The Sacrifice

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; bond; gag; chastity; outdoors; tease; scifi; cons; reluct; X

The people of planet Vika are humanoids living in a medieval society. The people have made great strides in their development including inventing radio type devices, medical advancements and many small gadgets that have improved their way of life. But the people of Vika are still ritual people and believe in many past rituals passed on from generation to generation including the sacrifice of one chosen young female.

Centuries ago a massive solar eclipse scared the people of Vika especially since the eclipse lasted 2 days. Most people felt that the eclipse could come back and the darkness would be forever. To please the Vika God, a young female was sacrificed and this ritual is done every 100 years. Another 100 years has passed and it's time for another sacrifice.

At random a young female is chosen for this important sacrifice to keep the forever darkness away. The ritual now includes an orgy where every able adult engages in a night of passion but the chosen woman is not permitted to have sex. The chosen for the upcoming sacrifice is Duria, a young beautiful brunette with perky breasts.

Escape or questioning the decision has never been done, every chosen accepts their fate and is honored to complete the ritual to keep the forever darkness away. As soon as Duria was chosen a strict chastity device was placed on her, not allowing herself to touch her own pussy.

Duria is dressed like a princess covered in a silk type fabric, the silk feels wonderful against her skin, especially her sensitive nipples. Her hands are tied behind her back, preventing her from massaging her own nipples thru the silk. She feels so horny now, but she knows only sexual frustration awaits her before the sacrifice.

She is led into the main hall where there are many naked males and females. Some of them are already having sex as she watches hard glistening cocks enter juicy pussies...she can only lick her lips.

Zara, an older woman, escorts Duria into the center area of the hall. Duria is tied, kneeling, to a post by Zara. Duria is not a lesbian, but when Zara lips touches her it sparks something inside of her...where she kisses the older woman back. Zara tongue plays with the young Duria's tongue.

Throughout the orgy night Duria witness many sexual acts, pleasures and orgasms. A ball gag is placed in her mouth preventing her from even sucking a cock or tasting a pussy. Right now the thought of licking a woman's pussy covered in cum sounds so delicious and it's making her pussy so hot.

The orgy ritual is designed to make the chosen horny and willing to accept their fate in the cave during the sacrifice. By the end of the orgy night Duria is ready and so are the people...for the sacrifice that will keep them safe for a hundred years.

Duria is taken to the cave where she is chained to a small bench. She is chained while on all fours and facing the opening of the cave. Her ball gag and chastity device are removed. Her young pussy is so wet and ready. Her head is locked to the bench preventing her from looking back into the cave or even looking up.

She is now alone awaiting for the sacrifice to begin. She is so horny and her pussy needs to be stuffed. Then she hears something...a loud vibration in the ground.

She knows nothing that is about to happen to her, in fact no one does. The last sacrifice was a hundred years ago, and only scary stories remain passed down from generation to generation.

Duria tries to rub up against something to give her pussy some kind of pleasure. Then she hears large footsteps...she knows it's massive. She tries to look back, but can't her head can only look forward and down. Then she sees it...the shadow...a huge shadow above her. Then she feels...


The sacrifice is over and their world is safe for another hundred years. Their ritual prevents them from returning to the cave. This sacrifice story will be passed on to the next generation and so forth, but no one witnesses the sacrifice, or the creature. The only thing that will be passed on is the scream.

Everyone down below in the small village could hear the scream. First it was a pleasure orgasm scream then a painful scream. The scream will forever be etched into their minds and this is what they will pass onto the next generation.


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