as the olive-skinned woman pushed the glass aside and stepped out into the cool evening breeze, hauling her plaything along behind her. Between the breeze, and the pleasant shade of the canopy overhead, the bound girl felt goosebumps rise over her already heated skin, only to moan deep in her throat when Roxanna pulled her close, that elegantly curved body practically molding against her back as gentle hands began to massage her aching shoulders, skilled fingers carefully working out the knots that had begun to form after a long day spent in a very tight armbinder.

“There we are, korítsi.” Roxanna practically cooed in a quiet, almost breathy voice, “Is that better?”

Leaning back against the older woman’s body, and letting out another, much deeper moan at the sheer pleasure of that heavenly caress, Brianna nodded as she forced out a response, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph. Phhnnh mnn, mnphphrmphph.”

“No need for thanks.” Roxanna assured as she continued her ministrations, smiling ever so slightly at how easily she was able to reduce the blue-haired girl to putty in her hands. A moment of comfortable, pleasant silence followed before the olive-skinned woman suddenly spoke again, “Quite the view, yes?”

Opening her eyes reluctantly, barely aware that she had closed them in the first place, Brianna looked out over the wrought iron railing at the rolling scenery beyond and could not help but agree. The view was absolutely breathtaking, the world painted in brilliant shades of red as the sky was set alight by the dying rays of the slowly setting sun, thin wisps of cloud stretched out as far as the eye could see like great strands of sugar candy. More than that, though, the sheer height of the building granted an incredible vantage point, as if the whole world stretched out before her. The entirety of the parking complex lay visible, granting much greater insight into its seemingly random design as well as laying bare the absolute beauty of the colorful planters and artificial creeks that wove through it like some grand painting. A vision that Brianna had guessed at earlier but could only truly appreciate now, a part of her marveling that anyone would go to so much trouble just to make sure that the view from on high would never be boring. Of course, that was hardly the end of it. Beyond the hotel itself the view was clear for miles, the seemingly endless green of planting fields, swaying grasslands and scattered woods stretching on as far as the eye could see and standing stark contrast to the great urban sprawl surrounding them, windows glistening like diamonds as street lamps slowly began to glisten in the growing gloom. If anything her mistress had undersold the spectacle and, lost in the sheer majesty of the display, the blue-haired girl only barely noticed when Roxanna’s hands slid from her shoulders and dropped down to her hips, the olive-skinned woman drifting to the side just enough to whisper into her ear.

“Beautiful, isn’t it korítsi?

Brianna nodded, almost absently, far too entranced to even try and answer.

Gliding forward just a bit more, Roxanna allowed her hands to trail off of the bound girl’s body and half turned to watch Brianna as she leaned against the railing, “Something about the view of the world from such heights is just so… inspiring.”

Another nod followed, almost mechanically, as Brianna’s gaze flickered to her mistress and she spent what felt like an eternity studying the woman’s face, taking in the tiny smile curling her lips, the way the growing shadows darkened the mahogany of her hair into an almost inky mass, but especially the way her brown eyes glistened like gemstones with a heady mix of affection and lust. Swallowing hard and unconsciously pressing her thighs together, for the second time that day the blue-haired girl desperately wished she wasn’t gagged.

Pushing away from the railing with her hip, Roxanna straightened up and reached out to cup Briana’s cheeks, “I am so proud of you, my brave girl.”

Letting out a soft moan as delicate fingers stroked her face, Brianna instinctively leaned into that touch even as she shot her mistress a curious look.

Ignoring that look Roxanna continued, her voice dropping into a soft and husky whisper, the sensuous lilt of her tone tickling Brianna’s ear and sending a shiver down her spine, “Seeing you like this drives me absolutely wild. Truly it does.” as if to emphasize the point the olive-skinned woman dropped her hands and brushed the hoodie from Brianna’s shoulders, fully exposing the white leather of the monoglove that bound her arms so mercilessly, “Knowing that you belong to us, body and soul as we walked together side by side.”

Shivering a little, Brianna instinctively tugged against he armbinder, moaning quietly into her gag as she begged, not at all certain what she was begging for, “Pmmnphm.”

A tiny smirk curled Roxanna’s lips as she leaned closer, “Best of all, though, is knowing that none who passed us by could even begin to imagine just how thoroughly ours you really are, korítsi.”

