The Silver Rope

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2022 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; collar; majick; toys; corset; hogtie; clamps; display; shop; mannequin; nc; X

Janet found a silver rope chain online that looked amazing and bought it immediately, when it arrived she couldn’t believe how smooth and flexible it was. It was long enough to wrap around her throat several times and still close the clasp that looked like a tiny padlock.

She wore it for days before trying to remove it and finding the clasp wouldn’t open pulling and fighting the thin chain becoming desperate trying to break it. Janet awoke with an aching head remembering how the chain had seemed to tighten around her throat as she yanked and pulled at it, choking her and reached up to find it was still locked and felt even tighter.

Looking in the mirror she could see it was now wrapped a dozen more times around her throat giving her a wide band of silver around her throat. For days she thought about it, running her fingers over it regularly, unable to believe it had made itself larger. Janet went to a jeweler and tried to ask to have it cut off and each time she tried to open her mouth it got tighter, silencing her.

She left being choked pulling on the silver chain as she ran from the store wondering if she was going to die. Reaching her car the choking stopped and when she looked in the rear-view mirror the chain was now covering almost her entire neck. The chain continued to get tighter adding a new loop every few days stretching and compressing her neck making it look very long.

Janet was curiously aroused by the forced collar, only her occasional panic made her look up where she had purchased it, seeing they had a store in a nearby town and decided she would go there next weekend. Each time she went to sleep she had incredible dreams of a beautiful woman encased in some sort of silver skin, being teased keeping her aroused but never able to climax.

Only thing she could remember in the morning was how sorry she had felt for the woman in her dreams and how horny she felt. Each time she masturbated it seemed to become harder to make herself climax finding she was yearning for that feeling of being choked.

Getting ready to leave Saturday morning Janet had started to get dressed when the chain became tighter, choking her until she blacked out. When she awoke this time she couldn’t move, figuring out she was bound in a tight hogtie suddenly scared but aroused at the same time.

Panicking, she struggled and tried to scream only able to make slight mummfing noises because she couldn’t open her mouth and lay struggling for hours. Mid-afternoon she felt something encircling her stomach covering her from just above her hips to below her breasts before it started to squeeze her tightly once again arousing her.

Rolling onto her side she felt the slithering begin around the base of each breast and once again it tightened until she thought her breasts were going to be ripped off her chest. Janet struggled into the night until she was exhausted and drifted off to sleep.

Janet was awakened by something entering her firm ass making her freeze in fear only starting to thrash and twist as it grew larger inside her. The growing continued until she was weeping in frustration squealing loudly as another sensation invaded her pussy repeating what had already happened but this time she struggled in her desperation to cum.

The odd feelings were amazing, arousing her beyond anything she had ever felt making her desperate to cum and finding the more she struggled the more frustrated she became. All Sunday she was kept bound and frustrated spending the day and most of the night struggling in vain and crying in frustration.

Monday just before being released she was driven to a massive orgasm then released from the hogtie waking in her bed feeling relaxed and ready for work. As the week went by, she slowly became accustomed to the silver corset with its high collar limiting her movements wrapped around her waist squeezing her tightly never feeling it was abnormal at all.

Each night the dreams returned feeling more real than before and each morning though completely relaxed she was increasingly horny. After a month her mind had recovered from her weekend of being hogtied and she drove to the shop she had ordered the necklace from instead of work on Friday.

Arriving she met a woman who showed her more of her “work” in the displays of mannequins around the shop. She was lost in the amazing look of the figures having the shapes of women in various poses most in some form of bondage. When she stopped to look at one standing erect with her arms over her chest and its face looking up she swore she could see its chest move as if it had taken a breath.

When she reached out to touch it she could see the figures feet were held so she was standing on her toes and again she thought she could see the muscles under the silver flexing as if she was keeping her balance in the odd position. The woman continued to talk about how the silver rope chose the positions and the people it fused with but it was her construction of the silver threads that made up each rope that gave them their strength.

She listened to the woman as she continued to explain slowly, undressing her, showing her silver encased torso with bands of the silver around each breast both squeezing her just as the collar was. Staring at the displays she hadn’t noticed the silver rope encircling her thighs slithering down each leg wrapping itself around each foot pulling itself tighter until she too was forced to balance on her toes.

The transfixed woman stood gasping as she was once again filled in both holes not realizing she was now covered from her chin to her toes in the silver rope. When she heard the woman say “I don’t have a display of a woman hogtied, yet” Janet’s mind cleared as she lowered her head to say something when her lower face and mouth was sealed shut by the ever-expanding slithering rope.

The silver rope had left her balancing on her toes screaming wildly behind her sealed lips as her mind raced at what was happening. Janet was still able to see when she felt the woman take her silver coated hand and lead her to a platform with nothing on it. The woman pointed to it and Janet was unable to stop herself from crawling onto it.

Janet was kneeling on the platform staring down at the woman smiling up at her hearing her say “You will make a great addition to my collection, I’m sure in a month or two the adjustments will stop and you will find your new life quite comfortable”.

As Janet felt the rope coiling around her head and face, she lowered herself down onto her stomach reaching back to her feet wondering what she was doing. As the silver covered her eyes she felt her wrists being merged with her ankles pulling her back into a tight arch making her moan under the layer of silver now surrounding her head and face.

The woman touched her exposed breasts laughing at the ropes humor groping and pinching each before snapping her fingers and rushing back into her studio. When she returned she had two strong clamps in her hands shaking her head as she mumbled something about everyone being different. The woman quickly clamped each of the gasping woman’s nipples then watched the silver rope encircle each covering her breasts and the clamps.

Her display was complete for now, the hogtied woman was continuously compressed until her waist was extremely narrow, her long neck pulled back by the silver rope. The silver encompassed Janet’s hair making it look like her head was attached to her pointed toes.

The rope continued adding layers over each breast making them bigger and squeezing them tighter, covering the clamps and keeping the display where it looked like only the breasts and thighs were touching the platform. During the process an extremely aroused Janet struggled and moaned with each new sensation unable to stop the continuous compression or break free of her bonds.

While the rope constricted around her body giving her an almost inhuman shape it also pulled her arms back further while lifting her knees. By the end of the first month Janet’s pointed toes were touching her elbows and her covered hands and arms were blended with her lower legs making her look like a piece of abstract art that only resembled a bound woman.

When another woman with a tall silver collar arrived a few months later it was the model of a hogtied woman that mesmerized her. The strange statue with the face that looked like it was screaming forced her to stare at the amazing figure and impossibly tight hogtie it had been forced into. The woman noticed the tiny waist and huge breasts ignoring the heaving chest and slight movement when she touched it.

The amazing figure was distracting her long enough for her own transformation to take place without any struggles. Inside the hogtied statues shell the woman no longer felt the pain of being in such a tight hogtie nor the compression of the silver rope around her waist and chest.

She only felt the steady pain of the nipple clamps remembering what the woman had said as she placed them on her “Everybody secretly desires something extra, yours is a little pain and a lot of frustration”. Ever since that day the phalluses that had grown inside her slowly worked to keep her on the edge of an orgasm.

Janet hadn’t struggled except out of frustration in months while the tight clamps reminded her every minute of everyday she was a prisoner and would never be free again. After a few years she was just like the other mannequins that were there before her helplessly immobile and being tormented exactly as they had dreamed and she wouldn’t have ever wanted it to be any different.


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