Techster Earns a Spanking

by Techie and Techster

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© Copyright 2021 - Techie and Techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; spanking; pillory; gag; blindfold; true; punishment; cons; X

Yes, it’s a true story and Techster has the sore butt to prove it!

About 5 years ago Techster was hanging out with a group of friends, who in both of our opinions drank entirely too much and from time to time he would drive home in conditions that were not only dangerous but illegal. One night his truck would not start so he hitched a ride home. While they were enroute his friend encountered a license check and was promptly arrested for DUI. Techster called me to come pick him up. The officer was in a kindly mood and did not cite Techster for being drunk and disorderly.

As we rode home Techster told me, “The fact that my truck did not start was a blessing in disguise. If it had started and I drove home I would be the one cited for DUI! I plan to quit drinking alcohol so… If I ever drink too much again I want you to promise that you will give me a good old fashioned spanking and make it hard!”

I agreed and he was quiet and slept it off.

The next morning he was working in his shop and made a beautiful oak paddle about ⅜ inch thick, three inches wide and twelve inches long with four ¾ inch holes in it. He used his router and engraved, “excess drinking penalty” into it. The paddle was neatly packaged and presented to me.

Well, for nearly a year he was good, and then one night he, wisely, left his car stuck at a friend’s home and took a rideshare home. When he walked in the door and said, “Tomorrow, break out that paddle I earned it tonight, No excuse!”

I knew he would struggle when he was spanked so I asked Jenine, our neighbor who is a cabinet maker, if she would make a spanking bench for me with ankle, neck and wrist restraint. She laughed and said, “This will be a fun project. My husband is about Techster’s size so he can help me with the design.”

It only took her about an hour and when she was finished it was a thing of beauty, made from dark stained maple. The ankle, neck and wrist stocks were adjustable and could be moved up and down on heavy duty tool box type drawer slides with set screws to keep them from moving.

Her husband was the beta tester and allowed himself to be locked in. She gave him a couple of swats with a belt and he could not move.

I asked, ”Just how adjustable is this thing?”

Jenine laughed and said, ”It will fit you. Do you want to give it a try?”

“Yes, let me see.”

I walked over and stood there as Jenine adjusted the wrist, ankle and neck restraints. It was very secure and I could not move. Her only remark was, “Can we watch Techster’s spanking?”

“He broke his promise so yes, let’s make his punishment a humiliating public event!”

Jenine took several pictures of the spanking bench and sent them to some of her clients. “How do you plan to determine how many spanks Techster gets?”

“I planned for that. I have two dice, a pink one and a white one. After his neck and ankles are restrained he will roll both dice, the pink one will be tens and the white die will be units, so 3 on the pink and 5 on the white will be 35 spanks!”

We loaded the spanking bench in Jenine’s truck and carried it into the dining room of our home. Jenine and her husband, Clyde, hid in the back bedroom. “I’ll have you come out once Techster is full restrained.”

At six pm Techster arrived home and I told him, “Jenine made a spanking bench for us. Are you ready to receive your punishment for drinking too much?”

Techster walked into the dining room, took a look at the spanking bench and said, “Well I made a promise and I earned a spanking so let’s get it done!”

He stripped and stood by the spanking bench. I tightened the ankle restraint and had him bend over so I could tighten the neck restraint. Then I put the dice in his hands and told him,”now you will determine how many spanks you get with that paddle you made!”

Techster rolled the dice in his hands and tossed them onto the floor. The pink die was 4 and the white die was 5 so I told him, “you will get 45 spanks.” Then I clamped his wrists in the wrist stock.

Once he was securely restrained I told him that Jenine who designed and built the spanking bench and her husband would observe his punishment. Techster struggled and said, “I didn’t know I would be on display!”

Jenine and Clyde sat on the dining room chairs. I took the paddle and laid 5 hard swats on Techster’s butt.

Techster screamed, “WOW! That hurts more than I thought It would!”

“Let’s wait a while between spanks, so you can enjoy your punishment more and to make your experience more intense, I’m going to put a blindfold, earmuffs and a gag on you.” I did as I promised, then gave him 2 more hard spanks. The earmuffs were the sort used on a gun-range, so very effective.

Then I said to Jenine and Clyde, “I’m going to use the dice to determine how many minutes between spanks and I’ll prolong his punishment by only delivering 2 or 3 spanks at a time.” I brought out a bottle of Chablis wine and 3 glasses and rolled the dice. Techster's next spanking was due in 21 minutes! It took several hours to complete Techster’s punishment.

We chatted about how terrifying it must be for Techster - restrained, blindfolded, gagged, and deafened by ear muffs - never knowing when the next spanking would happen. After each spanking we could hear Techster whimper through the gag!

Finally we released Techster and I asked, “Well how was your punishment?”

Techster grabbed some lotion from the table, rubbed it on his bright red butt and, ”It was sheer terror! First the paddle stung like all hell, then I was stood there in the blindfold and silence, not knowing when the next spank would hit.”


Techster’s Note: It was frightening being restrained, blindfolded and gagged, and Techie really laid some hard blows on me! That, coupled with never knowing when or how many spanks I would get. After that experience I promise I will never drink any alcohol, period!

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