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Storycodes: F/m+; mpov; ball-stretcher; blindfold; cuffs; dungeon; pillory; pipe; bdsm; cane; domme; cbt; pain; cons; XX

It’s about 2 PM and I have finished installing the “client line up” which is two six-foot long lengths of two inch pipe with “d” ring welded to it every two feet so there were six naked, handcuffed, blindfolded, and gagged men with their balls locked to the “Dee” rings awaiting their turn for punishment.

At each upper end there is a “Tee” fitting with a 30-inch length of pipe threaded down to a 4 bolt steel flange at the bottom. Each flange is bolted to the concrete floor with 4 expanding bolts.

The purpose of the pipe with the D rings is to hold Domina Bonita’s numbered clients as they wait for their weekly punishment.

Each client has a hinged ball stretcher ring locked around their balls and their wrists are handcuffed behind their backs. They are blindfolded and gagged as they stand there with their balls locked to the D rings listening to the other numbered clients as they are locked in foot, head and wrists stocks to receive their punishments.

After the installation of the line-up pipe she asked me if I wanted to experience what the numbered clients did.

I agreed and was locked to the line-up pipe handcuffed, blindfolded and gagged as I awaited my punishment. It was terrifying standing there feeling the person next to you being removed and listening to the sound of the cane striking their back and butt.

Finally it was my turn and my balls were unlocked from the line-up pipe. My handcuffs were removed and I was locked in the foot stock and then the head and wrist stocks.

Domina Bonita whispered quietly to me, “I’m going light but I’ll make it sound loud enough to terrify the numbered clients”.

My ass felt like it was struck by fire as the narrow bamboo cane struck me. I continued to hear the sound of the cane and a whip striking then I was released from the stocks, handcuffed and my balls were locked back in my place on the line-up pipe.

I could hear the next numbered client as he was removed from the line-up pipe as he pleaded for mercy through his gag.

Then I heard him screaming in spite of his gag as the cane and the whips struck his back, butt and finally his balls. I could hear him sobbing as he was removed from the stocks handcuffs and put back in his place on the line-up pipe.

She whispered, “You’re free to go now but you can stand by, watch and listen.

Off hand I’d say the line-up pipe was a success as it uses psychological terror to terrify the clients as they listen to the other clients being punished.”

With the welts on my butt still stinging I watched some of the leaders and CEO’s of our community as they shuddered in terror as they listened to the other clients being punished while they waited for their turn.

It was an enlightening experience, one that I don’t wish to repeat. In spite of my tender butt and back I took my pay and left. The domina said as I left, “This line up was great but we may want to make it two lines...”


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