Techster’s Tan

by Techie

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© Copyright 2010 - Techie - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/f; bond; chast; slave; naked; outdoors; tease; cons; X

Techster’s Tan

Most of our more enlightened (and kinky) friends know that Techster and I have been playing with bondage ( and enforced male chastity) games for about 30 years. Like Techster I enjoy designing and making creative ways to put a person in bondage. This past week I saw some "slide clips" these are sewn into webbing and can be used to tie down loads, make back pack straps or really neat bondage gear. (ymm!!)

I have a girl friend who would like to play bondage games with her husband but she is afraid of anything that is for "Hard bondage" meaning plastic, metal or wood restraints.

So I got an idea and used 3 of the slide clips, seatbelt webbing and the 2" plastic rings from a CB2000. Each unit has 3 restraints one for each wrist and one that pulls the elbows together. I spent about 2 hours cutting and stitching the pieces together and when I was finished I invited Techster to test them out.

He took a look at the restraint system as I had laid out on our dining room table. "Ha! Those webbing straps- no problem I can get out of those in 5 minutes!" he taunted.

"Here’s the deal." I told him. "I designed for our friend Marie who is afraid of ‘hard bondage’. Will you test them for me?"

"No problem!" He laughed as he stripped in preparation for his bondage. "I’ll be out of this rig in 5 minutes!"

"You’ve got 15 minutes." I told him, "after that I’ll roll the dice to see how many hours of captivity you must endure."

"That’s a deal." He laughed as I put the first restraint around his right wrist.

The wrist restraints go around the upper end of the captive’s leg then a loop of the fabric goes through the plastic loop ( which is a surplus testie ring from a CB2000) then the two ends are clipped together and pulled tight. Next I secured his left wrist. Then I put the long strap around his two elbows snapped the clip and pulled his elbows together, just enough so he had to stand ramrod straight and could not inch his wrist restraints down his leg. Then I brought my surprise – "Here is your leash . I made it from some of your old dock line and a large shackle".

I snapped the shackle around the "Ring of Steel" collar he enjoys wearing. He always wears the collar as it has his name, blood type and contact info should he have an accident. I walked him around the room.

"The clock is running! You only have 5 minutes left !" I teased as I rolled the dice across the dining room table.

The first die stopped at 3 while 4 was up on the other die.

"You know what that means! You are my captive to do as I wish for the next 7 hours."

"Come on ! Give me a break!" Techster pleaded.

"I plan to give you a break" I teased as I got out the 35 SPF tanning lotion and rubbed it on his back, butt and backs of his legs. "Now for another surprise. Here it is your very own bondage cloak."

I held up a red and white sack with Velcro fasteners and wrapped it around him. After the sack was closed I led my captive out into out back yard and into the privacy paddock where we play some of our games. I took a large eye bolt and screwed into one of the posts at his neck level.

"Stand here!" I ordered as I took the cloak off leaving techster bound and helpless. I took a large double ended metal snap and clipped his collar to the eyebolt. "See you in 30 minutes!"

"Aw come on now! You can’t leave me like this! I’ll do whatever you want!!" he begged asking for mercy.

"You’re correct I can’t leave you like this! The neighbors might hear you." I answered as I stuffed the large ball of a gag into his mouth and tightened the strap. Lastly I covered his head with a white loose weave cloth bag. "That will prevent sunburn on your scalp!!"

"Now so you don’t get bored I’ll give you something to think about!" I snapped a riding crop across his butt. I gave him 5 quick hard strokes and went back into our home.

When I stepped into our home I reached to the counter top and set my kitchen timer for 30 minutes. I had some time to pass before I had to attend to Techster so I called Marie. Marie is our friend with the hard bondage phobia.

"Guess what? I designed a type of bondage you will love. Techster is testing it as we speak."

"May I see it ? That sounds great." Marie asked.

"Come on over. We can sit on the deck and watch techster struggle as he works on his tan." I invited.

In less than 3 minutes Marie rang our doorbell. "Can I see it?" she asked.

"Let’s wait a few minutes while I mix a couple of tall Margueritas. We might as well be comfortable while we torment Techster."

We walked into the paddock and Marie gasped, "How long has he been there?"

I pointed to the timer, "Only 10 minutes. He has another 20 minutes to go." I told her as I walked and rubbed some more lotion on his back and for good measure I did his balls too.

We sat there watching Techster struggle and exchanging "girl talk". Our main subject of conversation was how her husband, Todd, was adapting to having his cock locked up in a CB6000.

"He is already to help me and give me a massage when I come home all stressed out . We are enjoying his enforced chastity. The biggest bonus is that our sex is better than ever and no more erectile dysfunction problems!!"

We finished our drinks and the timer rang. I got up and walked over to Techster. "Time to do the other side. You’re about done on this side." Techster nodded. I released the clip that held his collar to the eyebolt. I reached around him grabbed him by the balls, turned him around so his front was facing the bright July mid day sun. Techster shuddered as I reattached the clip to the back of his collar.

"Relax. I’m going to put lotion on this side now."

