The Gift

by Harlock

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© Copyright 2020 - Harlock - Used by permission

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This story was written in the author's native tongue and has been through a web translator; apologies for the readability issues that have resulted. We hope you enjoy the story regardless.

Ginny glanced at her watch and wondered where her friend was. Standing outside the local Muggle electronics store late at night, she couldn't wait to get it over with. She didn't worry about what the girl was doing late at night alone on the street; Godric's Hollow was a fairly peaceful village.

Today was July 30, which meant Harry's birthday would be tomorrow, and she still couldn't decide what to give him. She knew this was an important moment in their relationship. She had recently moved in with Harry, and they were already talking about spending the rest of their lives together. The dark-haired man had renovated his parents' house in Godric's Hollow and improved it. There were more rooms, a library, a spacious attic, a modern kitchen and a cozy living room. His 21st birthday was not only an important moment in his life, but also the first time they were able to officially celebrate the event as an adult couple. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't find anything suitable. She had already thought of everything, starting with a trip to the next Quidditch tournament, but that didn't seem to suit her mood. She was always poor at choosing gifts. She knew that when opening previous gifts, he had put on an enthusiastic face so as not to upset her. But she could see his frustration when he picked up socks or a set of chocolates. On the contrary, whenever he gave her gifts, they always seemed the perfect thing for the moment, gifts that inevitably brought tears to her eyes.

There was a sudden pop, and Luna appeared a few meters away. Ginny rolled her eyes at such nonchalance and thanked Merlin that all the Muggles were long asleep. Lovegood ran up, a little out of breath, but looking very feminine.

"I'm sorry I'm late," she said. "I couldn't leave earlier. The two-horned puffins soon begin their mating season.

Ginny wanted to tell her what she thought about tardiness and the hornbills in particular, but decided not to argue with her friend. After all these years, she was used to the girl's behavior.

"No problem. I appreciate you coming." Ginny looked at the shop window they were now standing in front of.

"Is that what you decided to give him?" Lovegood was smiling, but she could see the concern in her friend's eyes.

"I have no idea," Ginerva said. "I want something special that he'll never forget." I doubt we'll find it here, but I have no idea what else to try.

Ginny and Luna had been friends since childhood. When the relatives were very annoying, they ran away and played in the clearing between the houses. After Hogwarts, each of them has changed a lot. The adolescent angularity was gone, the figures were rounded in the right places and now attracted men's eyes. Luna had pale skin that turned even whiter in bright light. Her long blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail, framing a pretty face with neat lips, a straight nose, and gray eyes. The famous radish earrings are worn in the ears. The girl was wearing faded jeans and a sweatshirt with various little things like badges that emphasized her firm Breasts, aspen waist, and rounded hips. On the head was a bandana. Ginny had also changed a lot. There were fewer freckles on her face, and her swampy eyes were sharper. The girl's figure was as good as her friend's. She was wearing a skirt, a green t-shirt, and a vest over it.

"You're making it too difficult," the blonde woman said. "What do all the guys want?"

"Well, sex, I guess," the redhead said uncertainly.

"Does Harry like sex too? Much?" Lovegood asked.

"Yes. Maybe he's more hesitant about certain things, but it all comes down to sex." Ginerva always confided everything to her friend. She even told me about the time Harry started teasing her with ideas of wearing tight latex outfits or threatening to give her a good spanking. Slowly, Potter revealed a dark side that often surprised and shocked Ginny. But Luna was never shocked. Instead, she encouraged her friend to experiment, knowing that his fantasies were the best way to reach a guy's heart.

"There's no better way to a man's heart than through his pants," the blonde said stolidly. Ginny nodded at her friend's comment

"Well. Then what do you suggest?"

Luna thought for a moment, "Well... if he had his last fantasy, what do you think it would be?"

Ginny was embarrassed by the thought. But she knew her friend well enough not to be surprised by such questions. "I think he'd like me to be his sex slave for the night."

Luna smiled as she looked down at Ginny's body.

"You'd make a good little slave, wouldn't you?" Lovegood said this with such an interested intonation that Weasley felt uncomfortable. "Okay, if you're serious about this, then you have to trust me completely, okay?"

"I really don't know what else to do," said the younger Weasley. "I'm ready."

"All right," said Luna, taking her friend's hand, and there was a double pop of apparation. The street was completely deserted, lit only by a pair of street lamps.

Ginny was waiting nervously in Harry's living room. She straightened her dress and glanced at her watch, wondering why Luna was so late. Harry was sent to Ron and Hermione, who agreed to help, leaving the girls at home to prepare for his "big surprise". They arranged to meet at his house by 3:00 p.m., and Ginny arrived on time, entering the house with her key. Luna, on the other hand, had borrowed Harry's key, so the redhead was expecting to see her friend here. Instead, the house seemed empty. She sat down in the living room, trying to distract herself with the radio. Harry's parents ' old house, renovated a couple of years ago, seemed to loom over her. She'd always felt a little uncomfortable in the house, but she knew she had to start calling it home.

She almost jumped when she heard footsteps upstairs. Turning to see who it was, she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Luna. She loped along with a measured wave of her wand. A medium-sized box followed her through the air. When the girl stopped, the box also hovered, rattling its contents.

"You scared the hell out of me," Ginny said, putting her hand to her chest.

"I'm sorry. I came early to get some things ready for your big night," Lovegood said with a happy smile, "are you ready?"

"I think so," she murmured.

"OK, then let's start with this," the blonde opened a drawer and began to take out a collection of strange objects. There were a lot of things that the redhead had seen in a Muggle sex shop, but these items were clearly enchanted. When it was all on the table, a roll of parchment landed on top of the pile. Luna turned to her friend and said," I'm sorry. Undress."

Ginny - terribly shy - began to take off her dress, exposing her young body and recently shaved pussy. "Yes, but it's very strange."

Luna looked at her and smiled. "You look perfect."

Ginny walked over to her friend, feeling very uncomfortable. Lovegood reached out and took a roll of parchment. She unfolded it and held it out to her friend. "That's the main bait for Harry," said Luna, "with this, your game will become even more memorable.

The redhead took the proffered parchment and began to read. The further she read, the more shock appeared in her eyes.

"The moon! Stop it!" she shouted, flinging the parchment aside. "What's this? That's not what I meant! I will become nothing more than a thing!" Ginny continued to sputter, pacing the room. Her nakedness didn't bother her at all.

Lovegood looked at her friend and waited for her to calm down. As Weasley took a deep breath for another tirade, she said: "Calm down, have you even finished reading it?"

"What's there to finish reading?" the redhead screamed, "it's not a game anymore!"

"Gryffindor," said Lovegood, and began to explain, "to conclude such a contract, you need an oath, a cast of the future slave's aura and blood/hair, and the master's signature. For the cast of the aura there is a small crystal, it will be colored in the color of your aura. Take the oath in front of Harry. This will be another part of the game. You don't have to add any blood or hair. It won't bring any visual effects."

"I don't get it."

"Just don't add your hair or blood, then you won't become a slave," the Ravenclaw explained curtly.

"I see now," Ginny said, and let out a sigh of relief. "I thought you really wanted to make me a slave, heh-heh."

"If that's what you want...?" the blonde drawled.

"No, I said."