Another deeper and much more desperate moan reverberated in the blue-haired girl’s throat as she felt her mistress’s fingers brush along her collar, as if to emphasize the point, “Pmmnphm! Pmmnphm, mnphphrmphph!”

“Shhhh.” Roxanna soothed, softly, once again gently stroking the bound girl’s cheek, “It will be alright, my dear. Brave girls deserve a reward for all of their hard work, no?”

“Very much so, dorogoy.”

Sofia’s sudden interjection caught Brianna completely off guard, having utterly failed to realize that the blonde had followed them out onto the patio, but she had no time to catch up because the woman immediately stepped up and wrapped her arms around the bound girl’s waist, pressing a kiss to the back of her neck. Whimpering a little as calloused hands slipped under her shirt, practically tickling the pale skin of her stomach, the blue-haired girl began to squirm as the hem was lifted just enough to expose the waistband of her chastity belt and a pair of curvy hips pressed playfully against her ass.

“What do you say, stríngla?” Roxanna asked with clear amusement at the display, addressing Sofia even as she locked eyes with Brianna’s trembling form, “I fancy putting on a bit of a show.”

Sofia pretended to consider that before leaning down to nip at Brianna’s ear, once again playing with the girl’s gauge piercing, breath tickling sensitive skin as she whispered, “What do you say, devushka? Shall we get… wild?”

Unable to help herself, Brianna groaned as a familiar flush of heat washed over her body and her pussy clenched, hard, around the toys filling her. Nodding almost desperately, the blue-haired girl began to grind her ass against Sofia’s hips, silently begging her mistress for more even as she moaned out a response, “Mmph, mmph pmmnphm!”

Clearly not in the mood to waste any more time, Sofia immediately pulled up the girl’s shirt the rest of the way to expose her dark, lacy bra and tugged the cups down to free Brianna’s breasts from their confinement. Cupping those delicate mounds, and squeezing softly, the blonde began to play with her rock hard nipples, tugging at the studs pierced through them once or twice before pinching the sensitive nubs hard enough to make the girl squeal in delight. As her lover worked, Roxanna carefully lowered herself down until she was on her knees and reached up to unfasten Brianna’s skirt, allowing the black cloth to flutter to the floor, fully baring the blue-haired girl’s chastity belt and the various toys she was wearing. Running her fingers along the shiny, stainless steel bands the olive-skinned woman eventually tugged on the chain around her throat to pull free the small key tucked safely within her cleavage. Unlocking the belt’s waistband and pulling it free from pale skin, Roxanna carefully held the metal in place as she removed the toys one at a time, popping the vibrating egg from heating flesh with a sharp tug on the power cable before somewhat awkwardly deflating the tip of the catheter and sliding it loose. Gasping sharply as the thick tube was pulled from her body, the sensation oddly pleasant in her worked up state, Brianna could only watch as her mistress threaded the device from her chastity belt before finally pulling the collection of metal bands from her body, freeing her loins from their imprisonment.

Setting the belt aside, Roxanna spared a moment to unwind the tape around the blue-haired girl’s thighs, pulling the vibrator’s control box free first and setting it to one side before gingerly removing the catheter’s now mostly full reservoir from her other leg, carefully closing the valves before placing it on the floor. It was only then that the olive-skinned woman looked up, smiling ever so slightly at the look of raw need in Brianna’s eyes before taking her hips in hand. Moaning into her gag, and shivering both at the feeling of cool air across her damp sex and those delicate fingers gliding over her skin, the blue-haired girl gasped sharply when her mistress leaned forward and gently kissed her swollen and aching clit. That gasp transformed into a sob of pure and utter relief as the woman began to work her way down, peppering the bound girl’s nether lips with more and more kisses before tracing the curves of her labia with the tip of her tongue and flicking at her triangle piercing in a gesture that sent a shiver racing through Brianna’s body. Utterly lost in the pleasure of Roxanna’s tongue on her most intimate places and Sofia’s strong hands kneading her breasts in all the ways she loved, the blue-haired girl threw back her head and cried out into her gag when the blonde pinched her nipples again and the olive-skinned woman kneeling between her legs began to lap at her pussy with slow and even strokes. Rocking her hips, Brianna actually began to sob, never having dared to imagine that her mistresses would reward her in such an extraordinarily wonderful way, her body screaming for more even as Roxanna continued to work her with the sort of delicate precision that long experience with her slave’s body granted.