I rubbed the SPF 35 lotion on his chest and legs then did a good job on his balls and paid special attention to his nipples. I used the lotion and did a circular pattern on each nipple. I ran my fingers down his chest and around his groin. Techster started to wiggle and shuffle his feet. I said to Marie, "Pardon me for just a second I have to go get something." I ran into our bedroom, opened our toy box and got out a medium length spreader bar with leather buckle type cuffs on each end. Then I charged back into the paddock and said, "Let me calm Techster down. I’m going to buckle his ankles apart. That way I can tease the hell out of him."

I buckled the spreader bar that set his ankles far apart exposing his balls. I looked over and said to Marie, "Watch this. Now that he is immobile I’m going have some fun. Come on over here and watch."

"This is how you drive a man crazy." I told her as I continued working his nipples, chest, legs and groin.

Techster reacted like any normal man would. I whispered quietly to Marie. "See how his cock is starting to get sort of hard. Now the big tease is that he cannot get a full erection. When I release him he is going to be horny as could he be, but he cannot get any release. He may beg for release, but I’ll tell him I want his talented tongue to give me an orgasm."

I reset the timer, poured Marie and I another drink. We sat back under the shade of the umbrella and watched Techster wiggle. I sneaked up and rubbed more lotion on his nipples and balls. Techster whimpered and wiggled.

Another 5 minutes passed and the bell on the timer rang. "Time to bring in the captive." I walked over, removed the spreader bar and released the clip on his collar. Quickly the transport cloak was wrapped around techster. I pulled the head cover off, took the leash and led him into our home. When we got inside, Marie asked techster, "How long have you been restrained?"

Techster looked up at the clock and answered," About an hour and a half. This restraint is surprisingly comfortable. Yet it is very secure. I’ve struggled and wiggled, yet here I am, naked, helpless but the making of a great tan."

"And you only have 5 hours left in your sentence." Techie added.

"Techie, I’d really like to try it!" Marie pleaded.

"That can be arranged. Go get Todd and if wants to use you as a test subject. If he does we’ll leave you in the restraint." Techie answered.

Marie pulled her cell phone out of its holster and, "Todd. Get the hell over to Techster and Techie’s place as fast as you can Techie has the answer to our dreams!"

Another 2 minutes and Todd was standing at our door.

"Lover, techie has designed the restraint system that Techster is strapped in. May I try it?"

"Off with those clothes, Marie." He looked across the room at me. "Techie do you have a spare restraint or will you take that one off of Techster so we can see if it will beat Marie’s bondage phobia".

Todd looked at Techster as Techie started to release him, "Is that a CB6000 with KSD G-2 you’re locked into?"

Techster looked sort of embarrassed and answered, "Yes, been in it for 5 years now. No complaints. Except there is no release for me without techie’s key so I walk around feeling like an energized, horny 20 year old!" He paused and asked, " You in a CB6000?"  

"Yes," Todd answered, "The big difference is that I have a PA piercing and a second lock," he dropped his slacks so Techster could see the difference.

"It’s amazing the brotherhood that we chastity device wearers have. I’ve heard that male chastity devices are now the second best selling sex toy only vibrators beats ‘em."

"That’s what I heard" Techster responded.

Then all attention was diverted to Marie. She was of medium height with a perfect tan and just enough weight to have that really smooth and beautifully female curved shape. I envied her. Being 60 plus years old I still have the curves but some of my curves aren’t what they used to be. I explained to Todd, "You saw how it was on techster. Do it the same way to Marie. The wrist restraints go up to the top of the leg. Then click the slide clip together and pull the webbing tight." 

Marie stood there as her right wrist was restrained, then her left wrist. Finally Todd led the webbing with the slide clip around her elbows and pulled it tight. Marie stood there with her pert breasts sticking out and said to Todd, "Now all I need is a leash and collar."

I handed Todd a small collar and leash. He took the leash, but said, "I’ll use an alternative to the collar. I’ll clip the leash to Marie’s triangle piercing." He reached down and attached the leash. "Now she wouldn’t dare resist being led around." Todd asked," Marie, what do you think?"

She grinned and answered, "I’m restrained, and helpless, yet I feel I could stay in this for a day. As long as I have someone special to feed me and clean me." She knelt and put her mouth by the zipper on is slacks. " I even know of a certain slave girl who would give up the key to your chastity in exchange for a day of being cared for and teased."

Todd paraded Marie around the room. "Techie, thank you. I know we’ll enjoy this. How much?"

Techie smiled an replied," Whatever you think is fair. I’m not in the dungeonware, Techster is I’m just doing a favor for a friend." 

Todd opened his wallet and passed me 2 Fifty dollar bills. He patted Marie on her butt and said, "Now how will we get you home?"

I grabbed the transport cloak and wrapped it around Marie and pushed the Velcro fasteners together. "Here  you go try the transport cloak. This is the perfect way to move your naked captives around without arousing public attention or breaking any laws on indecent exposure."

Todd scooped up Marie’s clothes and shoes and led out the door and up the block to their home.

"Now about you!" I pointed to Techster, "You’re going to have a great tan. I’ll have to make one of those restraints just for you."

Techster nodded, smiled and ran his hand down my back. I grabbed him by the balls and led him down the hall to our bedroom. "and now I’ve got a special treat for you!"

I held up the key to his chastity and smiled as I shed my clothes.