Ginny waved her hands and walked away from her friend. She waved the wand over her head, and a haze came out, constantly changing color from red to brown. The Gryffindor woman pointed her wand at the scroll, and mist jumped from it to the crystal, turning it a dark red. Then nothing happened and the girl calmed down completely.

"Will there be nothing in the oath, too?" the redhead asked.

"Nothing will happen," her friend assured her. "Now we must put away your clothes, for the slave has no use for them."

Then she gathered up Ginny's clothes and headed out of the room. The Ravenclaw waved her hand over the contract as she passed the table on which the parchment lay open. A single red hair fell on the piece of parchment and dissolved on it. The redhead didn't notice, but continued to make plans for the evening. When Lovegood returned to her room, she began preparing for the evening.

"Turn around and lift your hair," said Luna.

As Weasley held her hair high, she felt her friend place a wide collar around her neck. The ribbon fit snugly to her body, then a click told her that the lock was holding it in place. She touched the strange piece of skin on her neck, feeling the cold steel ring dangling down the front. She felt a strange tingling sensation between her legs as she responded to it. She was getting excited! Ginny knew she was interested in such games. Although her shy nature was often shown to be sanctimonious, she found herself daring Harry from time to time to order him to tie her hands. They rarely did, but she knew that he was always more aroused than she was. And she had to admit that she liked it.

"Hands behind your back, palms together," the blonde instructed.

Ginny squeezed her wrists, knowing what would happen next. The cool leather strap slid around her wrists and pulled so that she couldn't part them. Soon she felt another strap on her elbows, and her friend began to pull them together. She was flexible enough to handle this form of restraint, but the feeling of her chest being pushed out and her shoulders pulled back made her even more vulnerable. Luna finished tying her hands and turned the girl to face the mirror in the corner. Standing behind Ginny and holding her by the shoulders, Luna felt a sense of satisfaction in her heart as she stared at her bound friend. She couldn't resist running her fingers over her chest, feeling it grow under her fingers.

"I want to keep you," she whispered in her friend's ear.

Lovegood felt a shiver run through the younger Weasley’s body, despite the warmth of the room. Her hands caressed Ginny's firm breasts, then her flat stomach. Ginny was even more wet, not just from her friend's touch, but from the sight of her own helplessness. Instead of the collar or soft rope Harry had used on her in the past, the thick leather around her neck and the wide straps that held her hands behind her back made her look like the dark fantasies she'd dreamed of. She was both terrified and excited by the scene before her.

"Let me finish and we'll go upstairs," said Luna.

She waved her wand, and another object flew out of the pile. Ginny looked at the strange object that the blonde had brought to her lips. The big blue rubber ball looked too big to fit in her young mouth. But she agreed to follow the plan and reluctantly opened her mouth. Luna nudged him by the teeth, pushing the gag deep into his mouth. Ginny nearly choked on the sheer size of it as the rubber filled her mouth, but she didn't have time to complain. The leather strap was quickly fastened, and Lovegood yanked it again to shove it deeper into her friend's mouth, eliciting a muffled sob. She stroked her hair to calm her, and looked into her eyes.

"Do you want to do shoes, too?" the redhead thought of her ballet shoes, which they sometimes used in games. She knew that they made her long legs look even sexier, but she also knew that walking on them hurt a lot. But she was determined to go all the way, and she didn't want to stop. She nodded.

"Good girl," Lovegood said, waving her wand again.

The menacing shoes made Ginny's heart skip a beat, but she allowed her friend to sit on the footstool and lace up her shoes. Finally, she was hauled to her feet. She wanted to scream immediately as her toes pressed into the edge of her shoes and her calves tightened. Now she towered over her friend, but she was in her power. Luna smiled again, then slipped her finger into the redhead's ring and led her up the stairs.

Ginny was getting nervous. She seemed to have been waiting here for hours. She tried to move, but the straps allowed her to move a little farther. Luna led her into Harry's bedroom, and Ginny froze in surprise when she saw the door. The room, which was already covered in dark wood and had a large wrought-iron bed, was complete with a collection of equipment and furniture that made the room look like a dungeon. Chains hung from the frame of the bed, metal cuffs connected to the end, and hard-looking whips lay around it. Luna led her friend to the middle of the open space at the foot of the bed and put her on her knees. A heavy chain ran from an ancient-looking ring set in the floor to the collar. The weight of the metal seemed to pull her body to the floor, but she struggled to stay on her feet. Ginny could feel Luna attaching a spacer between her knees and ankles, forcing her to expose her newly shaved pussy.

The blonde kissed her friend on the head and said: "I'm going to make up a story for you that will make his blood boil." Just play along, okay? Ginny had no choice but to nod and watch her friend leave the room.

She spent some time trying to figure out how Luna had changed the room. But the lighting was selective, obscuring everything else, making it difficult to see clearly. All she could see was a glimmer of light reflecting off the cold steel.

Despite the heavy chain pulling her neck to the floor, Ginny was forced to remain upright, the straps holding her arms behind her back forcing her to sit straight. As her eyes adjusted to the dim light, she saw the mirror and her own dim reflection. She had seen what it would look like in Harry's eyes. Now she was truly a slave, completely bound and motionless. Her pussy was wet, and she wanted to touch herself, or at least close her legs. But the spacers on her knees kept her legs spread wide and precluded any possibility of self-gratification.

She was startled by the sound of voices outside. She was expecting to see Harry, but she could also hear Luna's voice. She was surprised, but not too surprised, thinking that Harry would make her stay until he discovered her surprise. The voices grew louder, until she heard Lovegood's voice outside the door.

"I know you've been fantasizing about it, Harry," she heard the blonde say. "This is your chance. Ginny is now your sex slave, and she asked me to help you train her," Ginny was shocked to hear this. She had never wanted Luna to be a part of this. She wanted Harry to find her, they'd had a hot night of love, and that was that. Now her best friend was turning it into something else. She suddenly remembered what her friend had said. It was part of a fantasy. Well, one of her fantasies involved Luna dominating her, so maybe that would make it a reality.

"So what do you get out of it?" Harry was standing outside the door and paused before entering.

"I think you and I could make a great team. Ginny will need a lot of training. Although she was sure that she wanted to be your slave, I think there is more to come than she thought."

"How far can we take her?" he asked.

"To the very end," was Lovegood's laconic reply. "If you don't need it again after a while, we can sell it and make some money." Ginny was shocked to hear this, but she knew it had to be part of the script.

Finally the door opened and Harry came in. He must have stopped at the door, studying the changes in his room, until his eyes fell on the bound girl. Ginny bowed her head obediently, remembering some book about not looking her master in the eye. She watched his shoes approach, then his hand came down and lifted her chin. She could see the passion in his eyes, and at that moment she was determined to fulfill her fantasy, if only to make this the best gift he'd ever received. She knew she looked amazing, her long red hair cascading behind a padlocked collar to her tightly bound hands. He lifted her chin until the heavy chain stopped her head.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" she met his eyes and nodded. "Do you want to be my slave?" she nodded again. "Will you do as I say?" another nod. "Will you belong to me?" - nod. She saw him smile and let go of her chin.

