The Ski Chalet

by Mike Silklover

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© Copyright 2005 - Mike Silklover - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; bond; kidnap; scarves; nc; X

The Ski Chalet by Mike Silklover

Chapter 1

Sarah had told me about the couloir; a steep cliff path, barely covered in snow which led to the base of the most perfect bowl of virgin powder snow imaginable. Well away from the main piste area, I knew that if I fell here it would be a long time before anyone found me. But that hadn't stopped me. The heart stopping jump turns down the perilously thin sliver of icy snow had been worthwhile for I was now standing at the base of quite the most magnificent powder slope I had ever seen. It towered in front of me, rising several hundreds of feet to a eery looking chalet perched in the trees at the top of the mountain. 

Away to my right there appeared to be the bottom station of a chairlift, the cables from which stretched heavenwards towards the chalet. There was no indication of a chairlift being here on the piste maps and Sarah hadn't mentioned it. Someone had clearly been here before me though, for a single set of tracks led through the snow to the base of the lift. 

As I trudged through the powder to the waiting chair I was surprised to see that the chairlift was of a surprisingly substantial hi tech design and was clearly intended for just one person at a time. To one side of the lift was a sign board on which was written the words, "Chalet des Dames de Roissy" and then in smaller words below, "Our pleasure for your pleasure - happy skiing - please pay at the top!  What a very strange notice! 

Never mind, the snow looked good at the top and so I took off my skis, placed them in the basket provided and climbed aboard the chairlift. The chair was a very sturdy looking contraption, quite unlike any I had seen before, with both foot and arm rests and a padded head rest. With the benefit of hindsight, I now realise that the nightmare started as soon as I pushed the start button. 

A number of things happened at once and they were all bad; as the chair started to move, metal bands sprung from the upholstery of the chair and pinioned my limbs tightly against the body of the chair. As the bands locked into their sockets a ratchet operated and tightened the bands until I was tightly bound into the chair. At the same time a hood of black satin material appeared from the headrest above me and pivoted downwards until the hoop stopped against my collar, the hood then drawing tight around my face. In a matter of a few seconds I had been pinioned and hooded and was being whisked upwards through the trees to a fate I could not imagine.

The journey seemed to last for an age but eventually the noise of the rollers above my head and the reduction in speed indicated that the chair was slowing down. As it came to a silent stop the hood retracted from about my face and I was able to see for the first time. The chair had arrived in the middle of a large open plan arrivals area in the middle of what I took to be the chalet on top of the mountain. 

The far wall contained huge picture windows which looked onto the powder slope I had seen from below. The room was massive and very expensively furnished. Rugs and cushions covered the polished wooden floor in a scene reminiscent of an eastern harem and large wooden and leather furniture pieces were spread out around the room. In one corner a life size sculpture stood against a stand. The sculpture was the shape of a woman and was wrapped entirely in a silken material of many colours, leaving just the outline visible. 

My attention was quickly drawn back to the area in front of me as five beautiful ladies emerged from doors and alcoves on either side of the room. My mind instantly thought of the James Bond film where 007 spends the night with some beautiful but lethal ladies at the top station of a cable car somewhere in Switzerland. I briefly hoped that these ladies would not prove so lethal - but, as they drew closer I lost any sense of apprehension I might have felt earlier (a bad mistake as it turned out). 

They were all in their early twenties and absolutely gorgeous. They were all dressed alike in knee length fur coats with expensive silk scarves at their necks. Two of them even wore expensive white silk headscarves, somewhat incongruous given the fact that they were inside the house. Black stiletto shoes peeked from below the fur coats and I got the distinct impression that they were wearing little else below. 

As they walked forward to surround me they undid the fur coats and confirmed my suspicions, revealing the most sexy cream silk lingerie imaginable, adorning their lithe, well tanned bodies. I developed an instant hard-on. Indeed, I was so mesmerised by their attire that I failed to see the significance of their undressing. 

Without warning one of the ladies who had moved behind me reached forward and grabbed my head in a gentle arm lock, pinching my nose hard. As I opened my mouth to protest and to continue breathing she wadded a horsy patterned silk Hermes scarf deeply into my mouth, forcing my tongue down and packing my mouth with the soft but firm silk. 

Two of the ladies in front of me, who had  removed their head scarves, moved forward quickly, folding the silky fabric into thick bands some 3 inches wide. As I struggled with the silk in my mouth they proceeded to wind them around and around my mouth, the first one pulled deep between my lips and knotted tightly behind my neck, forcing the silky packing deep into my mouth. The second was bound firmly over the lower half of my face, covering my nose and rendering me completely speechless and coccooned with multicoloured silk. 

As the ladies completed my severe and effective gagging I heard a low moaning coming from the direction of the sculpture standing in the corner. As I looked across I could have sworn I saw the sculpture move slightly against the stand... and then it dawned upon me....... It wasn't a sculpture at all but a real girl, bound rigidly against the stand and clearly firmly gagged and blindfolded. 

It rapidly dawned upon me that I was in serious trouble.

End of Part One but with more to come if requested

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