And yet, as good as it felt to have the woman’s tongue swirl around her clit and trace her curves and folds, occasionally darting in to sample the velvety heat of her inner walls, it also became obvious that her mistress was holding back, working the bound girl’s body carefully to the edge again and again only to hold her there with almost obscene skill. Truth be told it was a familiar technique, but even so Brianna cried out into her gag, not certain if she wanted to scream at her mistresses or thank them. As much as she loved being edged, being edged by one of her lover’s tongues was a special kind of torment that she loved and hated in equal measure, which only made it better most of the time. However, right at this instant, after being teased endlessly by the toys she had been wearing all day, after watching Roxanna ride her lover’s fingers to wild climax and after eating Sofia’s pussy until the blonde had screamed, the blue-haired girl desperately wanted, needed to cum. Of course, as her mistresses had told her teasingly more than once, that was what gags were for. As if oblivious to their slave’s desperate writhing and pleading moans, Sofia continued to fondle her breasts, teasing her nipples and playing with her piercings, all the while placing hot and eager kisses up the side of her neck, while Roxanna’s tongue worked her with a tantalizing soft touch, pulling back from the edge again and again until the blue-haired girl was positively certain that she would actually die if she did not cum right this instant.

Voice little more than a muffled whimper, Brianna clenched her eyes shut, feeling tears actually run down her cheeks as she marshaled all of her will into one desperate cry, “Pmmnphm! Pmmnphm uegh nhe cunh! Pmmnphm!”

Perhaps it was coincidence, perhaps they had been waiting for her to say it, but whatever the case everything seemed to change in that instant. Sofia squeezed the captive tits she was holding and nipped at the bound girl’s ear, once again playing with her piercings and rolling the soft flesh between her teeth as Roxanna plunged her tongue deep into Brianna’s body, seeking out her g-spot with laser-like focus and lapping at the sensitive bundle of nerves with abandon. Despite her exhaustion the blue-haired girl shrieked, screaming into her gag as her entire body seemed to spasm, every muscle pulling tense as she clenched tight around the intrusion and came with enough force to make her back arch and her hips buck, hard. Her mistresses were not done with her just yet, though. Perhaps it was a reward, or perhaps they simply wanted to teach their plaything to be careful what she wished for (a lesson that had never quite stuck, truth be told), but in any case, Sofia continued to fondle her chest and Roxanna withdrew her tongue and began to lap at the bound girl’s clit again as she slid a finger into her still trembling pussy, quickly followed by a second and then a third. Thrusting into that quaking flesh, and relishing the way Brianna’s body tightened around her like a vice, the olive-skinned woman curled her digits just enough to hit all of the blue-haired girl’s most tender spots while continuously playing with the piercing through her clit. Writhing against the hands holding her as she came again and again and again, the blue-haired girl howled into her gag, practically screaming until her throat was raw, tears running down her face as she shrieked in relief as the tension that had been driving her mad was released explosively.

Roxanna did not let up, however, ripping yet another orgasm out of the panting and writhing form of her slave until Brianna arched her back even harder and clenched her eyes shut, a heady mix of pleasure and pain shooting through her body like lightning as her already overstimulated flesh was pushed to the very edges of its limits. Wailing like a banshee even through the gag packing her mouth so tightly, the blue-haired girl saw stars bloom in the darkness behind her eyelids before she went utterly slack, like a puppet with its strings cut. In that instant she collapsed into Sofia’s grip, her entire weight supported by the arms circling her chest and the hands cupping her breasts. A quiet, shivering moan escaping her as Roxanna finally relented and slid her fingers from the blue-haired girl’s trembling body, Brianna barely registered being lowered to the ground or being pulled into the blonde’s lap, her mistress all the while whispering softly into her ear.

“There, there devushka. It is alright.” Sofia soothed, voice quiet and gentle and perfect, “Just ride it out. We are here.”

Letting out a quiet moan, Brianna could barely muster the energy to nod even as she instinctively curled up against the older woman’s curvy, athletic form and let out a shuddering breath as Roxanna embraced her from behind. Sitting quietly as the last rays of the sun began to disappear and panting softly, the blue-haired girl could not help but smile behind her gag as she buried her face into Sofia’s cleavage. She still wasn’t certain what the rest of the weekend would hold, but it was off to a wonderful start.


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