The red-haired woman turned to look at Luna gratefully, and was shocked at what her friend looked like. Instead of jeans and a blouse decorated with various small items, she was dressed completely differently. Ginny almost didn't recognize her. Luna stood tall in six-inch patent-heeled boots and long rubber leggings that glinted in the light. A short latex thong was hidden under a rubber garter. Her long arms were also covered with rubber gloves that reached almost to her shoulders. Her firm breasts were bare, supported by a rubber bra, making them stand out. She was a beautiful sight, but a surprise to her friend. Luna finally lowered her eyes, and her dreamy smile made Ginny shiver.

Lovegood went to the table with that pile of things and picked up the same piece of parchment and came back and handed it to Harry. He unfolded it and examined it. As he read, his eyes grew more and more surprised.

"Is that what I think it is?" the dark man asked in a hoarse voice, turning to the blonde. Ginny wondered what it was, but the chain made it impossible for her to look at the parchment.

"Yes, it is what you're thinking, a full-fledged slave contract," Lovegood said lightly. "It's almost full now. Missing only your signature and Ginny's vow," the blonde imperceptibly winked at her friend asking her to play along.

"First I'd like to know her firmness of purpose," Harry said, and grinned," first we'll fuck her hard, and if she doesn't change her mind, I'll sign the contract."

The boy and girl moved away from Ginny, leaving her on the floor. Luna undressed her friend's boyfriend, then knelt down and licked his cock. Ginny was too shocked to look away. Finally, Harry lifted Lovegood off his lap and pushed her onto the bed. He plunged his cock into her pussy and began to move in it. Ginny couldn't believe it. Instead of a gift for her boyfriend, the night was fast turning into her personal nightmare. She could only watch as her best friend was being fucked by her boyfriend, in whose place she hoped to be by now. Tears ran down her cheeks.

They lifted her off the floor and laid her on her back. Harry lifted her ankle to keep her on the bed and nodded at the blonde. She watched as Luna pulled the gag out of her mouth. Her jaw ached so much that at first she couldn't speak. This gave the blonde time to take off her Thong and position her pussy on the redhead's face. Without thinking, she literally sat down on her friend's face. The redhead tried to scream, but the sharp slap of the belt against her bare pussy stopped her. Luna selected a rubber strap and began cheering the girl on.

"Lick my pussy, slave," Lovegood commanded, and lowered herself down again.

The sensation of rubber hitting the clitoris pushed the tongue out of Ginny's mouth, bumping into the blonde's wet and freshly shaved pussy. She didn't know what was happening, but she knew she couldn't stand the pain between her legs. She started sucking fast.

"She's responding well, Harry," the Quibbler's editor cooed as a flush of excitement crossed her face. "Have you ever fucked her in the ass?" Ginny froze at the question, prompting another sharp slap to her pussy.

"No, she never let me," the dark-haired man said.

"Well, what she wants is no longer a problem," said Luna. Harry nodded and brought Ginny's ankles up higher. She felt pressure on her virgin ass, then a sudden jolt and sharp pain as the guy entered her ass. She tried to scream, but Lovegood only sat down harder on her face and added another belt slap to the increasingly red area between her legs. The redhead, tears already streaming from her eyes, redoubled her efforts on the pussy squeezed into her face, trying to ignore the hard penetration in her ass.

Harry pulled out a member, when Luna reached her orgasm, then lifted Ginny off the bed and began to wear her on your feet shoes with a high heel and narrow toe. She was weak not only because of her position, but also because of severe stress. She didn't notice anything, since her ankles were attached to rings on the floor, and a chain was attached to her bound wrists. Without warning, the chain lifted, causing her to bend at the waist. Her hands were held up until her wrists were pointing at the ceiling, causing a great pain in her shoulders. Ginny barely noticed as Luna pulled her hair back into a ponytail, laced it up with an extra piece of leather, and then attached the strap to her elbow bondage, forcing the redhead to tilt her head back until her face was facing forward, then tied the strap. While Harry went to get the contract, the blonde leaned over and whispered something to her friend.

'I'm sorry I didn't tell you, Ginny,' said Luna. "I liked Harry for a long time, so I decided to help you out. I'll understand if you stop talking to me later," the girl lowered her gaze, taking such a look that the red-haired woman felt sorry for her.

"Luna, this isn't what I wanted," she croaked, unable to say more. Her head was starting to ache from having her hair pulled back, and her toes were starting to throb from the tight shoes. She was tired of the ordeal and hoped it would end soon.

"I know, but Harry is so happy," said Luna, touching her cheek. "I'm sorry I interfered, but this is definitely the best gift you've ever given him. Don't ruin it by not playing along," Ginny had to admit that she'd never seen her boyfriend so turned on. She'd experienced similar fantasies in the past, so she had to admit that she was excited, too. But she couldn't imagine the pain and humiliation.

"I'll play along, Luna," she whispered, "I trust you." Luna smiled and walked away when Harry returned. In one hand he held a roll of parchment, and in the other a quill dipped in ink.

"It's an amazing thing, Luna. Are you sure we can use it on Ginny?"

"Just ask her, Harry," the dark-haired man leaned toward his girlfriend, his cock still hard in front of her, and getting even harder at the sight of her helpless figure.

"Tell me what I can do to you, Ginny," Harry ordered. She knew she had to play along with him so as not to ruin the gift. She just hoped she'd never experience it all again.

"I belong to you, master, do what you want," the red-haired woman said. "My life and my very existence are in your hands. I belong to you, to train, punish, divide, or sell as you see fit, master. I only want to please you and serve you, and who you want me to please or serve.

Hearing this, Harry felt a surge of excitement and wrote his signature on the piece of parchment with a single flourish. At the same time, Ginny felt as if a bag of sand had fallen on her shoulders. A small vortex of energy rose up around the girl, wrapping her in a kind of cocoon. The same thing happened with the dark-haired man, he was surrounded by an emerald-colored energy that also began to envelop his body. Unlike Ginny's cocoon, Harry's had many threads. Magic spread from the scroll and stretched threads from the guy into the girl's energy, binding them forever. Luna stood off to one side and stared at the spectacle in fascination. Unlike her dreamy friend, Ginny felt very different. She had lost the gift of speech. How could this happen? Why did the Moon do this? What's waiting for her? But all that passed quickly, leaving only one thought: now she was Harry's slave, for real, for life.

"See? I told you," said Luna.

"Well. Looks like she's my slave now," Harry said in surprise. "I just can't believe it! She was so nice and cultured. I can't believe she wants to be a sex slave for life!"

"Let's have some fun," Harry said, standing in front of the shocked girl.

Without much hesitation, he shoved his hard cock deep into her mouth and throat, and then began to fuck her roughly. Ginny was bound motionless, her face open to such abuse. She could barely breathe between plunging his cock down her throat. She felt the Moon go down behind her, and then she felt the sharp blow of a broad oar on her ass. She almost gasped at the sound, feeling the burning of the wide rubber paddle on her ass. Luna slapped one buttock again, then the other, turning the younger Weasley's bottom cherry red, and tears welled up in her eyes. Lovegood stopped at last, but quickly reappeared beneath it. Suddenly, her nipples ached from the sharp clamps that Luna had attached to her breasts. She felt that they would be cut off by hard steel. She could feel her friend putting a weight on the chain dangling between them, stretching her Breasts even further.

Ginny sensed that Harry was nearing orgasm. He pulled his cock out of his mouth just before he came, placing it on the tip of her tongue.

