Testing Time

by Techster

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© Copyright 2010 - Techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; bdsm; hobble; x-frame; electro; cbt; true; cons; XX

From time to time I develop a new piece of restraint, also known as “dungeonware”.

Ever since my last job went away when the company I had been working for 15 years was a victim of the current economy.

I have been working hard to deal with this new lifestyle change and was able to keep our family going and pay the bills with a combination of odd jobs.

These jobs include writing several books that were published by a vanity publisher so my return is low and maintaining a local newspaper column. To further boost our income I am working for a local Domina and helping her set up a new dungeon.

Last Friday evening I unveiled my latest achievement. It is a folding, steel St. Andrews Cross.

This is the most advanced piece of dungeonware I have ever designed.

For example: The upper arms of the cross have three buckle wrist restraints that are foam lined to insure they are both and inescapable and fit tightly with a degree of comfort.

Likewise the ankle restraints are very secure. They each have two buckle cuffs that can slide up and down for fine adjustment.

The upper arms both have electrically operated screw jacks called lineal actuators. These are electrically powered. With them the captive can be stretched out to maximize their feeling of helplessness.

The foot pads have adjustable sensors to prevent serious injury to the captive. The weight sensors limit the upper arm movement to about one quarter of the captive’s weight. That way when the captive is stretched out they won’t be injured by the suspension.

This part of the latest design is my pride and joy:

The point where the arms cross is at about mid chest height. There is a crossbar is for genital restraint. I have designed both female and male genital torture elements.

The female unit has a pussy hook and electrical torture clitoral and anal contacts.

The male genital restraint uses both a ball loop, which is a foam covered “U” bolt with and electrical contact that will do both balls and a plastic penis tube with side contacts and a urethral tube that serves to both vent urine and a contact point for electro stimulation. There is also an anal contact that is part of the male genitorture. The anal contact is an 5/8 inch diameter stainless steel ball on a 5” long rod that goes through a plastic sleeve that is inside a piece of thin-wall stainless steel tubing. The anal contact is designed to provide electrical stimulation either to the butt hole or the prostate. This last pair of contacts is retained by means of a strap that is attached to the ball loop and a ring on the collar of the head restraint and gag.

Last but not least there is a crossbar that was attached to the upper arms. This is the mount for the head restraint which features a gag that can be expanded by compressed air, earphones and an eye shield. The eye shield features a mini television screen. As a part of this torment there is a small video camera with a microphone mounted on a four foot long arm.

This way the captive is further tormented by being shown their back and butt as they are being tortured. They can also hear the sounds of each snap of the whip or paddle as it strikes their skin.

That is when I asked my wife, Techie, “Well what do you think? Shall we test it?”

She took a look at the device which was sitting in the east bay of our garage and agreed.”Let’s start tonight. You’ll be my captive. STRIP!!”

I smiled as I quickly shed my clothes.

Techie opened that garage toy box and put me in thigh to wrist cuffs with a belt that pulled my elbows together finally she put heavy leather cuffs on my ankles and linked them together with a short chain.

I was her captive and slave wearing only cuffs, CB6000 male chastity device and a “Ring of Steel” collar.

Techie put a marine shackle on my collar and attached a heavy chromed leash to it.

Then she picked up a short riding crop from the toy box, gave me a hard swat across my ass and ordered,” Now back to the house with you!”

She switched on the heater to warm our “dungeon” for the events she was planning for the morning as she closed the garage (aka dungeon) door.

I was led into the house and stood in the kitchen while she cooked dinner.

My captor advised me “Testing will be more fun if you are a captive all night. I can use you to amuse and stimulate me and you can contemplate your fate. You are my captive and personal sex slave you have been captured and are awaiting your fate on the torture rack.”

She had me kneel in front of her chair while she fed me dinner. After dinner she gave me the privilege of tasting her sex while she enjoyed a slice of cheesecake and an orgasm simultaneously.

Then I was led into the bathroom where I was ordered to sit and relieve myself. I was led to our bedroom.

