The Smell of Victory

by Chee

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© Copyright 2020 - Chee - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; anal; insert; vag; bond; bedtie; femdom; shower; collar; strapon; veg; cons; X

She finally won. It was time for payback. She knew he was so smitten with his past wins and getting what he wanted that it made her sick. Ohhh, he would be paying this time... dearly.

The day was planned and she was early in anticipation. She had told him to be ready when she arrived. Secure the room and have her favorite drink on ice. When she walked in, she immediately told him to drop his head in shame. He was not worthy to glance at her. His head was to remain down and look at her feet. She had told him no speaking, just head nods and a grunt is all he was good for.

He offered her a drink, holding it up while his head hung not saying a word. She took the drink and instructed him to take her bag and coat. She sat down on the bed and enjoyed her ice cold drink. He stood like a butler over her. "Today your name is SLAVE" she barked. "You will do what I say and I will not hear a peep from you or you will be gagged. You ass is mine to command today and speaking of ass, did you give yourself an enema like I told you slave? I want you very clean today for your Queen." He nodded, keeping his head down.

"Come here slave, kneel." As he knelt at the foot of the bed she pulled out a collar with metal rings on it. "This collar is for dogs like yourself." "When wearing it, you will do exactly what your master says, otherwise you will be punished." She attaches the collar and then instructs him to take off his clothes, leaving only his underwear on. As he stands in front of her, she notices his immense erection. "Slave... I did not tell you to be aroused! I am not ready for you yet." The Queen leapt from the bed and walked over to the bucket of ice. There she grabbed a Ziploc bag and filled it with the cold cubes. She closed the bag and walked over to the Slave and pulled back the front of his undershorts and placed the bag on his pulsating member. "There, that should cool you off until I am ready for you."

"Back on your knees" the Queen commanded as she removed her leather boots and slowly pulled her nylons off. His hot blood rushing to his cock fought the cold of the ice. She slid back on the bed and said, "Slave, my feet are tired from walking, please use your hands to caress them while you use your mouth to suck on my toes." Obeying the command, he started with the right foot, caressing the foot while his tongue and mouth licked and sucked her toes. As he was done with the right, his mouth and hands worked over to her left. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her hands work between her legs rubbing her hot clit. His hard cock was pulsating even within the cold ice. The Queen grabbed one of his hands and forced his fingers to rub her clit while the other hand continued caressing her foot. Her hands worked up to caress her breasts and he could feel the moist heat radiate from her crotch.

A few seconds later the Queen pushed his hand away and sat up. "I had a long journey here, and I want to freshen up. I want you to run me a shower and you will bathe me so that I am squeaky clean, do you understand? Bring me a towel when it is ready." He just nodded in agreement. As instructed, he went to the bathroom and started the shower, waiting until it was just the right temperature before going back to retrieve her. He walked back in the room and stood at attention, offering her the towel to signal her bathing was ready. "Turn around, Slave, while I undress, and close your eyes until I am ready for you." He stood at attention, with his back to her as he heard her remove her clothes. After a few seconds, he felt her hands move from behind him, as she opened his pants and removed the bag of ice, and then slowly removed his underwear. "March into the shower slave and start lathering a washcloth with some soap, as you will bathe me from head to toe." As instructed, he entered the shower and waited. He was already drenched when she joined him. With the lathered washrag, he knelt and started at her feet. Working up each leg, he could hardly breathe with the water raining down as she commanded him to wash her ass with both hands holding the same rag as he was to use his tongue to wash her sweet pussy. As his hands combined on the rag on her butt, she used her hands to force his face into her wet pussy. Between the water and her juices, his face was wet with the enormous amount of fluids. She finally let him rise, as she spun around with her back to his chest as he used the washcloth to clean her chest and back. "Get me a towel," she commanded as she turned off the water. He exited the shower to grab her towel. "I am going to dry off, so I want you to wait for me on your knees by the bed." He did as he was told, kneeling down waiting for his master.

The Queen entered the room and grabbed something from her bag that looked like a shoestring. She sat on the bed and instructed the slave to stand in front of her. That collar represents that I own you, this represents that I own your cock. She took the string and wrapped it around the base of his balls, from the front to back, crisscrossing then back to front, crisscrossing again, then running the ends up either side of the base of his cock, around the base, crisscrossing on top, and again underneath, tying the 2 ends in a bow. "This will keep you hard for my pleasure."

"Now, my skin is very dry from that hot shower, I want you to lotion my entire body." The Queen then turned on her stomach as the slave took the body lotion and started, at her feet, working the lotion over her legs, to her back, down her arms and around her neck., caressing and massaging all the parts. Only when she felt satisfied, did she roll over and allow the slave to complete her front, starting with legs and moving up. "Pay special attention to my breasts and pussy Slave, I want those areas to be massaged thoroughly." She liked to watch him work and every once in awhile she used her hand to stroke his erection just enough to frustrate him.

