The Tension Rack

by Techie and Techster

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We lived it IRL!!

Techie’s design

This devious bondage device is my design. It’s no secret that Techster and I have been playing various adult bondage games for most of our 40 plus years together. What really makes things fun, erotic and challenging is that we usually take turns being the submissive or captive.

However this time the idea was so very cool, meaning very simple yet effective restraint.

I got an idea for the most fiendish restraint device I have designed yet and if it worked correctly it would use the captive’s own body as the restraint.

It would be very simple, just a three foot by four foot rectangle of one half inch plywood with two three by six inch holes in it for the captive’s feet located near the edge, a covering of soft shag carpeting with a ratchet strap to hold the captive’s feet in the holes.

Between the foot holes would be an eyebolt where one of the pulleys for tension bondage be attached, closer to the edge was where the cam type cleat that would lock the rope of the tension bondage system.

Using Techster’s hat width as a guide I added two inches to that dimension covered the wood with soft shag carpeting and made a “U” shaped piece out of three pieces of one inch by six inch wood .

This will be the place where his head will be while he a captive on this device which I named the ”Tension Rack.”

A double pulley with a cam type cleat for the rope will be used to pull his wrists back between his legs with the two pulleys for the rope it gave me a two to one mechanical force.

With the two to one mechanical force or advantage if I pulled on the rope with fifty pound of pull the subject would experience one hundred pounds of force pulling his hands between his legs.

I realized that if the platform was mounted down on the floor it would be too low for the master to thoroughly torture the captive so I mounted it up on two low sawhorses so it was two feet above the floor.

Standing back it looked great ready for its first victim.

I got a pair of bondage mitts and a small shackle out of our toy box and placed them on the platform and waited for Techster to come home from work.

When Techster came in the door I taunted him, “Come put to the workshop I have a new toy that is ready for a beta test and I need a subject to help me evaluate it.”

Techster smiled and said, “Sounds like fun! Let’s go!” ( during our 40 plus years of marriage Techster and I have always enjoyed being the test subject for the beta test of a new bondage device)

I opened the workshop door and he laughed, “That looks too simple to be effective to be really challenging. Oh well let me be the first!”

Pointing to the platform I ordered, “Strip, kneel and put on the bondage mitts so we can get the test started.”

Techster stripped quickly and held out his wrists.

I pulled the mitts over his hands, tightened, tied the laces and locked the leather cuffs on his wrists.

“Kneel!” I ordered.

Techster knelt on the platform and I guided the toes of his feet through the holes.

Next I tightened the ratchet straps pinning his feet in place.

I hooked the D rings on the end of the bondage mitts to the shackle so the pulley and line which was between his legs and placed the head restraint where I guessed his head would be.

“Ready?” I asked.

He said, ”Heck yes, lets go!”

I pushed a large soft gag in his mouth and buckled the strap tightly behind his neck

“We don’t want to disturb this test with any begging for release or screams!” I said as I pulled on the rope and pulled his wrists between his legs forcing him to bend down so his head rested in the carpeted surface of the head restraint on the platform and his butt was forced upward.

I pulled very hard on the rope and locked the rope in the cleat.

I stood back and looked at my work. Techster was immobilized and exposed, his butt hole was visible and awaiting torture while his balls hung out low and open inviting torment.

I used four decking screws to anchor the head restraint onto the platform.

I took a riding crop and laid ten stripes across his butt.

His butt was thoroughly pinned in place by virtue tension formed as by his body because his wrists were pulled between his legs.

He was unable to struggle, not the slightest wiggle.

I smiled and laughed out loud and told him, ”So far the test was successful. I have to come up with something to torment you better than mere pain. I think the electrosex milking machine will do the job. I will milk you like a cow.”

Techster mumbled something that I could not understand

I went back to the cabinet where we store our toys and gear of a technical type and got out what Techster calls the “milking machine” which is 2 carbon fiber rings wired to the “electrosex” control console.

I unlocked the lock and removed the tube of his CB6000 male chastity device

The larger of the rings went on shaft of his cock that is closest to his body while the smaller of the two rings fits tightly in the groove between the head of his cock and the shaft.

I gave him a light swat on his balls as I set the power level to low, set the pulse rate to slow and switched on the power.

Techster moaned as the power surge started electronically massaging his cock.

To make things interesting I slid a prostate stimulating vibrator up his butt hole and set it on high.

I sat down on a chair by his feet and watched his cock move with the pulses.

After a few minutes he squirted a strong stream of cum.

I decided that was a successful beta test, slid the tube back on his CB6000, locked the lock and loosened the rope that was holding Techster’s wrists and removed the gag.