Since it was late and a big day was planned for tomorrow I was put to bed. My hobble was removed and my ankles were tied to the bedposts. My torso was elevated on two pillows so that when she slid into bed my face was resting on her sex. She arranged a blanket just covering my legs with a bathrobe sash tied to it so she could pull the blanket up when the time was right.

“Now you are charged with helping your mistress get a good night’s sleep. I need to be relaxed. Let me feel some great tongue work. I think two orgasms should get me thoroughly relaxed. If I awaken then you will be charged with getting me relaxed so I can get back to sleep.“ she ordered as she snapped the riding crop across my bare back and buttocks. She then pulled up the bed covers to her shoulders leaving me to enjoy the taste of her sex and sleep with her scent all night.

Over the years I have come to enjoy oral sex. It is a great tease. When I have the CB6000 male chastity device locked on as I cannot get any sexual relief. Hell, I cannot even experience an erection! If I get to sleep at all I will have horny dreams and even experience greater frustration.

My talented tongue did its job well and she drifted off to sleep after two orgasms.

I had a night of frustrating dreams. I dreamt of Techie and being her captive unable to have any sexual relief myself. It was a night of pure erotic torture.

She awoke at daybreak, slid the bed covers down and awoke me with the snap of the crop on my bare back. I went right to work and started the day by giving her a strong orgasm.

She released my ankles, put on my hobble chain and told me “I’m not going to bathe you this morning. We’ll wait until after the test. Then you’ll really need it. Kneel here.” she pointed to a spot on the bathroom floor.

Like a good slave I knelt on the small rug awaiting my next order. She used this opportunity to set the chain that connected my ankles tighter and lead my leash around to my back where it was locked it to the hobble chain.

Now she knew that her captive was immobilized and waiting for her.

As a side note she loves teasing me. We’ve been married for forty plus years and she loves knowing that she is still my favorite sexual turn-on!

She took a lengthy shower, stepped out and started to dry herself off as she did she ordered me to lick the water off her sex and dry it with my breath.

This was to add to the torment I was experiencing. She could see my cock trying to get hard and being stopped by the CB6000.

When she was dried she dressed in a sheer cat suit, released my leash from the connection to my hobble chain, helped me stand and led me to the kitchen.

She had me kneel again as she prepared us breakfast.

After we had eaten she stacked the dishes in the sink, threw on a long flannel shirt over the cat suit and led me into the garage.

The heater had done its job well and the garage was nice and warm.

She advised me that this was both the test of a piece of dungeon ware and revenge for the last “adventure” she had experienced when I left her naked, and spread eagled in view of a major highway for several hours while I and my hunting buddy used recorded voices to terrify her.

She said she was convinced that she was about to be abused by two gun carrying strangers.

She led me up to the cross. I knew what was going to happen and it must have been clear to her that I was having second thoughts.

I remembered her reminding me about revenge for the trick I played on her where she was left naked in the woods while I and my hunting buddy, Smitty, stalked around noisily in the woods behind and using recorded voices from the movies terrified her.
“Now be warned I am not taking any chances on my captive escaping.” she told me as she wrapped the leash that was locked to my collar to the cross. Then she released the hobble chain.

With a snap of the crop she “encouraged “me to step on top the foot pads of the cross.

She buckled the two straps that held each ankle in place. My neck was then buckled into the head restraint. This forced the gag deep into my mouth she inflated the gag until she could see my cheeks puff out.

She released my right wrist and buckled it in place. This was followed by my left wrist.

When all the wrist cuff straps were tight she told me, “Now we’ll find out how well your equipment works!” as she pressed the button for the lineal actuators that pulled my wrists upward and stretched me out. When the safety switch stopped the wrists she began installing the cock and ball restraints.

She switched on the video so the only thing I could see was my back.

She removed the CB6000 male chastity device so she could secure my cock and balls into the CBT (cock and ball torture) part of the cross.

Faced by the prospect of torture my cock was limp and she couldn’t get it to thread into the cock tube. Then she saw an “O” ring assortment knew what to do.