"She always hated trying semen," Harry commented to Luna. "I think I can do it now," his cum shot out of the tip of his cock and landed on Ginerva's tongue. "Don't swallow, slave," Harry ordered as the white substance gathered on his new slave's tongue. Harry leaned down to look at the semen that had accumulated on the girl's tongue.

"How do you like that, slave?" he asked. "I have a whole list of things you hate, but now that you're my slave, I think you'll learn to love them!" With that, he got up and left the room, leaving a puddle of cum in the redhead's mouth.

After fifteen minutes of keeping the nasty puddle of cum in her mouth, Harry returned to allow her to swallow the liquid. She could still feel the sticky liquid in her throat. Lovegood quickly inserted the gag into Ginny's mouth, then began pumping air until Ginny's eyes filled with tears. Luna made sure she had a good view of the massive four-poster bed, then she plunged Harry's cock inside her and they made love for hours. From time to time, one of them glanced at the chained girl. Harry smiled at the sight of his new slave, helplessly bound while making love to her beautiful friend. Lovegood smiled at her friend, feeling the brunette's cock inside her. They kissed and caressed each other until the blonde finally announced that it was time to take on the redhead.

But after releasing the ceiling chain and disconnecting the struts, the Ravenclaw did not untie her friend's hands. Instead, she slipped the short chain between her ankles and went back to where she had been earlier in the evening.

The red-haired Gryffindor couldn't move, as her head was still thrown far back, forcing her to stare at the ceiling. Her friend made her lie down on the floor again, then attached the chain to a ring in the floor and climbed back into bed. Ginny had seen the two of them embrace in bed as she lay helplessly bound on the floor. Lying there, she felt humiliated. She was stripped naked, her ass throbbing from the brutal penetration, and her neck was beginning to ache from the uncomfortable position. She tried to break free, move, or run, but the heavy steel of the chain and the bent position made it impossible for her to move.

It was after midnight when she heard Harry's voice:

"I hate it when she looks at us like that." I still think of her as my girlfriend.

"I can take care of that, Harry," the blonde offered, and got up to put a deaf latex mask on her friend's head. Her long red hair was momentarily untied and threaded through the hole at the top. She felt something soft cover her eyes and felt a thick, oblong object invade her mouth, making it difficult for her to speak. She could only mumble. Because of this, she did not notice the light touch of the wand on the top of her head. The lace at the back of her head began to move and tighten. After a few seconds, the rubber was snugly wrapped around Ginny's head.

Luna waved her wand and said, "Hello... Deaf."

Ginny panicked. Now, she couldn't say anything and couldn't hear anything, just a slight buzzing. Her hearing was impaired, but she was sure she could feel movement. A sudden tug on the chain told her she was right.

Luna moved away from her friend and began admiring her work. The bound girl twisted her head in the thick leather hood. A spiky ponytail of red hair whipped around her shoulders when she jerked her head particularly sharply. The leather straps made it impossible to move the hands, rendering them completely useless. Chains from the collar and shackles blocked movement of the head and legs. Ginny was completely helpless.

Harry got out of bed and went over to the blonde to admire the girl as well.

"What do you think of her?" the dark-haired man asked and put his arm around Luna's waist. His hand reached for the pussy, and the guy plunged one finger inside the girl, causing a moan from the blonde.

"Beautiful," Lovegood said languidly.

"Have you ever considered becoming a slave?" Harry asked.

Luna immediately freed herself from his hand and turned to the guy, making a serious expression on her face.

"I will not be a slave for nothing," she said.

"And if, for example, you lose a bet," the guy said.

"Well..." Lovegood put a finger to her chin and considered, turning slightly and swaying her breasts. "If I lose... then I will."

"Then let's play," he immediately suggested, "if you lose, you will also become my slave, and if you win, then...

"You will bring me the horned dung!" Lovegood said, jumping up and down.

Harry held out his hand.

"All right," Luna took the bet.

The game was rock-paper-scissors. The one who wins in two out of three rounds is considered the winner. In the first round, Luna won by cutting Harry's paper with a pair of scissors. In the second round, the result was a mirror, Harry's stone smashed Luna's scissors. The third round surprised, there was a draw, and a last, decisive round remained. Harry predicted Luna's change to paper, and beat it with scissors.

"It's all settled now. Are you ready?" Potter asked, squeezing his hand.

"Yes. Can't wait to see..." replied the blonde, starting to shake a fist. "I..."

"Yes?" he said.

"There you go..."

"It's time to keep your end of the bargain."

"Well... Order me... Master Harry," the blonde woman knelt. The guy bent down and lifted her chin, looking into her eyes. There was humility and amusement in them.

"We'll need to draw up another contract," the dark-haired man said, licking his dry lips.

"That won't be necessary, Master," Lovegood said airily, looking into his eyes. So I made a contract in my own name. It's in my jeans pocket."

Harry nodded and went into the room where the blonde had changed. When he returned, the girl was still on her knees, looking at him. The dark-haired man chuckled and unfolded the scroll, casually noting the same crystal that was in Ginny's contract, only sky blue in color. He began to read out the contents:

Slave contract

The name of the slave: Luna Lovegood

Master's Name: Harry Potter

I, Luna Lovegood, hereafter referred to simply as "slave", agree to the following terms and conditions and undertake to fulfill all the clauses specified in this Servitude agreement to my Master, Harry Potter, hereafter referred to simply as "Master".

Item #1

I am a slave and the property of my Master.

Item #2

I understand that I am property, living to serve my master as he wishes.

Item #3

I understand that as a property, I can be bought, sold, lent, or given for any length of time to any owner.

Item #4

I understand that my body and mind exist for the pleasure of the master, and he can change, modify, mark or enlarge, permanently or temporarily, any part of it as he sees fit.

Item #5

I understand that an orgasm is a gift and is not allowed without the owner's permission.

Item #6

I will carry out any order that the Master issues, regardless of the result, as a true sign of my loyalty to my master.

Item #7

If I do not complete my task or duty as required, I will assume the proper slave position and await further orders.

Item #8

I understand that the proper slave pose is to kneel, spread your legs to expose your pussy for your master, cross your wrists behind your back, and bow your head.

Item #9

All punishments from my Master and Master I will accept with joy.

Punishments may include, but are not limited to:

Slapping and hitting with other tools, as my Master sees fit;

prolonged servitude in special garb, until the Master wants it otherwise; walking in chains or being locked in stocks, as my Master sees fit; being locked in a cage or other enclosed space; being deprived of food and forbidden to sleep; various kinds of verbal abuse.

Item #10

I realize that I don't own my body. The master owns this slave and can use my mouth, pussy and ass at any time.

Item #11

When permitted, I will maintain a clean body, externally and internally, at all times.

Item #12

I understand that I will remain a slave for the rest of my life, which will be determined by the master.

Item #13

I am willing to put on or take off any clothing at any time, on the orders of my Master.

Item #14

At any time, as soon as it is required by my Master, I, a slave, undertake to sign any document about my slavery.

Item #15

As soon as the Owner sees fit, I agree to be marked or shaved in any way and at any time.

Item #16

If the Owner wishes, I will be happy to be sold to outsiders.