He straightened up and said, “Wow! Talk about immobile and helpless that rig is it!”

I unlocked the bondage mitts from his wrists and told him, “Well, that milking ruined you for sex. Now its my turn to test this rig. I want a full restraint test and orgasm.”

I stripped, held out my wrists and Techster eagerly slid the bondage mitts on me, tightened the laces and locked the cuffs on my wrists.

Then he pushed the large soft gag into my mouth and buckled it behind my neck. “Like you said we don’t want and screams to ruin the test.”

Then I got a chance to experience the tension restraint that Techster had just tested.

As luck would have it the head restraint fit my head. True, it was a bit looser on my head but the effect was the same.

I was naked in the cool air in the workshop, which has only a small heater so it was probably 50 degrees but now my situation was under Techster’s control

Techster’s test of the tension rack

I tightened the restraints holding Techie’s ankles pulled hard on the rope and her wrists were firmly trapped between her legs.

She shivered as she could feel the cold her between her legs.

I patted her on the butt and said, “Now it your turn this is going to be a two stage test: First: you are going to experience a class A orgasm via a rabbit and electrosex stimulation at the same time. “

I lubed and slid the rabbit into Techie’s moist pussy and set the “ears” set on either side of her clit and used the belt that she used for “pegging” or “strap-on” work to hold it in place.

Step two: I clipped a power lead from the electrosex controller onto her triangle piercing and followed up with a cold metal butt plug that expanded and locked into her butt hole.

I patted her on the butt and said, “Starting your torment now first the electrostim on low power slow pulse rate. The rabbit remote control will be set on medium and random cycling. See you in fifteen minutes.”

Then I left workshop to go into our bedroom “toybox” to get the strap-on dildo that attached to my CB6000 chastity.

I did not hurry back as I wanted to leave her trapped in her own thoughts. I knew that tied and under the tension of her own body the silence and the total restraint would be threatening.

The only parts of her body that she could move were her fingers and toes. She could not move her butt even the slightest bit from side to side. I knew from my experience this had to be frightening, She knew I had left the workshop she was naked, cold and vulnerable!

We have experimented other restraints but this was different. She had never been so totally immobilized and felt so helpless, of course the cool breeze on her sex made her even more aware of her vulnerability.

I had set the electrosex stimulator on random for it and the rabbit started at the same time. The first sequence went for 3 minutes I guarantee that she could feel the moisture building as she was more aroused to the very edge of an orgasm.

Then I had programmed both the rabbit and the electrostim to pause for a while and leave her balanced on the edge of an orgasm. She remained a helpless sex-slave captive to her thoughts and her sex. I knew from experience she would want the orgasm to start but I let her wait.

Then the electrostim to start with a sequence of rapid low voltage pulses that should leave panting like a hot dog in the summer. Still balanced on the leading edge of an orgasm it was designed to be pure torture!

Then I entered our workshop with the sarcastic comment, ”Are you having fun yet?”

“I think I can cure your boredom!” I told her as I disconnected the electrical connections, removed the butt plug and the rabbit.”

I put some sex lube on my finger, moistened her sex and removed the gag.

Then with my “dildo” cock I entered her.

I moved in and slowly then after two strokes I stopped.

She screamed in frustration and I asked, “Are you ready?”

The head stock was just loose enough so she could reply she begged, “Hell yes! Please do me all the way!”

At the same time I bet she was wondering how after being thoroughly milked I was able to be that hard but she was too busy enjoying my attention to ask.

My dildo cock stroked in and out fast and hard and by the twitching of her butt muscles I could tell that she came to one of the best, longest and heaviest orgasms she has had in quite a while!

When I finished and started to release her and as her head rose she asked me. “Just how did you manage that?”

“Manage what?” I returned.

“Manage to get that hard after being milked!” she answered, “I figured after a heavy duty milking your T level, desire and ability would be down for at least a day after all you are 70 plus years old!”

I laughed out loud and answered, “Take a look, I got some help.”

I loosened her wrists so she could raise her head, turned and there was the six-inch long dildo from the strap on that she had used on me. It was attached to my CB6000 with elastic tape and supported by a belt.

After being released she turned, wrapped me up with a hug, knelt and gave the dildo a blow job.

She could tell I was being aroused, “Well enough lets hurry off to bed so we can sleep in each other’s arms.”

We slept well and ate a heavy breakfast for we had gotten so busy “playing” we had “forgotten” about dinner.”

There’s a lesson to be learned here!, fellow senior citizen lovers, wives and husbands, erotic play in any form keeps your life bright, warm, loving and fun.
Attention senior lovers, playmates, wives and keyholders live in love!!
Techie and Techster

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