As her body is saturated with oil and lotion she commands him to rise and stand. She then gets up and states that she wants refreshments. The Slave immediately goes to make her a drink as she grabs a banana from the table. Sitting down in a chair, she commands the slave to kneel and hands him the banana. "I want to taste my juices combined with this banana." He lowers his head to use his warm tongue on her sweet pussy, as he takes the banana and starts to fuck her with it... In and out, the banana is quickly saturated with her sweet nectar. He offers it to his Queen and she enjoys the nourishment. In showing her appreciation for his efforts, the Queen allows his slave to enjoy a bite. She can see that he is in need of liquid to wash it down, so she takes a drink of her beverage and commands him to open his mouth as she spits some liquid in his mouth. "You are not even worthy of a cup, Slave. You get everything from me, I am your world and you depend on me for everything. That is all you get, and if you want more, you will have to work for it."

She then grabs a harness with a dildo attached to it and a small plug on the other end. “Open your mouth”, she tells him as she shoves the plug end into his mouth and secured the harness to his head. "This is to fuck me while you get to watch." She slides down into her chair and instructs him to enter her. He slid his hands under her butt cheeks to position her pussy while he slowly slides in the dildo. Slowly at first, then faster and faster, he pumps his head in and out as his nose got a strong whiff on every thrust of her moist twat. The Queen squirms in the chair from the motions as she tells him “harder... harder…” He doesn't slow until her body shudders with an orgasm and she grabs his hair to command him to cease.

With that, she tells him to rise and lay on the bed. He removes his harness. "Don't move," she commands. She grabs a blindfold and places it on him. You are not worthy to watch me fuck you. She tells him that she is going to use his worthless cock for her pleasure but first she needs his teeth to remove something from her vagina. He can feel her hover her sweet pussy directly above his nose has she tells him to remove the object from her. He quickly figures out that they are panties, moist with her juice. As they drop from her in his teeth, the panties lay directly on his nose reminding him of her musk. She starts to ride him, grinding faster and faster as she moves to climax. He can feel his crotch start to get wet, as she tells him that he is not allowed to cum. He strains to obey has master as her body shudders in his own. She quickly grabs the panties and uses her hand to continue to stroke on his member. He cannot hold out and explodes in orgasm. “I told you NOT to cum” she says.”Now you are all dirty”, as she uses the panties to wipe up all of the juices surrounding his cock. “Well, you are going to pay for cumming” She jams the panties in his mouth and he can taste both himself and his Queen mixed together as she uses her pantyhose to cover his head with the pad of the pantyhose directly over his nose to remind him even more of the scent of his Queen. She uses the legs of the pantyhose to tie around his head locking the panties in his mouth. She commands him to roll over and she quickly secures his arms and legs to the bed. You are not going anywhere right now, as you must accept your punishment. He feels her get off of the bed and hears sounds like buckling. While moving his head on the pillow he can see out of the corner of the blindfold his Queen securing a belt around her waist with a dildo attached. He tries to move but she has him secured tightly. "Cum when not allowed huh? I will teach you a lesson." She takes two pillows and jams them under his belly button. "I want that ass in just the right position, slave."

He then feels her cover his ass with lube as he feels her hands work a vibrating egg over his cock, sliding the device over his penis until it rested next to his balls. “This will help with your punishment” as she flips on the vibration, his cock and balls moan with pleasure as he feels the pressure in his ass as she enters him. He is helpless as the Queen makes him her bitch, riding him while he is bound and secure. She can hear him whimper as he bites down on the panties squeezing out more fluid for him to swallow and enjoy.

After she enjoyed her ride, she removed his bondage and told him that she too enjoys some bondage and anal and that he was to follow her rules or else he would get more of her wrath. She told him that she wanted to feel him inside her, but wanted the experience of bondage as the Queen would never succumb to a Slave, so he was to follow her direction. The slave, as instructed, took a bandana and secured the Queen's hands behind her back, taking another bandana and securing it around her neck, tightening it just enough to enhance the bondage. Bending the Queen over the bed, the Slave lubricates her ass with one hand as the other used a vibrator to massage her clit. The slave reached down and grabbed the pair of panties and slid them up her legs. The G-string panties offered no resistance to her awaiting ass, but offered enough material to hold the vibrator in the Queen's pussy so that the slave could grab onto her hips and slowly enter his penis in her backside, slowly pumping in and out. Faster and faster, the Slave pumped into the Queen's ass. The Queen racked with pleasure as the pressure of his cock rubbed inside her while the dildo sent vibrations throughout her body. Her body quivered in climax just has the slave emptied his load into her ass.

The slave untied the Queen and quickly dropped to his knees for his next order...


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