Ted to Teddy

by Grace

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© Copyright 2010 - Grace - Used by permission

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I got the idea because of Valentine’s Day.  For weeks we had been turning out hundreds of the cutest little teddy bears holding a little lace heart that said "Im yours" at our stuffed animal factory.

We had started the company soon after Ted and I got married out of college.  It had seemed like the perfect business for us.  I liked to use my design skills and Ted loved stuffed animals and had worked at a toy factory during college.

Thats one of the things that attracted me to Ted.  His gentle demeanor and the fact that he wasn't afraid to show it,  even if it wasn't all that macho, then again neither was Ted.  Ted was very passive to say the least and thats another thing that attracted me to him. His acceptance of my decidedly controlling nature.  Between his knowledge of toy making and my wicked imagination we realized our abilities were perfect for starting a toy business.  Of course Ted was delighted at the thought of owning his own 'Plushy' company and I was delighted to have an outlet for my over-active imagination.

The first couple of months were great. We were soon turning out vastly more creative and adorable stuffed animals than the local factory.  Ted was doing something he enjoyed and I had the creative outlet I had always wanted. In fact business was so good we soon bought the local factory after Ted suggested that it would give us the perfect opportunity to expand the business, plus we could get it cheap since they weren't doing so well.
Unfortunately our sex life or I should say my sex life wasn't as great as our business.  It wasn't that Ted wasn't attentive to my needs.  He had to be.  I demanded it and he almost always acquiesced to my desires.  From the moment we were married I'd implemented my plan to mold Ted into what I wanted.  I'd ridiculed him every chance I got about his lack of manliness and decidedly petite stature till he became the meek little cow of a husband I always wanted. When I said jump, he said  'how high dear?' 

The problem was that I just loved having a man satisfy me orally. From my very first boy friend in high school up to Ted I had always made it a point to let it be known, in no uncertain terms, that that was what I wanted.  Even in college Ted refused to be my little pussy slave. He would submit to my many other outrageous demands without a peep.  He didn't even protest when I started to use my vibrator on him after tying him across the bed.  In fact the more I abused him and humiliated him the more submissive he became.  I guess that’s why I married him.  I thought I could break him of this last annoyance once we were married.  But, he just wouldn't budge on this one point.  The one that was most important to me!

Ted said that his father had told him when he was little that putting your mouth there was dirty and nothing a real man would ever do, and that had stuck with him ever since.  HAH! As if all the other degradations I regularly heaped upon him were!

Janice, our secretary at work was my best friend.  She had become a sort of confidante to me.  She knew I had Ted tied around my little finger.  She just didn't realize how tightly.  I even occasionally would tell her a juicy tidbit or two about some indignity I had foisted upon Ted.  She got a real kick out this since I knew she didn't care for Ted all that much. In return for my little erotic snippets she'd tell me about her hot little relationship with her big black boy friend.

Well, when she told me how the night before her boyfriend had tongued her like a lollipop till she practically exploded.  I about lost it.  If she could get it, why couldn't I get it!      

That was it!  Ted had gotten the last bit of leniency he was going to get from me.  It was time to play hardball!  I was going to exterminate that last annoying shred of self-will he had or he was going to learn what real humiliation was!  He was going to obey my every whim without hesitation or he was going to start spending his days securely tied in a ball, at the bottom of my lingerie hamper, with a mouth-full of dirty panties gagging him at one end and several of my used tampons plugging his other , while he contemplated his place in our marriage!
It was time to find the little wimp take him home and make him satisfy me or I was going to thrash him to within an inch of his life. I spied Ted on the factory floor talking to one of the female employees.  Before I could call him up to the office they both walked out onto the loading dock. Well it was time to cut short Teds socialization with the hired help and teach him who wore the pants and who wore the panties in our marriage. I marched down to the loading dock and was just about to step out the door when what I heard froze me in my tracks and turned my heart to ice.  

"Tina,  I can't do this.  If  Donna finds out about us god knows what she'll do."

"Ted, she's not going to find out.  I swear you act like her slave."

"Well maybe you’re not worried about her, but I am Tina.  If she ever found out I don't even want to think about what she'd do."

"Please Ted, remember all the good times we had in college...". 

If I'd had a gun I would have killed them both right there!

The little shit was cheating on me!  He was dead., dead!.

I just turned around and headed back to the office with every intention of killing him.  But the more I thought about it the more I wanted him to suffer.  He was going to pay dearly.  I was going to see to it that he never cheated again and THAT’S, when I saw the conveyor belt full of little pink teddy bears holding the 'IM YOURS' heart.

Of course!  How ironic! Ted was really into teddy bears and I wanted him to suffer, severely!  Why not give him what he liked.  Ted was about to become "Teddy".