Item #17

The slave agrees to these articles on the condition that the Master does not:

— expose his property to threats to the slave’s life, such as HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases;

— give orders that will lead to irreparable injury or death.

I hereby confirm this contract with my oath, blood/hair sample and aura.

Owner _________ /signature date

Potter finished reading out the points and looked at the blonde.

"Do you realize that on these terms you are nothing more than a thing?" he asked, and got a nod. "And you're willing to live like this?"

"Of course," said Luna, "because I made the terms myself. This means that I am ready and willing to do what it says."

Potter could not understand the logic and motives of her friend (not for the first time), but if she wanted it, then it was better for him. He signed his name and addressed it to the slave girl at five minutes to five: "Now it's time to take the oath."

Lovegood nodded and, still on her lap, began to recite the vow she had just heard Ginny make in an airy voice: "I belong to you, Master, do whatever you want," the blonde began. "My life and my very existence are in your hands. I belong to you, to train, punish, divide, or sell as you see fit, master. I only want to please you and serve you, and who you want me to please or serve."

As soon as the last word died away, the scroll lit up. A blue-gray energy surrounded Luna, which turned the girl into a cocoon, but this time the cocoon had only one appendage. A swirl of green energy appeared around Harry, which looked more powerful. She encased the boy in a cocoon with several tendrils of energy. At once two streams went from the brunette to the blonde and joined the single blue stream.

An invisible weight seemed to fall on Luna's shoulders. Harry's magic was pinning her down, forcing her to obey. In addition, she felt echoes of the dark-haired man's emotions: satisfaction, excitement and excitement.

This brought a flush to the girl's cheeks. She felt that she could continue this night, despite what had already happened.

Harry stared at the panting girl on her knees in front of him. Her eyes were fixed on him with a clear desire. After that, the guy stopped holding back. He took the blonde's arm and tossed her onto the bed, beginning to undress.

The Gryffindor boy was left in only his underpants, after which Luna crawled closer. Her face was ten centimeters from the guy's groin. The girl slowly wrapped the head of the penis through the panties, which left a wet mark on the panties. Taking off her panties, she threw them aside and saw the guy's big cock standing proudly. Wrapping her lips around half of his cock, she sucked on it, then ran her tongue along the entire length of his penis. She did it clumsily, but the dark-haired man was good enough. He impatiently grabbed Luna's hair and she took The hint. Having absorbed the member completely, she began to move her head rhythmically, licking the head. Harry leaned back in bed and groaned with pleasure. Not holding out for long, he finished the beauty right in the mouth. She swallowed it all and licked the rest off her cock.

It took the last of their strength, so they lay back on the bed with their arms around each other.

"That was great," Harry said.

"That's right, Master," said Luna, and laid her head on the boy's shoulder.

"By the way," the guy said, "you're missing something."

"And what is that?" the slave looked questioningly at her master.

The dark-haired man waved his wand, and a leather collar flew into the room. He moved closer to the girl and settled himself on her neck with a click.

"That's fine, Master," Ravenclaw said, and yawned.

"Go to sleep," Harry ordered, and kissed her on the forehead. The blonde's eyes began to close, and she was fast asleep.

Harry carefully got out of bed and looked at Ginny, who was bound.

A solid mask prevented her from seeing anything, and deafness prevented her from hearing anything. A built-in gag blocked speech. The girl couldn't move and was completely isolated. The guy ran his hand over the breast, twisting and squeezing the nipple of the girl. A growl came from under the gag.

Harry waved his wand to cancel out Deafness and leaned in close to her ears.

"Go to sleep," he ordered.

The spinning girl relaxed and began to collapse. Harry immediately picked her up and unhooked the chain, placing her on her friend's bed. He quickly removed his armbinder and hood, leaving only the handcuffs around his ankles. Ginny was sleeping peacefully, her head resting on her friend's shoulder. Luna rolled over, pressing her face to her chest.

Harry looked at it and smiled. He decided that since he had slaves, he should use them. The dark-haired man began to dress, a hooded cloak was thrown over his casual dark robe. The dark-haired man left the house, locking all the doors and setting the alarm charms, and Apparated. A long night awaited him.

With a pop, Harry appeared at the entrance to Diagon alley. After looking around and noticing no one, he transfigured a mask covering the upper part of his face from the nearest debris. He tapped it three times with his wand and cast a spell of the ordinary. Now it was impossible to recognize him by his familiar gestures, as long as his face was masked.

He walked down a deserted street, past closed shops, and turned into an alley. Currency lane nightfall seemed to come alive. Muddy personalities came out of all the cracks and offered their wares. Shabby counters were filled with mangy cats and equally mangy rats. Shrunken heads touted in small pubs to wet your whistle ognevsky. Some of them brewed potions whose sparks fell on passersby and lived in their robes.

Harry walked through the crowd, ignoring the passers-by. Especially pesky ones waved their wands in front of his nose. After the store Borgin and Burke’s he turned aside and came almost to the end of a lane.

In front of it was a medium-sized shop. The exterior was much better than any other building. The walls were painted dark brown, and the black tiles looked even darker in the night. To the right of the entrance, a display case held various cosmetic potions. Above the door hung a chart with the words: "A beautiful unicorn." Accordingly, in the background was depicted the silo of this animal, which shook its mane.

Harry pushed the door open and went inside.

A bell rang to announce visitors. The room was clean enough, but it still felt musty. Most of the space was filled with cabinets of potions. Many of whom found Dumbledore in his youth.

"Mr. Strick," said Harry, who had come up to the register and was ringing a standing bell.

At first, he was drenched in cold; a wizard sitting... somewhere... was clearly scanning him. You never know who has looked at the light. And then suddenly, silently and without warning, his observer appeared in front of him. The salesman was a slight, short old man of indeterminate age, between sixty and eighty. Although with magicians, this number could be multiplied by two. His wrinkled face was adorned with a waist-length gray beard, many wrinkles, and a hooked nose. There was no hair on the head itself. He was dressed in a gray robe and leaned on an ornate cane. Dark eyes searched the dark man in the mask.

"I'm glad you stopped by. Are you here for... merchandise... or just curious?" the old man bared his yellow teeth.

"Oh, John," said Harry, smiling, "for the goods. However, I would like to see the new ones."

In the next second, the old man disappeared and in his place appeared a middle-aged man under two meters tall. His features were partially obscured by a thick beard of many days' growth and a black bandage tied up to his brow. But the main feature of Mr. Strick's figure was his very solid fists.

"It's been a long time since you've been here," Strick grinned into his beard, tapping a rhythm on the counter.

Immediately, one of the walls slid back, revealing a passageway. The man went first, followed by Harry.

They found themselves in a large room filled with various gadgets. Harry still didn't know the names of most of the items. Strick went to another counter and took out a small magazine.

"Here's the catalog," he said, holding out a piece of paper.

"Good, good," the Chosen One muttered, flipping through the pages, "I think I'll take one big box and six small ones. Three sets without connections and one set with connections. And a simplified set... in double volume. Of course, so that no spells open the product, only keys. All keyholes are equipped with disappearing keys for one time. One, no, it is better still to make two keys absolutely indestructible. We don't want the key to get lost. Also, several suits and special sets numbers 6 and 13. I guess... that's it."

"That will be five hundred and twenty-nine Galleons," Strick seemed to be pulling boxes and bundles out of thin air, "and of course you didn't buy them here."