After three tries she found an “O” ring that could just be slid over the tip of my cock and “lock” in the groove between the head of my cock and the shaft.

She tied one of my shoelaces to the “O” ring. Then lubed the inside of the tube and his cock with sex lube, threaded the shoelace through tube and used it to pull my cock through the tube. The shoe lace was left in place as she lubed and slid the stainless steel tubing cock head catheter up my penis hole. I attempted to struggle as she did that. The clear plastic hose that was attached to the catheter was dropped into a small bucket to catch my pee or whatever.

A small cable tie around the “O” ring and through the “u”bolt that would hold my balls insured that my cock wasn’t going anywhere.

I could feel the “U” bolt as it was then slid over my balls. She clamped my balls by tightening the wing nuts . This made my balls feel tight and stand out.

I knew that both the metal bands in the penis tube and the pee tube were hooked up to an electro stim box. She clamped a screw type hose clamp just below the “U” bolt, tightened it firmly around my balls and hooked another wire up to electro stimulation box.

Then I saw my back and butt in the video as she stood back and admired her captive. “Are you ready for testing time?” she asked as she pressed the button on the electro stimulation box.

She looked in to the camera and gave me and evil grim as she said, “I think you need a while to think about your fate. Also think about me being naked, spread eagled in view of the interstate highway and terrorized by the hunters I could hear in the woods behind me. Besides I want a cup of coffee. So let me give you some time and stimulation to think about that.”

The electro stimulation control box was placed on a small table behind me . “Can you guess what is going to happen next?” she asked as she pressed the button.

I blinked as the voltage hit me. I stretched tight and could not move.

I was as helpless as a man could be.

It was then I realized that the electro stimulation was having an effect I didn’t plan on. I felt a jet of pee as it rolled through the hose. My cock tried to harden then I felt another sensation. I was being “milked” by the electro stimulation! The combination of the anal, prostate and cock electrodes had done their job much better than I had planned!

I came back from the house with a steaming cup of coffee. “You need a good switching. I think I’ll give you a trip into subspace.” She started gently on my back with a gentle tawse. I could not only see each blow, I could hear the “snap” of the tawse as it struck my bare skin. When my back started looking pink and warm she started with heavier strokes on his butt and thighs.

I could watch my muscles straining. This both hurt and felt good at the same time. My device was working as planned; it was beautiful.

When I stopped straining she took a close look at me. Although my eyes were straining I knew that subspace had set in and I was actually beginning to feel the high that came with subspace.

“Would you like to say something?” she asked, “If you do please blink twice.”

My eyes blinked twice. She I released the gag.

“Don’t stop with the switch. I feel the subspace high!” I pleaded.

“No!” she said firmly. “Look in the screen in front of your own eyes! Your back, butt and thighs are bright red!! NO MORE! It is time for you to cool down!!”

I grew quiet and relaxed as I stared at the monitor screen. “I know its red, but please, just a bit more. Don’t let me lose this high!”

“No!!” she argued. “I’m giving you fifteen minutes to cool down!”

She rammed the gag back in place, firmly in my mouth.

She used lotion to sooth my skin as I hung there awaiting release.

Fifteen minutes later she lowered my wrists, released the bondage of my balls and cock then loosened the straps that held my head. Finally my ankles were released, then my wrists.

I stepped back and collapsed to the floor she covered me up and held me in her arms while I drifted back into the real world.

I exclaimed, ”WOW!! What a rush!! I’m sore on my back.”

We hugged and kissed for nearly an hour. “What was that?” I asked.

“Just call it both a test and revenge for the hunters. Now you’ll remember how it feels to be totally helpless and tormented.”

I have come to think that my trusting her was a part of the games we play as a long-married couple who play BDSM games. We are closer than all of our friends because we have the degree of faith, trust and love to play such games. As a side benefit I is certain all of my dungeon ware creations are strong, escape proof and by themselves will not hurt (in the sense of causing permanent damage) their victims.