One of our many toys was a line of giant teddy bears, and I do mean giant. We didn't sell many but they were a great promotional item. We always keep one or two inside the display window up front where customers could see them and order one if they wanted.  All I had to do was make a very special teddy bear for poor Ted. But this would take some help and the only person I could even begin to trust was Janice.

The next morning I called Janice into my office.

"Janice, have you ever thought about becoming more than just a secretary?"

"Well yes, I've always wanted to be my own boss  but I don't have the money to start a business and without an education or experience what bank would give me a loan?"

"How would you like to be a partner in our business?"

"Are you serious!"

"Yes, I am.  What If I told you I've been thinking about replacing Ted."

"What!  Why!  What makes you think Ted will let you."

"If we do this right Ted isn't going to have anything to say about it, ever."

"You’re not going to..."

"No of course not.  I'm not going to kill him.  I'm just going to see he's in a position more 'suited' to him .  Ted just isn't much in the way of management material.  If this company is going to keep on growing we need someone with better business sense. I've seen you handle the materials suppliers.  You drive a hard bargain on pricing and don't take any bullshit from them. You're familiar with every aspect of this company and I trust you."

"Donna, I don't know.  Ted isn't going to just give up this company."

"Janice, what do you think about Ted?"


"What do you think about Ted?  Not as a manager but as a man."

"Well, no offense, but he’s a wimp."

"Do you like him?"

"What!  Are you crazy!  I told you he's a wimp I would never be interested in him."

"What if I told you you could have his position.  What if Ted suddenly left me, left the company, took off with some women."

"Good riddance!   I mean...,"

"That’s ok,  I want him gone too.  I promise he’s not going to get hurt.  He'll just be more of say, a silent partner.  Let me tell you what I have in mind".

So I told her.  At first she thought I was nuts.  But after several reassurances I wasn't going to kill him and reminding her of the immense jump in income she would get out the deal she reluctantly agreed.  In fact by the time we were done she even had a few ideas of her own for Ted.

Getting the teddy bear was simple.  I just wrote a purchase order with the specifications I wanted for one of our giant size models.  The factory did the rest.  Once the factory finished the bear the hard part began.  But I didn't mind.  I got a lot of satisfaction out of building Teds future home. It took a couple of weeks to modify the teddy bear and along the way we thought of some rather amusing features to incorporate we hadn't originally thought of.  Features Ted was soon to discover to his chagrin.

Being his wife I already knew Ted’s measurements and Janice did a wonderful job of sewing the cotton mesh body suit that would serve as the inner lining.  Once we had all the zippers, flaps, locks and other special features installed in the suit, all we had to do was stuff it.  It took quite a bit of cotton stuffing.  Most of the suit had at least six inches between  the inner and outer lining.  Some parts, like the torso had almost a foot.  The immense amount of stuffing worked to our advantage.  The shear bulk made any movement very limited and the weight guaranteed Ted wouldn't be able to walk off. He was going to stay where ever I put him!  

Of course we had to work nights at the factory to finish the suit, but that wasn't a problem.  Janice just hung around till everybody left, and I just told Ted I was going to do paper work and to go home.

We put the finishing touches on it on a Friday night...        
"Well Janice what do you think."

"I think that the cutest little, I mean big, teddy bear I ever saw.   I think the powder blue letters really complements the blue eyes."

"I agree, and the coral pink fur is so feminine.  I'm glad we made it a female bear.  I really like the long false eyelashes.  It gives it the perfect feminine touch. Are you ready to put the last piece of stuffing in Janice?"

"Yeah, let’s do it."

"Alright I'll call him.  You've got the sedatives, right? "


It didn't take long for Ted to get to the factory once I told him there was something wrong with the books and we needed his help. In fact it was rather anti-climatic to say the least.  When he walked in the door Janice handed him the drugged cup of coffee and started in about how the books wouldn't balance.  He soon was out like a light. 

We stripped his clothes, shaved his head, powdered his body and dragged him over to the suit. 

Getting him into his new home turned out to be easier than I thought.  The suit was stiff enough that we just flipped it over so it rested on the ends of its arms and legs.  The zipper on the back of the inner lining went all the way from the top of the head to just above his little butt hole.   All we had to do was shove his arms and legs into their respective openings then get his head into the hood and line up his eyes with the one-way glass lenses for him to see out of.  It also helped to ensure his mouth was lined up with the corresponding mouth hole in the  inner liner. The only difficult part was inserting the two nasal hoses which ended at the bear’s nose which was made out of breathable material.  We didn't want to suffocate him.