"Of course," said Harry, paying for it.

He packed up the bags and headed for the door. After leaving the shop and walking a dozen meters away, he Apparated.

He appeared in the middle of the room where he was playing with the girls, and where they were also sleeping peacefully. Ginny on the left, and Luna on the right. Quickly stripping off his robes and sending the bags to a corner, Harry sat down in the middle. The girls awoke for a moment, but their Master whispered to them: "Sleep peacefully."

Accompanied by a sleepy purr from the Moon and Ginny of "Good night, Master," he fell asleep.

The Boy Who Lived, warmed on both sides by the warm girls, stretched out full length on the bed. The guy opened his eyes and was slightly moved by the sight he saw. But the physiological functions were stronger. Harry had already gone to the bathroom, unceremoniously removing both of his new "acquisitions" from the sleepers, who were muttering about brain-wags and Quidditch in their sleep.

When he came out, drying himself after a warm shower, the girls were already awake. First came a voice:

"Hello, Boss."

Then the guy was subjected to an active kiss and assurances that he was welcome to see. After that, the girls went to the shower.

Meanwhile, Harry held out the shopping bag and began sorting through its contents. While he was occupied, the two girls returned and, seeing their master occupied, took the position of a slave at his feet. The dark-haired man noticed this and smiled. Soon two pairs of steel collars were produced from the bag, along with manacles for the hands and feet.

"Lift your hair," Harry ordered.

The girls obeyed and pulled back their hair, exposing their necks. The dark-haired man removed Ginny's leather collar and replaced it with a steel one. As soon as it closed around the girl's neck, the seam disappeared, making it impossible to remove. The collar was made of light metal and had a ring on the front. The dark-haired man tapped it a couple of times with his wand, and lines began to appear on the metal, forming a triangle with a circle and a stick inside, the Peverell arms, the progenitors of the Potter family. He did the same with Luna. They are now his property, even by law. Life is getting better. Then he ordered them to stand up and began putting shackles on their wrists and ankles. Metal bracelets with rings were connected by chains, each of which was fastened to a ring in the collar.

"So, my dear friends," the girls blushed, "the agenda is breakfast first, and then we'll see. You go cook, and I'll finish my chores.

"Yes, master," the girls said at the same time, and were heading for the door when they were hailed.

"Just a minute." a small bolt of lightning flashed off the boy's wand and streaked towards Ginny and Luna. As soon as it reached the target, the chains on their legs began to shorten, stopping at forty centimeters. Now the girls could only hobble. "You can go now," Potter said.

Now the girls moved more carefully, supporting each other. Ginny walked a little grimly after a rough night.

Harry went down to the basement and switched on the light. An ordinary room appeared before him. The floor and walls were of gray brick, like the basement of a castle, and the ceiling was supported by walls reinforced with iron. A normal basement, for now.

Harry began to wave his wand, chanting various spells. The floor was cleaner and smoother, and the walls had crevices that showed that there were cavities. The lighting provided by a single lamp was now provided by magic lights along the entire edge of the ceiling. Next, small boxes began to fly out of the package, which began to turn into various equipment for games. Rings and chains of all kinds began to be screwed into the walls. Larger objects, such as machines for torture, sexual and not only, just landed in different places. A couple of cages were also chained to the ceiling.

As soon as Harry had finished setting up the games room, and a possible place for his female slaves to stay for a long time, screams began to come from above. Cursing under his breath, he ran upstairs.

The girls went down to the kitchen and began preparing breakfast for themselves and their host, talking as they went.

"Luna, how could you?" Ginny was angry at her friend as she sliced the greens.

"Who is to blame that your hair fell on the parchment?" said the perplexed Ravenclaw, working on the eggs. "Besides, maybe it's not so bad after all."

"Where’s the good in this?" the redhead screamed, staring at her.

"We're under control, we don't have to worry about anything, we're living with the man we love," Lovegood said, not looking away from her work. What's wrong? Pass the salt, please."

"Doesn't it bother you that we're actually things?" She passed Luna the salt and began slicing the sausage.

"So what? You have to pay for everything," Luna shrugged, tossing everything into the pan and closing it with a lid. Ginny refused to accept her friend's logic. Just as she was about to say more, the front door slammed.

"Happy Birthday, Harry!" Hermione started shouting as she came in. "Ron couldn't make it, that's why..." Then she noticed two naked girls in collared chains and froze. The longer she stared, the bigger her eyes grew, and the anger in them flared.

"WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU?" the brown-haired woman snarled.

"We're his slaves now, aren't we?" Luna said, as if nothing was amiss, placing scrambled eggs on the plates. Ginny was standing behind her, trying to cover herself, blushing furiously.

"He... what... HOW?!" Hermione couldn't find the words.

"With a contract," Ginny said quietly.

"We're going to make him break the damn contract, right now!" Hermione flew up to her friends, knocking over chairs that fell unusually loudly. She grabbed their hands and began to pull them, not knowing where.

"What's going on here?" Harry came up the stairs from the basement.

"HAROLD JAMES POTTER!" the girl shouted, and reached for her wand. "Not at all..."

"Expelliarmus!" Potter disarmed her friend, and before she could recover from the shock, he applied a paralyzing spell. "Petrificus Totalus!"

Hermione sank to the floor, rolling her eyes wildly. Meanwhile, Harry looked around at the mess they had made, and then at his female slaves.

"Tell me," he demanded. The blonde began to explain, but her answers to the questions made his head ache. While Luna was telling her story, he cleared up the mess and sat down.

"What do we do now?" Harry rubbed his forehead, looking down at his friend's limp body.

"Can you erase her memory, Master?" Ginny suggested.

"I've got a better idea," said Harry. He walked over to his friend and pointed his wand at her. "Obliviate, Confundus, Finita!" Hermione got to her feet, staring blankly at nothing. "It’s all right," he said, and quickly grabbed her by the shoulder and apparated her. Before the girls could do anything about it, their host returned. - I took care of it. She doesn't remember what she saw and is sure that she had tea with us on my birthday.

"We are pleased, Master," the girls bowed, but then fell silent under the gaze of their master.

"I'm not finished," Potter said, frowning. "You will be punished."

"For what?" Ginny didn't understand, and the Moon began to glow with satisfaction, making her suspect that she had planned everything.

"For my bad mood. Ginny, you're sending me out to clean up the library. And make sure there's not a speck of dust." The redhead nodded resignedly and lowered her gaze. "Luna, you go to my room to serve your sentence; wait for me there, okay?"

"Yes, Master!" the Ravenclaw replied happily.

"Then go, and I'll eat until then, - the guy settled into a chair and began to eat the miraculously preserved omelette.

"Master, what about us?" Ginny asked, her stomach rumbling.

"Consider it part of the punishment," the guy chewed another piece. "Why are you standing up?" Who are we waiting for? Go ahead!

"Yes, master," came the happy and sad answers from the girls as they headed for the stairs.

"And remember, no magic!"

Ginny went from closet to closet, dusting them off. The shackles on his arms and legs were too heavy. She had to take small steps and reach with both hands to reach the upper shelves. At one point, she hit one of the books and it fell to the floor. The lock on the book's cover came loose from the impact, and the book fell open.

Ginny bent down and picked up the book. It was quite heavy, the cover was jade-colored and reflected the light of the room. The pages, yellow with age, were covered with symbols of an incomprehensible language. The page on which the book was opened was blank, except for an obscure blot of the same jade color as the cover. The Gryffindor turned the book and the broken lock over in her hands, wondering how to fix it. Not for the first time, she complained that her master had taken away her wand. With a heavy sigh, she decided to ask Luna for help later and put The book down on the nearest table. She walked away and continued cleaning.

While the girl was dusting away, the book began to move. The blot on the page began to quiver and swell in various places. It began to grow and gain volume. A few seconds later, she jumped off the book and landed with a soft squish on the floor. Its growth was even faster, and now translucent green tendrils extended from it. They began to reach out to the slave, who was trying to wipe the floor under one of the tables, her butt sticking out. The appendages rushed to the girl's pussy, increasing in length and thickness. When the redhead turned and saw what was happening, it was too late.

In front of her was a pile of jade-colored slime about two meters high, from which translucent tentacles extended. If at first they were thin and numbered three, now they were as thick as a hand, and their number had increased to nine.

They rushed at Ginny, who tried to fight back, but the wand was useless. The tentacles grabbed her knees and elbows and pulled them apart, giving her access to her pussy and mouth. The steel of the shackles began to dissolve as soon as they came into contact with the slime of the tentacles. In the end, all that remained of Ginny was the collar, which the slime hadn't yet reached, and which was much better enchanted. Only then did the shocked girl realize that she needed to call for help. She had already opened her mouth and taken a deep breath when the intruder put a tentacle over her mouth. She clung to it with her teeth, ignoring the nausea. Foul slime sprayed into her mouth, and her teeth became entangled in the pulsing flesh of the tentacle. The monster didn't hurt, but pushed its tentacle back into her throat, causing her to gasp and grab the gag convulsively. Her teeth were clenched as she struggled for oxygen.

A tentacle clamped her mouth shut from above, a terrible gag that you couldn't get your hands on or pull out of. All attempts of the girl to remove her mouth from the tentacle with her free hands led to the fact that she sucked it like an outlandish member. The slime continued to flow into Ginny's mouth, making her feel sick. She would have spat the stuff out, but the "oral tentacle" was in the way. Therefore, the girl wheezed (when the appendage tried to get into her respiratory tract), mumbled, jerked her head, and a tentacle caressed her throat and climbed into her cheek.

The "vaginal tentacle" was digging into her sex, expanding it to all possible limits and stringing itself around her cervix. The blood was no longer flowing - it had been replaced by slime from the tentacles. The tentacle clogged her vagina so tightly, trying so hard to get deeper, that the red-haired slave literally howled. Sometimes the tentacle would go out, but then it would come back again.

Her bottom was the worst. It was being fucked by the most inflated tentacle. From the terrible pain she was writhing and muffled screamed, her anal was the pain center. The tentacle was already almost touching her intestines, and she thought with horror that soon she would be so pierced through, and these tentacles would take up the entire body. Through the septum of the mucosa, the tentacles rubbed against each other. It was the most terrifying double penetration possible!

The nightmare had been going on for a good half hour, a continuous nightmare of three things - a tentacle between her legs, a tentacle between her buttocks, and a tentacle between her teeth.

Three tentacles were raping the girl, and four more were holding her by her limbs. Then the remaining two tentacles began to move. The tentacles encircled her breasts, almost tenderly, lovingly. And then they squeezed them like a steel band, squeezing and pressing suckers into the tender skin of her tits. These appendages lengthened a little more and approached their ends to the girl's nipples. Ginny watched in horror as they opened and became little mouths. Then the ends of these tendrils encircled the bumps of the nipples, covering the halos, and began to stretch them out.

Now the girl was completely destroyed. She was simultaneously fucked, anally, vaginally and orally, pulling out her nipples and not even giving her a chance to escape.

In this position, the red-haired slave remained for about an hour. At the end, her fading consciousness became aware that the tentacles had expanded and begun to quiver. The terrible one struck her. The tentacles sank into the girl several more times, each time more slowly. The last time they went in as deep as possible, the Gryffindor felt the monster's sticky cum flow into her guts. There was too much of it, and her stomach began to expand rapidly. That was the last straw, and Ginny rolled her eyes and fainted.

Then the monster from the book lowered the unconscious girl to the floor and pulled out the tentacles. As soon as the tentacles left the body, greenish sperm began to flow out of all the holes in a rapid stream. Ginny coughed to clear the last of the seed from her throat, but she didn't regain consciousness. The monster left the girl on the floor and went back to the book. As soon as he was on the pages for a little while, he began to be drawn inwards. In a few seconds, all that was left of the monster was a smudge on the yellowish page and the unconscious girl on the floor.

She was lying on the floor like a broken doll. Her red hair was matted and swampy. The girl's body was completely covered with a small layer of slime, all her holes were wide open, and from them the intruder's semen was leaking out, leaving streaks on the victim's body and floor.

Harry went back to his room and was pleased to see that his order had been obeyed. The blonde was kneeling in the center of the room. Her knees were wide apart, giving her a view of her crotch. The girl's hands were behind her back, crossed at the wrists. The head was tilted down, so that the hair covered the face, so the expression of the face was hidden. The chains of scandals on her wrists and ankles rang softly as she shifted on the hard floor.

"You look good, Luna," the dark-haired man said. The blonde flinched, but didn't look up.

"Thank You, Master.

"Ready to be punished?" - asked the guy, approaching the girl.

"Yes, Master."

"Then get up," Harry said. She stood up quickly, her chains clinking. Harry nodded and took a small box marked with runes from his pocket. He opened the lid and took out a shapeless piece of cloth and tossed it to the girl. The material was translucent with a bluish tinge.

"Put it on," the boy ordered.

Luna didn't understand at first, but then she unrolled the pile. It was a coverall that covered her entire body to her wrists, ankles, and neck. A zipper ran from the neck to the bottom, ending somewhere in the back.

The first problem was the shackles, because of the chain it was impossible to put a leg or arm inside. Harry removed the shackles, promising that they would come back later. The girl slid one leg inside and began to pull the material higher. It was elastic and constantly clung to the skin. After that, the second leg was inserted. As she continued to pull the jumpsuit up higher, Luna noticed that even with the zipper undone, the suit was too tight for her. She was appalled by this, imagining what would happen when the zipper was closed. There was no problem getting my hands in. The final touch was the lightning bolt. The Ravenclaw began to lower it down, and with every centimeter she felt that the suit was getting more and more tight. The hardest part was getting the zipper down below the chest. The girl had to let all the air out of her lungs to get it through. There were no more such difficulties, but Luna felt that she couldn't take a full breath, and as soon as she took a deeper breath, the material stretched in other places. When the lightning bolt reached her labia, the girl was already sufficiently shackled, so she could not bend further. Then Harry decided to get involved, he grabbed the zipper and pulled it down sharply. The girl took a deep breath from the feeling of tightness on her pussy and immediately regretted it. The material immediately stretched, rubbing her clitoris and labia. The lightning went on until it was on the other side and stopped just above the anus. Now the girl was locked up to her ankles, wrists, and neck in a tight prison. The material was translucent, so you could see the blonde's nipples, which became hard from friction and stretched the material even more.