Once we had him settled into the inner liner it was time to attach his plumbing.  I  pulled his little penis back and inserted the catheter, then took the large greased butt-plug which was open at both ends to allow him to poop and securely stuffed it up his well used ass.  The outer end of the butt-plug's opening was threaded.  I screwed the rubber hose attachment to the plug , then attached the end of his catheter tube to the fitting on the side of the hose and ran the hose out the hole in the suit between his butt cheeks.  This way everything came out of one tube.  No muss, no fuss.    
With all his 'indoor' plumbing installed I zipped up the inner liner and closed its built-in lock.  Janice then grabbed one side of the outer suit and I the other and pulled them together.  It was quite thick and took a bit of struggling but we finally got the two halves closed and the zipper zipped up and locked. We'd designed the seam to be covered by a furry flap which folded over the zipper.  With the flap closed it was impossible to see the seam.

With everything closed up and secured we tipped him back upright.  As I folded up the lower face piece  that covered his mouth I crammed the big built-in gag into his mouth before zipping the flap shut.  That would ensure he would be seen and not heard.  The fur hid everything extremely well. The face looked just like any other teddy bears, a cute smiling face with a pert button nose, and two big baby blue eyes surrounded by a set of gorgeous eyelashes. As a final touch I wrapped a powder blue lace ribbon around his neck and tied it into a great big bow.

Stepping back it was impossible to tell that teddy was anything more than a very frothy, frilly, pink, feminine teddy bear.  It had turned out even better than I had planned.

The "I'M YOURS heart sewn to his hands really did reflect his true position now.

I owned him.  He was mine to toy with. The unintentional pun just started me laughing uncontrollably,  I couldn't stop.  Even Janice couldn't help it.  We both stood there smiling down at the big pink ball of fur, ribbons and lace and laughed till we cried.

Janice finally settled down and turned to me.. "Promise me you’re never letting him out."

"I don't plan on it, unless it’s to do something even worse to him.  I'm still mad and he's not done paying yet!  Lets get him home."

We loaded him into my van, locked up the office and left.

Getting him up the stairs into my bedroom was quite a chore but we managed it.  Our house was quite large and the staircase was very wide.
We lowered him onto a matching pink furred low pedestal with locking wheels that we had built.  The pedestal served several purposes.  One, I could pull him around on it to wherever I wanted.  Two, it had a  gold chain attached to the back that locked to the ribbon around his neck to make double sure he couldn't move, and three, built into the platform was a sort of port-a-potty holding tank that his hose ran down into thru a hole in the platform and sealed to.  That way there was no nasty smells and he could be left un-attended for extended periods of time.  Like when I spent the weekend at some new boyfriend’s house or when I put him on display in the factory window.

After Janice had left to cleanup anything we may have missed at the factory I slapped his well padded head until he started to wake up.  When I was sure he was awake I  turned the wardrobe mirror around so he could see his new look.  I could tell he was struggling inside the suit because his arms and legs and head were twitching a bit.  The suit was more rigid than I'd thought. Good!

I just sat there and smiled ever so sweetly at him till he finally settled down.  Then proceeded to explain to him his one and only remaining purpose in our marriage.

"How do you like your new home Ted?  That’s right, HOME!  It’s where you’re going to be living from now on.  I hope you like it.  I put a lot of work into it.  I suppose you’re wondering why I'm doing this.  Well why don't you ask Tina.  Thats right, I know all about you two. You really should thank me Ted.  I was going to kill you. But then I realized there was one thing left I could use you for.   You’re going to become the greatest little pussy licker any woman could ever want.  From now on your going to spend all night, every night and whenever else I want, for as long as I want keeping me very, very happy! And if you don't, then I guess I don't have any more use for you.  Get it!

He didn't answer!

"Don't have anything to say Ted?   Well then.,  Good bye!" 

I knew he could see the pure poison in my eyes as I leaned over him and grabbed his cute little fuzzy nose between my fingers.  I could smell the fear emanating from him.  

I had already started to squeeze his breathing tubes before I realized that in my haste, I had forgotten to inform him of the one and only means of communication we had so generously left him.  One that could be easily removed if I wished.  But that was ok I soon realized. The unintended demonstration of how completely I controlled him now and the fact that I meant what I had said had the very gratifying effect of extinguishing any last flicker of defiance in him. My dominance over him was complete.  

I knew this because he didn't hesitate in the least to obey my every word after I release his nose and explained to him how the rather large gag in his mouth contained a squeaker, and by squeezing it a soft little squeak could be produced.  Just like a timid little mouse.

"Ok Fluffy, from now on you'll only need to know two words.  ' Yes' and 'No'.  One for yes, and two for no.  Understand?"


"Good, secondly, and most importantly you will never 'speak' unless spoken to. Ever!  Understand?"