The girl tried to move and then let out a groan with the creak of rubber. The material rubbed against her Breasts and perineum with each movement, increasing her arousal. Harry knew about this property of the costume, so he chose it, then he waved his wand, activating another function.

The jumpsuit has not become any less tight, but it will no longer rub the body, except for the clitoris and nipples.

"Master..." prayed to Luna, breathing heavily.

"No, Luna, the punishment isn't over yet. I forbid you to come," Harry grinned, and the Ravenclaw felt that she couldn't come, no matter how much she wanted to.

A rubberized corset was removed from the box. It was matte black, leaving the chest exposed and supporting it. Harry picked it up and put it around her waist. He began to tie the laces, his hands gripping the corset. Luna could feel the air getting thinner with each screed. Finally, when the corset was fully laced, she could no longer breathe fully, even with the friction of the suit.

"Hands behind your back," the dark-haired man ordered his slave.

Luna obeyed and put her hands behind her back. Immediately, she felt a bag cover her hands. He moved higher, forcing her to bring her arms and elbows closer together. It pulled the suit tight across her chest and sent a bolt of electricity through her. The armbinder moved further until it stopped at the forearms. The straps wrapped around the girl's shoulders, fixing a new element of the costume. Now the girl was deprived of her hands and with every movement of the suit began to affect the nipples or clitoris.

If the suit hadn't been sealed, a puddle would have already formed at her feet. However, through the translucent material, the girl's juices could be seen running down her legs.

From the box came a pair of high-heeled sandals with a narrow toe, so that the girl will only rest on her toes. Harry got down on one knee and began to put them on Luna. To keep her from falling, the dark-haired man let her lean on his shoulder. When the shoes were put on, the Ravenclaw felt the pain of being forced to walk only on her fingers.

Harry walked away and began admiring his work. Now his slave was free only from the neck up. He knew it would be awkward for her, but she might cause him problems. So it will be a lesson for her in the future. She bent down and replaced the shackles just above her shoes, shortening the chain first. Now she could only take small steps, which with these shoes would not be easy. Looking at his work, the dark-haired man felt that his pants were getting tight.

"Time to let off some steam, heh - heh," he chuckled.

The Gryffindor man brought Luna to her knees, so that her face was level with his waist. He unbuttoned his fly and released his excited cock. His head was pressed against the slave's parted lips. Harry rubbed it back and forth, smearing the evaculate, and forced it into the blonde's mouth.

"Suck it," the guy ordered, "if I like it, I'll let you come."

This worked and the blonde began to caress the penis with her tongue. She tried to take in as much as she could, stretching out her cheeks. Her head was bobbing back and forth, her tongue caressing the length of Potter's wand, paying particular attention to the head. Harry threw back his head and groaned with pleasure. He closed his hands on the light nape of her neck and drove his cock into the slave's mouth to the very bottom, coming. He released her, letting her pull away. A thread of semen hung from the girl's lips. Harry picked it up with his finger and put it in Luna's mouth.

"Swallow," he ordered. The blonde immediately swallowed, swallowing all the sperm of her owner.

"Well done," Harry praised, looking at the empty mouth, "you can finish." The girl's eyes rolled back, and a spasm passed through her entire body.

While she gasped and rubbed her nipples and clit again, Harry took the last items out of the box and put it in his pocket. He went over and started putting a full latex mask on her head, leaving her eyes and nose exposed. The hair had been spilled through the opening and now fell in a ponytail to her shoulders. On the device itself, there was a spell of silence, so the girl could now only mumble, as if she had a gag. The mask covered the entire head and neck. Harry slid the collar over the base, securing it in place.

"Hmm?" Lovegood tried to say something.

"No, it's not the end yet," Harry said, shaking his head.

Then he set her on her feet, tying the leash to a ring in her collar, and headed for the door, leading the Ravenclaw after him. Her shoes and short chains made it difficult for her to walk fast. With each step, the suit rubbed the girl's private areas, causing her to moan, which because of the mask was only a mumble. At the stairs, Harry would throw her over his shoulder and go down, not forgetting to slap her bottom.

They went down to the basement, and Harry lowered the girl to the floor. When Luna saw what the basement was now, she let out a joyous bellow. She looked from one machine to the other, wondering how her master would punish her. But Harry led her to one of the corners. There was a wooden box with ribs a little over a meter high, and on one side were two holes in the center of the wall. Small rings were mounted on the corners. Luna figured it out and decided that it would barely fit in there. Harry went to it and opened the double lid, allowing his slave to peer inside. The inside of the box was covered with some kind of blue coating. On one side, where the holes were located, there were triangular projections. The straps extended from them, just as they did in other parts of the box.

Harry led Luna over and removed the shackles. Then he picked her up and dropped her into the box. Her feet rested on these triangular projections, and she seemed to be sitting on them. Harry pinned her head to the bottom of the box, and her folded arms made her arch her back as she pulled the suit over her chest. The dark-haired man took a small clip, curved in the middle, and attached it to Lovegood's neck. A few sparks flew and the metal stuck fast to the wood. Now the girl was locked in place.

Her owner continued, grabbing the straps at chest level and fastening them. He did the same with the straps at hip level. Then the dark-haired man folded her leg, placing her hip on one side of the ledge, and her lower leg on the other, taking the belt, he fixed her leg in a bent position. The same thing happened with the other leg. Lovegood was now firmly anchored and awaiting her master's next move. There was already a lot of juice in the groin area, which showed her arousal.

Potter turned the box over on one side so that the holes were on top. Accordingly, the girl was now upside down.

"Mmmm," he said. "no," the blonde protested. "Almost everything," the guy squeezed the breast of his slave.

He reached out and began to unzip the suit, stopping just below her pubis. Her naked flesh popped out of the suit, revealing her hot pink labia. Harry drew out two more objects from his pile enticing charms. They were two dull black rods. One was about twenty centimeters long and three in diameter. The second was slightly shorter but thicker.

"Mmmmm," he said. Luna screamed when she realized what they were for. The holes were located directly above her vagina and anus.

Harry ran them over the blonde's crotch, smearing the grease across the surface. Then he stepped back and closed the lid, plunging the slave into the darkness of the box. He put the wands to the holes and began to dip them into the water. The first, longer one sank into the hole nearest the door, almost immediately hitting an obstacle. A muffled scream came from inside, which grew louder as Harry continued to push. As soon as the base reached the wall, several sparks appeared, and the surfaces merged together. Then the dark-haired man did the same with the other wand, dipping it into the hole farthest from the door. Harry tapped the sealed stoppers a couple of times with his wand, making them vibrate. A high-pitched squeal came from inside.

"Leviosa Wingardium," the boy said, and the box soared up. Only muffled moans could be heard from inside.

Another wave of the wand, and a section of one wall disappears, revealing a small cavity just about the size of the slave box. In the corners were metal pins that went into the rings, locking the box in place.

"Now it's time for the punishment," said Harry.

One more manipulation of the wand and the wall returned into place. There wasn't even a crack left. Now there was nothing to indicate that there were people here.

The Boy Who Lived went to the stairs and turned out the light behind him, leaving the slave girl alone in a place known only to him. He smiled, imagining his future life.

It was a nice birthday, though, was his last thought before he closed the door.



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