"Good!  Then it’s time for your first training session on how to keep me happy.   Are you ready."


"Ok then, I'm going to remove your gag.  But I don't want to hear a sound from you or I'll have to replace it, and that would make me very very unhappy.  You don't want to make me unhappy do you?"

Squeak.  Squeak.


I took off my dress and panties then rolled his little pedestal up against the bed.  I unzipped his lower face flap, folded it down then detached the removable gag when it came out of his packed mouth.  I settled my thighs on his well padded shoulders and wrapped my legs around his soft furry head.  His fuzzy little muzzle had the delightfully unforeseen effect of tickling my soft curly muff as I lay back and began his first of many lessons on becoming the most perfect pussy licking plushy I could ever have dreamed of.

"Start licking!  Higher, softer, Oh God yes!  Right there, now faster."

God! This was wonderful!  Why hadn't I done this to him the day I met him.

"Don't you dare stop until I tell you to!"

One orgasm merged into another as I drifted off on a cloud of ecstasy.

I don't know how long that first wonderful session lasted, but by the time I finally settled back to earth and unwrapped my legs from around his pretty pink head I knew I wasn't ever going to get rid of him.  I couldn't imagine giving up something this wonderful.  Of course he didn't need to know that.  As long as he believed I'd carry out my threat he'd continue to be the docile little dildo I wanted.

"Ok fuzzy face, that wasn't bad for a first time, but you have a lot to learn yet.  Lucky for you, you have the rest of your life to learn it."  I taunted.

I closed him up all nice and secure and went to bed.  That night I slept better than I ever had before and woke up refreshed and happy.  Yes, I could get real used to this! 

The next morning his cute smiling face was there to greet me, as it would every morning from now on.   

"Good morning sweetie.  Did you sleep well, I did.  I'll bet you want some breakfast.  Well I have just the thing for you."
I pushed him back into the corner of the bedroom and went to get his breakfast.  I had bought a case of Ensure nutrient drinks for senior adults who couldn't handle solid food.  It had everything he needed and all I had to do was open his mouth flap, detach the removable gag then pour a can of Ensure into my douche bag (which I had forgotten to clean) then hang the bag from a ceiling hook and shove the nozzle into his mouth.  I had attached an elastic band to the nozzle which I stretched over his head to keep it in.

"Teddy, I have to get cleaned up and go back to the office.  Janice and I have a lot of work to do since she's taking over your job and you won't be able to help because of your new position.  So enjoy your breakfast while I get ready."

I took my shower, then got dressed in front of Teddy.  I made sure to bend over several times while dressing, pushing my ass and pussy right into his face.  I didn't want him to forget what he would be missing. I removed the douche bags nozzle from his mouth and put it away.

"Ok plushy-pooh, while Im at work I expect you to be doing your share of work around here.  So from now on you will be helping with the laundry while I'm gone."

With that I picked up my dirty panties from the day before, shoved them into his mouth and zipped the mouth flap shut.

I couldn't help but grin as I leaned over and smiled into those baby blue eyes and said..

"When I get home my panties had better be clean!  You'll be doing this everyday from now on, so you'd better do a good job or you'll find yourself washing my used maxipads and tampons too."

I took one last look at my new 'WhirlPooh' panty washer and left.

As I drove to work the more I thought about Ted securely sealed inside his soft pink feminine cage, forced to be my soiled panty washer the happier I got.  Yes he was getting what he deserved and so was I, finally.

Janice was already at work when I arrived. She wanted to know if I'd had any problems with Ted.

"Don't worry Janice.  Ted is completely broken.  He's the perfect little house pet.  In fact he's helping with my laundry as we speak."

"What do you mean?"

So I explained his new chores to her.

"God what a perfect use for the little sissy. I'll bet he's enjoying himself."

"I doubt it, those panties were awful dirty." I grinned..

With Ted out of the way we had several loose ends to take care of.  First we had to explain his disappearance to the other employees,  especially that little slut Tina.  She would be wondering what happened to him.  The thought of creating a Teddy-ette for her briefly crossed my mind but it was too much work.  We'd just go with what we had planned. 

"Are you done with the books Janice?"

"Oh yes,  and I must say they are a work of art.  I should have been an embezzler.  I have a real talent for this.  They'd pass a simple audit easily, but start digging into the details and they start to unravel.  Just what an un-talented hack like Ted would do if he was trying to cover up his stealing."

"Fine I'll call the cops and file the missing persons report."

Everything was going perfectly.    With Ted gone and the books cooked the cops would put two and two together and assume Ted was in Mexico by now with his ill gotten gains.  They wouldn't be looking for him around here, and neither would Tina.